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Professional Athletes Do Not Deserve Such High Salaries Term Paper

… Athlete Salaries: The Price of Gladiator

The early Greeks and Romans gave us the image of the heroic gladiator, a tall, muscular and physically fit man who towers in height above the average man; a man who, in as few as three moves, can break the neck of man and ferocious beast alike. They are the heroes of Virgil and Homer, and they are the men endowed with superhuman powers that mesmerized and entertained thousands during the Olympic Games of old (Garland, Robert, 2005, p. 24). They were the ancient day celebrity (Garland, Robert, 2005, p. 24). They evolved into the modern day athlete; boxers, football players, baseball players, and other athletes who stand as overpaid, overrated, modern day gladiators. Today's "gladiators" are overrated, overpaid…. [read more]

Should College Athletes Be Paid Research Paper

… ¶ … College Athletes be Paid?

Whether college athletes should or should not be paid has been a subject for debate for many years. As athletes get stronger and more proficient at younger ages, many college athletes are capable of doing what professional athletes can do - and that means they have the opportunity to move up to the "big leagues" after they finish college. Some of them even leave college to pursue professional athletic dreams before they have finished their degrees. They do not see the point of continuing with a degree when they are able to receive hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars per year by playing their sport professionally. If they were paid, would they stay in college instead? Is…. [read more]

Should College Athletes Be Paid to Play for Their Term Paper

… College Athletes are not paid for the services they render to their schools: helping their colleges and universities earn scores of dollars each year. Although most college athletes are receiving scholarships, many are not. Some college sports scholarships cover some of the student's tuition expenses but the athlete is left to fend for himself or herself with regards to living expenses, cost of books, and any remaining tuition not covered by the scholarship. Because athletes at the highest caliber of their sport work extra hard, putting in many hours of practice and play time in addition to the work they spend on coursework, few have the time or the opportunity to find a paying job. A paying job would detract from their athletic careers, possibly…. [read more]

College Athlete Pay Term Paper

… Furthermore, while there may be some ancillary social benefits of sports education, such as a dedication to fitness and a deference to authority, the benefits provided by arts education seems more crucial to making a better society.

As just mentioned, there are some benefits to sports programs independent of the money they bring in, with the foremost among them being the celebration and encouragement of physical fitness. However, because this is limited to players on the team, having a sports program does not necessarily encourage physical fitness throughout the entire university community, meaning that even this benefit is not enough to justify maintaining a sports program. Instead, a better solution would be to dissolve the sports program and replace it with a university-wide fitness program,…. [read more]

Ticket Prices and Athlete Salaries Research Paper

… 167). Although there remains a paucity of timely and relevant studies in this area, these findings are consistent with the studies to date that have shown that the increase in athlete salaries has affected professional sports negatively because they contribute to the growing perception of these players receiving inordinately excessive and even exorbitant sums in return for their efforts, placing their tickets at levels that are no longer affordable for many average consumers (Jozsa & Guthrie, 1999). For instance, these analysts report that, "Escalating ticket prices may have contributed to lower attendance" (Jozsa & Guthrie, 1999, p. 80). In support of these assertions, Jozsa and Guthrie cite the following:

1. NFL ticket prices averaged $36 in the 1996 season; at $25 a seat, the New…. [read more]

Athlete Concerning Intimidation, Eligibility Case Study

… He had to heighten his draft prospect for he had no intentions of going a head in his education which was even known by the coaches. The staffs arranged for Rudy his classes which evident violation of ethical values and he is never been held responsible for his action even after obtaining (DUI) falsely. These were not enough he went and advertise himself in college without considering the other team mates. At the games in the field he gain superstars type calls from referees which was malicious and he was physical in his type of play which was not being permitted to do so.

It is very important that our children are given teaching while they are still in elementary leagues to cub out chances…. [read more]

Sports and Steroids Thesis

… Sports and Steroids

Steroids and Their Effects

Steroids or anabolic steroids are drugs containing hormones or similar substances, which are used to increase strength and grow muscles (Donald & Talmadge 1998). When first developed in Europe in the 30s, they were used to treat under-nourished patients and induce their healing after surgery. It was in the 50s that competitive weightlifters discovered steroids to improve athletic performance. Athletes of other sports took after them, so that gradually, at least one out of15 male high school seniors in the U.S. has used the drugs. Some of them just want to increase strength and size, while others want to grow up faster to catch up with peers. Anabolic steroids can be bought over the counter in some countries,…. [read more]

Nike's Business Strategy in Rikert Essay

… Knight's employee Jeff Johnson came up with the name of the shoe Nike, and a small fee bought the now iconic swoosh design of a graphic design student. Knight then found "Japan's sixth-largest trading company," Nissho-Iwai (Rikert, Christensen 1990:9). Knight supplied Nissho the design and Nissho provided the shoes. Those shoes were then taken to the 1972 Olympic trials and that event served as a catalyst for Nike's spring to the top of the market: "The company proudly noted that 'four of the first seven finishers' in the marathon event at the trials (actually, numbers 4, 5, 6, and 7) wore the NIKEs" (Rikert, Christensen 1990:9). The Nike brand was begun -- and the company had placed the proper spin on its product (and used…. [read more]

Home Schools vs. Public High Athletic Associations Term Paper

… Home school athletes in public school sports programs.

Home education has been expanding in the United States for the last several decades, according to the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA, 2004). With this expansion has come a variety of complex issues regarding the rights of home educated students. In previous years, questions over the legality of home education and socialization of home schooled students were the focus of many debates, but in more recent times, the questions are much broader, focusing on the rights and freedoms of these students (HSLDA, 2004). One such complex issue for the home schooled is that of the question of equal access to public school sports programs.

Many high school athletic associations believe home schooled students and parents have…. [read more]

Sports Surfing and Other Underrated Sports Professional Essay

… Sports


Professional sports evolved tremendously in the United States during the 20th century. At the turn of the century, only Major League Baseball (MLB) existed even remotely in the same format into which it has developed a century later. Since then, American football, basketball, and ice hockey leagues assumed national prominence, together with other national sports like NASCAR, which actually originated during the Great Depression when illegal "rum runners" in the Southern states began modifying their cars to outrun the law enforcement authorities. Nevertheless, many other sports do not enjoy the same level of appreciation in the U.S. despite the fact that they are no less difficult and require comparable talent and dedication to pursue at a high level.

Discussion:…. [read more]

What Should Jobs Be Worth? Term Paper

… Entertainer Compensation

The subject of compensation and who should be earning what is a highly charged subject in the United States and around the world. The subject of who is paid what is dripping heavily from any conversation that relates to labor unions, the pay of company executives, the minimum wages and so forth. However, two job classes that get a particular amount of scrutiny when it comes to the amount of the salaries would be sports athletes and actors or actresses. Indeed, these two types of employees are often paid millions of dollars for what many consider to be a hobby or easy to do. This report shall explore the ethical and social questions about these people being paid what they are and the…. [read more]

Military and Athletic Heroes Term Paper

… Realistically, they aren't, but in our society, a person deserves what he can command.... And if Tom Cruise can negotiate thirty million for a movie, and if Jack Nicholson can demand forty million for making Batman, who's to say that it's absurd for an athlete to make three million or five million a year? In reality, we know they're not worth it, but if the marketplace allows it, so be it." (Cosell 214). As long as people are willing to part with their hard-earned money to witness the best athletes in the world go head-to-head, the athletes will continue to make outrageous sums of money.

Soldiers, on the other hand, may be a superior form of hero but their marketplace value is far lower than…. [read more]

Mindfulness Can Improve Pro Athlete Performance Essay

… Without control over their bodies, thoughts, and feelings, athletes can quickly reach critical breaking points that cause them to make bad choices or engage in risky behavior in an attempt to cope with stress and anxiety. Mindfulness training can be an effective way to help prevent athletes from being adversely impacted by negative thoughts and negative states. Mindfulness puts the athlete back in control of himself and promotes healthy development and healing, and can reduce stress and anxiety associated with performance.


  1. Dehghani, M., Saf, A. D., Vosoughi, A., Tebbenouri, G., & Zarnagh, H. G. (2018).

  2. Effectiveness of the mindfulness-acceptance-commitment-based approach on athletic performance and sports competition anxiety: a randomized clinical trial. Electronic Physician, 10(5), 6749–6755.

  3. Gardner, F. L., & Moore, Z. E.…. [read more]

Reforms at Universities - Athletes Should Receive Compensation Literature Review

… ¶ … college and universities should undergo reform, and that athletes should receive compensation from their institutions of higher learning is not a new idea. It's been around for many years, and the arguments pro and con have been hashed out in meaningful ways by untold thousands of scholars, economists, journalists, athletes and others. This paper presents many of those points-of-view, and takes the position that indeed, college / university athletes, in certain circumstances, should be paid for their efforts.

Notre Dame Law Review -- Play and be Paid?

Lee Goldman explained 25 years ago that the bowl games in the 1988-89 collegiate football season netted $66 million - $53 million of which went to the schools that participated in those bowl games. That pales…. [read more]

Internet: Privacy for High School Term Paper

… But many involve the law" (p. 1151). These issues have assumed increasing importance in recent years as well.

For example, in her book, Mind Your Own Business: The Battle for Personal Privacy, Gini Graham Scott (1995) reports that, "From elementary school to college, school has become a privacy battleground, primarily in high school and university. Mainly, these conflicts have occurred on four main fronts: the effort to keep schools safe from crime and drugs; efforts to control, shape, or punish different types of student behavior; the school -- media conflict over what the media can cover and publish; and the struggle over what a school can say when it is trying to terminate or has terminated a teacher or staff member" (p. 271). The increasing…. [read more]

Understanding Sports Law Essay

… This is because the team owners retained a substantial amount of the generated revenues by players. In addition, this also saw to the owners gaining from the selling of the player's services, mainly when they went to other teams (Depken, 2002). However, in free movement or unrestricted movement, the player stood to gain revenue, which the team owner could have earned instead.

Therefore, anyone can clearly see that the restrictions on player mobility were motivated by greed, or selfishness from the side of team owners. In fact, this is contrary to the law of fair share, in terms of the players being used to earn revenue for their team owners (Anderson & Seigfried, 1997). This also raises questions on the credibility or rather the importance…. [read more]

Marlboro Man Migrant Prejudice Essay

… Marlboro Man Migrant

Prejudice is a common theme in American literature. Centuries of slavery and a race-based political, economic, and social hierarchy has made it necessary to discuss prejudice from as many angles as possible. White privilege has inured many white Americans to acknowledge the ways prejudices continue to manifest in daily life, but people of color know better. Authors like Zora Neale Hurston, Brent Staples, Jamaica Kincaid, and Maya Angelou discuss their personal experiences of prejudice in nuanced ways. Each of these autobiographical essays discusses a specific angle or experience of prejudice. Angelou recalls life growing up in segregated school systems, and how black students were taught that they had no role to play in pursuing the American Dream. Staples discusses an ongoing issue…. [read more]

Sports Have Graduated Term Paper

… Sports must be recognized as the big money industry it is; it cannot hide forever behind the mask of fair play and cheap entertainment. Sport "is a commercialized amusement business." (Tygiel, 109).

The social consequences of this history of sports are rather powerful. Essentially, the lessons that were inherent to the original conceptions of sports -- fair play, competition, learning of skills -- have been replaced with the necessity to win. This trend stretches down from professional sports to grade school. Because sports are seen as a path by which to achieve the dream of economic freedom, parents and coaches continually push children to win at all costs. Steroid use is one visible consequence of this more broad social trend: "High school students easily obtain…. [read more]

NCAA Regulations Term Paper

… NCAA Regulations

NCAA Rulings and Jeremy Bloom

Jeremy Bloom, a football player at the University of Colorado, was ruled ineligible to play for the team because he had accepted paid endorsements for professional skiing. The NCAA was the one that made the ruling, and they determined that anyone that is paid for their endorsements is not allowed to play in college sports. There is some discussion and dissent as to whether this should be the ruling in cases like Bloom's, since the sport that he received paid endorsements for was distinctly and clearly separate from the sport that he played at the University of Colorado. There has been much discussion into this issue, because there are those that are very serious about whether this ruling…. [read more]

Emmitt Smith (Schwartz) Term Paper

… " (Schwartz)

But maybe worse, our culture also turns on its athletes as they age or become less productive. In 2002, to take some of the pressure off of the Dallas Cowboys, Smith agreed to allow the team to release him from his contract rather than putting the team owner in an awkward position of having to cut the leagues all time greatest rushing leader. He later signed a two-year contract with another team with far less prestige. "It's just not right, what you're doing to him. This Emmitt Smith bashing, this short-term memory problem some of you have, it's ugly and cruel. But then again, it's nothing new." (Gonzalez)

So there is a fine line for the professional athlete to tread because getting to…. [read more]

Public Figures Should Not Be Obliged to Act as Role Models Essay

… Public Figures as Role Models

Should Public Figures be Obligated to be Role Models to Young People?

There is an intrinsic desire in people to seek out and imitate others whose behavior is considered better than one's own. Children idolize their parents as role models. As a child gets older, they may seek out role models from other places including public figures. It is this susceptibility to other people's influence that has many parents and politicians alike concerned about and arguing for an expectation of moral and even admirable behavior from public figures.

For the most part public figures act within the confines of the law, just as any other citizen would. When this higher standard of conduct does not happen, the public becomes disenfranchised…. [read more]

Sports Injuries Competitive Sports Participation Term Paper

… Therefore, adults should take a positive approach, set reasonable expectations of their children's physical and psychosocial abilities and learn to control their emotions.

It is imperative for parents to remember and emphasize children's motives for sport participation (having fun, being with friends, learning skills, improving health and fitness, etc.) and not to substitute them with their own motives (winning, earning social prestige, pursuing sport career, etc.)

Organization / Administration

Sport administrators should have a thorough understanding of structural and functional differences that exist between children and adults and design sport programs that are safe in both training and competition.

Special education / certification programs (clinics, seminars) have to be organized and systematically implemented for coaches working with the children of the defined age group.

Not…. [read more]

Mathematics Z-Model Framework in Middle School Thesis

… This unique framework has 4 domains, and while this study investigates the Z-model's use in the mathematics curriculum, this framework is focused on improving and enhancing students' achievement in any course of study.

The four domains involved in the Z-model create a comprehensive educational understanding and framework for use in improving educational progress. They are:

  1. Brain development, and efforts in the classroom which can enhance/promote brain development.

  2. How project-based learning can be utilized in order to fully engage the student in the learning community.

  3. Data-Driven instruction (the second half of the breadth - vs. - depth debate). The students must be held accountable to learn a specific knowledge base of facts, figures, and formulae. Without objective measurement of the educational progress,…. [read more]

Legacy of the Negro Leagues Term Paper

… He hit with precision the way Satchel Paige threw with precision, and it was said he could hit balls into holes in the fence. (Kram, 1994). Once Bell stopped playing baseball, he slipped into obscurity and was found some years later, working as a janitor in the City Hall in St. Louis, MO, not far from St. Louis' large baseball stadium.

Not all the Negro League players had happy lives. Josh Gibson led a sad life. His young wife died in childbirth, and both his career and his grief seem to have separated him from the twins that had been born, who were raised by relatives (Schulian, 2000). Gibson had a mighty batting arm and reportedly once hit a ball out of Yankee Stadium, something…. [read more]

Countries, the Citizens of the United States Term Paper

… ¶ … countries, the citizens of the United States enjoy a wide range of amateur and professional sports, with golf consistently ranking among the top five sports in terms of participation and spectatorship in national surveys. Since its introduction to the United States in the late 19th century, golf has experienced a number of boosts in its popularity, including most recently the superior and unprecedented play of Tiger Woods. The scandal surrounding Woods, though, and his recent announcement that he was temporarily retired from the sport, have some observers concerned that golf's halcyon days are over. Moreover, golf courses require enormous amounts of prime land, as well as water and pesticides to keep them in the pristine condition that players prefer. Some critics suggest that…. [read more]

indepth analysis of Mental Health Essay

… Hence, suicide will, as expected, follow from a failure to perform well and from a blow to one's self-esteem. Furthermore, different cultures condemn suicide to different degrees. For instance, one argument accounting for the few suicides recorded in the African-American community is that the community views suicide as unacceptable behavior. On the other hand, murder rates in the community are much greater, as victims as well as perpetrators. In fact, a larger number of homicides that involve African-American individuals are precipitated by the victim, consciously or unconsciously. The Afro-American culture seems to regard victim-precipitated homicides as a better way to die than taking one's own life (David Lester, 2008).

2. Describe how physical, psychological, and social factors influence health.

…. [read more]

Personal Statement for Grad School Admission Essay

… Personal Statement

As concern about the nation's childhood obesity epidemic rises, there is a new demand for good coaches who can inspire children to enjoy physical activities. I believe that I can become such a coach: while every player has a different level of natural ability, it is the coach's job to understand what motivates an individual, and to better enable a player to perform at his or her maximum capacity.

My goal as a teacher and coach is that every child goes home smiling while thinking about new challenges he or she can surmount. Win or lose, while playing softball in the park or engaging in higher-level competition, physical activity is always a learning experience Sports do not have to be competitive, but every…. [read more]

Personal and Organizational Ethics Case Study

… However, they were not as well-financed as the Red Cross. Because of that, the British agencies needed to charge their military members for the same things U.S. military members were getting for free from the Red Cross. Since the British were hosting thousands of American troops and they might be embarrassed by the differences in their funding statuses, The Secretary of War at that time requested that the Red Cross start charging service members for things like donuts and coffee (Bennett, 2005). The organization complied because it believed the request was a wartime demand. The items were sold at cost or below it, and no profit was actually made by the organization based on those sales. That was also the last time any military personnel…. [read more]

Athletic Scholarships Providing Term Paper

… I do not know if this is envy or not, but the high-level coaches have worked hard to earn their salaries and recognition, just like any other highly paid television figure. Non-athletic professionals have made proposals stating their prejudicesses against athletes. A couple of years ago, "a 28 member commission of current and former university presidents, other university officials, and private citizens, produced a report recommending shorter playing seasons, removing commercial logos from uniforms, requiring that at least half of the players on the team must graduate to be eligible of championships" (n a, December 2001). When discrimination or childishness like this take place on a professional level, it becomes mandatory for school athletic programs to do their own fundraising, because scholarship programs are effected.…. [read more]

Baseball America's Pastime Term Paper

… America's Pastime: The Importance of Baseball to United States Life and
Culture: in Film, Society, and in Everyday Life
That now timeworn clich?, 'baseball is as American as apple pie' may
in fact nowadays ring (and actually be) less true than in past years;
notwithstanding the views (of perhaps especially) diehard baseball
enthusiasts. The strongest reason may be that in 21st century America;
'apple pie', literally and metaphorically, has become today no more (nor
any less) 'American' than a sushi roll; stuffed calzone or Macho Burrito.
Such changes notwithstanding, I will explore how the long held national
sense of baseball as 'America's pastime' first came to be, and how and why
this sense of baseball remains strongly with us today. Also, I shall
describe how…. [read more]

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