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Consultation and Social Justice Advocacy Research Paper

… Even though Brian advanced academically and has even exposed excellent creative abilities, the team thought that he needed to be put in a more limited setting. Belinda replied furiously at this reference and swore that she would never contemplate that kind of placement. She swiftly communicated the community agency for consultation, as suggested by the school's counselor.

A close inspection of her home life with Brian brought up that her frustration and sadness inhibited with her capability to be a parent. Especially, she had a propensity to blame Brian for all of the difficulties that she was having. Each time problems came up in her private and specialized life, she would become angry at Brian. This sequence led to her incapability to cultivate Brian and…. [read more]

Ethics, Torture and Psychological Issues Term Paper

… Ethics, Torture and Psychological Issues


Who is the chairman of the APA Ethics Committee and under what circumstances should a professional consultation be sought?

The American Psychological Association Ethics committee has the power to receive, initiate and investigate reports of unethical conduct to members of the profession; to recommend or dismiss action on such incidents; to formulate rules and principles of ethics as they surround the profession; and to interpret, apply and administer any rules regarding ethical behavior and professional psychology. The current Chair of the committee is Dr. Nadya Fouad of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, and there are seven other standing members of the committee (American Psychological Association, 2012, par. 3).

The Ethics Code applies only to psychologists 'activities that are…. [read more]

Suicide Prevention an "Immense Need Essay

… isolation, and perceived stigmas against seeking mental health services. These issues are addressed in the consultation process. Barriers to accessing healthcare services are especially important. The presence of prevailing religious beliefs might also impact the type of suicide interventions that are recommended for the organization. For suicide intervention strategies to be meaningful, they must be rooted in the belief and value system of the target population. Walker, et al. (2006) stress the importance of recognizing and being sensitive to cultural nuances during the consultation procedure. There may, for example, be specific social stigmas against seeking mental health support or specific beliefs about suicide itself within a particular ethnic group. Individual differences in beliefs about death might also come into play.

A general framework for understanding…. [read more]

Dr. Gary Kaniuk Consultation Triage Case Study

… , 2006, p. 167). The next most common motive the authors found is the "hedonistic, sadistic or sexual" motive, which is described by the FBI as "sexual predator" (Frei, 167).

In their research the authors reference Hickey (1986) who studied 34 cases of female serial killers between the years 1795 and 1988; half of those serial killers had a male accomplice and the average age of the women was 33 years. Six of the 34 women were nurses, which fits the FBI category "angel of death" (Frei, 169). The authors also reference studies by Wilson and Hilton (1998), who analyzed 105 female serial killers; they found that the "preferred means of killing was poisoning" (Frei, 169). Meanwhile a study of 86 cases in the U.S.…. [read more]

Ethical Issues Involved in Psychological Essay

… In such a case, it would be advisable for a psychologist to contact social services and see what could be done to salvage the situation. The setting is also of great importance in the enhancement of privacy and confidentiality. For instance, as Hersen (2011, p.552) points out, "psychological tests should not be administered in a busy hallway."

Informed consent is the third ethical issue involved in psychological assessment that I am going to discuss. Psychologists offer a wide range of services in their role as consultants, therapists, as well as researchers. The common thread that runs across all these services is informed consent. In this case, "psychologists are expected to explain the nature of the evaluation, clarify the referral questions, and discuss the goals of…. [read more]

Psychological Consultation Research Proposal

… Consulting Case Study

Improving Services at Urban General Hospital

Case Overview

Urban General Hospital has initiated an intervention designed to make their organization more user-friendly for patients and their families. This intervention requires department heads to work together and meet with the CEO on a regular basis. Response and attendance at these meetings has been sparse, with one particular Department head voicing a negative opinion of the meetings and their productivity. In order for the new intervention to have the intended affect, all employees and managers must be supportive of the new program. The CEO places the blame on one person, but this behavior may be indicative of a larger problem within the organization. The following will examine the key issues involved in the situation.…. [read more]

Analyzing the Behavioral Consultation Capstone Project

… Dufrene, B. A., Lestremau, L., & Zoder-Martell, K. (2014). DIRECT BEHAVIORAL CONSULTATION: EFFECTS ON TEACHERS' PRAISE AND STUDENT DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR. Psychology in The Schools, 51(6), 567-580.

Robinson and Watson (1996) have explained the direct form of behavioral consultation in this work. This form concentrates on inculcating skills in educators by means of direct teacher-student interactions all through the course of consultation. I have understood throughout my study and career that the consultation role may prove to be highly useful and satisfying for school-level psychologists and an especially helpful resource for school faculty, including teachers, in dealing with current issues as well as avoiding future ones. Despite consultation's value in the school psychology arena, a majority of graduate programs provide a limited amount of coursework on…. [read more]

Analyzing Behavioral Consultation in the School Setting Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography

… Behavioral Consultation in the School Setting: Annotated Bibliography

Dufrene, B. A., Lestremau, L., & Zoder-Martell, K. (2014). DIRECT BEHAVIORAL CONSULTATION: EFFECTS ON TEACHERS' PRAISE AND STUDENT DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR. Psychology in The Schools, 51(6), 567-580.

This study was conducted to examine the direct behavioral consultation being offering in two classes, following a study that found that teachers were not giving expected behavior-specific commendation, this study involved an examination of the success of utilizing DBC (Direct Behavioral Consultation) methods in classes that had students with different behavioral and emotional disorders. Data was collected using bug-in-the-ear devices. To evaluate the effectiveness of increasing behavior specific praise among the teachers, the researchers utilized a multiple baseline design using both direct and indirect training methods. The participants in this study…. [read more]

Code of Ethics and Military Interrogation Term Paper

… ¶ … Code of Ethics & Military Interrogation of Detainees

Merits, Demerits & Biases of Task Force on Psychological Ethics

Changes in APA Public Policy

Boundaries of the APA Ethical Principles and Psychologists' Involvement in Military Interrogation

APA Code of Conduct & Rights of Patients / Clients

Impact of U.S. Policies on Detainees

Effect of Military Interrogation Culture on Psychologists

Conflicts between U.S. Law & International Law

APA Code of Ethics and Military Interrogation of Detainees

United States interrogation policies and rules regarding detainees have been greatly criticized after discovery of "black site" prisons outside the territory of United States. Where American Psychological Association (APA) has extended its cooperation to law and order agencies with reference to interrogation of war detainees, APA regulations and code…. [read more]

Ethics in School Psychology Counseling and Consultation Term Paper

… Ethics of School Psychology

The development of systems and subsystems that ensure the health and well being of children in and out of the school setting goes back hundreds of years. Children are members of the worlds most vulnerable of populations, and in this population there is a subgroup of people who fall into a category that leaves them even more vulnerable, that of the mentally ill. (Fagan & Warden, 1996, p. 58) (Lowen, 1993, p. 22) Many mental illnesses stem from childhood and begin to show symptoms in children giving light to what might be lifelong problems, and many situations of childhood create the need to seek out those who might possess abnormalities or are simply in need of early intervention to stave off…. [read more]

Observing and Maintaining the Ethical Code of Conduct During Psychological Testing Research Paper

… Ethics, Technology and Trends in Testing

Ethics, Technology, and Trends in Testing

It is vital that a psychologist ensure that they observe ethical concerns and principles when they are carrying out psychological tests. The APA has laid out the various ethical principles that should be followed by psychologists when dealing with patients and conducting research. The use of technology has been beneficial, but it has also come with added concerns in regards to ethics. In as much as technology saves time and makes the evaluation process simpler, it also raises ethical concerns like confidentiality, accuracy, and psychologist competency. These issues should be properly addressed if technology is to continue being used for psychological testing. However, one needs to understand that the growing use of technology…. [read more]

Psychology as it Is Applied Research Paper

… ¶ … psychology as it is applied to law enforcement and how the role of psychology has evolved. Be sure to focus on how its role has changed over the years and how it has affected law enforcement.

In the 19th century, mainstream psychologists believed that criminality was either inherently determined as an inheritable trait passed down from generation to generation within families or otherwise biologically determined by specific idiosyncrasies in individuals. During the 20th century, psychology evolved tremendously as a field and incorporated much more complex and useful approaches that reflected an understanding that criminality was not ordinarily a function of biology or traits that were inherited genetically. Instead, psychologists learned that the factors that typically contribute to criminality are those related to early…. [read more]

Early Childhood Abuse Affects Emotional Essay

… As a result of traumatic experiences in the first five years of life, more than one scenario ensues. To begin with, abused children fail to learn the set of behaviors which comprise attachment, and form an entirely different spectrum of behaviors in their interactions with adults. They start by shutting off, avoiding traumatic source (abusing adult caregivers) and would rather open to unfamiliar adults or fend for themselves. Early trauma destroys the child's sense of security, bringing forth as later effect a debilitating lack of trust in later interpersonal relationships. In this sense, the formerly abused adult may prove resilient, antisocial, shallow or emotionally aloof when interacting with other people (Golden 2009).

Alan Schore suggests in his article, The effects of relational trauma on right…. [read more]

Counseling Assessment Term Paper

… Psychological Counseling Interview

Counselor: Tom, can I offer you a drink?

Counselor: Great! Well for starters you already now my name is Christina, you will be meeting with me on a weekly basis here in my office. Our sessions will be an hour and if you are having any difficulties outside of our meeting times feel free to call the receptionist and I will talk to you then or as soon as I have some free time. We will only discuss the things you feel are important, and if at any time you are uncomfortable, make sure to let me know. We will always be respectful to each other, and if you need a minute to yourself during our sessions I will happily give that…. [read more]

Life Coach E Focuses Informative Essay

… As part of the therapeutic orientation, we will instead focus on what situations and moods 'trigger' you to overeat. For most of us, the foods that trigger overeating tend to be highly sugary, salty foods that overwhelm our senses and our ability to moderate consumption; junk food is engineered to short-circuit our ability to know when we are full. Switching to a whole, unprocessed diet is an essential component of weight maintenance. "Much of what we eat in restaurants is fat on sugar on fat with salt. Pick any dish in any mid-American restaurant. What is spinach dip? Fat on salt with green stuff. Look at the average salad we're eating. If you look at the bacon, the croutons, the cheese…it's fats, salts and a…. [read more]

Dysfunctions and Their Therapies Essay

… The distortions include filtering; where individuals take their negative aspects and magnify them look big. This is done while filtering all the positive aspects of life. The next distortion is the polarized thinking, where one is perceived as either good or bad. All the other variables and factors are ignored. Overgeneralization is also a distortion where conclusions are made using a single incident, without factoring in any other evidences. Also, there is the jumping to conclusions distortion, where one makes conclusions without any consultation or interaction with the victim, but just by their reactions and action. Other distortions include catastrophizing, personalization, control fallacies, blaming, fallacy of fairness, should, emotional reasoning, fallacy of change, labeling, heaven reward fallacy and the always be right distortion, where individuals…. [read more]

Role of Consultants in a Mental Health Facility for Hispanics Essay

… A third barrier is the counselors' need to be more adequate in the Spanish language. Having only English speaking Caucasians as their clients in the previous clinic and being English-speaking Caucasians themselves who have not learned Spanish make verbal communication with their clients very difficult. I recommended that they complete a crash program in Spanish. I recommended a bilingual friend who speaks both English and Spanish fluently.

The time element presents another barrier. A month's preparation for an encounter with a culture, which is completely alien to the counselors, did not seem sufficient. They are likely to keep falling back to old prejudices and perspectives, especially in the diagnosis stage of clinic work.

And a last barrier is the need to hire more counselors to…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior (Psychology) Applied Comprehension Organizational Psychologists Term Paper

… Organizational Behavior (Psychology)

Applied Comprehension

Organizational Psychologists continually seek the creation of relevant approaches for the application of organizational psychological principles. Central to the application of Industrial Organizational psychological principles, as an emergent approach, has been the elevation of consultation psychology as a primary approach for the application of organizational psychology. Theoretically, the tension between business, clinical psychology and Industrial or Organizational Psychology has occasionally thwarted the effective application of psychological principles that could otherwise guide the successful resolution of issues between people and systems.

This paper will review the role that consultation psychological services can play in organizations, particularly as it may apply to facilitating organizational movement towards increased strategic success. As a case example, this paper will use a mental health organization to…. [read more]

Appreciative Inquiry, Action Research Essay

… My understanding of the psychological contract is that it is the components of these mutual expectations that go beyond the written contract. The defining nature of the psychological contract is that it is implicit, whereas the actual employment contract is explicit. There is inherently a set of beliefs embedded in the psychological contract about the role of the employee and employer.

The psychological contract is important because performance and happiness can be related to the psychological contract rather than the employment contract. Hiltrop (1996) notes this: "People fill in the blanks along the way, and they sometimes do so inconsistently…a company staffed by cheated individuals who expect far more than they get is headed for trouble."

You can revisit the psychological contract often in your…. [read more]

Forensic Psychologist's Legal Responsibilities and Rights Research Paper

… Legal Rights and Responsibilities in Forensic Psychology

The forensic field has expanded and broadened during the last fifty years or so. Since forensic psychology differs from conventional psychology, special attention has been given in developing ethical and legal rights and responsibilities. This paper summarizes the legal rights and responsibilities of a forensic psychologist in light of the guidelines developed and published by American Psychological Association.

Discussion of rights and responsibilities of forensic psychologists

Duties of a forensic psychologist


The forensic professionals should practice truthfulness and honesty in their fieldwork of forensic psychology and shouldn't misrepresent information regardless.

Being impartial and fair

While offering professional advice and opinion, the forensic scientists should be impartial, fair and unbiased. Due to the gravity of the situation, they…. [read more]

Grant Grant Proposal

… The grant money we receive will be channeled into helping one of the most important industries thrive. We believe that the psychological, legal, ethical, and financial issues this workshop will address will make a big difference on the world of journalism, and thank you for your support.


Cinders. (2008). Kevin Carter: The consequences of photojournalism. FanPop. Retrieved from

Hallowell, Billy. (2012).Should This Photojournalist Have Intervened Sooner to Save the Life of a Dying Snake-Handling Pastor? The Blaze. Retrieved from

Henningham, J. (1996). Australian journalists' professional and ethical values. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, 73(1): 206-218.

Rogers, T. (2012). When should journalists help those in need at disaster scenes? Retrieved from

Smolkin, R. (2006). Off the sidelines. American Journalism Review. Retrieved…. [read more]

Alzheimer's Adult Daycare for Patients Literature Review

… Vreugdenhil, Anthea, Cannell, John, Davies, Andrew, and Razay, George. (2011). A community-based exercise programme to improve functional ability in people with Alzheimer's disease: A randomized controlled trial. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, 26(1), 12-19.

When evaluating an ideal daycare setting to benefit an individual suffering from an advancing Alzheimer's or dementia-related condition, it is important to consider so of the most highly recommended interventions for such subjects. An important benefit of adult daycare utilization is the higher degree of direct physical engagement that it affords the patient. This concept is articulated in the research by Vreugdenhil et al. (2011), which considers the importance of maintaining a steady exercise regimen for a given patient. According to the article, "at 4-months follow-up, patients who exercised, compared with…. [read more]

Leadership and Human Resources Sunflower Term Paper

… According to Maxwell (2003), leadership by example is the key to successful leadership because it is the number one motivational, training, mentoring, and value principle.

The executive team developed a core value that would guide the way Sunflower conducted its business. This core value, "people are to be treated with dignity and respect" was simple, but powerful. The consulting team trained Sunflower's executive management team using this value and recommended changes for a manager who had a personality inconsistent with the new management style. In addition, the consultants trained Sunflower's operations management in participatory management and conflict resolutions. The training was later extended to Sunflower's line staff and first-line supervisors. Although improvement was evident after the training program, more work was needed. There was still…. [read more]

Safety Systems New Development Research Paper

… Health, safety and security are relatively close to each other. Health is the common condition of well being. It not only comprises physical well being, but emotional and mental well being also include in health.

Safety is the process of securing the physical well being of an employee. It comprises the risk of accidents caused due to machinery in the plant, fire or diseases.

Security is the process of giving protection to the facilities and equipments from illegal access and providing protection to the employees when they are on work.

The responsibility of employee health and safety falls on the HR manager or the supervisor of the organization. An HR manager provide help in organizing safety programs, and give awareness to the employees about the…. [read more]

Nursing Assessment Taking the History Essay

… However, the Craig (2007) article does provide some useful basic information concerning what information should be taken in the patient history and in general the article is well-written and direct. Some of the references to alcohol may not apply outside the UK; however, most of the information is relevant for nurses, social workers, psychologists, physicians, and other health care workers who are interested in taking complete patient histories. However, as mentioned above the article does has some minor inadequacies and supplementing the information in this article with information in the references provided in this paper will result in a more complete understanding of what is required in the history taking process. Craig's (2007) recommendations could be adopted into most practices, but again as mentioned above…. [read more]

Technology Learning Environ New Term Paper

… Similarly, engineers need to take into account the diverse needs of a heterogeneous society when developing educational technologies. Sociological and psychological studies can lend insight into the particular ways educators and engineers can tailor their research, development, and implementation programs.

Implementing new technologies into the existing classroom environment will be challenging, requiring a structural reworking of the school's physical infrastructure as well as a remodeling of the school curriculum. In order for technology to reach its maximum potential it must be seamlessly integrated into each school. Learning styles, variances in cognitive styles, linguistic background, cultural needs, and disabilities must be taken into account in order to develop the most accessible educational technologies. Finally, using technology for educational ends must be in accordance with the changing…. [read more]

Psychotherapeutic Case Formulation Salomon Case Study

… ii. Metacognitive Strategy

Salomon should receive evidence-based intervention (Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA, 2010, p. 2). That would include solo therapy sessions with Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy with the ABCDE method, in which the therapist teaches the client that external events are not causing his emotional/psychological disturbances; rather, " 'A' actual external events automatically/habitually elicit 'B' beliefs and irrational thoughts (perceptions and interpretations of the external events) that entail 'C' consequent emotions that may be irrational (maladaptive, inappropriate, unrealistic), and that must be 'D' disputed, attacked, challenged so that 'E' effective rational thoughts (perceptions and interpretations of the external events) may take their place (Rosner, 2011, p. 83). As part of his treatment, Salomon should also: "Keep a daily log of problematic emotional…. [read more]

Medical Professionals, Nurses Term Paper

… But, as Neuman's model suggests, it is in fact central to the role that nurses can and should play in the role of their patients.

Although it should be obvious, this approach of integrating spirituality into the practice of psychiatric nursing should not in any way be conflated with proselytizing for any specific religion. This doctor, who specializes in geriatrics, has worked with both what she considers to be "spiritually enlightened" and "religious nutcase" nurses and considers the former to be a significant asset to the profession of medicine.

A certainly consider myself to be a scientist - I have actually have a joint research appointment - but that doesn't mean that I don't think that the spiritual element is not important in healing. I…. [read more]

Military Recruitment Issues and Concerns Essay

… Similarly, certain traffic violations also require formal waivers and where the recruit has accumulated more than four violations in two years, a consultation with the MEPS physician is mandatory to determine whether or not a psychological consultation and evaluation is necessary for that recruit.

However, some of the most frustrating aspects of time management in military recruiting arise in connection with recruits backing out of their commitment at or prior to departure time after all the recruiter's time has already been invested in that recruit. Finally, the same issue arises in connection with the Command Reports that must be completed by the recruiter for every recruit who drops out during Boot Camp.…. [read more]

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Term Paper

… Beyond graduate education, certification through a professional nursing organization and state licensure are also necessary to legitimately practice as a pediatric nurse practitioner, or any advanced practitioner nurse for that matter (Teicher et al., 2001). A strong background and knowledge in pediatrics and terminal illness is also required. In addition, pediatric nurse practitioners should enforce their unique role through continual collaboration with physicians and other healthcare professionals (Teicher et al., 2001). Also, active research continues to develop and establish the crucial role played by pediatric nurse practitioners (Teicher et al., 2001).

The true value of the pediatric nurse practitioner role must be demonstrated through the evaluation of patient outcomes, and patient and family satisfaction (Teicher et al., 2001). Teicher et al. (2001) explained how this…. [read more]

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