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Prison Over-Crowding Prison Crowing Solutions Essay

… Treating the taxpayers (even the rich…who already pay the vast share of taxes) like piggybanks whenever a crisis comes up is simply wrong-headed and makes the problem worse in the long run. The money going through the system right now is not being spent wisely and it needs to be spent on keeping our society's miscreants away from the public.


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Kumar, S. (2011, December 28). California home to 1/3 of nation's welfare recipients | california, nation, welfare - Appeal-Democrat. Homepage: Appeal-Democrat. Retrieved May…. [read more]

Prison Overcrowding or Typically Essay

… Since most of them are poor, they fail to get even an average repute both in the society and to the criminal system. Their poor economic circumstances lead them to a life of misery, crimes and eventually towards prisons. Several efforts are now being made in order to disprove the perception of injustice in U.S.' legal system. For this purpose, there are organizations like The Sentencing Project, which is putting its efforts in order to assist at least those prisoners who never got a chance of parole even if they are juveniles. Young Blacks can take advantage of such policies who are subjected to racial inequality and injustice as they constitute a two-third part of total inmates. Also, the amount of parole can assist government…. [read more]

Prison Life and Recidivism Essay

… S. president. The authors in this case also note that in the past, crime studies have demonstrated that those individuals having a religious orientation are highly unlikely to be caught engaging in criminal activities. Hence when it comes to the use of religious programs as rehabilitative programs in the prison setting, the objective is to convince inmates to change their ways of living. Currently, religious programs in prison are largely voluntary. This voluntarily nature of involvement in this case is based on past court rulings deeming involvement into religious programs at the compulsory level as a violation of the First Amendment. However, it is important to note that all inmates, and not only those on special programs, have equal access to religious programs. This is…. [read more]

Prisons Are Correctional Facilities Essay

… There are some ideas when implemented can help in curbing officer corruption. These ideas can be expressed in three areas; the first step is hiring officers that have good character no matter how difficult it seems. There should be strict screening methods used so as to reduce chances of hiring potentially corrupt officers. Secondly officers have to be well trained on matters pertaining corruptions and how they can deal with such situations when they present themselves. Finally incentive programs should be well though such that they adequately cater for needs of officers and hence prevent them from any temptation of taking part in corruption dealings (White, 1999).


It is therefore very important to ensure that these challenges in prisons are addressed so that the…. [read more]

Prison Industrial Complex Research Paper

… In addition, the tendency to depend on racists' ideologies and structures to impose punishments and obtain surplus income is more troubling. Privatization of prisons is currently a capitalist move within the prison industry. Prisons run by the federal government are grossly violating human rights; on the other hand, private prisons have demonstrated lack of transparency and accountability (Schlosser, 2008).

In early 2012, a leading U.S. prison firm bought about sixty thousand beds from various correctional centers. As the trend of subjecting more women in prisons increased, the company opened a new facility in Melbourne (Gottschalk, 2010). Currently, the company has discovered Michigan as its latest frontier. Statistics have revealed that stocks of private prison companies are doing extremely well. Early last year, the overall revenue…. [read more]

Prison Inmates Term Paper

… Prison Inmates

Jail or imprisonment is the most common way of penalizing a person if he/she had committed a crime. Prisoners serve a certain number of day, months or years inside the prison, depending on the intensity of the crimes that they had committed. Prisoners are therefore believed to be paying their "dues" to the country by spending a not-so-comfortable life inside the prison cells. But there are some issues that are continuously arising regarding the miserable life of the most prisoners. Included in these issues is the continuously rising number of rape cases, inside the prison cells and prison over crowding, to name a few.

These problems cause turmoil in the society. Many are now asking whether the lives of the prison inmates can…. [read more]

Prison Overcrowding Term Paper

… Prison Overcrowding

Prisoners' rights

Allegations of abuse

Prison overcrowding

Exploding jail populations

Soaring costs

Pressure on correctional facilities

Effects of overcrowding

Competition for limited resources


Higher rates of illness

Increased likelihood of recidivism

Higher suicide rates

Prison Litigation

New prison construction

Convert other facilities to prisons

Economic development

Mandatory sentencing

Fills prison cells


Reducing prison population

Incarceration of drug users

Serious urban crime down

Publicity up

Makes up most prison population

Losing drug war

Incarceration of mentally impaired

Prisons used as hospitals

Prisons as local shelters

Elimination of parole boards

Emphasis on punishment not rehabilitation

Literacy of prisoners

Educational programs in prison

Reduce recidivism

Enable prisons to find jobs when released

Difficulties of programs

Stress practical applications

Creates more tolerable and humane conditions…. [read more]

Prisons an Analysis Research Paper

… The Department of Justice currently supports faith-based prisoner re-entry programs throughout the United States. Prisoner re-introduction to society programs vary from state to state and county to county, leading to a lack of consistency in program availability, accessibility, quality, and implementation. There are no guidelines or rules by which to administer prisoner re-introduction programs, and no clear mandate for such programs.

Most communities lack comprehensive prisoner re-entry programs. Moreover, prisoner re-entry programs are sporadically designed, developed, and enforced. For reentry strategies to work, they must take into account socio-economic variables, issues like population migration, and the need to stimulate legitimate entrepreneurial activities in communities that are too impoverished to support their members.

Current approaches to protect the public upon a prisoner's release.

Protecting the public…. [read more]

Prisons as an Area Essay

… As a result, prison officers have a crucial role in the achievement of this role since they need to engage in their work as something enjoyable because they are doing something positive to promote social change of criminals. In order to promote this change, prison officers should not engage with prisoners in undignified and disrespectful ways by simply locking and unlocking them when necessary.

Therefore, these correctional and incarceration facilities should not be used as a warehouse where people are stacked while awaiting to be released. Prisons have been effective in promoting social change when prison officers have engaged more with convicts in appropriate ways resulting in less security problems and bullying. In the criminal justice system, prisons should be considered as the last resort…. [read more]

Prisons the American Criminal Justice Essay

… Within the prison system, overcrowding is a particularly pressing issue as it is the root of many other problems in prisons, including gangs and substance abuse. Besides these problems, overcrowding often leads to prisoners being released early and further endangering society. But this problem is not insurmountable and there are solutions to the problem of prison overcrowding. First of all society must deal with the problem of substance abuse, the lower the number of substance abusers, the lower the number of crimes associated with substance abuse. Then society must deal more effectively with those who commit crimes due to substance abuse; using treatment, not prison, in sentences. This is an effective way of relieving the problem of prison overcrowding. American society must also comes to…. [read more]

Prison Overcrowding Research Paper

… By first reducing the rate at which individuals are incarcerated, policymakers can give prison administrators and officials the room in which to experiment with alternative forms of incarceration and control. As it stands, prisons are so overcrowded that administrators have largely been operating in crisis mode, and any institutional reforms have been in response to a current emergency, rather than born out of careful planning; this is not to say that recent reforms have been ill-informed or misguided, but rather to acknowledge that there is a substantial difference between long-term planning and crisis management. In other words, by reducing the rate of incarceration legislatively and then beginning the process of institutional reform, corrections administrators and officers could go from stacking sandbags to building an actual…. [read more]

Prison System. This Discussion Essay

… References

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Prison GED Programs Hypothesis Testing Research Proposal

… Secondly, the GED is not as effective as expected due to the course outline of the subjects. The GED only provides the inmates with a certificate equivalent of the high school certificate (Kaprov & Kaprov, 2009). This means that for the person to obtain gainful employment, they have to further their education. This is an enormous challenge as most of the convicted persons in the first place went into crime due to the inability to access education facilities. Therefore, this means that when released, the person goes to the same poverty-stricken home, and does not have means to further their studies. Thus, the program does not achieve the objective of reducing recidivism (Sullivan, 2009). Lastly, the GED program service cannot produce equipped persons due to…. [read more]

Prison Rape Elimination Act PREA Research Paper

… ¶ … Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

When people in the United States are incarcerated, it is the government's responsibility to ensure their safety and welfare. One of the major problems facing convicts in many correctional facilities is rape. In response, the Prison Rape Elimination Act became a mandatory requirement for every adult and juvenile correctional facility in the United States and military facility abroad effective August 2013. This paper provides a review, critique and comparison of two peer-reviewed journal articles concerning this legislation to determine the Act's scope and intent. A summary of the research and important findings concerning the Prison Rape Elimination Act are presented in the conclusion.

Review and Discussion

In their study, "The Passage and Implementation of the Prison Rape Elimination…. [read more]

Prisons for All Intents Essay

… The firms that owned these penal institutions bribed two judges in the Pennsylvania county that had contracted out the business, and paid them for several years per head for incarcerated teenagers. This led to something which, in its own appalling greed and contempt for human decency, is our own contemporary version of the Tyburn hangings -- the spectacle of two Republican judges sentencing children to incarceration for the slightest offenses, or non-offenses, purely to take advantage of the state purchase of penitentiary services provided by others, rather than persisting in the Benthamite ideal of state-managed facilities geared toward rehabilitation ("PA Judges Accused of Jailing Kids for Cash," 2009). The statistics (reprinted Table 1) offered by the U.S. Government speak for themselves, in the opinion of…. [read more]

Prison Overcrowding Term Paper

… Prison Overcrowding: Empirical Analysis of Alternatives to Mandatory Sentencing and Community Sanctions

Theoretical Approaches

History Incarceration and Prison Overcrowding

Who's in Prison

Reasons for Overcrowding

This study focuses on exploring the relationship between prison overcrowding and adaptation of the situational environment in which crime occurs. Specifically the researcher will explore whether a reduction in incarceration of non-violent offenders combined with provisions for more rehabilitation and community support within at risk communities may contribute to reduced incarceration rates, better flow and reduced overcrowding. To achieve these goals the researcher proposes a triangular approach that will combine multiple research methods. The author hypothesizes that adaptations to the incarceration approach including use of more community sanctions and introduction of more rehabilitation programs within communities, combined with shorter terms…. [read more]

Prison Overcrowding Capstone Project

… With more people in the same confined space, anyone in it can just contribute his or her tensions. This is, of course, create more problems. Someone is always likely to lose control, snap and turn violent. Misconduct will increase (Mangino).

The federal budget of $6.4 billion in 2011 went up to $6.6 billion this year and will further go up to $6.8 billion (Mangino, 2012). This year's budget allots $153 million for prison reentry and jail diversion programs. $80 million is allotted for the Second Chance Act and $50 million as grants for drug courts, as mentally ill offender assistance, and other problem-solving measures. President Obama is cognizant that a new direction prison funding is strongly warranted. One focus may be federal over-criminalization. The number…. [read more]

Prison Reduction of Prison Population Essay

… According to the criminologists, this extra attention towards the community correction will decrease the inmate population for a short period but later this problem will come in front as a giant monster with which the state government will not be able cope up. Almost 67% of the freed criminals are re-arrested and 52% of them are re-incarcerated. They further proposed a plan that the spending of government on the rehabilitation center should be within a limit.

Release of Older criminals:

Another idea that the criminologists put forwarded was to release the old age criminals. According to a report of the American Civil Liberties Union, United States spent almost $16billion of economy each year on the elderly prisoners. By releasing these older criminals, the government will…. [read more]

Prison Crowding and Violence on Staff Term Paper

… Prison Overcrowding and Its Relationship to Violence on Prison Staff Members

The debate on whether prison works or not is futile. What matters is that prison is allowed to take its proper place in the criminal justice system, one of excellent last resort, properly equipped and able to cope with those who really need to be there. -- Juliet Lyon, 2002

The epigraph above is reflective of a growing sentiment among American taxpayers that it does not take a smart person to recognize that the criminal justice system is broken, but that it is going to take some smart people to fix it. Today, the United States incarcerates more of its citizens than any other nation in the world, and the nation's prison facilities are…. [read more]

Prisons in Modern Turkey Term Paper

… Prisons in Modern Turkey

When performing a simple Google search about the prisons in Turkey, one can find an astonishing amount of links taking you to human rights organizations sites. Reports to or about the Turkish government describe the bad, inssuficient, inappropriate (and name whatever synonim you can think of) detention facilities - they all seem applicable to the Turkish conditions of imprisonment. Complaints, abuses, death tolls and hunger strikes, riots and counter-actions, humiliation and fear are the main words associated with the Turkish prison.

In order to understand and evaluate the situation, even as a remote researcher of the phenomenon, one must first consider the modern history of Turkey, the social and political changes this country has gone through in the last century, particulalry…. [read more]

Prison Rape Elimination Act Term Paper

… Provide appropriate orientation to anyone having contact with offenders;


Provide intensive training, resources and support for personnel assigned to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct;


Provide detainee/offender orientation and ongoing education on staff sexual misconduct that includes information on the zero-tolerance policy, how to report allegations, how to obtain medical and mental health services, how to seek relief against retaliation for reporting allegations, and possible disciplinary actions for making false allegations;


Establish partnerships with prosecutors, medical providers, mental health providers and others who can provide advice, support and direct services to detainees/offenders who are victims of staff sexual misconduct; and,


Establish a systematic process for the collection of data that document the number of sexual misconduct allegations, the nature of each allegation…. [read more]

Prison Systems Term Paper

… Although the prison system in the Netherlands has long been considered to be liberal, in recent years there have been drastic changes in the system. Boeij (2002) reports that there are four main reforms that have taken place including: the increase in the size of the penitentiary system, putting inmates in facilities in the region in which they live, the centralization of the prisons with the communities and closer collaboration between police, prosecutors and the jails (Boeij 2002).

Adjustment and Behaviors within prison systems

The ability of a prisoner to adjust to prison life is essential to there ability to survive within the prison system. DeRosia (1998) asserts that just as university students differ in their ability to adjust college, inmates also differ in how…. [read more]

Prison Rehabilitation for Men and Women Term Paper

… Prison Rehabilitation for Men and Women

Despite barbaric origins in the exacting medieval dungeons and torture chambers, prisons have become a vital part of modern life. With a booming population and greater expectations of government to actuate a successful and coherent society, crime and its punishment is of paramount importance. As the French philosopher Michel Foucault asserted, the 18th Century prison system shifted punishment from the discipline of the body to the discipline of the "soul." While the last two decades have seen a rise in incarceration, they have also witnessed a key discussion in the viability of the issues surrounding it.

Four different goals of incarceration and corrections are commonly espoused: retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation. Each of these goals is the recipient of…. [read more]

Prison Rape Analysts Continue Term Paper

… In the context of prison life, this means maintaining sexual control over other potential challengers.

In prison life, sexual control is inextricably linked to violence. In the infamous Angola prison at Louisiana, a form of sex slavery was used to keep inmates under control. New inmates, particularly the weak and young prisoners, were then traded among the older and stronger inmates. Any disputes were settled through violence, often with fatal results.

Prison journalists Walter Rideau and Ron Wikberg note that in prisons like Angola, a thread of violence was woven into the fabric of all aspects of prison life. To remain safe and alive, an inmate had to acquire protections through "sheer force of character and the ability to impose (one's) will upon others" (Rideau…. [read more]

Prison Conditions Term Paper

… The Oregon program represents a positive example of how prisons can contribute to the rehabilitation of prisons. Upon an inmate's arrival, the prison is given a battery of tests to identify the mental, social and educational barriers the inmate may confront that will prevent their successful return to society. A detailed plan is then created to help the inmate overcome these troubles through literacy, drug treatment or job training programs. The Oregon program has turned from historical vocational training for low-paying jobs to comprehensive inmate training for jobs that companies have open, like telemarketing and using computers to map water and tax districts from aerial photographs. To ensure accountability, the program tracks inmates by computer and offers small monthly bonuses for good work or study.…. [read more]

Prison Problem Essay

… Prison Problem

"The violence people bring into the world has its roots in violence they witnessed, or which was done to them, at very young ages."

-Bruce Western

People usually commit crime in a hopeless effort to pacify a paining urge that must have hurt them at some point in life. They may be taking revenge, satisfying a psychological craving, fulfilling a passion or simply just unknowingly committing a crime; a price is always to be paid for their profane action. Imprisonment of people charged guilty of committing a crime is practiced nearly all over the world and is actually a way of the society to exhibit that it rejects actions which can potentially compromise the safety of citizens (Gendreau, 1999). History also has evidence…. [read more]

Prison Funding Finding Funds Essay

… The effects of taxation on a population to provide more prison funding are clear, however, at least in California: taxation leads to new governments with lower taxes, generally speaking (Skelton, 2011). One of the primary reasons that the California Prison System is experiencing funding problems is that for the past several decades the prison system and the laws that lead to incarceration have been expanding at a much faster rate than taxation, and measures are continually passed to spend more while explicitly refusing to raise taxes (Skelton, 2011). This has led to a growth not only in the absolute costs of running the prison system, but also in the proportion of the state's budget that must be devoted to the system, while the system's ability…. [read more]

Prison the Modern Prison System Essay

… In some ways this seems rather sadistic. Logic dictates that two wrongs do not make a right under any circumstances. Subscribing to this fallacy by punishing with an equal or greater force than the originating crime, tends to deflate the moral purposes behind rehabilitation and prisoner relationships. Having understanding that all persons have both good and bad within them will help alleviate the stress of living up to unfair expectations that prisoners often are expected to obey.

The infamous Stanford prison experiment continued to demonstrate the inefficiency and lack of understanding of improper treatment of those who fall out of societal restrictions. The fear, violence and aggression stemming from this experiment clearly shows how innocence is relative. Zimbardo (1973) concluded in his report about his…. [read more]

Prisons Prison Is a Place Essay

… The society that has developed in prisons, especially male prisons, is very different from that of ordinary society. And while women in prison do make an attempt to simulate outside relationships within the walls of a prison, there are still major differences between the two. For the most part, the gender specific nature of prisons make recreating society from outside the prison virtually impossible. But it is very interesting to discover the type of societies large groups of the same gender create when forced to live together, and these researchers have given society that insight.


Clemmer, Donald. (1958). The Prison Community. New York: Rinehart.

Foucault, Michael. (1995). Discipline and Punishment: The Birth of the Prison. New York: Vintage Books.

Giollombardo, Rose. (1966). "Social Roles…. [read more]

Arizona's Correctional Healthcare System Prison Essay

… Providing Qualified Medical Professionals for ADC Prisons

ADC requires all medical personnel working in their prisons to be licensed by independent licensing boards, of which there are at least eight (ADC, 2011). For example, physicians are required to be licensed by the Arizona Medical Board (2011) and nurses by the Arizona State Board of Nursing (ADC, 2011). These medical boards set standards of care and conduct for medical professionals, and these standards are the same regardless of whether the medical professionals are working in a private hospital tending to the wealthiest residents of Arizona or in a prison clinic tending to inmates on death row.

The ADC gains several advantages from relying on independent medical licensing boards to certify that the medical staff it hires…. [read more]

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