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Physical Activity Sociological Essay

… The information provided on socialization into sport has profound implications concerning readiness for participation in organized sport (Maddison, Jiang, Vander Hoorn, Ni Mhurchu, Exeter, Utter, 2010). Children who come from families that value and participate in sport-related activities with their children would be expected to have a higher degree of readiness for participation in organized sport than those who do not. Children who are adequately socialized into the role of an athlete often accept this role willingly. There are, of course, exceptions to this broad generalization.

There are several ways in which socialization acts to help affect the readiness of a child for organized sport participation. Socialization through modeling and actual participation in sport-related activities would increase children's knowledge of the activity, make them less…. [read more]

Promoting Physical Activity in Elementary-School Aged Children Research Paper

… Promoting Physical Activity in Elementary-School Aged Children: What Parents Can Do

By now, everyone understands that childhood obesity is a serious problem, and it almost impossible to overstate the seriousness of that problem. "Over the past 20 years, obesity rates in U.S. children and youth have skyrocketed. Among children ages 6 to 11, 15.8% are overweight (?95th percentile body mass index [BMI] for age) and 31.2% are overweight or at risk for overweight (?85th percentile BMI for age)" (Pate et al., 2011). These rates increase as children age, so that overweight children are very likely to grow into overweight adults. Even more problematic is that these rates continue to grow. If current trends continue, "in children, the prevalence of overweight…will nearly double by 2030" (Yang…. [read more]

Physical Education Lesson Plan Term Paper

… Divide the students into specific groups where they can discuss and make decisions about reaching their goal.

Each member of each team is given a scooter and then they are randomly scattered against the gym walls; the garbage cans and other such equipment is also scattered throughout the gym.

The overall challenge is for team members to scramble using their scooter, while collecting equipment (one at a time) and place the equipment in the garbage can which is labeled with the color of their jersey. All members must collect equipment, one piece at a time, while using their scooter and place the equipment in the garbage can which is marked with their colored jersey. When there is no more equipment left on the gym floor,…. [read more]

Patterns of Physical Activity Research Paper

… The reason for this most likely a result of greater socialization towards sports in males vs. females and differential developmental factors. In addition, elementary school physical education curricula that implemented more vigorous activities were shown to result in greater beneficial attitudes towards exercise in all children as well as an obvious increase in their physical activity levels (Luepker, Perry, McKinlay, et al., 1996). Thus, positive early exposure to exercise fosters continued physical activity in childhood and adulthood.

There have been a number of studies investigating the personal and social variables that are associated with levels of childhood exercise. Van Der Horst et al. (2007) reviewed all the published literature between January of 1999 and January of 2005 and using strict criteria found a number of…. [read more]

Child Prodigies Term Paper

… Child Prodigies

The objective of this work is to take a position on whether there should be a set age limit for a child prodigy to attend college. This work will take the position that there should be an age limit of seventeen (17) years of age as the writer of this work feels that for children to start college any sooner they are missing out of socialization aspects of life and thereby rendered socially dysfunctional.

The word prodigy derives from the Latin prodigium, meaning:

omen or portent, a harbinger of change. It also means something that violates the natural order." (Hartigan, 2005)

Hartigan (2005) relates: "History has been kind to some prodigies - think Mozart or Einstein. At the same time, society has been…. [read more]

Physical Activity in Contemporary Society Term Paper

… Physical Activity in Contemporary Society

In the cartoon "The Answer to Youth Obesity," the artist makes an obvious statement regarding the nature of one America's biggest problems. He portrays an extremely overweight child sitting at his kitchen table with his skinny mother. He has a distressed look on his face signaling his annoyance at the healthy foods which sit in front of him. His mother is attempting to soothe his distress by explaining that "so you'll make a smaller target at school." This represents the idea of curbing unhealthy ways of raising our children, not for their health, but for social acceptance. It is an ugly truth that obese youth have to deal with being ostracized by their peers.

The problem of youth obesity can…. [read more]

Fitness Article Review

… ¶ … Fitness

Over the last several years, the obesity epidemic has been continually brought to the forefront, as an increasing number of Americans are being affected by this health condition. Part of the reason for this, is the obvious in lifestyle choices that individual are making. Yet when you look beyond this standard explanation, there are a number of different factors that could be affecting, why someone is suffering from obesity (mainly a lack of exercise) As the combination of diet along with the lack of physical activity, are causing the number of obese and overweight people to increase dramatically. To determine why so many are suffering from this condition the article, A Review of Physical Activity in Children and Adolescents, seeks to understand…. [read more]

Resources for Health PE and Fitness Activities Task and Rubric Term Paper

… Physical Education


Using the Internet, a physical education teacher can work to promote a healthy, fitness-focused lifestyle with his or her school class by having the kids create blogs that documents their fitness activities. This is a unique way to incorporate writing and technology skills with forcing the students to document their fitness activities.

Promoting walking to school is an excellent method of incorporating fitness into one's daily routine. As the majority of students are unable to drive, walking is a realistic option.

Putting together regular fitness events for the school, both inside and outside of P.E. class, is a method of adding a unique twist of fun and competition to the idea of being physically active. Each event can focus on a specific…. [read more]

Integrating Children With Autism Article Review

… The children are the future, and even children who have severe handicaps can have purpose and can receive joy. With that in mind, it was concluded that the ability to play with other children had an effect on the quality of life of the handicapped children. (Schleien, et al., 1987). These children were also more likely to feel happier and avoid inappropriate behavior if they felt more accepted by their peers. The way that they were treated by the other children made a difference in how they reacted to stimuli and how much they cooperated with one another and with the other children. Additionally, it also affected how they reacted to instructions and rules, and how they felt about being told to do something or…. [read more]

Controversial Mass Media Argument Research Proposal

… Children and Television

Violence in American society is a public health problem, according to author W. James Potter, who researched hundreds of existing empirical studies about violence (Potter, 1999, p. 1). Potter claims that "most" of the 2,000 teenagers in a national survey said they had a degree of fear for crime and violence that affects their "everyday behavior" (Potter 1). The author blames the media -- and in particular television -- and asks (Potter 2) "…What strategies can we use to protect children from the negative effects of exposure to violence" on television? This paper reviews current literature relating to several problems connected to excessive television watching by children including: excessive violence; obesity and a lack of fitness; dissatisfaction with one's physical appearance (that…. [read more]

Child Custody Family Law Thesis

… This is employed as an alternative to having a child testify directly. The therapist cannot testify on behalf of the child, but can account to the court his interpretation of information gathered from sessions with the child. Psychologists must not give opinions regarding the physiological functioning of individuals who they have not personally evaluated, which implies that the therapist cannot give an opinion of the parents of children if they have not evaluated the parent's themselves. A few ways in which information is gathered includes in-home visits, one on one sessions, and observational methods; or any combination of the various techniques.

The use of counseling is a topic of heated debate with both serious ethical and financial concerns. Some claim counseling is ineffective because children…. [read more]

Physical Fitness in Children Research Proposal

… The results of studies on aerobic capacity and fitness in children and adolescents suggest that physical fitness needs to be placed in the lower priority than developing healthy exercise habits that will continue into an adult. As children grow they will gain size and strength. Children were found to be able to increase muscular strength in response to resistance training and these responses were found to be similar to that found in adults (Fisher, 2009).

Measures of short boost fitness, including the Wingate bike test and 40-50 meter sprints demonstrated that children exhibit lower scores in short burst of this than adults. This phenomenon is not completely understood, but it is suspected to be associated with limited utilization of the anaerobic glycolytic energy pathway, shorter…. [read more]

Physical Fitness Thesis

… Physical Fitness Research

Proposal for Research Concerning a Fitness-Based Intervention With Childhood Obesity

Personal Meaningfulness:

The problem of obesity has worsened in recent years as Americans have tended culturally to engage in less physical activity, to eat less nutritionally and to lead generally sedentary lifestyles. The result is a set of negative health indicators that become evident early in life such as juvenile diabetes, increased risk of heart disease and diminishing physical dexterity. Therefore, the research conducted here makes as its primary focus the positive implications of regular physical activity and exercise, drawing a connection between physical activity and reduced tendencies toward obesity. As one who has witnessed first hand in family members and loved ones the myriad negative health realities connected to obesity, I…. [read more]

Fitness Trends: Dvds and Their Research Paper

… Still other DVD series have specifically crafted their appeal around promoting the purchase of an item which then can be used in conjunction with the DVD's fitness program. "For instance, the Bosu Cardio Fusion video uses the Bosu for an aerobic workout. The Bosu is half a stability ball with a dome side and a platform side. And sales of elastic resistance training DVDs have been increasing due to numerous products marketing these as a solution for anyone who is short on time and money" (Kaczanowska 13). Although these equipment-based programs can be 'fads' they can experience a brief upsurge in popularity due to the novelty factor which alleviates boredom for consumers and the appeal of getting additional gear in conjunction with a workout DVD.…. [read more]

Physical Education the Importance Term Paper

… Many of the causes of obesity are ones that are combated through the education and activity of a well designed physical education program. While it is a difficult issue for many parents to address, it is important to identify children with weight management problems. In adults, the Body Mass Index (or BMI) formula is used by physicians to determine if the person is overweight, but this simple measurement is not appropriate for children; other factors such as the rate of growth, sex, and age must also be used, and generally a doctor or dietitian is needed to make a definitive decision regarding whether or not the child is a healthy weight for their height. (BUPA 2004) A couple general rules of thumb can be used,…. [read more]

Children in Sports From a Biopsychosocial Perspective Book Review

… Children in Sports; From a Biopsychosocial Perspective

Children and Youth in Sport: a Biopsychosocial Perspective by Frank Smoll and Ronald E. Smith is a comprehensive sports psychology book that focuses on children and their participation in sports from a physical, psychological and social perspective. The authors discuss how there is a strong tendency in our society to view participation in sports in a most favorable light. Children are encouraged to participate in organized youth sports programs because these programs are thought to promote such fundamental values as character, teamwork, determination, and commitment. However, this bias toward regarding sports involvement in a positive manner can be troublesome if it blinds us to recognizing that problems exist.

In recent years we have come to realize that some…. [read more]

Fitness Business Case Study

… ¶ … fitness business in Australia

The society of the modern day era is undergoing important changes, obvious at all aspects of life. For most individuals, jobs occupy the large majority of their time and they are often sedentary; time to cook and engage in other leisure activities is decreased, resulting as such in additional pressures for the health of individual. Still, more and more individuals recognize these pressures of modern day's life style and strive to counter act them with physical exercise. In Australia then, the fitness facilities are becoming more and more popular (Fitness Australia, 2012).

The Ella Fitness Studio is a small size exercise facility which provides services in a single studio and addresses the local neighborhood. The company has been operating…. [read more]

Developmental Process Presentation Thesis

… Child Development of Six and Ten-Year-Olds

According to the Center for Disease Control, childhood development is crucial both for the individual child and for society. An individual who is not provided with the resources he or she needs to develop properly will have trouble succeeding in life on a personal level. In addition, a society's cost of caring for those who do not develop normally is often discussed as an important consequence of those who do not provide for an environment for development. Thus, parents, teachers, and other people who work with children need to be aware of developmental stages, as interventions can be sought for those whose developmental problems are detected early. An examination of the development of children at ages six and ten…. [read more]

Physical Education the Corporal Gesture Term Paper

… Physical Education

The corporal gesture as a result of muscles of the body amounting to utilization of energy is referred to as the physical activity. The physical idleness in U.S. is a mater of great concern. As per the estimates about fifty percent of the U.S. individuals do not cater to the required levels of normal physical activity and about 25% do not involve in relaxation physical activity. Physical idleness is more noticeable in case of the poor and low educated and starts at the period of youth that influences the females intensively than that of the males. A typical prototype of idleness starts at the early childhood being referred to as sedentism that makes the improvement of physical exercises essential for the young ones.…. [read more]

Children's Ergonomics in UK Leisure Centres Term Paper

… Children's Ergonomics in UK Recreation Centres

Recreation is a very important part of human life. It is an important way to alleviate stress and reconnect with the body's need for relaxation and non-work related physical activity. This is why it is also vital to ensure that all sectors of the community can benefit from their use of recreation centres. Recreation centres, as places of business, should therefore focus on the specific needs of the diverse societies they serve. Hence age, disability issues, and dependents should be taken into account when designing recreation centres.

Ergonomic Needs

Specific people taking advantage of a recreation centre's services may for example include: children of various age groups, adults of various…. [read more]

Physical Privacy Essay

… Physical Privacy

In many sports today, steroids have become a major issue. Particularly in the Olympic sports, drug tests have been implemented on a regular basis to ensure that all athletes perform at their best rather than at the level of a performance-enhancing drug. Illegal performance-enhancing drugs provide users with an unfair opportunity to outperform their fellow-athletes. Hence, in the decision to outlaw these drugs have been made in the interest of fair competition in sports. Yet sports professionals continue to abuse these types of drugs, despite their knowledge of laws to the contrary. The recent case of baseball player Alex Rodriguez is just one example of many, in which sports professionals are using drugs to enhance their performance.

In a recent conference with the…. [read more]

President Kennedy's Contribution to Physical Education Term Paper

… President Kennedy's Contribution To Physical Education

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, we have felt that there was a close relationship between a strong, vital mind and physiological fitness.

-John F. Kennedy (Gatterman 2007)

Through example, President John F. Kennedy led the nation in the awareness of the need for physical fitness reform and was the reason for the advent of physical education in schools. President Kennedy was the driving force in strengthening the President's Council on Youth Fitness, later named the President's Council on Physical Fitness and now called the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, instrumented by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. President Kennedy, acting on letters from children and military leaders, sought to make Americans more physically fit and teach the…. [read more]

Physical Activity Research Paper

… As the author states: "The most effective strategies to increase children's levels of physical activity and improve movement skills in physical education were direct instruction teaching methods and providing teachers with sufficient and ongoing professional development in using these physical education (PE) instruction methods" (Dudley, 2011, pp. 353).

The articles reviewed thus far seem to have things in common. The first one focused on why girls may not want to participate in physical activities. The second sought to determine what may improve participation. The third remarks on direct instruction. All three although different share the common thread of practice. Physical activity needs to be practiced repetitively in order to yield positive results.

Many girls who do not like physical education and do not participate in…. [read more]

Unstructured Play and Child's Development Research Paper

… This requires a review of the current child education curriculum to incorporate effectively the child development needs putting too much emphasis on educational needs. The policy on child education needs to enforce the need for the child's exposure to unstructured play and come up with advocacy programs. The advocacy programs should target to enlighten parents and school administrators and child caregivers on the need and benefits for unstructured out-door child play.

Community leaders and policy makers should take up initiative to set aside community playgrounds amidst the growing scarcity land areas due to developments in housing. The policy makers and the community leaders should also take up measures that will guarantee safety within these grounds for children to utilize them. The need to encourage parents…. [read more]

Comprehensive Proposal for Development of an Early Childhood Education Program Research Paper

… ¶ … Early Childhood Educational Center

Program's center vision statement

The vision of the multicultural childhood center (MCC) is to structure a learning program that, whilst generally informative and inspiring, is individually catered to the character and potentialities of each child.

It aims to integrate families and the various ethnic communities into this education. It also aims to approach the child's education from a holistic perspective, integrating all senses and tools into providing a challenging and developmentally appropriate curriculum. It furthermore aims to maintain a safe and protective environment and will consistently endeavor to reflect on and augment its practices.

Mission statement

The multicultural childhood center (MCC) sees all children, regardless of race and ethnic origin, as being individuals and worthy of respect and opportunities…. [read more]

Juvenile Delinquency Term Paper

… Evaluation involves accessing the parent's medical records, police, and court orders, including other psychological reports, and the neighborhood. Evaluation of a neighborhood is necessary because it molds a child. Every assessment scrutinized to determine whether the parent is in any way responsible for the delinquent behaviors in their children. Evaluation of the parent together with the child is necessary, and the court sends an evaluator. It involves an observation between the interactions of the two to ascertain the relationship that exists between them. Evaluation of the child helps to establish whether the two go along well. Parental relationship is important in solving delinquency problems (Beverly, 2011). If a bad relationship between the two, possibilities are delinquency started from that point. The evaluator is allowed to…. [read more]

History of the American Playground Movement Term Paper

… Physical Education

History of the American Playground Movement

In 1885 the Massachusetts Emergency and Hygiene Association (MEHA) positioned a mound of sand in the backyard of the Parmenter Street Chapel, a mission in Boston's North End. The mound became known as a sand garden, and its point was to give a managed play spot for the immigrant children in the direct neighborhood. In the beginning, an average of fifteen children came to the sand garden an average of three days per week. The administrators took the occasion to encourage pleasing moral behavior throughout play (Dickason, 2004).

The sand garden turned into such a well-liked attraction for the area kids that the next year MEHA constructed three additional ones. In 1887 the agenda extended to eleven…. [read more]

Social Network and Its Effects Research Paper

… The greatest proof analyzing how personal computer use influences kids' constructs on the researches of TV revolves around physical results and violent or aggressive material. The proof on physical impacts connects the inactive nature of computer use to an enhanced threat of weight problems and medical concerns caused due to the reactions in the brain. Kids need to restrict their time with media and need to be instructed to utilize computer systems securely to stay clear of the kinds of eye, back, and wrist injuries that have actually afflicted grownup users. In addition, the proof on violent or aggressive material links exposure to violent or aggressive video game to the development of enhanced aggressive habits. More powerful actions are required by policymakers and software application…. [read more]

Physical Therapy: Measurement Evaluation Essay

… The types of tests that the physical therapist performs will vary from patient to patient. When dealing with a patient with a sports injury, for example, the assessment may entail sports-specific diagnostic techniques, since the goal of the therapy may be to ensure that the patient can return to the playing field as soon as possible. For a child with special challenges, the test may encompass both physical and mental evaluations, as might be the case for an elderly adult suffering dementia.

Over the course of treatment, the physical therapist will regularly track patient improvement in specific and general functions of movement. The therapist will conduct a needs assessment to determine if the client's physical needs have changed, or if new needs have come to…. [read more]

Annette B. Is a 10-Year-Old Girl Case Study

… Annette B. is a 10-year-old girl who is currently in foster care after being removed from her mother's care at the age of 8. Her foster parents are interested in adopting her an are seeking an injunction terminating her father's parental rights. Her father, Joseph, was not married to her mother and has spent most of her childhood in prison. During this time he has not contacted Annette even though there were many times that he knew of her location. Joseph is now attempting to fight the action and wishes to maintain parental rights, although is not actively seeking custody of Annette.

Parental rights are more than simply the ownership of a child. According to modern law, parental rights include:

The right to physical possession…. [read more]

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