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Reforms at Universities - Athletes Should Receive Compensation Literature Review

… ¶ … college and universities should undergo reform, and that athletes should receive compensation from their institutions of higher learning is not a new idea. It's been around for many years, and the arguments pro and con have been hashed out in meaningful ways by untold thousands of scholars, economists, journalists, athletes and others. This paper presents many of those points-of-view, and takes the position that indeed, college / university athletes, in certain circumstances, should be paid for their efforts.

Notre Dame Law Review -- Play and be Paid?

Lee Goldman explained 25 years ago that the bowl games in the 1988-89 collegiate football season netted $66 million - $53 million of which went to the schools that participated in those bowl games. That pales…. [read more]

Do NOT Pay College Athletes Essay

… Teams are supposed to be united in their quest for victories, not divided by their own self-interests. If college athletics cannot teach players to come together as a team because money is involved, money should probably not be involved at all.

Another con is that paying athletes puts a burden on smaller schools because they will never be able to pay the best athletes to come play on their courts or on their fields. The big schools will attract the top talent just like the big cities attract the top talent in the pro game. It would mean less opportunity for small schools to compete at the national level, and less revenue for them overall as they quickly find themselves unable to make the…. [read more]

Executive Stock Option Plans Essay

… , 2009). Many firms have abused this practice and repriced repeatedly. Estimates suggest that executives' pay is often increased by an average of nearly $500,000 each with every occurrence of backdating. There has been a slow and steady decline in stock repricings since 1998. Accounting rules now demand that companies take a substantial charge against their earning if they place new exercise prices on stock options that already exist. The one loophole is that if the existing stock is canceled completely, new ones can be issued at the lower price within six months penalty free (Hamilton & Wise, 2008).

To illustrate the value of reprising to executives, we can examine computer-chip maker PMC-Sierra Inc. In March 2000, the company stock prices reached $245 share. It…. [read more]

Educational Intervention on the Balance Between Diet and Exercise Term Paper

… ¶ … Educational Intervention on the balance between Diet and Exercise

Energy Balance is the key to a healthy body

More and more people are becoming victims of obesity. While on one hand, the precise causes of this disease are still unclear, the general conclusion most scientists have agreed upon is the disparity between the energy consumed and the energy used. This is to say, obesity occurs when individual lifestyles lead towards excessive food consumption and little to no energy-utilization activities. Zakus (1982) in his study pointed out that certain ailments, namely, Frohlich's, Klinefelter's, Praeder Willi, Klein-Levin, Lawrence Mood Biedl, and Mauriac syndromes, are the underlying causes of childhood obesity. However, these cases, he points out, occur in less than 5% of children (Zakus, 1982).…. [read more]

Corruption in Sports Research Paper

… Corruption in Sport

On December 2nd, 2010, it was announced that the 2018 World Cup would go to Russia and the 2022 World Cup would be hosted by Qatar. The sport's governing body, the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) had made the selections on the basis of votes from its 22-member executive committee (AP, 2010). There had been accusations of corruption leading up to the vote -- most notably in the United Kingdom, which was bidding for 2018 -- and the announcement did nothing to calm the corruption accusations.

Immediately, the corruption accusations grew louder. The selection of Qatar in particular came under immediate fire. The nation had never qualified for a World Cup, all of the stadiums would be within one hour of…. [read more]

Catholic Church Public Policy in Spain and US Thesis

… As I previously mentioned, the Spanish population is religiously homogeneous. Roman Catholics compose of 99% of the population, while the remaining 1% of the population is composed of those belonging to Jewish, Protestant, Muslim, and Buddhist faiths. In relation to other countries in the European Union, Spain boasts one of the most "religious" populations. As data from a study of religiosity in the European shows, as late as 1982, only Ireland surpasses Spain in religious practice. Further, by the end of the decade, the percentage of individuals identifying themselves as "religious persons" ranged from a low of 48% in Denmark to 72% in the Irish Republic. The Spanish percentage of 68% exceeded all other countries except Ireland, Portugal and Greece. In stark contrast to the…. [read more]

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