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Information Technology a Home Network Essay

… Information Technology

A home network is a local area network or LAN that is set up at home. A network is the interconnection of hardware and devices for sharing data and information electronically. A home network can be used among family members for simple mobile computing, entertainment and recreation, and more usefully, for doing simultaneous computing work that have varying degrees of complexity. Five components that would be connected to a network would be the personal computer or laptop; paraphernalia, gadgets and other mobile devices that can be connected with the computer or laptop; a wired or wireless modem that allows for Internet access for multiple users; a router to enable multiple access to the Internet service; and when necessary, a server to efficiently address…. [read more]

Small Businesses and Information Security Essay

… In addition, small businesses are vulnerable to data theft and theft of resources, especially from theft of computer systems or the use of malicious code.

As part of protecting the business against these threats and vulnerabilities, small businesses will promote confidentiality, which involves ensuring authorized access to information, and integrity i.e. preventing alliterations or deletion of necessary information. Dealing with internal threats and vulnerabilities include availability of information when necessary and authorization, which limits the number of people with access to information systems. The business should also ensure authentication (digital signature for transfer of information), non-repudiation (ensuring that an individual cannot deny authenticity of their signature on messages sent), and protection against risks (threats to information security).


Small businesses should develop appropriate protection measures…. [read more]

Computer Security People, Process Capstone Project

… It also emphasizes that country law should have strict policies for the confidentiality of organizations' data. These principles also include procedures as well as technological requirements to deal with the entities' security needs.

First principle speaks about the security organization and infrastructure. It also defines responsibilities with respect to executive protection, while, the second principle necessitate that the policies and the standards given by management should be developed and executed. The security related controls that are developed in an organization should not be made in isolation rather it should be linked with the ongoing activities of the organization, thus incorporating the risks faced by organization. The third principle continues on with the risk assessment procedures that should be performed across all the stages of application,…. [read more]

Security Programs Implementation of Information Essay

… This records relating to department assets will be significant especially in the management of real property assets. The assets records will be done with relation to size, location and the other relevant elements of assets. Once the real assets value is recorded, there will be continuous need to always add the most recent information to the database, in accordance with the mandatory of the HHS and the federal real property council (, 2012).

Compliance Management and Configuration Control

HHS has to ensure that all the necessary guidelines, processes, standards, procedures and guidelines are compliant with the provided regulations by law, statutes and the other policies within the state. This will be done in relation to identification, disposition requirements and classification. This management involves the efforts…. [read more]

Migration: A Threat to National Security? Term Paper

… Migration: A Threat to National Security?

Migration, or the movement of people from one place to another, has long been accepted in the United States and other countries as just a way of life. However, events such as 9/11 brought home the fact that not all of the people who are moving into the country (and even moving out of it or through it) are doing so with good intentions of simply making a better and happier life for themselves somewhere else. While many people move each year simply because they want to, there are others who move because they need to get into position for something else. They may be working alone, or they may have the backing of a terrorist organization or some…. [read more]

Information Technology's Impact on Quality of Life Research Paper

… Information Technology's Impact On Quality Of Life

The ethical standards of organizational cultures are often directly related to the ethics of the leaders and managers who in large part shape norms, values, expectations and the boundaries of organizations (Cary, Wen, Mahatanankoon, 2003). Add in the component of information systems and related technologies, and the attitudes, beliefs and values surrounding ethics a leader has get immediately amplified across the organization, even if it is global in scope. The ethics of leaders, especially those managing and leading IT efforts, have a very immediate and lasting impact on the ethics of their entire organizations as a result. Setting standards for ethical conduct of information technology professional is therefore critical. Examining the importance of ethical behaviors that the IT…. [read more]

Information Technology Summary and Critique of "Strike Term Paper

… Information Technology

Summary and Critique of "Strike Back: Offensive Actions in Information Warfare" by Donald J. Welch, Nathan Buchheit, and Anthony Ruocco

In their essay, "Strike Back: Offensive Actions in Information Warfare," Welch, Buchheit and Ruocco (2005) report that in the Age of Information, it is just as important to protect the nation's interests against threats and potential threats to the information highway that have emerged in recent years. In fact, the authors suggest that the need to protect the nation's information is just as important as the military obligations or social considerations that go hand-in-hand with a war on terrorism. Having made this argument, the authors proceed to explain that changes in how the country approaches these threats are needed immediately, but that these…. [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Risk Management Cyber Crime Research Paper

… it Risk Management -- Cyber Crime

Over the last several years, the issue of cyber crime has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because it is seen as tool which can be used to conduct espionage, terrorism or criminal activities. The results are that the more rouge nation states and other organizations are taking an active part in these activities. According to the U.S. Internet Crime Complaint Center, they received a total of 336,665 reports of cyber related activities occurring last year. This is accounting for $559.77 million in losses. (Liu, 2013)

What makes these figures so troubling; is they are from just one organization which is monitoring the scope of cyber related crimes. When this is applied around the world, these statistics…. [read more]

Protecting People and Information: Threats Research Paper

… The attackers use disguises to access systems. For example, they act as if they are helpdesk workers or machine repair technicians and easily gain access of passwords by deceiving the owners. Sometimes, the attackers correctly guess the usernames and passwords and thus gain access to systems for exploitation (Andress, 2003, p. 9).

Data can be easily stolen from a target by using Information Theft Attacks. Configuration errors in a system make it easy for an attacker to steal the valuable information out of a system. Thus, such attacks do not need to be supported by accessing target's systems (Andress, 2003, p. 9). The first step in an intrusion attack is the information theft attack that assists an attacker to research identifiable exploits and weaknesses of…. [read more]

Information System MIS Stands Essay

… Through information system manufacturing organizations can also find the utilization and rejection rates of their machines. Information system also encourages decentralization of authority because it gives the authority to lower level staff to monitor the operations. It also brings coordination among the departments and connects all departments within an organization. It also helps management to evaluate and improve performances of staff. By maintaining Information System, company can also forecast and prepare accurate budget. If company is maintaining information system then it is also a kind of competitive edge over its competitors.

Risks associated with information system

The main risk associated with information system is unauthorized use of information. So it is very necessary for organizations to protect integrity and confidentiality of information and data. Organizations…. [read more]

Protecting Police and Engaging Citizens Term Paper

… These names should not be construed as flippant or in any way diminishing the significance of strategies to keep policemen safe in the community.

Friendly cop, aloof cop. One out of every pair or every group of officers on duty must maintain a high level of alertness and must resist casual engagement by community members and distractions of any kind that would diminish his or her acute watchful state. It simply is not possible to alert fellow officers to potential harm or to protect them in an escalating situation while completing paperwork or stirring half-and-half into a Venti.

Bond, James Bond. Officers should assume, like every 007 worth his salt, that the environment they are presently in can quickly sour, or the next environment they…. [read more]

Protecting the Community From Sex Offenders Few Thesis

… Protecting the Community From Sex Offenders

Few crimes strike more fear into the hearts of the average citizen than sexually-based offenses. From the trauma of adult rape to the absolute horror of child predators who kill their victims, the community at large is terrified of those criminals who commit sexually-based offenses. This terror is justified, though it may be misdirected towards stranger crimes, rather than focusing on those criminals who commit sexually-based offenses against their own families and friends. This revulsion is also relatively recent and is largely limited to the Western world. In many societies, sexual offense victims are still penalized; some communities still seek to remedy rape by forcing the victim to marry the offender. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that…. [read more]

Protect America Act of 2007 Term Paper

… Protect America Act of 2007 is the modernized version of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act or FISA (Department of Justice 2007, 2007). Sponsored by Senator Mitch McConnell on August 1 this year, it was enacted by Congress and signed into law by President George W. Bush. The Act consists of permanent amendments to the FISA in order to keep the United States safe. It is designed to provide the intelligence community with necessary inputs about terrorists, America's enemies. The Act restored FISA's original goal of protecting the rights of persons in the country without obstructing intelligence work on targets in other countries. It emphasized that it would enable the intelligence community to close the critical intelligence gap. The legislation was made permanent, as the…. [read more]

Internet Censorship and Freedom of Expression Research Paper

… This type of censorship targets the people's ability to access information through platforms of information technologies. Both IT companies and governments have engaged in censorship and hence suppressed the freedom of expression on online platforms in the name of regulating and policing contents of online communication in the interest of morality and security.
Information technology has come with its share of threats. The ability to access all information online has become a threat to the intellectual property right as well as an infringement of copyright. For instance, Google allows people to access information published by other people and hence predisposes such works to the possibilities of plagiarism and stealing of ideas. The threats to copyrights and infringement on people's intellectual properties have informed the legislation…. [read more]

Threat of Bioterrorism Research Paper

… In addition, the health care team should provide prophylaxis to the exposed. Another type of education that the local government should offer is to the local health department. This department should have the full knowledge of the state and the assistance that they can get. This means that the departments should know the appropriate channels to follow when there is a need to seek for help. Through education, the local government can save many funds that could be used in the curbing of bioterrorism earlier (Crosse 2003).

Conclusively, bioterrorism is one issue that has vast significance in the country. This is because it compromises the security of people who are everyday subject to such risks. It is hard to determine the next step that a…. [read more]

Threats and Sharing of Information Research Paper

… While this consideration is definitely valid in a number of instances, domestic policy in the U.S. has inexorably shifted away from this line of thinking to the encouragement of sharing of information at all levels of law enforcement. One of the most significant steps towards the cooperative movement of intelligence was the formation and implementation of the United States Department of Homeland Security, which was largely created as a model of intelligence sharing. According to the 2005 monograph Assessing and Managing the Terrorism Threat, which was made available in 2005 and was authored by representatives of the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Homeland Security department has "expanded its computer-based counter-terrorism system to all 50 states, 5 territories, the District of Columbia, and 50 major urban…. [read more]

Threat Assessment Essay

… Threat Assessment

The objective of this work is to prepare a report that plans threat assessment in the scenario of an event in which attending at the courthouse will be new organizations, fundamentalist groups, white supremist groups and civil rights groups, all picketing what promises to be a very emotional trial.

Courthouse security has become more of a focus in recent years and this is because of events that have occurred in these locations and the potentiality that exists particularly during public gatherings for disruption and violence between various groups. It is important for disaster planning to begin "before calamity strikes, not after it is experienced because often it is too late." (Bachler and Somerlet, 2005) Weiner et al. (2000) reports that it is threats…. [read more]

Information Technology -- Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography

… Later in the article, the author provides simple and explicit instructions as to how one could begin using the cloud if completely unfamiliar with the technology and its uses.

Marsan, C.D. (2010). Census Bureau counting heads in the cloud. Network World -- Trend Analysis, 10 -- 11.

The trend analysis provide examples of how large organizations that handle mountains of data as their business are now utilizing clouds, such as the Census Bureau. The article praises the use of cloud computing. It serves to be a shining example of the benefits and strength of cloud computing on a large and federal scale.

No listed author. (nd). Chapter 2 -- Securing the Cloud. The Future of Technology. 41 -- 77.

This chapter is about the history…. [read more]

Protecting Customer Rights Compliance Research Research Paper

… This signifies the level of customer satisfaction that the company brings to its customers

. Additionally, through the data services via the company, the customer increases their productivity; hence, success in their endeavors as is the vision and objective of the founders of the Data Mart Company. The services of data and the security of the data therein ensure reliability and enhance applications survival in the wake of infrastructure failure. This gives guarantee to the customer using the services of the company in their business. Additionally, the company ensures that the customer utilizing their services gets reduced costs of equipment, as well as reduced costs of the information technology labor employed. The information labor is minimal as data mart ensures that the applications, services, and…. [read more]

Protecting the Farm Industry Term Paper

… Protecting the Farm Industry

This work will examine reasons for protecting the farm industry and will research the history as well as the origin of protectionism in the farm industry. The questions in this study are (1) Who is protecting the farming industry?; (2) What are the advantages?; (3) What are the disadvantages?; (4) Who is gaining and why?; (5) Who is suffering and why?

Protectionism is defined as follows: "Protectionism n: the policy of imposing duties or quotas on imports in order to protect home industries from overseas competition." Stated in the article entitled "Free Trade or 'protectionism which is also referred to as 'fair trade'. The New Standard Encyclopedia states that Protectionism is "a government policy of assisting domestic industry by limiting competition…. [read more]

People's Moujahedin Organization of Iran v. United Research Paper

… People's Moujahedin Organization of Iran v. United States Department of State (182 F.3d 17) (D.C. Cir. 1999).

Summary of case

The then Secretary of State, Madeline Albright categorized the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil "foreign terrorist organizations' with all the implications of American law consequent upon such designation. Both groups petitioned review of the designations.

The complaint that the groups had was that the Secretary made this allegation without any adversary hearing, or presentation of evidence to courts, or advance notice to either of the two groups and this is despite the result that both groups will experience penalty as a result of their designation whish extends to seizure of bank accounts and criminal prosecution of potential donors. More…. [read more]

People Chip Essay

… People Chip

I would not want to be chipped. That some tasks could in theory be made easier is not a compelling argument, given the costs of being chipped. Those tasks are not complicated nor unduly insecure. Thus, there is no problem that the chip would solve. The cost of the chip is to sacrifice all semblances of personal freedom and individuality, which is not desirable even for useful benefits, much less benefits that are worthless. It is not ethical for a government to ask for citizens to be chipped. A national ID card is a poor corollary, since the card is not embedded in your skin. Freedom of movement, freedom of association, and the freedom to simply exist on one's own terms would all…. [read more]

Assets and Threats What Is at Risk Term Paper

… Assets Threats

Assets and Threats-What is at risk?

Assets and Threats Defined

Origins of Business Threats/Types of Threats

Reconnaissance Threats

Denial of Service

Data Manipulation

Other Threats

Internal Vs. External Threats

Techniques For Preventing Attacks

How Do Natural Threats Pose A Risk

Best Measures to Protect Assets

Assets and Threats-What is at risk?

Studies suggest that threat assessment is increasingly important within the organizational context (Grassie, 2000; Schwartz, 2003). More and more organizations are faced with low probability yet high consequence threats that often result from technological advances enabling internal and external forces to attack information systems (Grassie, 2000). While all threats do not necessarily pose a risk to an organization, organizations must work to at minimum recognize potential threats and take measures to protect…. [read more]

Chief Information Security Officer-Level Risk Case Study

… In addition, many hackers are adept at discovering the passwords of authorized users who choose passwords that are easy to guess or appear in dictionaries. The activities of hackers represent serious threats to the con-dentiality of information in computer systems. Many hackers have created copies of inadequately protected ?les and placed them in areas of the system where they can be accessed by unauthorized persons;

(2) Masqueraders. A masquerader is an authorized, or unauthorized, user of the system who has obtained the password of another user and thus gains access to ?les available to the other user by pretending to be the authorized user. Masqueraders are often able to read and copy con-dential ?les. Masquerading, therefore, can be de-ned as an attempt to gain access…. [read more]

Controls Reduce Security Threats Technology Essay

… How the system is updated, how often will it be updated, and who is responsible for the updates should be addressed. Any privileges that employees are allowed should be addressed, such as the use of personal email. How applications should be implemented to protect the system should be addressed. Under what conditions are acceptable for the system to be locked down? What services are allowed and not allowed should be stated in the policy. Host intrusion detection should be discussed. The policy needs to state what devices are allowed to access the system. The policy needs to be difficult for attackers to access passwords, such as the use of screensavers. The servers need to be monitored on a continual basis. Incident response needs to be…. [read more]

Value Digital Privacy Information Technology Essay

… S. Government can make any digital information public, especially when that data can be useful in ensuring national security. One of the major aspects of the Communications Assistance For Law Enforcement Act is designed to accelerate the sharing of investigative information across agencies. What is particularly challenging about this program is the fact that a government agency can release the data for use by law enforcement agencies (Riedy, Wen, 2010). Clearly this act was originally-based to enable terrorist and criminal data to pass quickly across government agencies, yet the threats ot a citizen's privacy are very high given the loopholes in this Act and its corresponding laws.


While all nations today are very concerned with how they can protect themselves from terrorism and…. [read more]

Federal Information Security Management Act Research Paper

… Once this understanding and awareness is created, the damage that could be inflicted to the company if a criminal were able to access company information through an unprotected end-user's desktop / laptop computer would be explained such as unauthorized systems access can result in theft and damage of vital information assets. The employees should thus use strong passwords for all accounts and commit passwords to memory. If not possible, store all passwords in a secure location (i.e., not on a sticky note affixed to your monitor or the underside of your keyboard). The computer should be protected with a password-protected screen saver and the password should not be told under to anyone under any circumstances.

Session comprehension and evaluation questionnaire:

Immediately after delivering ISATP security…. [read more]

Information System on Ethical and Moral Issues Research Paper

… ¶ … Information System on Ethical and Moral issues in an E-Society within the Banking Sector in South Africa

Phishing is the practice of obtaining someone else's personal information for the purpose of committing a crime, either at that time or sometime in the future. Protecting one's personal information from theft has become a key issue in the online banking community. Banks in South Africa have been hit hard recently by an unprecedented rash of cyber crime. Experts in the field struggle to find solutions to this rising trend. The customer is a key component in the fight against cyber crime. The proposed research study will explore issues related to the knowledge level of the customer regarding cyber crime and how to stop it. It…. [read more]

Nuclear WMD a Real Threat A-Level Coursework

… Nuclear WMD a Real Threat within the Next 10 Years

Q 2) the value of non-proliferation treaties in today's environment

The United States has been seen to use the Non-Prolific Treaty in a way that satisfies is selfish interests. They are proud of the idea that their greatest rival has reduced the production of nuclear arsenals and have stopped other states from developing original arsenals. This is how the non-prolific treaty may possibly affect foreign policies in the United States. Other countries are under the fear of nuclear weapons that are spreading across the globe (Forsberg, 2005).

NPT was developed so that countries could protect their boarders from the nuclear warfare that was pending. During the commissioning of this treaty, United States and the Soviet…. [read more]

Access Control in Information Security Research Paper

… Access Control in Information Security

In the contemporary business environment, sensitive and confidential information have become the intangible assets that organizations use to achieve competitive advantages. Typically, accurate information and data have become the powerful tools that corporations use to enhance effective decision making which consequently assist an organization to be ahead of competitors as well as achieving large market shares within competitive market environment. While organizations continue to rely on digital information faster than before to make faster decision and achieve a competitive market advantages, unfortunately, criminals equally sought after the same information to achieve their criminal objectives. Information security is a critical tool that organizations could employ to safeguard their sensitive and confidential information against external intruders. When organizations fail to protect their…. [read more]

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