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Physical, Socio-Emotional and Cognitive Development Essay

… Emotional environment affects crucial factors such as those of self-esteem, identity, trust, the ability to enter into intimate relationships, and personal resilience (PA Child Welfare Competency-Based Training and Certification Program).

One of these most crucial influences is nutrition


Nutrition, particularly in the years 0-8, has a determining effect on the developing child in all areas of her life: physical, socio-emotional and cognitive. Poor nutrition can result in problems such as stunting, anemia, or exophthalmia, and effects educability, cognitive reasoning, and reproductive health. It also influences their ability to learn, communicate, think analytically, socialize effectively and adapt to new environments and people. "When there isn't enough food, the body has to make a decision about how to invest the limited foodstuffs available. Survival comes first.…. [read more]

Pre-Natal Development Research Paper

… Prenatal development involves not only the physiologic processes which occur to produce life, it also requires an understanding of the various influences that shape the developing life and the consequences those influences have the potential to bear. The issue of nature vs. nurture is brought to bear in prenatal development. With a focus on the inherent 'tabula rasa' character of the nature side, as influenced by the outside environmental factors that can impact the fetus, it becomes clear that prenatal development is a stochastic process. Items that must be considered are the behaviors of the mother, the environment in which she lives, prenatal care, and other external factors like the food, air, and water that the mother intakes. Prenatal development is a process that is…. [read more]

Trosack Family: Dealing With a Pre-Natal Tay-Sachs Term Paper

… Trosack Family: Dealing with a Pre-Natal Tay-Sachs Diagnosis

Rita Trosack has just been referred to a high-risk prenatal clinic because of a prenatal diagnosis. Rita Trosack is 43 years old and is married to Peter Trosack, who is 46 years old. They were both raised Catholic, though neither is practicing. They have been married for six years, trying to conceive for two years, and this is their first pregnancy. Routine CVS screening due to Rita's age revealed that the fetus has Tay-Sachs disease. This diagnosis led to the Trosacks' referral to the clinic. This treatment plan will focus on selecting members of the interdisciplinary team, creating a teaching plan, discussing the ethical implications of genetic information, the practitioners personal reflections, how to advocate for the…. [read more]

Utero Development on the Health Term Paper

… ¶ … Utero Development on the Health and Well Being

The effects of in Utero development on the health and Well-being

Fetal origins of health and disease has developed into a new medical frontier for researchers. The growing body of research evidence has affirmed positive associations between the gestational environment and the development of various physical and mental disorders in the infant, adolescent and the adult population. A decade ago, attributing fetal origins to disease conditions might have evoked a scoffing response but the plethora of scientific evidence that is available today has changed it. A healthy, stress free maternity period is critical for the healthy fetal development and the healthy future life of the offspring.


Biological science has made vast progress. The development…. [read more]

Millennium Development Goals (MDG) for CA'te D'ivoire Research Paper

… In case of sanitation, the government aims to induct proper drainage systems in the urban areas. The rainwater and storm water will be dispatched to the drains. Efforts will be made to direct excretory water through drainage systems (AfDB, OECD and UNECA, 2010).

The quality of life will be improved. Proper houses will be built and standard of life will be improved. The cities will be urbanized. The urban areas will be restructured. Proper funds will be allocated in this regard. Real estate programmes will be instituted in place allowing people to shift from rural areas to urban areas (AfDB, OECD and UNECA, 2010).

Accessing ICT's and markets

The NDP has been designed to embark on new business ventures and revitalize the high growth segments.…. [read more]

Community Midwife it Occurs Essay

… For example, "Nova Scotia passed its first midwifery legislation in November 2006...Ontario midwives have been regulated and funded by the government since 1994…Midwifery has been funded and legislated in Quebec since 1999" (Babycenter Canada). In New Zealand, funding for midwives is completely supported by the government while in the United Kingdom; most choose to work independently in a community setting. Unfortunately, the red tape that midwives have to go through in the aforementioned country is that the government is suggesting insurance requirement for all health professionals, which is threatening the independent midwifery practices.

Furthermore, being a midwife doesn't mean the training ends when schooling ends. It is because midwives need regular refresher training and support so education is always a continuous one. This is necessary…. [read more]

Serial Learning Term Paper

… With his calm logic, he is able to cram and learn more than me.


Learning in pre-natal Stage

In the ignorant eras, where science and technology were obsolete, it was considered a fact that human beings started the learning process after birth. However, now the studies show clearly that learning is a process that is initiated during the prenatal stages of human development. However according to the theory of Dr. Montessori it is now known that the children start their learning process, nine months before they come into this world. In the past the unborn child was considered a non-thinking, unfeeling entity that only started its emotional development once brought into the world. However Verney (1981) presented the theory that a fetus is…. [read more]

Public/High School Graduate Audience) Annotated Bibliography

… Appealing to a general audience and contains cutting edge news and reviews. 12 issues per year; published monthly.

2. Wondertime

Publishes the magazine 'family Fun' with many of its articles reprinted on its website. Mainly for babies and infants, it is funded by Disney and describes itself as an "everyday resource for mums and Dads" but could be accessible and appealing to others as well.

3. Parent & Child magazine

8 issues per year. Described as the "#1 resource to help parent's play an active role in their child's development. In each issue you will find articles on how children learn and gain independence, what to expect from your child's preschool or child care center and fun activities that build higher learning skills."…. [read more]

Maternal Depression and Parent-Child Relationship Essay

… Notably, the authors state that these interventions and treatment measures are appropriate in home visitation.

Wade, Giallo & Cooklin (2012) examine the relationship and vulnerability of maternal depression and fatigue to early practices in parenting because of the considerable health concerns posed by these mental health issues on mothers in the postnatal period (p. 277). Based on the findings of their study, Wade, Giallo & Cooklin (2012), state that depression has negative effects on parenting practices and behaviors as compared to maternal fatigue (p.288). Moreover, they argue that these negative effects can be lessened through the use of interventions focusing on enhancing mood and supporting the best possible strategies of parenting. On the contrary, mothers experiencing maternal fatigue may benefit from initiatives that are geared…. [read more]

Housing Support on Teenager Parents Essay

… Whatever the consequences may be the social evil of teenage mothers has to be checked. National rules of behaviour should be framed on the Judeo-Christian tradition. The whole society needs to participate in this social movement.

Relativist Perspective advocates ethical behaviour from the experience of the other groups or nations. For the subject problem I will consider Descriptive Relativism by observing the norms, traditions and customs of other cultures. Through Mathematical Relativism argue, adopt or reject values. Relativist perspective emphasis on consensus of viewpoints to justify decisions as right and wrong. The less civilised and less developed cultures of the Eastern societies can be studied.

Another applied perspective is Virtue Ethics which is an acquired disposition from the individual character. According to Virtue Ethics, teenage…. [read more]

Psychology Explain the Similarities and Differences Essay

… Psychology

Explain the similarities and differences between classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Give an example of each type of learning.

Classical conditioning is refers to the process of learning that was engaged in by Pavlov in his well-known experiments involving dogs and their salivation. Within Pavlov's experiment the dogs were given food and the quantum of their saliva measured. Subsequently, a bell was rung before the dogs were given the food. In the initial ringing there was no salivation but after a while the sound of the ringing bell prompted the dogs to salivate. The dogs began to associate the sound of the bell ringing with food. For all practical purposes physiological, the sound of the bell was as good as food itself. Classical conditioning…. [read more]

Katie and Corabeth Katie Sixteen-Year-Old Term Paper

… Katie and Corabeth


Sixteen-year-old Katie, once an excellent student with clear extracurricular interests, at least up to age 13 when she became pregnant with and gave birth to her son Drake, is now withdrawn, severely underweight but with no appetite, and uninterested in her son; her living environment back at home with her parents (at least until two weeks ago, when she moved out of their house and in, along with Drake, with her grandparents instead); resuming or otherwise completing her education, or learning work skills toward becoming autonomous and self-sufficient. For all of these reasons, Katie seems an example, especially under Piaget's (see Huit & Hummel, 1985); Erikson's (see Harris, 2000); and Kohlberg's (see Marcia, 1966) theories of an adolescent female whose various…. [read more]

Birth Problems: Expecting Mothers Thesis

… A logical connection will be made from the psychological and behavioral issues a mother has with the drug problem, and also the results of this seen through the fetus and the unborn child. Long-term effects on the child will also be looked into. The hypothesis of this study is that children who are born from an addictive mother have a chance of living normal lives once their initial drug addiction and withdrawals are battled.

Type of Research: Mixed Methods Model

This study gathers statistical data on previous cases of children born through a mother who suffers from s drug addiction problem. From this statistical data, the diseases and risks a child can develop will be analyzed. Furthermore, any discussion relating to the topic concerning possible…. [read more]

Adoption Rationale for Annotated Bibliography Selections Annotated Bibliography

… ¶ … Adoption

Rationale for annotated bibliography selections: With the increase in international adoptions over the past decade, it is important to look at the emotional and behavioral issues that are often manifested. Adoptive parents and educators must be aware of the risk factors that may be associated with adoptees. Understanding the causes of the problems, including genetics, pre- and post-natal care, and length and nature of pre-adoptive care, can help in the planning of education and behavior management programs. The articles selected examine recent literature on this topic.

Balbernie, R. (2010). Reactive attachment disorder as an evolutionary adaptation.

Attachment & Human Development 12(3), pp. 265-281.

Behaviors associated with reactive attachment disorder (RAD) may be a function of adaptation rather than a mental health issue.…. [read more]

Unborn Victims of Violence Term Paper

… ¶ … victim of violence, Heaven Lashy, an unborn baby girl of Shiwona Prince, Arkansas 1999. Based on the evolution of the law: Unborn victims of violence Act, it explains how a course of debilitating efforts and ironic incidences led to its evolution. The Act acknowledges the fetus developing inside the uterus of a mother as a living being, and ensures its protection against assault and murder. In the past, due to the absence of such a law many women have suffered heavy assaults and were not complied with appropriate justice as their culprits would get away the intended murder of the unborn child. In the course of this document a number of such sorry incidences are examined, with the victim and convict are both…. [read more]

Nursing Ethics Related to Savior Term Paper

… The moral significance of any potential the embryo does have is unclear." (2010, p.1)

It was pointed out in 1988 by John Harris that all living human beings "are potential corpses but that doesn't mean that living persons should be treated as though they were dead. Moreover, because of the possibility that these early-stage embryos may undergo spontaneous fission up until 14 days, it cannot even be said that they represent the beginning of a human life: they equally well might represent the beginning of two or more lives." (Harris, 1998 cited in Sparrow and Cram, 2010, p.1)

Dobson (2003) reports the birth of the first savior sibling in Britain and states that the birth of this child has "…renewed pressure on UK authorities to…. [read more]

Child Abuse: Long-Lasting Consequences and Early Prevention Term Paper

… Child Abuse: Long-Lasting Consequences and Early Prevention

The experience of child abuse is sometimes metaphorically called "the death of childhood." Indeed, nothing robs a child more of her rights as a human being than when she is maltreated to the extent of physical, emotional, and/or social impairment. Child abuse can lead to death, debilitating injuries, trauma, risky behavior, and long-term mental illnesses (Gilbert et al., 2009). It is both sad and alarming that child abuse is persistently common in many countries, so much so that in 2006, the WHO published a special report on child maltreatment and drew important guidelines for its prevention (Butchart et al., 2006 in Gilbert et al., 2009). As such, child abuse can be considered at par with other public health…. [read more]

Gender Selection Ethics History Attests Term Paper

… Ethics Committee of the American Society selection for Reproductive Medicine summarized these concerns in a 2001 report on pre-conception gender. The report clearly stated the ethical issues raised by gender selection techniques:

One concern is the potential of such techniques to increase or reinforce gender discrimination, either by allowing more males to be produced as first children or by encouraging parents to pay greater attention to gender itself. A second concern is the welfare of children born as a result of gender selection, who may be expected to act in certain gender-specific ways when the technique succeeds and who may disappoint parents when it fails. A third concern is societal. Widely practiced, preconception gender selection could lead to sex ratio imbalances, as have occurred in…. [read more]

Environmental Tobacco and Asthma Research Paper

… The study also showed that the children exposed to Environment Tobacco Smoke are likely to become smokers (Larsson, Frisk, Hallstro-m, Kiviloog, & Lundba-c, 2001).

Another study conducted to determine if environment tobacco smoke has any effect or role in the development of asthma in children was done during 1999 -- 2000 by collecting information from a survey that was conducted in the population of children. The results of asthma symptoms were applied to the sample which was exposed to tobacco smoke.

The study helped to determine that there was a strong relationship between smoke exposure and risks of asthma. This relationship was direct and positive. Almost 15% of the cases having asthma reported the cause as exposure to environment tobacco smoke and smoking during childhood.…. [read more]

Crack Cocaine Essay

… Crack Cocaine

As one of the most addictive and destructive illegal, recreational drugs ever introduced into American society, crack cocaine presents a number of important and often deadly physiological and psychological results for its users, most of whom have used the traditional form of powered cocaine at some point in their lives. In addition, crack cocaine poses some very serious problems for society itself, especially related to its effects on the families of cocaine addicts and on communities at large. For example, "domestic violence and random violence are often fueled by cocaine or crack" with children often ending up as innocent victims through crack use by their parents and from pre-natal exposure (American Council for Drug Education, 2001, Internet).

In the early to mid-1980's, a…. [read more]

Overcoming Communication Barriers Term Paper

… Autism: Overcoming Communication Barriers

a) Background: Autism

What is Autism?

History of Autism, including research done in an effort to understand Autistic.

Characteristics of a child with Autism b) Background: Communication

Communication definition, methods, history.

Importance of communication to human life.

A c) Analysis of the effects of Autism on communication.

Development of a?€ normal?€ child with regard to communication.

Development of an Autistic child with regard to communication.

Barriers created due to the difference in development.

Effect of barriers on the life of an Autistic child.

A d) Conclusion: Overcoming barriers of Autism in communication.

Application of knowledge?€ how to overcome barriers of communication.

What more can be done to help.


Although Autism has been prevalent within the American medical community since the…. [read more]

Women's Role in Peacebuilding and Development in Somalia Term Paper

… Role of Women in Peacekeeping in Somalia

Women have an important role to play in peacekeeping and resolving societal conflicts. After all, in their traditional roles, women are already expected to negotiate agreements within families, as heads of households, as community members and increasingly, as peace activists.

This paper examines the role that women have played in building and keeping peace in Somalia. It looks at whether the participation of women in the peace process leads to greater social recognition of women's rights. It also examines which factors can become obstacles to the greater participation of women in peace-building and decision-making.

The first part of this paper looks at the status of women in Somalia, with a special focus on legal protections for women's rights…. [read more]

Very Early Development Thesis

… Substance Abuse During Pregnancy

PSA Peugeot Citroen

Protecting the Unborn from Drug Abuse Act: Why we must oppose this bill

Protecting the Unborn from Drug Abuse Act: Why we must oppose this bill

Recently, it has come to my attention that the hospital will soon have a meeting discussing its policy in regards to the Protecting the Unborn from Drug Abuse Act. I would like to add my voice to those who oppose this piece of legislation, in no uncertain terms.

Although the current bill's heart may appear be in the right place, this bill has the troubling and potentially frightening potential to deny a woman her reproductive rights. Firstly, it seems blatantly unconstitutional: a fetus does not have the legal status of personhood, in…. [read more]

Adoption Challenges/Revision Children Who Are Adopted Research Paper

… Adoption Challenges/Revision

Children who are adopted, particularly international adoptees, often face more challenges in family life and in school than parents' biological children. Genetics, pre-natal care, and experiences in early infancy -- none of which are under the control of the adoptive parents -- can have a great impact on a child's cognitive abilities and emotional and behavioral responses. Sometimes issues are immediately apparent, but too often parents realize much later that their adopted child has special needs. In some cases, the needs are not manifest until a child reaches school age. Potential adoptive parents should not necessarily be discouraged from adopting a child, particularly from a foreign country, but they should be aware of issues and challenges they may face. Parents with support systems,…. [read more]

Unconstitutional Treatment of Drug Addicted African-American Woman Term Paper

… ¶ … Supreme Court of U.S. has in the recent past been considering a high-profile cases pertaining prosecution of pregnant women who are substance abusers. Due to this never ending recurrence of this issue, advocates as well as policy makers once more have been confronted with the same dilemma of the best way of dealing with pregnant women who are involved in drugs. On the part of most lawmakers, this issue comes down to the hard task in balancing the rights of women to bodily integrity with the interest of the society in making sure that there are healthy pregnancies, this is in addition to the issue of punitive approach whether it hinders or fosters healthy results for children and women. The argument of this…. [read more]

Life Story Term Paper

… Linda was the name of a favorite friend of Mildred's growing up, and Mildred hoped that by naming her daughter after her kind and gentle friend her daughter would grow up with the same gentle spirit.

Linda was born in the Sharon General Hospital. During this time in our nation's history there were still many women across the nation who were having home births attended by midwives only, however Mildred and her husband could afford a hospital delivery and felt safer in case there were complications. In addition having the baby in the hospital at that time was a sort of status symbol to the world that the couple could afford the best option.

During 1949, hospitals were indeed considered the bet option for birth,…. [read more]

Budget Practices That Are Destroying Term Paper

… ¶ … Budget Practices that are destroying America's defenses." The article appeared in the Forbes Magazine. The article identified four budgetary practices of the U.S. federal government that were creating severe issues in the defense management, specifically for the Pentagon. The author identified that sequestration provisions of the 2011 Budget Control Act are flawed in many ways. It is pertinent to mention that the sequestration provisions require the Pentagon to save $500 million over nine years.

The author identified two main issues in the budgetary process of the federal government. It is argued that the sequestration provisions should not be applied on the Pentagon. The provisions impose caps on allowable spending each year, and most of the cuts are made in training and technology investments.…. [read more]

Hepatitis B Screening for Health Term Paper

… (Joint Advisory Notice, 1987) The diagnosis of the disease is in stages. At the start is the checking of Hepatitis B surface antigen presence in blood tests of the infected individual as the first viral marker. This stays in the only for a period of 1 or 2 months. The next stage, after the appearance of hepatitis B surface antigen is the detection of hepatitis B core antibody or Anti-HBc. This happens within one or two weeks. (Hepatitis B: For evaluation of patients at high risk for hepatitis B infection, there is a single test called HBcAb, or Hepatitis B core antibody that is the best. When the results of the test are negative, the patient should receive the vaccination for hepatitis B A…. [read more]

Breast Feeding the Relevance Research Paper

… If for example not nearly enough calcium is absorbed at morning meal then a mid early morning treat of cheese may be provided to off- set the distinction. Young children will likewise become 'stuck' on a particular food and not wish to consume anything else, when this occurs the moms and dad or care giver must provide a healthy side product together with the preferred food. To construct healthy eating routines keep serving a range of various foods, at this age they have to be exposed to a brand-new taste sometimes prior to they start to accept it. Young child parts are really small; an excellent guideline for kid serving size is 1 tbsp annually of age equates to one serving. They just require enough…. [read more]

Dream Content as Therapy: Ego vs. Repression Dissertation

… For example: a parent has repeating nightmares, and the child "dreams his dreams " because the child is in a psychic resonance with the parent. The child's dreams end when the parent's does. Four, it might be a repetition of a past traumatic event in current lifetime. For example: a person might dream of a recent rape, a childhood assault or a wartime battle. This type of nightmare is so deeply etched in the psyche that it can require heavy use of behavioral dream-work techniques to modify the content and emotional intensity.

A fifth factor could be that the dream is a depiction of a past or probable life. For example: a client might dream the last events prior to a violent…. [read more]

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