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Pharmacy Experiences When Describing Their Term Paper

… One misprint on a medicine label or accidentally filling a prescription with the wrong drug can be fatal. One of my biggest fears is that I will make one of these mistakes. While I watched these pharmacists at work, I wondered how many of them were thinking about their dogs or what they were going to eat for dinner while they grabbed a bottle of pills. Fortunately, the system at this pharmacy was streamlined and it would be difficult to make such a glaring mistake. However, human error is a major consideration in this profession, perhaps more than I realized before.

I also noticed how personal biases can affect a pharmacist's reaction to a customer. Because a plethora of medicines and products exist for each…. [read more]

Pharmacy School Admission Essay

… This amazing capability of drugs has motivated me to look deeply into the foundation of pharmaceuticals. I am especially interested to understand how research in pharmaceuticals is conducted, how drugs are manufactured, and how drugs take effect in the living bodies.

Presently I am attending Valencia Community College, after having received AA degree in May 2003 from Polk Community College. Presently, I have been working at Walgreen Pharmacy for three years. In my present position, I work as a technician, in which my responsibilities include taking in new prescriptions, entering them in the computer, filling prescriptions, helping clients, and ordering medicine. This professional experience at Walgreen has been quite fruitful to me to motivate me for becoming a pharmacist.

Besides my professional interests in medicine…. [read more]

Duties of the Pharmacy Technician Term Paper

… ¶ … Pharmacy Technician Today

One of the realities of life in the United States today is that there are a lot more old people around, and their numbers are expected to continue to grow as the Baby Boomers continue to retire in ever-greater numbers in the years to come. In this environment, it is reasonable to assume that many Americans will continue to seek out the best values in prescription costs and service, and that jobs in the allied healthcare professions such as pharmacy technician are going to experience significant growth in the coming years. Therefore, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature to develop an appropriate background including an overview of the typical duties and responsibilities of pharmacy technicians, and what…. [read more]

Clinical Pharmacy Term Paper

… Clinical Pharmacy

The Discourse Community of Clinical Pharmacists

Many professions have a specific set of terms -- arguably a full linguistic code -- that enable faster and more precise communication between members of the profession, yet that obscure the meaning of these communications outside the profession. This is one example of a "discourse community," and such communities can be found in many different professions. The medical industry is home to many professions that have their own individual discourse communities, and the industry as a whole can also be thought of as one large discourse community, to some degree. Each different area of the medical world, however, has its own specialized language and terms that are specific to the functions and experiences of its branch of…. [read more]

Applying to Doctor of Pharmacy Program? Helping Term Paper

… ¶ … applying to Doctor of Pharmacy Program?

Helping others help themselves. Teaching others so they can learn to take proactive steps to care for themselves and to administer their medications correctly. These are some of the central missions and goals of every pharmacist. My aptitude in the sciences, my desire to help patients, and my ability to put complex concepts into simple and comprehensible terms fuel my drive to enter the profession of pharmacy.

I have always had a strong aptitude in the sciences. I majored in biology as an undergraduate and am currently pursuing graduate certification in project management. The latter will be an asset to me if (and hopefully when) I am called upon to fulfill a managerial role at a pharmacy…. [read more]

Learning Experiences in My Life Term Paper

… I must say that although I had always loved my grandfather, I never realized until those last few months what a truly remarkable human being he was.

The experience of watching him slowly slip away little by little each day is etched in my heart for eternity. I learned so much. I learned compassion, humility, empathy, and respect. I thought I knew these things, and possessed these values, but this experience taught me that I had not a clue as to their true meanings. I just thought I knew what it meant to respect someone. I just thought I knew what it meant to be humble. I just thought I knew what it meant to be totally empathic and feel true compassion. I realized that…. [read more]

Treatment Non-Adherence Essay

… A patient may see the cost of the medication is too high (perhaps the patient doesn't have Medicare); he may not adhere because he is drinking alcohol heavily every day and is afraid to mix the bourbon with the antidepressant; he may simply be confused because the treatment plan is too complex for his simple mind.

As to the reasons for non-adherence: a) the language used in the doctor's plan may not be understood; b) the list of possible side effects could scare the patient away from adherence; c) the fine print may be esoteric and scary; and d) the jargon used discourages the patient.

Strategies for improving treatment adherence

When family members are brought in by the nurse or doctor to help offer support…. [read more]

Chest Pain the Presenting Patient Case Study

… Chest Pain Case Study

The presenting patient in the present case scenario is Mr. Hay, an 82-year-old male with an existing diagnosis of Cardiac Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This existing diagnosis will prove relevant in a care plan for Mr. Hay, who has been admitted following a loss of consciousness. Having been discovered by a neighbor after some sustained period of unconsciousness, Mr. Hay would be admitted with an array of treatment issues. The three most pressing would prove to be the patient's Activity Intolerance, his Ineffective Airway Clearance and his Pain management. The discussion here below considers these treatment challenges.

Patient Problem 1: Activity intolerance

In any case where an elderly patient is admitted to the hospital, sedentary conditions can lead to an exacerbation…. [read more]

Medicaid and Medicare Fraud Essay

… The recently passed Affordable Care Act (ACA) attempts to enable a more "rigorous crackdown on illegal activities that plague Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurers" (Iglehart 2010). Some of the most dangerous aspects of fraud are those which involve professional criminals and organized criminal networks according to the FBI (Iglehart 2010). Not all criminals involved in Medicare and Medicaid fraud are criminal 'masterminds,' however. Said one petty criminal, who ran a dummy medical supply company ostensibly providing reimbursable, expensive equipment to Medicare patients: "You're wakin' up every day makin' $20,000, $30,000, $40,000…you're like 'Wow I just won the lottery" (Rosen & Bach 2009:2). His offices served no patients, but merely submitted false claim forms to Medicare.

Greater oversight is clearly needed of these unwieldy government programs.…. [read more]

Beloved Grandmother Was Stricken With Alzheimer Admission Essay

… ¶ … beloved Grandmother was stricken with Alzheimer's, I spent a great deal of time incredibly frustrated by the fact that there was little I could do to help that lovely woman. From that adversity and pain, my interest in pharmacy was born. Since I spent so much time helping my Grandmother manage her medications, I realized the value of patient education when it comes to prescriptions. My desire to help others, coupled with my knowledge of the difficulties that many patients on more than one medication face, convinced me that pharmacy was the right choice for me.

Currently, I am finishing my last year for my Masters in Biomedical Science and working on a thesis dealing with the Nicotine Receptors in the Brain. I…. [read more]

Medication Changes With Technology Term Paper

… This would entail CPOE to be linked to a comprehensive electronic medical record whilst nurses would administer the medications with smart pumps that would be reinforced with bar code point-of-care units that punctiliously contain all details of the patient's treatment. Spurlock et al. (2003) see this ideal system as ranging far ahead in the future.

However useful these technologies -- and they certainly are so - hospital and medical institutions can only benefit from them when skilled professionals employ them. And used carefully.


Spurlock, B. et al. (2003) Legislating Medication Safety: The California Experience. Convergence Health Consulting.

Health Information Technology (2009) Electronic medication administration records improved communication and decision-making in nursing homes

Institute of Medicine (2001). Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New…. [read more]

Practicum Project Plan Term Paper

… ¶ … Opportunities to Reduce Medication Errors

The purpose of the project envisioned herein is to reduce medication errors in the clinical setting with the goal of reducing medication errors by at least 50%. The name of the project, "The Six Rights to Eliminating Medication Errors" (hereinafter alternative "Six Rights") is described in the following report.

It is the goal of the Six Rights project to raise awareness of the adverse outcomes associated with medication errors and to provide clinicians responsible for medication administration with some step-by-step guidelines they can use to achieve zero-level medication error rates.

The projective objectives are to achieve measurable improvements in benchmarked medication error rates during the duration of the project as set forth below:

Clinicians will remember the six…. [read more]

Alternative Medicine Cam Essay

… Many are traditional systems of medicine that are practiced by individual cultures throughout the world, including a number of venerable Asian systems (NCCAM, 2000). Mind-body interventions are those based on the idea that the mind can influence the body and include prayer, meditation, hypnosis, music, and art therapy (NCCAM, 2000). Biologically based theories focus on what is being put in the body and includes vitamins, supplements, and herbal therapies (NCCAM, 2000). Manipulative and body-based therapies are based on the manipulation of the body and include massage and chiropractic approaches (NCCAM, 2000). Finally, energy therapies are based in the idea of moving energy in the body or using energy from outside of the body to effect change inside the body (NCCAM, 2000).

Acupuncture falls within the…. [read more]

Motivation Why Asthma Patients Research Paper

… ¶ … motivation why asthma patients do or do not adhere to medication directions as prescribed by a physician, and to what extent the adherence is maintained. This aim is clearly and succinctly communicated through the title of the study.

The abstract succeeds in effectively outlining the purpose, methodology and results. The abstract is organized into sections describing separately background, methods, results, and conclusions, which is an effective means of presenting key information regarding the study in a clear and organized manner.

Strengths - in regards to strengths, this study included exploration of behavior and personality as variables affecting the experience of asthma patients. Before this study, only observable characteristics, such as triggers, inflammation, physiology, and response to medication were investigated in asthma research while…. [read more]

Moxifloxacin Pharmacology Term Paper

… Moxifloxacin (Pharmacology)

Composition/formulation & structure/nomenclature a) What is in the drug?

The drug is an antibiotic, and it comes under the classification of fluoroquinolones. It is primarily used to fight bacteria in the body, and to treat bacterial infections, including pneumonia, acute bronchitis, and sinusitis, and at times, for other purposes as well, depending upon the discretion of the attending physician. Its generic name is Moxifloxacin, and the brand names of this drug are Avelox, and Avelox IV.

A b) What form (solid, liquid, salt etc.) and doses of the active ingredient?

Moxifloxacin can be taken in either an oral dose, or can be given intravenously through an IV infusion. One must remember that when the drug Moxifloxacin is to be taken orally, then one…. [read more]

Assessing Reliability and Credibility of Cam Resources Presentation Term Paper


Assessing Reliability and Credibility of CAM Resources Presentation

Assessing reliability and credibility of CAM

(Complementary Alternative Medicine) resources

Just Google it?

Not so fast!


Speaker's Notes: 'Just Google it.' A common response to so many modern problems -- including health-related ones. This can be problematic -- even dangerous.

This website is brought to you by Watch for sponsorship

Carefully review website authorship

Speaker's Notes: More and more people are relying upon websites and 'sponsored' information (such as advertisements for drugs and herbal supplements) when making decisions about their health, and not relying upon their physician's advice. This is particularly true of individuals seeking to explore CAM (complementary alternative medicine) to supplement or replace conventional treatment.


Does this mean I can't use the…. [read more]

Black Cohosh Efficacy for Reducing Research Paper

… This finding agrees with what I have observed in my practice. As Kupferer and colleagues suggest, more research needs to be done to ensure that these alternative treatment approaches are at least safe, and if found to be effective are available to everyone regardless of income. The perceived efficacy of antidepressants, especially selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), in reducing symptoms is encouraging because these drugs have been tested for safety and efficacy in clinical trials. By comparison, black cohosh appears to be safe but its efficacy remains unproven.


The use of black cohosh for treating menopausal symptoms predates modern medicine, but contemporary scientists have been weighing in with their own findings. From an evidence-based perspective, black cohosh extracts appear to be safe for ingestion.…. [read more]

Ethics Organ Transplants for All? The Bioethical Research Paper

… Ethics

Organ Transplants for All?

The Bioethical Question of Organ Transplantation:

Transplants significantly increase the chances that a person will survive. Transplants do not guarantee survival or extension of life, but they certainly improve the chances, especially with respect to organ transplants. Organ transplantation is a medical procedure that is prone to ethical dilemmas. One of the biggest dilemmas regarding organ transplantation is whether or not people who abuse their bodies, whether it is with substance abuse, physical abuse (reckless or dangerous living) or other kinds of behaviors that are fully avoidable or controllable that bring on unnecessary damage.

Organ transplantation is a part of medicine, in an area called regenerative medicine, in which organs, tissues, and even cells are considered part of regenerative science.…. [read more]

Cholesterol & Hypercholesterolemia Treatment Thesis

… Those with abnormal levels (total cholesterol more than 200 mg/dL or HDL less than 40 mg/dL), will go on to have a test called fasting lipid profile (in which the person being tested refrains from eating for 8 to 12 hours, usually overnight, prior to the test) (Anderson et al., 2001). The fasting test will indicate whether or not total cholesterol levels fall within the normal range (between 140 and 200 mg/dL), are moderately high (between 200 and 240 mg/dL), or if they are in the very high range (240 mg/dL or greater) (Anderson et al., 2001). This blood test also reveals the levels of LDL, HDL, and triglycerides; according to guidelines released by the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP), the optimal level for LDL…. [read more]

Cva Health - Nursing Essay


Health - Nursing

A nursing overview of a cerebrovascular accident (CVA)

Pathophysiology: What is occurring in the body when a patient is experiencing a CVA?

A cerebrovascular accident (CVA), more commonly referred to as a stroke, is usually caused by a blockage of blood flow to the patient's brain, and the subsequent sudden death of brain cells due to lack of oxygen. The blockage can be caused by a build up of atherosclerosis plaque or a rupture of an artery running to the brain (Definition, 2009, Medicine net). Two primary kinds of stroke exist: an ischemic stroke that is "caused by a blocked brain artery and the resulting insufficient supply of blood to part of the brain" and a hemorrhagic stroke that is "caused…. [read more]

Mexican Transcultural in Nursing Article

… Mexican Transcultural in Nursing

Mexican Trans-cultural in Nursing

Mexicans are naturally cheerful and are deeply in love with partying. They are deeply and exceedingly passionate about music, dance, good drinks, and good food. Hospitable, welcoming and warm, Mexicans are passionate about helping foreigners who visit their country. They believe in using all means to communicate with foreigners including gestures and signs. Foreigners living in Mexico are often asked to give their opinions about the Mexican culture. The pattern of response appears to be polite and superficial with words such as "I love it." Mexicans are friendly in nature and are exposed on how they should enjoy most of the things, which others take for granted. They have a tendency of using higher learning responses, which…. [read more]

Healthcare Infrastructure Term Paper

… S. (Herbal Medicine in the United States)

The Congress is in the process of enacting a Medical Treatment Act, that will permit an individual to be treated by any health care practitioner with any method of medical treatment should such a request be made by the individual. The Medical practitioner would however be required to warn the individual that the food, drug or device has not been declared safe and effective by the Federal Government and as such any individual choosing to use any such food, drug or device does so at the individuals own risk. This will give easier for any person in the U.S. To access any mode of treatment as per the person's choice. (Access to Medical Treatment Act)


"Acupuncture FAQ"…. [read more]

Personal Statement Essay

… Personal Statement

This is a 'personal statement' by & #8230;.. To explain in detail why I am interested in studying the pharmacy course and why I am passionate about it.

I wish to present my case in four different views. Firstly, it relates to the personal goals I wish to achieve. The second is the personal background that has drawn me to the course, and the passion I have for this work. The third relates to my current qualifications and the last is my experience working with pharmacists which made me understand the profession. These four arguments show as to the reasons why I may be given the opportunity of pursuing the study.

Let me first of all start describing about my ambition of being…. [read more]

Pharmaceutical Drug Costs Term Paper

… Management

Pharmaceutical Drug Costs

In today's competitive pharmaceutical drug market there are more and more factors that are influencing brick and mortar pharmacies in their endeavor to stay viable. One area in which pharmacies are competing hard is that of generic drugs. "Generic medicines account for 69% of all prescriptions dispensed in the United States, yet only 16% of all dollars spent on prescriptions. Generic pharmaceutical products are used to fill nearly 2.6 billion prescriptions every year" (Facts at a Glance, 2012). It is these drugs that pharmacies are using to lure people in the door in hopes that they buy other products besides their drugs.

Several of the nation's largest retailers and pharmacies now offer discounted pricing on a large range of generic equivalents…. [read more]

Management Project in the Health Case Study

… Also monitored by BioSense are over-the-counter drug sales and lab test results for environmental samples collected through the BioWatch effort. BioSense aims to "monitor 11 syndrome categories including fever, respiratory, gastrointestinal illness, hemorrhagic illness, localized cuteanous lesion, symphadenitis, neurologic, rash, severe illness and death, specific infection and botulism-like/botulism." (Chen, Zen, Ping, and Ping, 2010, p.10)


ESSENCE is reported to have been used in monitoring the health status of military healthcare beneficiaries worldwide, relying on outpatient ICD-9 diagnostic codes for outbreak detection." (Chen, Zen, Ping and Ping, 2010, p. 10) The Rapid Syndrome Validation Project (RSVP) is reported as an "Internet-based population health surveillance tool designed to facilitate rapid communications between epidemiologist and healthcare providers." (Chen, Zen, Ping, and Ping, 2010, p.10) Patients with…. [read more]

George Washington University's Sonography Bachelor's Program Term Paper

… ¶ … George Washington University's Sonography Bachelor's Program has much to do with how much the field of sonography has expanded in the last several years. Personally, due to my abilities, qualifications and experiences, I feel that this field of study as a diagnostic medical sonographer will greatly assist in my future development and career as a highly-trained medical specialist. In addition, since this program places a heavy emphasis on both practical and didactic education, I am convinced that the training I will receive in this program will enrich my future prospects, not to mention that classes are small in size which allows for personal interaction between the student and the instructor. Also, this degree program is accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of…. [read more]

Electronic Health Records (EHR) -- Pharmacy Cystic Research Paper

… Electronic Health Records (EHR) -- Pharmacy

Cystic Fibrosis

Research a Disease of the Human Body:

Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system, with epithelial cells producing viscous mucus that inhibits essential system functioning and causes life-threatening infections. A number of drug therapies such as antibacterial agents have become established as effective treatments for the disease, contributing to greatly improved life expectancy and improved morbidity for CF patients. New research into treatment options using drug therapies continues to refine and improve the current treatment regimes. Additionally, new research using gene therapy approaches shows great promise to significantly improve treatment options available and the clinical outcomes for CF patients.

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is "the most common lethal genetic…. [read more]

Controversies Over Women's Access Birth Thesis

… Another controversial issue is birth control with minors. In Clemmitt's article, the youth should not be stopped from embracing safety measures even if they are told to abstain from sex. Many schools have adopted the culture of giving birth control to children as young as 11 years old. In the article, Mike Judge argues that instead of giving these contraceptive we could opt for moral guidance and support. Her arguments are because parents giving contraception to, minors and access to abortion undermine parents. This is ironical because the youth do not want support; they are asking for birth control. Clemmitt provides that we should not deny those contraceptives based on age, but instead we should be preparing the youth how to practice safe sex. Many…. [read more]

Customer Service and Database Problem Confronting Independence Term Paper

… Customer Service and Database Problem Confronting Independence Blue Cross

Initial and Problem

The problem with identity theft is rife throughout modern organizations that deal with confidential information. For the employees at a health care organization such as Independence Blue Cross (ICB), which deals with huge amounts of confidential employee data on a daily basis, this question of confidential yet verifiable and accurate data of employee insurance records of particular concern. Several weeks ago, Independence Blue Cross converted their Personal Choice insurance system for its employees to a new computer system, switching from using the employee's Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and internal Certification Numbers to a new identification number for every patient.

The conversion was to facilitate the change over and increase security by refreshing the…. [read more]

Fortune 500 Company: Wal-Mart Essay

… The advertise that their prices are always low and sometimes even advertise price "rollbacks" when the prices get lower while customers are already in the store shopping. The mass appeal of low prices is obvious, as nearly everyone wants to enjoy low prices and looks for the best deal. However, because Wal-Mart carries name brand items, customers also know that they're not settling for a reduction in quality. The low prices can then appeal to everyone because everyone is getting the brands that they love and trust at prices that make them feel like they're saving. This is a successful strategy in several ways. Customers have peace of mind: they know they're not spending more than they have to and this is important, particularly the…. [read more]

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