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U.S. Soldiers and Drug Abuse Term Paper

… U.S. Soldiers and Drug abuse

Wars always have numerous things in common regardless of the time and place where they occurred. No matter how great the victory of one of the parties, there are always major losses for both sides. These losses are to be found at all levels, material, financial, and more importantly, at human level. The people who get killed on the one hand and the soldiers on the other hand represent a painful reality of wars.

While a lot of soldiers either get hurt or killed during the armed conflicts, there is an important number of soldiers who get the chance to go back home. They are seen as survivors, tough men, and at times, even as heroes. But what becomes of…. [read more]

Health Maintenance Organization Impact on the Minorities Thesis


The focus of this research study is the health maintenance organization impact on the minorities' community and specifically the communities of Hispanics, African-American and Latinos in the locations of New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and Chicago. In recent years it has become increasingly clear that the U.S. .healthcare system is failing in making the same quality of care provision for ethnic minority populations as are made for the majority white population and the racial and ethnic disparities in accessing quality healthcare have been documented in research studies. It is reported that African-Americans experience the highest rates of mortality from heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disease and HIV / AIDS than any other U.S.…. [read more]

Relationship Between Culture and Mental Health Essay

… Global Mental Health

One striking characteristic about the state of global mental health today -- aside from the fact that "four out of the ten diseases with the highest burden are psychiatric" -- is that in the developing world there is greater likelihood of quicker remission than in the developed, Industrial world (Kastrup, Ramos, 2007, p. 42). Schizophrenia, for instance, weighs more heavily and persistently in first-world countries than it does in the third-world. While some researchers attribute this lop-sided relationship to the belief that the developing world has a lower rater of reporting and treatment (thus skewing the statistics) (Gilbert, Patel, Farmer, Lu, 2015), others assert that the higher rate in the Industrialized world is due to a host of reasons related to modernization,…. [read more]

Impact on Mother of Premature Birth Chapter

… ¶ … long-term health outcomes, prevalent anxiety, trauma, depression in women experiencing preterm birth. Significantly higher stress levels have been found in mothers giving preterm birth compared to mothers giving birth at full term.

Premature birth is a serious concern as both mother and the child go through an emotional trauma post premature delivery. It almost seems like a lost battle for a mother who delivers a premature child as the infant faces various health complications post premature birth. Mothers health is affected both physically and mentally resulting in delayed recovery post pregnancy and early termination of breast-feeding. This also affects mothers' emotional and psychological concerns, inability to make decisions, and also causes social, cognitive, emotional and behavioral development disorders in infants (Arzani, Valizadeh, Zamanzadeh,…. [read more]

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Military Research Paper

… Substance Abuse of Military Personnel and Veterans and Appropriate Sources of Treatment

Substance abuse is an increasingly serious problem amongst military personnel and veterans. Not all treatment methods are created equal, however. This research will seek to specifically explore and evaluate one of the most commonly recommended methods to address substance abuse in the form of 7 dimensions stress therapy (7 DST).

dimensions stress therapy (7 DST) and combined psychotherapy will be shown to be both more effective for the patient and also more cost effective for the healthcare system because of its targeted and goal-oriented approach.

Is 7 DST and combined psychotherapy more effective in addressing substance abuse in veterans and service personnel?

Literature review

To understand how to treat substance abuse one must…. [read more]

Making Prostitution Legal in California for Means of Reducing Crime and Increasing State Revenue Thesis

… Legalizing Prostitution in California

This research attempts to examine three hypotheses related to the decriminalization or legalization of prostitution in the state of California: it is wasteful to attempt to fight prostitution as a crime; legalization would reduce the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases, violence, and drug use; and the overall outcome of legalizing prostitution would be positive for all citizens as a result of increased funding available for state programs. These hypotheses will be examined by thoroughly studying past and current literature on the pros and cons of different legal attitudes toward prostitution in different areas, as well as the economic crisis in California specifically.

Table of Contents

Senior Research Project Approval Form


Table of Contents


Background of the Study

Problem Statement

Purpose…. [read more]

Differences in Gender Violence Rape Based on Race Sexuality Gender and Class Term Paper

… Gender Violence (Rape) and on race, sexuality, gender, and class

The problem of gender violence in general has attracted a wide debate and concern in equal measure for a long time among many players, both active and armchair, in the campaign against the vice. This has been mainly due to its high prevalence which needs to be addresses urgently.Historically, the definition of violence was mainly confined to assault by people who were strangers and overlooked the close acquaintances and intimate people. However, this has widely changed to encompass more of what can be considered gender-based violence.

According to the United Nations Declaration on Violence Against Women, article 1 defines violence against women as "any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to…. [read more]

Sexual Abuse Long- and Short-Term Term Paper

… Alcoholism can lead to a variety of mental and physical illnesses, and can even lead to early death in extreme cases. Clearly, this is a complex issue, as not all those who suffer childhood sexual abuse develop substance abuse problems in later years. Again, it depends on the circumstances, and the victim's own reaction to them. However, it is also clear that childhood abuse can lead to a variety of long-term complications that continue into adulthood, and can last a lifetime.

Not surprisingly, childhood sexual abuse can lead to a number of sexuality issues in adulthood. Many victims will be unsure of their own sexuality and attractiveness, and allow this uncertainty to color their sexual relationships. Some victims may find sexual relationships unsatisfying, while others…. [read more]

Brain Neurogenesis, Circadian Rhythm, and Dreams Term Paper

… Research like this demonstrates the intimate, but often unconscious, connection between mental and physical states. The topic is of interest to me because I know people with severe mental and physical disorders that can both be traced to underlying states of anxiety.


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  4. Lisboa, S.F., Niraula, A., Shea,…. [read more]

Views on Cognitive Development: 70s, 80s, 90s Term Paper

… The Million Man March was one of the remarkable events of Bowe’s life. For one day, bewildering the pessimists, using all modes of transportation, signifying all walks of life, Black men, potential a million if not more, came together in the capital of the nation. These African American stood tall, magnificent and united. Bowe stated that this even brought a sense of pride to him. During that period, almost one in five African Americans was being jailed, incarcerated or facing racial prejudice. The Million Man March enabled Bowe to have hope for the future. He grew positively and strongly from a cognitive perspective. It was a turning point for black men to become more responsible for their lives, work towards a better community and society…. [read more]

Foster Care and Its Effects on Young Children in the U.S Term Paper

… ¶ … Foster Care on Young Children in the U.S.

In the past few decades, the negative long-term effects of foster care associated with young children in the United States has reportedly steadily increased, raising concern among parents, governmental programs and policy-makers alike. The United States federal government estimated that 542,000 children were placed in foster care as of September 30, 2001 (Pecora, 2003). The numbers of children in foster care have risen substantially since 1980; the average age of a child in foster care is 10 years old with an average length of stay of about three years. A review of the literature indicates that the length of time that children are spending in foster care has began to diminish in recent years,…. [read more]

How to Properly Treat Alcoholism Research Paper

… Psychology of Alcoholism

There are many that have come to know alcoholism as a disorder that is very physical in nature. Indeed, there is quite often a physical aspect to a person craving alcohol. This physical dependency can become so severe and nasty that going "cold turkey" off of alcohol can literally kill a person that is trying to quit it. However, this is certainly not the only aspect to alcoholism. Addictions and proclivities like alcoholism often take on a dual manifestation in that they can be both physical and psychological in nature. Most addictions are mostly or only one or the other but drugs in particular can have this dual-pronged presence that can really paralyze people and keep hooked as they have to get…. [read more]

Teaching -- Classroom Management Discipline Thesis

… Theories on social cognition were united with the system's advance to communication and was then be interpreted or applied to the field of teacher's interactive cognitions and classroom communication procedures. The project was based on twenty five years of long tradition of research in the Netherlands, in which communication procedures between teachers and their students in secondary classrooms were studied. In this research it was found that students' perceptions of their teachers' interpersonal approach were not only related to the working atmosphere in classrooms, but also to students' cognitive and affective learning outcomes. In addition, this research showed significant differences between new and expert teachers' behavior, resulting in a more optimistic working environment in expert teachers' classrooms (Bradley, 2011).


This study utilized a secondary…. [read more]

Dreams Deferred Trafficking and Prostitution Term Paper

… Linda Smith, a former congresswoman and now a leading activist in Shared Hope, has opened nineteen homes for trafficked women in Jamaica, India, and Nepal. Testifying before the House International Relations Committee on June 14th of this year, she had the following to say:

In the three countries where Shared Hope is working, we have seen no significant evidence of positive or effective government action to curb the trafficking problem. There have been very few prosecutions of traffickers in India and Nepal. There has been very little work done to change what we see as continued tolerance for children being used and abused. There has been very little done to inform and educate women about the dangers of trafficking or to provide legal safeguards for…. [read more]

United States Army Do to Improve Term Paper

… ¶ … United States Army

Do to Improve on Enforcing Hearing Protection Standards

To Reduce Hearing Loss Among Soldiers

Nearly one third of the close to thirty million Americans with hearing loss today can attribute their disability to what has been deemed as 'toxic noise.' With a loss of hearing, humans cannot fully function in their environments. The working surroundings are by far the biggest culprit to the problem as many Americans have lost their hearing while working in steel mills and mines. "According to OSHA enforcement policy, employers must record work-related shifts in hearing of an average of 25 dB or more at 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 hertz in either ear. In January 2001, OSHA proposed changing this trigger for a recordable injury to…. [read more]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Medical Marijuana Use Term Paper

… Medicinal Marijuana

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Medicinal Marijuana

The purpose of this paper is an evaluation of the advantages of medicinal consumption of marijuana compared with the disadvantages of consumption. There is a tremendous body of evidence in recent years supporting the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, particularly with regard to chronic pain treatment and treatment of certain central nervous system disorders such as multiple sclerosis.

Likewise however an equal number of researchers have continually pointed out the potential negative effects of marijuana use, whether for recreational, religious or medicinal purposes. It is unclear at this point in time whether the advantages of medicinal cannabis outweigh the disadvantages; one thing is clear: use of marijuana whether for medicinal purposes or otherwise is a…. [read more]

Women in Abusive Relationships Research Paper

… 47). For the person going into counseling, there is a whole field of service that needs to be filled, and that is working with abused women, Morris explains. The abused women needs direct guidance in order to locate a job that suits her skills and experience. For example, the counselor must be able to direct the abused woman to apply for positions she is competent to do, and to "reframe" the woman's skills she may have forgotten about during the nightmare of her abusive environment. But the counselor should not leave the abused woman with an "open-ended research" for career options because that may be "overwhelming"; there should be a "targeted" approach to specific job skills and employment opportunities (p. 48).


The abuse that…. [read more]

Criminology Women in Jails Research Paper

… Women in Jails

Women in Prison

The criminal justice system is clearly unprepared and ill equipped to manage the unique needs of women in prison. There is clearly a need for a specific focus on Mental illness, sexual violence and drug abuse, reproductive health and other issues that are very relevant to the incarcerated female population. There is no question of doubt that incarceration is a failed, inhuman and ineffective approach to the social problems faced by women. Instead, policymakers should focus on alternative correctional programs that allow women to reform their behaviors and become productive citizens while still staying connected to their family members.

Women in prison have unique problems and challenges compared to men. Incarcerated women present with a multiplicity of problems including…. [read more]

Alcohol Abuse Term Paper

… ¶ … drowned more men than the sea..." (Thomas Fuller)

The abuse of alcohol is not a new problem in America, but it is a substantial problem, among people of all ages and from all walks of life. This paper will review some of the problems associated with the abuse of alcohol.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), "Excessive alcohol consumption" is the third leading cause of "preventable death" in the United States. Over a typical thirty-day period in the U.S., the CDC reports that ("over half" of the American adult population drinks some alcohol; about 5% of the total population "drinks heavily"; and about 15% of the U.S. population engages in "binge drinking."

The CDC also reports that "excessive drinking" isn't necessarily…. [read more]

Use of Force Thesis

… Excessive Use of Force by Police

The excessive use of force in the police force has been the subject of debate for many decades. The problem relates to the fact that the police is often obliged to use some extent of force to ensure the safety of the public. Being involved in a highly stressful job situation however means that judgment may be impaired in terms of what type of force is appropriate for the particular situation faced at the time. Police officers could also make errors in judgment, for example mistaking a gesture of surrender for the intention of force. Tragedy could then result. When investigating the various types of force generally used by police officers, trends can be established and the excess of…. [read more]

Heroin Drug Addiction Term Paper

… The drug naltrexone was promoted since 1997 as a tool to help rapid detoxicification in people withdrawing from heroin. However, a study, published in this week's (MJA) confirms the findings of overseas studies that the treatment may not be as effective as it has been made out to be. (NSW-Health, 1999)

There does not seem to be dissipation in heroin use in Australia. This is shown by surveys conducted by the NDS Household Survey over most of the 1990s. (Swift, Williams, Neill, & Grenyer, 1990) Polydrug dependence and psychiatric problems went hand in hand with heroin users. Overall, the more psychologically distressed subjects were, the more different types of drugs they were dependent upon. In a comparative study of prison and community patients, the rates…. [read more]

Police Suicide Thesis

… Police Suicide recent study revealed an increase in the number of suicides among police officers more than in the past (Volanti, 1995). A survey population of 2,662 police officers from 1950 to 1979 recorded one suicide every 2.5 years. This incidence occurred twice as often at every 2.5 years between 1980 and 1990. The findings demand urgent attention among law enforcement agencies to tackle the stubborn problem. It can no longer be ignored. The first appropriate step to take is to discover and understand the factors, which give rise to the incidence (Volanti).

These factors are the lack of available data on police suicides, misclassification of the data, and the exclusion of such data in small or outlying areas (Volanti, 1995). Pertinent data are either…. [read more]

Sexual Abuse of Female Inmates Term Paper

… Custodial Abuse

This issue has been most prevalent as it relates to male prisoners preying upon other male prisoners. However, in recent years the prevalence of sexual abuse among female inmates has greatly increased. This abuse is often from corrections officers but also happens between prisoners. The purpose of this discussion is the examine the history and impact of sexual abuse of female inmates.

For many years, the sexual abuse of inmates has been concerned with male inmates and the sexual abuse they suffer at the hands of other male inmates. However, in recent years researchers have began to examine the sexual abuse of women in prison.

According to an article published in the William and Mary Law Review the sexual abuse of female inmates…. [read more]

Media Violence and Social Deviance Term Paper

… Media Violence/Social Deviance

Media Violence and Social Deviance

For decades, there has been concern over media violence and its influence or potential influence on public behavior, and while there have been countless studies and volumes of research devoted to this topic, the issue appears still open for debate.

Ever since television began becoming popular in the 1950's, the pubic has been complaining that there is too much violence in television programming, and has continually put pressure on Congress and the television industry to reduce the amount of violence (Potter). During the past fifty years, social scientists have been conducting analyses of the violent content on television in an effort to document the amount of violence in order to inform the public however there is a…. [read more]

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