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Plastics the Ecology Center ) Essay

… Plastics

The Ecology Center (2011) says that besides the fact that plastics create safety problems during production, many chemical additives that give plastic products their desirable properties for performance also have very negative effects on the environment and humans' health.

Chemicals can migrate from plastic packaging to the foods that they contain (Ecology Center (2011). Some of the examples of plastics contaminating food have been found with most plastic types -- "including Styrene from polystyrene, plasticizers from PVC, antioxidants from polyethylene, and Acetaldehyde from PET" (2011).

The chemical structure of the migrants and the nature of the packaged food are the factors that control migration (Ecology Center 2011). "In studies cited in Food Additives and Contaminants, LDPE, HDPE, and polypropylene bottles released measurable levels of…. [read more]

Should the Government Ban Bottled Water? Research Paper

… ¶ … Bottled Water Be Banned?

Why are Americans, Europeans, and other citizens around the globe buying bottled water in such enormous quantities? What is wrong with the water their communities provide? These questions are the essence of the issues addressed in this paper and these are the salient questions that need to be answered in order to understand why billions of plastic bottles are filled with water and sold in supermarkets and elsewhere every year. If a family cannot be certain that the water they drink from the tap in their kitchens is truly safe, what is their alternative?

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), among the most respected and visible conservation and environmental organizations, "pollution and deteriorating, out-of-date plumbing" are delivering…. [read more]

Against Bottled Water Essay

… Bottled Water

Safe? Environmentally Friendly? Well-Regulated?

The questions in the title above expose an issue about something of a craze in the United States in the past few years: bottled water. It seems that everybody carries around a bottle, and instead of jugs of tap water in meetings, as previously offered, these ever present friends are, well, ever present in such situations. While there are benefits to having water at all times, and especially in such a compact way as a bottle, and while it is very important to drink water and stay hydrated, many have started to question the actual process of bottling, as well as if this process if environmentally safe, and consumer safe. In other words, as ads continue to increasingly put…. [read more]

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