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Pharmacy My Personal Statement of Purpose Term Paper

… Pharmacy

My Personal Statement of Purpose: Why I want to be a Pharmacist

To be an effective pharmacist, an individual must not simply possess a sense of personal interest in the scientific aspects of the medical field. A pharmacist must also be a compassionate and concerned human being. An effective pharmacist must be willing to extend a patient ear to the concerns of the individual seeking appropriate medical advice regarding his or her medication.

A majored in biochemistry in college and excelled academically, except for my senior year, due to difficult family circumstances. I was and a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society. Thus, my passion for medical and pharmaceutical science is evident from my resume and my transcript. But I am also…. [read more]

Personal Statement for Pharmacy Essay

… That happened because I lost my only brother in a car accident that year. We were very close, and I was emotionally devastated. It was the most tragic event I had ever experienced and it took me a long time to deal with it properly. I was confused and uncomfortable during that time, and I lost my focus. I started classes at UCI, and then transferred to Cal State Fullerton. In 2006-2007, I was a member of Biology Club and Student Health Professions Association (SHPA). I tried DeVry University and enrolled there in a different major, but didn't care for it, so I transferred to University of Phoenix and took classes online. That also did not work out for me. During that period in my…. [read more]

Personal Statement I've Had a Life Tougher Term Paper

… Personal Statement

I've had a life tougher than most. A woman born and raised in Afghanistan, I have been a refuge more than once. In pre-Taliban Afghanistan, I eagerly finished high school with a clear and decisive career objective: to become a pharmacist. When I was still in grade school, I thrived in chemistry classes. Because of positive personal experiences with medicines and pharmaceuticals in general, I had no other dream than to pursue pharmacy as a career. Before the Taliban came to power, such a dream was realistic for a young woman, and I did not foresee that political situations might somehow prevent me from fulfilling my goal. I entered pharmacy school in Kabul, a freshman with eager eyes and an energetic heart on…. [read more]

Pharmacy Application Was Only Nine Essay

… While a student, I also tutored students in other science subjects, including Mathematics and Chemistry.

In addition, I have also begun working in the medical field, as a give position in a dental office during the summer of 2003. Through this job, I have formed important connections and had a chance to apply my book learning firsthand in the medical field.

I am confident that this academic and work background in the sciences will provide a solid foundation for further studies in the field of pharmacy.

In addition to my interest in its scientific aspect, I am also attracted to the social service aspect of a career in pharmacy. By dispensing medicine and information, pharmacists are in a unique position to be directly involved in…. [read more]

Pharmacy Statement Personal Statement My Interest Research Proposal

… Pharmacy Statement

Personal Statement

My interest in medicine began perhaps later than many individuals, though the circumstances surrounding my introduction to the arena were no less meaningful or profound than other experiences, and perhaps more so than some. At the age of twenty-two, I had to watch my grandfather spend three years suffering from ninety-five percent paralysis and other sever medical issues as the result of a stroke he had suffered. His eventual passing was incredibly bittersweet; I was losing a man I had loved, looked up to, and respected, but who was no longer wholly available, and who was in an unknowable amount of mental and physical anguish. What made the entire three-year period the most agonizing from my perspective, other than watching my…. [read more]

Pharmacy Experiences When Describing Their Term Paper

… One misprint on a medicine label or accidentally filling a prescription with the wrong drug can be fatal. One of my biggest fears is that I will make one of these mistakes. While I watched these pharmacists at work, I wondered how many of them were thinking about their dogs or what they were going to eat for dinner while they grabbed a bottle of pills. Fortunately, the system at this pharmacy was streamlined and it would be difficult to make such a glaring mistake. However, human error is a major consideration in this profession, perhaps more than I realized before.

I also noticed how personal biases can affect a pharmacist's reaction to a customer. Because a plethora of medicines and products exist for each…. [read more]

Business Plan Retail Pharmacy Business Plan

… Business Plan

This business plan is for a retail pharmacy. The pharmacy is going to provide two distinct product lines -- pharmaceutical and retail. The organization will be designed around that model. As a small company, the organizational structure is going to be relatively flat, with a General Manager, Assistant General Manager, Head Pharmacist and Retail Manager. Duties for each are described in the document.

This will be a small neighborhood pharmacy, and as such its target market is mainly geographic. It is expected, however, that seniors will be the largest target market since they are the heaviest users of pharmaceuticals. This market will be targeted using a service-oriented strategy, which also reflects that fact that the company lacks the bargaining power of major competitors…. [read more]

Pharmacy School Admission Essay

… This amazing capability of drugs has motivated me to look deeply into the foundation of pharmaceuticals. I am especially interested to understand how research in pharmaceuticals is conducted, how drugs are manufactured, and how drugs take effect in the living bodies.

Presently I am attending Valencia Community College, after having received AA degree in May 2003 from Polk Community College. Presently, I have been working at Walgreen Pharmacy for three years. In my present position, I work as a technician, in which my responsibilities include taking in new prescriptions, entering them in the computer, filling prescriptions, helping clients, and ordering medicine. This professional experience at Walgreen has been quite fruitful to me to motivate me for becoming a pharmacist.

Besides my professional interests in medicine…. [read more]

Desire to Study Pharmacy Term Paper

… As a salesperson, I became aware of how important it is for people to be satisfied in a product that they had bought. If a customer buys something that has a significant effect on their lives, then I as a salesperson am happy too because my customer was satisfied over a small thing such as being able to buy something that changed his/her life. Aside from the academic and personal rewards of studying Pharmacy, the said course is also economically beneficial, since pharmacists are well-paid and usually offered stable jobs. All of the reasons that I have mentioned are the primary motivations why I wanted to study Pharmacy under the supervision of Drs. Henry Lee and Lewis Henry, and be able to realize my dream…. [read more]

Personal Statement Admission Essay

… Everything seemed dismal around me. "Go East!" And "Eastward Ho!" are not phrases that have the same emotional impact as "Go West!" It is almost like seeing the sight of the Stature of Liberty retreat from an immigrant's gaze, rather than to come to it, sailing into the harbor.

Gradually, I pulled myself together. My junior year, my perspective began to mature. I began to feel more at home in my surroundings. Volunteering at the hospital, as well as my work teaching children Indian languages and music were a tremendous source of stability and made me feel more integrated into my immediate community as a whole person.

A began to realize that the move and the world were not 'all about me.' I had to…. [read more]

Pharmacy Personal Statement Essay

… Going through a medical tragedy with my own family has underlined the need for caring and sensitive medical staff that can deal patients' emotions.

I am currently working at the Orange County Immune Institute and volunteer at the pharmacy within Garden Grove Hospital as well. Helping someone understand how they must take their medication, and instilling a sense of well-being and confidence in the people I see everyday as they take charge of their health and their loved one's heath underlines to me what I have always loved about the field of pharmacy. It is a field that requires in-depth technical and scientific knowledge, yet it also requires that the pharmacist is a 'people person' and understands the lifestyles of the persons taking the medication.…. [read more]

Personal Statement: Regarding My Future Term Paper

… It is the pharmacist's duty and ethical obligation to be sensitive to such natural uncertainties, and to be a teacher as well as a technician and scientist. A good scientist must bring patients into a state of better mental comfort and awareness of the patient's physiology and how the prescribed treatment may alleviate the patient's illness. Only by doing so can a pharmacist be certain that a drug treatment plan, particularly if self-administered by the patient at home, will prove efficacious. My own adjustment to the United States has taught me sensitivity, compassion and an awareness of the diversity of cultural attitudes towards drugs, healing and medicine.

My own cultural and linguistic background also provides me with unique additional competence for the pharmaceutical profession. In…. [read more]

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Essay

… The professional strengths that I have acquired and have seen counselors make use of their field of practice are elaborated in the following paragraphs. Meanwhile, for professional growth it is important that professionals should analyze the limitations pertaining to the field of practice.


When I make an analysis of the professional strengths related to the field of counseling I find that if a counselor has the ability to make effective cognitive interventions, it can be one of his or her most valued professional strength. Many accomplished counselors like Iwona (2012) believe that if you have the ability to make cognitive interventions, you will be able to modify the thoughts as well as the drug-related beliefs of the clients as well.

Being warm, non-judgmental and…. [read more]

Social Interactions Between Alternative Therapists and Patients Thesis

… Social Interactions Between Alternative Therapists and Patients

The goal of the research in this work has as its focus interactions that take place among natural and social groups. This work will study a social group in its natural state and natural setting; ethnography seeks to describe culture in its terms. The statement of thesis in this work is that 'The holistic nature of the practice of acupuncture occurs within a paradigm that critically requires effective communication between the patient and the physician in order to effect successful results from this form of treatment and this is because this type of treatment is 'whole' patient treatment geared toward balance within the individual's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self in what is a 'whole' body treatment method.…. [read more]

Cultural Competency Practiced Term Paper

… In 1996, the Food and Drug Administration took the needles used in acupuncture off its "experimental" instruments list. And, in 1997, the National Institutes of Health issued a consensus statement concludes that acupuncture:

Clearly works to treat a number of conditions, including nausea from chemotherapy, surgery and pregnancy, and pain after surgery (including dental surgery).

May also be an effective adjunct therapy for a number of other conditions, including stroke rehabilitation, relieving addictions, headaches, menstrual cramps, a variety of muscle pains, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, low back pain, osteoarthritis, and asthma.

Has substantially lower incidence of adverse side effects than that of many drugs or other accepted medical procedures used for the same conditions.

Should be integrated into standard medical practice and be covered…. [read more]

Motivation for Pursuing a Career Term Paper

… ¶ … motivation for pursuing a career in the field of Pharmacy

In writing this essay, I realized that my motivation for pursuing a career in the field of Pharmacy is an unusual one. I did not learn to value the importance of being a pharmacist until my grandmother was diagnosed to with Alzheimer's disease. My family's fight with my grandmother's illness further worsened with the inadequate medical expertise and supplies of medicine in Iran that my grandmother needs. Hence, I became her 'personal assistant,' taking care of her everyday, which includes, among others, keeping track of her medication schedules. Like a medical student learning the wonders of science through the medicine that it produces, I also began to appreciate the importance of medicine and…. [read more]

Comprehensive Financial Analysis of Supervalu, Inc Research Paper

… Finance

Financial Assessment of Supervalu

Overview of Supervalu

Supervalu Today

Financial Analysis

Summary of the Statements

Income Statement

Balance Sheet

Cash Flow Statement

Statement of Owners Equity

Ratio Analysis


Asset Management

Debt Management


Market Value

Information from Analysis Sites

Forecasting Stock Value

Consolidated Statements of Earnings

Consolidated Balance Sheet

Consolidated Cash Flow Statement

Consolidated Statement of Owners Equity

Investment decisions are never easy; there are many firms whose shares provide suitable investment vehicles. The ultimate aim of an investor is usually to create an acceptable return on investment. While the actual return required may vary between investors, reflecting their personal risk profile, the process of decision making will be relatively similar. The process will include an assessment of the firm and their financial…. [read more]

Sir/Madam, My Order a Bit Essay

… Right after World War II ended, she somehow got into helping women to terminate unwanted pregnancies. One of the women died from complications after such a procedure was done by a couple of uneducated "midwives." She carried that guilt through her whole life.

Although I took my grandmother's advice to heart, my family was poor and we couldn't afford medical school. I had to start working as soon as possible. After working in the Russian police for about a year, I understood how far my heart was from this profession and that my true calling was to help people feel better. So when I got the chance to go overseas to work and make much more money, I did.

I was invited to South Korea…. [read more]

Life Changing Event That Shaped New Career Term Paper

… Life Changing Event That Shaped New Career

Personal Statement: Life Changing Event that shaped my new Career

There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something better tomorrow -- Orison Swett Marden

Ideally, advances in medicine should provide concrete solutions as well as hope to those who are suffering. Medicine itself is a field that must be infused with hope, the hope that tomorrow will indeed be a better day for humanity, and the hope that cutting-edge research can make new advances in medicine an accessible reality to all healthcare consumers.

The field of biotechnology, and the entrepreneurial efforts required to sustain research in the field and provide care to the ailing requires a fusion…. [read more]

Joint 7-Year Program Provides a Unique Opportunity Application Essay

… ¶ … joint 7-year program provides a unique opportunity for the right student: a student that maintains high academic standards and is dedicated to the medical profession. For the right motivated individual, this program gives them an accelerated route to achieving a lifetime dream. My passion for medicine began when I volunteered at the Comprehensive Health Center. There I assisted in medical procedures and community health fairs. The community health fairs were eye-opening as I saw the lack of medical knowledge available for the general public. At the center, medical assistance was provided to lower income communities that desperately needed it. While I always read and heard about the differences between varied socioeconomic statuses, I never saw this difference until the health center. It was…. [read more]

Stem Cell Research Define Stem Cell Technology Term Paper

… Stem Cell Research

Define Stem Cell Technology

Potential of Stem Cell Research

Future Trends

Political Spectrum

Trim Tab

Action Plan

Stem Cell Research

This report will attempt to present insights into the new technology of Stem Cell Research while also presenting views into the political spectrum surrounding the use of this new technology. Through the education of the public domain into some of the potential advantages this new technology, reports like this one may open the eyes of the skeptics and the radically closed minded individuals that could be blocking the health of our nation and man's quest for immortality. The report will describe some of the significance of and problems related to regenerative medicine and why it is this important to the future of…. [read more]

Cyber Crime Task Force Term Paper

… In fact Schnucks Fresh Goods & Pharmacy in St. Louis was victimized by criminals in 2013. This is a classic example of how the task force can become effective, because the commercial stores (like Target and other retail firms) are vulnerable. Schnucks was attacked in 2013 and an estimated 2.4 million debit and credit card information were compromised between December 2012 and March, 2013, according to a story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Gustin, 2013). How this works for the criminals -- and why the task force is so important in this aspect of cyber criminality -- is they hack into a vulnerable site where credit and debit cards are available. Then they insert "random access malware" into the site, which steals credit and debit…. [read more]

Aspirin Usage in Patients Research Paper

… Aspirin Usage in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

Aspirin Usage in Patients

Should aspirin be used in primary prevention of cardiovascular mortality and morbidity in patients with Type 2 diabetes?

Should aspirin be used in primary prevention of cardiovascular mortality and morbidity in patients with Type 2 diabetes?

Aspirin has been known to prevent and reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases. However, there are many studies that have shown otherwise. This paper with the help of selected literature will show that aspirin cannot play roles in the prevention and reduction of cardiovascular disorders.

Drug Information

Aspirin is also known as acetylsalicylic acid. Aspirin is a salicylate-based medicine. Aspirin has often been used for the relief of minor pains and aches. Often the use of aspirin…. [read more]

Health Immunizing Your Baby Research Paper

… Inherent in these discussions is the issue of whether or not all lives are of equal value, and evenly deserving of opportunities to be protected by vaccination (Ethical Issues and Vaccines, 2011).


There is no denying the fact that vaccines have been a good thing over the years. There are many deadly diseases that our ancestors had to fear that today are not given a second thought. On the other side of the coin there have been some studies that have claimed to find a link between these vaccinations and other disorders like autism. In the end parents must educated themselves in order to make sure that they make the right decision when it comes to immunizing their children. In a study done by…. [read more]

Direct to Consumer Advertising History Term Paper


The National Institute for Health Care Management, a nonprofit watchdog agency, estimated that expenditures in pharmaceutical advertising in the U.S. grew from an estimated $55 million in 1991 to $2.5 billion in 2001. While the numbers seem exponential, the Institute points out that the ads represented merely 16% of the entire budget for drug promotions in 2001. A historic perception perpetuated by the drug industry is that costs are driven by expenditures in research and development. This has been considered a valid argument, as advances in drug research are indeed beneficial to humanity. However, recent examination of the industry's expenditures indicates that marketing (34.4%), not R&D (13.7%), comprise the lion's share of the industry's operating expenditures.

Families USA is a nonprofit…. [read more]

Customer Service and Database Problem Confronting Independence Term Paper

… Customer Service and Database Problem Confronting Independence Blue Cross

Initial and Problem

The problem with identity theft is rife throughout modern organizations that deal with confidential information. For the employees at a health care organization such as Independence Blue Cross (ICB), which deals with huge amounts of confidential employee data on a daily basis, this question of confidential yet verifiable and accurate data of employee insurance records of particular concern. Several weeks ago, Independence Blue Cross converted their Personal Choice insurance system for its employees to a new computer system, switching from using the employee's Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and internal Certification Numbers to a new identification number for every patient.

The conversion was to facilitate the change over and increase security by refreshing the…. [read more]

Nursing Electronic Medical Records, Documentation Research Paper

… Many states are now requiring hospitals to publish their performance data online, arming patients with information to help them choose where they want to spend their health care dollars (Robles, 2009).

This is important because the courts have realized that personal control of sensitive information is paramount. Although there is not Constitutional guarantee of privacy, the privacy of medical records is an important factor in recent healthcare law.

The use of EMR makes the nurse's job easier in the whole even if the individual is not initially comfortable with the format. Robles (2009) lists other advantages that prove the efficacy of the systems regardless the reluctance of some individuals to accept it. Namely,

"In addition to increased availability of patient information, major benefits of the…. [read more]

Organizational Reflections Description Essay

… The second stage is used when the employee recognizes that he/she cannot safely use the first stage due to compromise on the part of the employer; in this alternative, the employee reports the unethical behavior to the supervisor, and the same confidentiality protection applies -- the unethical supervisor and the unethical employee will not be apprised of the whistle-blower's identity. Whistle-blowers are encouraged at our company, and whistle-blowers are rewarded appropriately in their performance evaluations, but the company makes a sharp distinction between true whistle-blowing -- reporting of unethical behavior -- and everyday backstabbing, which it does not allow.

The organization deals with unethical behavior in a variety of ways depending upon the behavior, but a premium is placed on dealing with it swiftly and…. [read more]

Privacy Issues Raised by Social Networking Essay

… Social Networking Privacy

Online privacy has been a prominent topic around the modern world since the Internet came to prominence. However, with the advent of social sites and networks like Facebook, Twitter and the like, the amount of horror stories, privacy violations and very misadvised user behavior has skyrocketed exponentially. People that have been victimized, either by bad security policies or by users' own silly or stupid behavior, range from average everyday people to prominent national figures such as executives and politicians. The companies behind social networks do have a duty to close and prevent security holes and lapses but users need to arm themselves as well. The internet is a vast echo chamber that spans the entire world. Once certain things are done or…. [read more]

Measuring Improvements in Patient Safety Term Paper

… Measuring Improvements in Patient Safety as a Result of Using the Electronic Medical

In 2007, it has become regular practice to use a laptop to display a patient's medical history as well as giving the health care provider an opportunity to add notes regarding the patient's current health, or results from previous examinations. Medical staff now have software that allows them to use shorthand and have their words automatically transcribed, this allows medical staff to maintain eye contact with patients; while forwarding vital records and other pertinent information worldwide. However, technology is not without its faults. Lazar (2006), reports on how simple it is to have information misinterpreted when using software and working with patient information electronically. The writer further reports on how the information…. [read more]

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