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Black Picket Fences Sharlene Looked Term Paper

… Well, now, I went to a community college. I didn't go to no Harvard or nothing," he says. As he speaks faster and louder, Hank's speech resembles a specific brand of Black English. "I knew a few kids who did really well in school. They got all A's and did ok on their testing and all. They got into big name colleges and now I don't know where they are. But I wonder," he says. "I wonder how well off they are now. I mean, I know that black people don't earn as much as whites and even black lawyers and all have a hard time moving ahead in the world, getting really rich."

Hank brings up a topic that Patillo-McCoy touches upon in great…. [read more]

Afro Americans Poverty Case Study

… That's why the ratio of blacks who are imprisoned behind the goal are more in frequency then those of whites as they never got the chance to uplift themselves so they used indirect and crook ways of survival which made them notorious everywhere (Polednak, 1997).

As in comparison to the previous connotations and practices now, the poverty or negligent aspects of Americans are reducing and positively modifying regarding Africans. Now the trends have changed although Africans are not completely acknowledged but researches and anticipations reveal that Africans may get the status if not same then even nevertheless low in front of Americans. To quote Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama has been the perfect examples of Africans moral and stature build up as in comparison to the…. [read more]

Souls of Black Folk Thesis

… Thus the policies set by Whites confined African-Americans further into the perpetual cycle of poverty.

Du Bois argues that part of the reason African-Americans could not challenge these oppressive legal and economic policies set by Whites was the lack of education. In the forth and fifth sections of the book, Du Bois discusses the importance of education that is necessary for African-Americans to reach full potential. Du Bois criticizes policies set by Whites and agreed to by some local African-Americans that did not emphasize university education for Blacks. But university education, he says, is vital for African-Americans to raise their consciousness and have the knowledge to develop economically, politically, and socially. "Progress in human affairs is more often a pull than a push," Du Bois…. [read more]

Poverty Achievements and English Language Learners Term Paper

… Poverty, Achievement and English Language Learners (ELLs) (and your name, date, etc.)

Introduction about the significance of looking at poverty rates among different groups of students.

Oftentimes, people are apt to rate intelligence as a core component of a person not realizing that so many more factors are attributable to the child's apparent intelligence. Poverty is simply one of these determining factors. When a child has little to eat at home, or is forced to live in a poor ghetto-type environment where pressure is on him to engage in activities such as stealing or taking drugs, or if he is forced to work other jobs in order to help support his family -- the child's education is likely to suffer. Generalizations, therefore, can never be…. [read more]

Sowell Black Rednecks and White Liberals Term Paper

… ¶ … Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Thomas Sowell. Specifically it will contain and analysis and discussion of the book and its thesis. Author Sowell states his thesis early on in the Prologue of his book. He writes, "The purpose of this book is to expose some of the more blatant misconceptions poising race relations in our time" (Sowell ix). His book is an attempt to dispel these misconceptions while he gives a unique and interesting history of both black and white culture as it evolved in the American South.

Sowell supports his thesis through his own 25 years of research on the subject, combined with numerous scholarly essays he has collected for this work. Another aspect of his thesis in preparing this work…. [read more]

Social Black Experience Research Paper

… Social Black Experience

A Survey of Black Social Oppression in the Twentieth Century

Evelyn Waugh noted in his "Conservative Manifesto" in Robbery Under Law (1940) that "inequalities of wealth and position are inevitable….Men naturally arrange themselves in a system of classes [and] such a system is necessary for any form of co-operative work, more particularly the work of keeping a nation together" (16-17). What happened in 20th century America, however, was the development of more than a mere system "of co-operative work." It was a system of outright slavery, propagated by an elitist element of American society, as E. Michael Jones has chronicled to great extent in numerous works. This paper will analyze how the American government has gone beyond the strictures of the natural…. [read more]

Poverty in Haiti -- Case Case Study

… A lot can be achieved for national growth through improved capital access for rural industries (Kahlmann).

Dr. Valentine Abe of the Caribbean Harvest Foundation sees aquaculture as the redeeming solution, beginning from the rural areas (Clinton Foundation, 2012). Haiti's lakes have been over-fished for decades. Increasing the output of fingerlings can help fish farms beat both poverty and malnutrition in the rural areas (Clinton Foundation).

Recommendations -- a broad-spectrum approach under a proper leader will address Haiti's intimately connected problems in positive synergy simultaneously (Sullivan, 2010). The GDP per capita must be increased from its present level. The distribution of wealth must be rectified. Public education and literacy must be expanded. More jobs must be created and skills development programs extensively conducted. Access to clean…. [read more]

Poverty and Obesity Povery Research Paper

… In fact, the relationship between healthy eating an education level is far more robust than is the relationship between healthy eating and income level (Drewnowski & Specter, 2004). Moreover, in a study conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture the variables of gender, ethnic background, and SES were examined in their relationship to obesity. Bodyweight had substantially increased over the past decade in all groups. The prevalence of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease was higher in blacks, individuals with lower education, and consequently in the lower SES group (Paeratakul, Lovejoy, Ryan, & Bray, 2002). Thus, the actual relationship between obesity and poverty could easily be explained in terms of education level as lower income groups tend to have less overall education than do…. [read more]

African-American History 1865 Present Essay

… Black History

Certainly, this early phase in what we would call the modern civil rights movement was dominated like individuals such as Martin Luther King Jr. They worked for rights for African-Americans and many for integration. To begin with, individual and small group organizing and planning happed. Their methods were legal and passive. However, they were far from a united front. But they were totally united behind the principles of non-violence as a maxim in what they did. It is impossible for this author in this short essay to do justice to the broad spectrum of individuals that made miracles happen, but tragically were not totally successful. In that vein, we will examine a case study of the relationship that developed between Dr. King and…. [read more]

Poverty and Inequality Among Children Term Paper

… This study, however, attributed income inequality among children to the differences in income-producing capability of adults the children lived with, more than the family type or state.

Their findings complemented those of Lichter's. Achs and Gallagher (2004) found that states with high child poverty rates also had high levels of inequality, suggesting that even "low-income" states could have a large number of higher-income families and adequate resources appropriate in addressing their children's economic needs. They, therefore, recommended that high-inequality states focus their resources towards helping working families so that low-income families could be helped. Like Lichter, Achs and Gallagher suggested the adoption of earned income tax credits policy, which would augment incomes of working family members, but available to those who do not work.

They…. [read more]

Black Elk Speaks: Being Book Report

… This critique is based on the view that that the actual conversation with Black Elk may have been altered or corrupted by the translation and editing of the text. Some feel that the author's editing of the words of Black Elk, as well as the transcription of the translation of the original text, leave questions about the authenticity of the book. However, this was not the impression that I got from reading the text.

The popularity of this text and the message of harmony, compassion and balance that it suggests is one that has been accepted and acknowledged as being authentic by many readers and experts in various fields. One should remember that a respected academic and thinker like Carl Jung accepted and endorsed the…. [read more]

Poverty and Health Essay

… Penalties for drug offenses differ among racial groups and more among actual rates of offending. Offending rates were found to be highly influenced by community-level poverty and social disruption. African-Americans and other minorities are much more widely exposed to community-level poverty and social disruption, which lead to homelessness (Shinn).

Perceptions in Poverty Reduction

Americans must share in the effort and guided by three perceptions in addressing the reality of poverty in a meaningful way (Eans and Kleit 2010). These are the beliefs that poverty is not self-inflicted, that their deliverance will not be at the expense of the middle class and that poverty is solvable. Poverty must be viewed in a new way and through an understanding of social exclusion in order to de-stigmatize it…. [read more]

Constitutional Amendments Essay

… In the amended proposal, I would put forth that there would be great need to invest more in education of a larger population of the blacks since this would help bridge the gap that there was between the whites and the black slaves. The more blacks that were educated, the better it would be for the community since there would be a bigger ideological challenge that would emanate from the black community as compared to only a tenth educated blacks. On the Washington standpoint, I would ensure that there is no room for the reversal of the gains already made through the 13th and 14th amendments and insist on acquisition of skills for empowerment but also have self assertive approaches rather than subservient measures like…. [read more]

Complicity of African Americans in Contemporary U.S Research Proposal

… ¶ … complicity of African-Americans in Contemporary U.S.

The solution to the issue raised by poverty and its consequences on a community, regardless of its race is still in our debt. Just like the cure for cancer, the fight against poverty has many battles yet to come. The poverty of the black people, within the most powerful country in the world is a subject that has been debated over the decades. The participants involved were people of different backgrounds and various degrees of implication in the matter. Especially today, when the U.S. have a black president and go through a period of economic depression, such a highly disputed matter is giving hard times to all those who dare get or stay involved.

Bill Cosby, the…. [read more]

Poverty Issues in Education: Effects Term Paper

… The child of poverty has one primary all-present emotion which is 'fear' and according to research the feelings of 'fear' negatively influences a child's ability to learn. A safe and trusting environment in the class room enhances learning. The ideal classroom is "high in challenge and low in threat." (Pellino, 2005) It is critical that the classroom be a relaxed environment free of stress due to the fact that many children of poverty have a very stressful home life.

Research in related to the brain, or 'brain-based research' has shown that emotions impact memory because "emotion drives attention and attention drives learning and memory." (Pellino, 2005) "Verner (2004) state that poverty on a widespread basis "affects both students' performance and their availability to attend school.…. [read more]

Black History Effects of Capitalism Term Paper

… After freeing from oppression, blacks still had to face discrimination, as they were restricted to the jobs, which were considered to be more dangerous, and worth less than those reserved for whites. The Blacks were also used as an army of jobless that could be used by bosses to threaten unions to keep salaries low or else they could lose their jobs. This discrimination was an open fact that blacks were dismissed in excess during an economic decline and therefor had to suffer comparatively in greater numbers of unemployment than whites.

Study after study confirms that the inequality between wealth and poverty is more pronounced in the U.S. than any other industrialized nation. The Labor Department reports that one-quarter of all workers in the U.S.…. [read more]

Disparity Issues in the Black Community Research Paper

… While all that helps a great deal, it can only go so far. Once they have reached the limit of what they are capable of doing, that is as far as they can go because they do not have permission to move forward with larger projects. They also do not have the funding that would be needed to advance projects that are large in scope, as those kinds of changes require a lot of money (Barnes, 2005; Billingsley, 1999).

The way to get that money -- and to actually see the work get done -- is to get the community interested in and lobbying for the project. From that point, the community needs to elect officials who believe in the project and who are interested…. [read more]

Poverty in Mississippi Term Paper

… Poverty in Mississippi

The state of Mississippi, the 20th to be admitted to the Union on December 10, 1817 (Mississippi state facts, December 27, 2006); located in the Deep South region of the United States and bordering the Mississippi River and the north coast of the Gulf of Mexico at its southern edges (Mississippi state facts) is today also the poorest among all 50 American states, especially in its rural and agricultural areas (Mississippi state facts; Ownby, 1999; Rogers; 1979). As of February 25, 2007, Mississippi had a total population of 2,921,088, including a large minority population (over 40%) consisting mostly of African-Americans ("Mississippi," February 25, 2007). Multiple; varied; and complex reasons; historically and now for Mississippi's place at or near the bottom of states'…. [read more]

Harlem 1920-1960 Term Paper

… Harlem 1920-1960 Culture of the Harlem

Harlem has indeed been a mirror of the diversity that sums up the essence of the American nation. It is the social, economic, and political environment in which the African-American cultural individuality has integrated and defined itself as a cornerstone of what came to be known today as the American nation. Despite the multitude of opinions arguing that there is no true American cultural identity, it is beyond any doubt its existence, even if it cannot be fully integrated in a cultural blueprint as expressed by the traditional analysis of the European standards. Indeed, the American culture lacks the time duration and from this point-of-view it can be said to be inferior to the French or the Italian ones…. [read more]

Single Black Mothers and Poverty Term Paper

… ¶ … African-American Mothers and Poverty

The Social Welfare Aspects of the Great Society and the Welfare Reform Act of 1996

The Great Society: Goals and Implementation

Background and Purpose of the Great Society

Actual implementation

The Social Challenge: Needed Assistance Wasn't Available

Welfare Reform Act, 1996

Concerns about TANF and current welfare programs

This paper reviews two approaches in social work to single African-American mothers and poverty. The first approach, practiced during the "Great Society" era of the 1960's and 1970's, focused on state-provided welfare, housing and other assistance for single African-American mothers and their families. The second era, starting with the Welfare Reform Act of 1996, focused on integrating poor African-American mothers into the workforce, and providing support services to insure that those…. [read more]

Harlem During 1920-1960 Term Paper

… Harlem During 1920-1960

The United States is considered for centuries now the "land of all opportunities." Throughout time, it has attracted millions of people from around the world in search for a better future and for new ground for personal affirmation. However, behind the glamour and excitement of the "American dream" there lie numerous unsuccessful stories that come to point out the different perspectives of a certain reality.

The struggles that have marked the history of Harlem can be considered relevant examples in this sense. This part of the city of New York has shared the image of a troubled existence, that of the Black Americans that erected it, and of the millions of immigrants who found shelter in the slums and overcrowded streets of…. [read more]

Black Churches / New Pastors the Influences Term Paper

… Black Churches / New Pastors

The Influences and Issues of the Black Church, the Black Family, and Faith-Based Ministries in the 21st Century

What are the key issues surrounding the African-American Church in the year 2005? What should new pastors be learning as they train to become Christian leaders in their communities? How should an aspiring preacher approach the many social problems that confront the African-American community - and which issues are appropriate for associating with sermons or bible study and which are better left to small group discussion within the church's weekly calendar of events?

The families of the New Millennium are hungry for leadership - children are subjected to more influences outside the home than ever before, and many of those influences are…. [read more]

Race the Problems Essay

… Of course, even the most media illiterate audience member is aware of African-American superstars such as Beyonce or Kanye West, yet the audience thinks these kinds of African-Americans are the rare case, and likely, these rare cases came from backgrounds depicted in the show. It is no secret that many famous African-American stars boast of their impoverish backgrounds as a way to commemorate their current achievements, such as Jay Z (former heroin dealer), Notorious B.I.G. (former marijuana and crack dealer), or 50 Cent (former drug dealer and gun shot victim).

It is also difficult to contend and battle urban mythos of poverty in regards to race when one can see the urban myth playing in front of one's eyes. The example of "Kyesha's Dilemma" (Newman,…. [read more]

Poverty Challenges in Haiti Research Paper

… A system of governance that highly relies on foreign aid and borrowings is what characterizes the nature of the Haitian government. Structural reforms undertaken since 1995 have not adequately measured their impact on distribution of resources and structural constraints of the economy.

Policies and deregulation programs rarely follow initiatives to strengthen the supply chains of resource allocation and distribution. Various social aspects of the Haitian society contribute to increased poverty levels. Social aspects that have an effect on the poverty situation may include cultural beliefs and perceptions towards formal education and health services. Cultural beliefs that do not allow education of women are a factor for the many illiterate women in the rural areas of Haiti. Early school dropout by young people is also an…. [read more]

Poverty Term Paper


the extent of Poverty in the United States:

According to the statistics released by the Current Population Survey -- CPS, 2007, Annual Social & Economic Supplement -- ASEC based on the sample survey of 100000 across U.S., the official poverty rate during 2006 was 12.3% marginally down from 12.6% in the year 2005. During the year 2006, 36.5 million people were poverty stricken which is almost the same as that of the year 2005. The poverty rates during 2006 remain unaltered for non-Hispanic Whites which is 8.2%, Blacks which is 24.3% and Asians which is 10.3% from 2005. The poverty rates came down for Hispanics from 21.8% in 2005 to 20.6% in 2006. Since the latest low in 2000, the rate climbed for four…. [read more]

Poverty Approximately 37 Million Americans Term Paper

… Poverty

Approximately 37 million Americans, (12.6% of the population) live in poverty (U.S. Census, 2006); 17.1% of American children are poor; 10.1% of the elderly are poor; 21.8% of Latino children and 24.9% of African-American children are poor. (Wu, et al., 2007).

Antipoverty Program in the U.S. Perhaps the best known antipoverty movement in the United States over the past forty years was the "Poor People's Campaign" (PPC), led by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) in the 1960s. It was the brainchild of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who was an internationally known advocate civil rights turning his attention to "human rights" in the last year of his life. During King's press conference on December 4, 1967 he explained that his PPC movement would…. [read more]

Ethical Issues of South Africa's Black Economic Empowerment Program Term Paper

… Ethical issues of South Africa's Black Economic Empowerment Program (BEE)

Across the formerly colonized African territory, South Africa's turbulent history and multifaceted makeup is not unique. However, the country remains unique in light of the particulars. First, the nation has a direct experience with the leading violent eras across African history. My interest to cover this topic has emerged from this context of the subject matter. The history of South Africa is unique hence shaping the analysis. Therefore, I have provided readers with a unique case study established by the guidelines of social science qualitative methodologies. My work has clanged on the academia utilizing one single case analysis to obtain universally applicable lessons and generalizations. This study provides suitable and detailed insights concerning the issue…. [read more]

Slave Narrative and Black Autobiography Term Paper

… Several blacks were even admitted to the Military Academy.

The white intellectual community came to see black literature as somewhat formulaic. The linguist Geneva Smitherman in Talkin and Testifyin. For Smitherman, Signifyin (g) is a black "mode of discourse" that is a synonym of "dropping lugs; joanin; capping; [and] sounding." She believed the slave narrative to be characterized by eight common features:

indirection, circumlocution metaphorical-imagistic (but images rooted in the everyday, real world) humorous, ironic rhythmic fluency and sound teachy but not preachy directed at person or persons usually present in the situational context punning, play on words introduction of the semantically or logically unexpected. (Gates, 94)

It is interesting to note that many of these characteristics are to be found in the Rhythm and…. [read more]

African-Americans in Louisiana Term Paper

… She dominated her children and husband, the Sambo, with her temper. This image of the Mammy as the controller of the African-American male, was used as further evidence of his inferiority to whites (

The second is the "Sapphire" stereotype, a demanding woman who refuses to take moral responsibility either for her own actions or for the actions that she demands of others.

Sapphire was a stereotype solidified through the hit show "Amos 'n' Andy" (Jewell, 1993). This profoundly popular series began on the radio in 1926 and developed into a television series, ending in the 1950s (Boskin, 1986). This cartoon show depicted the Sapphire character as a bossy, headstrong woman who was engaged in an ongoing verbal battle with her husband, Kingfish (Jewell, 1993).…. [read more]

Poverty Among Blacks Term Paper

… Poverty and Race in America

As a country, we like to believe that we deal well with the issue of poverty and that race is rarely a significant issue in today's society. The statistics, however, suggest something else. In a study done by the University of Cincinnati only eight years ago, researchers found strong links between poverty, race and illiteracy. The statistics they found about infant mortality in poor, minority-race neighborhoods were particularly troubling. In some poor minority neighborhoods, the infant mortality rate was nearly five times the national average. In one neighborhood, almost 4% of babies born in the previous 25 years died during infancy. In other neighborhoods, more than 30 out of every thousand babies born died before their first birthdays (Petrie, 1997).…. [read more]

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