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Admissions First Laid Eyes on the Physician Essay

… admissions first laid eyes on the Physician's Desk Reference when I volunteered at a pharmacy in Iran when I was in high school there. Although I was born in Norfolk, Virginia, my family and I moved to Iran when I was still a toddler and my formative years were spent there. My interest in pharmacy arose early in life. In fact, I had little doubt or confusion about what I wanted to pursue for a career. After I graduated high school and realized that the best educational opportunities would await me in the United States, I persuaded my parents to move back to America. My parents, who were concerned about my future and supportive of my dreams, sold their home and moved here. The shift…. [read more]

Pharmacy Experiences When Describing Their Term Paper

… One misprint on a medicine label or accidentally filling a prescription with the wrong drug can be fatal. One of my biggest fears is that I will make one of these mistakes. While I watched these pharmacists at work, I wondered how many of them were thinking about their dogs or what they were going to eat for dinner while they grabbed a bottle of pills. Fortunately, the system at this pharmacy was streamlined and it would be difficult to make such a glaring mistake. However, human error is a major consideration in this profession, perhaps more than I realized before.

I also noticed how personal biases can affect a pharmacist's reaction to a customer. Because a plethora of medicines and products exist for each…. [read more]

Admissions, Personal the Optometrists Term Paper

… The Chinese experience taught me that experimental and traditional medicine can sometimes solve problems even better than the normal approach we are used to in the Western world.

The trip to China was an experience that came about in the summer of 2004, when I was nominated by one of my professors to travel to China with the international Mission on Medicine. I knew this would be perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity, a period during which I could accumulate and learn, so I took no moments to decide and swiftly accepted the challenge.

The trip to China also convinced me that being an optometrist is my vocation. Indeed, during my period spent there, I volunteered at an office for 12 hours a week…. [read more]

Pharmacy Program Essay

… If I am given the opportunity to become a part of your program, I will work hard and do my best as a pharm.D student at your University. Each year there are many people who want to do something important with their life, but they often back down and decide that they either do not have what it takes or that no one will give them a chance at what they want to do. I am not the kind of person who backs down, because I see how much of a difference the pharm.D program could make in my life and in the lives of others who will need my help in the future.

In everything I do, I am dedicated to doing my best.…. [read more]

Pharmacy Term Paper

… ¶ … Pharmacy

Thank you in advance for your consideration of my application to enter the Doctor of Pharmacy program. I offer full assurances that if admitted, I will show that I am a dedicated, competent, and enthusiastic student as I become fully engaged with your program.

Why I Am Qualified

I am intimately familiar with many of the medical responsibilities and fiduciary duties and that a pharmacist performs. I have had the good fortune to work with -- and be inspired by -- a highly talented pharmacist for about seven years. Indeed, I have served as an Inpatient Pharmacy Technician at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia since May of 2006. I was certified as a Pharmacy Technician by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board in December…. [read more]

Pharmacy School Admission Essay

… This amazing capability of drugs has motivated me to look deeply into the foundation of pharmaceuticals. I am especially interested to understand how research in pharmaceuticals is conducted, how drugs are manufactured, and how drugs take effect in the living bodies.

Presently I am attending Valencia Community College, after having received AA degree in May 2003 from Polk Community College. Presently, I have been working at Walgreen Pharmacy for three years. In my present position, I work as a technician, in which my responsibilities include taking in new prescriptions, entering them in the computer, filling prescriptions, helping clients, and ordering medicine. This professional experience at Walgreen has been quite fruitful to me to motivate me for becoming a pharmacist.

Besides my professional interests in medicine…. [read more]

Pharmacy Admission Admission Essay

… Pharmacy Application

The pharmacy program is known to be an intense program that requires the mastery of a great amount of information in a very short period of time. Additionally, the information being learned is of great importance and very specific, in that small errors can result in drastic consequences. I believe that the pharmacy program will provide great challenges with respect to time management, mastery of complex information, and memorization of important details. In order to meet these challenges I plan to make use of effective time management strategies, participate in group study activities and record the lectures I attend.

Time management is a catch phrase that refers to one's ability to properly structure their time so that all necessary tasks can be accomplished…. [read more]

Admission for Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Program Thesis

… Admission for Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Program

APP: Admission for Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Program

A number of years ago, whenever I or any of my siblings developed a cold, my mother would simply say, "there is no need of taking any medication for that…. you will shrug it off in a week or so." We may not have understood what she meant then (there was no explanation given) though her concept seemed to work most of the time. It was not until much later that I came to learn that the human body possesses an innate ability to heal itself and hence effectively, my mother was simply citing that fact. Perhaps it was this discovery that informed my keen interest on this simple concept…. [read more]

Child in Taiwan Term Paper

… Some people might find some of these characteristics unpleasant or stressful, but because of my experience discussed below in my family's restaurant, I have learned that these things are not problems or drawbacks for me, leaving me to consider the positive aspects of being a pharmacist, and whether I am suited for the profession.

Because of the experience I have had in the hospital pharmacy, I have had an opportunity to evaluate the demands of this career well. I have also talked with the registered pharmacists at some length about what they do, and what they like and don't like about the job. The things they object to most, the paperwork and the pressure, are things I have learned to not bother me. I know…. [read more]

Beloved Grandmother Was Stricken With Alzheimer Admission Essay

… ¶ … beloved Grandmother was stricken with Alzheimer's, I spent a great deal of time incredibly frustrated by the fact that there was little I could do to help that lovely woman. From that adversity and pain, my interest in pharmacy was born. Since I spent so much time helping my Grandmother manage her medications, I realized the value of patient education when it comes to prescriptions. My desire to help others, coupled with my knowledge of the difficulties that many patients on more than one medication face, convinced me that pharmacy was the right choice for me.

Currently, I am finishing my last year for my Masters in Biomedical Science and working on a thesis dealing with the Nicotine Receptors in the Brain. I…. [read more]

Personal Statement I've Had a Life Tougher Term Paper

… Personal Statement

I've had a life tougher than most. A woman born and raised in Afghanistan, I have been a refuge more than once. In pre-Taliban Afghanistan, I eagerly finished high school with a clear and decisive career objective: to become a pharmacist. When I was still in grade school, I thrived in chemistry classes. Because of positive personal experiences with medicines and pharmaceuticals in general, I had no other dream than to pursue pharmacy as a career. Before the Taliban came to power, such a dream was realistic for a young woman, and I did not foresee that political situations might somehow prevent me from fulfilling my goal. I entered pharmacy school in Kabul, a freshman with eager eyes and an energetic heart on…. [read more]

Personal Statement: Regarding My Future Term Paper

… It is the pharmacist's duty and ethical obligation to be sensitive to such natural uncertainties, and to be a teacher as well as a technician and scientist. A good scientist must bring patients into a state of better mental comfort and awareness of the patient's physiology and how the prescribed treatment may alleviate the patient's illness. Only by doing so can a pharmacist be certain that a drug treatment plan, particularly if self-administered by the patient at home, will prove efficacious. My own adjustment to the United States has taught me sensitivity, compassion and an awareness of the diversity of cultural attitudes towards drugs, healing and medicine.

My own cultural and linguistic background also provides me with unique additional competence for the pharmaceutical profession. In…. [read more]

Gerontology and Gerontic Nursing Practice Term Paper

… 1. As she suffers from osteoporosis, several mechanisms are at play in
Mrs. Wood's condition. The basic elements result from poor bone mass
accumulation during childhood combined with an acceleration of bone loss
adulthood, when peak bone mass has been achieved. One half of bone mass is
made during pre-puberty, with only minimal accumulation of minerals in the
teens and peak bone mass in the 20s. Mrs. Wood's rate of bone loss is
based more upon her lifestyle than her genes. Dietary calcium, vitamin D,
protein and calories impact on her development of osteoporosis. If she had
poor calcium intake in her childhood, this directly impacts her likelihood
of fracture in adulthood (Heaney, 1998). Mrs. Wood's calcium intake is
directly associated with bone mineral mass…. [read more]

Chest Pain the Presenting Patient Case Study

… Chest Pain Case Study

The presenting patient in the present case scenario is Mr. Hay, an 82-year-old male with an existing diagnosis of Cardiac Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This existing diagnosis will prove relevant in a care plan for Mr. Hay, who has been admitted following a loss of consciousness. Having been discovered by a neighbor after some sustained period of unconsciousness, Mr. Hay would be admitted with an array of treatment issues. The three most pressing would prove to be the patient's Activity Intolerance, his Ineffective Airway Clearance and his Pain management. The discussion here below considers these treatment challenges.

Patient Problem 1: Activity intolerance

In any case where an elderly patient is admitted to the hospital, sedentary conditions can lead to an exacerbation…. [read more]

Joint 7-Year Program Provides a Unique Opportunity Application Essay

… ¶ … joint 7-year program provides a unique opportunity for the right student: a student that maintains high academic standards and is dedicated to the medical profession. For the right motivated individual, this program gives them an accelerated route to achieving a lifetime dream. My passion for medicine began when I volunteered at the Comprehensive Health Center. There I assisted in medical procedures and community health fairs. The community health fairs were eye-opening as I saw the lack of medical knowledge available for the general public. At the center, medical assistance was provided to lower income communities that desperately needed it. While I always read and heard about the differences between varied socioeconomic statuses, I never saw this difference until the health center. It was…. [read more]

Thrombolysis in Critical Care Term Paper

… Thrombolysis in Critical Care

How do you diagnose acute myocardial infarction in the patient with chest pain? A rule-out diagnosis should be considered in any patient presenting to the accident and emergency department with complaint of chest pain. High risk findings include chest pain, known history of coronary artery disease, radiation of the pain to left arm or neck, pain which lasts more than one hour, and diaphoresis. Lower risk findings include a sharp pain, lasting longer than 48 hours and pain which can be fully reproduced with palpation over the area (American College of Cardiology, 2000). It is also important to remember that 23% of patients presenting to accident and emergency with gastro-intestinal symptoms such as indigestion or burning substernal pain are found to…. [read more]

Direct to Consumer Advertising History Term Paper


The National Institute for Health Care Management, a nonprofit watchdog agency, estimated that expenditures in pharmaceutical advertising in the U.S. grew from an estimated $55 million in 1991 to $2.5 billion in 2001. While the numbers seem exponential, the Institute points out that the ads represented merely 16% of the entire budget for drug promotions in 2001. A historic perception perpetuated by the drug industry is that costs are driven by expenditures in research and development. This has been considered a valid argument, as advances in drug research are indeed beneficial to humanity. However, recent examination of the industry's expenditures indicates that marketing (34.4%), not R&D (13.7%), comprise the lion's share of the industry's operating expenditures.

Families USA is a nonprofit…. [read more]

Health Population: Elderly Research Paper

… Nurses can assess and educate the patient's ability to administer medications, educate on dosages, purpose and side effects. They can also observe the medication effectiveness and monitor side effects.

Nurses collaborating with doctors and pharmacists could simplify the amount of medications needed by patients, address the possible need for puncture packs for the elderly, as well as assist patients with med lists for doctor's appointments. This simplification could lower costs for the elderly and the community.

Describe theories of motivation and behavior change, which you are using.

The health belief model is one of the most consistent in the prediction of behaviors, particularly when it is used in conjunction with the ecological model that incorporates the individual, people and their environment, along with the developmental…. [read more]

Medication Administration Tech Policy Research Paper

… The system could also go farther if the institution decided to implement a patient bracelet system such as are found in nearly all hospitals and many other medical institutions in the U.S. This type of barcode system, referred to as a point of care system works basically like this:

The basic concept for a bar code point-of-care test is that information is encoded in bar codes, allowing for the comparison of the medication being administered with what was ordered for the individual patient (Sakowski et al.,2005). After a medication order is written (electronically or manually), a pharmacist enters, verifies, and profiles the order. Prior to administration of the first dose, the nurse confirms a match between the written and electronically profiled order. When the nurse…. [read more]

Impact of Being a 100 Most Wired Hospital Term Paper

… ¶ … Wired Hospital

In today's time, information technology has invaded almost, if not, all major industries around the world. There are a lot of things, machineries, equipments nowadays that are run by information technology. Good examples for these are (,2006):

Telephone and radio equipment and switches used for voice communications.

Traditional computer applications that include data storage and programs to input, process, and output the data.

Software and support for office automation systems such as word processing and spreadsheets, as well as the computer to run them.

Users' PCs and software.

Server hardware and software used to support applications such as electronic mail/groupware, file and print services, database, application / web servers, storage systems, and other hosting services.

Data, voice, and video networks and…. [read more]

Addressing the Issue of Medical Errors With Mandatory Reporting Systems and Computer Technology Term Paper

… Healthcare: Addressing the Issue of Medical Errors


Addressing the Issue of Medical Errors with Mandatory

Reporting Systems and Computer Technology

To combat the current crisis of deaths due to preventable medical errors the health care industry and lawmakers have taken two approaches. The first is the implementation of a system of mandatory reporting systems. The solution is to crate an atmosphere in hospitals that fosters less blame, not more, according to the IOM report. A blue-ribbon pane appointed by the IOM argues that the failure to acknowledge and analyze mistakes deprives hospitals of important information that could help prevent similar mistakes in the future. However, many in the healthcare industry argue that mandatory reporting of errors will foster an atmosphere of lawsuits and backlash…. [read more]

Baystate Health Financials Research Paper

… The main concerns were completing the reconciliation within 24 hours of admission. The main change implemented was creating a dedicated position filled by a pharmacy intern or resident, who would work full-time on medication reconciliation. In the past, nurses and physicians were tasked with interviewing patients, family members, primary care doctors, and pharmacies for this information. Dramatic improvements were realized for both medical and surgical units in BMC, with overall completion rates reaching 99%.

Among the many factors that attract patients to Baystate Health (2014) are a long history of awards and top rankings for its hospitals and clinics. Baystate Health was ranked among the top 15 health systems for clinical performance and quality outcomes in the country in 2012 by Truven Healthcare Analytics (formally…. [read more]

College Statements Application Essay

… ¶ … career in nursing and why I am applying to the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. Certainly, these are valid questions and must be explained in detail, especially when a young person like me has changed course in their studies and contemplated pursuing another major. In this essay, I will justify my admission to the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and the contributions I wish to make to the field.

Firstly, I wish to highlight my philosophy on the issue of nursing. The author's personal philosophy is to always do the right thing and be responsible and accountable for my actions related to patient care. I feel that like Florence Nightingale, we must pursue nursing (or any medical profession) as a vocation or a calling rather…. [read more]

Healthcare the American Medical Association Essay

… Some pharmacists might specialize in certain areas of healthcare such as gerontology, psychiatry, or sports medicine ("Pharmacist Career," n.d.). Some careers in the pharmaceutical field such as pharmacology are industry-related, and involve working with research and development. Therefore, laboratory positions with the pharmaceutical industry are also possible. Pharmacy also entails a number of ancillary or helping positions such as pharmacy technicians.

The veterinary field encompasses all of the healthcare needs of non-human animal species. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (2011), about 80% of all careers in the veterinary healthcare field are in private practices, and address the needs of pets. A smaller proportion works with wildlife, zoo animals, farm animals, or laboratory animals. Some veterinarians work with animals in a research…. [read more]

Pharmacist.In This Case, Case Study

… ¶ … pharmacist."In this case, the pharmacist is faced with a moral and ethical dilemma of informing one Mr. Ramirez's (a congestive heart failure patient) doctor, the risks that he might be exposing himself to by his tendency/trend of increasing dosage of his medication while also consuming several packages of salted nuts. Such an increase of medication and ingestion of salt predisposes him patient to a cardiac arrest. The pharmacist could also attempt to explain to Mr. Ramirez the dangers he predisposes himself to.

A review of the case indicates that Mr. Ramirez is an octogenarian who suffers from congestive heart failure. He is however taking a lethal combination of prescription pills (on an increasing scale) and salted peanuts under the watchful eye of a…. [read more]

Sepsis Bundle Research Proposal

… Emergency Room Sepsis Bundle Practicum

The objectives of this practicum are three-fold as follows:

To assess a tertiary healthcare facility's emergency room nursing staff's current level of knowledge concerning the diagnosis of sepsis;

To assess a tertiary healthcare facility's emergency room nursing staff's current level of knowledge concerning the treatment of sepsis; and,

To provide guidelines for providing a sepsis resuscitation bundle that can be used for these applications to achieve a 25% reduction in mortality due to severe sepsis or septic shock.

Strategies for practicum

It is axiomatic that in order to improve anything, it must first be measured. Therefore, the practicum proceeds in a series of stages that are designed to first assess nursing staff's current level of knowledge concerning the diagnosis and…. [read more]

Family Nurse Practioner Term Paper

… These agencies impact this role positively if properly followed since their work complete the ethics and rules that inform the procedure.

CRAN's role in the medical field is aided by the fact that there are now many institutions that offer the course. FNPs; gain from the fact that they can access school materials online or on part-time basis. This has the dual effect of giving the nurse both clinical experiences while learning. Accreditation agencies are coming up whose existence is aided with the support of both the state and federal governments. This ensures the nurses offering this expertise role; are qualified and competent persons.

According to a research conducted in 2010; showed that CRNA's who worked independently without supervision were as effective as full fledge…. [read more]

Community Analysis: Columbus, Ohio Research Paper

… They promise to bring a higher standard of living, attract residents with higher incomes, and lead to the establishment of more services for all of the residents.

Community Resources

An assessment of community resources for help and family's to achieve the optical level of wellness focus is on Mount Carmel Health System. Their won the largest hospitals in Central Ohio and there are few services, either general or specialty that cannot be found on the campus. Residents who have Health Insurance or who receive assistance by way of Medicare or Medicaid have easy access to the services at this facility and will not be the focus of the study. The study will address resources that are available for those who do not have access to…. [read more]

Standing Orders, Computerized Order Entry Research Paper

… It may not fully support staff workflow activities, can cause loss of situational awareness between nursing staff and physicians, and may create difficulties when standards are hard to implement and interpret.

CPOE systems are tools to support and improve the delivery of care, but do not resolve all clinical practice problems. Workflow problems can be mitigated by altering workflow and CPOE to a comfortable fit based on organizational needs. Proven usability design needs to be used to avoid systems that violate basic principles. Improvement with CPOE comes through interoperability with and access to other clinical information systems. The roles of all staff should be considered in the design process, especially nursing, clerical, pharmacy, and other ancillary staff. Situational awareness is improved through functionality that integrates…. [read more]

Rehabilitation of Elderly Patients in Saudi Arabia Research Proposal

… This finding supports the finding of Mcgilton et al. (2009) and shows that cognitive functionality is not related to the successful outcome of rehabilitation. Thus, this study does not support the hypothesis that cognitive functionality is a factor in rehabilitation success.

Alternative studies that could identify further factors not included in this hypothesis are the USA assessment of the Centers for Disease Control (2008), which identifies methods of intervention such as Tai Chi, balancing training/exercises and preventive measures to help elderly persons deal with age and factors that could add to falls risk and/or the necessity for hospitalization due to accident. This study and others like it can be helpful in widening the range or scope of variables that could present themselves as factors to…. [read more]

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