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Music Essay

… Research also indicates that music helped in reducing pain and distracting people from unpleasant thoughts and feelings. Music is also a low-cost therapy that improves mood and decreases anxiety. (Kemper and Denhuer, 2005) Hence, when I also want to comfort myself as, I listen to the songs by Sade. For me, her music is like a medicine as it is tailored to my needs and quickly eases my stress. This music has helped me escape despair and have comforted me when I felt restlessness and agitation. There was also a time when I also started suffering from insomnia. At that time, I started listening to her songs and this helped a lot in relieving my stress and overcoming my sleeplessness.

The lyrics such as "Turn…. [read more]

Music on Life Essay

… One of my favorite songs on the album is "God Bless the Child." Even though this song is associated with the holidays and Christmas, the way that Holiday sings the song makes me feel calm and at peace regardless of the time of year that I hear it. Her style of singing is wrought with her painful life experiences and helps to invoke the same feelings in the listener. Even though much of the album may seem depressing to many people, I found comfort in it because it made me feel as though my life was better than some peoples' and that there were many other things that could impact my life negatively. Additionally, Billie Holiday's voice had a soothing affect on me, apart from…. [read more]

Music in High Schools Psychology Research Paper

… The next source to be presented is a simple, teacher-made website that gives 12 simple benefits of music education. These are, in the order in which they are presented, rendered below:

1. Musical training, especially during developmental years, contributes to brain development in the areas of language and reasoning. The source states, "Recent studies have clearly indicated that musical training physically develops the part of the left side of the brain known to be involved with processing language, and can actually wire the brain's circuits in specific ways. Linking familiar songs to new information can also help imprint information on young minds." (Cincinnati Public Radio (CPR), 2012)

2. The source also finds a "causal link between music and spatial intelligence" and states that "this kind…. [read more]

Music and Politics: The Argentine Essay

… Different cultures will adopt the tango style in a way that pays homage to the original culture, but that also incorporates aspects of the local style and local cultural in the expression of tango. The dance is melodramatic and expresses such complex and subtle emotions such as irony, nostalgia, and pessimism. The dance moves require steps that glide across floors at various speeds, that include twirls, spins, and dips. Tango is an expression of tension. There is no tension quite like sexual tension and sexual tension is a tension that translates with great accuracy across time and place. This is one aspect of the tango culture that makes it accessible to many cultures for their own adaptation and use. Savigliano continues:

Tango, as popular culture…. [read more]

Music Appreciation Essay

… Music Appreciation

Describe the characteristics of the twentieth-century concept of melody. Refer to at least one listening example in your response. (Textbook p.301-302, 309-310)

Melody only seems to have taken a back seat in contemporary music when compared to old times. Melodies of innovative new composers are often hard to read as they turn to scales which are not the minor and major, seeking to find inspiration from the medieval, whole-tone, pentatonic and other diverse fold scales. In addition the angular contour of the contemporary melodies renders it difficult for both the listener and performer. Melodies with distant notes have been referred to as, "Instrumentals" because they are easier to play than to sing. Octave displacement is a new technique used by the composers when…. [read more]

Popular Music Essay

… Popular Music

One of the things that makes us uniquely human is our ability to communicate. We communicate in a number of ways: language, art, non-verbal cues, and music. Over millennia, music as an art form is a combination of sound, rhythm and silence. The creation, performance, quality and significance vary between culture and social context. It can be recreational, structured, improvisational and then divided again into more genres. Music may be performed in many different ways -- by the individual in any number of settings, groups from two to thousands. However, music's most salient definition as a form of communication is its ability to be cross-cultural, multi-dimensional, and universal. "The border between music and noise is always culturally defined -- which implies that, even…. [read more]

Connection Between Music and Politics Essay

… Music and Politics -- the Connections

Music has been used to promote particular political and ideological messages for many years. In the 20th century and well before, there are myriad examples of how music and politics have been intertwined, and this paper will point to several examples of music providing the message with politics the theme.

Hitler and Music in Nazi Germany

Adolf Hitler loved the music of Ludvig van Beethoven, Anton Bruckner, and especially Hitler enjoyed the classical music of Richard Wagner, according to an article in the Brainz website. Why did Hitler revere Richard Wagner's music in particular? Wagner's music "…is the music most inextricably linked with Nazi Germany" because Wagner published an essay in 1850 titled "Judaism in Music" which accused the…. [read more]

Music Violence Term Paper

… In response, they decided " to clamp down on the ringleaders of the Swing movement, recommending a few years in a concentration camp with beatings and forced labor. The crackdown soon followed: clubs were raided and participants were hauled off to camps." (Magnus) Meanwhile, music was responsible for another kind of violence in Germany. A significant factor in the anti-Jew propaganda of the time included state-sponsored music which taught the public to be violent and hateful towards minority groups. Swing music was called violent and immoral, and therefore it caused violent consequences for those who listened to it, but at the same time music was used to instill violence in other ways. This represents the horrible ambiguity of the music violence discussion. Is it more…. [read more]

Music Appreciation My Personal Attraction Term Paper

… I believe music can touch a chord in a person's core, and this is why many of these musicians are so important. They have the ability to feel what people are feeling, and transfer those feelings to their music. Music is woven into the very cloth of our lives. We walk down the aisle to particular music, are buried with unique music, and remember the music of our past by the recollections it brings to mind. Music, and the people who create it, are an essential part of humanity at a deep level, and at every stage in a person's life. Jazz music is emotional and evocative, and that is why I believe it endures. Jazz brings out emotions in the listener, and in the…. [read more]

Classical Symphony Music Essay

… Most musical scholars believe that the Italian Overture, popular because of the new rage for opera, used a structure of three contrasting movements -- fast, slow, fast, and was the forerunner of the symphony. Instead of being part of an opera or other piece, the classical symphony was meant to stand alone as a concert performance, with themes and variations that were not necessarily tied to a specific story. The first symphonies were sometimes used as an entr'acte and followed the three movement style. Haydn and Mozart, in fact, composed their earlier symphonies in this style, but allowed them to evolve to a four movement work: 1) opening sonata or allegro; 2) slow movement or adagio; 3) minuet or trio, the scherzo; and 4) an…. [read more]

Popular Song Lyrics Poetry Essay

… At the same time, the use of the word seems designed to invoke the idea of being a "loser." All of these associations cling to the word, and all seem to work towards the establishment of meaning in the lyrics -- since the next line moves on to describe a girl in the third person, it is entirely possible that all three of these associations with "lose" are intended. The girl is described in poetic language of pun and paradox: the pun occurs in "overbored," which -- to a listener -- is indistinguishable from its homonym "overboard." Either way, though, the effect is paradoxical: a girl who is in over her head is unlikely to seem self-assured, although a girl who finds the party tedious…. [read more]

Music Appreciation Stravinsky, the Rite of Spring Questionnaire

… Music Appreciation

Stravinsky, the Rite of Spring

) the Rite of Spring was written and composed in year 1913. The musical period and the artistic movement that this piece of music belonged to was the modernist period. The artistic movement was a part of the 20th century music which persisted from 1900-1950.

) the purpose for the composure of this music stemmed from the idea behind the rite of spring as being a pagan rite. During this ritual the elders watch a young girl sacrifice herself to the spring god by dancing herself to death.

) the Ballet Russe was the Russian ballet which performed between the years of 1909 and 1929. This Russian ballet originally performed the Rite of Spring with Vaslav Nijinsky's choreography.…. [read more]

Music of Linkin Park Research Paper

… Music of Linkin Park

Over the course of the last decade, the band Linkin Park has transformed and popularized the genres of rap metal and nu metal, fusing them into a unique sound that borrows elements from both without ever allowing itself to be fully described by any single generic label. Although the band had its roots in the California music scene as early as 1996, it was not until the release of its first album, Hybrid Theory (the name of a previous incarnation of the band), in 2000 that Linkin Park began defining the sound that it would steadily develop and augment over the next ten years, with the fourth and latest album, A Thousand Suns, debuting in 2010. By examining some of the…. [read more]

Music and the Internet Essay

… All of this in a device the size of a pack of cards."[footnoteRef:5] This fact can only help move us, music, and the digitalized transfer of music forward, as many download more and more, faster and faster, and as more technology is created, humanity thus advances. [5: Shane Richmond, 2011. Happy 10th birthday to the iPod - the little machine that changed our lives [online]. The Telegraph. Available at: <>. [Accessed 1 December 2011].]

6. This next article also talks about how Apple has truly revolutionized much technology, and focuses upon iTunes, the service that the company utilizes to enable its users to download music legally, at a small fee, from its program. The article discusses eight ways in which iTunes has changed music…. [read more]

Music of Civil Wars, Civil Rights Essay

… Music of Civil Wars, Civil Rights & Freedom Movements of Europe, Africa along with North and South America during the 20th Century

For millions of people, music is a way of being able to relate to different cultural traditions. As, it has served as form of: uniting, individuals from all walks of life behind various social meanings and causes. This is significant, because throughout history, music has often served as foundation of instilling feelings of nationalism and self-determination.

During the 20th century, this has become an important part of the culture for a number of different countries around the globe. As, they were using it to: illustrate a host of social causes and issues that they wanted to see addressed. Evidence of this can be…. [read more]

Music in the 21st Century Essay

… " The song's lyrics tell of a bored woman, annoyed by pestering calls of a lover who will not leave her alone as she drinks and dances (presumably with someone else) in a club. The video is far more outrageous, portraying Gaga and Beyonce going on a killing spree, Thelma-and-Louise-style, after being angered by a leering man in a diner. However, the lyrics are in their own way just as radical, given the conventional image in song of the woman waiting by the phone, praying that the man will call her soon.

Gaga's activism has linked her strongly with gay rights, which she celebrated in "Born this Way," encouraging all of her listeners to be themselves, regardless of what society tells them is wrong or…. [read more]

Use Ideology Consumption and Globalization Three Theories to Discuss Pop Music Term Paper

… POPULAR MUSIC is the obvious link to the mass consumer culture. It represents a challenge for any claims as to its transformative potential and capacity for resistance. The revolutionary forces must follow the lead of various cultural theorists, who support something of aesthetics of the popular, beyond, above, but also what we witness in contemporary pop and commercial artifacts, not only in terms of what's "hot" and what's not, but also in terms of the genres and artists themselves. This inevitably involves a peculiar paradox whereby we valorize, but also undermine, the popular. We embrace it, but also push its limits.

Numerical and statistical analysis is the guiding criteria towards for judging the music popular. What music is listened to the most? What music has…. [read more]

Latin Music Many Are Unaware Research Paper

… Other scholars would disagree mentioning that Mexican-American music has currently turned into a device to vent frustration, displeasure when working through inconsistencies of life in America. These scholars would make the point that the music is the key to the perseverance of this subculture, and would go even further to say that it is the "complex matrix of interdependence, cultural survival and ethnic identity." Even those that grew up on Mexican-American music agree that all of their music has some kind of a unique story behind them that talk about their struggles either in the U.S. Or in Mexico.

Mexican Music in Texas

Some Americans argue that the Mexican-American music in Texas is not unique enough. However, other experts would say that in southern Texas,…. [read more]

Ethnic Music Humanities A) Origin Essay

… This stringed instrument gained my recognition as one of the ancient string instruments in history that still survives to be useful in the modern music instrumentation.

Muting or string-mute is a musical device that moderates the tones produced by the instrument. Evidently, brass instruments such as the trombone and trumpet used this technique of muting during the developments that took place during late 20th century, and later became popular all music styles. During this period, percussion instruments also developed into favorite sources of "colorful music" both during concerts and during popular fields. Currently, musical instruments across the globe are commonly existing and divided into two principle categories: of indefinite and of definite pitch. The former instruments encompass the marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, timpani, chimes, electric guitars,…. [read more]

Music on American Culture Essay

… For instance, approximately two decades ago, a rock group by the name Straight Edge chose to adopt a different philosophy to that which was prevalent at the time. They contributed to the creation of a better society by amongst other things preaching abstinence from both sex and alcohol amongst other positive living habits. Rock music has also successfully called for changes at the political front. For instance, during the Vietnam War, some rock artists chose to preach peace through their songs. Other positive themes that have been associated with rock music include but they are not limited to peace and love. It can also be noted that just like is the case with many other genres of music, some rock songs do have educational content.…. [read more]

Music on Teens Actions Essay

… , 779). Many teenagers listening to rap music can rebel against the pressure of society to enforce them, and gain confidence in the outcome. They may also have more energy and a stronger voice. For an impressionable young mind, the strong lyrics of rap music could create hostility and violent behavior towards society, parents and the law. Rap music lyrics encourage aggression and violence in some teenagers because rap music often describes the social injustice that exists in society and how the "respect" is important for survival. The money and fame or disrepute is often the desired objectives for the acquisition of this. A teenager listening to rap can become materialistic and superficial, unable to differentiate between good and evil, and that rap can absolve…. [read more]

Music Make You Fee Strung Out Granted Essay

… ¶ … Music Make You Fee

Strung Out

Granted, I am by no means a fan of classical music. Yet as a music aficionado, I have found that there is very little music I can experience live that I do not connect with on some basic level. Perhaps it is the nuances of live music, the acoustics involved, the reaction from the crowd, as well as the element of performance augmenting the mere playing of music. It is more than a simple auditory experience, which is why I am not altogether surprised that I did not thoroughly dislike the recent performance of the Johannes String Quartet playing at Town Hall as part of the People's Symphony Concerts on Sunday, April 7.

I must admit, I…. [read more]

Music on Fine Motor Skills Effects Research Paper

… ¶ … Music on Fine Motor Skills


The Effects of Music on the Fine Motor Skills of Pre-School Students

This study investigated the effects of music on the fine motor skills of pre-school students. Participants included 12 students 6 boys and 6 girls from ages 3 to 5 years old. These students were exposed to 3 different conditions, party music, classical music and no music, while completing fine motor activities such as, tracing, coloring, drawing and cutting. The results were (opposed) to what was hypothesized, there was (a/not) difference in performance between the groups that listened to either genres of music or worked with no music.


Twelve students from the Cubbies Den Integrated pre-school program took part…. [read more]

Popular Culture Has a Pervasive Term Paper

… al 2002).

Problematic evidences that run counter to the idea of music influencing teen behavior are listed below. It is often argued that no proof exists which shows music as having a direct cause-and-effect relationship with adolescent behavior. For example, several studies that were originally meant to find a direct link between music and suicidal behavior resulted in revealing no such connection; at most a correlation could be found to exist (Ballard & Coates, 1995, cited in King, McConnell,, 2002). Another type of evidence used to show that no link between music and behavior exists is that performers may often by stereotypically associated with violence due to type of musical genre they belong to and to their fans' violent behavior. This stereotyping is done…. [read more]

Popular Music and Identity Sound Essay

… In the musical example 2, one can see and understand how the Tin Pan Alley songs have influenced popular music of today.


Musical experiences cannot be easily described as they differ between two people, but two different people can both identify with a specific song in different ways. This is why popular music is easy to identify with, and it speaks to ones emotions. The writers have tried to justify their different points in regards to music and identity, but Simon Frith has a more compelling argument as he looks at how different music is able to influence people. Having an analysis of popular music has allowed him to determine that music is special because it defines a space that has no boundaries. Popular…. [read more]

Music of the 1960s Term Paper

… Music of the 1960s

Whenever the decade of 1960s is discussed or analyzed, it is almost impossible to ignore the popular music of the period and the profound impact it had on Western society -- an effect that continues to be felt to date. In this essay, I shall discuss how the popular music evolved in the sixties and the ways in which it influenced the society.

The 1960s was a time of change; it was a period when the baby boomers came of age, and challenged the conventional "wisdom" of the older generation by embracing free-sex, drugs and outlandish fashions, confronted racial injustice, and opposed the unjust war in Vietnam. All of these changes and pressing concerns of a disgruntled youth and a counter-culture…. [read more]

Humanities Role of Music Essay

… Most of the drums are made from wood while some can also be clay pots or shells of turtles.

Drums are not only used for composing music but they have several uses. For instance, Africans use talking drums to announce the news of birth of a child, death of a person or information about any public event. Interesting thing about these drums is that some of the drums can produce such a loud sound that it can be heard by the people that are at a distance of seven miles. Therefore, Africans also use these drums for long distance communications. Before the invention of telephone, Africans used drums to communicate their messages, emotions and feelings.

Keeping in mind the traditional values and beliefs, Africans make…. [read more]

Music Few Popular Music Stars Essay

… 1). The drag queen and camp phenomena are closely associated with the gay community. As a result, many homophobes are opposed to anything that resembles a drag queen. Even though she is female, Lady Gaga represents a Drag Queen, and therefore, she also represents gay pride. Her hit song "Born this Way" could be read as a gay pride anthem.

Lady Gaga is also controversial because she is viewed more like a marketing device than a real musician. In "Gaga, Oooh Lala: Why the Lady Is the Ultimate Social Climber," the author states about Lady Gaga, "few marketers of any kind have leveraged social media the way she has to drive sales of their core product," (p. 1). By this, Hampp means that Lady Gaga…. [read more]

Relationship of Music and Culture Term Paper

… Author Asai notes, "The taiko is a cylindrical drum with two drumheads. Each drumhead has a wide rim with up to twelve holes, through which ropes (himo) are strung. D? is the term for the drum body and wa or mimi refers to the rim" (Asai, 1999, p. 120). The drums are played with drumsticks called bachi, which are often the same basic size as the circumference of the drum. The players maintain the drums, and many of them are extremely hold. To play, they tighten the drumheads, and loosen them when they are done playing. The drums are traditionally played with the drummer on his knees, and the drummers often learn the n-mai as part of their training (Asai, 1999, p. 121).

Tebiragane --…. [read more]

Music in Society Term Paper

… Gore's song contains the lyrics, "Here's to the babies in a brand new world / Here's to the beauty of the stars / Here's to the travelers on the open road / Here's to dreamers in the bars / Here's to the teachers in the crowded rooms / Here's to the workers in the fields / Here's to the preachers of the sacred words / Here's to the drivers at the wheel."

Both campaigns have chosen songs that celebrate working-class heroism - drivers, soldiers and farmers - and sentimental optimism. To many ears, the songs are surprisingly similar. "Makes you wonder if it's not a coincidence," sniffs Michael Been, writer of the 1989 rock song 'Let the Day Begin' that became Gore's theme. "Our song…. [read more]

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