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Political and Economic Prospects for the Third World Research Paper

… Political and Economic Prospects for Pakistan and Syria

Main Elements of political prospects of Pakistan and Syria

General comparison: Syria and Pakistan

Level of political stability

Level of economic prosperity

Role played by history

Other intervening factors

Commonalities and differences between Syria and Pakistan

Political and Economic Prospects for Pakistan and Syria

The political and economic prospects for third world countries like Pakistan and Syria are neither encouraging nor can be called dysfunctional. As in case of majority of the third world countries, both Syria and Pakistan are two of the most troublesome states not only for their neighboring countries but for the regional and international stability as well. While extended authoritarian rule of Hafez al-Assad crippled the free economy of Syria, so did the…. [read more]

Third Parties the Founding Fathers Term Paper

… Works Cited

Abramson, Paul R., John H. Aldrich et al. "Third-Party and Independent Candidates in American Politics: Wallace, Anderson, and Perot." Political Science Quarterly. 1995: 349+.

Goodman, Carey. "Three Is Definitely a Crowd: Part I. The System Evolves." July 23, 2001. April 9, 2004.

Grenier, Richard. "Why We Don't Need Third Parties." The Washington Times. July 19, 1996: 23

Perot, H (enry) Ross." Article in Encyclopedia Encarta. CD-ROM Version, 2003

Progressive Party." Article in Encyclopedia Encarta. CD-ROM Version, 2003

What is the history of "third parties" in the United States?" This Nation. 2001. April 9, 2004.

The Democratic Party traces its roots to the Jeffersonian Democratic-Republican Party, while the present-day Republican Party was established in 1856. Since that time, the two parties…. [read more]

Political Economy of Global Environmental Essay

… On the contrary, there was a release of radioactive material into the environment through the leak in the cooling system.

This accident generated a huge debate across the globe on the wisdom and expansion of nuclear power generation and sectors. The political fallout and debate regarding this incident has gone beyond country's borders with certain observers terming it as the end of nuclear resurgence while others considering it as a normal accident that can occur anywhere. The political debates and fallout across the globe are centered on the social, economic, and political impacts of this nuclear power sectors. This incident has also had a huge economic impact on Japan because the breakdown of the manufacturing lines and air conditioners to save energy as well as…. [read more]

Political Parties and Democracy Essay

… Each of the major parties has a significant opportunity that it will become the ruling party or the loyal opposition in parliament. There is no need for nor the possibility of formal/informal grand coalitions to dominate the system.

Once the party is in office, there are very few political and institutional hurdles to impede it. There are no institutional constraints on its power of the being the majority in parliament.

Interest groups therefore can exert pressure in a stable manner in parliament, government. Their influence is thus moderated by the pluralistic competition and also by the fact that the public policy is performed solely by compromise in public administration. There is no incorporation of interest. However, the presidential system has not been without its critics.…. [read more]

Political Reasons Behind the Electricity Essay

… Even the Caribbean nations (Jamaica and Dominican Republic) are major consumers of energy than Haiti. Haiti's energy consumption rate is about a fifth as much as India. However, Afghanistan's consumption is much less than Haiti

i. Government

The government has taken crucial steps towards mitigating the trend that has seen Haiti lag behind many Caribbean countries for the longest period. Low energy consumption affects various economic activities in the country. It further explains why Haiti has little economic progresses with a record population of people living below poverty line in the Caribbean region. Cases of unemployment and underemployment have reached alarming rate. More than two-thirds of Haiti's labor force lack formal jobs hence even the educated few do not find an opportunity to explore their…. [read more]

Political Impacts of Third Parties Thesis

… Third Parties

Third Party Politics

As November second comes closer and closer, American citizens are tasked with an important and necessary task -- choosing the next president of the United States. Although the coming election is history making in many ways, some may have trouble choosing a president for one specific reason -- the choice is limited to two candidates from two rather defined parties with specific platforms. Although many states throughout the world allow citizens to choose from a variety of candidates from a variety of parties, some rather specialized, such as green parties, which operate on an environmental platform, the United States two-party system is part of the nation's tradition. This can cause problems for many voters, who believe the two major parties…. [read more]

Political Science: Argentina Democracy Term Paper

… Political Science: Argentina

Democracy in Argentina

How well has democracy been consolidated in Argentina? Things are certainly much better than they were between 1976 and 1983, when "as many as 30,000 people disappeared, thousands were imprisoned for political reasons, and thousands more were killed" (Bonner 2005) during the last military dictatorship (when democracy was only a distant dream of the people). The publication Latin American Politics and Society explains that today in Argentina the main thrust of citizen action for fairness and justice comes through the human rights organizations (HROs). And the political leadership in Argentina responds more quickly and thoroughly when HROs address "family relationships." But the article explains that Argentina's political system may not have paid any attention to HROs if those human…. [read more]

Iran Political Case Study

… Instead an Iran Developers group has now taken the lead. Another influential group is a reformist party by the name of National Trust Party

EXTENT OF ELITE COHESION: The current reign began with the idea that administration and religion had huge gaps which the clerics felt the need to eliminate. The country is a Muslim majority state with 89% Shi'a Muslims and only 9% Sunni Muslims

. Khomeini appealed to the religious feeling and attachment of people to gain support. Vali R. Nasr testifies in The Shia Revival that Khomeini wished to make Islam a political force as well. Khomeini won over the young religious revolutionaries and they helped him bring religion back to the state. In today's Capitalist, democratic and practical world religion and…. [read more]

Third Party Essay

… The mainstream candidates generally do not take a strong stance on any particular issue so they do not stand the chance to disenfranchise any members of their own base. Although the public generally perceives this as the candidates as being somewhat overly flexible or perhaps somewhat spineless, the candidates very carefully craft these positions to appeal to the numbers; especially the members of swing states.

Third party candidates do not have the same restrictions however. These candidates are not feasibly in the race and therefore can take a bolder stance on any issue. Christina Tobin, founder and chair of the foundation, said in a release "The previous debates between President Obama and Gov. Romney have failed to address the issues that really concern everyday Americans.…. [read more]

Political Stability and National Security Research Paper

… Establish the relationship between political stability and national security.

Examine the implications of political stability on national security in Nigeria.

Identify the challenges and prospects associated with political stability and national security in Nigeria.

Proffer strategies that can be adopted to ensure political stability strengthens national security in Nigeria.

Significance of the study

This study will be useful to the political class at federal, state and local government levels in formulating policies that will help in steering the conduct of governance. It will also be useful to various government functionaries in the executive, legislative and judicial arms of government in enacting laws that could promote political stability in order to enhance national security. Furthermore, it will be relevant to Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) like National…. [read more]

Political and Economic Implications of International Debt Essay

… Political and Economic Imlications of International Debt

International debt can be seen as an element part of the international financial infrastructure. At its surface, one can consider it as a way by which governments add money to their budgets in order to be able to increase their governmental spending on projects which will benefit the population. However, this is an extremely one-sided, positive perspective.

Sometimes, as was the case with Argentina, international debt and foreign borrowing is used as a mean to finance governmental deficits rather than concrete projects. At other times, the macroeconomic imbalances that these debts create bring less rather than more to the country. Finally, some argue, and history seems to provide examples in this sense, that international debt is often used…. [read more]

Third Way Supply Chain Strategy Essay

… Butner also recommends that companies create cost-efficient sustainable products and practices while hedging risks with partners; another key aspect of Third Way is VF's partnering with suppliers.

Some analysts sound a cautious note when it comes to SCM strategies. Dorn of The Strategic Sourceror advises companies to seriously consider all aspects of globalization in light of the challenges of petro-economics. This analyst's comments are as timely today as they were when originally made in 2008. The analyst cites rising fuel costs for cutting deeply into projected savings for the internationally integrated supply chain. Among other challenges, the analyst mentions the following:

Currency values must be included in evaluations

Ability to arrange a supplier audit to maintain quality standards

Trade barrier-caused delays

Political instability

Natural disasters…. [read more]

Democratic and Republican Parties Essay

… For example, the recent Libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul argued that the federal government should not intervene in the private lives of Americans, except to forbid abortions. Given that he has a substantial following, it seems likely that many people are not bothered by such a contradiction.

American public opinion is generally not well informed as can be seen by the fact that so many people are happy to embrace clearly dishonest claims, such as the "birther" claims or the belief that loose gun-regulation laws make society safer.

Essay Three

Two ongoing sources of conflict among American political ideals are the role of the federal government in the regulation of behavior. For example, the last two years have seen scores of laws introduced (with many…. [read more]

State of Today's Modern American Political Parties Thesis

… ¶ … American Political Parties

There is a great deal of controversy concerning the state of today's American political parties, with some analysts suggesting that in spite of the enormous amount of resources directed to them, political parties have lost their direction and ability to fulfill their responsibilities to their membership in a meaningful fashion. Others, though, suggest that modern political parties in the United States have been recently reinvigorated and have become more important to the political process compared to recent years. Clearly, both of these perspectives cannot be entirely accurate so in order to determine which assertion is most accurate, this paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning current the state of modern American political parties, as well…. [read more]

Economic Impacts of Regulation Essay

… These distributional impacts usually drive the competition of different interests groups. This in turn, leads to the determination of the regulation nature through the political process.

Summary and Conclusion

Regulation is a written instrument that contains rules with the force of law. Regulation has a substantial impact on the economy. A wide range of literature review exists which put across the impacts of regulation on the economy. Some of the impacts of regulation on the economy include increase and decrease in prices of products, increased employment opportunities and improved health care for workers as well as children. It is good to put into consideration that weak or lack of regulations can be a significant threat to employment and the economy at large. Concerning this, it…. [read more]

Third Parties in the US National Presidential Elections Essay

… The third party candidates also reduce the ultimate votes of closely competing candidates. Consequently, this distraction becomes a game changer in the determination of the ultimate winner

In my opinion, third parties have an overall positive contribution to the election process given that they present a variety of leaders. In addition, third parties enhance the multiparty system of governance, which favors democracy in the governance of any given country. Democracy remains to be the best governance system given that the people are allowed to exercise their freedom and constitutional rights in governance issues. Democracy is unlike communistic governance system, which, usually, has one ruling party and favor dictatorship.


Epstein, David A. Left, Right, Out: The History of Third Parties in America. New York: Arts…. [read more]

Business -- Political Science the Evolution Capstone Project

… Business -- Political Science

The evolution of American Politics over Time due to Technology

It's not overly obvious at first glance, especially since politics sometimes lags in modernization when compared to the private segment, but politics takes advantage of every technological advance there is, now and will continue to do so in the future. Back in the day, Alexander Hamilton, among others used the printing press in order issue the Federalist Papers almost anonymously (Teal, n.d.). That was a just the beginning of a road that has progressed from candidates literally yelling at the whole group in order to get them to take action, to the present day world of Twitter.

Over the years, radio and television have changed politics in many ways. "Before FDR's…. [read more]

Impact of Globalization Research Paper

… Conclusion

Business outsourcing in every perspective brings about the kind of changes that are capable of assisting and sustain a business. Through connecting organizations together in solving the problems and improving operations, it can as well bear natural springboard for innovation and business model change. Business outsourcing is capable of elevating the way service are delivered, improving the way companies are managed in addition to optimizing the way business processes are developed and knowledge is conveyed. Globalization on the other hand has been seen as a significant tool that has managed to bring the nations together as it has narrowed the formerly existing long distance to a shorter distance and an easy way of carrying out business activities whether in terms of outsourcing or opening…. [read more]

Impact Investing Term Paper

… ¶ … Investing

Capitalism is a function of confidence and ingenuity. Capital often flows to the most production and profitable industries. Emerging technologies such as 3-D printing, database management, and other internet-based solutions have garnered extensive capital from investors. Impact investing is no different in this regard. Much in the same manner as traditional capitalism, society must benefit in order for a product to be successful. Microsoft is profitable because it provides a product that makes society more productive. Coca-Cola is profitable because it can satisfy the basic need for thirst in any human being. The same concepts apply to impact investing. By creating value for both society and the company, all stakeholders involved can benefit. This briefing note has been constructed to first illuminate…. [read more]

American Political Parties Term Paper

… "

Additionally, viewers seek information that confirms what they already believe. Bernhardt et al. (2) quote Posner "… they want to be confirmed in their beliefs by seeing them echoed and elaborated by more articulate, authoritative and prestigious voices. So they accept, and many relish, a partisan press." Bernstein adds that people hear what they want to hear. "No one tunes in to Rush Limbaugh because they're not sure whether to trust Barack Obama or John Boehner; they tune in because they are already Limbaugh acolytes and want to hear him confirm their own views. Conversely, liberals tune in to Rachel Maddow to find out why they should be mad at Republicans this week."

Therefore, people seek out like-minded news organizations to confirm what they…. [read more]

China the Political System Research Proposal

… China

The Political System of China

The fundamental law in China is the Constitutional System (China Guide 2009). Its present Constitution was adopted by the Fifth National People's Congress on December 4, 1982. The National People's Congress or NPC is the highest state authority, China's fundamental political system. On the other hand, local authorities head local people's congresses. The people elect both state and local authorities. China's central administrative system consists of central administrative organs under the National People's Congress and central administrative organs controlling local administrative organs. The State Council of the People's Republic of China is the central administrative organ and the highest administrative organ of state. Meanwhile, the local administrative system sets up and controls administrative regional divisions and local administrative organs.…. [read more]

Egypt When Analyzing the Political Environment Term Paper

… Egypt

When analyzing the political environment in Egypt one of the most important questions one would ask refers to the political regime of Egypt. This paper is focused on presenting the level of democratization in Egypt by analyzing the latest elections that took place in Egypt in 2005. Elections are a very significant indicator of the level of democratization of a country and this is why the research of this paper was focused on elections.

Democracy is seen by Western countries as the best governing alternative as it guarantees equality and freedom to every citizen. The level of democratization of a country is a strong indicator of how developed that country is and its position in international politics is greatly influenced by the level of…. [read more]

Presidential Campaign the Current Political Research Paper

… Kerry asserts that the decision to go into Iraq was based on faulty intelligence reports, which asserted that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. In the debate Kerry also asserted that America should seek the support of other nations before waging a preemptive strike on another nation. Kerry asserted that Global acceptance and input would be important in his administration when waging war. Kerry explained that No president, though all of American history, has ever ceded, and nor would I, the right to preempt in any way necessary to protect the United States of America. But if and when you do it, Jim, you have to do it in a way that passes the test, that passes the global test where your countrymen, your people…. [read more]

Social and Cultural Impacts Term Paper

… Moreover, these questionnaires were intended to give a more accurate picture of how a new eco-tourism enterprise could exceed its corporate needs and expectations, such that a new niche could be identified.

It is evident that corporate traveling is a segment of the hospitality industry with a high financial potential and one that can also sustain growth, due to the intrinsic need to meet their customers' or employees' business demands. Consequently, encouraging corporate businesses to participate in the development of eco-tourism hotels would, in my view, give organizations a new dimension through which to help the environment and to follow the necessary codes of ethics. In addition, incorporating the needs of corporate travelers would allow a better understanding of what can be done to stimulate…. [read more]

American Political Behavior Discussion Chapter

… American Politcal Behavior

American Political Behavior

Different Types of Social Capital

Social capital refers to "the connections among individuals' social networks and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness that arise from them" (Putnam, 2000). Social capital might vary across different dimensions, but the defining or differentiating feature is on the bonding and bridging of the phenomenon. Bonding social capitals are inward looking while bridging social capital tends to be outward looking. Social capital is necessary just like financial, physical, and human capital in relation to the development of the society. Social capital relates to the development of the mutual feeling, which individuals create for one another in the form of trust and care. Church experiences bonding social capital within the society. Social capital is the…. [read more]

Media Influence and Political World Thesis

… Media Influence and the Political World

The work of Croteau and Hoynes (2003) entitled: "Media Society: Industries, Images and Audiences" states that if one is to better understand media then it is important to understand "the political environment in which they operate. This becomes obvious when we consider the drastic differences between media in a democratic society and those in totalitarian nations." However, it is the position of the writer of this work that even in democratic societies media influence may be characterized by the promotion of a "narrow set of government-sanctioned images and messages." (Croteau and Hoynes, 2003)

When such as this occurs in a democracy then the audiences in the democratic nation, just as those in other nations must become "...adept at reading…. [read more]

Federalism Is a Political System Essay

… What happened is the areas of responsibility were leading to disagreements between state and federal officials. As the FEMA and other organizations wanted to actively move into New Orleans and begin providing relief to the general public. The problem is that state officials believed they should be taking the lead in the kinds of efforts and have command over the entire scene. ("Advantages and Disadvantages of Federalism") (Palser) (Hoffman)

This created conflict about who was in charge and where to send different resources. Once this occurred, is when many areas were left without any kind of assistance. This caused the overall amounts of chaos and lawlessness to increase (which made the disaster even worse). These issues are highlighting how the political costs of this system…. [read more]

Conservative Intellectual Movement Term Paper

… This work was "a manifesto, akin in impact to what C. Wright Mill's The Power of Elite was for left-wing students." Buckley, in attacking the "atheism and collectivism" in his religion and economic courses at Yale, drew national attention to the conservative intellectual movement of the 1950's.

William Rusher played a similar role in the development of the conservative intellectual movement. As publisher of National Review and first president of Harvard's Young President's Club, Rusher was further able to bring attention to the principles of the conservative movement. However, in contrast with Buckley, who had been deeply rooted in conservative ideals since childhood, Rusher claimed that, "the atmosphere of the Cold War and particularly the Korean War brought about his transformation to staunch anti-communism."

The…. [read more]

School Culture on School Safety Term Paper

… According to the National School Safety Center (1995) creating safe schools is about commitment. That does not mean only commitment from the principal, or from the teachers, or from the students. Accomplishing such a goal requires families, schools, and community leaders to talk about the quality of the educational environment they want to provide for youth and together develop the strategies that will produce the desired results.

This type of cohesive commitment is the only real way that schools can be made safer, as one person cannot do it alone, and communities must express the desire to make schools safer and therefore give the students a better school life and more hope for the future. The Center also suggests that achieving these goals requires leaders…. [read more]

Impact of Immigration on the United States Economy Research Proposal

… Immigration

The Impact of Immigration on the United States Economy

Demographic Consequences:

American identity has historically centered on the ethnocentric proclivities of its ruling classes, which are generally constituted of white descendents of European settlers. The result is a nation in which socioeconomic, political and experiential realities are shaped significantly by ethnic background. Thus, even as immigrant groups arrive in the U.S. In numbers that are altering the general demographic makeup of this nation, the American identity continues to revolve on the myth of the white Christian man. A reality which emerges in our research is that America is in one regard moving ever closer to its rhetorical claims of a pluralistic society. But with the steady arrival of peoples from all parts of the…. [read more]

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