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Private Security Versus Law Enforcement Essay


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Private Security

Law Enforcement

Visual and physical baggage search

Private security has powers to search any baggage within their assigned building or premises.

Law enforcement officers can search any suspected person at any premises or building even at private residence.

Individual pat-down search

Private security officers have powers to pat-down any individual within their assigned premises.

Law enforcement officers can pat-down any individual at any moment within any premises.

Detain individuals

Security officers have power to detain and apprehend suspects that are non-violent for example, shoplifters.

Law enforcement officers have powers to serve warrants and make legal arrests.…. [read more]

Private Security Term Paper

… The regulation of this industry, then, was attributed to improvements in law enforcement -- specifically in terms of the federal government. In the 20th century, the government could employ agents to go across state lines while pursuing criminals. There were two substantial ramifications of this fact. Firstly, some of the deployments of private security employees decreased because local and federal officials could now afford to man them. Secondly, formal regulation was attributed to the industry to make it as lawful and official as law enforcement had now become.

In that respect, there were several pieces of legislation that were passed to make private security professionals accountable to a uniform standard. One of the first legal mandates that was passed was California's licensing requirement for private…. [read more]

Historical Development of Private Security in the United States Term Paper

… Private Security

Historically the security systems in America had roots in England. Many of the early settlers were English citizens before coming to America and brought the common law strategies with them.

The colonies had sheriffs as the legal authority who could deputize citizens to assist them in enforcing the common law that protected people and property.

There are records that indicate the earliest organized police force began in Detroit and Cincinnati in the early 1800s. The first formal public police force was in England and was started by Sir Robert Peel in 1829 (Ortmeier, 2009).

Parliament was petitioned by Peel about the need for a nationally organized and trained force. The Metropolitan Police Act was ratified by British Parliament in 1829 (Ortmeier, 2009).

In…. [read more]

Private Security Thesis

… Private Security After 911

The terrorist attack of September 11th, 2001 forever changed American transportation. As the country reeled from the attacks, plans were quickly made to alter the way the United States would screen airport passengers and their property. With the formation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), private screeners were removed from all but five commercial airports in the United States and replaced with federal screeners. The five remaining airports were part of a pilot program, the Private Screening Pilot Program, to "test the effectiveness of increased operational flexibility at the airport level" (Rabkin, 2004). Although challenges and limitations were found with the use of private screeners when it came to detecting threat objects, some operational flexibilities were found. As such, the TSA…. [read more]

Private Security Public or Private Security System Term Paper

… Private Security

Public or Private security system does those things that people do not wish to do for them-selves.

The work of police is constantly hectic, thrilling, unsafe and uninteresting. In any government, police are the most evident sign of power. General public depend on them to carry out a range of tasks, such as capturing criminals, averting crime, protecting the peace, upholding order, deciphering the law, making people feel good, recognizing the answers to various questions, and, on the whole, upholding things in a balanced way. In the words of Ramsey Clark, police officers have to be a "lawyer, scientist, medic, psychologist, athlete, and public servant." (The Police Component of Criminal Justice) According to Egon Bittner, the role of police can be explained as…. [read more]

Private Security Contractors Thesis

… Private Military Contractors

Private Security Contractors

This paper

Private Military Contractors

Private Military Contractors (PMCs) are a necessary but imperfect tool in today's rapidly changing and increasingly unstable world, utilized by the United State military, rife with ethical and other complications. Today's world is burgeoning with modern, powerful democratic states. As a means of filling roles once reserved exclusively for the military, these states are increasingly relying on the services of PMCs. The services provided by these contractors vary and can include: logistical, technical, supply, protecting vital governmental entities, and consulting services regarding the restructuring of the client's armed forces. One of the largest PMCs used by the United States is Blackwater, recently renamed Xe, who has assisted the American military on a variety of…. [read more]

Security Louisiana Private Security Requirements Thesis

… Security

Louisiana Private Security Requirements

The criteria for private security officer selection and training varies from state to state ranging from wide-ranging training requirements for every private security officer to little or no training for private security officers. There has been a movement to encourage the adoption of minimum national criteria for the selection and training of all private security officers. The development of such minimum criteria has become necessary for enabling the private security industry to meet the need of providing effective security to its clients as well as meeting the demands associated with new homeland security initiatives. Effective security today requires workers who are familiar with all aspects of a facility's security system for assessing and containing potential threats. Security officers are required…. [read more]

Security Private Security vs. Law Essay

… Security personnel will be unarmed except for unit leaders. All officers remain connected with communications devices that are to remain on at all times. The communication devices are linked to local law enforcement agencies for back-up support if necessary. In case of a natural disaster or terrorist incident, the local law enforcement community will be on hand to provide assistance. Security personnel will, therefore, be expected to fulfill the duties of first responder. We are mandating that at least one security officer per station is trained in emergency response.

Security officers will occasionally need to address fights and altercations among patrons. These fights will be settled swiftly and deftly, by more than one officer assigned to that station. It is critical to monitor the alcohol…. [read more]

Private Security Project One Was Concerned Term Paper

… Private Security

Project One was concerned with specific minimum requirements of a state for security personnel. What state did you provide information on and what were these minimum requirements? My focus study was directed at Washington State and its minimal requirements for security personnel. In part from the common requirements found in every state, Washington requires a specific license to be held by the foremost contractor of a security personnel business. Though the lower personnel themselves are simply required to have basic training certificates, they are not required to be licensed. The security contractor is responsible for providing the certification forms that indicate the level of training for each member of their security personnel. Washington appears to be one of the most liberal states when…. [read more]

Private Security Functions as it Relates to the Various Components of the Criminal Justice System Term Paper

… Private Security Functions as it Relates to the Various Components of the Criminal Justice System

The objective of this work is to analyze major components of the criminal justice system which includes private security functions with a focus upon improvement of the interaction between law enforcement, private security the courts and institutional and community corrections over the next 15 years. This is a 15-year plan that should take into consideration the aspects of budgets, revenue, expenditures, communication, technology and cultural aspects of the organization that can be improved.


"Working with Law Enforcement to Abate Cybercrime: Cyber Security Guidelines" states that increasing dependence of society upon technology "has brought about enhanced business functionality and productivity while…. [read more]

Private Security Industry Impact Term Paper

… The one area where security has grown after the terrorist attacks is in the number of airport screeners. However, since these screeners are no longer privatized but are government employees, they may have actually negatively impacted the growth of private security when the jobs were taken over by the government. Parfomak notes, "The TSA has subsequently reduced the screening workforce to 44,000 workers, although this number of screeners is still 57% higher than in 2001" (Parfomak 13). In addition, guards at nuclear power plants have increased since the attacks, and most of these guards are in the private security industry. Other areas where security has increased are chemical facilities, some high-rise office buildings, and many banking and financial institutions (Parfomak 14-15). Private security, it seems,…. [read more]

Private Security and Patriot Act. The U Term Paper

… ¶ … Private Security and Patriot Act. The U.S. Patriot Act of 2001 which was enacted on October 26, 2001, came to be regarded as an important source in the U.S.'s fight against terrorism. Being quickly made into a law in the wake of the 9/11 incident, Congress beefed up the capabilities of the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence communities to fight terrorism on several spheres. The Patriot Act brought about radical changes to a lot of important areas of law. At the core of the Fourth Amendment lies the liberty from needless investigations and arrests. (Lee, 2003) However against this, the Patriot Act widens significantly the extent of government's powers as regards confinement of non-citizens for an indefinite period and to undertake searches, arrests,…. [read more]

Current Private Security Threats: Terrorist Profiling Essay

… They play a critical role in providing tailored solutions with the use of latest and efficient technologies. The industries served include healthcare, financial institutions, defense and aerospace, colleges and universities, residential communities, and government premises among others. They are famous for temporary and private securities. Their "dare be great" philosophy has seen the company grow in terms of size in the U.S. currently, the company has over sixty thousand employees all trained to protect the interests of the clientele via undercover services and surveillance.

It is important to appreciate the role of private security companies and the industry in enhancing the security and safety of American citizens. If the government were to undertake such duties alone, various infrastructural systems and lives of people would have…. [read more]

History of Security Research Paper

… Security

Development in the Growth and Professionalism of Private Security

Private security in the United States is a major industry, directly employing in excess of 1.1 million people (SEIU, 2013), with services provided by approximately 10,000 firms (Strom et al., 2009). The development of private security as an industry has evolved over decades. By examining the history and development of the industry there can be an increased appreciation, not only of the need for the industry and how it developed to meet unsatisfied needs, but also how it has evolved to provide private security services in a professional manner. Looking at the shifts and changes of the past may also help to increase understanding of the present and appreciation of the types of changes which…. [read more]

Security Department Policy Hospitals Have Many Unique Term Paper

… Security Department Policy

Hospitals have many unique security needs and legal obligations as highly public, accessible institutions providing essential public goods. Because of the precarious condition of many local and state governments, local and state law enforcement agencies are often unable to meet the numerous, unpredictable security needs of a large hospital environment. State legislatures have responded to unmet security needs by granting police power to private security officers in a variety of degrees, from limited apprehension powers to full police powers. Although this new trend in the expansion of police power provides hospitals with more flexibility and options in meeting security objectives, it also brings increased legal risks. These legal risks result from the hospital's assumption of constitutional limitations on the exercise of police…. [read more]

Security as a Profession Research Paper

… ¶ … Profession of Security


Professional security is a booming industry. In the 21st century alone, there has been significant increase in the demand for private, corporate, organizational, and other forms of security. The security profession yields a number of rewarding opportunities for those who are properly trained and adequately experienced. There is obviously a very clear risk in becoming a security professional, though. As with most things in life, adequate education and clarification regarding one's chose profession, which in this case is hypothetically, security, serves to minimize on the job risks, as well as increase awareness of the various facets of the work. The paper will provide some background or contextual information regarding the security profession, as well as concisely focus upon two…. [read more]

Security Management Essay

… As managers, security managers also need to be leaders. They will be in charge of teams, and work closely with subordinates in creating and implementing a security management plan for the organization. Security managers make senior level decisions that impact the entire organization. They assume and accept responsibility for errors, and are rewarded for ensuring the integrity of the company. Quantitative and qualitative analytical skills are required, as well as creative thinking. Security managers need to think outside the box, because not all threats are spelled out. Many of the most dangerous security threats are ones that the organization had not anticipated. A successful security manager anticipates threats before they become relevant to the organization and individuals they are trying to protect.


Bulletin 1…. [read more]

Sociology Families Delinquency and Crime Term Paper

… Private Security

In project one, I reported information for the state of Oregon pertaining to the minimum requirements of the state for a private security officer. These minimum requirements included that the person must be 18 years of age or older and must have completed training as specified in Oregon statute. Additionally, the individual could not have been convicted of a felony, have not been incarcerated, placed on probation or parole within 10 years, have not been convicted of any drug offense, and is not required to register as a sex offender. Finally, the individual can not have committed a misdemeanor that is deemed by the Board of Public Safety to interfere with performance (Chapter 498, Oregon Laws, 2001).

While these requirements are certainly necessary,…. [read more]

Private Security Analysis Term Paper

… This is all going on at a time where the Minister of Interior is being linked to increasing dependence on private security in government actions in the country of Hungary. Sandor Pinter owned a lucrative private security firm before being elected in 2010 (Petho, 2014). The Minister of Interior "says he has no links with the private security firm that he sold in 2010 and that has continued to gain one lucrative government contract after another" (Petho, 2014). This creates a situation where it may be much harder to tell the color of law in regards to the actions of private security in Hungary. The color of law is the notion of an action that is conducted with the belief that the law mitigates such…. [read more]

Securities Regulation Securities Regularizations Thesis

… To get a clearer idea, it becomes important to consider some of the institutes which form a part of these NPO's. These, therefore, includes, "Schools, Hospitals, Charitable Institutions, welfare societies, clubs, public libraries, resident welfare association, sports club, etc.." [footnoteRef:15] [15: ]

They are increasingly becoming alternatives to the provision of facilities and activities as the Government continues to fail in many sectors due to the growing economic pressures and the impact of recession. In such conditions, NPO's as appeared as platforms that can help in catering to the many needs of the individuals in the society, including food, Education, Housing, and it is the provision of these needs that become the main purpose of these Organizations and is their defining line, which helps them…. [read more]

Public vs. Private Security Research Paper

… Public vs. Private Security

Private and public security forces have always been integral and critical components of ensuring safety and security in society. Although they may share some similarities especially with regards to the protection of lives and properties, their differences lay with their specific and detailed mandates as well as the extent of their responsibilities. Indeed, "private security and public law enforcement share many of the same goals: preventing crime and disorder, identifying criminals, and ensuring the security of people and property (U.S. Department of Justice, 2007)." The latter though has more responsibilities under the law especially with regards to investigating crimes, pursuing criminals, and bringing them to justice.

Taking the case whereby a parade is being held in a public venue, both public…. [read more]

Hiring Policies and Private Security Term Paper

… On the other hand, there are a wealth of court cases which demonstrate that hiring polices which are in place to protect the so-called private security of a company, can actually be discriminatory. For example, the 1971 case Griggs vs. Duke Power Co. ruled that the company's hiring requirements for certain upper level positions actually had no impact on how well the employee would be able to perform the job, and were in fact discriminatory to prevent blacks from elevating themselves to higher levels. Thus, while Duke Power Company may have argued that these hiring policies (such as the IQ test) were necessary to insure a high quality caliber employee and to protect private security, others argued that these policies reflected straight-up discrimination.

Also, when…. [read more]

Security Issues of Cloud Computing Data Analysis Chapter

… Security Issues in Cloud Computing

The name Cloud computing was coined from the drawings oftentimes employed to illustrate the internet. Cloud computing is an innovative consumption and new delivery approach for IT services. The cloud computing concept illustrate a change in thought, that end users do not need to understand the details of a particular technology since the provider completely handles it. Users can use the services at the rate established by their specific needs. This service can be given at any time. Because this innovation is becoming more popular, new tools and technologies are now appearing to create, to access, operate and sustain the clouds. These tools should handle a huge number of operations in the cloud transparently sans service interruptions. Cloud computing provides…. [read more]

Security Plan Case Study

… Security Plan

The Maryland public safety education and training center deals with firearms training, public safety and education, and drug abuse resistance. The center is located on a 700 acre plot. The center has been divided into two main facilities namely Drivers Training Facility and Firearms Training Facility. The center is located 25 miles away from any residential community in order to prevent crime and promote security. Locating the facility far from residential communities has ensured that there are no unauthorized entries to the center. The firing ranges are located 25 miles from the center to ensure that there is no accidental damage to the property. This also protects people within the center as there is no risk if accidentally been shot. Having bullet traps…. [read more]

Security Policy Term Paper

… Security Policy

IT Security Policy

The following security policy defines how strategic it resources and technologies are aligned to supporting organizational objectives and goals. Implicit in this security policy is the need for accountability, transparency and intensive use of reporting and analytics to track performance against objectives, in addition to compliance against industry and regulatory standards. Best practices in it security policy management requires the integration of analytics, compliance and reporting requirements within an it security policy and it supporting framework (Hone, Eloff, 2002). The intent of this security policy document is to provide prescriptive guidance to attain and surpass best practices in the areas of network, operational, organizational security, access control, cryptography, and compliance to laws and regulations.

Network Security Policy

Ensuring protection of…. [read more]

Security in Cloud Computing Research Paper

… The users using the infrastructure need to ensure that they maintain an effective security policy. These controls are developed and implemented to cater the hostile internet environment for multi-tenant usage of user applications hosted through cloud computing services (Mather et al., 2009).

Mather et al. (2009) further elaborates that the security controls for data in various stages. It is required for data in transit, data at rest, and data processing. It is also required for data lineage, data provenance, and data reminisce. The informed decision are required for increasing data security in cloud computing. All security measures are not a responsibility of the cloud services providers. There are various cases where security of data at cloud computing is compromised due to clients negligence. Therefore it…. [read more]

Security Breach Case Scenario Essay

… Step 5: Determination of Online Backup Measures

The organization should focus on the determination of the online backup measures. This is through creation and documentation of emergency access procedures and policies to enhance interaction with the patients' data. It is also essential for the organization to consider implementation of a 24/7 web support to increase accessibility of vital information to the staff members and medical practitioners. In order to enhance security and integrity of the information or data relating to the patients, the organization should consider implementation of server mirroring or effective cloning software. This is essential in the improvement of the security and confidentiality of the patients' data or information. Integration of effective and efficient training strategies and the five-step implementation plan should be…. [read more]

Private Military Companies Iraq Illustrate Essay

… The American private military contractors for instance were united by their desire to fight the communists. Eventually however, they all came to be united by financial gains.

At the level of the governments, these used private troops for the reasons already mentioned -- global context and level of specialization by the private military companies -- but also because they attracted less public scrutiny. In this order of ideas, whenever the state fought a battle and lost soldiers, it was blamed for their death. But the public seemed to care less for the death of paid contractors (Beutel, 2005).

Gradually then, the privatization of the private military companies was observed at the global level. The main problem was however pegged to the fact that there existed…. [read more]

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