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Reflecting on My Meditation Essay

… Personal Meditation Reflection:

Meditation is an important psychological practice that protects the brain against aging as well as enhancing an individual's ability to learn new things. This practice achieves this through sharpening focus, lessening stress, lowering blood pressure, and relieving chronic pain. Generally, it helps a person to experience greater calm, connect with deepest feelings, and challenges tendencies of self-judgment. Consequently, meditation leads to open doors for actual and accessible happiness for an individual. According to Salzberg (2011), meditation is basically training an individual's attention in order to become more aware of inner workings and external incidents (p.7). After becoming more aware of inner workings and external incidents, a person can choose his/her actions towards things that are visible. While each global religion incorporates some…. [read more]

Meditation: Theory and Practice Reflections Term Paper

… Meditation: Theory & Practice

Reflections of the practices and concepts learned in class

The practice and belief in the art of Meditation is as old as the sayings of ancient sages and yet in its' antiquity the practice of meditation from a holistic view still remains one of validity and possibly even more so than in earlier days of man's existence garnered by the fact that meditation has stood the test of time and trial throughout the history of mankind to remain even yet that which has within its' essence that which through transcendental means the power to refresh the heart, mind and soul of man and as well to draw the persecuted flesh near to relief and refreshing through a spiritual and inner door.…. [read more]

Film Blade Runner in Connection With Descartes Meditations on First Philosophy Essay

… Blade Runner and Descartes' Meditations

Some comparisons can be made between Blade Runner and Descartes' Meditations. This paper will show how certain scenes link up to Descartes' Meditations, which deal with the problem of knowing oneself, knowing reality, and knowing that God and truth exists.

"How can it not know what it is?" asks Decker when Tyrell confirms for him that Rachel is a Replicant (adding that she doesn't know it -- though he believes she is beginning to suspect it). Whereas doubt is the first step towards knowing reality in Descartes' Meditations, in Blade Runner doubt for Replicants is the first step to knowing that they are not real. This is the irony of the film: consciousness does not bring one to fulfillment but…. [read more]

Gender Reflection: On Identifying Essay

… For example, when men go out drinking, being able to consume large quantities of alcohol is considered manly, and someone who does not is looked down upon. Because I try to stay physically fit and love to play sports, the drinking and partying lifestyle is not compatible with my personal goals. But many of my male Russian friends do not understand this.

As a straight man, it was interesting for me to see the video "Dude, you're a fag," in which the author Dalton Conley noted that the epithet 'fag' was not about same-sex desire but about not being appropriately masculine. While this may be true in the United States (and based upon my experience in the U.S., I am inclined to agree with the…. [read more]

Descartes' Fourth Meditation, He Begins Essay

… However, whether it was logical or illogical, the fact is that the conclusion was in error. Therefore, like Descartes, one must wonder what that source of error is.

Descartes believes that judgment involves a combination of intellect and will. Descartes uses intellect to reflect two separate but related concepts: knowledge and intellectual capability. He suggests that intellect is limited. There does not seem to be a point in arguing against either of these premises. Even the smartest of human beings is not all-knowing, and anything less than a state of all-knowing means that knowledge is limited. Furthermore, even if a human being had the intellectual capability to be able to understand and comprehend all of the things in the universe, this ability would necessarily be…. [read more]

Dubus Andre Dubus's Meditations Term Paper

… Thus one must never reject the ordinary, muses Dubus. Dubus connects, through his own lived experience, the experience of the sacraments, the terrible act of his loss of his mobility and the equally, though supposedly more mundane secular function of making sandwiches for his children. Dubus experiences this act of cooking both as a pleasure and as a pain, which is appropriate because the sacraments themselves are interwoven with pleasure and with pain, with the pleasure of God's love for humanity and his divine father, but also the pain of the sacrifice of Jesus' life as nourishment for a fallen humanity.

As Dubus makes lunch for his daughters, the phone rings. This causes him great inner pain because he realizes that he cannot live his…. [read more]

Near Eastern Culture Journal

… Other teens, although they had basically good relationships with their parents, said that there was still tension because of their parent's religious beliefs.

Many things I took for granted, like being to date openly in high school, were a struggle for these teens. Some teens still concealed their sexuality and dated outside of the school environment. A few were 'out' but could not be as demonstrative as their peers, for fear of being accused of 'rubbing people's faces' in their sexuality. Almost all of the teens had experienced some form of bullying, either in school or on the street.

However, other than the experience of being gay, I was struck by how much in common I had with the majority of the group participants. Most…. [read more]

Reflecting Christian Counseling and Spiritual Formation Term Paper

… Counseling

What I have learned in this class is that techniques such as the twelve steps to spirituality and Multiple Counseling Techniques help people not only get closer to God, but to become a centered spiritual person through Christian counseling. I have learned the steps to spirituality are steps that lead the client down a path that helps them to better themselves and learn to trust themselves while trusting their loved ones. They also eventually learn to not feel alone and to learn that even when you go to others for help, in the end, you will always turn to God because He is the one who will always be there. Once this is learned, the client has realized that they must give themselves over…. [read more]

Giving Up the Gun Term Paper

… ¶ … Gun, Gaining One's True Self: Jane Eyre meets Andre Dubus

The thing you believe will protect you is the thing most likely to kill you. There is no safety in what is essentially a completely insecure world. But to gain one's true self and thus to gain the only form of security this world has to offer, throw this 'thing,' this talisman of security away. This principle is perhaps most obviously illustrated in the essay entitled "Giving Up the Gun," by Andre Dubus, as well as his other essays such as "About Kathryn." The last action the author performs is the titular action of throwing away the gun he thought would surely protect him from all harm, and protect those whom he loved…. [read more]

Buddhism I Have Admittedly Led Research Paper

… '" It is perhaps the fastest growing religion in the world today, earning more and more followers each year who convert from other religions, such as Christianity or Islam.

In this period many people were living unhappily because of their low social class and Buddhism helped people who felt stuck in their problems and also helped them escape the sadness that they suffered. One of the other beliefs associated with Buddhism which made people more inclined to take part in it was the belief that humans are reborn after dying. Karma is the force which determines samsara, which is the cycle of rebirth (Harvey 1990,-page 40). In this life, they should do good things so that the person could have a better life after they…. [read more]

Descartes Method of Doubt Term Paper

… Descartes' Method of Doubt

Right, that's actually the paragraph I thought that you were referring to.

This paragraph contains important information not found in the rest of the essay because it operates as a counterargument. It begins by conceding the fact that Descartes' viewpoint is not entirely incorrect.

However, it alludes to the fact that it was the author's choice of diction, in which he states it is for the reason that he mentioned "alone," which is the basis for his source of error. This broad generalization is the crux of the author's argument, and the sole reason why all of the other distinctions made within this assignment are true.

This counterargument presents a third idea not found elsewhere in the essay.


Rene Descartes'…. [read more]

Descartes Meditations by the Time French Philosopher Essay

… Descartes Meditations

By the time French philosopher and mathematician Descartes (1596-1650), the originator of "Cartesian doubt" - a form of philosophical skepticism - came on the scene, no significant alternative had been offered to the idealist (Platonic-Augustinian) and realist (Aristotelian-Thomist) schools. Descartes was dissatisfied by the imprecise nature of philosophical theories. The question to him was whether there was something wrong with these two systems that hindered other philosophers from making progress in philosophy. Descartes believed both traditions suffered from a common flaw. The impasse was created by the lack of "any completely certain truth" that could serve as an indisputable starting point for constructing a genuine system of knowledge (i.e., a science) (Palmquist 2). His idea was that the only way to overcome personal…. [read more]

Health at Age 19 Term Paper

… Health

At age 19, I am a healthy female human being. However, that state of health might not last unless I make an effort throughout my life to maintain a good diet and lifestyle. This paper will outline my current health and lifestyle practices, and project into the future as well. Categories included are diet (present and prospectively), weight training activities, cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory activities, nutritional supplementation, stress management activities, spiritual activities, and social habits. However, the paper will be organized chronologically according to the decades of my life. The paper will conclude with a personal eulogy, or how I want to be remembered upon my death.

My teens have been characterized by a lack of attention paid to diet and lifestyle and I have…. [read more]

Solitude and Mental Space Life Can Easily Research Proposal

… Solitude and Mental Space

Life can easily become cluttered. Not just externally, with schoolwork, and bills, and a job that doesn't cover those bills, and all of the other typical stresses of nearly-middle class life, but internally as well. The two are related, of course; external pressure can get us thinking about internal things, like job worries affecting thoughts about families and relationships, and at the same time internal worries can lead to increased engagement with external stressors, like worrying about intelligence level might lead to an inordinate amount of studying for an exam. Everyone experiences stress, and though these experiences come from different sources and manifest themselves in different ways for every individual, they always lead to a cloudy vision when it comes to…. [read more]

Art Reflecting Life Through Edgar Allan Poe Thesis

… Art Reflecting Life Through Edgar Allan Poe

We often hear that art imitates life and one author that demonstrates this point is Edgar Allan Poe. Poe's life created the perfect atmosphere for death, sadness, and terror as he watched the people that were closest to him die. Poe's childhood was also tumultuous in that he was abandoned by both parents and his foster father was not as supportive as he could have been. The result was a man filled with images of death and desolation, finding release through the art of writing. This release was not always pleasant but rather cathartic as the pain of life was allowed a much needed expression. Poe's tales of terror capture an aspect of life that is real, which…. [read more]

Reflection: My Leadership Approach, Apple Mac Legal Center Case Study

… Although, some members may feel that they do not have decisive skills of becoming leaders. This approach would aid the development of independence and autonomy and thus aggregate responsibility a vital prerequisite in building organizational goals.

Institutionalizing leadership and diplomatic coercion

Technically, coercion seems a realistic approach since would further aggrandize my approach in understanding the required leadership parameters. In this case, coercive power was influential since I would apply diplomatic force to ensure that change was achieved. Primarily, I was advocating for the acknowledgement of better recognition of job groups and as well as the appreciation of all sexes equally. Diplomatic coercion was influential in encouraging organization members to participate in various levels of leadership. Ideally, the expertise in relation to coercion of leaders…. [read more]

John Grierson the Documentary Film Developed Term Paper

… John Grierson

The documentary film developed alongside the narrative film, though largely during the sound era. It was shaped most profoundly during the 1930s as filmmakers began to record sociological an anthropological studies of different populations. Some of the early films were treated much as narrative films were and were widely released in theaters, achieving some popularity. In the early 1930s, this included such films as Nanook of the North and Moana, both by Robert Flaherty. These films were different not only because they presented real people in real situations but because they were filmed on real locations and not in studios. The silent film had sometimes gone outside the confines of the studio, but the advent of sound tied the camera to the soundstage…. [read more]

Shakespeare's Hamlet Term Paper

… Hamlet and the Memento of Death

When the Renaissance brought about a rebirth of many of the philosophies and customs of antiquity, it resurrected the ancient stoical idea that by mediation upon death one might be able to come to terms with it and pass beyond grieving into a more rational relationship with the dead. Of course, even prior to the Renaissance, the culture of the middle ages had certainly been preoccupied with death. "More than any other period in history, the late middle ages were preoccupied with the thought of death," writes Henry Jacob in his book on Memento Mori and Shakespeare. He goes on to explain that during the middle ages, individuals lived with the constant reminder of mortality; they faced plagues and…. [read more]

Skills, and Professional Attributes Essay

… Furthermore, personality theory is going to be important to consider, since the way an individuals' personality is able to adapt to trauma plays a huge role in the way one coming home from war and suffering from PTSD could integrate back into the regular world.

The main characteristics of the culturally skilled practitioner

The most authoritative review in recent years, by researchers from Columbia University and other institutions, suggested that nearly 19% of Vietnam War veterans succumbed to PTSD as a direct result of military combat. In addition, "The more severe the exposure to war zone stresses, the greater the likelihood of developing post-traumatic stress disorder and having it persist for many years," said Bruce P. Dohrenwend, an epidemiologist at Columbia University. (McKenna, 2006).

Fast…. [read more]

PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders and Personal Beliefs Essay


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders and Personal Beliefs

The focus of my studies and of my anticipated professional practice is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder within the context of educational psychology. This specialization is pursued with an emphasis on veterans of combat-related experiences. This particularly vulnerable population drives both the research and the personal orientation taken toward the subject. The connection between combat-experience and PTSD is inextricable and evokes a certain sense of responsibility for me.

In accordance with my personal beliefs, attitudes and values, the sacrifices made by combat soldiers and by their families is a significant one and one that carries many physical and mental health implications. Thus, I am inclined to view it as society's responsibility to ensure that this particular population is attended to…. [read more]

Donne Island No Man Term Paper

… Again, there is a great deal of debate as to whether Bush's humanitarian reasons were the real reasons he invaded Iraq. However, the truth of Bush's reasoning to invade Iraq is not necessarily of the utmost importance here.

Instead, simply the assertion of the American president gave for invading Iraq illustrates the power of the theme of brotherhood. Whether we believe him or not, Bush said that he was invading Iraq in order to "save" the people of the country. Such an action clearly implies that the idea of all people living as brothers in a global world has become commonly accepted by a large number of people in America.

At one time, the globalization of the idea of brotherhood was far less common. Even…. [read more]

Mindful vs. Traditional Martial Arts Thesis

… , 2001). As the existing research is largely limited to teenagers who are beyond the prime window of opportunity for prevention or early intervention efforts, this study will focus on children age 8-12, where early connections may inoculate at-risk students and set them on a more favorable trajectory. Terrence Webster-Doyle (personal communication, July 1, 2011) illuminates that by effectively challenging the self-imposed limits of each child, students will quickly realize that they can accomplish much more than they ever thought possible. Essentially, this parallels the old adage that we are each our own worst enemy -- the biggest fight for each of us, regardless of age, is within.

Theoretical and Conceptual Framework

Mindfulness psychotherapies are considered the third wave of behavior therapy, preceded by cognitive…. [read more]

Hypnosis Compared to Eastern Meditation Chi Kung and Nei Thesis

… ¶ … globalization and innovations in telecommunications are bringing healthcare practitioners together from all over the world in ways that have never before been possible. As these collaborative efforts and mature communities of practice continue to emerge, it is important to help Western practitioners understand the fundamental tenets of Eastern medicine and representative practices, just as it is important to help practitioners in China and elsewhere in the East understand the allopathic approaches that are most widely practiced in the West. To this end, this study compared the clinical use of hypnosis with the use of Eastern Meditation, Chi Kung, and Nei Kung. To achieve this comparison, a review of the relevant literature was combined with a qualitative meta-analysis of the peer-reviewed and scholarly literature…. [read more]

Way of the Peaceful Warrior Research Proposal

… ¶ … Peaceful Warrior

The book Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman describes the author's journey and the role of an individual he calls "Socrates" in this journey. The book is an interesting mixture of the everyday and the metaphysical, describing various stages the author goes through in order to reach the goal of "unreasonable" happiness. The author begins his narration by depicting his departure from home for college. It is during his first college year that he meets Socrates and begins a journey that would last the rest of his lifetime. When viewed from the psychological and theoretical perspective, several theories can be applied to the author's experiences. Such theories and concepts, as named by Gerald Corey's I never Knew I had…. [read more]

Spirituality Following Reading the Work Entitled Meeting Essay

… Spirituality

Following reading the work entitled "Meeting the Incarnate God" this work will explain how the spiritual life, as proposed in this text has meaning for everyday Christian living.

The work entitled "Meeting the Incarnate God: From the Human Depth to the Mystery of Fidelity" was published in 2009 by the Holy Cross Orthodox Press. This work was written by Metropolitan Phillip and Father Joseph Allen. Metropolitan Phillip writes "

Lord, What shall I offer you at your Incarnation in return for your infinite love… Lord, You have been knocking on my door for many years, but I never dared to let you in because my garment is not white as snow… Lord, the only thing I can offer you at your Incarnation is myself……. [read more]

Zen Buddhism, to Present Some Introductory Notes Essay

… ¶ … Zen Buddhism, to present some introductory notes, practices and the significance of rituals. Besides the actual facts or historical proof, spread around the world, as well as the presentation of significant personalities, the author will try to interpret the data and highlight his own opinion related to the topic.

History teaches us that in 520 CE, an Indian monk and scholar named Bodhidharma arrived in China to transmit the unmodified learning and word of Buddha. The religious spirit is induced by four verses - a special transmission outside the scriptures; Depending not on words and letters; Pointing directly to the human mind; Seeing into one's nature, one becomes a Buddha. Zen comes from the Chinese term - Ch'an - which in his turn…. [read more]

Brahmin Self and Other Hindu Teachings Creative Writing

… I reflected on the youthfulness of those around me and then thought about my own place in my life's journey and wondered whether I was at a mid-point in the journey or perhaps closer to the end than to the beginning. Having this thought, it is impossible not to begin to reflect on mortality and what it means to die. In India, death seems to be accepted as part of life and the various religions all have their own take on what this meaning of dying is.
The Hindus, for example, believe in reincarnation: a person dies but his soul does not die. Instead it comes back in another form based on the actions the person engaged in during his life. If his actions were…. [read more]

Religious Field Research Essay

… If it did nothing else, it would improve my concentration. The fact that many people believe it is important to chant "repeatedly for as long as several hours daily" astonished me ("Nichiren Buddhism," n.d.). I began to admire the practitioners of Buddhism. The practitioners were from different ethnic backgrounds. There were many Asian people in attendance, but about thirty percent of the people were white/Caucasian and there were also several African-Americans in attendance. I was impressed with the diversity of the turnout.

One thing that surprised me the most was that the Nichiren organization did not feel like a cult. For some reason, I expected the meeting to feel like a cult because it was foreign to me. There were some small portraits on the…. [read more]

What Is Mindfulness? Essay

… I can 'observe' what I am thinking, as if from a distance, rather than assume that everything I think is valid. For example, when I am not engaged in mindful practice when I am driving, I find myself tailgating and cursing the person in front of me. When I am being mindful, I am able to take a deep breath and remind myself that at worst I will arrive at my destination five or ten minutes later than I planned and this is not the end of the world. I can also remind myself that it will be much worse if I get into an accident and that will be far more time consuming than merely waiting for a section of the road where I…. [read more]

Beowulf as a Hero Lesson 1 Journal Journal

… Beowulf as a Hero

Lesson 1 Journal Entry #

Journal Exercise 1.3A: What makes a hero?

Beowulf is a hero who possesses strength, courage and loyalty; these are the elements that make up a hero during his time. There is a certain heroic code that must be followed in Beowulf and Beowulf follows that code perfectly. During the course of the poem, Beowulf changes as a person -- he matures, and this is a journey that is typical of heroes. Most heroes in literature don't start out as heroes. They may have the qualities lying dormant, but their journey is what turns them into a hero.

When Beowulf goes to fight Grendel, he is a strong and combative leader, but by the end he has…. [read more]

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