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Securities Regulation Securities Regularizations Thesis

… To get a clearer idea, it becomes important to consider some of the institutes which form a part of these NPO's. These, therefore, includes, "Schools, Hospitals, Charitable Institutions, welfare societies, clubs, public libraries, resident welfare association, sports club, etc.." [footnoteRef:15] [15: ]

They are increasingly becoming alternatives to the provision of facilities and activities as the Government continues to fail in many sectors due to the growing economic pressures and the impact of recession. In such conditions, NPO's as appeared as platforms that can help in catering to the many needs of the individuals in the society, including food, Education, Housing, and it is the provision of these needs that become the main purpose of these Organizations and is their defining line, which helps them…. [read more]

Private Security Contractors Thesis

… Private Military Contractors

Private Security Contractors

This paper

Private Military Contractors

Private Military Contractors (PMCs) are a necessary but imperfect tool in today's rapidly changing and increasingly unstable world, utilized by the United State military, rife with ethical and other complications. Today's world is burgeoning with modern, powerful democratic states. As a means of filling roles once reserved exclusively for the military, these states are increasingly relying on the services of PMCs. The services provided by these contractors vary and can include: logistical, technical, supply, protecting vital governmental entities, and consulting services regarding the restructuring of the client's armed forces. One of the largest PMCs used by the United States is Blackwater, recently renamed Xe, who has assisted the American military on a variety of…. [read more]

Private Security Thesis

… Private Security After 911

The terrorist attack of September 11th, 2001 forever changed American transportation. As the country reeled from the attacks, plans were quickly made to alter the way the United States would screen airport passengers and their property. With the formation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), private screeners were removed from all but five commercial airports in the United States and replaced with federal screeners. The five remaining airports were part of a pilot program, the Private Screening Pilot Program, to "test the effectiveness of increased operational flexibility at the airport level" (Rabkin, 2004). Although challenges and limitations were found with the use of private screeners when it came to detecting threat objects, some operational flexibilities were found. As such, the TSA…. [read more]

Private Military Companies Iraq Illustrate Essay

… The American private military contractors for instance were united by their desire to fight the communists. Eventually however, they all came to be united by financial gains.

At the level of the governments, these used private troops for the reasons already mentioned -- global context and level of specialization by the private military companies -- but also because they attracted less public scrutiny. In this order of ideas, whenever the state fought a battle and lost soldiers, it was blamed for their death. But the public seemed to care less for the death of paid contractors (Beutel, 2005).

Gradually then, the privatization of the private military companies was observed at the global level. The main problem was however pegged to the fact that there existed…. [read more]

Security Plan for the Maryland Term Paper

… Therefore the access privileges attained by that specific person could get into wrong hands if they are forever and if the smart cards are place in wrong hands after the personnel have left its post.

Often critics question regarding the levels of perimeter security, they tend to ask security professionals if they should keep multiple layers or single layer? The answer here is that multiple layers tend to give better protection as compared to a single layer.

2.3 Protective systems and access control

Access control is known to be a very common methodology to identify personnel before they enter their designated areas. Access point can be any gate, id verification, security check or any other way to protect any premises from harm. The protective systems…. [read more]

Security Department Policy Hospitals Have Many Unique Term Paper

… Security Department Policy

Hospitals have many unique security needs and legal obligations as highly public, accessible institutions providing essential public goods. Because of the precarious condition of many local and state governments, local and state law enforcement agencies are often unable to meet the numerous, unpredictable security needs of a large hospital environment. State legislatures have responded to unmet security needs by granting police power to private security officers in a variety of degrees, from limited apprehension powers to full police powers. Although this new trend in the expansion of police power provides hospitals with more flexibility and options in meeting security objectives, it also brings increased legal risks. These legal risks result from the hospital's assumption of constitutional limitations on the exercise of police…. [read more]

Private Security Project One Was Concerned Term Paper

… Private Security

Project One was concerned with specific minimum requirements of a state for security personnel. What state did you provide information on and what were these minimum requirements? My focus study was directed at Washington State and its minimal requirements for security personnel. In part from the common requirements found in every state, Washington requires a specific license to be held by the foremost contractor of a security personnel business. Though the lower personnel themselves are simply required to have basic training certificates, they are not required to be licensed. The security contractor is responsible for providing the certification forms that indicate the level of training for each member of their security personnel. Washington appears to be one of the most liberal states when…. [read more]

Security Information Is the Power Term Paper

… Many such enterprises constitute parts of critical infrastructure and susceptible to attacks both for the data and power. (Cyberspace threats and vulnerabilities; How secure are your information systems)

Thirdly, forming of organizations of critical sectors or infrastructures in the sphere of economy, government or academics is positively viewed for counteracting the vulnerability of cyber attacks. Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) created by such sectors for tracking cyber attacks sharing information on trends, identification of vulnerable factors and practices to counteract. This collaboration is also noticed to have produced shared institutions and mechanisms that resulted in vulnerabilities and cyber threats. Fourthly, some vulnerability are also viewed as national rather than limited to individual enterprises. Some key factors like threat to the protocols and routers used…. [read more]

Security and Privacy on the Internet Term Paper

… Security and Privacy on the Internet

The importance of privacy is understood at all levels including the American government. Thus in matters of importance, including the Department of Homeland Security, the government has put if offices for minimizing the impact of government actions on the privacy of the individuals, while not loosing sight of the aims of the government. (the Privacy Office of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security) This brings us to the question of what is privacy on the Internet, and that also includes the right of individuals to privacy. Sometimes the data that is being collected about us is being used and sometimes we are not like the data collected in cookies on a Web site. These cookies come into operation when…. [read more]

Battlefield Contractors Essay

… 4).

Adding to his distaste for the huge number of mercenary private security forces the Pentagon has hired is evidence that some of those security forces have violent histories. For example, a former British Army soldier was working for the coalition forces in Iraq, but why had he been kicked out of the British Army? He had been jailed for "…cooperating with Irish terrorists" (Singer, p. 5). Another private contractor admitted to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa that he had "…firebombed the houses of thirteen political activists"; apparently he hired on as a mercenary soldier "…so that he wouldn't be prosecuted for the planned murder of a number of political activists to which he had confessed" (Singer, p. 5).

In terms of…. [read more]

Public and Private Policing Functions Term Paper

… Public and Private Policing Functions, Conflicts, And Solutions

In the United States, corporate security and other private policing organizations play a significant role in national security. That role increased substantially since the infamous terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in particular. Despite the fact that public-sector policing agencies and private-sector security organizations fulfill very similar and largely complementary functions, there is a tremendous antagonism and an overall negative component to the relationship between the public and private policing industries. That negative relationship is also primarily unidirectional in that it is public-sector police that tend to regard their private counterparts as inferior and undeserving of respect within the law enforcement industry.

Meanwhile, more effective collaboration between public and private policing would further the overall interest of…. [read more]

Enterprise Security Management Essay

… S. Department of Defense and related ministries, the requirements are very stringent to the server level. There is an exceptionally larger amount of auditing and monitoring going on with regard to the network connections, which cannot be used in VPN configurations and with no available Web access. Web server software is prohibited on servers running any kind of government project for example.

Analysis of Threats to Cincom's Systems

The main threats the company faces include competitors attempting to bypass the firewall and get to the contract management system, the use of phishing attacks on executives to gain access to the corporate bank accounts, and pervasive use of impersonation of Virtual Private Network (VPN) sessions. The majority of the treats are relatively easily stopped. The more…. [read more]

Security and Online Privacy Regulations: An Analytical Research Proposal

… ¶ … security and online privacy regulations: an analytical assessment of how young adults can effectively adopt self-protections when using the internet

The work of Munteanu (2004) entitled: "Information Security Risk Assessment: The Qualitative vs. Quantitative Dilemma" relates the primary security risk assessment methodologies used in information technology. Munteanu relates that information security technology does not reduce information risk very effectively because information security is primarily a human problem. Whatever forms an information asset takes, a risk assessment must be undertaken to understand which are best security measures suited for protecting information security framework: (1) confidentiality; (2) integrity; and (3) availability. (Munteanu, 2004) Munteanu states that that are various standards including documents and books entitled: "Information Security Best Practices" which are targeted at managers of…. [read more]

Computer Security: Corporate Security Documentation Essay

… Moreover, management of encryption keys are performed by the system. As management of encryption keys is by far the hardest aspect of key management this is a bonus.

The key encryption hierarchy is shown in the following figure labeled Figure 1 in this document. The database administrator will manage the service master key at the server level and the database master key at the database level. Otherwise, lower keys in the hierarchy are protected by each key's immediate parent and this remains true as the keys move upward in the hierarchy. There is however, one exception and that being when a password is utilized for protection of a symmetric key or certificate. That is the methods used by SQL Server for allowing users to manage…. [read more]

Private Run Prisons vs. Government Run Prisons Who Does a Better Job Research Paper

… Privately Operated Prisons vs. Government-Operated Prisons: Who Does a Better Job?

Private prisons are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to government-operated prisons, but the question remains, "Are these private corporations doing a better job?" To formulate an answer, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature to determine many prisons are privately run and how many prisons are run by the government and which of these public or private approaches produces a better job of running a financially sound prison. An analysis of the respective advantages and disadvantages of a privately operated prisons compared to government-run prisons is used to determine junctures in the provision of services as well as departures and significant differences. A discussion of the views of the U.S. Bureau of…. [read more]

Security a Broad Definition Research Proposal

… This meant that IT departments became the de facto authority on all information security management matters. The outcome of this type of arrangement was that senior management approved or rejected information security management options presented to it by IT departments. These options include security architecture designs. However, Nolan (1997) noted that enterprise architectural designs should be a top-down approach (Nolan, 1997). This means that senior management's involvement in enterprise security architecture design is critical. The necessity for senior management increased involvement in enterprise security matters has been motivated in recent years by legislation, such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, etc. These statutes outline specific requirements and obligations for senior management and company officers, about corporate accountability, internal controls, and governance.

Mitchell, Marcella, and Baxter (1999) in…. [read more]

Regulation of National Security Essay

… However, without proper regulation there is always the danger that the people they have been contracted to protect will be put in harm's way. A plan that includes finding ways to allow companies the revenue required for a contract rather than have t low ball a bid, properly vetting the company's personnel so they can do their job effectively, making sure that security companies are kept in check with regard to military power, and doing all of this from a global standpoint will not be easy. Many issues exist with these militaristic units that are not easily resolved. But, since people's safety is at stake, it would seem imperative to have an international set of regulations that all such firms must abide by. No, they…. [read more]

Department of Homeland Security the Attacks Essay

… ¶ … Department of Homeland Security

The attacks of September 11, 2001 exposed weaknesses in the government's defense of the nation resulting in Congress creating a new cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2003, which combined a variety of agencies in providing protection to the nation. This work intends to answer the questions of what the political struggle inherent in the debate over whether to have an Office of Homeland Security or a Department of Homeland Security and how did Congress and President Bush inject other agendas into the creation of the Department Homeland Security. Finally, this work will answer the question of how the distinct cultures of law enforcement agencies folded into DHS impact on its overall functioning and effectiveness.

THE DEBATE of…. [read more]

Aviation Security Necessity of a Security Proof Research Paper

… Aviation Security

Necessity of a security proof state-of-art airport system

United States of America holds a specific position that connects it with the global transportation network by various seaports, airports, highways, pipelines, railroads and waterways that are used to transport people and good in and out of U.S.. It is very important for the aviation industry in U.S. To promote such a system that will ensure easy, efficient and reliable transportation of people, products and services across borders, while it is also necessary to provide a protective filter for the aviation transportation system against entry or exit of any person or product that is meant to promote terrorist activities. A primary duty of U.S. authorities is to ensure the protection of U.S. citizens, infrastructure and…. [read more]

Public Administration vs. Private Personnel Term Paper

… Another theorist, Niccolo Machiavelli, was born during a time of great political activity in Italy. Machiavelli was appointed to serve as second chancellor of the Florentine Republic under the new government, a nomination due in part to the powerful influence of the Italian humanists who stressed the need for an education in the "humane disciplines" of Latin, rhetoric, classical studies, ancient history and moral philosophy, all subjects in which Machiavelli excelled as a student. This position gave Machiavelli the opportunity to travel and observe first-hand the successes and failures of leaders throughout Europe. It was from these experiences as a diplomat and ambassador that Machiavelli formed deep convictions about the methodology of effective leadership.

Machiavelli's army was known to be weak, and as result he…. [read more]

Airport Security Design Term Paper

… The section on the aircraft movement area should provide a description of any area that may be potentially used for landing, take-off and surface maneuvering of aircraft. This includes all intermediate unpaved sections of the airfield on the airport property. A map or diagram should be attached. This section should provide a description for perimeter barriers or access controls including: Fencing; Gates; Access control systems; AAF locks; and Key Control Systems. (Department of the Interior Aviation Facilities Security Procedures, 2006)

Airport Security Features

In addition, a necessary section of the Airport Security Plan is the section, which describes any airport/AAF Security Procedures including: (1) aircraft security requirements; (2) pedestrian/vehicle access; (3) challenge procedures; and (4) procedures for reporting suspicious behavior. (Department of the Interior Aviation…. [read more]

Airport Security Policies Few Events Term Paper

… Previously many airlines and airports had contracted their baggage scanner clerks. Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, federal employees became the scanners. Also, many items that passed through scanners in the past such as tweezers and small knives are no longer allowed through security. In addition, technology measures such as face scans, fingerprinting, and retinal scans have been discussed and implemented, as has the notion of establishing a national identification card. While there are concerns about whether such measures invade upon citizens' privacy rights, the improvement in airport security policies since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks appears to outweigh any such concerns.


The primary source referenced for this section was…. [read more]

Blackwater USA Thesis

… Blackwater

The Private Contractor Dilemma

During the course of the war in Iraq, the United States has seen many of its allies remove their troops from Iraq. By itself, the United States military would be unable to fight the war and bring stability to the region as it is does not have the requisite number of troops on the ground and those troops are not adeptly trained for all of the dangerous tasks involved. The definitive number of troops is determined not by need but by executive and congressional orders, which do not allow greater numbers for support and/or security troops which creates an essential gap in services for troops and for the cause of securing individuals, groups and even supplies. The answer to this…. [read more]

Outsourcing of Government Functions a US Study Term Paper

… Government Outsourcing

The Outsourcing of Government Functions: a U.S. Study

Outsourcing of government functions is one of the most highly controversial practices of the 21st century. There are several prevailing positions regarding the outsourcing of government contracts to private companies. Valid arguments exist for increasing government outsourcing and for limiting future outsourcing as well. Regardless of which side one happens to be one, once thing is certain, outsourcing is a trend that is likely to continue in the future, particularly in the face of the global economy and advances in communication that make it easier than it was in the past.

By March of 2007, the number of government contractors rose to 7.5 million, which is currently four times the size of the federal workforce…. [read more]

Variables in Personal Security Environment Essay

… Personal Security Officer Conceptual Framework

Personal security refers to the general conditions resulting after suitable steps are adopted for (a) deterring; (b) delaying; (c) providing warning before any potential crime; (d) sending for assistance should such warnings occur; and (e) constructively preparing for the risk of personal crime (Dickinson, 2007). Sufficient efforts in executing the above five tasks could greatly lower security threats, to even trivial and/or nearly non-existent levels.

Security services take charge of protecting dignitaries as well as protecting other individuals prone to high risks. These services act in the zones of responsibility of commanders. Commanders should be capable of providing expert personal protection appropriate for any potential threat. The susceptibility to threat of visiting 'very important persons' (VIPs), designated high-risk individuals, families…. [read more]

How to Privatize Airport Security Screenings Research Paper

… Aviation Security and Screening

The federalization of airport screening has led to a "federalized Transportation Security Officer workforce that screens passengers and baggage traveling on passenger aircraft" as well as a number of other new additions to the way that flights are conducted all over the nation (National Strategy for Aviation Security, 2007, p. 5). These other additions include new cockpit doors that are meant to serve as added protection against intrusion, Federal Air Marshals who board as anonymous clients and are there for safety purposes, new technology that helps to detect explosive devices, and new Air Domain security strategies. All of this of course takes a toll on the tax paying public -- in more ways than one. First, it considerably slows down the…. [read more]

Labor Relations Essay

… For many private sector unions, the right to strike is protected by federal law.

Public sector unions can be very powerful politically because they have the ability to bargain collectively with government. However, they may be limited to negotiating specific items (Disalvo, 2010). For example, they may not be able to negotiate on pensions or health care benefits, if those are uniform for all state employees. Private sector unions' contracts are negotiated strictly between the union and employers. Essentially, there are no limits on the topics that can be discussed, unless the union and the employers agree to exclude them. This means more interests can be negotiated.


Carrell, M.R., & Heavrin, C. (2007). Labor relations and collective bargaining: Cases, practice, and law (8th ed.).…. [read more]

Establishing an Overseas Security Operation in the Republic of Viet Nam Term Paper

… Multicultural Workforce

Establishing an Overseas Security Operation in the Republic of Viet Nam

Today's world is complex from a security standpoint. The world abound with threats to public safety. Some of these threats are well-known and others are not so well-known. However, any of them could pose a threat to life or limb at any given time. Globalization means an increasing number of expatriate workers. As companies begin to move their businesses overseas and expand into foreign markets, the threat of terrorism becomes an increasingly real possibility. The following will address concerns that security companies will face as they begin to operate overseas. It will examine the factors involved in opening a security company in Viet Nam.

Overseas Security Advisory Council

The first item that…. [read more]

Organizational Theory Research Paper

… Power and Politics: Organizational Culture

Public Service/Administration

The theoretical foundation of social services is indeed a nuanced one. The foundation of social services was molded together as a result of combining forces like motivation productivity, diversity, team-building, collaboration and coordination, decision-making, communication processes, and other factors. Each of these items has their own unique histories, dynamics and specific roles within the realm of social services. Exploring each aspect helps to further shed light on the processes individually and collectively and helps one to comprehend the field of social services in a more nuanced and deep manner.


"Public service motivation (PSM) is a prominent concept within current Public Administration, as it refers to the drive for public interested and altruistic behavior. Although substantial empirical research…. [read more]

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