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Recreation Resort Report Term Paper

… Recreation and Leisure

Industry report: the commercial resort and entertainment industry.

The commercial resort and recreation industry is, according to reports, showing positive growth and the possibility of increased growth in 2007. This is despite many setbacks such as natural disasters, Avian Flu and the negative influence that terrorism has had on the industry. As one report indicates, these factors have not had a significant negative impact on the industry in general. "....With 842 million arrivals and a 4.5% growth rate, 2006 exceeded expectations as the tourism sector continued to enjoy above average results, making it a new record year for the industry. " (World Tourism Organization)

Figures for the Word travel and Tourism Council...indicate that "

Figures for the Word Travel and Tourism…. [read more]

Resort Our Group Chose Assessment

… So on one end of the spectrum there is a rise in price to meet the requirements of the moneyed customer. On the other end, prices may be expected to drop in the need to find a niche.

To what extent does the government intervene in the development and running of the resort? Does the central/local government provide amenities such as swimming pools and sports facilities, walk-ways, public beaches? Is the tourist office state funded? Resort advertising? Explain the level of government intervention in the resort, this will vary according to the country in which the resort it is located and the political system..

Each and every one of the amenities of the resort is exclusively privately funded as are the amenities of each of…. [read more]

Sandals Resorts in Opening Sentence Essay

… When making purchases for such items, couples do not simply only look at the bottom line, given that these excursions are often once-in-a-lifetime occasions. However, price is still a consideration for the typical Sandals couple, because few people are so wealthy that they can afford to entirely ignore price, even when shopping for an occasion as special as a wedding.


Other, competitor resorts such as Club Med within the package resort destination market may offer more amenities and activities -- but most also allow children on-premises. Sandals 'places' itself solely as a romantic-oriented resort within the marketplace. The focus on the beauty of the water, the suites, and the dining, along with various romantic aspects of the resort spanning from its 'themed' weddings to…. [read more]

Four Significant Challenges Confronting the Resort Industry Essay

… Resort industry has been facing a myriad of challenges of late accompanied by the same challenges hitting hard on the tourism industry as well since these two are interdependent and work hand in hand with each other. There are major challenges that the resort industry faces and are as below;

The sustainable hospitality industry and climate change; there has been a trend of many people, mostly those concerned about the global warming looking for the resorts that are environment conscious and are putting efforts towards stopping global warming. Formatting the already existing resorts and hotels to the green hotels is quite a challenge yet there seems to be no option but to ensure that the resort industry complies with the green movement standards in order…. [read more]

Hotel Management Strategy Report Style Essay

… Most clients and customers will also be cost conscious and can usually frequent the accommodation that provides them cost effective. Hence, the bargaining power of customer is high.

Threat of Substitutes - Hotels

Yeaswich (2006) for the Australian markets further observes that substitutes for the hotel industry are often low and can include alternative types of leisure accommodations inclusive of camping sites, portable homes or motor-homes or staying with buddies and family. Switching costs vary from minimal to high (e.g. The cost of the motor-home).

PESTE Analysis

Political Atmosphere

These make reference to government policy like the amount of intervention throughout the economy. Hotel industry in addition to tourism industry includes a fundamental backbone from the government support; without so, it won't have the ability…. [read more]

Operation of Casino Resort Hotels Differs Essay

… ¶ … operation of casino resort hotels differs from the operation of traditional full service business class hotels.

Hotel is derived from the French word hotel which means to host. Basically, a hotel provides paid accommodation for which one pays for on a short-term basis. A casino resort hotel is a specialized hotel which provides lodging services also has a large room or rooms used for table wagering games and gambling activities such as game betting and slot machines. The hotels also offer entertainment and include conference and convention facilities. Recreational facilities such as swimming pools, golf courses and tennis courts are also provided. Casino resort hotels are basically designed to be luxury hotels for the high end vacationers, and they are designed to encourage…. [read more]

Feasibility Study for Shades of Green Resort Orlando Florida Term Paper

… Shades of Green

This project will explore a myriad of factors associated with the Shades of Green Resort in Orlando Florida. These factors include the type of business it is and financial information.

The primary purpose of this project is to provide a feasibility study that investigates the price an investor will pay to purchase the Shades of Green Resort in Orlando, Florida.

The Shades of Green Resort opened in 1994 and was formerly known as the Golf Resort, and The Disney Inn (The Shades of Green).

The previous resort was considered to be a Deluxe or Premium resort. The resort was leased by the U.S. government for use by military personnel on Rest and Relaxation in February of 1994 (The Shades of Green). On…. [read more]

Alton Tower Book Report

… Alton Towers is one of the largest theme parks in the United Kingdom today and it continues to draw large numbers of visitors using a combination of innovation marketing programs as well as continuing investments in newer and more exciting rides and attractions. These efforts are absolutely essential in the highly competitive environment that exists in London and its environments for the tourist dollar, the marketers at Alton Towers and its controlling group do not enjoy the luxury of sitting still and watching their competitors erode their market share. Because the travel and tourism industry remains the largest industry in the world and air travel has even increased in recent years after recovering from its downturn following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, identifying…. [read more]

Timesharing in Resorts Term Paper

… Timesharing in Resorts

Holiday and a Vacation?

Present Issues

Summary of the Structure of the Industry

History of Hospitality 6 Hotels

Types of Hotels 7 Resorts

Types of Resorts 9 Timeshare 10 Beginning of Timeshare 12 Types of Timeshare 13 Timeshare developers 16 Demand/Season 17 Timeshare Stats 17 Advantages of Timesharing

Marketing of timeshare relates to Customer Satisfaction

Research Framework & Survey 22 Data collection 23 Data analysis 23 Findings 27 Reliability of the Survey 28 Demographic Profile of the Students 28 Interest of students in Lodging Operations 28 Perception of Timeshares 30 Relations and Comparison Between Variables

Analysis 32 Conclusion 34 Limitations 34 Problems and How to Deal with Them

V Results

Reliability of the survey 36 Demographic profile of the students 36 Interest…. [read more]

Business Memo and Thank You Letter Reflexive Essay

… Business Memo and Thank You Letter

Reflexive Essay and Thank You Letter

To gain greater insights into the hospitality industry at the managerial and leadership level Tobias Ragossnig, Front Office Manager at the Kahala Hotel and Resort was interviewed. While working full-time he is also currently attending Hawai'i Pacific University pursuing a degree in Travel Industry Management. He is originally from Austria, where he attended a secondary college studying Marketing, interrupting his studies to take a full time position with the YMCA.

In choosing to interview Tobias, his unique managerial and leadership background in the hospitality industry, combined with his ambitious approach to continual self-improvement from a management and leadership standpoint, made him the best candidate available given my own career aspirations. He has accumulated…. [read more]

Porter's Five Force Analysis of Starwood Hotel and Resort, Ltd Essay

… Starwood

The threat of new entrants is moderate. The hotel industry is already fairly saturated, so there is greater threat from existing competitors. However, the costs of entering the market are relatively low, both in terms of capital and in terms of knowledge. New companies enter the hospitality industry frequently, and small companies grow to become bigger competitors often as well.

The threat of substitutes is relatively small. Starwood competes across multiple hospitality platforms under its different brands. There are a few potential substitutes, such as hostels or staying with family, but for the most part hotel customers need hotels and are unlikely to substitute anything in its place.

The bargaining power of buyers is high. There is substantial competition in the hotel industry, and…. [read more]

Tourism in Thailand Economic, Social Book Report

… The young people get attracted to the way the foreigners dress and try to adapt them. Also, cross cultural marriages are becoming more common among locals as well.

Strict regulations should be posed upon the tourists who visit the country. They should be notified on appropriate land usage, the dos and don'ts of visiting Thailand. Nowadays, for the sustainability of tourism, Thailand is using "Rural Tourism" as target. Rural tourism could be explained with the help "Rural Development," which is a process that gives a rise in the capacity of rural people to control the environment, resulting from more extensive use of the benefits which ensure such control. Sustainable development is the way to raise living standards, to allow people to reach their human potential,…. [read more]

Use of Social Media Term Paper

… ¶ … Social Media

Travel and tourism, a multibillion-dollar worldwide industry, with the UK being one of the premier tourist destinations, has constantly relied greatly on endorsement and advertising as platforms for the enormous number of destinations, spots, and vacation selections; hotels, resorts, areas, and countries; challenging for travel business, not to bring up the crowd of carriers, airlines, trains, cruise liners, buses, and other transport vehicles for travellers to those destinations. So imperative is the business that there are whole venues (together with smaller nations) whose financial systems are just about wholly reliant on tourism.

Travel PR in a Digital Age

Just like most other industries, the social media revolution has had a deep impact on the travel and tourism markets; both in terms…. [read more]

Ethnic Tourism and Cultural Book Report

… 2011). The sociological inference of ethnic tourism will be explained through the macro viewpoint of historical tendencies from the current to the postmodern. The expression the modern' is regularly related in social sciences but its idea is extremely broad and obscure. The significance of 'the modern' as talked about in the article in this is the 'sociocultural trend of the time' I agree with that because it was particularly described by development and westernization. Two dominant standards motivate this trend: rationalism and activities. The contemporary has shaped the present social authenticity in all sociological measurements: from designs of separate activity through social arrangements to the World System.

The social dissimilarities in tourism, as stated above, clearly appear in the Word System. I agree with the…. [read more]

Disney Cruise Line Disney Business Research Paper

… While reviews of the Dream experience have been overwhelmingly positive, there are nonetheless areas where improvements are needed. According to USA Today reporter Gene Sloan (2011b), the wait to ride the acclaimed AquaDuck was more than 30 minutes at times. Given the popularity of the ride, there is probably little that technology can do to change AquaDuck wait times. However, technology can be used to make the wait less burdensome.

Gartner (2010) reports that one of the strategic technologies for 2011 involves mobile applications and media tablets. Gartner estimates that by the end of 2010, 1.2 billion people will carry handsets that are capable of rich, mobile commerce. The quality of the experience of applications on these devices is superior, with the ability to can…. [read more]

Digital Media Technology Research and Design Research Paper

… ¶ … Digital Media Technology Research and Design

The hospitality industry has become increasingly competitive in recent years as major hotel chains vie for erratic occupancy levels during uncertain economic periods. Therefore, identifying opportunities to gain a competitive advantage in this environment represents a timely and valuable enterprise, and this is the focus of this report on digital media technology research and design. This report provides a description of a proposed digital media product, three personas for the proposed digital media product, and two use cases based on these personas concerning the use of the proposed app. Finally, a storyboard depiction of the operation of the proposed digital media product and its intended use is followed by a description concerning how the product will be…. [read more]

Summer Internship Essay

… We strive to leader in corporate citizenship and sustainable development, caring for our colleagues and guests, seeking to enrich the quality of life for the communities in which we do business, and serving as good stewards of society and the environment." (Shangri-la's Social Responsibility)

Internal customer profile (list demographics; i.e., who works there? are there any common characteristics and/or qualifications, education of the associates)

Shangri-La is dedicated to providing highly personalized guest service. The hotel recruits for attitude as well as trains for talents and skills. Shangri-La hotels and resorts provides a highly acclaimed training program named Shangri-La care which is divided in to four modules and it is also in line with the group's strategic plans to become an industrial leader. All members and…. [read more]

International Association of Amusement Parks Term Paper

… The majority of workers are under the age of 35. The majority of the firms in the industry boost hiring in the summer months, and often opt to employ high school- and college-age employees. ("Amusement and Recreation Services," 2000)

It is estimated that about 56% of workers in the industry are employed in the service occupations. Amusement and recreation attendants are the main occupation in amusement and recreation services. These attendants perform a mixture of duties depending on where they work. They can perform such duties as handing out sports equipment, collecting money, providing caddy services and operating amusement park rides..("Amusement and Recreation Services," 2000) Recreation workers organize and endorse activities such as arts and crafts, music, sports, plays, games, social recreation, camping, and hobbies.…. [read more]

Hotel Lodging Operations Term Paper

… Hotel Lodging Operations:

Analysis of the Host Country Resort Industry:

I will assume the general manager's position in Kenya's hotel tourism industry. Kenya is an East African country which is mainly a tourist destination for tourists all over the world. In fact, tourism is the third largest foreign exchange earner in Kenya ("Investing in Kenya" par, 1). This industry is always on the upward growth trend as a result of diversification of tourist generating markets, liberalization initiatives and the Government's dedication to provide a suitable environment for tourism. Political stability and successful tourism promotion by the Kenyan government has led to the creation of many opportunities for investment. These investment opportunities in film production, recreation and entertainment facilities are available in cultural tourism, conference tourism,…. [read more]

MGM Casino Research Paper

… ¶ … MGM Grand Casino opened in 1993 after ground was broken in late 1991 on the former site of the Marina Hotel and Tropicana Country Club, two properties MGM CEO and Chainman of the Board Kirk Kerkorian purchased in the late 1980s (MGM Resorts International, 2013). One of the primary motivations for MGM Corporation to create an entirely new hotel in Las Vegas was to rebrand and redefine the customer experience, including redefining safety from literally the ground up with the new properties (Sprecher, Pertl, 1988). The MGM Grand fire that occurred on November 21, 1980 was the worst disaster in the history of Nevada, the third worst in the history of the Untied States and left 85 people dead when it was over,…. [read more]

Hospitality Industry Trends and Problem in Hawaii Term Paper

… Hospitality Trends and Problems in Hawaii

The Hilton Hawaiian Village at Waikiki Beach is an island paradise that is located on Waikiki's widest stretch of beach that has an impressive property that is nested on 22 oceanfront acres that offers the best Waikiki resort experience. This is unique environment and culture of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki beach resort is an exquisite hotel. It has lash tropical gardens, waterfalls and exotic wildlife and priceless artwork. This is surely a one of a kind hotel resort where there are luxurious accommodations, food available in over 18 restaurants and lounges and an opportunity to shop for souvenirs' .there are also a wide range of activities that are enjoyable to the entire family. It is attractive due to…. [read more]

Crisis Management Plan: Moray Enterprises Term Paper

… The team will also be responsible for encouraging and ensuring wider participation by various stakeholders in promoting safety and security in the resort. One of the major ways through which the team will promote safety in the resort is through analyzing capabilities and hazards and developing measures that will deal with these risks or threats. These crisis prevention and mitigation measures will be integrated into the resort's operations and training of employees. During a crisis, the crisis management team will carry out various measures such as verifying the risk or threat, evaluate its probable outcomes, identify alternatives and objectives to respond to the crisis, locate and identify victims, and provide guidelines for implementation of measures to deal with the threat.

Mitigating Risk:

Based on the…. [read more]

Project Management There Are Several Tasks Thesis

… Project Management

There are several tasks that are involved in the planning and initiation stage of the project. The first is going to be to initiate contact with the local government to gauge their readiness for such a project. If they are amenable, tentative plans should be drawn up. This will involve beginning the site selection process, gathering possible designs and identifying target markets. With a sense of the market and the site, the financing team can go ahead and work with the local government and the company's bankers to acquire the funds and push the project forward. At that point, final design can be undertaken and construction commenced.

Yours Truly

John Smith

Sam Holiday

Dakar Yoff

Daisy Debit

Ted Rivers

Frank Tower

Project Mgr…. [read more]

Euro vs. Florida Disney Term Paper

… Euro vs. Florida Disney

Success of Florida Disney:

Walt Disney Company -- WDC theme park and resort complex in Florida comprises of varied set of service and entertainment properties covering an area of 30,500 acres. An excess of 50,000 'cast members' or employees in Disney parlance provide services to more than 1, 00,000 guests daily. World Disney World Resort -- WDWR properties possess a huge amount of independent authority and flexibility, and the organization is distributed in a greater manner compared to other more conventional industries. One of the major components of the huge Disney enterprise is WDWR. Due to its size, employee and visitor population, and organization, the facility is fundamentally a distinct community. (World Disney World Resort: Environmental Management Case Study)

Walt Disney…. [read more]

Company, Industrial and Financial Analysis Term Paper

… This has made it more profitable for tour operators, as they make money in the stronger Sterling and pay their resorts and hotels in their local currency, which continues to weaken.

English is widely spoken in many countries, especially tourist destinations, which makes holidaying abroad by UK nationals relatively easy.

The UK has a relatively wet and cloudy climate making the appeal of summer sun holidays high. This is a great source of lucrative travel for tour operators, who specialize in both summer and winter sun deals.

The UK has a well-developed tour operating industry based on one of the most liberal and competitive airline sectors, which makes it difficult for a new company to enter the market.

Some of the future trends in the…. [read more]

Cultural-Heritage Tourism in Western Australia Essay

… " As noted above, there have also been tin-sluicing operations at Greenbushes since 1888, but the production levels have historically been on a very limited scale (Crowley, 1960).

Therefore, identifying new cultural-heritage tourism opportunities for this community represents a timely and valuable enterprise. In this regard, Lew (2011, p. 554) emphasises that, "Without tourist attractions there would be no tourism. Without tourism there would be no tourist attractions. Although a tautology, such an argument still points to the fundamental importance of tourist attractions and the attractiveness of places to tourism." The research to date has resulted in some mixed views about what constitutes the fundamental concept of "tourist attraction" including terms such as "exploitable resources," "marketable products," "images," place "attributes," and "features" (Lew 2011). Despite…. [read more]

International Marketing of a Seaside Resort Term Paper

… International Marketing of a Seaside Resort in Gulf Shore, Alabama

The objective of this study is to develop a communications plan to promote a new seaside resort complex that offers tourists luxury villas on a weekly basis. The plan will follow a marketing plan but will emphasize the promotional part of the marketing mix.

The seaside resort complex at focus in this study will be located at Gulf Shores, Alabama. Gulf Shores, Alabama is located on the Gulf of Mexico at the southernmost tip of the state of Alabama. Gulf Shores is a favorite vacation destination for families and college students alike. The area is graced by sparkling white beaches and has many restaurants and attractions that draw visitors to the area each year. It…. [read more]

Shopping Tourism in Hong Kong Essay

… " (Hong Kong Tourism Commission, 2011 p.1) This is due to the modern transportation network and "tourist-oriented authentic Chinese traditions when combined provide "both convenience and nostalgia" in tourism destinations and the time spent as well as the money spent in those locations. Cultural tourism has then served to drive the growth of tourism industry participants and moreover has driven the profitability of shopping tourism businesses in Hong Kong. Domestic cultural tourism is such that places a variety of individuals into a group experience that is voluntary in nature and based on identification with the traditional Hong Kong culture.

Visa reports a study that included representation of shopping tourists from Canada, The United States of America, Thailand, China, Hong Kong (SAR), Vietnam, Cambodia, and the…. [read more]

Challenges to the Sustainability of the Tourism Industry in Thailand Research Proposal

… Developing countries are extremely dependent upon the tourism industry for both the economic and social stability that the industry provides. From an economic standpoint tourism provides jobs and economic stability. From a social point-of-view, tourism is leisure that provides knowledge and understanding of different cultures.

Thailand is a prime example of a developing country that values tourism. Tourism in Thailand gathered momentum when Thailand's government implemented the tourism development project into the Fourth National Economic and Social Development Plan (1977-1981). Through the tourism development plan, Thailand's government wanted to achieve economic growth congruent with national economic and social development. In addition, the other goals of the project were to maintain the social and cultural needs by resuscitating: natural resources, the environment, culture, customs and traditions…. [read more]

Travel Agency Business Proposal Business Proposal

… Cost Analyses (10.24.2010-on going): The estimated cost for promotional literature is $2,500. In the beginning a home office would be efficient as the company plan to provide online service. Therefore, the cost would be less than an actual office. Office furniture would be around $4,500. This office setting would allow the costumer visits by appointment. The salary for two people would be around $50K per year. However, the income will be mainly the commissions from the trip.


Future Work

There are remaining items to be completed to start the company. For example, the IRS forms have not been completed yet. The meeting with SBA will give a shape for the future of the company along with the travel surveys.

The surveys need to be…. [read more]

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