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Polisci American Political Identity Has at Times Term Paper

… Polisci

American political identity has at times seemed woefully fragmented. The twenty-first century is becoming a time during which the schisms and chasms in American society are coming to the fore, bubbling to the surface. Although the election of 2000 brought to light the divisions between Red states and Blue states, between Red America and Blue America, such divisions existed well before George W. Bush came onto the political stage. These political divisions in American society are sometimes framed overly simplistically in terms of "liberal" or "conservative." Yet these two terms, liberal and conservative, cannot begin to encompass the range of political values and philosophies embedded within the diverse American society. American political philosophy is best understood not as a duality but as a continuum.…. [read more]

Secrets of the FBI Term Paper

… FBI and Witness Protection

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is perceived by the public primarily as a law enforcement agency, though more and more the public is also noting the role of the FBI in fighting terrorism and in keeping track of foreign nationals in the United States. Still, the public may not immediately recognize the fact that the FBI is, above all, a bureaucracy, a federal agency that is responsible for a number of important law enforcement actions every day, that is part of the legal establishment and that makes recommendations as well as requests of the Congress concerning the passage of laws, that may also help in the prosecution of legal cases in the federal system, that is indeed part of the…. [read more]

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