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Schools and Education Term Paper

… (Rury 2013)

This is because the country was continuing to evolve based upon shifts in attitudes and beliefs in society. At the same time, the economy was continually adjusting. This meant that in order for the nation to remain competitive some kind of changes had to occur within the system itself. The results were that more people became a part of the educational structure and were offered the opportunity to receive access to the same solutions as everyone else. (Rury 2013)

These ideals were supposed to provide everyone with better support and the ability to understand critical ideas. However, the reality is that these solutions are continuing to impact student performance. This is based upon the role that various social factors will have on an…. [read more]

School Health Education Essay

… Academic skills must be incorporated into it. These include reading, mathematics, social studies, ethics, language arts, art, economics, science, and government. Howard Gardner focuses on multiple intelligence development in the intrapersonal, interpersonal, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, logical-mathematical, spatial and linguistic fields. Every projected outcome creates new knowledge and induces comprehension and affective activities and develops higher-order thinking, personal and social skills. Examples of comprehension and affective activities are brainstorming, rank ordering, lecture, question-and-answer, unfinished sentences, role-playing, values voting, debates, media and experiments. Process evaluation of curriculum development draws from the definition of CSHE, the extent of support by school officials and the community and its use by students. Student learning is evaluated by portfolios, cognitive and affective outcomes and the development of personal and social skills.

The…. [read more]

School Voucher System Research Paper

… This may result in poorer levels of educational accomplishment and triumph and an increase in the disproportion and unfairness of education outcomes (Macintosh & Wilkinson xi).

On the other hand, the introduction of such a system can possibly weaken the social structure and social capital benefits linked with education. Greater specialization could be prompted in the school sector that can, in due course, lessen the capacity of schools to encourage merging social values. On the other hand, a disadvantage of this system could be the creation of a segregated society on the basis of race, religion, intellectual aptitude and socio-economic position. This could promote the loss of social organization, solidity and connectivity between diverse social groups. Vouchers could also result in a superior geographic diffusion…. [read more]

Education and the Teacher-Learner Relationship Term Paper

… "Research is clear that adult intelligence is reliant upon how well the brain has been shaped by experiences through life. These experiences, which are gained in a variety of ways by adults, must be stored in the memory areas of the brain and made available for recall when the need arises" (Wilson, 2006). So much of a person's life experience is the result of education, and if that educational experience is a negative one, which fails to acknowledge and validate personal differences in learning styles and philosophies, then the adult will equate learning with something negative.

Generally, I intend to take a pragmatic approach to education and use hands-on learning methods to help students incorporate and develop knowledge. However, that approach will borrow heavily from…. [read more]

Public Schools vs. Private Term Paper

… In short, it was all -- even the math and science -- philosophy. In fact, it could not have been anything else, as science as we know it would be invented hundreds of years later by people a lot less erudite. Those early Greek 'schools' were the foundation not only of the detached method of education extant in U.S. public schools today, but of the campus style of learning as well. Universities and even high schools are generally separated from their communities by acres of greensward. Clinchy argues that this is not for peace, quiet and beauty alone, but to separate the students from everyday life. To be sure, private schools are often at least as well set apart as public schools, but the effect…. [read more]

Education Disparity in America Essay

… Actually, well-funded school districts are unwilling to share money with the poorer school districts because of the realization that money is not the fix for poorer performing school districts. The ideal way for resolving the disparity is by focusing on adequate funding as well such as effective supervision, strong curriculum, quality teaching, and relevant student programs.

Analysis of Observations:

The observations regarding education disparity in America are contradictory because of the ironical nature of the problem and probable solution. The contradictory aspect of these observations originates from the fact that the disparity is mainly brought by lack of adequate funds, but increase in funding does not solve it. Actually, it is evident that funding of public schools worsens the inequalities in the education system. These…. [read more]

Public Policy and Stem Public Policy Education Term Paper

… Public Policy and Stem

Public Policy

Education is the United States has not always received the attention it deserves. We expect that our children will do well in grade school and high school so that they can go on to college to obtain a degree of their choosing. Even though this is a reality for many, it is not a reality for some. Not everyone in this country is at the level that they should be in reading or math which will prevent them from getting into a good college. With the No Child Left Behind Act, policies were put into place to bring children from lower socioeconomic statuses up to par with reading and math. It appears that the program has been successful based…. [read more]

Education and National Security Essay

… Obesity and criminal records are not necessarily the fault of the education system, but the lack of a diploma and not being able to pass aptitude tests show inefficiencies in the system. The lack of technologically qualified students to address cyber threats also shows inefficiencies. If youth do not have the appropriate education that trains and prepares them, it will affect the country with deeper security issues as the generations go by. "Only New Zealand, Spain, Turkey, and Mexico have lower high school completion rates" (Reagan, 2010). Federal control continues to threaten the creativity and productivity of schools.

One answer to the problem that is proposed is to remove the bureaucracy, equip schools with the financial resources they need, as well as the trust and…. [read more]

School Overcrowding Curriculum Brady, K.P Capstone Project

… The research considers the empirical and the social implications for this kind of change.

Graves proposes that there is a distinct likelihood that the calendar change would improve scores, yet there is also a concern that social interactions and interpersonal relationships would change or be altered in a pejorative manner. Yet later in the article, the data collected suggests that the multi-track year-round schools are at a disadvantage to more normatively structured schools. Graves suggests that this kind of structural change would work well as part of a series of changes or initiatives to cope with overcrowding, and should not be the final or singular change schools should take into consideration when coping with the challenges of overcrowding.

Ready, D., Lee, V., & Weiner, K.G.…. [read more]

Education and Learning Term Paper

… Additionally they are forced to nod in a certain way to express the fact that they are paying attention to what is being said. Students have to immediately look at their peers when they are speaking. When this is viewed by an outsider it was mentioned that it seems like a rather odd phenomenon. Additionally, the students are made to chant motivational speeches and do other things of this regard such as songs and games.

Critics of the charter school movement cite the fact that they are generally selective in their recruitment efforts. This results in the fact that the charter schools may not actually have a fair sampling of those on the bottom of the barrel in terms of the achievement gap. Though their…. [read more]

Public School vs. Home Schooling Term Paper

… With recent advances in distance learning technology, more and more families are choosing to learn at home." (Internet Home School Website, 2003)

Internet offerings are vast, with everything from social societies that provide outreach and opinions with regards to home school concerns and solution to companies that provide whole home school curriculums that meet the standards in the state of origin or require little alteration to do so. (Home School World Website 2001) The internet site: a leading magazine, Home School World production that can assist individuals in achieving home school goals and also help answer some of the lingering questions and fears associated with home schooling children. The available information for home school advocates clearly increases the odds that any home school decision…. [read more]

High School Electives and the Navy JROTC Literature Review

… Ernest Hemingway's "Big Two-Hearted River"

There are a number of eminent boons associated with the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC), a program which is offered as an elective at public high schools across the nation. However, many of these positives do not directly correlate to academic achievement. An explanation of this fact partially stems from the very nature of the program -- as an elective, it is limited in the amount of educational value it can impart to students, which is certainly lesser than that of the value afforded students via daily coursework offered in standard classes. Importantly, the public funds of the JROTC make it a viable option for students in light of regulations regarding federal and state regulations limitations mandated by 1995's…. [read more]

Education Research Paper

… The parents or family do not give support to the students hence they lack motivation. They thrive in the farming, industrial and other service sectors leaving their children with the televisions and video games as the babysitters without development. Their poor background also holds them at home due to lack of the costs that come with education. Most immigrants are not able to cope with the urban fast life and so they are in the rural areas where education has not been fully implemented. The schools are far and sometimes they lack transport due to the poor infrastructure (Ullman 4).

Alcohol and drugs is a problem among the poor because this is how they pass time. These children from the addicted families are exposed to…. [read more]

Public Schools Versus Private Term Paper

… Public Schools vs. Private Schools

Literature Review (in Progress)

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute study results published in "Where Do Public School Teachers Send Their Kids to School?" (Doyle et al. 2004) may be surprising to many parents whose children attend public school. Teachers are expected to be the individuals that know the most about what is going on in schools because they work there every day, with access to the classroom, school resources, school administration, and every aspect of the education system. One would expect that teachers would take pride in their schools and have their own children attend the public schools in which they teach; this would be a strong vote of confidence for the public schools. However, if teachers themselves chose not…. [read more]

Public Policy Analysis Essay

… It is necessary on a school-by-school basis to create physical education programs that address the unique needs and challenges of student's physical health. For example, in a district where there is a large population of obese students, incorporating more cardiovascular activity may be preferred in gym class, because students do not have the time or money to devote to sports outside of school. In schools where only a few talented students dominate the gym class, less competitive activities like obstacle courses can be incorporated. "The students shouldn't be standing around. PE classes should keep kids active for at least 50% or more of the time they are in class" (Greenlaw 2012). Although healthy competition can be an important way to stimulate students' interest, it should…. [read more]

School Uniforms for Students Term Paper

… As part of a general safety program, many school districts are considering implementing uniform policies.

The purpose to this study is to prove that wearing school uniforms has a positive effect on student behavior and/or school violence in United States schools. In this paper's review of literature, issues explored include a rationale for policy adoption, legal implications of uniform policies; and the perceptions of parents, students, educators, and those opposing uniform policies. In conclusion, recommendations on successful policy formation will be issued in the Results section.

D. Procedures

It is hypothesized that behavior in schools which require their students to wear uniforms will be better than those schools which do not with respect to discipline and behavior.

This study will use existing empirical research. The…. [read more]

Education for Hispanic Students in the Elementary Schools of Alabama Term Paper

… Education for Hispanic Students in the Elementary

schools of alabama & the U.S.


Case studies are conducted by many professionals throughout the world and specifically by academic professionals and educators for the purpose of gathering knowledge and data concerning specific topics of interest for the purpose of enlightening their practice and adding to their knowledge in development of curriculum as well for assessing the needs of students and ascertaining what practices are most effective. The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning at North-Carolina State University assigns the definition of a case study to be:."..a written description of a problem or situation. The purpose of a case study is to place participants in the role of decision-makers asking them to distinguish pertinent from…. [read more]

Education Apex Middle School Term Paper

… At grade 8 students may first take the examination.

Health Education/Physical Education: Like most other school districts, Apex Middle School requires a health education program in grades 6-8 that helps students learn about self-concept, drug abuse, diseases and discusses topics such as adolescent pregnancy. Additionally, Apex middle school offers at Grade 8 an assertiveness training course that teaches students how to deal with peer pressure. The goal of these programs are to increase middle school students awareness and ability to deal with real life situations in an effort to round out their education. Physical education programs vary from year to year and are dependent upon facilities and equipment.

How does this curriculum differ from the curriculum of like middle schools in New York?

According to…. [read more]

School Uniforms in Public Essay

… The compliance rate was 98%; the first year result proved the much effect a successful school uniform policy is capable of having on a school system. The first year had 43% reduction in suspensions, 70% reduction in substance abuse, 54% fewer fights, 50% fewer cases of battery against employees and 20% fewer cases of weapons possession and robbery. Some other school systems also reported a more similar statistical change.

Even though introduction of the school uniform is of great importance, there is some precaution which has to be taken in its implementation. For example, the school should be careful when selecting the school uniform. Some parents and children may resist the uniform because the introduction will have to restrict style of dressing and this causes…. [read more]

Intended for a Quantitative Public Essay

… Many believe it is hard to use financial innovation in the places where its application is sought, the places where its application is desired or the places where its application is needed. Financial innovation has traditionally been part of education policy. The individuals who seek to practically implement a financial innovative policy find it too difficult within an educational structure. These types of individuals are actually quite a few and varied across different posts in institutions, which range from schools to teachers to the policy makers themselves. These individuals think it is hard to help make the necessary changes in reaction to financial innovation or investment. There's a general opinion that these financial innovations lead to failure more regularly than they do to success. But…. [read more]

Education of Abbasid Today Term Paper

… These palace schools also prepared children of rulers for higher education. Like the later town and palace schools in Renaissance Europe, they also taught students the arts of formal speaking and conversation, history, tradition, and ethics. The teachers of these schools were called mu'addi, which means "one who refines manners."

Arab women studied, practiced and taught medicine, mysticism, poetry, teaching, and oratory and even took active roles in military conflicts. However, due to false Arab stereotypes, women do not receive much credit for their accomplishments and contributions to Arab history.

In these early mosques, teachers did not follow a specific format or curriculum. Instead, teachers were allowed to teach freely and use a variety of methods of instruction. Some teachers would teach from a text…. [read more]

Why Higher Education Should Be Free Research Paper

… It is not a foregone conclusion that greater levels of higher education would completely cure the American electorate of ideological stupidity -- but at this point, with a system this dysfunctional, it certainly could not hurt.

Additionally, in a subtle point which is possible one that is worthy of our deepest consideration, Thomas Frank has noted that the current economic inflation in the cost of a college degree has other, less obvious effects on the economic and political life of the nation. As Frank wrote in a 2012 editorial for Harper's

To saddle young people with enormous, inescapable debt -- total student debt is now more than one trillion dollars -- is ultimately to transform them into profit-maximizing machines. I mean, working as a schoolteacher…. [read more]

School Uniforms Essay

… Classroom discipline creates an environment that is dedicated to learning and nothing else. Parents also prefer uniforms because they do not have to worry about buying new outfits for their children, who just want to compete with friends regarding their designer clothing. School uniforms cannot solve all problems but they are a good idea, they have worked in other countries, and they should be implemented immediately in American public schools.

Works Cited

Gentile, Elisabetta and Imberman, Scott A. "Dressed for Success: Do School Uniforms Improve Student Behavior, Attendance, and Achievement?" Retrieved online:

Murray, Richard K. "The Impact of School Uniforms on School Climate." NASSP Bulletin, v81 n593 p106-12 Dec 1997.

Park, Judy. "Do School Uniforms Lead to Uniform Minds?: School Uniforms and Appearance Restrictions…. [read more]

School Counselor Roles Essay

… There are many areas of school counseling. Among all these categories, it has been reported that public elementary, middle school and high school counselors are paid the highest of salaries. However since global crisis, and budget cuts in many countries, it has been seen that the salaries have reduced. Recently it has been seen that the school counselors in rural areas and public schools have served lesser as required based on the fund shortages and lesser pays (Bor, 2002, p. 95).


The roles that are played by an average school counselor are important and these roles are in a need to be appreciated. Many students whose behaviors are an issue in their academic achievements have been corrected and modified by the school counselors in…. [read more]

Education in China Research Paper

… Education in China:

History of Chinese Education:

The history of education in China can be traced back as far as the 16th century B.C during the era of "Xia Dynasty" that is 1523-1027 B.C. As many scholars believe, education in China was the privilege of the elites throughout this period of time. During the spring, autumn and Warring States periods in 770-221 B.C., the teachings of Confucianism were mainly founded on the Four Books and the Five Classics. All through Chinese history Confucianism is probably the biggest influence in the education of that country.

Confucianism employed the basic concept of the gentleman (Chun Tzu) and the peasant (common man or average citizen). Studying Confucianism was restricted to very few people in ancient China because not…. [read more]

Education - Technology Essay

… It is a large job to be a counselor, because it is usually one counselor that performs all these services for all of the students in one particular school. School Counseling has the definite potential to be exhausting, as well as has the potential to be greatly rewarding, especially when considering students who have struggled personally and/or academically as part of their journey of personal success and achievement in their goals, whatever they may be. Some counselors have educational and professional backgrounds in other fields such as Social Work, Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis, and more.

School Counseling in the 21st century has grown in prominence. More and more schools in more and more countries are recognizing the necessity to have a counselor present on the…. [read more]

School Emergency Plan Essay

… , 2010). These issues are for the most part are not addressed in the Dunn School plan. On page 2 the Dunn School plan has a bulleted list of possible emergencies (including "hazardous materials spills," "weapons on school grounds," bomb threats, severe weather and power outages (Dunn School). But that is all the attention paid to those issues, just a list of bullet points.

The Dunn School plan speaks to where parents should go to reunite with their children in great detail, and it lists teachers who can be counted on to show leadership. The lock-down of the campus is also discussed. But nowhere in the plan does it allude to the National Incident Management System (NIMS), which is the federal set of standards which…. [read more]

School Scenario Formal Response Letter Essay

… School Scenario

Formal Response Letter to Mrs. Robertson

Mrs. Dorothy Robertson

2214 Elm Street, Trenton, NJ 08603

Robert Gonzales, Principal, Middle Fork Middle School

Rationale for why the principal said what was said to Mrs. Robertson

The principal of course does not know exactly what went wrong in that classroom but it was deemed important to back up the teacher until any evidence to the contrary is discovered. The letter to Mrs. Robertson was intended as an immediate formal response which acknowledged the parents' concern and a copy (cc) of the letter to Mrs. Robertson was sent to the superintendent. There were other possibilities in terms of how pornographic images were shown to a 7th grade classroom; for example, the computer Ms. Paulson was using…. [read more]

School Restructure Term Paper

… School Restructure

The school statistics are academically unacceptable despite the presence of 40 experienced teachers. The school has 600 students with 40% being minorities. There are elements of low middle classes in the context of the rural community. There is an expression of a negative attitude among the teachers thus inability to execute their duties and responsibilities. The school also demonstrates low level of confidence, essence of boredom, and disinterest in the elements of study. The school experiences a problem because of the unacceptable accountability rating in relation to the Texas Education Agency. An examination of the STAAR and End-of-Course indicates that only 45% of the students have the ability to pass all the tests. Another problem affecting the school is the considerable discrepancy between…. [read more]

School Violence Essay

… Several instruments are used to conduct the study. To determine student victimization, for example, the authors adapted questionnaires from the California School Climate & Safety Survey. School characteristics were determined from The Ministry of Education school databases. Comparative neighborhood characteristics were extracted from census data. In short, the methods and instruments used seem well suited to a study of this kind. As said, the size of the population samples offer good representation and a high level of validity and reliability. After identifying theoretically atypical schools from the survey, the authors started the qualitative phase of their study.

In terms of graphic representations, the authors use several tables and figures to supplement the text of their study. These offer a good balance between the text and…. [read more]

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