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Diabetes Mellitus Research Paper

… However, how ethical is it to offer financial compensation to individuals to take care of their own health? Ethical issues such as this regarding maintaining patient involvement in their own healthcare and well-being need to be further explored and addressed in the public health context.

Effective diabetes prevention programs in primary care will need to be widely accessible to the general population and be highly visible. The use of technology and new media may be effective in allowing people to easily access and navigate diabetes prevention and treatment programs conveniently from their homes. Chorbev et al. (2011) investigated the efficacy of virtual communities for the promotion of education, self-help, discussion, and support regarding chronic diabetes. The authors of this study purported that this type of…. [read more]

Public Health as a Discipline Essay

… In general, there are ten critical services that local departments perform on a regular level: 1) The monitoring of the health status of the local community based on statistical averages and community health hazards; 2) Assisting in the diagnosis and investigation of both health problems and hazards within the community; 3) To provide critical information that educates and empowers the community to prevent and solve health issues; 4) To act as a central agency to mobilize community partnerships that will solve health issues; 5) Assisting local governments and institutions in developing policies and plans that support the overall health directives from the federal and state government; 6) Enforcement of laws and regulations that help protect the community in both the health and safety realms; 7)…. [read more]

Health Care United States' National Healthcare Expenditures Term Paper

… Health Care

United States' national healthcare expenditures cover for the following services: dental services (provided in offices of dentists and clinics of dentists and operated by a doctor of dental medicine, a doctor of dental surgery, or a doctor of dental science), durable medical equipment (covers retail sales of items like: contact lenses, eyeglasses, other ophthalmic products, surgical and orthopedic products, hearing aids, wheelchairs, medical equipment rentals), home health care (covers medical home health care provided by public and private non-facility-based home health agencies, sales or rentals of medical equipment billed through these agencies), hospital care (covers all types of services provided by public and private hospitals, including: room and board, ancillary charges, resident physicians services, inpatient pharmacy, hospital-based nursing home and home health care),…. [read more]

Health Program Bronx Racial Disparities Term Paper

… Belief is often one of the most powerful determinants of how an individual will respond to emergent health concerns. This correlates not just to how individuals pursue individual health concerns but, further, extends to how individuals interact with the broader health system. The belief amongst minorities that options do not exist for healthcare access or coverage may prevent interaction with the system at critical levels.

To this end, the Calman text refers to the nature of an outreach and education program that begins with a call for universal health insurance coverage. To an extent, health behavior relating to the seeking of health insurance coverage is often impacted by a belief that no access exists for those of limited means. Calman notes that "there must be…. [read more]

Health and Wellness Definitions Term Paper

… Health Beliefs and Professional Life

Culture influences an individual's health beliefs, behaviors, activities and medical treatment conclusion. Because of the important influence of culture upon health and related outcomes, health care professionals should be culturally competent in order to provide best possible health care to patients.

Cultural competency in the context of health care provision consists of:

Awareness and acceptance of cultural divergence

Awareness of one's own cultural values

Recognition that people of different cultures have different ways of communicating, behaving, deducing, and problem-solving

Recognition that cultural beliefs influence patient's health beliefs, help-seeking activities, interactions with health care professionals, health care practices, and health care outcomes, including adherence to prescribed regimens.

An ability and willingness to acclimatize the way one works to fit the patient's…. [read more]

Health Care Disparities Race Related Research Paper

… Their health conditions as compared to that of white women are quite adverse. One of the examples of their unfavorable health conditions is the high maternal mortality rate. The maternal mortality rate is highest among western nations. African women die four times more during child birth as compared to white women. This is because the colored, especially those belonging to low income families, do not have an access to the facilities that are necessary to get positive birth outcomes.

Medical Errors:

The medical errors in United States health care system cause about 44 to 98 thousand deaths. In addition to that, these errors also incur a loss of dollar 25 billion each year. Unfortunately due to high racial discrepancies most of such disadvantages are tolerated…. [read more]

Healthcare Reform Essay

… As a nurse administrator, one has to be vigilant so as to make sure that the nursing and other paramedic staff is working with honesty and competence to help the people who are sick. It is also the role of the nurse administrator to make sure that all the equipment required for primary or preventive care is available at the hospital or the health care center. The nurse administrator has to see whether or not the attendance of the nursing staff is up to the mark or not. The aim of the nurses should not just be to provide treatment or services, but also to counsel the patients. The patients need to be told that if they develop the same symptoms again they should come…. [read more]

Public Health Informatics Is the Application Essay

… Public health informatics is the application of informatics in areas of public health, including surveillance, reporting, and health promotion. Public health informatics, and its corollary, population informatics, are concerned with groups rather than individuals" (Public health informatics, 2013, AMA.). Informatics has a wide range of applications in the field of healthcare. Unlike individualized medicine, public health professionals are interested in how interventions affect groups. For example, a weight loss program might be effective for certain individuals but unless the programs' interventions are demonstrated to be effective in an empirical fashion for a wide range of people, the designers are unlikely to secure funding from a government agency so the program can be offered to Medicaid patients.

Healthcare informatics is noteworthy for its interdisciplinary focus, merging…. [read more]

Health Care in the U.S Term Paper

… The Spanish System

The health care system in Spain is still reeling from the recent global recession. High unemployment rates are expected to continue, which places a strain on the ability to support the national health care system (OECD, 2011b). The ability of the national health care system in Spain to provide services depends on an inflow of taxes from the people. Anything that harms the economy also harms the national health care system. The same is true in the United States, only the impact is not as great, because the system is not entirely dependent upon government funds.

The national health care system and Spain is known as the SNS. It is operated by the National Ministry of Health and Social Policy. It is…. [read more]

Healthcare Spending the United States Essay

… The Medicare and Medicaid programs are also reformed and designing Insurance-like setups that would help people getting direct access; thus, cutting down the expenses on healthcare programs.

Moreover, insurers and healthcare providers are directly dealing with each other and making new payment models thus sharing the risk of healthcare coverage. This has also increased the level of employers' interest in workers' healthcare. These shifts are improving the healthcare system but the economic downturn has increased. However, these changes will make significant improvements in healthcare till 2014. (Matthews, 2011)


Currently, the condition of U.S. Health Care System is worse than any other industrial countries. Expenditures are high and health outcomes are quite poor. But since the Healthcare Reform Law 2010, the future of healthcare in…. [read more]

Diabetes Prevalence of Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus) Research Proposal

… ¶ … Diabetes [...] prevalence of diabetes (diabetes mellitus) in the urban areas of the United States. Diabetes is a growing healthcare problem in the United States because there are more overweight Americans than ever before, and obesity is a leading cause in the most prevalent type of diabetes, adult onset diabetes, or Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is especially prevalent in the urban African-American and other ethnic communities, and there are differing opinions about why this is the case.

Diabetes is extremely prevalent in the United States. Two authors note, "Approximately 18.3% (8.6 million) of the U.S. population age 60 and older has diabetes. This population is more likely to experience heart attacks, strokes, hypertension, blindness, end-stage renal disease, and lower-limb amputations than their nondiabetic…. [read more]

Interventions Management Self-Care Diabetes Education Research Paper

… School age is considered to be a very important stage in the growth of self-care skills. It means middle and late childhood, referred to as the elementary school years or the developmental -period lengthening from roughly 6 -- 11 years of age (Marjatta Kelo, 2011). All through this time the aptitude to think rationally develops, children begin to appreciate the reasons and outcomes of an illness and they obtain an idea of previous and future. They come to realize that the disease requires continuous management (Marjatta Kelo, 2011). At school, children pursue in order to master conditions (Santrock 2007).

Diabetes Education

One study discovered that more than two-thirds of the patients were not getting the right information in regards to their illness while they were…. [read more]

Patients and Public Essay

… This dilemma is compounded given racial, ethnic, linguistic, and religious diversity. The needs assessment strategy has to be one that is inclusive, and therefore the team working on the needs assessment should be as diverse as possible to represent the demographics in the target community.

Another dilemma in the health needs assessment for diabetic children is coordination of efforts. There are several different social institutions identified as stakeholders, Schools are involved, as are health care organizations and local businesses Coordinating these groups can be tricky and time consuming. Finally, cost is a big dilemma in the needs assessment.

3. A discussion of how the design of the needs assessment would influence implementation. (our design is to collect the epidemiological data from available record system, conducting…. [read more]

Community Health Problems Health Issues and Analysis Essay

… Community Health Oklahoma

Modern healthcare is a rewarding, but challenging, career choice. The modern healthcare professional's role is not limited to only assisting the doctor in procedures, however. Instead, the contemporary professional takes on a partnership role with both the doctor and patient as advocate caregiver, teacher, researcher, counselor, and case manager. The caregiver role includes those activities that assist the client physically, mentally, and emotionally, while still preserving the client's dignity. In order for one to be an effective caregiver, the patient must be treated in a holistic manner. Proper communication and advocacy is another role that the modern caregiver assumes when providing quality care. The interconnection and synthesis of multidisciplinary nursing, for example, becomes critical, not just in the idea of achieving national…. [read more]

Healthcare Economics Evaluation Essay

… ) use (CDC, 2011)(SAPRP, 2013).

Another main dimension of healthcare costs being inflated artificially by bad choices and behaviors is mostly through chronic and/or catastrophic events like heart disease, Type II Diabetes (but not Type I) and other maladies that are sometimes engendered through heredity and other genetic factors but are often the result of protracted and wide-spread bad habits such as lack of exercise, bad diet or a combination of the two.

If the body is abused enough over time, it will eventually start buckling from the abuse and the health care costs skyrocket for that person. People that are poorer and less educated often tend to fall into this group and they often do not have the resources to combat their health problem…. [read more]

Health Care Changes Essay

… From a public health perspective, there are now thousands of new diagnostic tools available to the medical profession allowing one to access more information in a timely manner. Data may be collected to help society; data analysis helps determine areas of high concern for specific pandemics or other healthcare needs, and how reform might impact costs and incent providers to build clinics or hosptials. Advanced analysis of disease vectors, trends in pandemics and certain illnesses endemic to modern life (diabetes, obesity, cornonary and renal issues) as well as healthcare concerns surrounding nutrition, lifestyle, lack of exercise and alchohol and now impacting even the most basic GP office. Epidemologically, medial data can help scientiests understand and hopefully prevent massive disease outbreaks globally; certainly this data can…. [read more]

Public Health Service: A Renewed Research Paper

… S. Constitution thereby making it mandatory for individuals to purchase health insurance. The Individual Mandate provision of the PPACA (P.L. 111-148, PPACA) requires all Americans must purchase healthcare insurance policy from 2014 or face a federal penalty. The U.S. Supreme Court stroked down the individual mandate provisions stating that they violated the Commerce Clause. The court held that the Individual Mandate under the current provisions is unconstitutional. Another blow to the ACA provisions was that the Supreme Court stroked down the requirement for states to participate in Medicaid expansion or their Medicaid funds will be withheld by the Federal government. The Court held that the provision is an overreach by the Federal government. The Court held that the participation in the Medicaid expansion shall be…. [read more]

Health Care Industry in America Essay

… American physicians feel that American health care does not work well and needs rebuilding (Blendon, 2001).

From the consumers' point-of-view, there is a great deal of dissatisfaction in the quality of health care (Davis, 2006). A variety of studies have revealed that U.S. consumers are not satisfied with the quality of communication between themselves and their physician especially in regard to making health care decisions but the one area where American consumers express satisfaction in is the area of the timeliness of their treatment. Here Americans were satisfied in their ability to see a specialist or obtain elective surgery but they still complained about being able to readily obtain care on nights and weekends.

The overall level of dissatisfaction and the empirical evidence that seemingly…. [read more]

Health Care System Evolution Organizational Analysis and Continuum Essay

… Health Care System Evolution, Organizational Analysis and Continuum of Care

The objective of this work is to examine the evolution of the health care system and how health care delivery systems have influenced the current health care system in regards to Medicare/Medicaid. This work will conduct an organizational analysis for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention including the stakeholders impacted by this component and how they are affected. Finally, this work will examine the continuum of care for Diabetes care program in the United States including the services provided and how these fit in the continuum of care. This work will examine how the equity contributes or fails to contribute to the overall management of healthcare resources and will examine the future trends of…. [read more]

Healthcare Finance Term Paper

… Medicare Diabetes Prevention Act of 2013

Healthcare Finance

Senator Franken (D-MN) introduced a bill (S. 452) into the Senate on March 5, 2013 that provides a mechanism through which Medicare and Medicaid recipients, who are at risk for developing diabetes, can receive preventive care services (Medicare Diabetes Prevention Act, 2013; Civic Impulse, 2013). The Senate version of the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Act of 2013 (MDPA) has 14 cosponsors, all Democrats, while the House version has 17 Democrat sponsors. This bill is quite detailed and lengthier than previous bills intended to state a policy position, which suggests there may be considerable interest in moving this bill through the respective committees for a floor vote.

MDPA Details

The main provision in the MDPA gives authority to the…. [read more]

Public Health Diabetes Case Study

… Diabetes Education

Public health Diabetes

Arizona: Diabetes programming and services

As is the case throughout the United States, the prevalence of diabetes has been rapidly escalating in the state of Arizona. The Arizona Diabetes Coalition was developed "to reduce the burden of diabetes on individuals, families, communities, the health care system, and Arizona. This is done by increasing awareness of diabetes, advocating for and promoting policies and programs that improve access to care, treatment, and outcomes for people with diabetes and those at risk for developing diabetes" (Arizona Diabetes Coalition, 2013, ADHS). The Arizona Diabetes Coalition releases bulletins offering suggestions on healthy meal planning and maintains a website intended to inform the public of the symptoms and seriousness of the disease. The focus of the…. [read more]

Diabetes Type 1 As a Long-Term Illness in the Community Essay

… Managing Long-Term Health Care Needs

The management of patients with type I diabetes presents a number of challenges to health care professionals. Of all the various chronic conditions, complicated diabetes is particularly challenging. In order for diabetics to achieve the medical goals suggested by current guidelines diabetic patients are required to self-monitor their blood glucose, take frequent insulin injections, properly administer their various medications, attend to their diet, pay particular attention to their foot and dental care, maintain a proper diet, and make sure they get proper exercise. It is a daunting task and it is one that few diabetics are able to manage on their own. Most diabetic patients require frequent and consistent monitoring. The intent of this care plan is to provide an…. [read more]

Diabetes Management Goes Mobile Term Paper

… Diabetes Management Goes Mobile

Diabetes is, "a disease that affects nearly 21 million people -- about 7% of the United States' population -- including 1 in every 8 African-Americans. And while diabetes has no cure, new high-tech tools -- as well as good, old-fashioned, hands-on education -- are being used in an effort to make it easier to manage the deadly disease." (Chappell, 2006, p. 158) Diabetes management has been a monumental challenge since diabetes was first identified as a disease that could be effectively treated in the long-term. (Jones, 2006, p. 132) Many individuals have problems with treatment compliance and managing diabetes from a medical standpoint can be complicated and ever shifting, depending on many external factors as well as issues involving medication dosage…. [read more]

Healthcare Information Technology (IT) Research Paper

… Telemedicine

Healthcare it

Telemedicine is the exchange of medical information via electronic communication in order to improve a patient's health status. Telemedicine use various applications like email, video, wireless tools, smart phones, and other telecommunication technologies. This has been a rapidly growing application technology, which is aimed at providing remote medical examinations and procedures. When two medical professionals share a case via telephone, it can also be referred to as telemedicine. This is quite simple, but telemedicine also incorporates the use of satellite technology or video conferencing for conducting real-time patient consultation. In short telemedicine can be defined as the use of information technology and communications in the delivery of clinical care. Telemedicine started over forty years ago when hospitals used to extend care to…. [read more]

Health Care Services for the Homeless Research Paper

… Health Care Services for the Homeless

An Analysis of Health Care for the Homeless, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Today, one of the most significant problems facing underserved populations is an inability to obtain health care services in the marketplace. In fact, there is a strong relationship between homelessness and health; homeless people typically experience higher rates of physical illnesses than the general public, and in cases where access is severely limited, people will tend to use fewer health services and will typically experience worse health outcomes (Helvie & Kunstmann, 1999). Furthermore, the constraints to access of medically underserved and vulnerable populations is reflected in their higher mortality rates and increased rates of cancer, heart disease, strokes, and dental disease (Barrett, Epstein, Gaston & Johnson, 1998). Community health…. [read more]

Health Literacy Essay

… Health Literacy

The nurse plays the most critical role in improving patient health literacy, because the nurse serves as a patient advocate. As Speros (2011) points out, "It is imperative that nursing responds to the call of creating a health literate society by taking an active role in health literacy research, education, and promotion (p. 321). The nurse is often the person to whim the patient goes when there are questions related to intake forms, insurance, or specific care issues like wound dressings or nutrition when the physician is unavailable. "Nurses have a professional and ethical obligation to communicate in a clear, purposeful way that addresses the unique information needs of each patient," (Speros, 2011, p. 321). Health literacy entails everything from being able to…. [read more]

Public Health Essay

… With this equal mix of expenditures, New Jersey can ill afford to cut already strained programs.

2) Describe one community health practice in your community that is based on evidence. What is the source of the research study?

One community health practice utilized in New Jersey is that of the use of internet and information technology to improve performance. New Jersey uses information technology to further advance the detection and management of diseases within its borders. One such method is a form of informatics called Vista. The VA has the largest enterprise-wide health information system uses informatics within the New Jersey area. As the largest enterprise wide health information system Vista helps more people per dollar invested in the system. This is otherwise known as…. [read more]

Health and Wellness Programs Term Paper

… Health and Wellness Programs

Research Proposes

More than Absence

Healthy Habits

Final Diagnosis

Health and Wellness Program examines the hypothesis: Although employees' health and productivity in public agencies in the southwest Georgia region are reported to be regularly enhanced by the impact of Health and Wellness Programs, limitations and delimitations are frequently overlooked or intentionally ignored. Consequently, this presents unanticipated problems as employers and employees may obtain unrealistic expectations and ensuing Health and Wellness Programs may be "set up" to fail.

Positive and negative program components, along with counters to potential failures of Health and Wellness programs are examined and presented in this paper.


Research Proposes

More Than the Absence

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being,…. [read more]

New Healthcare Challenges for a Divers and Growing Elderly Population Term Paper

… There were an estimated 3.3 million African-Americans over 65 in 2010, according to the Administration on Aging (AoA). By 2050, it is expected that the elderly population of African-Americans will account for about 11% of the 65-and-older population in the United States (AoA).

And although African-Americans are living longer, the majority of those over 65 years of age have had "at least one chronic health condition and many have multiple conditions" (AoA). The AoA provides a breakdown into the most frequent chronic conditions that afflicted older black people between the years 2005 and 2007.

Topping the list is hypertension, with 84% of elderly African-Americans reporting this medical problem. The following medical ailments are listed with percentages of black elderly people in parentheses: a) diagnosed arthritis…. [read more]

Healthcare - Discussion Responses Term Paper

… Healthcare - Discussion Responses


Historically each generation in the U.S. could expect to live longer than their parents yet presently the life expectancy of women in the U.S. is decreasing; my question;

Can a nation of unhealthy people be globally competitive?

Response to Statement #1: Certainly, it is true that national poverty is one measure corresponding to relative unhealthiness of a nation's population. Likewise, it is also generally true that widespread unhealthiness in the population is not particularly conducive to competitive productivity. However, the topic question relates more to the following two issues: (1) what are the specific causes for the apparent decrease in life expectancy of American women, and (2) whether or not this decrease in life expectancy is large enough…. [read more]

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