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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Is a Serious Term Paper

… Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious anxiety disorder that is likely to develop following exposure to an incident or event that contributes to psychological trauma. Notably, it's normal to have feelings of sadness, anxiety, panic, and disconnected after a traumatic experience. However, if these feelings do not fade and the individual feels trapped in an ongoing sense of danger and painful memories, he/she may be suffering from the post traumatic stress disorder. The likelihood of the development of this disease is associated with the fact that individual seems overwhelmed with the experience and unlikely to get over it and feel normal again. This illness is less frequent and more persistent since it's brought by psychological trauma. Nonetheless, an individual can overcome this condition and…. [read more]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Combat Term Paper

… Moreover, contrary to myth, patients are not generally unwilling or reluctant to undergo exposure therapy, but are able to recognize that exposure may be necessary to help them move past the traumatic event. The whole thought process behind trauma focused therapy is that by changing thoughts, the therapist can help achieve symptom reduction, and this hypothesis has been verified in a number of studies (Sobel et al., 2009).

Despite the fact that some therapists have lingering, erroneous concerns about trauma-centered therapy, it has long been the preferred approach for treating PTSD. In fact, CPT, a form of trauma-centered therapy is considered the go-to treatment for PTSD. CPT is a counseling-based intervention that generally involves meeting with a therapist on a weekly basis in an effort…. [read more]

PTSD the Nature of Police Work Increases Thesis


The nature of police work increases the probability of developing Posttraumatic Stress disorder

Police Work

The nature of police work increases the probability of developing Posttraumatic Stress disorder (PTSD)

There is a general consensus that there are a very high number of police officers that suffer from PTSD, which has a decidedly negative impact on the individual and the functioning of the police force. As one study notes; "All too many police officers are victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" (Police and PTSD, 2005, para.1). Post traumatic stress disorder is understood as a response to traumatic stress, such as having to kill someone in the line of duty.

Another area of concern that emerges from the literature is that there is a relative paucity…. [read more]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms and Symptom Management in the Combat Veteran Capstone Project

… Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been recognized by a growing number of healthcare authorities and U.S. governmental agencies as a serious and potentially debilitating condition in combat veterans returning from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although estimates vary from troubling to extremely alarming, the incidence and prevalence of PTSD among this population is far higher than for the general population in the United States, and the adverse effects of the condition are further exacerbated by a number of other factors, including early life stress, different levels of individual resiliency and a potential genetic predisposition as well. The consequences of untreated PTSD can be severe, including suicide, another trend taking place among the combat veteran population that has researchers scrambling for answers and efficacious…. [read more]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Abuse Capstone Project

… Post traumatic stress is also related with many different biological changes in the human body, this fact has been confirmed by many different studies in the field of physiology as well as biology. One study in this regard measured the electodermal responses of several veterans to olfactory stimulants. The main conclusion of this study was that dysfunctional cerebral laternalisation might be the main culprit for some of the post traumatic stress symptoms like intrusive images, psychological numbing and hypervigilance.

Chronic stress and post traumatic stress have been usually compared because of possible correlation or similarities. The increment in glucocorticoid release by the adrenal glands might lead towards any loss of the hippocampal granule cells alongside the production of very complex biphasic responses that may decrease…. [read more]

Impact of PTSD and Substance Abuse on African-American Females Term Paper

… ¶ … PTSD and Substance Abuse on African-American females

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder refers to a psychological disorder caused by experiences that are threatening in nature. These experiences make the victims of PTSD undergo psychological, biological changes besides impairing the victim's ability of function properly in life.


PTSD studies have revealed that African-Americans are associated with low rates of substance use disorders. However, some researchers have indicated that African-Americans have higher rates of disorders related to anxiety. Regarding PTSD, existing studies have shown that African-Americans have higher rates compared to European-Americans. In 2010, at least twenty percent of African-Americans have PTSD compared to European-Americans' fourteen percent. A comparison between African-Americans and European-Americans reveals that the African-American group has higher rates of PTSD. Other studies…. [read more]

PTSD Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Term Paper


Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a very serious ailment that received a great deal of attention after the Vietnam War. In recent years, researchers have found a strong correlation between posttraumatic stress disorder, intimate partner abuse and alcohol dependency. The purpose of this discussion is to provide a review and critique of the research conducted in the last seven years regarding intimate partner abuse, posttraumatic stress disorder and alcohol dependency and the interrelationship between these three factors.

An article found in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, entitled "Intimate Violence and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among Individuals with Cocaine Dependence" explores the relationship between PTSD intimate abuse, and substance use disorder (SUD). The authors Brady, Byrne, and Dansky (1999) designed the study to…. [read more]

Stress and Its Effect on the Brain Research Paper

… Stress and Effects on Brain

Stress and Its Effect on the Brain

Neuropsychological research into human stress response is extensive, although progress in understanding the chemical changes in the brain due to stress has only happened in the last 30 years (Wallenstein, 2003). Stress is an important field of scientific research since it spans from distress in everyday life to more extreme manifestations of stress in mental disorders such as depression (Modell & Holsboer, 2005) and schizophrenia (Lewine, 2005). Stress touches most every child and adult's life in various ways. Traumatic stress rises in the events of war, abuse, assault, rape, childhood loss, or car accidents, among other events. Often such events lead to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is a pervasive form of chronic…. [read more]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Term Paper



Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Introduction number of studies and other researches have yielded findings that many or most combat or war veterans who return home from the battlefield develop Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. The disorder consists in reliving the memories of war, which a veteran re-enacts. Because of the nature of warfare and the veteran's own indoctrination to aggression, he also develops aggressive or violent behavior towards the members of his household and even outsiders at uncertain moments or episodes.

Military troops, due to militaries' lack of infrastructure, are at risk of having long-term psychological and social effects of PTSD.

Review of Literature

Doyle, L. (2007). Suicide Rates in U.S. Army Highest in 26 Years. The (London) Independent: Independent…. [read more]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Term Paper

… Thus it is important that the researcher differentiate between alcoholism, PTSD, and a dual diagnosis. For purposes of this research the author will be concerned primarily with patients that exhibit dualistic symptoms of PTSD and alcoholism, not one or the other. Thus the body of research examined will focus on patients with alcoholism and PTSD simultaneously, and then attempt to discern whether one is directly related to the other via cause and effect or other relationship.

There are some studies that suggest that alcohol abuse among patients often results as a response to trauma, and that alcoholism may make pre-existing disorders including PTSD worse (Thornton, 2003; Jaycox, et. al, 2004). The link between the two is the primary focus of this research.

Research provides strong…. [read more]

PTSD History Study Effects and Treatments for War Veterans Research Paper

… PTSD for War Veterans and Families


PTSD History, Study, Effects and Treatments for War Veterans

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD symptoms develop in response to life-threatening trauma, typically among multiply deployed soldiers in war zones, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of them are younger than 25, of lower rank, genetically predisposed and female. Broad categories of symptoms are re-experiencing distress, avoidance and hyperarousal, leading to overall personal malfunctioning and a host of interaction problems with the family and the community. Current treatments include rehab, counseling, medication and a virtual environment world approach. Until enough is known and done about PTSD, the returning war veteran and his family must suffer the condition and all its consequences.

Introduction and History

PTSD…. [read more]

PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders and Personal Beliefs Essay


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders and Personal Beliefs

The focus of my studies and of my anticipated professional practice is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder within the context of educational psychology. This specialization is pursued with an emphasis on veterans of combat-related experiences. This particularly vulnerable population drives both the research and the personal orientation taken toward the subject. The connection between combat-experience and PTSD is inextricable and evokes a certain sense of responsibility for me.

In accordance with my personal beliefs, attitudes and values, the sacrifices made by combat soldiers and by their families is a significant one and one that carries many physical and mental health implications. Thus, I am inclined to view it as society's responsibility to ensure that this particular population is attended to…. [read more]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD Research Paper

… Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Most people think of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a disorder based on being in a war zone, and being hurt or otherwise traumatized by the incredible violence and the shock of the noise related to combat. But PTSD is not confined to war injuries or war zone-related emotional trauma. In fact, the sudden suicide of a loved one, family member, or dear close friend can also lead to PTSD, which of course is vastly different than a war-related instance of PTSD, but it is nonetheless a serious health matter for the person who has survived the suicide victim.

An article in the Harvard Women's Health Watch points out that each year some 33,000 people in the United States commit…. [read more]

Health Effects of Abortion Scholarly Evidence Regarding Post Abortion Syndrome Annotated Bibliography

… ¶ … Post Abortion Syndrome." Specifically, the physical and mental side effects that post abortion syndrome causes and any evidence to support a connection between those symptoms and the abortion.

A, Rankin. "Post Abortion Syndrome." Health Matrix. Volume 7.2 (1989): 45-7.

This article, published in the Health Matrix, is the personal story of a woman who experienced post abortion syndrome. The article is an excerpt from a speech that she gave at the National Organization of Episcopalians for Life convention. In the speech she addresses the symptoms she experienced which included denial, repression, guilt, anxiety, and depression. As this author found personal healing, she began researching the disorder and mapping out a recovery program. She discusses that the recovery steps are similar to those used…. [read more]

Stress and Its Effects Thesis

… Unresolved Stress/Corrections

Unmitigated and unresolved stress is one of the most significant social problems in the world today. Many people demonstrate significant aspects of stress-related illness and in many cases such stress is associated with work or a combination of life and work. The body, is brilliantly designed to help resolve stress through processes that are rarely required in today's world, i.e. The fight or flight physiological phenomena, yet most stress today requires much a more subtle physical and mental response to stress and most stress is not life threatening. It is for this reason and many others that the body is not completely prepared to deal with the more subtle forms of stress and strain associated with the norms of today's work and life.…. [read more]

Stress for Police Term Paper

… They're just pulling people off the street. It's an unlawful imprisonment and they're being kidnapped (Glass, 2010)." They would lock these people up and if there warrants cleared then they would release them a couple hours later. Thus many officers are finding sources of stress from the administration aspects of their organizations as well.

Officer Counseling

Many police officers are often unwilling to find counseling services or any other avenues for help in dealing with their issues. One of the most pressing concerns is often confidentiality. Officers are scared to revel anything that could be used against them such as a mistake they made in the line of duty. The perception is that if an officers opens up to a counselor then all or part…. [read more]

Psychological Distress in a Natural Literature Review

… By the values established in the GHQ, 64% of those interviewed who had been flooded out -- and were evaluated six months later -- had a score of 4 or more, which is taken to mean there was significant psychological distress (that is juxtaposed with 25% that showed significant psychological distress at the time of the event). In addition, one-quarter of the 983 people interviewed experienced "deterioration" in their health since the flooding (Tunstall, 368).

The question posed to those that were flooded: "As the result of the flood, did you personally experience intense fear, helplessness or horror?" More than two-fifths of those who answered that question (using the GHQ) reflected that the flood was a "possible source" of PTSD (Tunstall, 370). That said, only…. [read more]

Veterans Diagnosed With Post Traumatic Essay

… Veterans Diagnosed With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

"Resources for Veterans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after transitioning back into a civilian lifestyle

Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders transition to civilian lifestyle

PTSD is an "injury to the mind" in which a traumatic event causes lasting anxiety (McFarlane, Williamson, & Barton, 2009). PTSD may be difficult to treat, since stigma may prevent service members from seeking help (McFarlane et al., 2009). Study published in the American Medical Association Journal by (Shalev et al., 2001), show over a third of troops coming back from Iraq have been assessed to be at risk of PTSD and other mental health situations on their Post Deployment Health Assessment (PDHA).

The Military Health Service (MHS) recorded 39,365 patients…. [read more]

PTSD on the U.S. Military Research Paper

… References

American Psychiatric Association (1994). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders: DSM-IV. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Association.

Cahill, S.P., & Foa, E.B. (2004). A glass half empty or half full? Where we are and directions for future research in the treatment of PTSD. In S. Taylor (ed.), Advances in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Cognitive-behavioral perspectives (pp. 267-313) New York: Springer.

Delahanty, D.L. (2011). Toward the predeployment detection of risk for PTSD. American Psychiatric Association.

Ehlers, A., Bisson, J., & Clark, D.M., et al. (March 2010). Do all psychological treatments really work the same in posttraumatic stress disorder?. Clinical Psychology Review 30 (2): 269 -- 76.

Feldner, M.T., Monson, C.M., & Friedman, M.J. (2007). A critical analysis of approaches to targeted PTSD prevention:…. [read more]

Clinical Disorder Clinical Psychology and Categorical Mental Thesis

… Clinical Disorder

Clinical Psychology and Categorical Mental Disorders

Clinical psychology is a field constructed on the intent to treat disorders and dysfunctions and to promote mental health and stability in its subject. Therefore, it is centered on the processes of diagnosis and therapy, with the various disorders to which individuals are subject falling under a set of classifications discussed in greater detail in the following account.

Before proceeding to this examination, the account provides a brief background on the philosophical and academic development of clinical psychology which should improve the insight here provided on its impetus and primary objectives. Clinical Psychology, apart from its counterparts in the scientific and cultural communities, draws its roots to a history which, while not created in a vacuum, is…. [read more]

Tori J Essay

… Her foster family is involved in a moderately fundamental church community that believes in the Bible as the word of God. Given the numerous biblical passages that suggest that rape is not an offense against the victim but against her father or husband, this religiosity could actually reinforce Tori J.'s feelings that she somehow deserved any sexual abuse she received. As a result, I think this is a macro weakness. However, the state is not prohibited to discriminate on the basis of religion, so there may not be a realistic solution to this macro weakness. Moreover, the middle-class suburban atmosphere in which she currently lives is sufficiently different from the impoverished community that Tori J. experienced as a child that she may not feel as…. [read more]

Police and Stress in a Police Officer Thesis

… Police Stress

Preventing Police Officer Stress

The stresses that police officers face as a part of their daily job often make it difficult to maintain a normal life. Police officers are more likely to experience divorce or be the perpetrators of domestic violence than the public. In addition, they also have a significantly higher suicide rate than the public. Police officers experiencing incredible strain on the job are a serious problem for administrators and managers. Often, the stress that a police officer experiences are beyond anyone's control. They must cope with the situation that they are dealt. This research concludes that administrators and managers must play an active role in reducing stress of the officers under their charger. It explores positive steps that can be…. [read more]

Effects of War on Soldiers Research Proposal


Comparative Study of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder between military and private contractors stationed in Iraq

Americans at War

Conflict is a part of the human condition. Although most would prefer peace, sometimes war represents an inevitable reality. Since the founding of our nations, Americans have been called to serve our nation in the armed forces numerous times. The latest conflict is only one event in a long chain of wars dotting American history. Every time there is a conflict, three things are inevitable: casualties, fatalities, and survivors.

Fatalities are a part of life in the war zone. It is a reality that every military person faces every day. For those that become casualties, they are often left with permanent reminders of their life in…. [read more]

Effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay

… Using both psychotherapy and medication would allow a person to improve on their symptoms, teach them skill for addressing their symptoms, and learn coping methods. People are different, treatment should only be decided after proper diagnosis, and evaluation of the person is done. A treatment regime that works for one person might not work for another person. A mental health care provider experienced with treating PTSD should treat anybody suffering from PTSD. This will ensure that the care provider understands the different aspects of the disorder and has experience dealing with a person suffering the disorder. If the person suffering from PTSD is experiencing an ongoing trauma like an abusive relationship, the care provider should treat both problems. This will ensure that the person does…. [read more]

PTSD Post=traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Term Paper

… Generally speaking, older soldiers deal with war-related events than younger ones do. With that as the guideline, we might see less PTSD among those who served in Iraq or Afghanistan since we have relied so heavily on National Guard members, who tend to be older (Elias, 2004). On the other hand, the men and women who joined the National Guard may not have expected to ever actually go to war, and may have a different mindset regarding war events than those who actively signed up for combat-oriented services such as the Army and Marines.

Because of the devastating effect of PTSD on a person's ability to function, it should be treated as soon as possible. A person's first reaction to the stressful events that lead…. [read more]

PTSD Contributing an Intervention Template Essay


Contributing an Intervention Template to the Field of PTSD and Family Coping

The research conducted over the course of this project relates to the experience of combat-veterans now returning in significant numbers from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. For many veterans, it can be extremely difficult to re-adjust to life outside of a military or combat context. This is particularly true for those who have experienced some measure of trauma during their service. The resulting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can inflict a heavy toll on both the returning serviceman or woman and on the family to which he or she returns. To an extent though, neither the military nor schools seem adequately or strategically prepared for the needs that children of these vets…. [read more]

Post- Traumatic Stress Term Paper

… Fiorello was deeply disturbed with the thought of his wife being so near the place of the attack, and although his wife was able to get out of the area immediately before great damage had been done, the fact that his wife had been so close to death (and with him talking to her at that moment), Francesco Fiorello eventually suffered from a feeling of great fear and agitation when he is in public and overcrowded places. Evidently, Fiorello was one of the many individuals who suffered from the September 11 bombings, even though he hasn't witnessed it personally, and had no great injury or participation in the said event. Thus, the powerful, yet detrimental, effects of PTSD is apparent in Fiorello's case of experiencing…. [read more]

PTSD in Children of Hurricane Essay

… Many symptoms can be mitigated when parents and teachers provide emotional support and facilitate adaptive coping strategies in school settings.

However, clinical and professional counseling may be necessary for those children having the hardest time adjusting and moving past their traumatic experience. Some continue to be plagued by persistent symptoms that disrupt their functioning long after the traumatic event has ended. Therapists must be prepared to provide developmentally appropriate interventions to children who experience distress after natural disasters. It is often helpful that clinicians ask parents, relatives and teachers whether children's behaviors would be considered "normal" prior to the disaster (Alvarez, 2010). Such assessment guides the framework for counseling.

Therapeutic interventions should involve reassurance of normalcy, extra attention and nurturance, re-establishing routine, open communication, and…. [read more]

Military Employee Stress Thesis

… Military Employee Stress

The objective of this work is to compare, contrast and synthesize and evaluate the principles of societal development including an evaluation of the workplace and resulting family stress. In order to understand the effects of how societal development in the workplace has affected the family unit, an evaluation of the workplace and resulting family stress will be conducted. Additionally, this work will compare, contrast and evaluate the work of Weber, Durkheim, Spencer and Marx, the four social theorists upon whose work this study will be based and upon which the integration of current information meaning included in scholarly journals written by experts on family dynamics will be applied to the findings from actual application.


The objectives of the 'Breadth' portion…. [read more]

Treatments for PTSD Article Review

… Much is expected to aid the healing process of these patients from the treatment process. Evidently, each patient is handled differently unlike the "Group treatment for PTSD," advanced by Sloan, Bovin and Schnurr (2012). In this regard, each of the patient's psychological and behavioral aspects is handled in details. The treatment has focus on treating the whole person, through treating the different aspects that make up a whole person. This treatment addresses the different symptoms of the disorder in the patient (Sloan, Bovin & Schnurr, 2012).

The article advances that the cognitive-behavioral therapy treatment addresses the crucial symptoms in patients diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder. The authors advance that the established cardinal symptoms of PTSD include hopelessness and depression as shown from the previous empirical…. [read more]

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