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Race and Ethnicity Despite Its Many Claims Term Paper

… Race and Ethnicity

Despite its many claims and indeed efforts to the contrary, the United States of America has always been a country of division and segregation. Race, gender and class differences thus even today play an important role in the construction of society, ethnicity and indeed the social construction of prejudicial views. This means that these prejudicial views regarding the superiority or inferiority of any group of people are socially rather than biologically constructed (Lorber in Rothenburg, 2004, p. 54). The tragic thing about such social constructs is the fact that children grow up without critically examining the potentially erroneous views with which they grew up. Indeed, young boys and girls often grow up voicing and strengthening within themselves the very prejudices advocated to…. [read more]

Race, Ethnicity, and Utopia Term Paper

… The Klingons, of course, had very Africanized features, with dark skin, dreadlocks, and oddly exaggerated prominent brows and lips. At the same time, the highly intelligent but unemotional Vulcans were shown with slightly Asiatic features. While in later shows Klingons were politically removed from their position as archenemies (and replaced with robot-human hybrids), the stereotypes from these earlier shows remain important.

One final face of racism is probably the most obvious when one considers racism, and that is the open segregation of people based on skin color. While such segregation is less common today than it was sixty years ago, it still influences the way people think about racism. Additionally, the way that class borders intersect with racial categories means that many distinctions based on…. [read more]

Race and Poverty Are Closely Essay

… Poor U.S. Hispanic children are among the most vulnerable groups and their numbers has experienced a constant increase in the recent years. In contrast, the poor adult Hispanic populations have not increased significantly in the last few years. This makes it possible for people to understand that conditions are critical and that urgent actions need to be considered in order for things to change. Poverty affects society as a whole and poor people are not the only ones suffering because of it. By installing anti-poverty programs the government is more likely to experience benefits in the long run.

Works cited:

Arrighi, Barbara A. Maume, David J. "Child Poverty in America Today: Families and children ," (Greenwood Publishing Group, 2007)

Boger, John Charles, "Race, Poverty, and…. [read more]

Race, Class, and Gender Research Paper

… "Many women, of course, do dare to see and speak the truth, but they are always in danger of being attacked and discredited in order to maintain the silence. Even those who would never call themselves feminists often know there is something terribly wrong with the structures of dominance and control" (page 163). Many people refuse to acknowledge that there is still an issue with gender oppression in the United States. Social and racial differences are considered the preeminent issues of differentiation and separation in the country and any oppression beyond those categories is looked on as less important. "Women are subordinated and treated as inferior because they are culturally defined as inferior as women, just as many racial and ethnic minorities are devalued simply…. [read more]

Race, Class, Gender Journal Word Journal

… The idea is that sameness means equality. If we wear the same clothes and listen to the same music then we are equal in society. In this, Gallagher made some keen observations. Ultimately, he recognizes the attitude that if cultural symbols are shared, then that becomes a sign of equality and he challenges the reader to think beyond the surface and see what is happening at more basic levels such as housing and education.

One article that I truly enjoyed was "From A Native Daughter" by Dr. Haunani-Kay Trask. Though her experience of family and culture and my own are vastly different, the underline principles and understanding of the meaning of family and culture are believe are universal. The heart of her message is to…. [read more]

Race and Cultural Minorities Two Term Paper

… As she damned his choices of politically incorrect racial challenges to the black 'race' of America, social activists on both sides of the aisle stepped up. Cosby's speech itself was received with some laughter and applause, and some wonder if he might have in fact been right. (Dyson, 4.) Nevertheles, Ehrenreich's fast retort with factual solidification proves the supporting evidence to Cosby's claims unsubstantiated, making his arguments invalid de facto. A year after the public debate, the facts at hand are no longer what is important though, but that the conversation existed at all.

The summer of 2005 brought with it another early 1990s full-frontal exposure to the beast that is the actualized version of race in America. Hurricane Katrina and the ensuing flood of…. [read more]

Race and Racism Essay

… Despite this overlap, Eriksen is cautious about conflating the two ideas. He believes that "both class differences and ethnic differences can be pervasive features of societies, but they are not one and the same thing and must be distinguished from one another analytically" (Eriksen, 1993, p.7).

Eriksen also challenges the idea of the American melting pot. He suggests that ethnic groups have long adhered to an ethnic identity in addition to identify as Americans and that this ethnic identification can last for multiple generations after the original family members first moved to the United States. Moreover, ethnic group identifications, which were once thought to be more primitive ways of self-identification, seem to be linked to more advanced societies. That does not mean that ethnicity is…. [read more]

Race and Incarceration Prison Term Paper

… The One Billion Rising movement was basically initiated to end violence and sexual oppression in women all across the country. This global campaign basically worked to call an end to sexual violence, for justice and for gender equality. The men and women who were incarcerated in San Francisco also became part of this movement as well. Their motives were not only to end the violence against women but to also speak against the unjust treatment that has been going in jails as well.

All this discussion basically brings us to the conclusion that racial and gender bias does exist in our criminal justice system today. The African-American and Latinos are being victimized and are being pushed into the viscous circle that pushes them towards crime.…. [read more]

Bias Based on Gender, Race Term Paper

… Whites control the media, the local government, and most of the local organizations; Blauner would say that this is because, as immigrants, Caucasians were able to adapt their cultural identity to their new world and new communities, and that whites, due to this adaptation and control of the culture, have possibly lost their cultural identity altogether (Healey 2003 p. 501). On the other hand, groups like African-Americans and Hispanic immigrants have had to more carefully preserve their identities while still being denied recognition in the community as equals in government, communication, and representation of the area.

All of these realizations made me want to re-examine the status of my own identity groups in Grand Rapids. Were women actually treated equally? I had never noticed my…. [read more]

Race and Ethnic Inclusion Research Paper

… Since the time of the American Revolution, groups have been struggling to be included (Hyter & Turnock, 2006). One sees this in the way the colonies were first created and how they adjusted to provide options for some people but not all. People were divided by race, ethnicity, social class, gender, and many other categories. Today, most people are less divided in those ways, at least from a societal and/or employment standpoint.

The argument in the book is that the American Revolution was significantly more than just a group of people who decided to break with their roots in England. While that was important, it was more than just a change of scenery. There were huge political, economic, and cultural reasons why the colonists moved…. [read more]

Race, Class and Gender / Blacks Term Paper

… Race, Class and Gender / Blacks & Latinos

The impact of issues relative to ethnicity, socioeconomic class and gender on African-Americans and Latinos from WWII through the 1970s was dramatic and socially significant, both in terms of the welfare of Blacks and Latinos, and in terms of the overall well-being of the nation. The social change activism of Blacks and Latinos, in particular Blacks, and the legal challenges that led the Supreme Court to strike down unfair, unconstitutional laws, changed America from a segregated nation into a far more integrated country - albeit racism and discrimination still exists and may always exist to some degree.

In the book a Social and Political History of the United States the author (p. 562) notes that the most…. [read more]

Crash Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Essay

… Ryan uses his position of authority to intimidate the Thayers and take advantage of the relationship between the Thayers to further establish his dominance as both a white male and a police officer. While Ryan follows police protocol, he takes liberties with procedures. He creates tension by treating the Thayers as though they were criminals and not a couple that was pulled over for a routine stop. Additionally, Ryan was looking for a reason to pull them over and even tells Hansen, "They must have been doing something," as to insinuate that regardless of the fact that the Thayers' Navigator is not the one they should be looking for, they are still probably guilty of something due to their race.

The most despicable thing that…. [read more]

Women and Gender Bias Thesis

… Women and Gender Bias

The purpose of the present paper is to discuss the implications of gender bias and the consequences of Affirmative Action. To be more specific, we will describe the effects which Affirmative action has on women and the principles for moving towards the equality of men.

Right from the beginning we could ask ourselves, taking into consideration the implications of Affirmative Action, the main principle under analysis, whether there is a clear understanding of it, as far as the roles and goals of women are concerned. Trying to answer this question will represent an important part of the paper.

Next, the Affirmative Action programs will be taken into consideration- with both their strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons. The third part of…. [read more]

Modern Era of Race and Ethnicity in American Baseball Research Paper

… ¶ … Era of Race and Ethnicity in American Baseball

Modern Era of Race and Ethnicity

Jackie Robinson has been known as one of the leading icons in the history of baseball, being the first African-American to play Major League Baseball. There was one dream that he set for the American baseball and that was to have the baseball team with the highest racial and ethnic diversity. Focusing on Jackie's dream, it is important that the modern baseball teams be given additional attention and focus, especially in relation to racial diversity. It was Jackie's dream that youngsters and individuals from all races and ethnicity participate in the American baseball at all levels; in the field from coaches to players and in the front desk positions.…. [read more]

Dutchman," a Play Written by Amiri Baraka Essay

… ¶ … Dutchman," a play written by Amiri Baraka, an African-American writer who was a strong supporter of the Black Nationalism movement in the 1960s, is a parody of the way people or race -- and ethnicity -- is treated in America. Prejudice is thought to be non-existent, but it is alive and well practiced in a covert manner with implicit rather than explicit prejudice occurring. When explicit prejudice does occur, bystanders prefer to look away and ignore the spectacle making them immune to its occurrence. This is what happened on the train between Lula and Clay where Lula eventually kills Clay and is moving onto her next prey, but the other passengers pretend to be immune to the spectacle.

I found the play striking…. [read more]

Race in Your Community My Hometown, Yonkers Term Paper

… ¶ … Race in Your Community

My hometown, Yonkers, New York, is one of the more ethnically diverse areas of the country, however, it is as fairly represented in as the population and community allows.

Yonkers, New York has a population of around 200,000, and is home to Yonkers Raceway. Several celebrities grew up here, such as Sid Caesar, James Cagney, Ella Fitzgerald, Steven Tyler, rappers DMX and Jadakiss, porn star Linda Lovelace, and the infamous Son of Sam, David Berkowitz (Yonkers pp). Other notables include, authors Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Richard Yates, two Nobel Prize recipients, Daniel Carleton Gajdusek and John Howard Northrop, and the inventor of FM broadcasting, Edwin Armstrong (Yonkers pp). Yonkers is also home to the first golf course in the United…. [read more]

Fiction of Race Research Paper

… One trait infrequently predicts for another. (One cannot read deeper meanings into physical cues)" (Goodman 1998). Above all "there is greater variation within than among purported races" and members of different racial categories show more similarities between one another than differences as human beings when compared with other animal species (Goodman 1998). It is not 'race' that is useful in understanding the evolution and continuing biological and other needs of the human community. "What we should be studying instead are the complex ways in which biology and culture co-produce one another in the human species" (Marks 2012: 29). Aspects of human biology have been given great significance above and beyond their original roots in skin pigmentation but it is better to study the phenomenon itself…. [read more]

Affirmative Action - Should Race Term Paper

… Conclusions/Recommendations

Whether or not affirmative action programs should remain a factor in college admissions remains unclear. Those in favor of affirmative action point out that minorities are terribly underrepresented in many of the nation's top level universities, and that action must be taken to correct this under presentations. Supporters also point out that favoritism is showed many different types of students including cherished athletes, thus the same favor should be afforded minority students.

In addition supporters note that a diverse campus is one that is most conducive to higher learning and exchange. All of these points are valid. However on the opposing side the points are equally valid. In some sense affirmative action programs do promote an atmosphere or at the very minimum tolerance for…. [read more]

Ethnicity Gender or Disability Term Paper

… ¶ … equal opportunity policies specifically related to ethnicity, gender or disability under the current british governmental educational policy or proposal

The objective of this work is to critically examine EEO policies specifically related to ethnicity, gender, or disability under the current British Governmental Educational policy or proposed policy.

While laws, policies and regulations have been enacted in Britain to ensure that Equal Employment Opportunities exist for all individuals regardless of ethnicity, gender or disability at the same time other more inherent problems exist that must be addressed such as lacks in education and training within the British workforce.


Key terms of this study include those as follows:

Contract compliance: a program administered by public authorities, which specifies social criteria…. [read more]

Gender and Race in Gordimer Thesis

… Thebedi has kept the child out of sight from the community because it is obvious that the father of the child is a white man, in this case Paulus. Thebedi hides the child not only for its well-being, but also to preserve Paulus' reputation as it would not be accepted by the community and/or society that she and Paulus had a child together, especially with laws against miscegenation in place. Paulus' reaction and following actions demonstrate how desperate he is to preserve his reputation and the reputation of his family as he proceeds to kill the child in the dead of night. Paulus would have gotten away with the murder, as Njabulo, Thebedi's extremely understanding and accepting husband, prepared to give the child a proper…. [read more]

Race Ethnicity Class Gender Journal

… Race, Ethnicity, Class, Gender

Reading response

"How long have you been in the United States?" Ronald T. Takaki, a native-born American citizen, was recently asked this question by a taxi driver, despite the fact that he is a long-time resident of the United States. This highlights the fact that despite its self-image as a melting pot, the way that a 'real' American looks is still quite rigid in the minds of many people. In his essay "A distant mirror" Takaki examines how Asian-ness is seen as a deviance from the norm of the 'typical American.' This is despite the fact that America is increasingly becoming a non-white nation, demographically speaking. The actual, physical characteristics of Americans have still not fully penetrated the cultural consciousness. America…. [read more]

Race Ethnicity Gender and Class Journal

… Race Class Gender

The intersection of race, class and gender determine social, political, and economic power. Our readings solidify my awareness of the multiple methods and modes of oppression. Each of these authors centers an argument on one or more of these facets, all reaching similar conclusions of the causes and effects of racism, heterosexism, misogyny, and classism.

In "Prisons for Our Bodies, Closets for Our Minds," Patricia Hill Collins argues for a "black liberatory politics that affirms black lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender sexualities," (p. 89). This politics affirms Otherness in a total, all-encompassing way. We need to extricate ourselves from many different -- and intersecting -- types of hegemony including white, rich, male, and heterosexual hegemonies. What is remarkable about Collins's analysis is…. [read more]

Race, Gender, Sex - Rollin Reaction Paper

… This book reflects this very authentically. The main players bob and weave in their own ways between what they want and what they value where sex seems always to be a subplot. The strong and confident Edgar, who wants to showcase his independence and pride, explodes with jealousy and fear when Vicente, whom he wants to help come out of the closet, tells their friends about Edgar's secret (that he is having sex with the school janitor). Edgar scoffs, calling Vicente a faggot while proclaiming proudly how we would really never give away such an important asset of his so easily. As Edgar says to their group: "I would never give my youth up that fast. I not that stupid. 'Sides, he stay married already.…. [read more]

Race Racial Division/Separation on Campus Essay

… The racial divide on campus is made worse by things like having the official school brochure depict African-Americans in stereotypical roles like athletics photographs rather than as integral to campus life.

At the same time, experiences of stereotyping depend on one's own background. For example, one participant noted that he had grown up in predominantly white neighborhoods and was used to relating to whites even as the only black person in the group. One female participant had experiences that seem more related to gender than to race, such as participating in a group project with all white males and being "talked over" the whole time. The issue of socioeconomic class also plays into one's personal identity vs. being able to fit into a group perceived…. [read more]

Beliefs Views With Regard to Race Class Ethnicity and Gender Essay

… Beliefs / Views with Regard to: Race, Class, Ethnicity and Gender

What views, beliefs do you hold right now with regard to race, class, ethnicity and gender. Please identify the influences that lead you to these beliefs.

The different opinions about: race, class, ethnicity and gender are views that have been passed down from one generation to the next. This is problematic, because the idea of separating people in different groups is Neanderthal and barbaric. As this has been the basic justification for: various wars, genocides and other atrocities that have been committed, by one group of people against another. As a result, humanity needs to look beyond the physical differences that separate everyone and focus on the character of the individual. If this kind…. [read more]

Race, Ethnicity, and Academic Achievement Term Paper

… The fourth set of regressions will follow the pattern of the first set. Reading skills and math skills will serve as the dependent variables. However, the racial category of Hispanic will be further broken into Cuban (independent), Puerto Rican (independent), Mexican (independent) and Other Hispanic (independent). The same will be done for the racial category Asian.

The results for each racial sub-group will then be compared to the values generated in the first regression. These comparisons will highlight if academic achievement can vary within each racial subgroup.

Limitations of this Study

As with any quantitative statistical study, there are limitations to this proposed research design.

First, the category of race itself can be problematic. Racial categories always include subjective assessments. Thus, a person who is…. [read more]

Theory Issues of Race Essay

… It is logical that the situated knowledge of the Caucasian characters has a lot to do with their position of privilege in the U.S. (Johnson 6). It is also noteworthy to mention that their situated knowledge is influenced by a complacent ignorance on their part, in which they do not want to consider the conditions of non-whites due to their emotional distance from prejudice and racism (Meyers 5). A good example of this difference in situated knowledge is when the Asian characters discuss how they have been taught to fear African-Americans (The Color of Fear). The varying forms of discrimination that the minority characters feel (much like that of the Jews in the formative years of this country) (Luhman and Gilman 3) also accounts for…. [read more]

Media Engagement With the Television Essay

… Aside from some of his physical features and voice, what truly marks Pamuk as another "race" is the fact that his character is almost entirely made up of racist stereotypes relating to the supposed sexual promiscuity and aggression of non-white men. While in the United States these stereotypes are most frequently associated with black men, in Europe and elsewhere, these stereotypes extend to those races and ethnicities with which the white residents of Europe have had more immediate contact; as such, the "exotic" Turkish diplomat is saddled with a kind of characterization that focuses exclusively on his supposedly uncontrollable sexual appetites. Pamuk kisses Lady Mary, the eldest of the aristocratic family's daughters, without her consent, and later he goes to her bedroom unannounced. However, once…. [read more]

Standpoint Theory Essay

… ¶ … Theory

The history of race relations in the United States has always evinced a degree of difficulty that more than likely exceeds that of other countries. This is due in large part to the fact that there is a multitude of ethnicities and diversities celebrated here, with more coming in daily. As such, it greatly behooves people of this country to learn to deal with one another in a cordial fashion in which inherent differences between cultures are recognized, yet are not the most definable aspect of a particular race or ethnicity. Still, initial perceptions and misconceptions are hard to abandon, and many people demonstrate an inability to see beyond the obvious physical characteristics of someone's ethnicity, and choose to stereotype them based…. [read more]

Stop and Frisk Research Paper

… 340). These outcomes, though, clearly run the risk of invoking Fourth Amendment protections that Terry stops are not intended to violate. For mainstream (white) Americans, the fine line between racial profiling and common sense clearly applies to "other people" (racial minorities, vagrants, transsexuals, and so forth). Indeed, as Feld concludes, "Many obstacles exist to improving young people's social circumstances and life chances. Child welfare policies implicate complex and value-laden issues of gender, race, political economy, and social class. Despite our claims to be a 'child-centered' nation, our public policies reflect a strong cultural antipathy to other people's children" (emphasis added) (p. 340).


The research showed that in the United States, stop and frisk practices were deemed constitutional as a result of two seminal cases…. [read more]

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