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Personalized Medicine Uses Advanced Term Paper

… The medical establishment has for a long time enjoyed a paternalistic approach that entails controlling patient access to data and information regarding personal health. Moreover, the companies that develop the applications that enable personalized medicine might also have a legal right to copyright all the data contained therein.

The advantages of personalized medicine far outweigh the drawbacks, though. As the U.S. News report "Personalized Medicine" (2011) shows, personalized medicine means more focus on prevention. When a doctor has the genetic data of a patient, the doctor can also foresee problems before they manifest, or can tell a patient that he or she is at risk for contracting a certain disease later in life. This way, the patient can make necessary lifestyle changes or take medications…. [read more]

Translational Medicine Is a New Term Paper

… BI's ability should be managed towards exploring information on human medicine as its ultimate pursuit. Bioinformatics methods are meant to identify molecular and cellular areas or aspects for specific clinical interventions and better insights into the profile of the disease. Imaging informatics are designed to understand pathogenesis and identification of treatment from the molecular, cellular, tissue or organ level. Innovations are aimed at improving patient care by providing relevant information at the bedside. And public health informatics solutions address population-based needs. These needs may be the tracking of emergent infectious diseases, the development of resources as response; and the evaluation of the latest clinical interventions affecting the population (Sarkar).

Information Needs and Principles of Information Retrieval

Lancaster and Warner (1993 as qtd in Mendonca et…. [read more]

Why I Pursue Enrollment in Pharmacy School Admission Essay

… And while I do not feel responsible for educating Heather on what is right and what is wrong, and it's not my job to provide her with ethical guidelines regarding original academic research, if the counselor advised me to go to the professor with my side of the story, I believe the best thing for me to do would be to follow his advice.

Additional Question: In terms of other work experiences I have had, I have served as a tutor for other students and through that work I have gained valuable skills in the field of communication. Tutoring a person, and doing a thorough job of helping another student fully comprehend the lesson and the substance behind the lesson, helps the tutor focus on…. [read more]

Can Pharmacogenomics Improve Drugs Safely Research Proposal

… Pharmacogenomics

The Opportunity for Health and Safety Improvement Through Pharmacogenomics

The currently dominant tendency in Western medicine is to appeal to methods of pharmacological treatment to attack ailments, diseases and the symptoms of conditions. The degree to which this strategy for treatment is successful may be subject to widespread debate. On one side, it is clear that pharmacy-based treatment may significantly reduce suffering pertaining to conditions in question; may help to fight the presence of afflicting foreign bodies; may be a significant factor in the healing strategy; or may simply contend with the peripheral symptoms of a condition. The other side of this argument, however, denotes the various dangers, inconsistencies and variances in outcome relating to the use of pharmaceuticals, providing this discussion with a…. [read more]

Revolution in Understanding Genetic Contributions Research Paper

… One of the benefits of personalized care is that developers of new medications have been targeting new markers for different cancers and identifying specific patient populations that will respond to more targeted therapies. There has been a lot of excitement of the effectiveness of crizotinib for NSCLC even though a relatively small proportion of all NSCLC patients are likely to benefit.

The success and the fervor over crizotinib is warranted as it does appear to be promising in the treatment of some case of NSCLC and perhaps in several other cancers; however, it certainly is not a panacea. Of course one would not choose to use crizotinib in patients without the identified EML4-ALK fusion gene and its associated abnormal protein. In addition, in the Phase…. [read more]

Technology Has Revolutionized Society: Communication Essay

… References

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Lea, D., et al. (2011). Implications for educating the next generation of nurses on genetics and genomics in the 21st century. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 43(1),…. [read more]

Marketing and Strategic Management Term Paper

… Vietnam International Hospital Case Study

Using Porter's five forces, what does the picture look like for success?

Porter's Five Forces Analysis Model. Applying this to VIH shows what the picture looks like for success.

Threat of New Entry

There are high barriers to new entry as the majority of Vietnamese are content with the socialized and often low-quality medical care they receive already. There is a strong bias in the Vietnamese community to not pay for medical treatment, a result of being raised in a communist nation where socialized medicine, however bad, is free.

Established hospitals are unlikely to significantly increase their coverage as the majority of Vietnamese have not been educated on the advanced medical diagnostic and analysis techniques. As a result there is…. [read more]

Patient Outcomes Affected by Using Nurse Practitioners Literature Review

… ¶ … patient outcomes affected by using nurse practitioners instead of medical doctors?

In the next few years in the United States, the demand and need for primary health care services is expected to increase, due both to the increase in population and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) passage. Different researchers show that nurse practitioners have already been trained in order to provide different services of health care so they would help in fulfilling the demands. Because the demands would increase, and meeting the present growing needs of healthcare would become more important, there is need to ease the restrictions and policies so that nurse practitioners are encouraged, motivated, and incentivized to get more involved in this sector (NGA, n.d).

The relationship between healthcare providers…. [read more]

Family Nurse Practitioner Program Essay

… What I look forward to most as a FNP is the ability to make a difference in families' lives and families' states of wellness. My current area of expertise is in pediatrics, but I have come to see the need to treat the whole family to maximize the wellness potential of the child. Having a rapport with the parents is just as essential as establishing a personal connection with the child as a patient.

At this juncture of my professional life, I believe that I have the maturity and life experience to provide health care to all ages of patients. It will be spiritually and professionally fulfilling to impact adults' lives in the way that I have already impacted the lives of my pediatric patients.…. [read more]

Computer Technology Advancement the Pace Essay

… Healthcare has been greatly aided by computer technology progress, as previously fatal illnesses have become perfectly curable problems with the correct technology and doctor to perform the procedure. For centuries diseases like Tuberculosis, Cholera, Chicken Pox, and certain types of Cancer plagued humanity with miserable results. Other illnesses, less ominous in nature but still detrimental to ones overall health, such as psychological problems or common sicknesses, have had their effects greatly overcome by the results of modern medicine. It is now possible to have one's own cells sequenced and analyzed in a lab to check for problems, to have ones brain scanned in an MRI machine, or baby checked by sonogram, all due to technology. Technology will even incorporate biology in the future, according to…. [read more]

Healing Hospital Provides Its Patients Essay

… Moreover, surveys are being conducted by such hospitals frequently, in order to monitor the satisfaction level of their patients. Even though, healing hospitals equip advanced technological devices but they integrate this technology with a compassionate and king environment in which their employees are the care givers. (Eberst 1-3)

A Culture of Radical Loving Care

The third and the most crucial component of a healing hospital is a culture of radical loving care. If a hospital is equipped beautiful furniture, aesthetic decorative items and commendable interior but it lacks the environment of care love and compassion and the staff that is committed to this philosophy then it would be regarded as a pretty hospital but not a healing hospital. Healing hospitals try to promote a healing…. [read more]

Pain Management in Post-Operative Patients Essay

… They stimulate supraspinal condescending inhibitory system that accelerates the hyperpolarization of second order neurons. Opioid receptors have been shown to be unable to influence inflammatory reactions although they appear in vitro in the peripheral nerve terminal. Their inability breads ineffectiveness in management of pain especially so where movement takes place (Hill and Jones, 2007).

Opioids are administered in various ways; intravenously, intramuscularly, subcutaneously; in the transmucosal, epidural, intrathecal or transdermal. Intravenous administration is the more common postoperative administration. A better result in administration of opioids is intrathecal in small doses when the major source of nociceptive stimuli is visceral pain (Hill and Jones, 2007).

Patient controlled analgesia (PCA) maximizes administration of analgesic opioids and reduces the effects of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic differences in specific patients.…. [read more]

Technology Use in the Classroom Literature Review

… ¶ … extraordinary developments in technology have had a similar extraordinary influence on education, particularly that of the internet, online learning, and interactive computer-based learning in the K-12 curriculum. In fact, as early as the mid-1990s educators were receiving reports from the Department of Education that "through the use of advanced computing and telecommunications technology, learning can also be qualitatively different. The process of learning in the classroom becomes significantly richer as students have access to new and different types of information, can manipulate it on the computer through graphic displays or controls…. And can communicate their results and conclusions in a variety of media…" (Education, 2003). What literally hundreds of research studies do tell us, though, is that used properly, technology can enhance the…. [read more]

Defining Nursing Expertise in Practice Essay

… Based on this assessment, we propose a new theory of nursing expertise and intuition, which emphasizes how perception and conscious problem solving are intimately related. In the discussion, we propose that this theory opens new avenues of enquiry for research into nursing expertise.

PMID: 17337269

[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Hardy, S., Titchen, A., Manley, K. And McCormack, B. (2006, July). Re-defining nursing expertise in the United Kingdom. Nursing Science Quarterly, 19(3), 260-204. Retrieved


There is now international recognition of the importance of practice expertise in modern and effective health services. The Expertise in Practice Project in the United Kingdom began in May 1998 and continued to 2004. It included nurses working in all four countries of the United Kingdom, and it covered…. [read more]

Ginger - Smart Basics Case Study

… While this company has the primary focus of increasing profitability, its marketing unit faces the problem of non-clients into loyal clients, who use their products; this is important because the company seeks to maintain its market share. Emerging markets of Europe and Asia provide strong potential emerging markets for companies such as Gingers, which boast of an assortment of product portfolios. The potential and power of emerging markets can be measured by the fact that these markets contribute approximately 15% of total national revenue. This trend is expected to continue (Kamplikar, 2011).

With the goal to succeed in the industry, the company has adopted the trending mantra of -- think global, act local. This philosophy helps them to compete with local firms, not only due…. [read more]

Stress: Concept Analysis Concepts Essay

… Every prevention level handles different stages in the procedure of stress. Primary prevention eliminates or alters the source of stress and negative impact of stress to individuals. Nurses are prepared adequately to suite the demands of the nursing profession. This calls for education to allow nurses to embrace and cope with environmental stressors within the nursing practice. Committed and inspired leaders can form a better work atmosphere for nurses hence avoidance of stressors.

Secondary level preventions entail stress detection and trials to control stress. This calls for increased awareness and improves stress management skills via intense training and education. The purpose of secondary prevention is to restrain the damage through centering on intervention on the upshots of stress as opposed to sources. Health care firms…. [read more]

Teens and Media Influences Research Paper

… Teens and the Media

One prominent theory, Erik Erikson's Theory of Human Psychological Development breaks the entire human life cycle into stages. Each unique stage represents a generalized approach between the individual and the world, running from infancy to geriatric behavior. Even spanning time and culture, within each of these stages, a developmental period exhibits universal patterns (Weiten, 1995)the life-span developmental framework has, in fact, been utilized by social scientists for decades. The power of the combination of Erikson and Life-Span Development is that they uniquely focus on biological, cultural, socio-historical, and non-normative influences to provide us with a framework with which to understand and explain the particular stage a specific issue might have -- in my case, teenage years and the resultant angst, rebellion,…. [read more]

Nutrigenomics Is an Important Field Term Paper

… Screenings are available for both conditions and diets can be regulated to prevent these problems.

Consider now potential mechanisms of how chemicals and substances in nutrients can affect gene expression. Some chemicals in foods act as ligands for receptors in the nucleus. Fatty acids such as palmitic and linoleic acids and vitamins such as Vitamin A are known to bind nuclear receptors. These receptors that bind the fatty acids regulate the genes involved in fat-metabolism. These receptors belong to a family of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPAR). When a ligand binds to a receptor it starts a cascade of events that extend beyond the nucleus and cytoplasm to across cells and tissues. Thus gene expression is affected. Various proportions of chemicals also affect metabolic pathways. These…. [read more]

Cheap Genomic Sequencing Research Paper

… Thus, at the same time that personalized genetic information will help to redefine certain categories of "disabled," it will ultimately force society to deal not only with standards regarding who controls personal genetic information, but what those individuals actually do with said information. This is a crucial subject for discussion, because it has bearing not on those who may suffer from a genetic predisposition towards a certain illness, but also those willing and able to augment their genetic code through therapy and treatment.

Again, while the idea of someone augmenting his or her self by altering his or her genetic code may seem more in the realm of science fiction than reality, in truth the potential for genetic manipulation is well within reach, because although…. [read more]

PSI System and Other Educational Methods Personal Term Paper

… ¶ … PSI System and Other Educational Methods

Personal Statement

The Keller/PSI Concept

The Educational Benefits of Keller/PSI

The Problems Associated with Keller/PSI

Computer-assisted Personal System of Instruction (CAPSI)

Multiple Intelligences Theory

Hands-on, Inquiry-based Active Learning

Kolb's Learning Style Inventory

Conclusion and Implications for Future Avenues of Empirical Study

The Keller Personal System of Instruction (PSI) in education (also known as the Keller Plan) has been used with considerable success. A large volume of empirical research documents the relative effectiveness of the PSI approach to education in comparison with the more traditional approach used in contemporary academic education and professional training. The principle difference between the Keller/PSI method and traditional education methodologies is that the Keller/PSI method allows students to establish their own pace for…. [read more]

Importance of Big Data to Organizations Annotated Bibliography

… Big Data Annotated Bibliography

Bayuk, J. (2010). CyberForensics: Understanding Information Security Investigations. Springer.

Bayuk (2010) in his book presents the computer forensic techniques used to curb cyber insecurity. The author analyzes the security investigations used in the development of counter intelligence system against cybercrime. To support the intelligence systems, the author uses different case studies on cyber crime investigations to develop a computer forensic technology that can be used to eliminate cyber crimes in an organization. The book is important for the study because its provides cyber-forensic concepts applicable in conducting cyber security investigations. It also provides expertise of the pioneers of cyber investigations and explores a number of examples from malware and accounting cyber-forensics.

Author Note: Bayuk is an information technology and security management…. [read more]

Cardio-Vascular Disease (CVD) Term Paper

… Cognitive therapy would be aimed at symptom removal by identification and correction of the patient's distorted, negatively biased, moment-to-moment. This study is important because it provides an overview of the contemporary modalities that are available. The reference provides a comprehensive review of the methods to be used in their study.

The researchers proposed using The Subjective Index of Physical and Social Outcome (SIPSO) method in evaluating the results of the intervention. SIPSO is a brief self-complete measure which addresses both quantitative and qualitative aspects of activities and interaction that is reliable and valid. SIPSO emphasizes perception of the patient and includes assessment of the quality of activities and interaction. (Trigg, Wood and Langton, 1999) major study at Cornell University was undertaken to study the biological…. [read more]

Joint Commission Is a Self-Governing Essay

… Considerable time and resources are dedicated by health care organizations ranging from medical equipment suppliers and staffing firms to tertiary care academic medical centers to get ready for and go through Joint Commission surveys. There is growing concern, though, over the lack of demonstrable progress towards meeting the organization's stated goals for many. Even though the Joint Commission more and more refers to and demands evidence-based medicine in its regulatory requirements, there is a relative scarcity of evidence signifying any significant quality improvement due to its efforts, while there is a growing body of literature showing no enhancement or actual decline in quality despite the increasingly rigorous and expensive necessities (How can I make the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO/JACHO) process easier,…. [read more]

Ethical Debates Surrounding Stem Cell Research Thesis

… What follows is a brief description of the primary types of human stem cells that have captured the interest of scientists, clinicians, ethicists, policymakers, and religious organizations.

Fetal stem cells. The most controversial stem cells are those derived from human embryos, but in contrast to adult stem cells, these are truly pluripotent and therefore have captured the attention of biologists and medical scientists interested in understanding human development and how these cells could be used to treat and possibly cure disease (Blow, 2008). ES cells have been derived from discarded embryos generated during in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments (National Institutes of Health, 2002). Typically, multiple oocytes are fertilized during IVF procedures and only a select few are transferred to the womb. The remaining fertilized embryos…. [read more]

Treatment of Criminal Offenders Term Paper

… Studies undertaken on cats during the 1970s, for instance, point towards the functioning of the prefrontal area that can curb violent actions. Activating the prefrontal cortex restricted the cats from killing rats. Maybe environmental or congenital impairment to this emotion-controlling system makes a breakdown to the propensity of some people to lose their temper easily and perform violent actions. Many present investigations of aggressive people also sneer with this concept. For instance, a brain imaging research study of the killers revealed proof that, normally, the prefrontal cortex and also several interior regions of the brain inclusive of the amygdala worked peculiarly. Defective activity even appeared in the introductory investigation of psychopaths with heavy criminal history who as a cluster, are usually inclined to aggression. (Jacobs;…. [read more]

Telemedicine: Will Telemedicine Improve Term Paper

… Not only this but it is also important to examine the ways in which non-physicians would be reimbursed in the field. Needless to say that research in this regard would probably solve a number of problems that most non-physicians find themselves facing in settings other than the one being discussed at present.

One must bear in mind that teleradiology is perhaps the oldest form of telemedicine on which sufficient literature can be found along with the fact that the FDA has been extensively involved with this issue since 1977. This kind of technology basically focuses on the creation and transmission of medical images e.g. x-rays to different places, mainly those that are not easily accessible. The image is transmitted by way of a digital signal…. [read more]

Crowdsourcing Techniques in Call Centers Dissertation

… [EXCERPT] . . . promising phenomenon that lends itself to call centers' ability to improve their own and their other business units' efficiency is the employment of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is an online, distributed problem-solving and production model already in use by for-profit organizations such as Threadless, iStockphoto, and InnoCentive. Speculation in Weblogs and wisdom of crowds theory assumes a diverse crowd engaged in crowdsourcing labor. Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee) and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call. Furthermore, and as crowdsourcing is in some ways similar to open-source software production, prior research suggests that individuals in the crowd likely participate in crowdsourcing…. [read more]

Athletic Training Whether to Win Term Paper

… Football

Football is a sport of power, strength, speed, endurance and finesse. Of all the most popular team sports, the need for weight training in football is probably the most obvious, based on the demands of the sport and the visibly bulky condition of many of the athletes. Conditioning programs and exercises for football must be sport-specific (Football strategies, 2000). At whatever level a football player competes, the athlete who adds weight training and strength training to their regiment almost always demonstrates greater aptitude for the game.

The weight rooms of high schools, colleges, and professional arenas are filled with football players year-round because of the efficacy of strength training. Coaches and trainers recommend that players use both an off-season strength/weight training program and a…. [read more]

Johnson and Johnson the Fundamental Term Paper

… The constant fear of inflation continues to provide cause for stocks to become overvalued and has become an almost daily trend for announcements from the Fed and their efforts to not overvalue the Dow, NASDAQ and other markets. Investors have to grasp that stocks are only inflation proof when the underlying companies are profitable in spite of the effects of the economy.


A real trend in the healthcare industry has been the continued migrations of industry players into developed and newly emerging markets. The twenty-first century's new world order appears to have been founded on a single, global, technologically advanced, highly competitive economic market place. This single global market is also being serviced by fewer industrialized powers that are teaming together to form free…. [read more]

Personal Insights Term Paper

… ¶ … personal insights into what extent I believe it is possible, and beneficial to both sides, to expose people to both indigenous and western educational methods and subjects. The objective will be to answer such questions as if non-native people can and should preserve native peoples' cultural traditions and sacred spaces and in the same sense, should non-native people emulate, or institutionalize into their own cultures, native views?

The essay used various views of authors as well as my personalized opinion to help shape the response. Consider that through our current trend of mass globalization, more indigenous people will become affected by the views and issues faced by the industrialized world and those so believed advanced cultures will need to systematically find ways to…. [read more]

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