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Physical Activity in Prison Essay

… , 2011). It was indicated by the results of the study that the prevalence of certain health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease were significantly higher among prisoners than the general population (Voller et al., 2011).

Similar results were obtained by Binswanger et al. (2009), in a study that demonstrated higher risk of several health conditions among prisoners, including hypertension, asthma, and arthritis. Findings indicated that the inmates had a significantly higher rate of chronic health conditions in comparison to the general population even when adjustments were made for major differences in sociodemographic variables and for the consumption levels of alcohol (Binswanger et al., 2009). Considering physical exercise is an important component to effective prevention and treatment for those disorders, this provides evidence…. [read more]

Prison Life and Recidivism Essay

… S. president. The authors in this case also note that in the past, crime studies have demonstrated that those individuals having a religious orientation are highly unlikely to be caught engaging in criminal activities. Hence when it comes to the use of religious programs as rehabilitative programs in the prison setting, the objective is to convince inmates to change their ways of living. Currently, religious programs in prison are largely voluntary. This voluntarily nature of involvement in this case is based on past court rulings deeming involvement into religious programs at the compulsory level as a violation of the First Amendment. However, it is important to note that all inmates, and not only those on special programs, have equal access to religious programs. This is…. [read more]

Prisons Are Correctional Facilities Essay

… There are some ideas when implemented can help in curbing officer corruption. These ideas can be expressed in three areas; the first step is hiring officers that have good character no matter how difficult it seems. There should be strict screening methods used so as to reduce chances of hiring potentially corrupt officers. Secondly officers have to be well trained on matters pertaining corruptions and how they can deal with such situations when they present themselves. Finally incentive programs should be well though such that they adequately cater for needs of officers and hence prevent them from any temptation of taking part in corruption dealings (White, 1999).


It is therefore very important to ensure that these challenges in prisons are addressed so that the…. [read more]

Prisons an Analysis Research Paper

… The Department of Justice currently supports faith-based prisoner re-entry programs throughout the United States. Prisoner re-introduction to society programs vary from state to state and county to county, leading to a lack of consistency in program availability, accessibility, quality, and implementation. There are no guidelines or rules by which to administer prisoner re-introduction programs, and no clear mandate for such programs.

Most communities lack comprehensive prisoner re-entry programs. Moreover, prisoner re-entry programs are sporadically designed, developed, and enforced. For reentry strategies to work, they must take into account socio-economic variables, issues like population migration, and the need to stimulate legitimate entrepreneurial activities in communities that are too impoverished to support their members.

Current approaches to protect the public upon a prisoner's release.

Protecting the public…. [read more]

Prison Problem Essay

… Prison Problem

"The violence people bring into the world has its roots in violence they witnessed, or which was done to them, at very young ages."

-Bruce Western

People usually commit crime in a hopeless effort to pacify a paining urge that must have hurt them at some point in life. They may be taking revenge, satisfying a psychological craving, fulfilling a passion or simply just unknowingly committing a crime; a price is always to be paid for their profane action. Imprisonment of people charged guilty of committing a crime is practiced nearly all over the world and is actually a way of the society to exhibit that it rejects actions which can potentially compromise the safety of citizens (Gendreau, 1999). History also has evidence…. [read more]

Prison Rape Elimination Act Term Paper

… Provide appropriate orientation to anyone having contact with offenders;


Provide intensive training, resources and support for personnel assigned to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct;


Provide detainee/offender orientation and ongoing education on staff sexual misconduct that includes information on the zero-tolerance policy, how to report allegations, how to obtain medical and mental health services, how to seek relief against retaliation for reporting allegations, and possible disciplinary actions for making false allegations;


Establish partnerships with prosecutors, medical providers, mental health providers and others who can provide advice, support and direct services to detainees/offenders who are victims of staff sexual misconduct; and,


Establish a systematic process for the collection of data that document the number of sexual misconduct allegations, the nature of each allegation…. [read more]

Prison Overcrowding Term Paper

… Prison Overcrowding: Empirical Analysis of Alternatives to Mandatory Sentencing and Community Sanctions

Theoretical Approaches

History Incarceration and Prison Overcrowding

Who's in Prison

Reasons for Overcrowding

This study focuses on exploring the relationship between prison overcrowding and adaptation of the situational environment in which crime occurs. Specifically the researcher will explore whether a reduction in incarceration of non-violent offenders combined with provisions for more rehabilitation and community support within at risk communities may contribute to reduced incarceration rates, better flow and reduced overcrowding. To achieve these goals the researcher proposes a triangular approach that will combine multiple research methods. The author hypothesizes that adaptations to the incarceration approach including use of more community sanctions and introduction of more rehabilitation programs within communities, combined with shorter terms…. [read more]

Prison Rape Analysts Continue Term Paper

… In the context of prison life, this means maintaining sexual control over other potential challengers.

In prison life, sexual control is inextricably linked to violence. In the infamous Angola prison at Louisiana, a form of sex slavery was used to keep inmates under control. New inmates, particularly the weak and young prisoners, were then traded among the older and stronger inmates. Any disputes were settled through violence, often with fatal results.

Prison journalists Walter Rideau and Ron Wikberg note that in prisons like Angola, a thread of violence was woven into the fabric of all aspects of prison life. To remain safe and alive, an inmate had to acquire protections through "sheer force of character and the ability to impose (one's) will upon others" (Rideau…. [read more]

Prison Overcrowding Is Indeed Ghost Writing

… Mechanisms for early release can help reduce overcrowding in prisons and also facilitate integration and social rehabilitation. Policies and legislations should be put in place to provide for possibilities of early release and parole and the conditions for the former. Early release should be structured in such a manner as to make it a part of the normal process of enforcement of the sentence. Prisoners who wish to apply for parole may be encouraged to do so by the necessary authorities.

There is available empirical data indicating that crowded prisons are stressful and create conditions contrary to any aim at rehabilitation. This has increased efforts of finding ways of reducing the overcrowding. A lot of effort has been directed towards making changes to the design…. [read more]

Prison Gang Is a Select Essay

… This is why they fight with and manufacture improvised weapons. Gangs make prison corridors an extension of the streets where they battle over tuff and drug territory. Because of security lapses, these gangs make lethal improvised weapons behind the bars which are used to threaten and carry out violence. It is mind boggling how authorities would allow religious organizations whose activities influence manufacture of improvised weapons behind bars to continue operating within the prisons (Fleisher & Decker, 2001). Facilities exposed to the religious organizations like World Church of Creator (WCOTC) tend to have two-fold increase in weapons production. In fact, correctional facilities that have access to their literature have a weapon production problem of over 70% (Knox, 2005). It is worrying to know that with…. [read more]

Classification in Prison Classification Systems Term Paper

… The rules and regulations of the parole have undergone drastic alterations. However the way the parole functions is still very similar to the way it used to function in the past.

Paroles are virtually not practiced in a federal system .Generally speaking; most offenders are not considered for a parole in a federal system. This is true for any offense that has taken place after November 1 of 1987.On the other hand at the state level parole has altered dramatically .Local agencies over see the whole procedure and many people have seen parole as option under this system.

Duties of a Parole Officer

Parole officers are required to;

Oversee the release of an offender under parole.

Draft any paper work demanded by the board.

Carry…. [read more]

Policing Social Control and Prison Essay

… Policing, Social Control, And Prison

Policing, Social Control and Prison

There are over two million people incarcerated in the United States today, this comes out to fifteen prisoners for every 100,000 persons (Pager, 2003, p. 937). This is a 600% increase since the 1970s and gives the country the highest internment rate on the planet. Imprisonment has been gone from a penalty reserved chiefly for the most atrocious offenders to one given for a much greater range of crimes and much greater proportion of the population. Recently developed crime policy has led to judges imposing harsher sentences for a wider variety of offenses packing our prisons with an ever growing number of individuals (Pager, 2003, p. 938).

Drug related violence is has become widespread not…. [read more]

Performance-Based Standards Essay

… This is a plan that will be used for internal accreditation before the external accreditation process takes place.


The level of standards met

Authority Accrediting






Program and activity


Administration and Management


The levels of accrediting the standards met will be in three; Good, average, below average.

Authority accrediting will be the officer or the management personnel in charge

Comments will be the possible improvements needed as seen by the officer.

Fulfilling the requirements of each function

Care; the best way to get each individual within prison the healthcare needed is through establishing a private healthcare facility within the correction facility. There is ned also to establish extensive links with community organizations like the human service agencies, churches,…. [read more]

U.S. With Prison Data Collection? Essay

… Because in this case the police department is not in a condition to ensure the job of that affected individual in the department, keeping in mind the deprivation of that individual. The state's policies are though generous in this case as well but the state does not promise to grant him his same job as he wanted (Kaufmann-Kohler, 2003).

Question 6

What are the major differences between correctional staff and community views on inmate amenities? In your opinion, how should the criminal justice system address this issue?


As the issue at disposal is about the law enforcing agencies effective in the urban and rural areas so these individuals employed by the state may not be authorize to share the ground duties and the nature…. [read more]

Managing Prison Gangs Term Paper

… ¶ … management of prison gangs. Prison gangs are problematic for prisons worldwide. The gang activity, rival fights and other things present unique management needs for prison guards and administrators. The author explores several published articles for information and solutions to the gang problem in prisons.

Gangs in prisons are a growing problem. Often times when one goes to prison they find if they do not associate themselves with a gang immediately they have problems from all sides. Current gang members who enter prisons are quick to locate their gang and affiliate themselves with it. Young people who enter prison for the first time learn quickly that the fastest way to get protection from the older, tougher inmates is to join a gang. These circumstances…. [read more]

Inside Female Prisons Research Paper

… ¶ … Female Prisons

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics in the Office of Justice Programs (U.S. Department of Justice) as of December 2010 there were a total of 1,612,395 men and women incarcerated in federal and state prisons in the United States. Of that total, only a small percentage, 112,822, were female inmates. But what are the conditions under which women are incarcerated, and what are the situations and problems that female inmates deal with and that the system of justice imposes upon women? This paper covers those issues and others relating to women in prison in the United States.

Poor Prison Health Conditions for Women and Pregnant Women Shackled

The "grossly deficient health care and mental health conditions" for women imprisoned in…. [read more]

Adaptations to Prison Life the Moment Essay

… Adaptations to Prison Life

The moment an inmate enters a prison, he enters another world. The norms of prison life differ dramatically from those outside the prison walls. No matter how dangerous, or dysfunctional, the prisoner's previous environment, the one he now encounters is that much more threatening and unpredictable. Previous rank within the larger society, whether of law-abiding citizens or criminals, counts for nothing within the inmate's new world. He or she is at the bottom of the heap. From the first moment, inmates must fight to find their places in a frequently brutal hierarchy. Prison knows no laws but the violent and coercive acts of other prisoners, and the often soul-numbing regulations of corrections discipline. The new prisoner exchanges his personal, human identity…. [read more]

Violence in Prisons Officer vs. Inmate Essay

… Violence in Prisons

This is a guideline and template. Please do not use as a final turn-in paper.

Violence in Prisons -- Officer vs. Inmate

"In recent years, U.S. prison inmates have been beaten with fists and batons, stomped on, kicked, shot, stunned with electronic devices, doused with chemical sprays, choked, and slammed face first onto concrete floors by the officers whose job it is to guard them. Inmates have ended up with broken jaws, smashed ribs, perforated eardrums, missing teeth, burn scars

not to mention psychological scars and emotional pain. Some have died"

(Human Rights Watch, 2004, para. 4).

It should be obvious to all that our prison system in the U.S. is in serious trouble. The main culprit is overcrowding -- but there…. [read more]

Overrepresentation of Native Canadians in the Prison System Essay

… Native Canadians in the Prison System

The history of the Western world is shamefully inebriated with gross injustices towards the native populations of colonized countries. Today, this is perhaps nowhere more evident than in the prison systems of these same countries, where the populations are disproportionately represented by native inhabitants. This is no less true in Canada, where the population known as the country's "First Nations" make up a large amount of the prison population in the country's penal system. A number of reasons can be identified for this, among which is a combination of demographic factors and prevailing prejudice.

Currently, aboriginal peoples in Canada constitute less than 3% of the total population in the country (the History of Canada Online, n.d.). However, the total…. [read more]

Prison Health Care Agency in the US Term Paper

… In 1992, a report released by the BOP recognized that the healthcare costs for prisoners have been escalating and this has been a significant concern. The BOP has singled out factors that were contributing to inmate health care costs and initiated programs that seek to contain these costs. Moreover, the BOP has launched corrective actions to regulate the escalating costs. Under the federal regulations, the BOP must provide suitable healthcare to all prisoners in its custody. Under the regulation, the Attorney General has delegated authority to the BOP, to request Public Health Service officers to be assigned to support with the direct medical care delivery to inmates. The BOP has a direct authority to serve medical care and treat prisoners under the directives of the…. [read more]

Physical Abuse Term Paper

… ¶ … Hunting

At twenty years old, Will (Matt Damon) is a mathematical genius stuck between his abusive past and opportunity for greatness. Booked on assault charges, Will is allowed to leave prison on two conditions that he undergo psychotherapy and that he take math classes with a professor who happens to recognize his untapped brilliance. While complex algebraic concepts and exponential calculus come easy to him, love and trust does not. With the help of his therapist (Robin Williams), Will begins to deal with his issues in the realm of low self-esteem, fear of intimacy, and the long-term consequences of physical abuse earlier in his life. Eventually, Will improves sufficiently to apply his intelligence to pursue Skylar (Minnie Driver), a woman who comes to…. [read more]

Solitary Confinement Effects Research Paper

… It was also noticed that although it was tried that the inmates suffering from mental illnesses are sent to the mental care institutes but there were still many prisoners who were suffering from the mental issues and were living in the prisons (Arrigo and Bullock, 2007).

Hostility and violence is what the conditions in the SHU are usually characterized by (Cockburn, 2001; Mears & Watson, 2006). Incarcerates are treated in a terrible manner, they are heavily guarded when taken to showers or exercise, chained when in presence of other prisoners. Mostly they have to face extreme cell extractions for even small mistakes like; forgetting to return the food trays. In these extractions they are usually subdued with the rubber bullets, batons and tasers. It was…. [read more]

Black Women in Prison Term Paper

… ¶ … women at five state prison facilities located in Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Georgia, and Mississippi. The purpose of this research is to study specifically the effects of being an older black female in prison today: how does prison life affect depression and anxiety levels, arid does a black woman's socioeconomic background contribute to or hinder her ability to adapt to prison life? Also the effect that racial and cultural discrimination may have on black female inmates serving longer sentences and facing the possibly of dying in prison. The initial results of the surveys indicated a significant difference in depression, anxiety, somatization, prison adjustment, and death anxiety levels between White and Black female offenders.





AGING (Graying) INMATES…. [read more]

Crimes in the Prison Term Paper

… Crimes in Prison

The modern prison system exists for the intended purpose of preventing criminals from continuing to perform evil or destructive acts. The penal system is meant to bring justice by reducing crime, and ideally ending it all together. Those criminals who are a menace to society are to be removed from the population and put into an environment where they cannot continue to do any harm. Then, because the criminals have been removed from society, prison also prevents new crimes from taking place because of two wonderful side effects. For one, because the criminals have been removed from society, these negative influences have been taken out of the lives of impressionable youths and feeble-minded adults who might have otherwise been swayed to join…. [read more]

Women in Prison Major Legal Research Paper

… Women are also in a total state of dependency upon their female guards for all of their needs, which can again exacerbate the feelings of victimhood.

A lack of program support

Although most prisons afford vocational training and psychological support for women to enter into the job market as productive citizens, few women prisoners take advantage of such opportunities. The reason, one study suggests, may be inadequate program design, given that most approaches to training focus on males and are the program paradigm is merely transferred to female prisons with the same approach. The employment rate of formerly incarcerated women is similar to the level of their pre-incarceration period, suggesting a failure of appropriate vocational training and social support for women inmates (Lalonde & Cho…. [read more]

Looking Into Gangs in the U S Prisons Research Paper

… Gangs in the U.S. Prisons

Who are they?

The definition of 'prison gangs' according to Lyman (1989) is a group that operates in prisons as a self-maintained criminal unit, comprising of a selected bunch of prisoners having a fixed, ordered command chain and regulated by a set standard of conduct. These gangs typically operate covertly. One of its objectives is performing gang activities through the control of their respective prison environments, via aggression and bullying directed at non-gang members (p. 48). They constitute a relentlessly disruptive force within correctional facilities. Their activities end up disrupting correctional programming, eroding institutional culture, and threatening staff as well as fellow inmates' safety (Fleisher & Decker, 2001).

Commonly, prison gangs engage in illegal activities such as drug trafficking, prostitution,…. [read more]

Administrative Scenarios Administration Case Study

… Administrative Scenarios

Administration scenarios

The purpose of incarceration of individuals in correctional facilities is to punish and rehabilitate dangerous criminals. The Federal Bureau of Prisons is responsible for the enforcement of law, and in administration of federal prison systems. Prisoners' detention centers are state owned facilities in the United States of America except in some situation where prisoners go to privately owned facilities. Correctional facilities management follows State, local authority laws. Over eighty percent of those incarcerated stay in bureau owned prisons while the remaining number stay at community owned facilities, detention centers or juvenile facilities (Carlson & Garrett, 2006). Prisons administration departments have a layout of authority and the commissioner of prisons has the highest authority.

The bureau has the jurisdiction to carry out…. [read more]

Correctional Officers: As an Attorney Essay

… My colleague's actions, especially his drinking problem, hinder his ability to provide much attention to cases. This drinking problem could also be the reason for his seeming incompetence, poor demeanor and behavior, and inability to represent facts appropriately. Therefore, my colleague has not only violated the rules for professional conduct but also infringed the ethical legal code for this profession, which has resulted in several moral and ethical issues.

Since a lawyer serves as an evaluator of a client's legal issues, he/she must be prompt, competent, and diligent in all professional functions. While conducting his/her professional activities, an attorney's conduct should comply with legal requirements in relation to provision of client service and in handling personal and business matters. Lawyers are required to uphold the…. [read more]

Parole Board Robert, the Chair Case Study

… ¶ … Parole Board

Robert, the chair of the parole board, is under pressure to relax the standards for parole because of the Governor's fears that if current overcrowding suits are successful, it will result in inmates being released under a federal process outside of the parole board's control. However, Robert is concerned that relaxing the current standards could result in the release of inmates more likely to re-offend than Robert feels is acceptable for a parole risk. The ethical dilemma appears to be whether Robert reduces the parole eligibility requirements, which would result in the release of more dangerous inmates than Robert feels is acceptable, or whether he does not reduce the parole eligibility requirements, which could result in the state losing control over…. [read more]

Social Psychology Studies: Explaining Irrational Term Paper

… However, some have questioned whether these results would have been the same if the groups of people had known one another. In the experiment, the boys were not acquainted with one another prior to the experiment. Believing that such a scenario is too artificial to make it generalizable to the population at large, Tyerman and Spencer conducted a similar experiment, but used an existing Scout troop, where the boys knew one another, as the source of the study population (Tyerman & Spencer, 1983, p.519, para.5). Moreover, the divisions in the study were natural divisions. "The subjects had been accustomed to functioning within their four distinct patrol groups at previous camps, meetings and other activities over a long period. At camp, the seven-boy patrol units, although…. [read more]

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