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Fault Tolerant Analysis of Raid Term Paper

… With RAID, an implementer can choose to assemble disks to provide fault tolerance, performance, or both, depending on application requirements and budget. RAID 0 offers no fault tolerance. Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 can only tolerate the loss of one hard disk while RAID 6 can tolerate the loss of two. And, multiple RAID levels such as RAID 10 and RAID 53 can often endure the loss of multiple hard disks. Because fault tolerance is the primary reason for implementing RAID, an implementer should first decide what degree of fault tolerance is required and then explore the performance tradeoffs and costs discussed in this paper.


Achieving fault tolerance by using RAID. Retrieved July 10, 2004 from Web site:

EMC News…. [read more]

Real-Time and Fault Tolerant Systems Essay

… Real Time and Fault Tolerant Systems

The Quest for Zero Downtime:

Since the dawn of the Internet, the need for application availability and reliability has continually increased over time. This need is especially strong for the military, aerospace, and aircraft control industries, where any amount of downtime can have fatal consequences. In the 1998 case study titled, "NCAPS: Application High Availability in UNIX Computer Clusters," by Luiz a. Laranjeira, Tandem Computers developed a specialized software system that can run on Unix computer clusters while providing a superior level of application availability. This essay offers a critique of the case study as well as of the software architecture and fault tolerance strategies used.

Design Goals

Since the dawn of the Internet, application availability has increased immensely.…. [read more]

Raid Stands for Redundant Array of Independent Term Paper

… RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent or Inexpensive Disks, a type of Computer Disk drives or storage media that uses two or more drives in association for fault tolerance and performance. The use of RAID disk drives are normally made on servers in a computer network environment. (RAID: ( Fault tolerance is the capability to react smoothly and thereafter recover from a sudden hardware or software breakdown. Several stages of fault tolerance exist, the lowest stage being the capability to continue running the system in the event of power disruption. A lot of fault-tolerant computer systems emulate every function which indicates every function is executed on two or more identical systems, such that in the event of breakdown of a particular system the other…. [read more]

Dependable Distributed Systems Term Paper

… ¶ … Distribution Systems

An assessment of Distributed Order Management Web Services transaction velocities and accuracy levels through agent-based, fault-tolerant architectures


Globalization is forcing order management systems that had previously been focused on single or multi-site operation to be increasingly global in scope, operation and transaction support. Correspondingly, the use of Web Services has matured rapidly as a transaction platform due to the widespread adoption of XML standards, the rapid adoption and maturing of agent-based technologies, and the use of routing optimization based on dependable distribution systems.

Papzogglou, Mike (2001). Agent-Oriented technology in support of E-Business; Communications of the ACM. April, 2001 Vol. 44, No.

The key aspects of agents are their autonomy, their abilities to perceive, reason, and act in their surrounding environments,…. [read more]

Innovation and Collaboration at Coca-Cola Term Paper

… Innovation and Collaboration at Coca Cola

Over the last 100 years Coca Cola has become an American icon, with a worldwide presence in nearly 200 countries. Despite this success, Coke has become large and cumbersome, where the company has over 300 different bottling groups around the globe. ("Innovation and Collaboration at Coca Cola") This is problematic because as the company continued to grow, the size of the organization has meant that communicating and working with different distributors around the world became very challenging. As a result, the company introduced a number of different initiatives that were designed to help improve collaboration and communication between all of the various divisions. To fully understand the overall scope of these innovations requires carefully examining the different questions that…. [read more]

Human Factors in Aviation Safety Thesis

… Human Factors in Aviation Safety

The purpose of this project is to study fly-by-wire technology on commercial aircraft. Fly-by-wire is a system that utilizes computer-configured controls, where a computer system is interposed between the pilot and the control actuators or surfaces. This modifies the manual inputs of the pilot in accordance with control parameters. We will study this system in two parts: part one consists of a description of the technology and application of the system; part two will study the human factors involved with fly-by-wire systems. From our work on this paper we will become more familiar with the technology itself, its application in modern commercial aircraft, and the human factors considerations of a working fly-by-wire system.

Technology Application

On May 25th, 1972, Gary…. [read more]

Functionality and Delivery of CRM at Verizon Using Cloud Computing Research Proposal

… Functionality and Delivery of CRM at Verizon Using Cloud Computing

Company Background

Business Problems

Verizon's Enterprise Systems

Detailed Options/Solutions

High-level Implementation Plan

Functionality and Delivery of CRM at Verizon Using Cloud Computing

Verizon's continued growth in consumer and business-based subscriber levels can be attributed to the depth of customer insight and intelligence the company has operated with, in addition to their unique approach to selling services contracts. Cellular and telecommunication services providers must balance a transaction focus to sell more with a relationship focus to keep customers signing up year after year. Many businesses rely on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to manage this balance between transactions and relationship-based selling (Chen, Popvich, 2003). Verizon is a sales-driven company that has grown quickly through mergers, acquisitions…. [read more]

Risk Management and Analysis Process and Policy Before Technology Research Proposal

… ¶ … released by the FBI and the Computer Security Institute (CSI), over 70% of all attacks on sensitive data and resources reported by organizations occurred from within the organization itself. Implementing an internal security policy appears to be just as important as an external strategy. The objective of this report is to highlight the necessity of internal processes and policy alongside technology when managing and mitigating risk. The author narrates the problems of security from the unseen forces in an individual that influence thought, behavior and personality. Once organizations truly understand the psychology behind the motivations of software engineers and developers, risk analysis and risk management strategies will become more efficient. The research contained in this report establishes that there is some connection between…. [read more]

E-Retail Plan Research Proposal

… E-retailing Plan for Made-to-Order Athletic Shoes

Made-to-Order Athletic Shoes e-Retailing Plan

Brand, Product and Service offering

Situational analysis

Existing plan and other information

Analysis Models

Boston Consulting Group Model

e-retailing metrics

Situational Summary

Revenue streams

Market opportunity analysis

Segmentation & Target

Brand differentiation

Market positioning strategy

Market/partner distribution strategies



Implementation plan

e-retailing mix (7C's)

product/service offer

Pricing strategies

Distribution/supply chain

Integrated Marketing Communications

Relationship management

Organisational structure/integration

Implementation Summary



Budget comments

Evaluation and control

Contingency plans

Monitoring procedures


The growth of mass customization as a strategy for more closely aligning product strategies with the specific needs of consumers has been shown to increase the potential for greater profits and the ability to create higher levels of customer loyalty over time.…. [read more]

Database Administration Thesis

… Database Administration Today

In evaluating the current field of database administration, the areas of Database Management Systems (DBMS), Database Administrator (DBA) roles and responsibilities, the concepts of database designs, performance of databases, and data integrity and availability are all critical concepts that need to be covered. In addition, database security, so essential for any company to continue operating, as is evidenced by the many breaches of databases today, which happen nearly on a daily basis. The breach at social networking site Twitter is particularly troublesome given the rapid growth of that social platform and the information stored on its servers. Additional areas include database backup and database recovery. Each of these topic areas forms the foundation of a DBAs' many tasks in supporting an organization.…. [read more]

Growth Aided by Data Warehousing Term Paper

… This is intended to form one rational conclusion and to also gain benefits from important information regarding the current operation of the organization. (Hackathorn,1995;Wallace,1994a). These current operations can also be contrasted and evaluated in terms of the old existing data, and alongside, predictions as to future operations and about new business procedures can be developed and also new systems can be planned out to sustain these processes. (FairHead, 1995; Hackathorn, 1995; Ricciuti, 1994a; Smith, 1995d; Wallace, 1994a; Weinberg, 1995a).

These date warehouses can also store huge amounts of past data and corporate data that most companies use as potential data for important businesses. (Bull, 1995b; Brown, 1995; Cafasso, 1994d; Eckerson, 1993b; Hackathorn, 1995; Lisker, 1994; Nash, 1995c; Smith, 1995f; Wallace, 1994a). Another advantage of these…. [read more]

World Wide Web Search Optimization for Physician Term Paper

… ¶ … Wide Web is available around the world today, and consists of billions of pages of information and several pages are being added every second. As a result, billions of users are increasingly turning to the Web for answers, as well as recreation, shopping and even education. In addition, the healthcare community is increasingly turning to the World Wide Web to obtain information and to provide it to their peers and patients as well. One of the unfortunate consequences of the enormity of the amount of information that is available on the Web is the inability of many search engines to identify the precise information desired by the user. Indeed, a simple search might result in hundreds or even thousands (or tens of thousands)…. [read more]

New York State Firefighting History Term Paper

… IBM's Business Continuity and Recovery Services center, located about 40 miles north of New York City, was placed on a red alert status, and many employees responded to the alert by working continuous shifts around the clock, and sleeping on-site. Managers worked the loading dock, logging new equipment shipments, and during the period of time when air travel was suspended, employees drove a replacement server in from Chicago.

The calls for help peaked at a rate of approximately forty calls per hour in the first two days after the attack, and IBM deployed equipment that ranged from large enterprise servers to thousands of laptops and workstations. "In addition, it provided thousands of square feet of data center capacity, in some cases relocating customer's operations to…. [read more]

Information Technology Holds Great Promise Term Paper

… Some citizens may also have file-sharing software which may prove fatal if vital information is shared. This happens when one allows a file-sharing software access to the hard drive, thus sharing almost everything that is stored including tax returns files that easily attract a fraudster's attention. The citizens must therefore be advised appropriately on the dangerous of using such file sharing systems in conjunction with the tax return software.

The other problem includes downloads from file sharing sites which may be infected with malware, viruses, or even file names that may look harmless. Such malicious software will activate in ones computer, potentially starting to log every keystroke. These key-loggers would filter will filter all the crucial information to a second party who will then work…. [read more]

Dirt Bikes Analytics Software Collaboration Essay

… Dirt Bikes Case Study

Analytics software

Collaboration Software including e-Mail

e-Commerce and Online Ordering

Web-based Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Administration and Information Technologies (IT)

Pervasive use of analytics and key performance indicators to measure IT system performance and level of mfg. efficiency

(Hopkins, 2011).

Intensive use of Intranet portals for posting HR policies; support bulletins posted for all employees; intensive use of e-mail for collaboration & communication (Kolbus, 1992).

Use for indirect procurement materials and supplies the company needs to support ongoing operations (acting as a buyer for materials).

Managing costing and pricing structures in addition to defining the long-term goals for supply chain mgmt. And ERP system performance over time

Customer Service

Using analytics to troubleshoot customer service and…. [read more]

Worth 2 Points. Each Problem Essay

… ¶ … worth 2 points. Each problem is worth 4 points. There are 58 points available in this Homework set.

Security service categories

Authentication: This is assurance that a given communicating entity is whoever it claims to be. The authorization problem is usually confused with the authentication one. Several individuals and organizations usually adopt standard security protocols, statutes as well as obligatory regulations on the basis of this assumption. The more precious definition and usage however describes the concept of authorization as the verification of a claim that has been made by an entity that it should be regarded as acting on behalf of a certain particular principle (computer, individual, smart card and the likes) / Authorization on the other hand is the process of…. [read more]

Vindication of the Rights of Woman Mary Research Proposal

… ¶ … Vindication of the Rights of Woman

Mary Wollstonecraft's book a Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792) was written as a response to the proposed state-supported system of public education that would only educate girls to be housewives, a proposal made by Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord, the French minister of education after the French revolution (Mellor 367). The passion with which Wollstonecraft wrote a Vindication of the Rights of Woman was derived from her personal experience of inequality as a young woman in a patriarchal society and also by the injustice she experienced in her own family growing up, an injustice experienced primarily because of her gender given that she was raised in a home where her older brother, Ned (who by law…. [read more]

Transnational IT Operations Term Paper

… Transnational IT Operations

Given the rapid rise in globalization, both manufacturing and services companies are increasingly relying on transnational IT operations. The intent of this paper is cover the essential elements of transnational IT operations, with the need for an IT continuity plan being critical for the stability of any organizations information, collaboration, and planning assets..

Transnational IT Operations begins with a solid IT Continuity Plan

Ensuring IT continuity during any company's transnational operations needs to begin with securing the company's core databases including pricing, manufacturing planning, scheduling, finance, accounting, procurement and purchasing before implementing any integration with systems located at remote geographic regions. Take for example a company choosing to move its manufacturing from the U.S. To China for example, and the need for…. [read more]

Total Quality Management (Tqm) Term Paper

… In such a case, maquiladoras would become world-class manufacturing plants and training facilities for Mexican workers and managers, with the ability to spearhead technological developments, as well as quality and excellence in manufacturing.

This perspective seems more probable, as recent reports about the maquiladoras prove that the industry has been changing its focus from doing business with cheap labor to concentration on work skills. Lindquist (2001), cited by Aly and Schloss, thinks that these organizations are moving toward second-generation manufacturing, which presupposes all the technical characteristics of a modern industry, including research and design capacities.

Success in this new situation can only be achieved if the maquiladoras emphasize and excel in "quality." The American quality revolution in the last 20 years has severely influenced the…. [read more]

Christian Counseling This Individual Essay

… These two facets of White's temperament also pertain to his conviction that he is always right. Since the church leader is a member of the Christian faith White should give him a certain degree of credence -- particularly if that leader reinforces his assertions and council with germane scriptures.

The church pastor could identify these various character flaws of White's to get him to understand that he needs to create a change to best his midlife crisis. It would most assuredly help White to do so and to become a better person if the church leader utilized scriptures that indicated that White's problems are actually those that are found within mankind, especially when compared to the nature of God and his lack of problems in…. [read more]

Google, Inc. Corporate Governance Structure Term Paper

… Google

Corporate governance comes in a variety of forms and may be adapted to the specific needs of the company under discussion. The model has changed in some cases for different reasons, and the rise of e-commerce and online business has necessitated some of that change. One of the most successful online entities created since the rise of the Internet is the online search engine Google, a company that has a unique style of corporate governance, just as it has developed a strikingly different and varying business model for its search engine, its core business, and also for the many spin-offs it has instituted around that business. Google was never the only search engine offered on the Internet, but it soon would become the most…. [read more]

Jane Austen's Emma Term Paper

… Furthermore, Austen believed that the domestic sphere was important, not merely secondary to the public sphere. For Austen, a knowledge of manners and raising polite, well-mannered children were crucial in a society were not women's occupations merely because they suited feminine sensibilities. Rather, manners were an integral part of society, a task Austen thus assigned to the hands of her capable heroines.

The English Gentleman Ideal

Emma is a novel concerned with gender re-definition. First, the character of Emma Woodhouse herself employs many traditionally "masculine" traits. Unlike the Bennetts and the Dashwoods before her, Emma is not bound by the law of primogeniture and will therefore not be stripped of her property when her father dies. Though Emma may seem like a weak character compared…. [read more]

Philosophical Perspective Action: I Decided to Attend Essay

… Philosophical Perspective

Action: I decided to attend college, and obtain my undergraduate degree.

Risk: First, there is the opportunity cost of the income I could earn at a full-time job. I will be less financially stable when I am in college and potentially a greater burden on my parents if I emerge after four years, in debt, and unable to support myself.

Justification: Even if the economy is uncertain at present, in the long-term I am likely to get a better job if I attend college.

Defense or Foundational Knowledge: I want a job that is emotionally satisfying. Going to college and obtaining a degree is likely to get me a job that is better-paying and also more meaningful and intellectually challenging, than if I…. [read more]

Object Relation, Attachment Theories, and Self-Psychology Research Proposal

… Object Relation, Attachment Theories, And Self-Psychology

The "Growing" Process

Overview of the Study 2-1.3 Clinical Case Study Dissertation Structure

Rationale for Clinical Case Study Dissertation

Diverse Contentions

Emotional Abuse/Maltreatment

Winnicott's Relational Model Theory

Bowlby's Attachment Theory

Kohut's Self-Psychology


Theoretical Basis for Case


Winnicott's Relational Model Theory

Bowlby's Attachment Theory

Kohut's Self-Psychology


Shania's Presenting Problems

Early Stage: Development of Therapeutic Relationship and the Holding


Middle Stage: Transference and Counter-transference

Late Stage: Differentiation and Individuation




Necessary Insight

Recount of Clinical Case Study Dissertation Results




Figure 1: Differences Between Discipline and Abuse 10

Figure 2: Donald Winnicott 13

Figure 3: John Bowlby 18

Figure 4: Heinz Kout 25

Figure 5: Representation…. [read more]

Certificate in Education Term Paper

… This version initiates multiple-choice items in place of the previous test that included true/false items and an essay paper. One of the reasons for a change to multiple choices was to enable the test to be simply updated following changes in regulations. The resulting Theory Test was a pencil and paper, multiple-choice test and, apart from some changes to questions and administration by touch screen computer, it is still in use.

There are four papers available. The paper is selected at random for a particular sitting of the examination. Each paper is comprised of 100 questions and lasts for 1.5 hours. The subjects are grouped into four bands, with 25 questions in each band:

Road procedure;

Traffic signs/signals;

The driving test; and Number of Attempts…. [read more]

Cultures in Conflict and Change Essay

… Her new husband has a free hand, but the other one clasps hers like an "iron gate" (3) and while he is not frigid, he is stern and distant and this scares her, almost overwhelming the hope she can escape her past. It is his peace not hers that the marriage vows promise and he seems at peace; monumental, like Lincoln freeing her to a new and uncertain future, which will no longer be "backward," "ignorant" and "wrong" (3). He is right but she does not share his peace, but actually the opposite.

The iron gate of this peace of his will be permanent, but she is already trapped, ironically by the religion that binds them at the very moment she is thinking these wild…. [read more]

Motivation in Sport Term Paper

… The inconsistency in sport confidence that exists in duration of time is influenced in basic by the sources of the confidence. (Weinberg & Gould, 1999, p.24).

Researchers can make an effort to realize how the sources of sport confidence would make an impact on the athlete's performance, level of confidence, cognition, emotion and behaviors. They may also carefully analyze the confidence that is derived from sources by realizing the interaction of the social background, organizational cultures, and the nuances of the athlete. Sport competition is a basic atmosphere for pursuance of excellence and performance. How actually the achievement of confidence is derived? The achievement goal theory which comes under the social cognitive build has been seen as becoming a known model for this research in…. [read more]

God and Creation Term Paper

… It is indeed a great privilege to be an American, and therefore, it must be believed that God is with America and will always bless and keep the American citizen.

One of the famous Presidents of the United States of America, George Washington, is reputed to have believed in this exact concept, wherein he has stated in his farewell address to the people of his nation, "The name of American belongs to you ... And with slight shades of difference, you have the same religion."

He was, according to John Marshall, the then Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, "a sincere believer in the Christian Faith, and a truly devout man," and therefore, being one of the founders of the United States of America,…. [read more]

Popular Culture Is Relatively Young Term Paper

… Through greed, jealousy, and pride their hearts have become like stone. So they are turned into statues, but retain their consciousness that they might behold their sister's happiness until they admit their own faults. (from Opie, I. The Classic Fairy Tales)

This tale makes a parallel between the reality, the world we live in and the world of our imaginations and illusions. It teaches us to value what we have already, to be tolerant, patient and do the best to save humanism and harmony in relations with others. It teaches us to see the best in what we have and accept people as they are, not as we want them to be, looking for the best in them. This tale contributes to spread of popular…. [read more]

Anomie: A Sense of Alienation From Society Term Paper

… ¶ … Anomie: A sense of alienation from society, popularized by Durkheim's social theories. Ex. The sociologist Durkheim suggested that modern man or woman was in a perpetual state of anomie, because of the breakdown of social institutions.

Social fact: A social fact may be contrasted with a scientific fact -- both of them strive to be based in objective data collection, such as the scientific fact that the earth rotates around the sun, or that a poorer school district has a lower graduation rate and a higher rate of juvenile offenders than a richer comparative district. These substantiated facts are used when conducting experiments. Social facts, as coined by the positivist school of criminology suggests that social pressures that are external behaviors that are…. [read more]

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