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Role and Evolution Research Paper

… Factors that led to Development of the American Prison System

The modern prison system in America is a product of the 18th Century enlightenment. This instigated reference works on prison systems and prisons to provide brief shrift to the build up of places of confinement and prisons before the 1700s (Craig, 1998). While early prisons were hardly ever built expressly for the imprisonment purpose, most cultures resorted to makeshift dungeons or cages to confine prisoners in the accessible structures. Given that incarceration is widely applicable as a punishment in the contemporary world, imprisonment played a minor role in the punishment regimes in most nations before 19th Century.

The present American prison system developed as an option to whipping. The system used penitentiaries to prevent prisoners…. [read more]

Special Population and Substance Abuse Term Paper

… Most of the paroles fail and rearrests occur within the first six months of release of inmates having substance abuse disorder. All new admissions in the U.S. prisons had staggering proportion of parole failures, from being 17% in 1991 to 35% in 2000 (Petersilia, 2000).

V- Drawbacks of not providing rehab treatments and facilities

There are a number of drawbacks related to non-provision of rehabilitation and treatment services to the substance abuse offenders. The most prominent is the re-offend rate of substance abusers and the resulting economic, social, and administrative issues being created for the state and federal government as well as counties. The U.S. has high rate of incarceration for the people involved in drug and substance abuse. It was reported in the Colombia…. [read more]

Public Policy Alternatives to Improve the Nation's Prison Overcrowding Dilemma Term Paper

… Public Policy Alternatives to Improve the Nation's Prison Overcrowding Dilemma

There are more individuals per capita incarcerated in the United States than in any comparative democracy that is an industrialized nation anywhere in the world. The sentences imposed on offenders in the U.S. are longer and the U.S. is one of the last nations on earth to practice capital punishment or what is commonly known as "the death penalty." Increasingly individuals are being locked up male and female and both adult and child. Collateral impacts from incarcerations of this enormity are costly to society both in monetary as well as in social terms. The findings of this study are simply that there exists alternative measures of punishment that are more cost efficient and more conducive…. [read more]

Economic Compensation Enough for Wrongfully Essay

… Such experiences require more than just compensation. Additionally, the environment in prison is hard to adopt, and being subject to such discipline including the extraordinary punishments imposed legally on the wrong person, prison visitation and diet may affect the mental ability of the person. This causes significant and notable psychological issues on the part of the unjustly convicted person. The process of accepting and adjusting to life in prison knowing that it is an unjust imposition becomes difficult and challenging to the individual. Therefore, it is necessary to consider such as the determination for compensation of the person.

The effects of the developments in the life of the individual in the future remain un-overemphasized. The claimant's future becomes a blurred image, specifically considering their prospects…. [read more]

Correctional Institutions Have Enhanced Term Paper

… These are the one with minimum security. This institution basically focuses on responsibility and having someone depend on you. Since the security is minimum, these institutions allow a wide array of courses in community college, special education and learning resource center. Also, jobs are offered in grounds and farms. The jobs available are of janitors, cooks, maintenance work and kitchen helpers. The Iowa State Penitentiary is the maximum security institution. This takes in repeated violent male offenders and is the only one with maximum security in the entire state. The offenders there are offered basic education and labor skills. ("Iowa DOC")

There is no federal prison in the state of Iowa. Even though there are numerous institutions just across the border of Iowa in Minnesota,…. [read more]

Andre Chikatolio Research Paper

… ¶ … created with an aim to highlight the aspects of crime as linked with the history's most brutal serial killer and rapist, Andrei Chikatilo who has an extensive history of brutal sexual assault and murder of innocent victims aged between 7 to 19 years old girls and boys and including women aged in their early twenties. The paper tends to describe his brief family history, educational level, profession, criminal offenses, psychological disorders as well as the physical disorders related to sexuality, the time he spent in prison and the climax of his criminal activities. The serial killer most famously known as the Butcher of Rostov conducted 52 sexual assaults followed by murders of innocent children including boys and girls and older women.

The general…. [read more]

Juvenile Crime United States Essay

… Therefore, it was pointed by the researcher that even if the child sees violence in neighbourhood, it might affect his/her behaviour.

Moreover, it is the responsibility of the agencies to provide their services for the better upbringing of the child. They need to provide support and prevention services to the youth in where they live. But in the large country like U.S., these agencies have higher number of responsibilities and so they are unable to manage activities in each area. (Mandel, 2008)


The children who watch violent movies and play fighting or violent video games for long hours from very early age are more likely to develop delinquent behaviour. Since, in most of Hollywood movies, cartoons and games promotes the elimination of enemies by…. [read more]

Gender-Specific Therapy for Women Prisoners Research Proposal

… Our use of qualitative research will be used to buttress our hypothesis and narrow the question prior to studying the data quantitatively. For example, a focus group might be formed with the purpose of looking at a specific behavioral pattern based a single group or experience. The group makes judgments, remarks, and gives opinion -- all which are qualitative. We would then takes the qualitative data and uses it to form additional hypotheses and to develop a more quantitative approach to the problem. Typically, quantitative research uses larger samples that can be statistically analyzed and verified; while qualitative research uses smaller samples that may be used to generalize research. Our position will be based on time, budget, and approvals for an adequate data set (Cresswell,…. [read more]

Shawshank Redemption ) Film Review

… If anything else, the warden would have been discouraged by the propinquity and ease of filing such suits.

One of the movies' uplifting scenes occurs with Andy's courageous playing of the opera piece of the "Marriage of Figaro" over the public address system for all the inmates to hear well aware of the punishment that he might duly receive for doing so. Inmates are allowed and indeed encouraged to receive cultural stimulus whilst in jail. It is incredible that Andy's playing the music over the system would, nowadays, be penalized. The Bureau of Prison's mission statement (2007) clearly calls for self-improvement activities, as does the U.S. Department of Justice: Office of Justice Programs that stresses the need and benefit of innovative education whilst in jail.…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution in a Prison Setting Term Paper

… Conflict Resolution

Corrections/Police - Criminal Justice

Conflict Resolution in a Prison Setting

As Warden, there are several key aspects to thoroughly consider in a situation, such as the division of staff and its inclusive influence with the division of the prison population. Foremost, the altercations of each identity as purported by each sect of separated staff members or groups, must allocate correctly toward the directive of the outset restrictions upon prisoner and corrections staff. There must be a very clear and definitive line drawn between the staff and the prison population. These restrictions must be outwardly and directly adhered to in order for any further substantiation of addressing the problems surrounding the staff subculture (Gould, 2005).

In taking an interactive approach to addressing this issue,…. [read more]

Wrongful Conviction Review: Henry James Case Study

… "The causes of such disparity are varied and can include differing levels of criminal activity, law enforcement emphasis on particular communities, legislative policies, and/or decision making by criminal justice practitioners who exercise broad discretion in the justice process at one or more stages in the system" (Schrantz et al., 2008). Therefore, people of color are more likely to be involved in the criminal justice system, and, once involved, may be subjected to intentional and unintentional bias that increases their chances of conviction. Furthermore, those who are poor are unable to afford the type of quality legal counsel that people with more substantial means can afford. Many public defenders last the time, training, and resources to mount a successful defense for their clients.

In fact, it…. [read more]

Weightlifting Program in Correctional Institutes Term Paper

… Thus, weight lifting programs introduced by the NCRA are good for rehabilitation and help in management of the inmates. Instead of extensive budget on security, counseling and experts for such purpose, weight lifting has gained popularity because of its cost benefits. Once the investment for the equipment has been made, the correctional institution benefit from it for years (Strength Tech 2003).

Despite these facts, some faction of the society are of the opinion weightlifting has negative effects on correctional management. They argue that the prisoners may develop strengths that eventually lead to their ability to combat with correctional institutes' officials and hence only increase chances of violence rather than diffusing it. Furthermore, since most of these weightlifters form groups when they engage in weightlifting activities,…. [read more]

Forensic Research: The Psychology of the Criminal Research Paper

… Forensic Research: The Psychology of the Criminal Mind

What makes criminals different from "normal" people who do not commit crimes? There is no evidence that the average person never thinks about committing a crime, so it is not the thoughts that cross a person's mind that make the difference between whether he or she will commit a crime or not. However, what the person does with the thought that he or she has acknowledged can be very different. Some people simply ignore the thought, others consider it and then decide that there is too much risk involved. Still other people determine that they can likely get away with the crime, or they decide that they are willing to take the risk, even if they know…. [read more]

Substance Abuse Inside the Prison Term Paper

… The Northern Ireland Prison service recognizes the fact that in order to effectively handle the strategy it would be important to get both statutory as well as non-statutory bodies equally involved, especially those bodies that have special knowledge of the various types of medical, psychological, and social problems that may be posed by drug abuse. This is why the basic backbone of the Strategy, after having taken into account, the importance of creating and then maintaining proper and sufficient relations with Health and Social Services Boards, with the Probation Board for Northern Ireland, and with all the various specialist community groups. In addition, it would always maintain relations with the police, and with the customs, and excise officials, so that the expert knowledge that these…. [read more]

Incarcerated Mentally Ill Patients Research Paper

… Because it remains so prevalent, suicide prevention is usually addressed as a separate issue for prison officials, outside the realm of the mentally ill. However, it is also a clear issue with the mentally ill that requires a written and well documented training program for all staff members, training on intervention, and adequate monitoring and housing after the incident. Most agree that the single most effective way of preventing suicide is to have a robust screening program and training for signs and signals (World Health Organization, 2007).

Treatment of Women Offenders -- The characteristics of women offenders differ from that of men to the point where even if we acknowledge there are inadequate resources in total, both substance abuse and mental illness occur at a…. [read more]

Wrongful Conviction of James Henry Essay

… The officials played significant part in keeping Henry James' hope alive having worked tirelessly for his release since 2005. His 30-year quandary and suffering at the state prison was no easy affair despite appearing to be full of life upon release. He narrated to the curious and inquisitive journalists about his ordeal at the prison for a crime he did not commit (Fisher 2011).

The incarceration must have subjected him to physical and mental torture having spent almost half of his entire life away from family, friends, relative, and acquaintances. Life was clearly tough in prison as there were no good meals, proper sanitation, and general hygiene of inmates. Henry James must have seen one of the worst pages of his life after having braved…. [read more]

Code of Ethics and Military Interrogation Term Paper

… ¶ … Code of Ethics & Military Interrogation of Detainees

Merits, Demerits & Biases of Task Force on Psychological Ethics

Changes in APA Public Policy

Boundaries of the APA Ethical Principles and Psychologists' Involvement in Military Interrogation

APA Code of Conduct & Rights of Patients / Clients

Impact of U.S. Policies on Detainees

Effect of Military Interrogation Culture on Psychologists

Conflicts between U.S. Law & International Law

APA Code of Ethics and Military Interrogation of Detainees

United States interrogation policies and rules regarding detainees have been greatly criticized after discovery of "black site" prisons outside the territory of United States. Where American Psychological Association (APA) has extended its cooperation to law and order agencies with reference to interrogation of war detainees, APA regulations and code…. [read more]

Scott 2001 Thesis

… Institutional Property and Process
The concept of the institution may on the surface seem very simple
and concrete. Particularly, we recognize that this term refers to some
established organizational or cultural framework within which members and
actors will tend to exhibit institutionally endorsed or enforced behaviors,
customs, symbolic considerations and experiential observations derived from
a common basis. But with respect to the notion that institutions are a
considerably important building block in societies and within cultures, it
must recognized that the impact and importance of institutionalization is
far too complex to be understood according to the ideas expressed above.
This is the reason for Scott's article, which is primarily concerned with
the more complex and nuanced considerations for that which 'institutions'
imply. Particularly, Scott is…. [read more]

Policy and Procedure Manual EZ Research Paper

… Psychological reactions, emotional reactions, stress factors

Individuals operating a firearm most are cognizant of emotional instability. Stress often caused individuals to act prematurely. Before firing or engaging a firearm, individuals must undergo a mental assessment. Upon results of this assessment, individuals will be cleared to use a firearm. Every three years, every individual with a firearm must conduct a retest to ensure proper mental stability will operate a concealed weapon.

The aftermath

The aftermath of a shooting event can be very detrimental to all parties involved. This will vary depending on circumstances. The shooter or operators of firearms must be aware and cognizant of the following factors: Death, serious bodily injury, bullet wounds, blood, broken bones, disfigurement, and much more.


The safety of the…. [read more]

Freedom Most of the Existential Essay

… On the contrary, freedom inherent limitations are not just contradictory, but have significance in achieving its related goal. The act itself as manifested in the success of Charles Bronson manifest freedom for the fulfillment of the potentiality of humanity nature.

The devotion of more resources towards freedom necessitates multiple elements as the ultimate human dream as the humanity consummate goal. In some cases, the limitations posed to human freedom are under self-imposition. With such aspects, they have vulnerability to the appropriate adjustments in attitudes and beliefs. The idea of changing beliefs in regards to freedom enables the possibility of achieving the material world. It is of significance considering the purposes of freedom orientation regarding the associating elements that are done through the vantage point of…. [read more]

Psychiatric Patients and Mechanical Restraints Research Paper

… The three most effective forms of therapy involved some degree of patient empowerment, versus focusing on restraining patients or improving the security systems of the facilities, which tended to characterize the least effective treatments.

But the connecting thread between all of the studies was mainly their relatively small nature and the lack of high-quality research on the subject. And in the studies with the greatest reductions in the use of restraint, even the study designers did not make assertive recommendations as to the applicability of the research in widespread clinical settings. (This could also be due to the difficulty of making generalizations about how to treat psychiatric patients, given the profound individuation in terms of the types of treatment required to optimize care at different…. [read more]

Sex Offender (Sex-Related Transgressor Essay

… A transgressor's e-mail addresses, chatroom IDs as well as instant-messaging pen names should be given in to authorities. In Colorado, a transgressor has to re-register when relocating to a brand-new address, transforming their lawful full name, work, volunteer task, recognizing details utilized online or registration condition at a post-secondary university. An online registration listing could be discovered on region internet sites, which recognizes grownup pronounced guilty sex culprits that are sexually-violent killers sentenced of felony sex-related acts, criminal offenses of physical violence or failure to sign up as needed. Legitimately, "anybody that is a sexually intense killer and anyone that is sentenced as a grownup ... has a task to sign up for the rest of his/her life" (Committee of Legal Solutions, 2012). Exemptions to…. [read more]

Offender Re-Entry Project Programs Literature Review

… Offender Re-Entry Program


Offender reentry covers all activities and programs, which help prepare former offenders to return safely in their communities, assimilate and live again as law-abiding citizens (James, 2011). It is, however, unfortunate that some of them eventually go back to prison at the 1994 rate of 2/3 within three years of release. Recidivists, compared with average law-abiding citizens, are less educated, less gainfully employed and more likely to be involved in drug use or with a history of mental illness. These are consequences of incarceration (James). Mass imprisonments in the 1980s and 1990s generated a prisoner reentry crisis and its unpredictable long-term consequences (O'Hear, 2007). Almost all of them eventually re-enter their previous communities where they committed their crimes (O'Hear, 2007).…. [read more]

Sex Offender Therapy in the State of Texas Capstone Project

… Therapy


Sex offender


A sex offender is generally understood as an individual who has committed what is considered to be a sex crime. However, one also has to bear in mind that what constitutes a sex crime varies according to culture and region. The region that will be the focus in this paper is the State of Texas.

As Hazelwood and Warren ( 2000) state in their study of sex offenders and criminal sexual behavior, sex offences are an extremely complex form of human behavior which includes the intricate area of human sexuality as well as the areas of mental disorder and criminality (Hazelwood and Warren, 2000, p. 267).…. [read more]

Delineation of the Research Hypotheses Term Paper

… In a study conducted by Pollack-Byrne (1990), an association was found between female criminalization and abuse, further suggesting the relevance of considering abuse as it impacts the long-term behaviors of women.

Research Hypotheses

The research hypotheses to be investigated within the study include:

Null Hypothesis 1: There are no differences between state and federal female offenders.

Alternative Hypothesis 1: State and federal female offenders will vary on the basis of the types of crimes committed and for which they were charged as well as sentencing and other factors.



Within Chapter Two, a literature review will be provided of relevance to female offenders imprisoned within state and federal prisons within the U.S. Both seminal and current literature will be examined.

History of…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Administration: Corrections Officers Job Satisfactions Thesis

… Criminal Justice Administration: Corrections Officers

Job satisfactions of corrections officers

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the primary duty of corrections officers is to perform the often-stressful work of overseeing individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or who have been convicted of a crime and are sentenced to serve time in a jail, reformatory, or penitentiary. Corrections officers are in charge of monitoring prisoner behavior, ensuring that prisoners do not engage in physical or verbal intimidation in their interactions with one another, or continue their criminal activities behind bars. Officers may also supervise inmates' visits with friends or family members. The satisfactions derived from the occupation, in addition to upholding the law and protecting the safety of the public (as is…. [read more]

African-American Males and the Correlation Between Affective Disorders Substance Abuse and the Criminal Justice System Term Paper

… African-American Males and the Correlation Between Affective Disorders, Substance Abuse, And the Criminal Justice System

Studies Supporting African-American Male Criminal Activity

Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Aggressive Behavior

The Link Between Victimization and Psychopathology

African-American Males and the Correlation Between Affective

Disorders, Substance Abuse and the Criminal Justice System

In recent years a growing body of research suggests that crime is on the rise among the African Male population, and that this crime may result from a variety of social problems including a history of abuse and psychological disorders among the population in question (Gil, et. al, 2004; Coker, 2003; Lloyd & Gil, 2002 Miller, 1997; Having worked within the health care field recently, the researcher noticed a steady increase in the number of African-American…. [read more]

Pelican Bay State Prison: War Zone Essay

… An individual's inability to graduate is caused by the lack of family assistance as needed. Family assistance helps extremely, but when families break, the children suffer most. When the kid is affected with the broken family, he/she will seek support from another source. The support that a kid discovers most of the time is not a good form of assistance. There are groups like big sisters and big brothers who can help a kid in a good way. Unfortunately, they may end up looking for support in gangs and may eventually be initiated into the system. Society is the prime influence on who becomes a criminal because it is not able to reach out to the youngsters that do not have family support (Decker, Alarid…. [read more]

Juvenile Correction Research Paper

… Juvenile Corrections

Before the expansion of the first contemporary juvenile court in 1899, juveniles received trials for violation of the laws in adult criminal courts (Siegel 2009, 699). The upshots were devastating as children got treated as criminal offenders and usually sentenced to adults prisons. Although the following passage of state legislation forming juvenile courts eliminated the problem faced by juvenile tried as adults, the juvenile justice system never acknowledged that some forms of behaviors required that juvenile receive adult trial. Presently, most American jurisdictions offer through law for waiver or transfer, of juvenile offenders to the criminal courts.

In its fundamental form, the choice of whether to waive a juvenile to criminal or adult court requires a transfer hearing. The statutory criteria formed by…. [read more]

Children Being Charged as Adults Essay

… Juveniles are not yet capable of existing within adult circumstances, "as they are still works in progress" (Maroney 1). There are laws outside of correctional facilities that keep juveniles separate from adult situations and activities. For instance, they cannot vote or smoke legally until they reach the adult age of 18, and cannot drink legally until 21 years of age. If we, as a society, are going to have laws in place outside of a prison context that keep adults and children separate, it would make no sense to abandon these rules and regulations within our punitive systems.

Another major reason why juveniles should not be tried as adults is because there is already a supportive punitive system in place to deal with the intricate…. [read more]

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