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Red River and Comparison With Other Westerner Movies Term Paper

… Red River 1948

A classic Western from the 1940s, Red River showcases an exceptional, sound performance by John Wayne; his character is well-rounded. The movie hit cinemas in the year 1948, following a delay of a couple of years due to legal problems with filmmaker, Howard Hughes, who claimed that Red River was too similar to his own film, The Outlaw. Despite the movie being more than half a century old, it seems good except for some unavoidable dust spots and tramlines. If one is able to stand the tale's lawlessness, the narrative is quite fine. Cinematic icon, Wayne personified America of the forties in the movie -- it can conveniently be regarded as his best performance ever. Red River showed Montgomery Clift, making his…. [read more]

East Meets West: Oriental Influence on Western Dissertation

… East Meets West: Oriental Influence on Western Fashion

Clothing is rarely recognized as a political force, yet fashion and design may be one of the most internationally regarded forms of trade, communication, and influence among countries worldwide. Perhaps more than any other form of shared knowledge, fashion permeates the boundaries of nations to influence the styles of people everywhere. According to an official defitnion, "fashion consists of a current (constantly changing) trend, favoured for frivolous rather than practical, logical, or intellectual reasons." (Kobres et al.) However accurate this statement may be in some ways, it does not at all encompass the vast array of cultural and social implications that a mere mention of the word "fashion" will entail. "So pervasive has the role of the…. [read more]

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