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Physical Education Lesson Plan Term Paper

… Divide the students into specific groups where they can discuss and make decisions about reaching their goal.

Each member of each team is given a scooter and then they are randomly scattered against the gym walls; the garbage cans and other such equipment is also scattered throughout the gym.

The overall challenge is for team members to scramble using their scooter, while collecting equipment (one at a time) and place the equipment in the garbage can which is labeled with the color of their jersey. All members must collect equipment, one piece at a time, while using their scooter and place the equipment in the garbage can which is marked with their colored jersey. When there is no more equipment left on the gym floor,…. [read more]

Lesson Plan Primary Sources Basic Information Essay

… Lesson Plan

Primary Sources

Basic Information:

This lesson will be divided into five discrete parts, all lead by myself the appointed teacher. The primary focus of this lesson is the successful identification and use of primary sources.

Instructional Setting:

This lesson will take place in the classroom as well as in the school library. Should there be additional time, or should the students not appear to be understanding what a primary source is then a short trip to the town historical society could be added to the program. The students will all perform at grade level and there will be a class of approximately twenty students present.


The primary objective of this lesson is to teach students not only how to identify primary sources…. [read more]

Education and the Teacher-Learner Relationship Term Paper

… "Research is clear that adult intelligence is reliant upon how well the brain has been shaped by experiences through life. These experiences, which are gained in a variety of ways by adults, must be stored in the memory areas of the brain and made available for recall when the need arises" (Wilson, 2006). So much of a person's life experience is the result of education, and if that educational experience is a negative one, which fails to acknowledge and validate personal differences in learning styles and philosophies, then the adult will equate learning with something negative.

Generally, I intend to take a pragmatic approach to education and use hands-on learning methods to help students incorporate and develop knowledge. However, that approach will borrow heavily from…. [read more]

Lesson Plan First Grade Lesson Plans Halloween Essay

… Lesson Plan

First Grade Lesson Plans

Halloween Collage Projects: Culture and family

In this lesson, the students will learn about the traditions of Halloween, the history of the holiday, and how their families' celebration of the holiday might differ form that of their peers and in the observable culture around them.


Large pieces of butcher paper (one per each group of 4-5 students), glue, safety scissors, large supply of magazines, old Halloween decorations, and other sources of collage material.

Instructional Input

Instructor will begin by asking who is ready for Halloween, and what the people in the class are dressing up as. Then segue into discussion of the origins of Halloween (All Saint's Day) and discuss similarities between differences and similarities in modern celebrations.…. [read more]

Lesson Plan Ecd Lesson Plan: Progressive Preschool Term Paper

… Lesson Plan

ECD Lesson Plan: Progressive Preschool Education

Developmental Level

The rate of a child's development is impacted as much by its environmental surroundings as by its individual capabilities. With the right lesson plan and support structure, it is possible to facilitate the proper dual education and socialization in a preschool child, thus encouraging the appropriate development of physical, emotional and cognitive abilities. It is largely up to the teacher to create a suitable setting for the realization of these faculties. The preschool setting can be a key role-player in shaping the early capabilities of children toward all manner of learning. By offering children the first of such settings, which demands the refinement of social instincts, promotes the composition of problem-solving skills and demands participation…. [read more]

Special Education Teacher Roles in Inclusion Research Paper

… More care also needs to be taken to ensure that differently abled students adapt seamlessly to their new environments. Lastly, the ideal regular teacher will need to balance their attention between the differently abled students and the abled students to ensure that the education of the regular students does not suffer. As is evident in the statements made above, teachers will need to retrain to get the new values, skills, knowledge, and attitude needed to successfully carry out their new duties and responsibilities.


Inclusive education can be a game changer in our educational system. It gives an opportunity to disabled learners and special needs learners to get the same kind of education their abled counterparts have been getting. It also enables them…. [read more]

Physical Education Fourth Grade the School's Emphasis Term Paper

… Physical Education

Fourth Grade

The school's emphasis for the fourth grade physical education was to acquire, improve and demonstrate fundamental motor skills and continue the building up of manipulative skills and movement experiences from third grade. In addition, cognitive concepts related to body movement are to allow the children to demonstrate positive attitudes toward healthy lifestyles and physical activities.

By this time, the fourth grade students should be able to model the expected behavior for the physical education setting. They should understand safe practices, following rules, and listening to procedures during instruction. The importance of teamwork and cooperation are reinforced through large group activities even more than previous years. The physical education structure follows a step-by-step instruction and activity, from simple to complex. The physical…. [read more]

Education - Classroom Management Relationship Term Paper

… For instance, letting them know that they can ask questions by raising their hands can help them learn better than when they are hindered from learning something they did not understand because they do not know if it's acceptable to ask questions.

State Needed Materials and Explain Additional Resources. During activities, for instance, informing students which useful materials they can use with their worksheets can facilitate their process of learning rather than letting them figure out what to use. Being unknowledgeable of a task can lead a student to boredom.

Further teaching strategies indicated by Chesapeake Institute and The Widmeyer Group of Washington, D.C. are: use of audio-visual materials, checking student performance, asking probing questions, performing on-going student evaluation, helping students self-correct their own mistakes,…. [read more]

Lesson for Children With Learning Research Paper

… I will ensure regular use of attention seekers, such as mentioning the student name in a question, in the material covered (Muir, 2013). Additionally, keeping proximity to the student, incorporating discussions and class participation from all students, which will help motivate the dyscalculia student and give him courage. Additionally, I will note the alternation of physical and mental activities during the lesson and regulate the length of the assignments and lessons. Lastly, employing student tutoring from peers will also accommodate the needs of this student.


In view of this lesson plan, the activities will engage all students inclusively, as the act governing education in classrooms dictates; that learning in the classroom should not favor given students and discriminate others. The grade level expectation, which…. [read more]

Special Education Classrooom Essay

… The teacher and teacher assistants worked well transitioning the students from subject to subject and activity to activity. The whole class participated in a soccer game as part of Physical Education in the multipurpose room. The students particularly enjoy when the teaching staff in their classroom play along with them. It deepens the level of participation and enjoyment for the students. The teachers in the room responded to conflict calmly and logically. They applied principles of ABA such as planned ignoring and negative punishment very well.

There is frequent communication among the teachers in the room with each other and with the various specialists that visit the classroom. The teachers take turns writing notes in the each student's communication notebook designated for daily messages between…. [read more]

Professional Development Plan the Design Essay

… ¶ … Professional Development Plan

The design of professional development should be a result of a district's professional development planning process. It is best done as part of a comprehensive district plan in which the planning process includes, at a minimum, a collection of needs assessment data, i.e. student and teaching staff needs; root cause identification; proposed activities; identification of resources; and proposed evaluation of the impact of planned activities/approaches. Hence, this professional development planning process is dynamic, reflecting teaching staff and student performance benchmarks of increasing rigor as skill levels are attained. Enhanced teaching and learning is the foundation upon which individuals and districts should plan the content of all professional development.

Mindset, Learning Environment & Differentiation


Create a warm and inviting environment…. [read more]

Science Education Essay

… Misconceptions in science are common, especially among children, who are continuously learning about the world around them and the way things work. In a multi-cultural classroom, using different ways of knowing in an integrated way can help to enhance students' learning experience and also help them to learn more accurate information more quickly.

Learning takes place in a much more effective way when more than one sense is engaged. It is therefore vital for teachers to understand that a pedagogical framework should include not only creating a theoretical basis for further knowledge, but also a practical component rather than simply theoretical building blocks for creating further information and learning.

The framework I used for my lesson on light and shadow is an integrated interactive one…. [read more]

Education: Teaching Math to Students With Disabilities Term Paper

… Student Websites

There also are a number of websites that are specifically geared towards assisting students with or without disabilities at all grades deal with math topics that they do not understand. Five of these have been outlined below.

i) The Alberta Government Website:

This site provides registered users with easily understandable resources/reading materials and assessment questions on lesson topics of their choice. A new user has to register for an account, in which they provide information on, among other things, their grade. Once the account has been created, the user logs in and selects a lesson topic from study skills, current events, geography, math, or reading. The site then avails relevant books and simplified reading materials on the requested topic, and a set…. [read more]

Lesson Plan - Nurses Term Paper

… 14, Issue 4, pp. 503 -- 508

Sharma, S.; Sastri, O.; Ahluwalia, P.K.; (2010) Design of instructional objectives of undergraduate solid state physics course: A first step to physics education research, AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 1263, Issue 1, pp. 171 -- 174

Tschannen, D. & Kalisch, B.J.; (2009) The impact of nurse/physician collaboration on patient length of stay, Journal of Nursing Management, Vol. 17, Issue 7, pp. 796 -- 803

Wittmann-Price, R.A. & Fasolka, B.J.; (2010) Objectives and outcomes: The fundamental difference, Nursing Education Perspectives, Vol. 31, Issue 4, pp. 233 -- 236

The collaboration teaching strategy makes a lot of sense to me. I have always believed that each individual can add some bit of knowledge to the group-based either on experience, education or…. [read more]

New York State Education Department's Special Term Paper


The New York City Department of Education is responsible for providing high-quality educational services to well over a million students in the New York City school system, and a significant percentage of these students have profound learning disabilities that require individualized and specialized services. Because an enormous amount of scarce resources are being allocated for these educational services, it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of these interventions over time. To this end, this paper reviews the relevant literature to determine the extent to which federal and state mandates are being satisfied and an evaluation concerning the effectiveness of the New York City Education Department's special education services in meeting the needs of its students…. [read more]

Communications and Technology in Education Essay

… When educators utilize technology in the classroom that is fundamentally interactive, the students engage with each other, the curriculum content, the teacher, the environment, and with their education on much deeper, more profound, and meaningful levels. Connection to the curriculum makes for authentic forms of experiential learning:

Connection-building will require new forms of authentic learning -- forms that cut across disciplines and bring students into meaningful contact with the future employers, customers, clients, and colleagues who will have the greatest stake in their success. Without a doubt, technology will play an essential supporting role. (Lombardi, 2007,-Page 2)

My CCTP necessitates that the technology in the classroom makes learning more social fostering independence as well as interdependency and interactivity with one's community in the physical world…. [read more]

Democratic Education Question Essay

… Why do you think neoliberalism has become the dominant discourse of education, despite the fact that Finland seems to go against most of the tenets of neoliberalist education and yet scores so well on the PISA tests? Is it the inevitable way that the world is moving and education needs to adapt, or are there other models that should be considered for teaching and learning?



Wendy Brown (2003) states that neoliberalism equated with a radically free market where "maximized competition and free trade achieved through economic de-regulation, elimination of tariffs, and a range of monetary and social policies favourable to business and indifferent toward poverty, social deracination, cultural decimation, long-term resource depletion and environmental destruction." (Brown, 2003, p. 2)

So neoliberalism can be…. [read more]

Bip a Behavioral Intervention Plan Research Paper

… In order to facilitate communication working with this student with key code words or short phrases such as "mad" or "lonely" along with the use of visual stimuli can help the subject communicate. The use of breaks, short directions that involve visual, auditory, and tactical input will be effective. Reinforcement should be used frequently. Frequently switching tasks and breaking down tasks will be extremely important (Vismara & Rogers, 2010).


Three target behaviors for intervention in school were identified for a young autistic male following a functional assessment of his behavior. The assessment period was very short and the intervention plan should be flexible. Primary interventions include reinforcement for modeled behaviors, time outs for aggression, and breaking down tasks with breaks. It should be noted…. [read more]

Special Education Term Paper

… McConnell (2000) confirms that early childhood special education and early intervention can greatly improve the academic careers of students with learning disabilities. McConnell asserts that early childhood intervention is designed to improve competencies, skills and to aid children and their families in making the proper educational adjustments. (McConnell 2000)

McConnell writes that many early childhood education assessment practices have been historically connected to intervention approaches. The article goes on to state that many of the initial intervention practices begin in the 60's and 70's. During theses decades professionals utilized developmental and task analytic checklist to assess the students' ability level. They also used close point evaluation to develop a curriculum of intervention. (McConnell 2000)

McConnell goes on to explain that many teachers during this era…. [read more]

Classroom Management, and Organization Plan Term Paper

… Gardner gives proof of this by giving example of the high spatial abilities of the Puluwat people of the Caroline Islands, who use these skills to navigate their canoes in the ocean. He also suggested the example of the Japanese society where balance of personal intelligences is required. Gardner further recommended that for learning individuals should be encouraged to use their preferred intelligences. Along with that instructional activities should be such as one, which would appeal to different levels of intelligence. As a result it is essential to assess learning should measure multiple levels of intelligence. Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences is in a position to understand the varying abilities and talents of students. It provides a theoretical foundation for the understanding. The theory provides…. [read more]

Professional Development Plan Research Paper

… Professional Development Plan

One of the modern influences in teaching is the idea of differentiation. Differentiation refers to the teaching to the individual child and is responsive teaching that responds to learner's needs (Sousa & Tomlinson, 2011). Many different educational approaches promise differentiation, but effective differentiation requires teachers to incorporate three approaches in their teaching styles. The first approach is to use structured content, which requires a quality curriculum and meaningful assessment. The second approach is to be mindful of their individual students, which requires establishing relationships with each of the individual students. The third and final approach is for teachers to look at which elements in their classroom allow them freedom to tailor their content to their students, which requires classroom management skills (Sousa…. [read more]

Classroom Management Class Room Essay

… Two other very important points that I realized while reading this chapter where that highlighting your student strengths and communicating your believe I them. The other important thing that I learned was giving alternative or choices to your students. By giving choices, I am sure that I will be able to guide my students more effectively.

Differences and important characteristics of standards, rules and procedures

Standards, rules and procedures are the terms that are used interchangeably. However, these terms are quite distinct in nature. In teaching, these three terms hold extreme importance.

Standards are a benchmark that a teacher sets for her student to achieve. Rules are mandatory. They are the code of conduct which the students have to abide. Procedures are a method through…. [read more]

Physical Education Teacher Term Paper

… This describes a continuum, where at one extreme is the direct, teacher-led approach and at the other lies a much more open-ended and student-centered style where the teacher acts only in a facilitative role.

The teaching styles are:

1. Style A Command - teacher makes all decisions

2. Style B. Practice - Students carry out teacher-prescribed tasks

3. Style C. Reciprocal - Students work in pairs: one performs, the other provides feedback

4. Style D. Self-check - Students assess their own performance against criteria

5. Style E. Inclusion - Teacher planned. Student monitors own work.

6. Style F. Guided Discovery - Students solve teacher set movement problems with assistance

7. Style G. Divergent - Students solve problems without assistance from the 8. Style H. Individual…. [read more]

Biggest Decisions a Professional Educator Essay

… The only way a student can truly be helped is when all of these different people work well together.

Therefore, I would like to pursue a career in special education because I believe I have an innate understanding of the process and the effort required to help students with disabilities. I also believe that working with such students presents the biggest challenge and therefore gives educators the greatest reward when success is achieved. My philosophy of education is that when given the adequate tools and preparation, anyone can learn virtually any subject if they are so motivated. A number of students in special education either need the motivation or need the tools and preparation to help them succeed in education. I believe I can supply…. [read more]

Education Term Paper

… This completely contradicts Noddings' approach to early childhood development as previously believed.

Aristotle lived in a time where man was defined as courageous. Men were warriors, great statesmen and taught to be fearless. "The most fearful thing of all is death; for it is the end, and it is assumed for the dead there is no good or evil any more" (Thomson, 1976, p. 127) and for a man to face death and survive was a great accomplishment. As a result men pursued the noblest ways of dying such as in warfare or at sea. How does this cultural element influence his argument? It is possible because of this notion the environment provides different opportunities for learning. Also it seems the notion of caring is…. [read more]

Education Instructional Design Term Paper

… The key for the teacher is to provide unique differentiating techniques mixed with love and patience. As long as lesson plans and teaching aids take into consideration the various facts associated with a students Psychomotor, cognitive, affective and social abilities, differentiating instruction will be the result.


In conclusion, this portfolio narrative presented insights into my combined ten years of field work experience in the teaching profession. My professional focus was on helping special needs and special education students with the same high level of educational values as was being provided for the rest of the student population. I worked in a private school and was, given unique and delightfully interesting memories and insights into the educational process. I have also had the opportunity to…. [read more]

Educational Theories Guiding Educational Experience Essay

… It is, therefore, vital that teachers save their students from psychological strain caused by the absence from lecturers. Situations like strikes keep teachers away from teaching their students who are in need of their guidance, and that leaves the students in remote conditions, which do not permit them to have an evaluator assessing their performance and encouraging them forward (Carbonneau, Vallerand, Fernet & Guay, 2008).

As teachers absence increases, perceived psychological distance increases because of lack of interaction. Teachers must develop an interest in the learning of their students by giving them the due attention, which they deserve. However, in the absence of teachers, in the learning process, teacher student interaction is overtaken by student-student interaction as it happened in our case. Student content interaction…. [read more]

British Education System a Scheme Essay

… Time management plays an essential role in ensuring that there is proper allocation of time in all the topics in the course outline. With regards to this, design of my scheme of work is that it makes sure that there is enough time to handle every topic successfully. In addition, proper allocation of time when designing a scheme of work helps in estimating the total amount of time required to complete a particular course.

Textbooks are an essential part of learning any course. Textbooks assist the teacher as well as students in getting necessary materials concerning their course. On the side of the teachers, the textbook assists the teachers to get more information in various topics that are in the course outline. In addition, textbooks…. [read more]

Differentiated Curriculum Lesson Plan Assessment Essay

… Differentiated Curriculum

Lesson Plan Assessment

The Lesson Plan selected from the Discovery Education site is a two session plan designed with the flexibility to appeal to grades 3 through 5. As this corresponds with the grade in which I provide instruction, and also as it center on a subject matter that is both central to our curriculum and to my own passions, the How Green is Your Community? ( lesson plan is particularly appealing. Because conservation, sustainable living and environment conscientiousness have all become central issues to our way of life, they must naturally be central to the education of our children from an early age.

The structure of the lesson plan is an excellent one in terms of helping students to remain aware of…. [read more]

No Child Left Behind Act Thesis

… Education - NCLB Problems

RECONSIDERING the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND CONCEPT Background and History of the No Child Left Behind Act: Education reform in the United States is not a new idea. In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson enacted the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and during the administration of George H. Bush, the first President Bush promised, among other things, that by the turn of the century, all American school-aged children would have the benefit of comprehensive quality educational programming and improved nutritional and healthcare access to facilitate their learning in school. President G.H. Bush went so far as to promise that improved focus on American education would go so far by then as to also provide the training necessary for the parents of preschoolers…. [read more]

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