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Why I Pursue Enrollment in Pharmacy School Admission Essay

… And while I do not feel responsible for educating Heather on what is right and what is wrong, and it's not my job to provide her with ethical guidelines regarding original academic research, if the counselor advised me to go to the professor with my side of the story, I believe the best thing for me to do would be to follow his advice.

Additional Question: In terms of other work experiences I have had, I have served as a tutor for other students and through that work I have gained valuable skills in the field of communication. Tutoring a person, and doing a thorough job of helping another student fully comprehend the lesson and the substance behind the lesson, helps the tutor focus on…. [read more]

Pharmacy - Interview Analyses and Synthesis Research Proposal

… Pharmacy - Interview


This project is a synthesis and analysis of the product of three interviews conducted with two practicing pharmacists and a retired pharmacist who work as a an industry advocate and contributes his time to patient advocacy groups as well. The range of professional experiences includes nearly five decades, with one of the subjects having entered the profession in 1960; he continues to practice at the age of 72. The other practicing pharmacist is relatively new to the profession, having just started his career a few years ago.

Several themes emerged throughout the series of interviews, including the dual role of the practicing pharmacist as a dispenser of drugs and an educator of patients; the role of technology in…. [read more]

Pharmacy Application Was Only Nine Essay

… While a student, I also tutored students in other science subjects, including Mathematics and Chemistry.

In addition, I have also begun working in the medical field, as a give position in a dental office during the summer of 2003. Through this job, I have formed important connections and had a chance to apply my book learning firsthand in the medical field.

I am confident that this academic and work background in the sciences will provide a solid foundation for further studies in the field of pharmacy.

In addition to my interest in its scientific aspect, I am also attracted to the social service aspect of a career in pharmacy. By dispensing medicine and information, pharmacists are in a unique position to be directly involved in…. [read more]

Pharmacy My Personal Statement of Purpose Term Paper

… Pharmacy

My Personal Statement of Purpose: Why I want to be a Pharmacist

To be an effective pharmacist, an individual must not simply possess a sense of personal interest in the scientific aspects of the medical field. A pharmacist must also be a compassionate and concerned human being. An effective pharmacist must be willing to extend a patient ear to the concerns of the individual seeking appropriate medical advice regarding his or her medication.

A majored in biochemistry in college and excelled academically, except for my senior year, due to difficult family circumstances. I was and a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society. Thus, my passion for medical and pharmaceutical science is evident from my resume and my transcript. But I am also…. [read more]

Pharmacy School Admission Essay

… This amazing capability of drugs has motivated me to look deeply into the foundation of pharmaceuticals. I am especially interested to understand how research in pharmaceuticals is conducted, how drugs are manufactured, and how drugs take effect in the living bodies.

Presently I am attending Valencia Community College, after having received AA degree in May 2003 from Polk Community College. Presently, I have been working at Walgreen Pharmacy for three years. In my present position, I work as a technician, in which my responsibilities include taking in new prescriptions, entering them in the computer, filling prescriptions, helping clients, and ordering medicine. This professional experience at Walgreen has been quite fruitful to me to motivate me for becoming a pharmacist.

Besides my professional interests in medicine…. [read more]

Pharmacy Career Term Paper

… ¶ … pharmacy as a career, and how does the doctor of pharmacy relate to you short- and long-term professional goals?

Imagine yourself not so long ago in a pharmacy called St. Takla in the land of Lebanon. There I am, behind the desk, learning about the drugs I dispense, their interactions and side effects, and interacting with patients. All the while, my heart is filled with dreams of studying in America to become a licensed pharmacist with a doctorate of pharmacy.

At the time, my future was only a dream, but I believed strong skills in math, chemistry and biology made my career path a certain one. My record of achievement in, and, just as importantly my enjoyment of my two years of pre-pharmacy…. [read more]

Pharmacy Profession My Family Essay

… ¶ … Pharmacy Profession

My family and I immigrated to the U.S. In 2007. To this day, I regard moving to America a turning point in my life -- it was like being ushered into a completely new life. I must admit that during the very first days of my life in this great nation, things were not as easy as I would have liked them to be. First, there was the culture shock and the difficult task of trying to fit in. However, my family and I were fortunate enough to have a family that helped us settle and establish a new life here. My roommates at the language school I attended were also particularly supportive. In addition to helping me in every way…. [read more]

Antidepressants and School Violence Essay

… They show that there is a link between school shootings and the psychiatric medication given to the children and teenagers.

Twenty two (22) cases were reported between the years 1993 and 2006. In these incidences, teens committing violent crimes and murders were undergoing psychiatric treatment outside the school setting. In the same period, school shooting that involved adults taking psychiatric drugs left five dead and seven people wounded. The use of antidepressants has been seen to increase over the years.

According to (Grace, John, & Peter, 2005), the use of antidepressants between 1995 and 1999 has increased by 151%. An America Journal Psychiatry reported that there has been a 500% increase in the number of 18-year-olds and younger taking antidepressants 500% (Grace et al., 2005).…. [read more]

Duties of the Pharmacy Technician Term Paper

… ¶ … Pharmacy Technician Today

One of the realities of life in the United States today is that there are a lot more old people around, and their numbers are expected to continue to grow as the Baby Boomers continue to retire in ever-greater numbers in the years to come. In this environment, it is reasonable to assume that many Americans will continue to seek out the best values in prescription costs and service, and that jobs in the allied healthcare professions such as pharmacy technician are going to experience significant growth in the coming years. Therefore, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature to develop an appropriate background including an overview of the typical duties and responsibilities of pharmacy technicians, and what…. [read more]

Desire to Study Pharmacy Term Paper

… As a salesperson, I became aware of how important it is for people to be satisfied in a product that they had bought. If a customer buys something that has a significant effect on their lives, then I as a salesperson am happy too because my customer was satisfied over a small thing such as being able to buy something that changed his/her life. Aside from the academic and personal rewards of studying Pharmacy, the said course is also economically beneficial, since pharmacists are well-paid and usually offered stable jobs. All of the reasons that I have mentioned are the primary motivations why I wanted to study Pharmacy under the supervision of Drs. Henry Lee and Lewis Henry, and be able to realize my dream…. [read more]

Pharmacy School Term Paper

… I am fluent in Chinese, Taiwanese, and in English. These languages will be useful when patients come for their medications, because of course the pharmacist is obliged to explain the proper way that customers are supposed to take their medications.

A pharmacist is also responsible for giving customers / patients updated and accurate advice on health issues, and when necessary a pharmacist will refer a customer to services that may be useful, including health insurance that covers the cost of expensive medications. Pharmacists are required to understand the composition of drugs, their chemical and their physical properties, and highly professional and informed pharmacists -- as I intend to become -- will also understand how the drug that is being prescribed actually works in the human…. [read more]

Pharmacy What Are the Most Difficult Challenge Term Paper

… Pharmacy

What are the most difficult challenge pharmacists will face in the future? What would you do to overcome this challenge? Why would you want to go to the two-year pharmacy school in California?

The central challenge of every pharmacist is to ensure that the correct medication for each and every patient who walks through the door of the pharmacy is dispensed in the appropriate manner, and that the patient leaves the pharmacy with the confidence that he or she is receiving quality care. With the increasingly bureaucratic nature of modern medicine, this mission of modern pharmacy has become more and more difficult.

Patients, depending on their health insurance plans, may be prescribed generic rather than brand name drugs, and not understand if these drugs…. [read more]

Pharmacy Admission Admission Essay

… Pharmacy Application

The pharmacy program is known to be an intense program that requires the mastery of a great amount of information in a very short period of time. Additionally, the information being learned is of great importance and very specific, in that small errors can result in drastic consequences. I believe that the pharmacy program will provide great challenges with respect to time management, mastery of complex information, and memorization of important details. In order to meet these challenges I plan to make use of effective time management strategies, participate in group study activities and record the lectures I attend.

Time management is a catch phrase that refers to one's ability to properly structure their time so that all necessary tasks can be accomplished…. [read more]

Personal Statement for Pharmacy Essay

… That happened because I lost my only brother in a car accident that year. We were very close, and I was emotionally devastated. It was the most tragic event I had ever experienced and it took me a long time to deal with it properly. I was confused and uncomfortable during that time, and I lost my focus. I started classes at UCI, and then transferred to Cal State Fullerton. In 2006-2007, I was a member of Biology Club and Student Health Professions Association (SHPA). I tried DeVry University and enrolled there in a different major, but didn't care for it, so I transferred to University of Phoenix and took classes online. That also did not work out for me. During that period in my…. [read more]

Pharmacy Personal Statement Essay

… Going through a medical tragedy with my own family has underlined the need for caring and sensitive medical staff that can deal patients' emotions.

I am currently working at the Orange County Immune Institute and volunteer at the pharmacy within Garden Grove Hospital as well. Helping someone understand how they must take their medication, and instilling a sense of well-being and confidence in the people I see everyday as they take charge of their health and their loved one's heath underlines to me what I have always loved about the field of pharmacy. It is a field that requires in-depth technical and scientific knowledge, yet it also requires that the pharmacist is a 'people person' and understands the lifestyles of the persons taking the medication.…. [read more]

Attending the Lecom School of Pharmacy Admission Essay

… ¶ … attending the LECOM School of Pharmacy because of the unique opportunities offered by the school. As a retail pharmacy technician, I have seen how important it is for pharmacists to work with patients, because many patients have multiple doctors and have not provided those doctors with complete medical histories. Therefore, pharmacists may be the only medical providers aware of possible medical interactions or other pharmaceutical contraindications, and cannot be relegated to the role of medication providers. LECOM has a reputation of teaching pharmacists how to take an active role in patient care by being actively involved in disease management, behavior modification, and drug therapy; and I believe that philosophy is one that all pharmacists should embrace.

To me, professionalism means retaining the ability…. [read more]

Pharmacy School After Serious Deliberation Essay

… Related skills include administrative responsibilities such as simple record keeping and business management - including finance and budgeting; personnel administration, systems development and planning. The pharmaceutical industry today uses technology to speed up dispensing of rising prescription volumes, allowing Pharmacists to focus more on patient care and disease management.

A sincerely care about the well-being of people and believe that as a health professional I would be able to provide nurturing care to patients yet maintain a degree of emotional detachment. Although it is an advantage living in a time with impressive technological advances in medicine such as machines, medications and surgery, I believe that it is the relationships between patients and caregivers that remain one of the most powerful therapeutic tools in health care.…. [read more]

Pharmacy School Application Essay

… Pharmacists are at the hub of the health care industry, and are in a unique position of power. We conduct research but we also implement that research by applying the fruits of our research to improving health and well-being. Pharmacists are sometimes the first line of defense against a range of wellness issues. I stand ready to join the legions of talented, skilled professionals who have dedicated their lives to the fascinating world of pharmacy. What's more, I will proudly serve the community as a graduate of the Oregon State University College of Pharmacy. All serious students of pharmacy know that Oregon State's College of Pharmacy offers unparalleled instruction, among the best in the nation. The Oregon State College of Pharmacy is outstanding because the…. [read more]

Child in Taiwan Term Paper

… Some people might find some of these characteristics unpleasant or stressful, but because of my experience discussed below in my family's restaurant, I have learned that these things are not problems or drawbacks for me, leaving me to consider the positive aspects of being a pharmacist, and whether I am suited for the profession.

Because of the experience I have had in the hospital pharmacy, I have had an opportunity to evaluate the demands of this career well. I have also talked with the registered pharmacists at some length about what they do, and what they like and don't like about the job. The things they object to most, the paperwork and the pressure, are things I have learned to not bother me. I know…. [read more]

Purpose Statement for University Graduate Programs Essay

… My volunteer experiences have been rewarding in their own right, and have also contributed substantially to my professional learning. These positive experiences continue to influence my continuing interest in volunteering, and I would hope to join in student activities at PNU right away. The statistics and exams committee are of particular interest to me. Because my interests extend into the arts and science, as well, I would look for student associations that would enable me to pursue activities that contribute to a well-rounded volunteer service.

My career as a pharmacist officially started at National Guard Hospital at Riyadh. I have one year of experience as an outpatient pharmacist. I liked working at the National Guard Hospital, and especially enjoy interacting with patients. One of the…. [read more]

Statement of Goal Term Paper

… Proudly clutching my shiny new degree, I stared at the faces in the crowd. Although the audience at the graduation ceremony in May was loud with their clapping hands and whistling, I suddenly became besieged by silence. Looking for a familiar face to stabilize me, I instantly knew the source of my panic attack. For years I had pursued a degree in business because as an international student, I felt it would offer me the best opportunities for advancement and for networking with people in my new surroundings. Furthermore, business degrees apply to a wide range of industries and I knew that with a little experience and a lot of soul-searching that I would eventually discover a path on which I could tread joyfully. A…. [read more]

Concise SWOT Analysis Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy Research Paper

… Owing to increased tightening of the pharmacist job market, students may increasingly see pharmacy as a less promising field in terms of employment prospects, consequently reducing enrolment into pharmacy schools.

An even more important threat relates to competition. Without a doubt, the NSU College of Pharmacy is not the only college that offers pharmacy education in Florida or the U.S. at large. In Florida, two colleges that have better rankings compared to the NSU College of Pharmacy are the University of Florida's College of Pharmacy and the Palm Beach Atlantic University's Lloyd Gregory School of Pharmacy. Overall, these two colleges perform better than the NSU College of Pharmacy in terms of accreditation status, gross points average (GPA), annual budget, student-faculty ratio, national licensing exam pass…. [read more]

Personal Statement I've Had a Life Tougher Term Paper

… Personal Statement

I've had a life tougher than most. A woman born and raised in Afghanistan, I have been a refuge more than once. In pre-Taliban Afghanistan, I eagerly finished high school with a clear and decisive career objective: to become a pharmacist. When I was still in grade school, I thrived in chemistry classes. Because of positive personal experiences with medicines and pharmaceuticals in general, I had no other dream than to pursue pharmacy as a career. Before the Taliban came to power, such a dream was realistic for a young woman, and I did not foresee that political situations might somehow prevent me from fulfilling my goal. I entered pharmacy school in Kabul, a freshman with eager eyes and an energetic heart on…. [read more]

Admissions First Laid Eyes on the Physician Essay

… admissions first laid eyes on the Physician's Desk Reference when I volunteered at a pharmacy in Iran when I was in high school there. Although I was born in Norfolk, Virginia, my family and I moved to Iran when I was still a toddler and my formative years were spent there. My interest in pharmacy arose early in life. In fact, I had little doubt or confusion about what I wanted to pursue for a career. After I graduated high school and realized that the best educational opportunities would await me in the United States, I persuaded my parents to move back to America. My parents, who were concerned about my future and supportive of my dreams, sold their home and moved here. The shift…. [read more]

Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy Research Paper

… S. News & World Report -- respected as an evaluator for colleges and universities across America -- lists Nova as tied with three other pharmacy schools at #77 among the top-rated 100 schools. On a scale of 1 -- 5, Nova rates as a 2.3 school. The rating is based on a survey of academic deans across the U.S. Moreover, due to President Donald Trump's ban on travel for certain countries, it could be problematic to expect that pharmacists from Muslim countries would be able to get a Visa to travel to the United States and to Nova in Florida. That contentious issue is up in the air.


Nova has a myriad of positive opportunities for students and graduates of their pharmacy college. For…. [read more]

Beloved Grandmother Was Stricken With Alzheimer Admission Essay

… ¶ … beloved Grandmother was stricken with Alzheimer's, I spent a great deal of time incredibly frustrated by the fact that there was little I could do to help that lovely woman. From that adversity and pain, my interest in pharmacy was born. Since I spent so much time helping my Grandmother manage her medications, I realized the value of patient education when it comes to prescriptions. My desire to help others, coupled with my knowledge of the difficulties that many patients on more than one medication face, convinced me that pharmacy was the right choice for me.

Currently, I am finishing my last year for my Masters in Biomedical Science and working on a thesis dealing with the Nicotine Receptors in the Brain. I…. [read more]

George Washington University's Sonography Bachelor's Program Term Paper

… ¶ … George Washington University's Sonography Bachelor's Program has much to do with how much the field of sonography has expanded in the last several years. Personally, due to my abilities, qualifications and experiences, I feel that this field of study as a diagnostic medical sonographer will greatly assist in my future development and career as a highly-trained medical specialist. In addition, since this program places a heavy emphasis on both practical and didactic education, I am convinced that the training I will receive in this program will enrich my future prospects, not to mention that classes are small in size which allows for personal interaction between the student and the instructor. Also, this degree program is accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of…. [read more]

Motivation for Pursuing a Career Term Paper

… ¶ … motivation for pursuing a career in the field of Pharmacy

In writing this essay, I realized that my motivation for pursuing a career in the field of Pharmacy is an unusual one. I did not learn to value the importance of being a pharmacist until my grandmother was diagnosed to with Alzheimer's disease. My family's fight with my grandmother's illness further worsened with the inadequate medical expertise and supplies of medicine in Iran that my grandmother needs. Hence, I became her 'personal assistant,' taking care of her everyday, which includes, among others, keeping track of her medication schedules. Like a medical student learning the wonders of science through the medicine that it produces, I also began to appreciate the importance of medicine and…. [read more]

Tylenol to a Friend Admission Essay

… I have worked in summer camps, and volunteered in after school programs. I have volunteered at the YMCA with programs for the elderly and have visited nursing homes. These experiences have not only helped to develop leadership skills within me, but they have shown me the vitality of the human spirit, and have given me the desire to work in a profession that can heal the body.

While none of these activities related directly to pharmacy, I feel that the experience I have gained, paired with the academic programs I have completed, will make me successful in the Pharmacy program, and as a professional pharmacist. I am hard working and have a desire to help people in their time of fear and pain, to ease…. [read more]

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