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Philosophy of Psychology in the Selfish Gene Term Paper

… Psychology

Dawkins' Selfish Gene and the History of Psychology

In the Selfish Gene, Richard Dawkins argues passionately and clearly for a challenging new approach to the study of biology and evolution. Of course, after thirty years, Dawkins' selfish gene hypothesis, which was a popularization of work being conducted in biology at the time, has become entrenched orthodoxy in some circles. This has been the result, despite continued criticism for Dawkins' argument and the sociobiology perspective. However, upon examination, we find that many of the objections to Dawkins' the Selfish Gene are based on misunderstandings or gross misrepresentations of Dawkins' original text.

When we look closer at the Selfish Gene we discover, interestingly, that Dawkins is not shy about revealing his intentions or central argument. He…. [read more]

Tragedy of the Commons Essay

… Philosophy -- the Tragedy of the Commons

Overview of the Tragedy of the Commons

In principle, Hardin explains that the "Tragedy of the Commons" means that one of the inevitable consequences of large societies is that contemporary generations do not have a natural incentive to refrain from behavior that is decidedly detrimental to subsequent generations (or to others now). Specifically, the problem, according to Hardin, is that people can be trusted only to do what is in their personal interests and to exercise self-imposed restraint on activities that are beneficial to them but detrimental to the welfare of others.

For example, if high-profile studies revealed that breathing in aerosol deodorant vapors cause cancer in users, many current users of deodorant sprays would change their habits…. [read more]

Extinction or Survival Term Paper

… Extinction or Survival

Implications for Education Reform

The Selfish Gene? (Marxist 2007)

Against Sociobiology (Bethell 2001)

Reform Math Education (Reys 2002)

Selfish Genes and Social Darwinism (Midgely 1981)

Sociobiology (Holcomb, Sociobiology 2005)

Memes: Marketing in the 21st Century (Meyerson 2007)

Third World Traveler -- Jonathan Kozol (Kozol 2007)

International Conference on Secondary Education (Mulford 2002)

Education Programs Constitutional; Growth Steady (CER 2007)

Early Education Shows No Benefit (HSLDA 2007)

Dawkins' Arguments for the Selfish Gene

The Concept of "Meme" and Kozol's Concerns about Education

Cultural Evolution through Meme Changes in order to Reform Education

What Cultural Changes Need to Take Place to Reform Education?




This paper reviews Dawkins' concept of the "meme," sociobiology, and its relationship to education reform. The paper is…. [read more]

Altruism and Human Reciprocity Term Paper

… Altruism and Human Reciprocity

The purpose of the present study is to explore, both conceptually and empirically, the relationship between human connectedness to nature dimensions, various conservation behaviors, and altruism. This study is unique in that while attempting to explore the relationship between connectedness to nature and conservation, the role of altruism will also be looked at as a possible moderator within the relationship.

Additionally, this study developed a new and more comprehensive measure of individual conservation behaviors. To further clarify how connectedness to nature, conservation and altruism will be examined in this dissertation, a brief explanation of connectedness to nature and conservation, along with a working definition of altruism human reciprocity.

Altruism and Human Reciprocity


Altruism is a phenomenon existing on the very…. [read more]

Person Within the Christian Worldview Term Paper

… I do believe that medical treatments can help people keep from suffering from terrible diseases, too, and that they are necessary for the well-being of everyone.

I do not believe, however, that all types of medical intervention are acceptable. I do not believe in genetic intervention, because I believe that is taking medicine too far, and doctors and researchers are trying to play "God." I also do not believe in the way they are obtaining many of their genetic materials (from stem cells and umbilical cord blood, for example), and I do not think we should be funding this type of research. I understand that the goals of genetic intervention are to end suffering from some terrible diseases and save lives, but I do not…. [read more]

Freedom and Responsibility an Ethical Analysis Thesis

… Freedom and Responsibility: An Ethical Analysis

There are many who suggest that from an ethical point-of-view, freedom and responsibly are in essence one and the same thing. In other words, this refers to the view that freedom implies responsibility in a moral and ethical sense and that true freedom cannot be understood without a concomitant and relational connection to an understanding of the meaning of responsibility. This view also has theological and philosophical antecedents. From this point-of-view or stance the understanding of freedom is also dependent on responsibility in that freedom is never truly freedom when it is selfish or suppresses or deprives the rights and freedoms others. Therefore, this discussion and ethical analysis of freedom and responsibility will be undertaken for the point-of-view that…. [read more]

Jesus' Christian Life, Prayer, and Teachings Dissertation

… Prayer brings redemption. Solomon averred that as soon as he asked for Wisdom, it was bestowed upon him. David, similarly, was given fortitude through the Spirit of God (Psalms 118, 131). Every martyr obtained strength to resist tyrants, and overcame dangers and death through prayer. The above are all examples of this "communication" with God in the true spirit of how Prayer was intended.

St. John Chrysostom weighs in again: "He who uses this great weapon knows not death, leaves the earth, enters heaven, and lives with God. He falls not into sin; he loses affection for the earth; he makes his abode in heaven; and begins, even in this life, to enjoy the conversation of God. How then can you disquiet…. [read more]

Scientology Introducing a New Religious Research Paper

… This goal, we are told, is achieved through "Scientology technology" -- and a link is provided to another site: This site offers a series of introductory tutorials such as: "Find the Real Cause of Conflicts," or "Learn to Communicate with Ease and Confidence," or "How to Study." The video offering tips on how to communicate shows several scenes in which characters communicate pleasantly, politely, and effectively, and several scenes in which communication breakdowns occur. The video then offers a simple formula for communication: The speaker is Cause, the listener is Effect, and the space between them is Distance. The video then alludes to a number of other factors that can contribute to successful communication -- but it does not detail them. The implication is…. [read more]

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