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Persuasive vs. Directive Communication Essay

… Persuasive vs. Directive Communication



Mary Jones

Team Leader


Most people think that Halloween parties are just for kids. But you might be surprised to find out that Halloween could also be fun and, not to mention, beneficial for a working adult like you. Not only will you establish good camaraderie with your officemates, you will also get a chance to show off your creativity and impress people. Not to mention, you will have a chance to gain benefits for yourself as well.

The upcoming Halloween party offers activities in which you will have to mingle with our officemates. This is good for our team because we will be able to share thoughts and ideas about something outside…. [read more]

Adoption Letter Informational and Persuasive Essay

… Adoption Letter

Informational And Persuasive Essay

To the ABC Adoption Agency:

Bringing a child into the home is a blessing but also a weighty decision. Having children can change a couple's life forever. More than five years ago, my friend Bernard and his wife Lisa made the careful and deliberate decision that they were ready to accept that blessing into their home. They were financially stable, and were at a point in their careers where they could afford to take some time off to devote precious hours to seeing their new, young charge grow up. Lisa is a schoolteacher, and planned to coordinate her maternity leave with her added freedom during the summer, to be with the new baby as much as possible. Unfortunately, many…. [read more]

Antidepressants and School Violence Essay

… They show that there is a link between school shootings and the psychiatric medication given to the children and teenagers.

Twenty two (22) cases were reported between the years 1993 and 2006. In these incidences, teens committing violent crimes and murders were undergoing psychiatric treatment outside the school setting. In the same period, school shooting that involved adults taking psychiatric drugs left five dead and seven people wounded. The use of antidepressants has been seen to increase over the years.

According to (Grace, John, & Peter, 2005), the use of antidepressants between 1995 and 1999 has increased by 151%. An America Journal Psychiatry reported that there has been a 500% increase in the number of 18-year-olds and younger taking antidepressants 500% (Grace et al., 2005).…. [read more]

Persuasion "There Is a Persuasive Element Essay

… Persuasion

"There is a persuasive element to most, if not all good informative talks."

Persuasion is one of the important kinds of speech among informative and commemorative speeches. These three are closely interlinked with each other. Whereas "informative" provides objectivity to the audience; persuasion helps in changing the minds of people. Moreover, commemorative is a kind of speech that gives the element of amusement in the whole debate. Persuasion is an influential force in everyday life and has a vital impact on people's minds. We persuade many people in our daily routine, whether it is a matter of getting permission for college trip from home, or to convince the child to complete homework on time or asking a coworker to help in the project. It…. [read more]

Hybrid Cars -- Persuasive Speech Essay

… 2. The U.S. Department of Energy provides loans under the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program and this has encouraged auto markers to expand the production of hybrid cars by 2015 (Gregerson, 2011).

3. The Auto racing organization was slow to accept, but now, many companies are working towards producing hybrid racing cars (Webster, March 2011).

C. To make use of the benefits of hybrid cars, more research is underway for producing better and sustainable hybrid cars

1. Lighter and cheaper electric batteries have made hybrid cars more affordable for the public (Graham-Rowe, 2011).

2. Research has made it possible to produce lighter cars that need lesser fuel thereby leading to reduced emissions (Scattina, Peroni, Peroni & Avalle, 2011).

3. Air or pneumatic hybrid cars…. [read more]

Persuasion Persuasive Communication: Impression Management and Active Essay

… Persuasion

Persuasive Communication: Impression Management and Active Listening

Achieving success in any aspect of life, whether it be professional, personal or social, is largely centered on the way that others perceive and respond to an individual. Namely, the impression that others possess of this individual will determine how effective he or she is in currying favor, commanding respect and even channeling authority. In all of these contexts, key features of the individual's communicative abilities will emerge as determinant with respect to the way that others respond. Whether in the act of persuasion or on the receiving end of an assertion, the individual in question must present himself in a way that appears as both receptive to messages being received and yet possessed in confidence in…. [read more]

Impressions of War the Most Vivid Imagine Essay

… Impressions of War

The most vivid imagine of war was the beginning of it all. September 11, 2001 changed the United States. It was vividly relived over and over again in the media and in the newspaper. There was this sense that the nation's spirit had been broken and there was no room to live innocently. There were plenty of young individuals, both male and female, that either got summoned or volunteered to go and fight this war on terrorism. It began in the United States with the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington DC. Although we did not really know it at the time, this was the first image of war and it was the…. [read more]

Real World Problem: Persuasive Essay

… Through our actions, we enable peer persuasion, especially through our utilization of the internet However, in the case above, none of this would work, and persuasion would have to involve a very effective speech about why one was late, and a very succinct and to the point speech as well. It is only in this way that a boss would acknowledge the emphasis of the employee's plea and its legitimacy.

In the scientific method, one will most likely see the following structure:

1. Stating the Problem or understanding the matter

2. Forming a Hypothesis or the "why" question

3. Testing the Hypothesis (through an experiment of sorts)

4. Collecting Data (which includes making observations)

5. Analyzing the Data

6. Drawing conclusions

However, this can vary,…. [read more]

Loss (Read P. 305) Leaving Essay

… ¶ … Loss (Read p. 305)

Leaving someone without ever knowing whether one would ever see them again would be one of the hardest things to face. In order to deal with that, personally I would tell them everything that I ever felt about them. I would tell them that I loved them and express to them how much that love really is. Sometimes it can be difficult to come to terms with feelings and certain emotions, but when the time comes when you know that the person may be lost forever, there should be no need to hold back. At this point, nothing should excuse not telling the other person everything that you feel or at one point felt.

If the situation were to…. [read more]

Positive Effect of Taking Vitamins Essay

… ¶ … Positive Effect of Taking Vitamins" and the narrative essay applying for a baseball scholarship show two different approaches to writing. The narrative essay is personal and uses the first person "I" to discuss my baseball career. Although the essay has a clear thesis related to the value of hard work in determining a person's success, the main gist of the scholarship narrative was to reveal my personal philosophy toward playing sports. The expository essay on taking daily vitamins has a more academic tone than the narrative and is therefore written in the third person. As an informative piece of writing, the essay on taking daily vitamins has a clear thesis that is supported by specific references to research reports on nutrition. The two…. [read more]

Job Outsourcing T Persuasive Speech Essay

… China is a huge market for us. We are going where the customers are."

Nasscom, still in Economic Times, also reported that the U.S. has a shortage of skilled technical staff which triggers job outsourcing of software coding and computer hardware management jobs. Its President Som Mittal reported that:

"The U.S. economy has been going though challenging times. We are hopeful that positive moves towards rebuilding America will bring in desired results. The Indian IT industry has been contributing substantially to build innovation in the U.S. economy,"

Further, the Los Angeles Times reported in 2010 that:

"the offshoring of American production and jobs has been going on for more than two decades, with service firms more recently pushing the trend. Experts say more offshoring could…. [read more]

Theory Help Essay

… This is never a good argument because, since the media is strong, someone will hear the outcry of the wronged party (whether that be human or environmental). Organizations benefit from critical theory evaluation because it allows them to look past themselves and the drive to make money. Critical theory makes the management of the organization morally responsible for the decisions that they make.

Management and Critical Theory

Management is the actual focus of critical theory (Stanton, 1993) because issues with management made it necessary for someone else to have a voice. At the beginning of the industrial revolution, a new reality was created for the managers of the multitudes that peopled the new factories. That reality continues today. It is that "management was lionized, even…. [read more]

Growing Up Essay

… Kilgore's argued that the Wall Street Journal needed to do something that made it distinctive. It had to stop being like every other newspaper and adopt business and journalist practices that made it different than anyone else. By abandoning its financial news coverage only and taking on a more national approach, the Journal broadened its base. But broadening its base was not enough, Kilgore also changed its format and delivered the news on a national basis but did so from a financial point-of-view. No one else anywhere was able to offer the same product that the Wall Street Journal could and Kilgore converted this into journalistic gold. In order to make the new Journal a success, Kilgore made it worthy of the reader's time.

In…. [read more]

Company Tuition Reimbursement Essay

… ¶ … tuition reimbursement: A persuasive memo

To the human resource department of Company X:

In today's economically trying times, it can be tempting for a company to engage in penny-pinching. Seemingly extraneous expenses such as tuition reimbursement are often the first 'luxuries' to be eliminated from the budget. But far from luxuries, tuition reimbursement and other forms of employee education should be viewed as a necessity. Tuition reimbursement is an investment in the company's future, not simply the individual employee's future. For reasons of practical corporate self-interest; to improve the psychological and social atmosphere of the company, and to attract top talent, tuition reimbursement and support for other adult education in the workforce should remain critical components of an attractive benefits package

Practical reasons:…. [read more]

Walsh v. Winthrop Case Essay

… According to the law, "people who believe they have been discriminated against may also sue in Federal Court under the Federal Fair Housing Act and with the state's Division of Human Rights" (Peterson 1990: 2). However, class is not a protected category, unlike race, sex, or gender. And rather than a silent, undefended admission, the co-op board died release a letter stating why Walsh had been rejected. "Inherent in the nature of the cooperative form of ownership is the right of the stockholders, acting by and through the board and officers, to select people and activities that are compatible with the community" (Bailey 2006).

On one hand, it is every easy to emotionally side with Walsh, given that he is a far more sympathetic person,…. [read more]

University Career, Professional Life Essay

… The workplace likewise demands the use of formal, persuasive skills. An employee might need to persuade his or her boss to accept a particular proposal or take a course of action. As with a research paper, the use of evidence is required along with a certain amount of entertaining emotional appeals, since facts alone are rarely compelling. The use of ethics is often particularly important in workplace persuasion, as the employee must demonstrate that a course of action will resonate with the organization's values, or that a cost-benefit analysis of the plan will cause the greatest good in a utilitarian sense. In professional contacts 'knowing your audience' is especially vital: knowing what their concerns are, their interests in the organization, and what their long-term goals…. [read more]

TSA History Essay

… Given that the rate of terror attacks has fallen exponentially since 1970 and the odds of dying in a terror attack are about one in 20 million, what difference does the TSA make? To put this in perspective, Americans are twice as likely to get struck by lightning as they are to get killed in a terror attack. They are 200 times more likely to die by choking, possibly on bad airline food. "

The question remains is why does the government let these people continue to work when in actuality they are undermining the capabilities of the American people. The TSA doesn't make sense if it can't catch terrorists. For this reason it is obvious that its existence should be questioned and Americans need…. [read more]

Persuasive Techniques Essay

… ¶ … person is entitled to their own opinion on some issues. Trying to change a person's belief, intentions, attitudes or thoughts on the opinion that one holds on an issue is known as persuasion. This can be done through the use of written words, spoken words so as to make known one's feelings or reasoning on the issue. The opinion on that particular issue can be very strong such that trying to persuade someone to change their mind on their opinion and hold the contrary opinion can be a very difficult task. Whether or one is persuaded depends on how the person trying to persuade another expresses themselves and if they are convincing enough. It also depends on how strongly the person being convinced…. [read more]

Alternative Medicines in Australia Essay

… 155). She writes that CAM embraces a "…holistic view of the individual, and a belief in the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit"; indeed, CAM gives great amounts of attention to the psychological and emotional aspects of the human body and places emphasis on "individualizing the treatment" rather than just prescribing drugs as solutions.

An example given by Twohig is that every patient with asthma receives "a different treatment" because one person's bout with asthma may well be from a cause totally different from another asthma sufferer (155). Every approach using CAM encourages the bonding between the patient and the individual consulting with alternative medicines; this leads to the empowerment of the individual, and does indeed relieve the practitioner of "…the onerous sense of responsibility…. [read more]

Abortion Being an Option Essay

… The author of this report would be content to see just actual abortions being outlawed except in the case of incest, rape and health of the mother being in peril.

The people that would argue with this line of thought, and there are many, will say that this will lead to back alley abortions and other illicit behavior. That is a straw man argument and does not hold water. One could make that argument for children smoking, anyone using drugs or illegal activity in general. Justify it however one wishes, but sanctioning illegal or immoral behavior does not make it right and just because it will happen behind closed doors if it's banned does not mean it should be legal. Just as with completely preventable…. [read more]

Directive Writing Staff of Jewelry Essay

… The primary elements of persuasive writing are based on making direct and indirect appeals to an audience's unique sensibilities, with emotional appeals (pathos) ranking among the most powerful persuasive tools, logical appeals employing the clarity of reason (logos), and authoritative appeals (ethos) relying on the writer's position or status to legitimize a message. In directive writing, these subtle techniques are not necessary because the writer's authority has already been established, and the audience is typically bound by their status as an employee, student, or citizen to read and respond accordingly. When writing directive material from a position of recognized authority, rhetorical techniques such as threat and command are used to emphasize a point and ensure compliance.

Module 4 -- Part Two:


My name…. [read more]

Message E-Tailing Essay

… Since sender (vendor) wants to make purchasing experience of consumer to be as pleasant as possible, the noise transaction will be minimal at this stage. At this medium, the e-tailer will like to make consumer purchasing experience as pleasant as possible to ensure that a customer returns to make another purchase.

The final phase focuses on partnership or the post-purchase phase which is the e-business strategy aimed to develop long-term relationship with consumers. Through partnership, the e-business agent will like make customers to develop loyalty and trust towards his products. Depending on the amount of information that e-tailer is willing to share, different type of partnership could be established. For example, consumers sharing their preferences with e-business are likely to develop long-term relationship with e-business…. [read more]

Behaviors Inherent in E-Tailing Essay

… All your friends will be cramming to buy it. Why not be the first? The price is cheap: only $1.00 -- reduced to 50 cents for first comers. You think that your environment may not be polluting? Research has found that all environments are. We all want to make the best choice: climb the right mountains in life. Doing so will help you now and in the future.

This e-book is a revolutionary as Rachel' Carson's 'Silent Springs'. Rather than dealing with physical pollution. It talks about social pollution. Most people will want it. Be the first to agree.

evaluate why it is (or isn't) effective.

The mock-situation, absurdly contrived, hypothetical letter is partially effective and partially not. I wrote it with the 11 persuasive…. [read more]

Winston Smith Is the Hero Essay

… .. He dipped the pen into the ink and then faltered for just a second. A tremor had gone through his bowels. To mark the paper was the decisive act. In small clumsy letters he wrote: April 4th, 1984" (Orwell 8). While viewed in relation to our modern society, this does not seem like a heroic act, looked at within the society Winston lives in, it is.

Persuasive technique - refutation)

The main argument against Winston as a hero, is the argument that in fact he is an anti-hero, where an anti-hero is when "our expectations of heroic qualities are strikingly disappointed" (Baldick 98). This argument is based on the fact that he ultimately fails with his struggle. While his heroic struggle began when he…. [read more]

Hear People Talk of Latinos Essay

… You and I know that without quality education none can be absorbed into workforce. What does this mean to the Latino youths? Poverty will be staring at them in their faces. As a matter of fact, the poverty rate among the Hispanic community stands at 21.2% (U.S. Census Bureau, 2001). this has dire consequences on the overall health of the Hispanic communities in the United States. Because of poverty, ladies and gentlemen, adults in the Latino households are forced to spend extended times away from home. A greater percentage of households are headed by single mothers. Children are often free of adult supervision. These children finally join gangs which provide them with a community. The gangs destroy the hopes of the community and the health…. [read more]

How Persuasive Are These Critiques of Economic Globalization Essay

… ¶ … NAFTA to be impressive in its use of figures and facts but to be, simultaneously subjective. Scott reinforces his argument with plenty of facts that come from authoritative sources. He supports the article with graphs, tables, and figures that clarify and add weight to his information as well as giving more immediacy and credibility to his argument. On top of all of that, the style of the article -- divided and subdivided into clear categories adds additional readability and order to the whole.

On the other hand, I found the article to be subjective and heavy-handed.

Scott's argument is as follows:

Since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed in 1993, the rise in the U.S. trade deficit with Canada and…. [read more]

Speech or Letter Essay

… The next bit of evidence offered by the unknown author is the fact that the SSS must report to Bush (who may or may not be in office in 2005, but since he is the enemy and we are trying to scare people we will say he is) on March 31, 2005. This may seem like fishy information when given out of context yet the truth is that the Selective Service System has an annual report to congress, which the president has a part in, and that falls due in March 2004, just as it does every year.

The article then moves on to quote Secretary Rumsfield, one of the experts most often asked it there is any foreseen need for a draft, (who always…. [read more]

Literacy Before ENG115 Essay

… This will involve the use of these skills in training development in a manner that combines the relevant material that shall have been acquired from the business course and the professional language that shall have been acquired from EGN115.

b). Training presentation -- the better a product is presented, the more respect and loyalty the brand will get from prospective buyers hence the correct presentation or initiation of the same in content and language must go in tandem. As a business manager, there will be various incidences where I will need to train people on various topics and even from different organizations hence the use of right language that is professional.

III. Product Initiation

a). Product Development-there are several steps in product development and each…. [read more]

Nations and Nationalism Exist: Comparison Essay

… This is true most clearly in nations located in the Middle East. Language is held in the work of Laitin and Geertz to be of primary importance in the determination of a nation however, the national language is reported in the work of Hobsbawn to be a "pragmatic matter and still less a dispassionate one, as is show by the reluctance to recognize them as constructs, by historicizing, and inventing traditions for them." (1990) It is noted however, that language for some is viewed as the nation's soul and in some cases is a prerequisite for nationality.

Geertz writes that in new nation states that the new states

"are abnormally susceptible to serious disaffection based on primordial attachments. By a primordial attachment is meant one…. [read more]

Close Reading Essay

… I was piqued; I was mortified. Still more of that wretched fish?...The afternoon passed quickly, and when, towards its close, the professor inquired, "Do you see it yet?" (Scudder, "Look at Your Fish")

Scudder discloses his inner horror and insecurity at looking stupid at Harvard in front of his class and a prominent professor in a field to which he has relative interest. The writing is calm, but describes so dryly or calmly at points that it is a bit silly and humorous. Scudder employs a linear, chronological timeline in his storytelling. It is partially in the narrative form and there are parts that are monologic within the piece, too. There is a lot of analysis because Scudder spends much of the story worrying, studying,…. [read more]

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