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Pharmacy Information Security Essay

… For instance, in case the pharmacy manages a website and the former is accessed by anyone due to inappropriate authorization procedures, then the website can be removed completely from the system, because of the risk it posses which includes the leaking of confidential information to unauthorized parties in the public. The risks are, therefore, removed, and this leaves an efficient system that will efficiently retain private information and deny access to non-operators (Flammini, 2012).

Controlling physical vulnerability and risk

Controls basically act as remedies for the risks associated with the pharmacy. There are many control strategies that need to be adopted by pharmacies to ensure security is enhanced, and that the risks are remarkably reduced if not faced out. One of the incentives is to…. [read more]

Pharmacy Application Was Only Nine Essay

… While a student, I also tutored students in other science subjects, including Mathematics and Chemistry.

In addition, I have also begun working in the medical field, as a give position in a dental office during the summer of 2003. Through this job, I have formed important connections and had a chance to apply my book learning firsthand in the medical field.

I am confident that this academic and work background in the sciences will provide a solid foundation for further studies in the field of pharmacy.

In addition to my interest in its scientific aspect, I am also attracted to the social service aspect of a career in pharmacy. By dispensing medicine and information, pharmacists are in a unique position to be directly involved in…. [read more]

Drugs and Human Health Term Paper

… Pharmacy

Patients in life or death situations often can not swallow and also drugs given intravenously often act more rapidly, and some drugs are or can be destroyed by gastric acids.

Nitroglycerin tablets are given sublingually because the blood under the tongue acts to disseminate the medicine almost as effectively as if the drug was given intravenously.

In both open and closed angle glaucoma, the medicine is intended to lower the pressure within the eye and the blood supply to the eye is not as effective in delivering the medicine as a direct application.

Because liver most medicine is metabolized in the kidney and excreted by the liver, kidney and liver disease would not permit the organs to dispose of the medicines and therefore there…. [read more]

Stem Cell Ethics Debating Essay

… However, ES cell research continues wherever this law does not apply, including within the research laboratories of private U.S. companies and overseas. Despite the limited reach of this law, there has yet to be a report of anyone producing, or intending to produce, human embryos on a large scale. The middle ground in this debate appears to be the status quo, which includes the limited availability of established and well-characterized ES cell lines, advances in ES cell research that promotes advances in the field as a whole, and rapid progress in the AS/iPS cell research fields that may eventually render ES cells clinically irrelevant.

Works Cited

Antiniou, Michael. "The Case Against & #8230;" Nature Medicine 7.4 (2001): 397-399. Web. The author argues that the use…. [read more]

Practicum Project Plan Term Paper

… ¶ … Opportunities to Reduce Medication Errors

The purpose of the project envisioned herein is to reduce medication errors in the clinical setting with the goal of reducing medication errors by at least 50%. The name of the project, "The Six Rights to Eliminating Medication Errors" (hereinafter alternative "Six Rights") is described in the following report.

It is the goal of the Six Rights project to raise awareness of the adverse outcomes associated with medication errors and to provide clinicians responsible for medication administration with some step-by-step guidelines they can use to achieve zero-level medication error rates.

The projective objectives are to achieve measurable improvements in benchmarked medication error rates during the duration of the project as set forth below:

Clinicians will remember the six…. [read more]

International Clinical Harmonisation Proper Systems Essay

… Four Clinical Aspects

These are quality, efficacy, safety, and multidisciplinary (ICH 2011). Quality pervades the conduct of stability studies; establishes limits of impurities testing and adapts pharmaceutical quality to GMP risk management standards. Efficacy relates to the design, conduct, safety and reporting of clinical trials. It also covers new medicines developed through bio-technological processes and pharmacogenetic or genomic techniques used to produce target medicines. Safety guards against potential risks, such as carcinogenicity, genotoxicity, and reprotoxicity. Recently, safety guidelines proved helpful for assessing the QT interval prolongation liability as the most important cause of drug withdrawal. And multidisciplinary guidelines cover topics other than those covered by these first three aspects. Examples are ICH medical terminology, the Common Technical Document, and the Electronic Standards for the Transfr…. [read more]

Personal Statement Admission Essay

… Everything seemed dismal around me. "Go East!" And "Eastward Ho!" are not phrases that have the same emotional impact as "Go West!" It is almost like seeing the sight of the Stature of Liberty retreat from an immigrant's gaze, rather than to come to it, sailing into the harbor.

Gradually, I pulled myself together. My junior year, my perspective began to mature. I began to feel more at home in my surroundings. Volunteering at the hospital, as well as my work teaching children Indian languages and music were a tremendous source of stability and made me feel more integrated into my immediate community as a whole person.

A began to realize that the move and the world were not 'all about me.' I had to…. [read more]

Naloxone Prescription Education and Application Research Proposal

… Some of the approaches include standing orders in which pharmacists have the leeway to offer the drug under the order of prescriber, collaborative agreements by pharmacists; in which pharmacists have the permission to manage the medication on behalf of the prescribing agent and other requirements of regulation (Green et al., 2015). More laws with the objective of reducing the number of death incidents resulting from the overdose of opioid have been formulated. Moreover, the privilege and trusted access to individuals who use drugs offered through the programs is essential as the epidemic of opioid is increasingly dominated by access to illicit opioid as opposed to prescribed opioids.Young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 are the age group with the highest number of illicit…. [read more]

Motivation for Pursuing a Career Term Paper

… ¶ … motivation for pursuing a career in the field of Pharmacy

In writing this essay, I realized that my motivation for pursuing a career in the field of Pharmacy is an unusual one. I did not learn to value the importance of being a pharmacist until my grandmother was diagnosed to with Alzheimer's disease. My family's fight with my grandmother's illness further worsened with the inadequate medical expertise and supplies of medicine in Iran that my grandmother needs. Hence, I became her 'personal assistant,' taking care of her everyday, which includes, among others, keeping track of her medication schedules. Like a medical student learning the wonders of science through the medicine that it produces, I also began to appreciate the importance of medicine and…. [read more]

Moxifloxacin Pharmacology Term Paper

… Moxifloxacin (Pharmacology)

Composition/formulation & structure/nomenclature a) What is in the drug?

The drug is an antibiotic, and it comes under the classification of fluoroquinolones. It is primarily used to fight bacteria in the body, and to treat bacterial infections, including pneumonia, acute bronchitis, and sinusitis, and at times, for other purposes as well, depending upon the discretion of the attending physician. Its generic name is Moxifloxacin, and the brand names of this drug are Avelox, and Avelox IV.

A b) What form (solid, liquid, salt etc.) and doses of the active ingredient?

Moxifloxacin can be taken in either an oral dose, or can be given intravenously through an IV infusion. One must remember that when the drug Moxifloxacin is to be taken orally, then one…. [read more]

Drug Business Case Study

… Health Care

The pharmaceutical industry is defined as "all enterprises that were involved in the invention of drugs, the production of the active substances in drugs, the formulation of drugs and the promotion of them to the public, as well as the specialists who prescribe them" (Text). Drugs are typically understood to be those non-food items that are produced for human or animal consumption, that are intended to have specific medical characteristics or benefits. Drugs are generally viewed as subject to regulatory approval as a drug. The pharmaceutical industry can be split into different types of companies. Some companies are drug creators, which engage in research and development activities to bring new drugs to market. These companies will receive monopoly protection from regulatory authorities (in…. [read more]

Pain Management Chosen Topic/Patient Scenario Thesis

… Pain Management

Chosen Topic/Patient Scenario

Pain Management is my chosen topic for this assessment of internet information. The scenario I looked at was is as follows: Patient's caregiver has expressed the desire to learn about non-pharmacological treatments for her mother's cancer pain in a palliative care setting. The daughter would like to be prepared if breakthrough pain occurs during the use of pharmacological means and help her mother learn some skills she could use to help combat intractable pain before such pain occurs.

Patient's Learning Need

The patient though interested, is reluctant to believe that alternative treatments might work better or as supplement pain medication but is willing to look at evidence provided by the nurse, in connection with her daughter's request. The patient, on…. [read more]

Translating Biomedical Innovation / Mental Term Paper

… With the ethical compliance requirements not so transparent in the private sector and their primarily commercial interest in biomedical research leads to several problems. In a collaborative setting, conflicts of interest arise out of such a situation. For instance, as the authors state, a federal research employee "would have official responsibilities with an outside organization with which that employee has a financial interest or affiliation." This automatically puts them "in the position of having an official responsibility or action which could directly influence his or her own financial interests, or those interests which are imputed to him or her." [Raymond S. Fresko, Pg 106] In general, the ethical liability involved in privately funded embryonic research is all the more reason for the federal government to…. [read more]

Probiotics Antibiotics Increasingly Have Become a Mainstay Research Proposal

… Probiotics

Antibiotics increasingly have become a mainstay of healthcare in the United States. So much so, in fact, there are concerns that children are starting to become less immune. Another problem with antibiotics is the side effects. It is often the case that infants and children get diarrhea or yeast infection when taking the medicine. The antibiotics used to treat children with illnesses such as respiratory tract and skin infections often cause antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD). It is estimated that somewhere between 11% and 40% of children who take antibiotics suffer from AAD. In response to this reaction, parents have characteristically given their children over-the-counter diarrhea medicines, such as Kaopectate or Imodium a-D. More recently, because of concerns regarding the amount of medication taken and wanting…. [read more]

Glaxowellcome Introducing a Second Migraine Medication? Case Study

… ¶ … GlaxoWellcome introducing a second migraine medication?

With the vast opportunity to capture a wider and untapped market on prescription medication intended for migraines, GlaxoWellcome introduced a second migraine medication, Naramig/Amerge which GlaxoWellcome is planning to launch as a second generation prescription migraine medicine, triptans, parallel to Zenecks, Zomig. Although the previous medication being endorsed by Glaxo, which is Imigran, is still in circulation, the introduction of the new medication was not initially intended to replace the drug. As it was noted;

It was not as though Imigran had not been successful, Glaxo had captured 91% of the prescription-medication market share.

Data shows that the positive response of hospitals and patients to the latter medication, since its launch in early 1993. This vital information…. [read more]

Financial Research Report on Wyeth Pharmaceutical Company Thesis

… Financial Research Report on Wyeth Pharmaceutical

Company Overview

Wyeth Pharmaceutical is an organization publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and recognized for its manufacturing of several medicines, such as Advil, Centrum or Prevnar. Founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by brothers John and Frank Wyeth, the company is currently headquartered in Maddison, New Jersey, but operates globally. Ever since its early beginnings, the focus of the organization was that of innovating the pharmaceutical industry and sustaining an improved health for the global communities. "John Wyeth & Brother developed unique methods of mass-producing quality medicines and then expanded into the new frontier of vaccines. During the past few decades, Wyeth has evolved into a research-driven pharmaceutical company focused on accelerating the pace of medical innovation around…. [read more]

Thrombolysis in Critical Care Term Paper

… Thrombolysis in Critical Care

How do you diagnose acute myocardial infarction in the patient with chest pain? A rule-out diagnosis should be considered in any patient presenting to the accident and emergency department with complaint of chest pain. High risk findings include chest pain, known history of coronary artery disease, radiation of the pain to left arm or neck, pain which lasts more than one hour, and diaphoresis. Lower risk findings include a sharp pain, lasting longer than 48 hours and pain which can be fully reproduced with palpation over the area (American College of Cardiology, 2000). It is also important to remember that 23% of patients presenting to accident and emergency with gastro-intestinal symptoms such as indigestion or burning substernal pain are found to…. [read more]

Efficiency of Antibiotic Resistance Gene Term Paper

… What is Known about Tetracycline?

Tetracyclines and its derivatives are antibiotics which inhibit the bacterial growth by stopping protein synthesis in the bacteria. Bacteria must synthesis proteins into energy in order to survive, mush in the same way we synthesize fats, carbohydrates, and proteins into energy that can be used in our body's various systems. Teetracycline compounds have been widely used for the past forty years as therapeutic agent in medicine. The emergence of bacterial resistances to these antibiotics has n limited their use in recent times. Three different specific mechanisms of tetracycline resistance have been identified: tetracycline efflux, ribosome protection and tetracycline modification [23].These are common mechanisms found in other situations and will be discussed in detail.

Tetracycline efflux is acccomplished through thhe use…. [read more]

Social Interactions Between Alternative Therapists and Patients Thesis

… Social Interactions Between Alternative Therapists and Patients

The goal of the research in this work has as its focus interactions that take place among natural and social groups. This work will study a social group in its natural state and natural setting; ethnography seeks to describe culture in its terms. The statement of thesis in this work is that 'The holistic nature of the practice of acupuncture occurs within a paradigm that critically requires effective communication between the patient and the physician in order to effect successful results from this form of treatment and this is because this type of treatment is 'whole' patient treatment geared toward balance within the individual's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self in what is a 'whole' body treatment method.…. [read more]

Benefit Plan Design Analysis Essay

… Wal-Mart Benefit Plan Analysis

Wal-Mart describes its benefits plan in fairly flowery terms. They state that they offer a comprehensive benefit package that can provide up-front cash to pay medical expenses. Also, they tout bonus incentive programs as well as up to a six percent match for their 401(k) system (Wal-Mart Opportunity & Benefits, 2012)

However, despite the window dressing that Wal-Mart has placed around their benefits, the reality is not quite that simple. Not all of the associates, for instance, are covered by the health plan. Of the 1.1 million employees Wal-Mart has, not even two thirds of them (700,000) are even eligilble for the benefits. Even when the benefits are available, the results for associates, which is what Wal-Mart calls its employees, are…. [read more]

Marketing Challenge Case Study

… It may not be wise to invest significant resources in a new product when the industry is shrinking due to the recession. During that period, it can conserve its resources and promote existing products though drugstores. Drugstores are an emerging channel and more customers are expected to shop there. These channels can be used to sell successful products.


Increased sales of high turnover products through drugstore chains

Relationships with new channel partners

No need for aggressive promotion of new products


Weakening relationships with established retailers

Channel conflict

Loss of sales at mass outlets and department stores

Inexperienced sales force

Recommended Marketing Strategy

Flare Fragrances should launch Savvy under the Loveliest brand through mass outlets.

Marketing Mix

Product Development and Differentiation

The Savvy brand…. [read more]

Asthma Research on Medline Using PICO Thesis

… Asthma

research on Medline using PICO

Research on Medline using PICO format: Adult asthmatics

This paper will examine how a search conducted on Medline can answer a question phased in the 'PICO' formula: P (patient) I (intervention) C (comparison) O. Outcome. The research question is as follows: Does education of the patient and the family in self-care management result in improved health and functional status in adult asthmatics? P=Adult Asthmatics, I=Education of the patient and family in self-care management, C=education vs. non-education, O= Improved health and functional status.

Search items: "adult asthmatics education"

I selected these terms because they focused on adult asthmatics. The nature of asthma in adults is different, in terms of the patient's responsibility and autonomy over his or her illness, than…. [read more]

Ethics Behind Stem Cell Research Into New Term Paper

… Ethics Behind Stem Cell Research

Research into new means of curing diseases heretofore untreatable, and research into preventing conditions that damage and destroy life are all dependent upon the discovery that embryonic stem cells promise to hold the answer to many of these problems. Embryonic stem cells were isolated from inner cell masses of mouse blastocysts in the early 1980s. They are present in mammalian organs and tissue holding pluripotent embryonic stem (ES) cells present at the embryo development stage of the blastocysts. In 1998, researchers at the University of Wisconsin and a Johns Hopkins University team announced the first successful isolation and culturing of human ES cells. While donors of healthy oocytes do not donate any part of themselves or their tissues, their tissues…. [read more]

Cholesterol & Hypercholesterolemia Treatment Thesis

… Those with abnormal levels (total cholesterol more than 200 mg/dL or HDL less than 40 mg/dL), will go on to have a test called fasting lipid profile (in which the person being tested refrains from eating for 8 to 12 hours, usually overnight, prior to the test) (Anderson et al., 2001). The fasting test will indicate whether or not total cholesterol levels fall within the normal range (between 140 and 200 mg/dL), are moderately high (between 200 and 240 mg/dL), or if they are in the very high range (240 mg/dL or greater) (Anderson et al., 2001). This blood test also reveals the levels of LDL, HDL, and triglycerides; according to guidelines released by the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP), the optimal level for LDL…. [read more]

Direct to Consumer Advertising History Term Paper


The National Institute for Health Care Management, a nonprofit watchdog agency, estimated that expenditures in pharmaceutical advertising in the U.S. grew from an estimated $55 million in 1991 to $2.5 billion in 2001. While the numbers seem exponential, the Institute points out that the ads represented merely 16% of the entire budget for drug promotions in 2001. A historic perception perpetuated by the drug industry is that costs are driven by expenditures in research and development. This has been considered a valid argument, as advances in drug research are indeed beneficial to humanity. However, recent examination of the industry's expenditures indicates that marketing (34.4%), not R&D (13.7%), comprise the lion's share of the industry's operating expenditures.

Families USA is a nonprofit…. [read more]

IT Plan Essay

… If this data is hacked, valuable and sensitive information about medical histories and finances can be readily accessible making the customer extremely exposed to wrong doings. A security breach of this type may cause the company to go under, as trust is the most important thing to consider when dealing with such personal and valuable information.

Understanding the importance of the sensitive information contained within the system leads me to the next priority; ensuring that the employees are practicing safe and effective information security steps. The most rigid security system is no good if the users keep passwords on notes attached to their computers. Good computer discipline remains extremely important in avoiding threats and must be kept in mind all the time.

Control Measures for…. [read more]

Impact of Being a 100 Most Wired Hospital Term Paper

… ¶ … Wired Hospital

In today's time, information technology has invaded almost, if not, all major industries around the world. There are a lot of things, machineries, equipments nowadays that are run by information technology. Good examples for these are (,2006):

Telephone and radio equipment and switches used for voice communications.

Traditional computer applications that include data storage and programs to input, process, and output the data.

Software and support for office automation systems such as word processing and spreadsheets, as well as the computer to run them.

Users' PCs and software.

Server hardware and software used to support applications such as electronic mail/groupware, file and print services, database, application / web servers, storage systems, and other hosting services.

Data, voice, and video networks and…. [read more]

Translational Medicine Is a New Term Paper

… BI's ability should be managed towards exploring information on human medicine as its ultimate pursuit. Bioinformatics methods are meant to identify molecular and cellular areas or aspects for specific clinical interventions and better insights into the profile of the disease. Imaging informatics are designed to understand pathogenesis and identification of treatment from the molecular, cellular, tissue or organ level. Innovations are aimed at improving patient care by providing relevant information at the bedside. And public health informatics solutions address population-based needs. These needs may be the tracking of emergent infectious diseases, the development of resources as response; and the evaluation of the latest clinical interventions affecting the population (Sarkar).

Information Needs and Principles of Information Retrieval

Lancaster and Warner (1993 as qtd in Mendonca et…. [read more]

Addressing the Issue of Medical Errors With Mandatory Reporting Systems and Computer Technology Term Paper

… Healthcare: Addressing the Issue of Medical Errors


Addressing the Issue of Medical Errors with Mandatory

Reporting Systems and Computer Technology

To combat the current crisis of deaths due to preventable medical errors the health care industry and lawmakers have taken two approaches. The first is the implementation of a system of mandatory reporting systems. The solution is to crate an atmosphere in hospitals that fosters less blame, not more, according to the IOM report. A blue-ribbon pane appointed by the IOM argues that the failure to acknowledge and analyze mistakes deprives hospitals of important information that could help prevent similar mistakes in the future. However, many in the healthcare industry argue that mandatory reporting of errors will foster an atmosphere of lawsuits and backlash…. [read more]

Low Health Literacy Term Paper

… Low Health Literacy: How it Impacts the Pharmacy Patients

Many years ago, the medical field was founded in a few basic rules. One took medications three or four times a day for 10 days and if they did not feel better they returned to the doctor. There were few choices in the medications that were available and for each illness or physical complaint the same drugs were used. Today, however, that has changed and there are literally thousands of medications available to use for many different purposes. With each passing decade it becomes more important than ever to be health literate when it comes to medications being prescribed. There are now many medications that interact with each other in negative manners. In addition, whereas certain…. [read more]

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