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Quality Management: How to Handle Case Study

… If Harold and Tricia consider project quality management in their dealings with the remote deposit capture team, they will be willing to work on a compromise with the team in order to make sure that the remote deposit capture is as good as it can be when it goes to market and consumers have the opportunity to purchase it.

Another consideration with this scenario is human resource quality management. People are a very vital and valuable resource for any company, and if a company neglects its people or pushes them too hard, they may leave the company because they cannot handle the strain. If they do not leave but they do not feel valued, they may do substandard work or spend too much time trying…. [read more]

Project Management Read Case Studies Case Study

… :, 2). As with Lenovo, quality control was a concern, as was accountability. Regular reports were issued to top executives through the formal reporting techniques to ensure that necessary tasks were being accomplished on time for the Canada Games to be a success.

While Lenovo was striving to increase cooperation between different departments as part of its efforts, with an attempt to create new ideas and projects, for the Canada Games, the primary desire was realizing planning objectives. The 'creativity' of planning and decision-making had already taken place, now the mammoth operation itself had to be undertaken in a systematic fashion. The schedule of the Canada Games was fundamentally more compressed than that of Lenovo, requiring tighter management. Its scope was also finite in nature…. [read more]

Active Performance Management Proposal: Case Case Study

… Active performance management is becoming a crucial part of business in today's vulnerable economic environment

It is clear that the literature exposes a number of benefits involved with an active performance management approach. However, there are a number of challenges within identifying issues related to performance management "as they are occurring" (Schwartz 2011). The essential challenge within most modern firms is how to address specific issues in a positive manner that will increase overall productivity (Schwartz 2011). There are a number of environmental changes that occur within the process of implementing such a vastly different managerial strategy. Some recent reports have been claiming that using active performance management is not as beneficial as others may claim. In fact, Ferri (2010) illustrates that in many situations,…. [read more]

Project Risk Management Planning Research Paper

… Project Risk Management Planning

The term risk management planning is defined as a process of documentation done by the project manager to forecast on the risks, to value the effectiveness and the efficiency, to create a plan to mitigate them (Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC. (2010). It consists of risk assessment matrix.

Risk can be defined as unplanned occurrence that if takes place it can have a negative or a positive implication on the objectives of the project.

Risk management plan has analysis of likely risks with either high or low impacts as well as mitigation strategies to help the project avoid being derailed incase of upcoming of similar problems.

Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) is used by organizations in analyzing and ranking scenes identified in process…. [read more]

Construction Project Risk Management Research Paper

… Construction Project Risk Management

The nature of the construction market

The nature of the construction tasks makes the sector one-of-a-kind because the production centers or plants mostly need to relocate to the construction website (Chapman, 2001). There are lots of various descriptions of the construction sector, drawn from various expert disciplines. This ambiguity is compounded by the truth that the construction industry includes such a large array of tasks that the sector's exterior borders are likewise confusing (Baloi and Price, 2003). For instance, the term "construction" can consist of the erection, repair work, and demolition of things as varied as residences, workplaces, forms, dams ... And so on. Construction is tough to understand totally due to the fact that the relationships in between the components…. [read more]

Project Scheduling Article Critique

… ¶ … Project Scheduling - Improved Approach to Incorporate Uncertainty Using Bayesian Networks" by V. Khodakarami, N. Fenton and M. Neil's (2007)

Although all projects are unique in some fashion, they all share the common management constraints of uncertainty. This paper provides a summary and critique of Khodakarami, Fenton and Neil's (2007) study, "Project Scheduling- Improved Approach to Incorporate Uncertainty Using Bayesian Network," followed by an analysis concerning how the article relates to the concepts of project integration management, project scope management and project time management. Finally, a summary of the research and important findings concerning Khodakarami et al.'s project scheduling study are provided in the conclusion.

Summary and Critique

A fundamental characteristic of successful risk management is the ability to effectively manage uncertainty. Indeed,…. [read more]

Project Leadership Roles Case Study

… Need for an additional role and its proposed impact

The additional role is that of a financial advisor/controller. This role is exclusive to financially related issues (Tuuli & Rowlinson, 2009). Various things characterize projects and obtaining, allocation and use of funds is one fundamental issue that should be given special attention (Patel, 2008). Although the project sponsor may ensure that the funds are present, there should be a person who ensures that the funds are allocated appropriately and used as allocated. The person should have expertise in financial and accounting matters. It has been identified that projects give various corrupt personnel a loophole to engage in corrupt dealings or theft.

A financial advisor/controller will advise the team on ways in which they can be efficient…. [read more]

Management Project Management This Case Illustrates Research Proposal

… Management

Project Management

This case illustrates how a traditional company was transformed into a product-driven organization. Describe the characteristics of a classic functional organization. What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of a functional organization?

A functional organization is one where the employees are grouped hierarchically, managed through clearly defined lines of authority, and everyone ultimately reports to one person at the top. Some of the strengths of this type of set up include: employees always know who they report to and from whom they should be receiving work, and employees are grouped by functionality, so finding an answer to a specific question about that area should be easy. Some of the weaknesses of this type of organizational structure include: functional managers are often…. [read more]

Project Management: Discussion Questions Essay

… Q4. Strategic portfolio management is more than simply managing multiple projects. Multiple projects can be effectively managed but even if "a project may be very well managed…it may not be appropriate for the organization's long-term vision" (PPM, 2011, PPI). While "communicating status and escalating risk are fundamental activities for both project management and PPM," PPM enables the organization to keep an eye on the 'forest' as well as the trees (PPM, 2011, PPI). I believe that my organization satisfies the former attributes if PPM but not the latter: sometimes a very clearly-defined larger organizational mission beyond simply giving good service can be valuable.

Q5. Financial waste; poor quality management; a wasteful use of employee time and skills; going over time and over-budget, and a waste…. [read more]

Project Management Imagine You Are Adjunct Professor Research Paper

… Project Management

Imagine you are adjunct professor teaching project management to a group of international MBA candidates. You recognize that several of your students may be interested in a career in academia. What three scholarly articles would you assign these students to read? Your goal should be to introduce them to academic theory in the area without intimidating them by providing overly quantitative, statistical driven, articles. Please explain your rationale for choosing these particular articles?

Of the myriad of articles that could be potentially assigned to students, my selections would center on the most practical and pragmatic aspects of project management. I'd also orient the articles more to case studies and away from the highly theoretically based, equation-centric studies of product management constraint theory and…. [read more]

Project Management Practices of the Navy Marine Intranet Case Study

… Project Management Practices of the Navy Marine Intranet Project

Phase II Deliverable

The Navy-Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) initially included the strategic vision of unifying enterprise voice, video and data integration across U.S. Navy and Marine bases throughout North America. This initiative was launched in October, 2000 with funding from the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Navy Information technologies budgets (VARBusiness, 2004). Electronic Data Systems (EDS) was chosen as the prime contractor with the goal of having the entire Intranet fully operational within two years, or by 2002, complete with application consolidation and drastic reductions in the total number of systems as well. Far more critical was the lack of coordination around change management and resulting massive resistance to the initiative, where those areas…. [read more]

Construction Project Risk Management Research Paper

… Construction Project Risk Management

Risk management is the process of identification, assessment and prioritization of risk to minimize uncertainties within a project lifecycle. Risk management is a management tool aiming to identify the risks and uncertainties as well as determining the impact and develops appropriate management responses to manage the risks. A systematic approach to manage the risks is to divide the risks into risk identification, risk analysis and risk response. However, risk response is divided into further actions, which include reduction, retention, transfer and avoidance. Contrary to other industry, construction industry is characterized with more risks due to the unique features associated to construction activities and complicated process surrounding the construction project. (Zou, Zhang, Wang, 2010).

Construction projects are categorized as very complex projects…. [read more]

Project Management ATandT Case Study

… Internal challenges were also inevitable including change in management structure and project manager position created and incorporation of project management as part of a development tool for the organization.

These two organizations took steps towards the improvement of project management; AT&T through the PMCOE used a project management methodology that was in line with A Guide to project management Body of Knowledge whose first priority was ensuring that there is smooth merger of the PM practices of the two companies. It was done in a five step process that involves an initiation process, planning process, actual execution process, the monitoring and controlling process and finally the closing process. To ensure that AT&T supports a project management community, consultants were established by the PMCOE in support…. [read more]

Project Management Plan Research Paper

… 1

Develop Project Charter


Plan the Project


Develop Work Plan


Develop Project Control Plan


Finalize Project Plan and Gain Approvals


Execute and Control


Design Framework


Build the Framework


Test the Framework


Implement Framework


Close the Project

Project Schedule

The project schedule includes milestones, task dependencies, task duration, delivery dates, and staff resources assigned to complete the tasks.

Project Management Improvement Project -- Phase 1

Effort Estimate in Days

Planned Start Date

Planned End Date



Initiate Project


Develop Project Charter


Define Scope




Name1 - Project Manager, Core Team


Define Requirements




Name1 - Project Manager, Core Team


Identify High-Level Roles




Name1 -…. [read more]

Change Management Fabrication International Case Study

… Such a fixation would prevent capital investment projects that the firm desperately needs to develop its capacity to meet the demands for cost, quality and reliability from its customers. According to Reid & Smith (2008), long-term investors accept a maximum payback period of six years while short-term investors demand a payback period of around one to two and a half years. It is apparent from the board's handling of the CWS project that it failed to deliver on all these counts to its customers, making it even more uncompetitive due to its flawed appraisal process.

Q. 1. (ii) Major Mistakes with the CWS Adoption

The faulty appraisal process and unrealistic assumptions of the board of directors were primarily responsible for the faulty adoption of the…. [read more]

Manage Project Risk Essay

… Project Risk Management

Manage Project Risk

Project management is the application of skills and knowledge in activities with the intentions of satisfying the client's needs and objectives set for a certain project. Project management happens in different phases, which include the, conception phase which is including the nurturing of an idea, the definition phase which entails documenting the idea, the planning and organizing phase that involves the project planning in details plus involvement of all stake holders, the implementation phase that entails the project undertaking and work are done, and lastly the project clean up phase that sees all the documentations filed, tools and materials cleared and handover of the project Zwikael and Ahn, 2011()

A core function of the project manager requires them to…. [read more]

Project Management Project Initiation Essay

… (132 words)

Stakeholder Analysis" Please respond to the following:

Using the "Stakeholder Analysis Template" (Appendix B2 in the Hillson and Simon text) for a company that you currently work for or you are familiar with, determine the key stakeholders and categorize them by their attitude, power, and interest dimensions. Justify the categorization for each stakeholder and post the completed appendix for the class to see.

The first group would be the employees. Attitude would probably be apprehensive to accepting depending on the level of buy-in demanded and garnered. Their interest would be high but their power level rather low. The second group would be the executives and owners. Their attitude would likely be in favor of the change and they have a lot of the…. [read more]

Project Management Project Libra Case Study

… The second reason why projects fail is lack of executive support and sponsorship. Lack of support from senior management will lead to a project becoming a lower priority in any company, and eventually lead to its complete failure as well (Tsoukakas, 2001). The third reason a project may be terminated is lack of communication arising from trust either not being present to begin with, or violated through continual conflicts (Sutterfield, Friday-Stroud, Shivers-Blackwell, 2006). Lack of communication can also lead to internal processes and systems failing to capture overall direction of the project, in addition to the need for monitoring and continually improving process workflows as well. The fourth reason a project will fail is due to ongoing conflicts over goals. This is different than lack…. [read more]

Project Control Step of Project Management Case Study

… Project Control

Project Management Body of Knowledge

The Project Management Institute (PMI) has codified standard project management practices and techniques in its published Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK, 2010) for the benefit of practicing project managers around the world. The PMI has broken down the work of a project into five process groups: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing. The Monitoring & Controlling process group gives the project manager (PM) the necessary authority for comparing the in-process results of the project against the performance measurement baselines in the Project Management Plan (PMP), which is prepared in the Planning process group. The PM is required to exercise judgment to determine the severity of any variances and to recommend corrective action or changes if…. [read more]

Project Planning: Keys to Success Case Study

… Once that has been done, it is easier to see where the overlaps and issues lie. Then one can begin to remove the overlaps and adjust the issues that are being faced, in order to make the project more efficient. The more streamlined a project is, the less it will cost, the faster it will be completed, and the better it will operate overall (Scott, 2009). However, one must also be careful not to streamline something so much that vital components are removed (Scott, 2009). The key to success in this particular part of the project planning is to make sure all extraneous and unneeded steps are removed but that nothing really needed is taken away.

Outsource Control -- and Risk

Outsourcing the control of…. [read more]

Project Management Major Facts Case Study

… Afterwards, she went for checking and responding to the voice messages and emails which she could not check since the previous day. Leaving some messages and emails unchecked, she started reviewing her schedule for the day.

While she was reviewing project reports and preparing for the weekly status meeting, she was interrupted by her boss. In this way, she failed to review reports and prepare for the weekly status meeting effectively. She was also alarmed by the boss regarding one of her team members who was using stimulants on the job. The meeting also started late because of some team members who went to cafeteria to have coffee and donuts. After the meeting, Rachel met Victoria (IS project manager) to discuss the current project activities.…. [read more]

Project Management Case Study

… 3. What advantages and disadvantages of a matrix type organization are apparent from this case?

Advantages of matrix organization are that when an employee feels overwhelmed as Olds felt, they can speak to the objective third party. This way Olds was able to voice his concerns to Sands and was moved to the project he preferred. Having employees move from project to project is also advantageous as it results in shared expertise in all the projects. This organizational structure also provides efficient utilization of the resources. Disadvantages are that employees have dual reporting responsibilities, which can cause conflict and anxiety as happened to Olds. There is also a possibility of project managers conflicting in regards to priorities. Palmer and Crosby had different priorities pertaining their…. [read more]

Managing Changing Managing Change Case Study

… The manager should therefore have a close and an understanding relationship with the employees in order to understand their personality and group them. This would help them in effecting change.

The aptitude of a corporation to act in response to changes amounts to its ability to have global fitness. The case study of Apple Inc. is an example of how the company's responsiveness to change has made it successful. Global business fitness at the Apple Company is evidenced by the ability of the firm to align its business strategies with the changing business environment. The organization is responsive to changes which constitutes one of its major sources of competitive advantage in the competitive electronics industry Carr et al., 2000.

The firm is able to prepare…. [read more]

Project Management Essay

… Project Management

A project is a temporary group activity that is designed to produce a unique result, service, or product. It is temporary since it has defined end and a beginning and has defined resources and scope. Project management is the process of controlling resources, planning, motivating, organization, protocols, and procedures to achieve the desired goals in daily organizational activities. It is meant to bring about benefit or beneficial change. The temporary nature of projects contrasts with other business operations, which are semi-permanent, repetitive and permanent functional activities to produce services and products (Dinsmore, 2005). This essay endeavors to expound on projects and the benefits of project management as presented from the book (Gray, & Larson, 2011).

Chapter 1 summary

From this chapter, it is…. [read more]

Project Management February J. 2014 Research Paper

… (Kerry, 2010). A project manager is an important project leader who communicates a project's vision to the subordinates. A project leader plans a project, measures performances of a project and solves problems that could arise from a project implementation. Common leadership styles used to run a project include:







Autocratic or Democratic.

To achieve organizational goals from a project, a project leader defines the phase of a project which includes:

Technical work to perform in each phase of a project,

The time of deliverable of each project

Stakeholders involved in each phase,

Strategy to implement control and approval in each phase.

A project sponsor also plays a critical role in the success of a project. Involvement of a project sponsor…. [read more]

Project Management Involved Formation Research Paper

… It is essential to realize that a mega project such as A380 t requires extensive risk management analysis, which include risk identification and risk management plan before the project implementation. The delay led to another shift in project delivery schedule. The company announced that project delay was attributed to aircraft wiring problems. (Robertson 2006, Clark 2006).

Communication problem was another factors leading to A380 crisis. The management did not formerly communicate the problems to appropriate stakeholders on time. It was already too late before the management actually communicated the problem to the appropriate stakeholders. Realistically, the Airbus did not have experienced in building a complex aircraft such as A380. Thus, the company did not integrate effective risk and time management in the project life cycle.…. [read more]

Project Management Elements of Business Essay

… It is, therefore, upon the management of any organization to take the projects through, from the beginning to the end.

Gantt chart (Illustration)


Represents step B

Represents step C

Represents Step D

PERT chart (Illustration)


Adams, T. & Means, J. (2005) Facilitating the Project Lifestyle: Skills and Tools to Accelerate Progress for Project Managers, Facilitators and Six Sigma Project Teams: New York, John Wiley and Sons.

Haynes, M.E. (2002) Project Management: Practical Tools for Success: New York, Cengage Learning.

Jones, R. (2007) Project Management Survival: A Practical Guide to Leading Managing and Delivering Challenging Projects: New York, Kogan Page Publishers.

Paula, M. & Humphrey, C.J. (1996) Orientation to Home Nursing: New York, Jones and Bartlett Learning publishers.

Perrin, R. (2008) Real World Project…. [read more]

Project Management Human Resource Training Research Paper

… Project Management

Human Resource Training in Project Management

The case analysis presented in Workplace learning to improve it project management (Damare, 2008) of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) illustrates how effective team-based and individual training can be in streamlining project management performance across a large, diverse public health organization. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate how human resource training within project management environments accelerates strategic and tactical objective performance, in addition to reducing the costs to attain these results. The many benefits to long-term learning and morale are also evaluated in this analysis (Crawford, Leonard, Jones, 2011).

Best Practices in Human Resource Training within Project Management

The study of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health illustrates several…. [read more]

Woody's Project Management: The Custom Case Study

… Management's Failure to Create a Cultural Environment:

The failure by Woody's management to create a cultural environment was the second major source of problems associated with the project. This is evident from the strained relations on the site, difficulties for the project management consultant to obtain information from staffs, and the unwillingness of the staff to reveal short-comings. The lack of such an environment that is created by the establishment of effective policies and procedures usually results in problems during project implementation.

Lack of Project Commitment:

The lack of commitment to the project by the company's workforce is an evident source of problems associated with the implementation process. This lack of project commitment can be seen in their unwillingness to reveal short-comings, the scattered information…. [read more]

Project Management Term Paper

… This way the project manager can offer insights as well as get a feel of the work that is expected. If the project manager has been trained to pick up on values then this step could represent a critical opportunity to avoid any miscommunications that could led to costly delays or scope changes. The project manager should have the opportunity to speak directly to as many stakeholders as possible before planning the project so that they know exactly what is expected and can have a feel for the values that are important to the project.

3) Critically discuss how the workshop model presented by Thyssen et al. might be effective for your project and describe what challenges you would expect in utilising such a model…. [read more]

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