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Process Designs and Supply Chains Essay

… Operations Management

Improving a Process at Apple

In any organization there will be numerous small processes which are part of the larger operations of the firm, either forming part of the internal supply chain process, or a function supporting the operations. In a very basic approach toward process improvement, Porter argues that anything that is not needed as part of a process, does not add value or is not needed to support the processes should be eliminated or modified to minimize the waste if a firm wishes to maximize value and efficiency (Mintzberg et al., 2008). The aim of this paper is to look at a single process in a firm and consider how it may be improved, the firm is Apple and the process…. [read more]

Management Process Creative Writing

… There are many different personalities in any organization, and managers must use empathy and understanding when evaluating and judging others. Evaluating becomes important when promotions are up for grab. Mangers within the food industry must be able to include many details into drawing a picture of what team member will best serve the team with a promotion.


While evaluating was a time to step back and use the imagination, the controlling step requires the manager to take action. Taking control does not always mean to micro-manage or over step ones' authority. Rather this idea means to take responsibility for an action instead of making excuses for it. Control implies that the manager has taken responsibility and is making corrections that support the long-term strategy…. [read more]

Information System Briefing Essay

… Therapists might go through the nursing as well as the doctor's notes prior to administering an appropriate therapy plan. Hence the process of selecting an IS must fulfil the capabilities to exchange information through records as also deliver hassle-free coordination among team members extending healthcare facilities. While evaluating ISEs used in a team setting, it is crucial to understand the context within which the technology is being utilized. It is often observed that the majority of the evaluation focuses on the interaction between the user and the system while there is an inclination to bypass the environment enveloping the system. Hence the absence of contextual understating of the IS as a whole could result in erroneous evaluation of a system. Comprehending the context of use…. [read more]

International Business Expansion Process Dissertation

… 2. Selecting the Country for Recruitment:

The organization has multiple choices to recruit its workforce for its international assignments. It can recruit them from the home country (Parent Country Nationals), target or host country (Host Country Nationals), or from some third country (Third Country Nationals). Just like international business expansion is a more complex process than local expansion, international recruitment and selection process is a more challenging task than local hiring. The selection, placement, benefits and compensation strategies, performance appraisal, and other HR decisions are made at a much larger scale than they are in the local work settings (Sanchez, Spector, & Cooper 2000).

3. Recruitment from the Parent Country:

The middle to higher level managers which international business organizations hire from their home country…. [read more]

SME Internationalization Process Models Literature Review

… Technology industry will require different kind of network players and will have to focus more on innovation. In the technology industry the expansion might be concentrated because of the nature of these industries as they have more of independent operations and have different structural characteristics. It is hard to develop a strategic action for these types of industries. This means that the major expansion in this manner will come from most of the manufacturing firms and industries which are knowledge intensive which have high amount of investments in Research and Development departments.

Network theory also explains the challenges which are faced by immigrant entrepreneurs. As the immigrant entrepreneurs are entering the market with lack of local knowledge, limited recognition locally, language barriers and difficulties in…. [read more]

Police Selection the Selection Process Essay

… " (LEE, p. 1)

These tests are designed to serve two primary purposes. The first and more apparent of these is to ensure that the officers being brought on board at the state level are of the highest character, capability and caliber. The second purpose underlying the lengthy and sometimes intimidating screening process is to promote a rate of attrition for possible applicants. The work of a State Trooper is challenging, frequently dangerous and filled with practical pressures. Therefore, it is appropriate that the selection process should mirror these conditions. Accordingly, the variance of screening procedures imposed upon officers is designed to test the mettle and commitment of officers in the face of challenge and to help weed out those who may be well-meaning but…. [read more]

Legislative Process in the Upper Essay

… Organizational chart for the Bahraini upper house


Likewise, just as in the Canadian parliament where English and French are the official languages and government documents must be prepared in both languages (Ford & Vachon, 2007), official documents for the Bahraini upper house are usually prepared in Arabic and English and the translations double-checked for accuracy, a process that introduces yet another delay in the legislative process (Karolak, 2011).

In some jurisdictions in developing nations such as Kenya, the houses of parliaments simply lack the administrative and technical resources they need to accomplish their goals effectively (Bohnstedt, 2008). In other jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, the dramatically different compositions of the upper and lower houses have introduced some communications constraints (Nicholas, 2003). Finally,…. [read more]

Nursing Process Improvement and Change Essay

… Most organization are facing challenges when trying to build up productive work atmosphere. However, when technical and social systems are jointly optimized, health care organizations considerably benefit from IT.

The ever-rising abundance of information requires that health care nurses synthesize and make decisions through inter-shift updates. Decisions are founded on the data trends and present information provided through handoffs (Simpson, 2005). To compress information besides making it controllable among the nurses involved, handoff s lead to progressive information loss given that data is not conveyed, misinterpreted or missed. The misinterpretation and omission of crucial information, particularly in handwritten handoffs causes discontinuity of care provision besides impending patients' therapeutic course. These failures come with major safety threats to patients and affects delivery of quality.


Initiating…. [read more]

Nike's Marketing Process Essay

… In addition, customers buying behavior is determined by whether the products are designed depending on their culture and appeal to their respective social classes. Therefore, the main impact of buying behavior on marketing is that marketing strategies and initiatives of the products are developed in consideration of these psychological forces, social groups, and situational factors.

Product Positioning:

Generally, Nike Inc. provides a wide range of product lines across footwear, apparel, and sports equipment products (Bhasin, 2010). However, the company's marketing decisions and initiatives are mainly influenced by its top-selling product lines or categories. One of the product categories whose positioning influences the firm's marketing mix factors is athletic shoes category, which is one of Nike's top-selling product categories. This product category influences Nike's marketing mix…. [read more]

Clinical Decision Making Process Essay

… " (Mangoni and Jackson, 2004) The elderly patient experiences changes in their stomach and primarily in regards to changes involving "the secretion of hydrochloric acid and pepsin, which are decreased under basal conditions." (Mangoni and Jackson, 2004) The liver is also affected by aging in regards to a "progressive reduction in liver volume and liver blood flow." (Mangoni and Jackson, 2004) Finally, there are body composition changes that are significant in the elderly in that there is reported to be a "progressive reduction in total body water and lean body mass, resulting in a relative increase in body fat." (Mangoni and Jackson, 2004)

IV. Pharmacodynamics and Pharmokinetics of Common Medications

Pharmacodynamics refers to what medication does when administered and pharmokinetics refers to what the body…. [read more]

Toyota Process Improvements Toyota: Case Essay

… There were clear fears that "Toyota's structure in the U.S. ultimately impaired its ability to prevent the safety problems before they reached the crisis stage" (Greto, Schotter & Teagarden 2010: 8). Toyota's control over its company operations was highly centralized in Japan, which ironically lead to poor supervision of its American operations, given there was no clear authority that was in charge of American quality control. Toyota's model of establishing close relationships with suppliers was difficult outside of Japan and it was likewise challenging to find enough engineers to monitor new suppliers.

What could happen if it is improved?

Improving its manufacturing and design processes is essential to improving Toyota's image as a corporation, particularly as an international corporation. Many speculated if Toyota's problems had…. [read more]

Improvement Organizational Posters Mcdonalds Essay

… Considerations for Achieving the Maximum capability of McDonalds

1. Participation of the employees is the key driving force towards the achievement of goals

2. Elimination of manual handling of information hence replacement with automation

3. Reduction of process obstructions thus efficiency in production and distribution

4. Effective and efficient management of resources such as time hence ability of the company to realize its goals and objectives

Identify examples of how organizations prioritize process improvement activities to improve performance

Organization prioritizes process improvement activities in the critical analysis with the aim of determining which objective would suit the company most. An example of how organization prioritizes process improvement activities is adoption of automation to spearhead the change or transformation of the company. This activity occurs in…. [read more]

Montessori and Exercises in Practical Essay

… Nature and Reality -- Montessori had a robust interest and sincere respect for the environment. Nature can inspire children, empower them, and help them learn to be a part of nature, not fight against nature.

Social Environment -- Children are naturally curious and empathetic towards others. Deceit and selfishness are taught, so in areas in which there is freedom to interact, children learn to encourage others and support a more natural environment; regardless of age or ethnicity.

Intellectual Environment -- All five of the above must interact so that the child's intellectual environment will develop. The purpose of the Montessori way is to not only meet the needs of the individual child, but to develop the holistic child -- the whole personality, not just the…. [read more]

Counseling Model a Practical Pastoral Essay

… He will also talk about the loneliness and grief he is experiencing since the loss of his wife and daughter. At this juncture the pastor does not want to interject too much since Bruce will be opening up about what is going on within himself. All that the pastor should be offering is simple feedback regarding the situations that are brought up and trying to affirm what he is feeling without any judgmental statements. Certain comforting Bible verses could be helpful, but that will depend on how receptive Bruce is to them.

The pastor has to remember that this first session is for building rapport so that Bruce will open up about the incidents. Since Bruce is already angry, it will do no good to…. [read more]

Passionate Teacher: A Practical Guide Term Paper

… The author suggests teachers adopt a variety of techniques including encouraging children to be passionate about learning, teaching children to open up and participate willingly and enthusiastically in the classroom and holding all teachers to a standard of passion that will take learning into the next several decades.

Robert Fried's intent throughout the work seems to inspire, enrapture and engage educators to change their outlook of education, and to enlist the help of students and parents as allies in the learning process. The author suggests that passion can be translated into successful learning and can help encourage students to become passionate learners.

Ultimately Fried seems to also attempt to remind educators that they are an incredible force and influence in the classroom, and suggests that…. [read more]

Laboratory-Based Practical Work Undertaken Assessment

… This can overestimate original values. Other methods for creatinine estimation include the enzymatic method. This method requires a smaller sample size and is faster. (Kanagasabapathy & Kumari, 2000)


C reactive protein, CRP, is an acute phase reactant. This protein is produced by liver in response to ongoing inflammation in the body. The measurement of CRP is not specific for SLE and is produced in a variety of other inflammatory disorders, such as infection, myocardial infarction, inflammatory bowel disease, malignancy or other connective tissue disorders. A positive result for CRP provides evidence for SLE if there are other clinical features present that are specific for the disease. The measurement of CRP is more valuable when trying to decide whether the disease is active…. [read more]

Leadership Theories and Practical Application as Organizations Research Paper

… Leadership Theories and Practical Application

As organizations continue to face challenges and demands from external environments, effective work relationships will no longer be an option but a critical source of competitive advantage (Luthans, et al. 2008). This is largely due to the social capital that effective relationships generate. Social capital is derived through the social structure of the organization and facilitates the actions of individuals within the larger organizational framework (Nahapiet & Ghoshal, 1998). This capital generates resources through networks of mutual acquaintance and recognition (Luthans, et al. 2008). In contrast to human capital, which is a quality of individuals (e.g., KSAs: knowledge, skills, and abilities), social capital is a quality created among people. Social capital comes from the assets created and leveraged from interpersonal…. [read more]

New PCAOB Reporting Requirements Case Study

… " (U.S. Department of Interior 2003 P1).

"The auditor has a responsibility to plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement, whether caused by error or fraud."( Apostolou & Crumbley 2008 P. 1).

Responsibility of an auditing firm is to assess whether the financial statement presented by a publicly traded company fairly reflects the company performances. SEC requires a publicly traded company to use independent auditor to assess whether the financial statements presented by the company reflects their financial positions. Auditing involves evaluation of a company financial position and present auditing note in accordance with the general accepted accounting principles.

Following are the responsibilities of an auditing firm to detect fraud:

First, an auditing…. [read more]

Denial in the Death Research Paper

… All these are end of life concerns which can only be dealt with if the patient knows about his impending death.

In some cultures talking about death or planning things according to person's death are considered unethical and often regarded as welcoming death. Other end of life concerns are related to decisions about the treatment and care possibilities which cannot be made without open communication with the family and the patient.

Literature Review Of Current Research

Learning to cope with the losses and needs in the context of terminal illness, it becomes a challenge for the patient, for family and health professionals.

Communication Between Doctor And Patient

Numerous studies have shown that patients often think about the treatment they would receive if they were terminally…. [read more]

Effects of Zionism on the Peace Process Between Israel and the Palestinians Term Paper

… ¶ … Zionism on the peace process between Israel and Palestinians brief history and forms of Zionism

Brief history of Jewish way to the own state

Creating an own state - Israel

The history of Israeli territory

Arab anti-Semitism and conflicts

When talking about such complicated and very uneasy question as Zionism is, we have to research the process during which it was formed and developed. Zionism is rather spread among Jews and has many followers among both Israelites and Jewish Diaspora because many "religious Jews today possess the sole remaining form of Jewish nationalism with any of the basic building blocks of a living idea:(Yoram Hazony, the Zionist Idea and Its Enemies).

Unfortunately practically all countries blame Jews for being Zionists as they find…. [read more]

Vendor Management IT Management Process Research Paper

… Vendor Management

IT management process under the Vendor management system is a recent trend used by various organizations. Many organizations are using this centralized program to control their staffing. According to research conducted on it services vendors, over 91% organizations are currently using the vendor management systems. This trend entails introducing it procurement process in organizations. However, the trend is facing numerous challenges because of the many resources required to adapt it. Evolution and introduction of VMS into corporations occurs because of the varying business environments experienced within the organizations. In recent decades when Vendor management programs took hold of vital business operations, the demand for it services increased. In this respect, VMS became a business approach that enhanced human resources by recruiting competent vendors…. [read more]

Recruitment and Selection Process Essay

… The solution to such problems -- for both the company and the applicant -- is to put into place a hiring system that facilitates the best possible fit between the needs of an employer and the strengths that an applicant can bring to the position. This paper examines one of those techniques, that of the one-on-one interview. This technique can also be used in other forums, including a range of scholarly work, for its purpose -- to fit a person about whom an interviewer knows relatively little into a position that is significant to the interviewer -- is a highly useful one in a number of circumstances.

This interviewing technique is generally referred to as the recruitment and selection technique, and both of these aspects…. [read more]

Management Development Process Has Been Adopted Term Paper

… ¶ … management development process has been adopted in the public and private sectors for the enhancement and development of the new managers and professionals. The enhancement program was adopted and implemented in the Internal Revenue Service which is a public sector agency. The agency has implemented 'the principles of Total Quality Management', in this regard, 'the Richmond District enhanced the program that was conducted in other offices by using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Adjective Check List'. The process adopted by the Internal Revenue Service was fabricated to 'identify those interested in managerial positions', not every staff has the potential to be the manager, therefore the experience factor was given dilute consideration against the motivation and leadership qualities of the interested professionals'. The…. [read more]

Sanctification Term Paper

… He can then produce the fruit of life of the Christian. Faith is not only the source of justification, but also sanctification. (Sullivan, Five Views on Sanctification: An In-Depth Analysis)

How does the process of achieving sanctification help in the life of a Christian? According to Hoekema, there are two benefits: the immediate and the ultimate goals through sanctification. The final benefit of sanctification is the glory of God. This is clear from what Paul has said in Ephesians 1:12 in the phrase "to the praise of his glory." The immediate benefit of sanctification is the achievement of perfection, and God has desired that every Christian be similar to Christ. Thus once we conform to the image of Christ, then the Christian is taking part…. [read more]

Hypertension Among African-Americans Nursing Process Essay

… For this reason, the African-Americans borrow from other communities that have a variety of healthy food. This may become challenging because such communities may be suffering from low incomes, and lack other luxuries that are significant in acquiring healthy foods.

Skelly, Dougherty, Gesler, Soward, Burns, & Arcury (2006) confirm that such communities tend to buy fast foods and unhealthy foods. Therefore, they use foods that conflict with the body systems, and the resultant cause is the development of hypertension. In addition, it is likely that people with family members or relatives with hypertension are prevalent to developing the condition.

Intrapersonal Sub-system factors

The Intrapersonal Sub-system plays a larger function in hypertension among the African-Americans that reside within Irvington community. Most of the African-Americans doubt the…. [read more]

Audit Process Essay

… The members of the internal audit team are observed to have strong technical, strategic and administrative skills.

The function consists of appropriate and well defined job descriptions. This, as a result, facilitate the employees in performing their tasks appropriately.

Current Challenges

The geographic spread of the functions can prove out be a challenge for the department.

No formal skills analysis have been performed on the team. The team, as a result, cannot identify the training and development that are to be addressed for effective performance.

There are a limited number of auditors with in the IAD who have IT forensic skills including IT governance and application controls.

2.3. Competency Development

Leading Practices

The learning maps of the personnel are monitored appropriately and are updated as…. [read more]

Marketing Processes Work Essay

… Once suitable segments have been created, a target market or a few target markets should be initiated. A target market is a group of people or organizations who share a common need or desire for a product or service that a company provides. Good target markets should align with the organization's capabilities, size, objectives and resources.

There are also several approaches that can help marketers choose an appropriate target and then direct resources and efforts towards this market. An undifferentiated marketing approach ignores the differences in segments and looks to appeal to all. Others are more direct and focused that aim to look at very specific or niche markets. The product's life cycle stage is also important and also the variability and competitor's outlook as…. [read more]

Social Implications of Sexual Identity Article Critique

… Of the three audiences that individuals take into account while coming out, the most pivotal may be that of their families. The impact of coming out on families may play a positive or negative role in the overall coming out experience for the individual (Mosher, 2001, p. 168). As such, therapists have to take particular precautions when counseling families of a person who has recently come out. Recommendations include ethical counseling for the parents, and possibly conducting separate sections for the individual and his or her family (conclusion page).

Concerns with the straight community for individuals who are not heterosexual include both emotional and physical aspects. Of the latter, the propensity for violence and physical harm is real, and should be taken into consideration when…. [read more]

Configuration Management Plan Research Paper

… Configuration Management Plan

The purpose of this document is to discuss a configuration management (CM) plan for the "corporate network for a security patch that needs to be applied to the email server." Configuration management plan provides a straightforward process to ensure an inevitable network changes, and a proper configuration assists an organization to enjoy network efficiency.

Identification of Changes to be made to the System

A patch is a software device that could be used to fix a network problem. Typically, a patch could be used to fix a security vulnerability of the network system to enhance its performances. This document describes the process of providing a security patch to the system as well as ensuring that the existing system does not break in…. [read more]

New Product, Service or Process Essay

… Business data:

Business data will have to be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Resource implications:

The CRM implementation shall not take up more than 4% of McDonalds 'resources. If need be the company would have to outsource the service in order to ensure that it concentrates in its key competencies.

Project Life Cycle

The project life-cycle is noted by Westland (2006) to be a framework for dividing the project up into several more manageable phases:

1. Concept and initiation

2. Design and development

3. Implement or construction

4. Commissioning and handing over

Burke (2003)

Task 2: Be able to plan for the launch of a project to implement a new product, service or process

2.1 Produce a project plan for an agreed project

Project planning is…. [read more]

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