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Poverty Among Children Essay

… Poverty among Children in the U.S.

How serious is poverty among children in the United States? What are the statistics and where is child poverty the most prevalent in the United States? What sociological theory helps explain the dynamics of child poverty? These questions and others will be approached in this paper.

Child Poverty in America

The federal poverty guideline for 2014 -- for a family of three -- is $19,790 (Rau, 2014). If only one person is in the household the federal poverty level is listed at $11,670, and for a family of two persons, the federal poverty level is $15,730 (Rau, p. 1). In other words, if a family of three brings in less than $19,790, that family is eligible for certain benefits…. [read more]

Poverty and Crime Research Paper

… Poverty and Crime

The connection between poverty and crime has been observed by many throughout the course of human civilization. These observations, however, have been often vague and simplistic. For example, many religious doctrines attribute the two outcomes to a common defect in an individual's character, such as the Christian admonition against sloth and greed. More recent discussions, which can be termed under Social Darwinism, attempted to attribute poverty and criminality among certain groups of people to both the genetic makeup and culture of a particular racial or ethnic group.

Recent observations have focused less on personal and cultural factors and more on structural factors. Explanations examining structural factors are undoubtedly more useful for scholars and policymakers than those examining individual or cultural factors. However,…. [read more]

Poverty and Children Essay

… (Pollard, 2008)

Source: Lori Pfingst, "The Cost of Child Poverty State by State."

It is common sense that the biggest state will have the greatest costs, rates of child poverty cannot be ignored. If one consider the child population in Maryland and compares it to that of Mississippi, one can see that this is not necessarily always the case though. The number of children residing in Maryland was almost double of those inhabiting Mississippi. There were one million and four hundred thousand in Maryland and seven hundred, fifty nine thousand children in Mississippi. A noteworthy feature was that the child poverty rate in the first mentioned state was only ten percent in the year of 2006 while Mississippi had a thirty percent child poverty rate.…. [read more]

Poverty Problematic Differences in Measurement Term Paper

… Poverty

The elimination of poverty is an objective shared by governments, supragovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) alike. Even though the elimination of poverty was one of the principles on which the current international system was founded in the wake of World War Two, poverty persists in many parts of the world. The different bodies that have sought to eliminate or alleviate poverty are faced with significant challenges, but those challenges actually begin at the most fundamental level. The agencies themselves do not have any set definition of poverty with which to work. This paper will examine the different definitions of poverty, why they exist, and how they affect (and hinder) the ability of different agencies to effectively deal with the poverty problem.

Definitions of…. [read more]

Poverty Education Problems at Present Research Paper

… To some extent African countries are also responsible for the awful educational situation within their premises. Mismanagement of finances, scarcity of good governance and civil conflicts has made it even more difficult to utilize available resources for educational development in several African countries. Many African countries had to encounter Civil wars for example Somalia and Sudan and their once strong educational infrastructures have come to a point where they necessitate huge effort to re-establish to the past standard. Those African countries that possess politically stable structure are still unable to manage or implement effective strategies to improve their education system in place. A major example is that of grade repetition. More than 10% of sub-Saharan African student repeat their classes as a minimum once and…. [read more]

Poverty Macroeconomics Term Paper

… Poverty

Over the years, the issue of poverty and its lasting consequences has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because of the impact that it is having on society and the ability of individuals to live empowering lives. According to statistics compiled by the World Hunger Organization, they found that the total number of people who are dealing with the effects of poverty is 926 million worldwide. The below table is highlighting the different areas that are most susceptible to these issues. ("2012 World Hunger," 2012)

The Total Number of People Living in Poverty by Region


Number of People

Developed Countries


Near East / North Africa


Latin America / the Caribbean


Sub-Saharan Africa

239 million

Asia and the Pacific…. [read more]

Poverty and Obesity Povery Research Paper

… In fact, the relationship between healthy eating an education level is far more robust than is the relationship between healthy eating and income level (Drewnowski & Specter, 2004). Moreover, in a study conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture the variables of gender, ethnic background, and SES were examined in their relationship to obesity. Bodyweight had substantially increased over the past decade in all groups. The prevalence of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease was higher in blacks, individuals with lower education, and consequently in the lower SES group (Paeratakul, Lovejoy, Ryan, & Bray, 2002). Thus, the actual relationship between obesity and poverty could easily be explained in terms of education level as lower income groups tend to have less overall education than do…. [read more]

Smith, Goldsmith Blakely Observe Essay

… It also reflects certain social patterns such as the "addiction to social welfare" that is a dependency of the assistance provided by the state. Under this category fall not only the African-Americans but also white families that either are badly paid or lack basic education for achieving a better-paid employment.

Overall, it is rather difficult to consider the causes of the poverty for African-Americans, Hispanics, women, and children. There are a number of factors that concur to determine such a state. On the one hand, as Smith pointed out, the issue of broken families and of single parent household provider plays an important role largely because of the economy of scale principle. However, this is a limited perspective, given the additional factors that can in…. [read more]

Poverty Proposal Ghana Term Paper

… Ghana Poverty

International Bank ForReconstrcution and Development

Ghana -- Public Private Partnership (PPP) Project






Project Cost

$17.5 Million

Project Duration 8 Months

Commitment Amount 60% of Total Project Cost (TCP)

Team Leader

Case CountryGHANA

- Scope of the report

Current state of poverty in Ghana

Human Development Index (HDI)

(Human Development Report, P. 2)

Failed States Index

Particular Area in need of development

- Why this particular area is important

- What impact poverty alleviation will create?

Specific Policy plan

- Programs implemented in other countries




Resource allocation

- Financial

- Non-monetary

Human resources

- Source of funds

World Bank

African Development Fund AFDB

Public-Private local donors

Possible economic and political challenges

Domestic context…. [read more]

Poverty Are the Various Approaches Term Paper

… ¶ … poverty are the various approaches towards the explanation of the reason as to why poverty exists. These approaches towards the explanation of the existence of poverty may vary as much as there are disciplines that try to explain it. The explanation that will be given by an economist, will be different from that of a social science student, and different from that of political science specialists and the list is endless.

However, there are some four basic paradigms that try to give the resolution to the diversity in the explanations and try to cover the explanation of the poverty in its entirety. These paradigms are structural-functionalism, social process, critical, hermeneutics (interpretive).


At the onset, this paradigm believes that social order can be…. [read more]

Democratic and Republican Parties Essay

… For example, the recent Libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul argued that the federal government should not intervene in the private lives of Americans, except to forbid abortions. Given that he has a substantial following, it seems likely that many people are not bothered by such a contradiction.

American public opinion is generally not well informed as can be seen by the fact that so many people are happy to embrace clearly dishonest claims, such as the "birther" claims or the belief that loose gun-regulation laws make society safer.

Essay Three

Two ongoing sources of conflict among American political ideals are the role of the federal government in the regulation of behavior. For example, the last two years have seen scores of laws introduced (with many…. [read more]

Poverty in Zaire 'The Democratic Term Paper

… Life expectancy is only forty-five for both men and women and has in fact lowered slightly over the past several years. Other indicators of poverty such as: infant mortality and fertility rate are also among the highest, or worst, in the already poor continent. Four percent of the population has HIV, and literacy rates are so low that statistics are unavailable. While the citizens of the democratic Republic of Congo suffer, their leaders have prospered immensely. Poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo is therefore a political issue. Moreover, the nation cannot expect much help from outside sources. Like many underdeveloped and poor nations, the Democratic Republic of Congo is severely indebted to creditor nations: the value of the debt according to the World Bank…. [read more]

Democratic Transition in Asia Essay

… In the Triangular Model of Social Movement Analysis (TRIM), Koichi Hasegawa theorized that the secretive and centralized control of Japan by ministers, bureaucrats, the Liberal Democratic Party and giant corporations left very little space for protest movements and NGOs to influence policy compared to the U.S. And other Western democracies (Broadbent and Brockman, p. 17). Tatsuo Arima described how the rise of fascism in Japan in the 1920s and 1930s was influenced by common intellectual currents of the time. Like Germany, it was ruled by elites who laid claim to "scientific and technical modernity but anti-modern values characterized by the 19th Century nostalgia for medieval history and feudal order" (Schmiegelow 1997, p. 30).

China's economy is still growing at 9% per year in spite of…. [read more]

Poverty Challenges in Haiti Research Paper

… A system of governance that highly relies on foreign aid and borrowings is what characterizes the nature of the Haitian government. Structural reforms undertaken since 1995 have not adequately measured their impact on distribution of resources and structural constraints of the economy.

Policies and deregulation programs rarely follow initiatives to strengthen the supply chains of resource allocation and distribution. Various social aspects of the Haitian society contribute to increased poverty levels. Social aspects that have an effect on the poverty situation may include cultural beliefs and perceptions towards formal education and health services. Cultural beliefs that do not allow education of women are a factor for the many illiterate women in the rural areas of Haiti. Early school dropout by young people is also an…. [read more]

Poverty and Its Effect Essay

… Conclusion

Several important themes emerged from the review of the relevant literature. In the first place, it quickly became clear that despite significant progress in recent years, there remains a severe and widespread lack of access to clean and sufficient supplies of drink water for more than one billion people today. A second theme that emerged from the research was the cost effectiveness of clean-water initiatives, even for the rural regions that are most severely afflicted by clean water shortages, making this an attractive target for substantial investment on the part of the private and public sectors. Finally, it also became clear that more can and should be done today in order to address the urgent and compelling needs of hundreds of millions of women…. [read more]

Poverty in America Working Outline Essay

… Agencies attempt to reduce generational poverty

i. Hamilton, M.A. (2010).

c. The agencies are focused on reducing poverty through education

i. Duncan, G.J., Ludwig, J., & Magnuson, K.A. (2007).

2. Personal approaches demonstrate the duty wealth persons have to assist in poverty reduction

a. Individuals have developed agencies and non-governmental organizations to address poverty

b. Faith-based organizations approach poverty reduction with energy and emotion and government funding.

i. Hopkins, J., & Cupaiuolo, A.A. (2001).

c. Philanthropic minded persons often engage in poverty reduction behaviors

i. Anwander, N. (2005).


1. Poverty is difficult to address and consequently the strategy is poverty reduction

2. The intractable nature of poverty is demonstrated by the inability of both governmental agencies and individuals to reduce poverty.


Anwander, N.…. [read more]

Poverty and Health Essay

… Penalties for drug offenses differ among racial groups and more among actual rates of offending. Offending rates were found to be highly influenced by community-level poverty and social disruption. African-Americans and other minorities are much more widely exposed to community-level poverty and social disruption, which lead to homelessness (Shinn).

Perceptions in Poverty Reduction

Americans must share in the effort and guided by three perceptions in addressing the reality of poverty in a meaningful way (Eans and Kleit 2010). These are the beliefs that poverty is not self-inflicted, that their deliverance will not be at the expense of the middle class and that poverty is solvable. Poverty must be viewed in a new way and through an understanding of social exclusion in order to de-stigmatize it…. [read more]

Poverty Term Paper


the extent of Poverty in the United States:

According to the statistics released by the Current Population Survey -- CPS, 2007, Annual Social & Economic Supplement -- ASEC based on the sample survey of 100000 across U.S., the official poverty rate during 2006 was 12.3% marginally down from 12.6% in the year 2005. During the year 2006, 36.5 million people were poverty stricken which is almost the same as that of the year 2005. The poverty rates during 2006 remain unaltered for non-Hispanic Whites which is 8.2%, Blacks which is 24.3% and Asians which is 10.3% from 2005. The poverty rates came down for Hispanics from 21.8% in 2005 to 20.6% in 2006. Since the latest low in 2000, the rate climbed for four…. [read more]

Poverty Issues in Education: Effects Term Paper

… The child of poverty has one primary all-present emotion which is 'fear' and according to research the feelings of 'fear' negatively influences a child's ability to learn. A safe and trusting environment in the class room enhances learning. The ideal classroom is "high in challenge and low in threat." (Pellino, 2005) It is critical that the classroom be a relaxed environment free of stress due to the fact that many children of poverty have a very stressful home life.

Research in related to the brain, or 'brain-based research' has shown that emotions impact memory because "emotion drives attention and attention drives learning and memory." (Pellino, 2005) "Verner (2004) state that poverty on a widespread basis "affects both students' performance and their availability to attend school.…. [read more]

Poverty Achievements and English Language Learners Term Paper

… Poverty, Achievement and English Language Learners (ELLs) (and your name, date, etc.)

Introduction about the significance of looking at poverty rates among different groups of students.

Oftentimes, people are apt to rate intelligence as a core component of a person not realizing that so many more factors are attributable to the child's apparent intelligence. Poverty is simply one of these determining factors. When a child has little to eat at home, or is forced to live in a poor ghetto-type environment where pressure is on him to engage in activities such as stealing or taking drugs, or if he is forced to work other jobs in order to help support his family -- the child's education is likely to suffer. Generalizations, therefore, can never be…. [read more]

Poverty in America Essay

… Where education and hard work were once "steady paths to economic success," they "no longer lead as far as they once did" (Lindsey).

Both authors pinpoint the cause of poverty to the social class structures created between high society and everyone else. Presently, even those of the middle class are finding it more difficult to break barriers, some of which are even considered living "in poverty" depending on the neighborhood. Most of the class structures and social differences that Iceland and Lindsey point out are the same; that inequality in accordance to relative poverty lie in the fault of social structures in culture, ethnicity, race, and gender. There is still unequal access to economic and educational opportunities for African-Americans, Hispanics, women -- particularly single mothers…. [read more]

Democratic Views for 2008 Elections Thesis

… Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama's Platform

The issues forming the basis of Democratic Presidential hopeful Barak Obama's platform are much the same as have been the platforms of democrats and republicans alike for decades. There are the issues of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Social Security reform, education funding reform, and, since Roe v Wade, circa 1974, the issue of abortion. In contemporary America, we can add to these three issues gay marriage, illegal immigration, and American healthcare. While the first three issues have been debated for decades, the latter two are relatively new to the presidential platform, but are hotly contested issues that could potentially swing the vote to either side. Democratic candidate Barak Obama, presenting a cool and calm picture of rational…. [read more]

Poverty Every Day Term Paper

… Poverty

Every day, according to the United Nations, about 30,000 people die because they are too poor to stay alive. Through its Millennium Development Goals, the U.N. pledged to help halve world poverty by 2015. Yet, is this possible? Hasn't the world always had those who were poor at the expense of those who had more? Scholars such as economist John Galbraith have argued that change is doable with a variety of different approaches. Poverty can also be reduced considerably if not eliminated entirely if there is a united effort. The question is what will it take to mount this united effort?

According to the economist Adam Smith (1790), poverty is the lack of necessities that a country's custom renders it indecent for creditable people,…. [read more]

Poverty and Children in the U.S Term Paper

… Poverty and children in the U.S.

Today's world is marked by numerous changes, all affecting life as we once knew. Globalization, the excessive industrial revolution commenced two centuries ago, various technological advancements, economic growth, all change the world as well as the individual. The contemporaneous society is centred on consumerism and the American individual works up to 50 hours a week so he can buy more. This accelerated rate of consumerism destroys the planet and it destroys the developing countries where America has moved its natural extractions activities because U.S. is running out of them. The core of today's economy and society is the corporation which does not think in perspective nor does it care about the future of the planet. And the sad thing…. [read more]

Democratic Stability in Britain and France Term Paper

… Democratic Stability in Britain and France

The history of the Europeans continent was marked by constant struggles between powers, state, and institutions which determined throughout history changes at the level of the European societies and of the states themselves. France and Britain can be seen from this point-of-view as being some of the most relevant examples. They are two countries in deep contrast when discussing the issue of democracy and its historical evolution in the countries. In this sense, while France is famous for its revolutionary spirit and for the sudden changes that marked its society, Great Britain is seen as the cradle of democracy, with a slow, yet constant evolution of the democratic process. By comparison, it must be said that an essential role…. [read more]

Poverty Approximately 37 Million Americans Term Paper

… Poverty

Approximately 37 million Americans, (12.6% of the population) live in poverty (U.S. Census, 2006); 17.1% of American children are poor; 10.1% of the elderly are poor; 21.8% of Latino children and 24.9% of African-American children are poor. (Wu, et al., 2007).

Antipoverty Program in the U.S. Perhaps the best known antipoverty movement in the United States over the past forty years was the "Poor People's Campaign" (PPC), led by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) in the 1960s. It was the brainchild of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who was an internationally known advocate civil rights turning his attention to "human rights" in the last year of his life. During King's press conference on December 4, 1967 he explained that his PPC movement would…. [read more]

Poverty in Mississippi Term Paper

… Poverty in Mississippi

The state of Mississippi, the 20th to be admitted to the Union on December 10, 1817 (Mississippi state facts, December 27, 2006); located in the Deep South region of the United States and bordering the Mississippi River and the north coast of the Gulf of Mexico at its southern edges (Mississippi state facts) is today also the poorest among all 50 American states, especially in its rural and agricultural areas (Mississippi state facts; Ownby, 1999; Rogers; 1979). As of February 25, 2007, Mississippi had a total population of 2,921,088, including a large minority population (over 40%) consisting mostly of African-Americans ("Mississippi," February 25, 2007). Multiple; varied; and complex reasons; historically and now for Mississippi's place at or near the bottom of states'…. [read more]

Poverty in Haiti -- Case Case Study

… A lot can be achieved for national growth through improved capital access for rural industries (Kahlmann).

Dr. Valentine Abe of the Caribbean Harvest Foundation sees aquaculture as the redeeming solution, beginning from the rural areas (Clinton Foundation, 2012). Haiti's lakes have been over-fished for decades. Increasing the output of fingerlings can help fish farms beat both poverty and malnutrition in the rural areas (Clinton Foundation).

Recommendations -- a broad-spectrum approach under a proper leader will address Haiti's intimately connected problems in positive synergy simultaneously (Sullivan, 2010). The GDP per capita must be increased from its present level. The distribution of wealth must be rectified. Public education and literacy must be expanded. More jobs must be created and skills development programs extensively conducted. Access to clean…. [read more]

Poverty and Its Impact on School Performance Research Paper

… Poverty & School Perf.

Poverty and School Performance

There have been similarities determined between schools determined as successful that are true regardless of whether the educational institution is suburban, rural or urban, whether the school is large or small, and whether the majority of students attending the school are native English speakers or recent immigrants (Angelis & Wilcox, 2011). Despite the location or the specific circumstances, schools considered higher performing have generated conditions in which each student is supported to succeed. In those institutions of higher performance, administrators and teachers purportedly optimize the potential positive effects of their particular school ecologies on the performance of students. These vested individuals have created conditions, referred to as frog pond processes, wherein significant concentrations of students from frequently…. [read more]

Poverty in America Research Paper

… Poverty in America

Over the last several years, the issues of poverty and the economy have been increasingly brought to the forefront. Part of the reason for this, is because these levels have been going through tremendous amounts of volatility. As, both: recessions and expansions will play a major role in affecting the number of people who fall into this category. Evidence of this can be seen by looking no further than, the poverty rate between: 2007 and 2008. As, it increased to: 13.9% (in 2008) which is up from 12.5% (in 2007). What this is showing is that these amounts are dependent upon: the strength of the economy and they are often tied to unemployment levels. (Gabe 1-2) This is significant, because it is…. [read more]

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