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China and the World Trade Capstone Project

… However, during the late 1990's, Chinese companies sought listings and raised billions of dollars on overseas equity markets (Lardy, 2001).

Large Chinese companies, including China Mobile, PetroChina, Unicom, and Sinopec collectively raised more than $15 billion through equity sales in New York and Hong Kong in 2000.

Still, this was not enough. China was still not fully integrated into the world economy. High tariffs and various nontariff barriers kept the Chinese economy from being fully involved in international competition.

At this time, China controlled imports by placing limits on the "type and number of companies authorized to carry out international transactions; imposing onerous inspection and safety licensing requirements on imports; developing technical standards designed in part to protect domestic industries; discriminating against foreign goods in…. [read more]

Automation of the Drug Court Essay

… The research methodology that was undertaken in this study included research design, assessment areas, drug court characteristics, statistical analysis, and scope


The survey found that generally many drug courts have no automation, also the automation support being provided to drug courts by existing computer systems is inadequate, such that drug court operations are hampered in many ways. A strong correlation was found between automation and the time it takes for the drug court judge to receive failed drug test results. The difficulty of linking to other systems was another barrier to automation. Less than 20% of the surveyed courts reported that they have completed the necessary process required in automation to produce reports needed for overall program evaluation. The drug courts overwhelmingly expressed a…. [read more]

Harrison Company Executive Summary Capstone Project

… This will also require aggressive and focused marketing leadership, as well as some additional sophisticated strategic planning.

Part 5- Leadership and Group Dynamics- It is clear from the information presented that the company is in trouble. It has rested on its laurels and older way of managing for decades, and must now either reinvent itself or die. The trends downward are indicative of a need for drastic measures, and while change management is difficult, it is clear that the following steps need to be taken immediately:

1. Analysis of profitability by store factoring in increased costs of gas, shipping, wages, etc. This may mean closure of outlying stores, reducing in hours, or simply opening up some of the medium and long-range stores during the Plus…. [read more]

Wal-Mart's Recruitment Process Essay

… Online application almost always leads to an interviews where one may be handed a job offer, sometimes, better than the one that one may have actually applied for. A drug test follows, and, if accepted, the individual is enrolled in the orientation programs.

As regards the interview procedure itself, the interviewee can be faced with as many as 3 interviews in one day, one by an hourly supervisor, one by salary, and one by one of the top managers - and although some find the questions predictable and friendly, others find them (particularly the last session) tortuous.

Wal-Mart's main criteria is a clean record -- or if not clean at least evidence of resolve that this record has been cleaned up and that ex-offender regrets…. [read more]

New Compensation Program Term Paper

… Question 2: What difficulties can you identify with shifting to the new compensation program from the traditional ones used in many production setting?

No program is ideal, however. With such a pay-for-performance program, older employees and senior employees can become alienated, feeling that their loyalty is not remunerated. Of course, any de facto system of 'tenure' where time at the company, rather than immediate performance and excellence, may create a system of loyalty but it can also create complacency. Still, there is always a trade-off between rewarding immediate excellence and rewarding loyalty.

Also, the encouragement to learn new skills can encourage workers to 'bite off more than they can chew.' In other words, this can encourage workers to try to learn new skills simply to…. [read more]

Motivations in Company to Maximize Term Paper

… According to Karnell, who has been doing his job for seven years, in order to stimulate productivity, it is not only necessary to provide concrete monetary benefits but to also offer significant social opportunities. Karnell takes a decisive, proactive approach to company politics and his main goal is to create better quality work.

I also interviewed Mike Donnelly, the head of human resources. His position enables him to have direct contact with many of the company's employees, as he hears many of their complaints and praises. Donnelly stated that leadership opportunities are essential for motivating employees, but that positions of leadership should not be based on one's level within the company but on desire. Donnelly reminded me that each employee is directly involved in the…. [read more]

Coaching for Results Research Paper

… The group of young women engineers would also benefit from powerful questioning by providing insights into how they can build productive relationship with peers and superiors. This would provide the group members with greater insight into how they could contribute to projects and programs in their new jobs. Creating this level of trust and communication across the group would further infuse each coaching group participation with greater competency and proficiency in managing the transition into their professional careers.

One of the most difficult aspects of managing the transition to a fulltime career is getting a clear idea of expectations as well. Powerful questioning can help to level set expectations and see how each member of the group is managing this transition and the shift of…. [read more]

Intercultural Communication Refers to the Connection Essay

… Intercultural communication refers to the connection and interaction among people of different countries and cultures and their behaviors (Scribd 2013). It is now common experience that people of diverse cultures link up or are brought together by common interests like business and education. They bring their respective cultures, beliefs, lifestyles, economic resources and faiths into that link. The basic elements and root words are culture and communication. These and two others form what are called the building blocks of intercultural communication. The two others are context and power (Scribd).

The core concept in intercultural communication is culture (Scribd 2013). It is a system of information, beliefs and values used by society to relate with one another and with the world. That system or mechanism of…. [read more]

Managerial Decision Our Company Essay

… This should be at the same level, if possible, as the degree to which our revenues are variable.

It is evident that a portion of our demand is variable. We are seeing a spike in demand that relates either to seasonality of our product or to our recent innovations. Given that we operate in an industry characterized by monopolistic competition, we can expect that the advantages gained by our innovation are short-term in nature. As there is no guarantee that we will be able to stay ahead of our competitors on the innovation curve, we should see our demand increase as temporary in nature. As such, we should respond by adding temporary labor. This maintains flexibility in our cost structure, something that will benefit the…. [read more]

Elder Discrimination "Age Discrimination Occurs Term Paper

… Elder Discrimination

"Age discrimination occurs when a decision is made on the basis of a person's age. In the workplace these are most often decisions about recruitment, promotion and dismissal… in societies that celebrate youthfulness above almost all else, it can be very difficult for even highly qualified professionals to find new positions after the age of 50. For male senior executives, the fear of age discrimination has led to an increasing demand for cosmetic surgery, but for most older workers there appears little they can do to resist being swept aside in favor of young replacements…" (Tan, 2009).

Aging brings with it physical problems, emotional issues, and it also brings bias and discrimination, as many older people have discovered -- and will discover. This…. [read more]

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