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Relationship Between Population Growth and Economic Development Term Paper

… Economics

Relationship Between Population Growth

And Economic Development

This report aims to discuss some of the relationships between population growth and economic development. Economic growth is an objective of every nation in this highly globalized economy. Every African, Asian and European nation would love to mimic the United States and China in the sense of economic production. As each nation attempts to grow their own Gross Domestic Product, one would think that each and every citizen of those growing nations would directly benefit in direct proportion to growth. The Gross Domestic Product has most often been used as one of the world's economic growth and well-being indicators. The Gross Domestic Product is used because it represents a total value of all products and services bought…. [read more]

Economic Impacts of Regulation Essay

… These distributional impacts usually drive the competition of different interests groups. This in turn, leads to the determination of the regulation nature through the political process.

Summary and Conclusion

Regulation is a written instrument that contains rules with the force of law. Regulation has a substantial impact on the economy. A wide range of literature review exists which put across the impacts of regulation on the economy. Some of the impacts of regulation on the economy include increase and decrease in prices of products, increased employment opportunities and improved health care for workers as well as children. It is good to put into consideration that weak or lack of regulations can be a significant threat to employment and the economy at large. Concerning this, it…. [read more]

Economic Integration of GCC Countries: Latest Developments Since 2010 Essay

… This indicator is inopportune when focusing on other indicators.

There is also a dangerous debt in non-oil producing countries. They have no choice but to implement the policies. Countries like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Oman are facing pressing challenges when it comes to labor. In these countries, national workforce has been rendered inopportune to deliver since foreign labor (with better services at cheaper rates) especially from India and Africa have recently flocked the labor market. Therefore, GCC is currently pursuing policies, which will seek to replace foreign workers with local workers. To accomplish this, GCC is advising member states to pursue a combination of mandatory of market-based and as well, policies which will seek to promote non-oil economic growth.

Although the population of the GCC…. [read more]

Economic Development Is a Key Term Paper

… System of incentivizing workers to increase productivity was also introduced.

(Chenery) in a comparative framework for assessing performance of China in comparison to other developing countries says that China has achieved the adequate industrial structure and investment structure of a middle-income country. The author says, "In the case of China, industrialization has proceeded much further than is typical for countries of its income level." The author also attributes slow population growth in the country as a factor to achieve economic growth. Moreover he gives credit to the autarkic policies followed over three decades in China for its industrial growth.

China now has a per capita gross national income of about U.S.$4,260 (World Bank). It stands in the queue of upper middle-income countries. Now the country…. [read more]

Process of Economic Development Essay

… Economic Development

Role of Geography and institutions in economic development

Over the years, there have been debates on the role that geography of a nation or continent plays in contribution to the economy of a region. On one hand, there are scholars who argue that the geography of a location is central and plays a big role in determining the economy of a region and yet on the other hand, there are those scholars who argue that the economy of a region is mostly determined by the institutions that are within the population and how they are managed by the people in the management positions. Each side of the arguments have been quick to point out a few facts that are in support of their…. [read more]

Economic Systems Term Paper

… Resource allocation issues in market or free enterprise economic system are addressed without any governmental intervention and determined by demand, supply, and competition ("Economic Systems" p.1). Furthermore these issues are handled by the unfettered interaction of individuals and firms in the marketplace that determine resource allocation and distribution of goods. While governmental intervention is minimal in this economic system, the government plays certain roles such as enacting appropriate laws, issuing money, and providing certain services.

Mixed Economic System:

This economic system can be described as an economy with a combination of command and market economic systems to provide goods and services for the benefit of all individuals. Therefore, a mixed economic system is an economy with a mixture of private and government ownership. The main…. [read more]

Define Economics Research Paper

… Models enable experiments. For instance, economists can manipulate interest rates to understand their impact or test to see if fiscal stimulus packages will produce the desired results in the economy. The model allows for more definitive statements to be made about causality (Stapleford, 2012).

There are downsides to models, however. They rely on assumptions which are often not based in reality. If the assumptions are incorrect, the conclusions drawn for models will also be invalid (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2009). Thus, it is an important task of economists to constantly refine models and compare them against actual data. By adjusting models in areas that underperform under this comparison, improvements can be made to provide strong insights and intuition into how the world works (Funderburk, 2012).

The debate…. [read more]

Economic Crisis Policies US Current Research Paper

… S. money market back to its operations by assuming that U.S. financial system had enough liquidity to expand the market operations. Fed Reserve accepted the less credit worthy securities as collateral and held safe U.S. treasuries to keep the money supply constant. These were later termed as "toxic waste removal" policies.

Fed Reserve introduces another set of program by taking over multinational insurance company American International Group (AIG) on September 2008. This program was implemented through option of purchasing asset backed commercial paper from money market mutual funds. This policy was termed as Quantitative easing by Bernake.


First the U.S. economic crisis was only of real estate and later on it developed into global financial crisis. If it is to be judged that Fed…. [read more]

Economic Analysis: The International Trade Essay

… Political and Financial Risks of International Marketing

Within the realm of international marketing, major political and financial risks often rise to the forefront. Such risks are similar to those that are taken on by traders in domestic markets, but in viewing the risks on an international playing field these risks become far more apparent with the capacity to have significant financial impact should something go wrong. For instance, countries engaging in trade in the foreign market may see such financial risks as buyer insolvency (purchaser cannot pay for the goods set up for exchange), non-acceptance (buyer rejects goods as different from the agreed upon specifications), and credit risks (allowing the buyer to take possession of the goods prior to payment) (Dutta, 2010, p. 320). These…. [read more]

Economics in Basic Terms Research Paper

… In my view, this was a move undertaken by the government in its quest to stimulate growth of the economy after the sustained downturn in economic activity.

However, despite the same being a macroeconomic event, it effectively affected me in that I had to pay more for some of the products I used on a regular basis as retailers promptly reviewed their prices upwards. Hence on that front, and given that my income remained constant, a significant portion of my disposable income was eaten into. This further affected my savings as I had to less money left to save.


In conclusion, it can be noted that microeconomics and macroeconomics remain two important branches of economics. Though both differ in one way or the other,…. [read more]

Foreign Aid vs. Economic Growth Dissertation

… The nation specific studies too have not succeeded in the production of conclusive results. The example being the bivariate Granger causality test performed by Dhakal et al. (1996) that involved four Asian nations (India, Nepal, [1: The most up-to-date analysis is the one conducted by Burnside and Dollar (2000) with the sponsorship of the World Bank that concluded that the foreign aid only works well under favorable and good policy environment. These favorable policies include low inflation, liberalized financial sector, zero or very low deficits with a regime which is open trade and a government which is open sector friendly. This proposition/analysis has however been refuted on methodological grounds as well as contrary findings by other scholars. The literature that explores this is Hansen and…. [read more]

Termed as a Process Term Paper

… The availability of schools of all levels and institutions of higher learning throughout the nation that are put in place due to decisions by leaders in a particular nation is a sign of constructive developmental process. There will be an increase in intellectuals within that society and hence the nation will have developed in terms of research, skills and knowledge. The set up of hospitals ensures that people get access to medical care and hence the nation is a healthy one. A healthy nation eventually trickles down to economic development since the people are in good health and good state of mind thus can work in building the nation and hence economic development of the nation.

The leaders can also decide to put investments into…. [read more]

Economic Systems of South Korea Term Paper

… The government also fostered development by allowing South Korea to be a destination of several global manufacturers. The government also provided impulses for foreign and local investors through expansion of its network of free trade agreements. This brought change to the country and allowed the economy to grow.

Though South Korea can be seen to rely greatly on exports it makes to emerging countries, the country also reduced its reliance on exports to Japan. This can be seen in the decline of exports to Japan from 11% in the year 2000 to just about 6% in the year 2010. South Korea also decreased its reliance on imports from Japan though they still stood at roughly over 15% in the year 2010 which indicate that Japan…. [read more]

Economics of Cost and Production Term Paper

… Economics of cost and production is a variable set of concerns that are specific to production, distribution and consumption of products. The achievement of getting a product to the consumer is a linear process and each step on the timeline requires different production and cost considerations. In general the short-term issues of production and cost involves reducing the cost of individual components, once the research and development stage has evolved to a usable product while the long-term production and cost issues can redirect economics to improve production through various means while still attempting to reduce short-term production costs. Short-term concerns are those dealing with the procurement of raw materials and potentially repurposing manufacturing machinery to meet the needs of a new product. While long-term production…. [read more]

Economic Way of Thinking Always Consists Term Paper

… ¶ … economic way of thinking always consists of winners and losers. Something is gained and something must be lost in an economic transaction. Economic thinking is important when modeling and creating objective thoughts, but may hamper more creative and artistic methods of thinking.

Morality is a very subjective topic and one set of morals do not apply to everyone. Unfortunately in this case, Zwolinski's defense of sweatshops is a very limited view of the world and humanity itself. His narrow minded approach to civilization suggests that he does like himself or the world at large very much, and is obsessed with monetary gain.

I disagree with Boudreaux's take on unintended consequences because the viewpoint of intention is taken from a supply side of economic…. [read more]

Economic Development Term Paper

… Economic Development

The objective of this work is to define precisely what economic 'development' is through making an examination of the relationship that exists between economic development, economic growth and income. The question that will be answered are those of: "How would one characterize the importance of UNDP's Human Development Index (HDI) and the UN Millennium Goals (MDGS) This work will also discuss and analyzes some of the characteristics that are inherent in rapidly growing economies.


Economic development is the term used to refer to the "development of the economic wealth of countries or regions for the well-being of their inhabitants." Economic development is evidenced when an increase in living stands is sustainable which "implies increased per capita income, better education and…. [read more]

Economic and Trade Development Thesis

… Economic and Trade Development

The economic situation of Western Europe was faring extremely well in the first thirteen years of the 20th century following the Industrial Revolution. However, the growth of Nazism and Fascism followed by the World Wars and the Great Depression plunged most of the major European states particularly Germany and France into a seemingly irretrievable economic situation. What happened in Western Europe after the Second World War was an exceptional case of economic turnaround with a remarkable and swift pace of transformation to an industrialized society. This exceptional growth lasted only until 1973 but in this short span of time, it placed the Western Europe economy at par with other industrialized economies of the world despite the phenomenal destruction of men, materials…. [read more]

Economics of Peru Thesis

… Economics of Peru

The focus of this work is examining Peru's economic state and to conduct an analysis which determines the optimal direction that Peru should take in country development in the near future to optimize the country's economy. This study reviews an extensive base of literature and states suggestions and indications for the country of Peru and the initiative to further develop support and boost the country's economy.


The objective of this work is to examine the economics of Peru and the challenges faced by this economy in terms of future current global economics and financial challenges. Ultimately, this work will state economic policy guidelines and describe alternative actions or solutions along with the implications of the economic situation of that…. [read more]

Economic Growth Between U.S Case Study

… S., which was also among the pioneers for the money system and the banking industry. This paved way to the development of the modern banking in both U.S. As well as England as people who began to exchange credits for goods and services, the banks were establish in order to stabilize the money sources. It also lead to the development of almost five hundred towns since the people of United States heavily rely on trading and business as source of their livelihood. The middle class economy also grew as feudalism system declined and on the other hand, money came to be viewed as a source of power, this was later to be known as the foundation of modern day capitalism.

Economists have argued that international…. [read more]

Economic Challenges Canada Term Paper

… Despite major setbacks, the overall economy in Canada has improved in the past few years, especially in 2004. The year 2003 was a particularly weak year as a result of the sharp appreciation of the Canadian dollar and other transitory shocks. According to recent research, the economy is expected to expand by around 31/2 per cent in 2005 (Environmental Practice and Performance of Canadian Business and Industry, 2003). The 2004 budget reflected the federal government's continuing commitment to achieving balanced budgets or better and reducing public debt, a strategy that has met widespread public support. Real GDP rose 3.2% in the third quarter of 2004 following a 3.9% gain in the second quarter (The Economy in Brief, Department of Finance Canada, 2004). Domestic demand grew…. [read more]

Economics When the U.S. Economy Plunged Term Paper

… Economics

When the U.S. economy plunged into recession in the second half of 2008, there was considerable concern north of the border in Canada about the prospects for that nation's economy. The two countries are the largest trading partners in the world, and it has long been viewed that the Canadian economy depended on exports to the United States. Indeed, this relationship has driven Canadian monetary policy for decades, with the CAD being kept at low levels to facilitate the export industries. Last summer, the CAD was at highs not seen in many years, which combined with the impending U.S. recession was cause for significant worry.

The impacts of the recession, however, have not been felt as strongly in Canada as they have in the…. [read more]

Economic Development Essay

… Economic Development

The country I have selected is Vietnam. Vietnam is a rapidly developing country, but still predominantly underdeveloped, with a GDP per capita of just $2,800. The global economic crisis is expected to reduce Vietnam's GDP by 4-5% this year, as the country is highly dependent on exports. The economy is still largely dependent on light industry, which accounts for 42.7% of GDP. Services account for 38.4% and agriculture 19%.

Vietnam operates as a mixed economy. Still under Communist rule, Vietnam suffered decades of stagnant growth due to war and then a rigid command economy. Once financial support from the Eastern Bloc dried up, Vietnam's economy struggled. Finally in 2001, they followed China's lead in opening up their economy. The company joined ASEAN, signed…. [read more]

Economics Simply Relates to the Management Term Paper

… Economics simply relates to the management of the household. In an economy, however, there are many things which cannot be produced owing to scarce resources. This is the reason why out of the six social goals, economic stability is the most important.

Economic Stability is the promotion by the government of conditions that will contribute to a sustainable development or a balance in the fulfillment of human needs with the protection of the natural environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but in the indefinite future. It deals with economic development with minimal environmental degradation, or equitable development that is environmentally sound.

The goal for an economic stability gives emphasis on the need for environment management, control and ownership…. [read more]

Economics Human Capital Essay

… The first theoretical approach is based on the work of Robert Solow, and the basic equation where the output of any nation is a function of the capital and labor which are present, and the influences that are made from technological advances. Solow demonstrates that improvements in productivity will drive economic growth, with a greater amount of output achieved with the same equivalent resources, and that improvements in productivity often achieved through advances in technology. Advances in technology are the result of human capital, with technology considered in a broader sense, not only in terms of information technology, but also mechanistic and process technology. Therefore, in Solow's model there is a direct link between increases in human capital and improvements in productivity and economic growth.…. [read more]

Economic Environment of a Business Research Paper

… Where there is no competition there is no free enterprise. In the 'Socialist' economic business environment all resources are state-owned and all major business and production facilities are state owned and government-operated with national goals determining economic decisions rather than market conditions. The socialist economic system is guided by the economic planning system in which the government makes economic decisions that are of great import.

III. Business Ownership Rights In the Capitalist Economy

Private ownership is stated to be one of the "distinguishing features of business under capitalism" which means that individuals own businesses and certain freedoms exist for the business owner including:

(1) the business owner's right to receive the business profits;

(2) the business owner's right to start any business that is lawful…. [read more]

Economics of Higher Education Thesis

… Economics of Higher Education

Why is budget development such an important aspect of policy-making and why is the process sometimes described as an "awkward" one?

Budget development is such an important aspect of policy-making because it allows administrators to devote funds to the programs that they find most important, in addition to dictating policy, as colleges that run out of funding cannot execute what remains unfunded. Budgeting is one way that colleges can combat the rise of high tuition prices. Many universities have turned to cost-cutting strategies in order to respond to these higher tuition rates. Colleges use short-term cost deferential strategies to make emergency reductions in spending, strategic cost reduction to try to cut costs while keeping all programs, and permanent cost restructuring in…. [read more]

Economic Impact of Katrina Impact of Hurricane Term Paper

… Economic Impact of Katrina

Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Job Market and Economy Both Locally and Federally

What is the overall impact of Hurricane Katrina on labor markets in affected areas and how that affected both local and the national economy?

When Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf coast, it left behind many lasting affects. Aside from the horrendous loss of life, the Hurricane left behind devastation and destruction of unprecedented amounts. There are two primary arguments concerning the impact of Katrina on employment and the Labor Market in the south and in the nation. The first scenario only considers the loss of business in the area. The other considers the need to rebuild, creating a surge in the construction industry. This research will explore…. [read more]

Economics Is "The Social Science Concerned Term Paper

… Economics is "the social science concerned with the efficient use of limited resources or scarce resources to achieve maximum satisfaction of human material wants" (McConnell, p3, 2004). Although in neoclassical times resources were considered unlimited, today people know that we exist in a finite environment where resources, time and technological means are limited and only through their proper use, we can make sure that most of our needs are satisfied.

This is where the notions of scarcity, choice and opportunity cost intervene. Due to the fact that commodities and services are scarce, choices are required. Scarcity has become a world wide problem as the available resources are insufficient to gratify people's requirements. The resources can be classified into 4 categories: land, labor, capital and entrepreneurial…. [read more]

Economic Miracle Post War Term Paper

… Economic Miracle: Japan 1946-1973

Japan lies in the Eastern Coast of Asia between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2007). Its total land area is roughly 378,000 square kilometers. It consists of Hokkaido in the North, Honshu at the center, and Shikoku and Kyushu in the South (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Japan at present competes for world leadership in terms of GDP per capita and wage per hour with the United States (Luu et al. 1996). In comparison, Japan's GNP at about $34,000 is higher than the U.S.A.'s only $25,000. Japan's wage per hour is roughly $16 compared to only $12 of the U.S. These figures demonstrate that Japan is 35-45% ahead of the U.S.A. (Luu et al.). This…. [read more]

Economic Crisis 2008-2009 Research Paper

… Credit is a tool that can be quite beneficial for the economy if used smartly. It can become the basis of expansion or the start for a business. This will eventually lead to a generation of employment opportunities for people. It is also used to buy necessities and luxuries of life. To produce all this, people will be employed and this will again create employment opportunities. But in the last decade, the amount of credit in the U.S. economy was not checked and regulated properly which led to serious problems.

The middle men who were actually the brokers for the mortgages decided who got the loans and they had the responsibility of passing these loans to other people as mortgage backed assets after keeping a…. [read more]

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