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Leadership Comparing Characteristics Essay

… It is quite possible that just as Branson and Schultz may subject themselves to the mirror test, so many have Hitler and Branson, the difference being the values that they applied. Interestingly, these characteristics of Drucker's idea of leadership are reflective of Zaleznik, who stated that leaders would emerge with a belief and passion, comparing them with manager that would emerge out of necessity. The passion and visionary perspective is also a characteristic seen in Kotter's model of leadership

. In models of change where leadership is needed to guide and inspire change, from Lewin's force field model, which has become known as the ice cube model, through to Kotter's 8 stage model and Senge's model of the learning organization, it is noted that a…. [read more]

Leadership for Any Project Essay

… Servant leaders typically foster creative environments where people maximize their potential. Another strength of servant leadership is that it helps to build consensus, allowing the organization to have better levels of cooperation and creativity. The downside to servant leadership is that it can at times lack focus on organizational goals. It is not necessary that this must happen, but it is a risk of servant leadership that the needs of the stakeholders can conflict, making it difficult for the servant leader to effectively balance the needs of all stakeholders. When this happens, some stakeholders will lose

Q3. There are four key elements to transformational leadership, including intellectual stimulation, individualized consideration, inspirational motivation and idealized influence (Cherry, 2011). Using this as a template for evaluation, Wu…. [read more]

Management Leadership and Administration Evaluating the Normative Focus of Leadership Theories Essay

… Mainstream leadership has received abundant attention within the last few decades. Categories of leaders that have been discussed extensively include leadership by those in policy positions as well as those working in community-settings. Unfortunately, administrative leadership within organizations has received little attention and Van Wart (2003), therefore, observes that more research should be dedicated to this topic. This is all the more important since assessing and researching topics connected to leadership theory will determine the best way to conduct business or administrate employees or people.

One such author who addressed this topic was Moore (1995). He advised that public managers could use many of the same methods used in the private sector in order to improve their performance and receive more value for their performance.…. [read more]

Leadership and Power Term Paper

… Power and Leadership as Exemplified by Three Ancient Texts

Power and leadership are not exactly the same thing, of course, but they are inextricably interrelated for without power, effective leadership would not be possible and without leadership, power would be rendered useless. To help shed some light on these concepts from a modern perspective, this paper provides a review and analysis of three ancient texts, Genesis, the Epic of Gilgamesh and Lysistrata to better understand how they addressed the respective themes of leadership and power. A discussion concerning how leaders come to power, their responsibilities, real and symbolic, and what responsibilities citizens of a given society have in choosing leaders or in holding leaders accountable for their actions is followed by an analysis of the…. [read more]

Leadership the Speeches by Chris Essay

… Both were brought into the convention specifically to play a role. Neither one expended much energy on transactional leadership during the campaign -- they played a motivational role and Clinton especially went on the stump in key moments for his candidate.

Though there was much fractious rhetoric in these speeches, it is worth noting that both discussed collaboration as well. Christie touted his own collaborative skills more than those of his candidates. He outlined the successes that he enjoyed in New Jersey in passing bipartisan agreements. The strongest part of his speech is where he cut past political differences to identify and focus attention on themes common to both political parties. An example of this is "We believe that the majority of teachers in America…. [read more]

Deconstruction of Leadership in Film Term Paper

… Deconstruction of Leadership in Film: A Study of Leadership Themes in 12 Angry Men and Dead Poets Society.

This paper analyzes and deconstructs several leadership styles and approaches through an examination of the films 12 Angry Men (1957) and Dead Poets Society (1997).

Trait Leadership Approach

The trait approaches emphasizes that research proves that there are specific traits that clearly differentiates leaders from followers (Northouse, 2010, p.15). However, Northouse cites the second Stogdill study (1974) that both situational factors and personality were determining factors of leadership (Northouse, 2010, p. 16). In other words, while specific traits are important to the type of leadership a person exhibits, situational factors also need to be considered.

In both 12 Angry Men and Dead Poets Society, the trait approach…. [read more]

Transformational Leadership History Term Paper

… This theory draws on the following four different styles of leadership: supportive, directive, participative, and finally, direction oriented. The actual choice of style finally depends on the task to be performed, and the individual who is expected to perform the task. For example, a routine task would need a more supportive style of leadership, while a complex and tough task would need a directive type of leadership. (Leadership Theories, 1)


Compare and Contrast Leadership Models:

It is now quite evident that one of the predominant themes as far as management studies is concerned is the most important role that an effective and an efficient leader would play in the effective running of an organization, of any kind, and, as a matter of…. [read more]

Transformational Leadership a Leadership Style That Bring the Best of People Thesis

… Transformational Leadership, a leadership style that bring the best of people

Transformational Leadership

The issue of leadership and leadership effectiveness has become a focus of much debate in the past two decades. This has resulted in two central trajectories of thought on leadership, particularly in the business and organizational world. A central line of inquiry into what makes an effective leader has led to the transformational approach or school of thought on leadership. This refers to "….the identification and examination of those leader behaviors that influence followers' values and aspirations, activate their higher-order needs, and arouse them to transcend their own self-interests for the sake of the organization. ( Bass, 1985 in Podsakoff, 1996)

The transformational or charismatic type of leadership ability is seen for…. [read more]

Thematic Analysis of Literature Essay

… Discussions

Leadership is indicated to be a key driving force in the improvement of an organization's performance. Leader are regarded as the key decision makers who determine the operations, development as well as usage of organizational resources. McShane & Von Glinow (2000) indicated in their work that transformational leaders helps in the creation of an improved level of cohesion, trust, commitment,, motivation as well as performance. Transformational leadership therefore has been proven empirically to help in the creation of positive organizational outcomes (Howell & Hall-Merenda, 1999)


The process of investigating the influence of transformational leadership on organizational outcome is helpful in providing the management of various organization with modalities of creating a better workplace with more fruitful outcomes.


Aiken, L.S., & West, S.G.…. [read more]

Old and New Leadership Styles Research Paper

… They hardly see the organization as band but more of a pyramid or a hierarchy, which was in fact the standard model of the industrial era, with its rigid routines and assembly lines and conveyor belts, as well as an autocratic management structure from the top-down. No one could really be an equable, humane, servant-leader in an environment like this, nor was it the type of system that valued change, innovation or creativity. Gandhi and Martin Luther King exemplify the ethical, servant leadership that DePree describes, in both their means and ends. Often, moral leadership consists in doing what is right, regardless of the consequences, and morality is not defined by personal comfort and convenience, or even what they majority of people believe to be…. [read more]

Leadership Principles in Sports Profile of a Dream Team Term Paper

… Dream Team

One of the ways to improve the way a sports team works as a united whole rather than each player working as a separate entity (which will not build a successful team), is to look at what builds teamwork in general. Researchers have been studying this leadership issue specifically as it relates to organizations since the 1980s, because companies realize that teamwork is essential in order to be competitive in a global, fast-changing world.

There are noticeable similarities between sports and work situations. Both rely on rules or boundaries that must be followed. Sports teams, similar to ones at work, require an understanding of responsibilities -- who must do what and when. Sports and work teams both have a list of players who…. [read more]

Models as Related to a Given Organization Research Proposal

… ¶ … Homeless Youth in Minnesota:

The Leadership Challenges

To effectively develop and implement leadership initiatives such that these drives may be utilized in efforts to confront issues of homelessness as experienced by youth in Minnesota, HMIS must capitalize on its internal resources.

Background of Homeless Youth in Minnesota

Every three years, Wilder Research Center conducts a one-day study, revealing the approximate number of people experiencing homelessness throughout Minnesota. This massive project constitutes the largest and most comprehensive study of its kind in the United States (U.S.). When the Center conducted its latest study, October 26, 2006, researchers concluded that on any given night, nearly 9,000 Minnesotans may be homeless, with almost 11,000 more estimated to be "precariously housed" - typically doubled up with friends…. [read more]

Group Protocol for Adolescents Term Paper

… Group Protocol for adolescents - addressing the occupational needs of the adolescent population

Occupational needs assessment

During the occupational assessment, a group of 12 adolescents are observed attempting to solve a complex mathematical problem for a science project. Functional skills lacking among the group include communications skills, collaboration and communication skills, leadership skills and the ability to identify and agree on a single problem and develop plans for a probable solution. The team as a group appears to have selected no leader; for this reason the each member of the group is attempting to solve the problem individually more so than joining in a collective manner. Whereas it may be appropriate to look at the project as a whole and brainstorm within the group to…. [read more]

Political Leadership Inspired by the Theme Essay

… Lincoln

The Civil War was the bloodiest in American history, and yet President Abraham Lincoln pursued and persisted in a just cause. It could have been considered politically expedient to allow the slave states to cede, avoiding the conflict but permitting the institution of slavery to continue unchallenged, unhindered, and unresolved. Instead, Lincoln did the difficult thing: he invested human and financial resources in a deadly and costly conflict that lasted years. Lincoln is recognized as one of the world's greatest leaders because of his vision, determination, and trust in his fellow Americans. The Union won the war because of Lincoln's leadership, which was unwavering. Lincoln understood that slavery went against the moral fabric of the nation as well as the principles embedded in the…. [read more]

Responsibility Require Leaders in Today Case Study

… Understanding the delicate balance between conducting combat missions and peacekeeping missions is prerequisite in order to fully understanding this mission. The impossibility of remaining militarily neutral in this case may be impossible. Although the lessons of the last 10 years, that have been learned with the blood and sacrifice of many of our own soldiers and allies are duly noted, we must use caution in applying the lessons to other parts of world.

In developing courses of action and attempts to manage this intense problem we must answer certain questions. There are many complicating issues in this particular scenario. How does genocide, or possible genocide, dictate international military involvement? What are the current military resources of the forces that could help negotiate a successful result?…. [read more]

K-12 Leadership in Urban School Term Paper

… (Leadership, 2004)

The degree of participation usually determines if the endeavors to alter the methodology of instruction will achieve results. Even if its consequences are hard to estimate accurately, leadership is obviously vital. But, just what is leadership and what is the manner in which it is relevant to the school atmosphere? James Collins and Jerry Porras in their epoch making review of futuristic enterprises, describe leaders as persons who "demonstrated excellence in diligence, surmounted major hurdles, drew committed individuals, motivated teams of individuals in the direction of attainment of objectives, and exercised a significant part in leading their corporations through critical events in their journey." At present, there is heightened prominence accorded on the multifarious concept of "distributed leadership" collectively held by a team…. [read more]

Strategic Management [Book Manuscript Draft Ghost Writing

… Expansion of the organization on a global scale requires restructuring of the organization and this is a redesign that reaches outside of the company to the global scale with the necessary control levels outgoing from the domestic organizational location. An IT system has the capacity to enable this level of global control from the domestic operation with the provisions of enhanced instantaneous communication. The provision of instant communication is of optimum importance in the environment characterized by uncertainty where the organization is operating in a market that is not familiar and with unfamiliar conditions.

Cultural Barriers

Another aspect of the challenges to globalization are the cultural barriers that some companies have experiences and this impacts the organizational policies and processes that are instituted to overcome…. [read more]

Analysis of Documentaries by Michael Moore Essay

… Filmmaker: Michael Moore

Michael Moore is not only a documentary film maker but also a satirist. Roger and Me was his first film and it turned out to be the highest-grossing American documentary of that period. Moore's politics and comedy arose from his background in a working-class society that he enjoyed from the manufacture of automobiles at several General Motors factories till the company left the town, as narrated in Roger and Me. Moore was a very firm opponent of GM as well as local Flint politics since the beginning of the Flint Voice, a newspaper at 22 years of age. The newspaper was partly funded by him via the weekly display of films, and supported it via work on the local public radio station…. [read more]

Schlesinger Describes Four Main Themes Article Review

… e. staff) and the health of individuals surrounding the individual. Health should be a popular 'people's movement'. Instead of health care being nested in bureaucratic and financial institutions, it should be nested in larger beneficial social groups with health care coming to the people, instead of the people seeking it, and with all (including hospital environment) designed around he needs of the patient rather than around the concerns of profit-making.

Innovation, originality, creativity, and motivation of medical institutions is stumped by the insipidity and control of the moneyed class and 'traditional' way of doing things (i.e. The classical, conservative system of disease management) instead of creating and supporting a network of original and patient-centered health care systems and alternatives to market-driven care.

The entry point…. [read more]

Conservative Intellectual Movement Term Paper

… This work was "a manifesto, akin in impact to what C. Wright Mill's The Power of Elite was for left-wing students." Buckley, in attacking the "atheism and collectivism" in his religion and economic courses at Yale, drew national attention to the conservative intellectual movement of the 1950's.

William Rusher played a similar role in the development of the conservative intellectual movement. As publisher of National Review and first president of Harvard's Young President's Club, Rusher was further able to bring attention to the principles of the conservative movement. However, in contrast with Buckley, who had been deeply rooted in conservative ideals since childhood, Rusher claimed that, "the atmosphere of the Cold War and particularly the Korean War brought about his transformation to staunch anti-communism."

The…. [read more]

History of Rosicrucian Order Thesis

… History Of the Rosicrucian Order

Despite being one of the oldest esoteric societies, the Rosicrucian Order remains one of the most mysterious and least well-known of the various groups that arose in Europe over the course of the second millennium. Although Rosicrucianism was one of the key influences on the development of Freemasonry, and, as will be discussed in the findings chapter of this study, has played an important role in the development of Western culture and society, its history, symbols, and legacy have frequently been overshadowed by more popular alchemical and metaphysical movements. For example, while most Americans know that many of the founding fathers were Freemasons, fewer likely know that the first governor of Connecticut was deeply interested in Rosicrucianism from an early…. [read more]

Politics the Central Theme of the Movie Term Paper

… Politics

The central theme of the movie "Lord of war" and the documentary "The fog of war: eleven lessons from the life of Robert S. McNamara," is human nature during war and the need for power in general, and over other countries.

The documentary "Fog of War," directed by Errol Morris, evolves around a very controversial man, Robert McNamara, secretary of Defense in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, who subsequently became president of the World Bank. The documentary combines an interview with McNamara with archival footage, documents, and an original score by Philip Glass.

McNamara discusses his experiences and shares some lessons he learned during his tenure as secretary of defense. He talks about his work as a bombing statistician during World War II, his…. [read more]

Martin Luther King Jr Creative Writing

… It is filled with a sense of hope and positivity.

The song is an exhibition of Lennon's anti-religion beliefs.

It is mainly about peace and getting people to realize that religious, political, regional differences don't hide the fact that we all are humans and that we have the same needs and wants and desires.

He targets evils like discrimination, selfishness, greed and calls for their extermination.

A very unhealthy perspective is his idea that religion is the cause of most unrest in the world. The youth should not be exposed to such ideas.


The song is simple, and very soothing.

Its mood is serene and slow, so much that it can calm people down.

It also invites or rather invokes reflection in the listener.…. [read more]

Cultural Impact on Politics Term Paper

… Cultural Impact on Politics

Political action does not take place in a separate realm and so is always influenced by cultural concerns, forces, developments, history, and so on. Political activity is intended to gain a consensus on what action government should take, which involves the arts of education, persuasion, and compromise. The form of the society shapes the way politics is pursued in that society, and this occurs at several levels. A social order can be matriarchal or patriarchal, which would represent how gender is manifested in political action. The form of government has an influence, with political action being different for a democracy as opposed to a more authoritative system. The prevalent religion may affect politics, more so in a theocratic system than one…. [read more]

Analyzing Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell by Oren Harari Term Paper

… ¶ … Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell by Oren Harari

Collin Powel is considered to have been one of the most successful leaders at his level. It is rare to find parallel leadership models among the military. However, according to an exposition by Harari, Collin postulates that leadership has more to do with responsibility than privilege and rank. He says that people must commit to sharing a mission. Evaluation of the standards of performance, attention to details, getting close to talented people and standing in their midst, people empowerment and showing a strong resolve, are necessary for them to succeed in their endeavours. This article will be reviewing, critiquing, and analyzing the article "The leadership secrets of Colin Powell by Oren Harari." "


The…. [read more]

End of Isolation Research Paper

… ¶ … Isolation

African-American Civil Rights

Historically, Africans and African-American citizens have never encountered social, racial, or civic equality within the United States. Despite a significant amount of progress in these areas, some of these contemporary American citizens contend that there is still a marked inequity in their daily treatment based on these aforementioned grounds. Yet when one traces the beginning of the history of these peoples in this country, which was founded on institutionalized, chattel slavery that was formally renounced with the January 31, 1865 passing of the 13th Amendment (Lincoln, 1865), it becomes apparent that they have taken definite steps to ensure social gains that have resulted in an end of segregation and a reduction in discrimination and social isolation. African-Americans have rendered…. [read more]

Origen's Doctrine of Reincarnation Thesis

… Origen remains one of the most tantalizing, and often frustrating, thinkers of early Christianity for multiple reasons; Origen's own work is already complex enough, because his hypotheses regarding some of the theological and dogmatic issues facing the young Church necessitated the formulation of a complex cosmology, but the difficulty in understanding it is complicated by the fact that central components of Origen's work was subsequently deemed anathema, precipitating the destruction or alteration of many of his texts. In fact, there is even evidence to suggest that "his friends imposed a sort of informal censorship on works and passages that seemed to them to besmirch his orthodoxy," such that the only extant versions of Origen's work comes to us through a variety of redactors and Bowdlerizers…. [read more]

Eugene O'Neill Desire Under the Elms Term Paper

… Eugene O'Neill & Desire Under the Elms

Personal feelings about O'Neill from the Video

Listening to the video replay (I recorded it digitally for playback) it is at first quite sad to learn that O'Neill's father and mother for the most part were such incomplete and really incompetent parents during his formative years. It would be hard to imagine one's mother was addicted to morphine rather than being the loving, nurturing leader and role model as she is supposed to be. On second thought, it is also amazing that O'Neill turned out to be such a literary giant, showing sheer genius in his plays.

The video notes that O'Neill is credited with being among the first playwrights to introduce "realism into American drama." Realism indeed,…. [read more]

Knew at the Humble Establishment Term Paper

… ¶ … knew at the humble establishment of the United Nations that it would one day become one of the most important bodies governing international politics. However, in the past six decades this is exactly what the United Nations as become, an institutional force that has promoted world peace, proper governance and humanity through all of its member states. However in recent years, the United Nations has been suffering what some within the international community call a "brand crisis," it is no longer perceived as an effective global body whose legitimacy and authority is respected (BusinessWeek, npg). Due to America's disobedience in the war on Iraq as well as numerous other international calamities, the United Nations has appeared to lose its allure as the avenue…. [read more]

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