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Rapid Population Growth... Though I Am Impressed Essay

… ¶ … Rapid Population Growth...

Though I am impressed and elated at the black-footed ferret's proven ability to come back from the brink of extinction and repopulate its natural habitat after captive breeding, something in the first paragraph of this article caught my eye and deserves, I believe some measure of reaction. What attracted my attention and caused me to bristle slightly is the fact that many endangered species bred in captivity and then re-released to their natural habitats "fail to produce self-sustaining populations" due in part to the "persistence of the environmental factors that caused the species to become endangered." Now, it does not particularly raise my wrath that the authors include this seemingly obvious statement in the first two sentences of their article,…. [read more]

Future Wars of the Middle East Will Result Over Water Shortages Term Paper

… Water in the Middle East

Governments around the world have a primary concern over water availability and the Middle East and North Africa are no exception. The thesis evaluates the possibility of future wars throughout the Middle East and North Africa due to water scarcity and limited water resources presently being experienced in that region.

The paper starts by revealing the gravity of the situation by showing the present statistics surrounding the problem of water scarcity throughout the world. Thereafter, the paper highlights the importance of water in the national economy. From then on, the paper briefly discusses the present situation of water scarcity in the Middle East by noting down the present available resources of water in the Middle East. Lastly, the paper briefly…. [read more]

Foreign Policy of China (Beijing Thesis

… But just as China (Beijing consensus)'s economic and military power does not yet match that of the United States, China (Beijing consensus)'s soft power still has a long way to go as demonstrated by a Chicago Council on Global Affairs poll. China (Beijing consensus) does not have cultural industries like Hollywood, and its universities are not yet the equal of the United States. It lacks the many non-governmental organizations that generate much of U.S. soft power. Politically, China (Beijing consensus) suffers from corruption, inequality, and a lack of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. While that may make the "Beijing consensus" attractive in authoritarian and semi-authoritarian developing countries, it undercuts China (Beijing consensus)'s soft power in the West. Although China (Beijing consensus)'s new…. [read more]

Influx of Money Impact Hospitality Thesis

… These South American countries expect an influx of visitors from all corners of the world, which is likely to revitalize and rejuvenate the diminishing fortunes of their hospitality sectors and economic development in general (Jones 2012). In particular, Brazil expects an overwhelming number of visitors from participating and non-participating nations across the globe, which inherently means an influx of money. Apparently, footballers, sports personalities, world leaders, football fans and fanatics, and tourists shall converge at various football stadia to watch the game (Jones 2012). The month-long event would attract services of hospitality sector as hotels and restaurants across the country and beyond. The host is expecting around 600, 000 visitors for the June 12 to 13 July 2014 event with many accommodation facilities already experiencing…. [read more]

Pedagogic Model: Teaching Technology in Special Education Dissertation

… " (Dougiamas, 1998) Such trivial constructivism, though, is the bedrock from which Glaserfelds more radical constructivism springs. He continues to state that because knowledge is constructed by the learner, and because no two learners are the same, knowledge itself is not absolute. There is a degree to which knowledge is an illusion, and every individual constructs their own conception of reality which (while susceptible to the demands of "real" or normal reality) does not necessarily align with the normal paradigm. Constructivism does embrace this relativistic and existential approach to reality, but it also holds as a primary value the idea of constraint which enables the thinkers to participate in social interaction and mainstream reality. (Glasersfeld)

One interesting area of constructionist theory is…. [read more]

Career Orientation of Bank Managers in Pakistan a Private Public Sector Comparison Term Paper

… ¶ … benchmark regarding bank manager careers in Pakistan. Islamic banking is a growing feature of banking in the region, and Pakistan as a nation has expressed interest in being the banker of that region. That being so, it is instructive to note that the managers who worked under the old regime are significantly less optimistic than the newer, younger managers working in the growth industry of Islamic banking. They also seem, if not satisfied with their career paths, at least resigned to their fate and accepting that maintaining their jobs and what vestiges of ethical behaviour they could was sufficient. On the other hand, bank managers who had experience banking in nations in which banking had less tumultuous history, as well as those who…. [read more]

Germany Research Project Research Paper

… The government even forced the youth to be a part of the army which led to Germany's s army a big and prominent one in the war. (Jarausch, 2006) Since this was the case, the entire population of Germany became highly aggressive. This aforementioned population did not include the anti-Nazis but as mentioned earlier there weren't a lot of those any way. The Nazi supporting population had been so brainwashed by the previous regime that they had completed been washed away of all their tolerance. Even though the Jews were victims the most, other races and minority groups were under threat as well. The Nazi supporting Germans did not like the idea of Jews or any other culture or race living in the country. (Jarausch,…. [read more]

Information Technology to Transform a Company Term Paper

… Information Technology to Transform a Company

Transform Company

Before going into the factors that are holding back Teltron from growth, it is worthwhile to have a brief introduction in the realm of Telecom Expense Management --TEM on which this Case Study is based. Spiraling growth in telecom services, features, and vendors along with the deregulation in the telecom industry have made contract documents complicated, pricing programs, processes and billing. This apart, financial constrains have resulted in customer service getting compromised, lack of accuracy in billing, and reporting from telecom service providers. In this backdrop, inaccuracies as also opportunities for optimizing services happen frequently. Presently, font ranking companies are adopting TEM solutions as best practices. Major opportunities are in store to lower costs, enhance service levels…. [read more]

Neuroscience and Human Development Research Paper

… In contrast, motor neurons transmit action potentials from the central nervous system toward the periphery (Seeley et al., 2005).

Neurons and their Electrical Activity

The nervous system is composed of millions of nerve cells called neurons. Neurons are the parenchyma of the nervous system which performs every function of the nervous system from simple sensory functions to complex thinking and analysis. Neurons, upon receipt of stimuli, transmit responsive signals to other neurons or to effector organs. Clark (2005) observes that the anatomy of a neuron is composed of four main parts; the cell body, the dendrites, the axon, and the nerve fibers. Given the importance of each of the neuron components, it is important to discuss how each work separately and in tandem to achieve…. [read more]

Developed Technology of the Native Americans Before European Settlements Term Paper

… ¶ … Indian-American Technology

Stasis: It is still commonly believed that technology in America began or was introduced by Europeans after the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.

Between 1000 and 1003 AD or five before Christopher Columbus discovered America for the Old World in October 1492, Scandinavians landed in the Continent but failed to settle permanently (Kishlansky et al. 2007). These explorers' common intent to conduct long-distance sea trade dealt a catastrophic blow on the vulnerable empires and tribes of the Continent, then isolated for more than 25,000 years from the rest of the world. When European explorers reported back to their base about the presence of wealth in the Continent, Spain sent more expeditions of conquistadores and claimed possession of the Continent Spanish…. [read more]

Dream Content as Therapy: Ego vs. Repression Dissertation

… For example: a parent has repeating nightmares, and the child "dreams his dreams " because the child is in a psychic resonance with the parent. The child's dreams end when the parent's does. Four, it might be a repetition of a past traumatic event in current lifetime. For example: a person might dream of a recent rape, a childhood assault or a wartime battle. This type of nightmare is so deeply etched in the psyche that it can require heavy use of behavioral dream-work techniques to modify the content and emotional intensity.

A fifth factor could be that the dream is a depiction of a past or probable life. For example: a client might dream the last events prior to a violent…. [read more]

Servant Leadership in a Conflicted Church Thesis

Applying Servant Leadership within a Conflicted Church: The Project as an Act of Ministry

My church, the South Iowa Chapel, like many modern churches, is a church in conflict. Conflicted churches are problematic because they drive parishioners away from the church, and, possibly, away from Christ. Conflict in a church can also be a difficult situation to remedy, because of the different personality types and leadership styles of people involved in the church. However, I feel that a significant part of the problem is that people are using traditional leadership styles in church. Jesus Christ was not a traditional leader. On the contrary, He was the epitome of a servant leader, one who leads through service to others. Obviously, He did a wonderful job leading…. [read more]

Jesus' Christian Life, Prayer, and Teachings Dissertation

… Prayer brings redemption. Solomon averred that as soon as he asked for Wisdom, it was bestowed upon him. David, similarly, was given fortitude through the Spirit of God (Psalms 118, 131). Every martyr obtained strength to resist tyrants, and overcame dangers and death through prayer. The above are all examples of this "communication" with God in the true spirit of how Prayer was intended.

St. John Chrysostom weighs in again: "He who uses this great weapon knows not death, leaves the earth, enters heaven, and lives with God. He falls not into sin; he loses affection for the earth; he makes his abode in heaven; and begins, even in this life, to enjoy the conversation of God. How then can you disquiet…. [read more]

Market Orientation of Medical Diagnostic Term Paper

… Services at the HHS, MDU's are not planning to be eliminated, but to be more efficient through improved discharge planning, more efficient ways to canalize patient, increase training and skills and more effective clinical and technological test taking of patients. The MDU used as a sample for this research project has an acceptance of approximately 3588 patients a year in the Echocardiography laboratory, 37856 patient for Electrocardiography, 1633 for Holter Monitoring, 2839 for Stress Test, and a 16,102 per year for diversity of cardiac and related non-cardiac diagnostic technologic tests. Having a total of 62018 tests at this particular Unit.

The four units at the corporation have approximately 167,489 invasive and non- invasive cardiovascular tests (including a small number of neurology test) done a year.…. [read more]

Haiti and UN Peacekeeping Missions Term Paper

… Haiti and UN peacekeeping Missions

The latest era of the UN presence in Haiti started during September 1991 at the time when President Aristide's democratically elected administration was ousted a military government under the leadership of General Raoul Cedras and compelled to flee. The reaction of the international community was quick and started a three-year process of sanctions and negotiations with the military government prior to President Aristide's ultimate return to power during 1994. The reaction of the Organization of the American States -- OAS and the Caribbean Community -- CARICOM was particularly strong, prompted by the OAS's fresh dedication to the strengthening of the representative democracy in the region and the important contribution of the two organizations in easing and supervising the election in…. [read more]

History of Air Cargo Term Paper

… History Of Air Cargo

It's hard to image today's life without those goods which are provided by the industry of air cargo. Electronic equipment and mail, fresh fruits and other products are shipped by air, forming a list of the essential goods that make life more comfortable, convenient and advanced, if compared to time when people couldn't even dream about air transportation.

Air cargo industry had started with very modest funds for a transportation industry, but nwt air cargo has a turnover of more than 46 billion dollars. 40% of air cargo is done by civil aviation" (according to Dora Kay, President of the International Air cargo association) "Speed and accessibility of air cargo provides a freedom of choice to their customers, promoting business success,…. [read more]

Management Style Term Paper

… Feminine styles of management have been called "social-expressive," meaning that personal attention is given to employees and a positive working environment is created. In contrast, the masculine management style is described as instrumental and instruction giving.

Management cultures have clearly changed over time. In the 1960s, great value was placed on narrow expertise, on mastering prescribed skills and on conforming to the corporate norm. There was no requirement for integrating an employee's workplace and private-sphere responsibilities (Claes, 1999).

In today's organizations, hierarchies have given way to less formal structures. The economy is more diverse, innovation and fast information exchange are the focus, and great value is placed on breadth of vision, as well as on the ability of managers and employees to think creatively. Top-down…. [read more]

Theoretical Strips Tracy Case Study

… She complains to her mother about his presence in the bathroom. She clearly does not want him in the same house.

But the main point made by social systems theory in analyzing this aspect of Tracy's behavior is to emphasize that there is no single answer to how it should be understood: the family system in this case should be understood as unique, with its own set of intertangled relationships with recognizable patterns, but also as a part of a larger social system. Indeed, Hardwicke's film is careful to contextualize the drug abuse of the older characters, Melanie and Brady in particular, as part of the larger social system of the recovery movement more generally. Melanie inadvertently offends Tracy when she is distracted from listening…. [read more]

Redemptive Role of the Black Church Dissertation

… Black Church

The Redemptive Role of the Black Church

Abstract (to be inserted when project is completed)

Table of Contents (preliminary)

The black church holds a special place in African-American culture that differs from the role of the predominantly white churches. Much of this is due to cultural traits that inspire closeness in African-American society. A shared history of struggle and a need to build meaningful communities amidst chaos had a profound affect on the formation of the black church that we know today. The following will explore the role of the black church that goes beyond the tenets of Jesus Christ and redemption for our sins. It will explore the black church as a symbol of the redemption of the African-American people as a…. [read more]

Are Men Stuck in a Perpetual State of Adolescence a Cross-Cultural Comparison? Term Paper

… Men and Adolescence

Anthropological inquiry into male-female relations has somewhat evolved around debates concerning sexual inequality. Gender roles are complex and clearly vary by culture and time-period, and are often misunderstood based on individual societal bias. Modern contemporary research shows that there were so many contradictions and odd conflicts within the data that the idea of gender role responsibility has been confusing even for scholars. (Stasburger, 2008). Since culture is so abstract, and based on so many individual and fleeting factors, many scholars now believe the relationship of the sexes to each other is best discussed in terms of the conflicts, tensions, and paradoxes that are at the heart of daily life in many societies (Sanday,, 1990).

Gender roles are the way that male…. [read more]

Factors Affecting Customer Choice of Fast Food in Different Countries Term Paper

… ¶ … Fast Food Among Individuals of Different Countries and Differentiations in Health Perspectives Related to Consumption of Fast Food

The objective of this research is to identify the impact that culture has on the consumption of fast food and to compare the difference in buying behavior in different countries. Finally, this work will investigate the major factors that affect customer's choice in fast food and to understand the relationship between food consumptions and health. This study has made a qualitative examination of fast food consumption among individuals of various nationalities and ethnicities in various countries specifically as related to consumption of fast food through an extensive review of literature in a study reported in interpretive and descriptive findings. Literature reviewed in this study is…. [read more]

Satisfaction, Trust and Commitment in Customer Relationships Term Paper

… ¶ … satisfaction, trust and commitment in customer relationships in mobile phone industry in Bangkok, Thailand

MARK1012 Research Methods

Critical Review of the Literature

Research paradigm

Secondary Data

Primary Data

As a result of the intense competitive in mobile phone industry, a plenty of mobile choices are launched to the market. For that reason, many marketing strategies have been introduced in order to compete with competitors in high competitive era. In addition, consumers are likely to concern about the best and suitable mobile phones to their lifestyle. In fact, there are some studies which have been examined in Thailand; however, they are still a small number. This research will present discussions what effects of satisfaction, trust and commitment have an effect on customer relationships of…. [read more]

Managing All Stakeholders Term Paper

… "The absorption of one company by another," Black's adds, "[with] the former losing its legal identity, and latter retaining its own name and identity and acquiring assets, liabilities, franchises, and powers of former, and absorbed company ceasing to exist as separate business entity" (p. 988).

In other cases, mergers and takeovers have appeared to be the result of opportunists looking for the quick profit; however, the consolidation of the highly complementary assets and resources of both of these giants will create some clear advantages for everyone concerned. Nevertheless, just as bigger may not mean better, merger may not mean advantage. In his chapter, "Technology Strategy: Collaborative Mode, V.K. Narayanan says that from a strategic viewpoint, collaborative mode is undertaken by firms when the economics of…. [read more]

International Marketing -- South Korea Term Paper

… South Korea's GDP is for instance greater that that of Australia, Canada, the Netherlands or Switzerland. Four decades ago however, South Korea's GDP was comparable to the national output of the poorer countries in Africa or Asia. This was however the time when the state officials became engaged in processes of modernization, global integration and introduction of high technology applications with business operations.

The most important features of the South Korean economy are summarized throughout the following table:

Economic Indicator

Value of the Indicator in South Korea

Global Average of the Economic Indicator

U.S. Value of the Economic Indicator



- from agriculture

- from industry

- from services

$1.338 trillion

- 3%

- 39.5%


$70.14 trillion

- 4%

- 32%

$14.44 trillion…. [read more]

Starbucks Environmental Marketing Analysis Proposal

… Over the past recent decades, global communities have suffered drastic changes that lead to numerous mutations. For instance, the manufacturing entities are no longer centered on the sole production operations, in the hope of selling to customers whatever they produce. Today, they first research the market to identify unsatisfied needs and then produce items to serve the identified needs. Also, in the field of technological appliances, those that simply do the work are no longer sufficient. Managers search for better alternatives, for those technologies which increase the operational and cost efficiencies. Then, the human resource is no longer the force operating the machines, but it has become the organizations' most valuable asset. But despite these mutations, the sole purpose of the business operations remains the…. [read more]

Cloud Computing Research Proposal

… They're more alert than ever, and seek not those brands that offer only "a me to" approach to loyalty. Customers are demanding away from the norm, with ubiquity comes skepticism and constant comparisons which makes it difficult to impress consumers by offering more of the same. Cloud computing will allow companies to enhance their software. For example, Microsoft and Google have already got into the field of cloud computing but there are others like Amazon have just started to get a feel for it as seen below.

Large companies such as Microsoft and Google aren't the only ones getting attention from the surge in interest around cloud computing. RightScale, a startup that offers developer tools for setting up server clusters that run on Amazon Web…. [read more]

Higher Education Investment Essay

… Markets are open for competition both from trade and services point-of-view. As organizations are becoming multinational and international, people are learning new skills which are helpful to perform in multicultural environment. If these individuals are graduated from the universities which already promote multicultural environment, the overall industry can reap the benefits of talented human beings (Ferranti, 2003).

Hence, it is important that universities offer education to people belonging to various areas and cultures. It is where the importance of quota system is highlighted. It restricts universities to give admission to people belonging to various cultures hence a university enjoys a multicultural environment. As there are students belonging to various demographic and social factors, the increased diversity leads to rich experience of learning and overall grooming.…. [read more]

Cmo the Glass Ceiling Research Paper


The glass ceiling is one of the most obnoxious phenomena in business leadership today. Despite the rising ranks of women in lower and middle management, and despite all evidence that suggests the glass ceiling inhibits the growth of organizations and the economy at large, too often talent women are kept from the executive suite. There have even been cases made that women still experience unusual difficulties once they reach the executive suite.

This study attempts to answer a couple of key questions about the issue of the glass ceiling, where the marketing function is concerned. The first question is about the typical profile of a female Chief Marketing Officer. The educational and work experiences of past and present female CMOs is weighed against the…. [read more]

Canadian Economic History Term Paper

… ¶ … foreign direct investment was a necessary precondition for Canadian economic development. In the opinion of this author, foreign direct investment (FDI) was not only the necessary precondition for economic development, but also the necessary precondition for Canada's existence first as a British colony and later as a sovereign member of the British Commonwealth. The pattern of British FDI set the pattern for the U.S. And later the globalist model for FDI in Canada.

As will be noted, France's reality as a continental power that was less dependent upon maritime made her colonies less of an economic than as a military and religious imperative. Indeed, the period of the beginning British ascendance was laid down with the establishment of the Hudson Bay Company came…. [read more]

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