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American History the Reconstruction Exacerbated Term Paper

… 5. The major technologies that helped propel the American economy forward after the Civil War include the railroads and its related industries like steel and coal; and the development of the automobile. The railroad industry linked together otherwise isolated parts of the nation, helping make rural areas more economically prosperous. However, during the initial development of the automobile, roads and cars were not meaningful to the vast majority of Americans. Similarly, the booming textile industry touched Eastern seaboard regions but failed to make an impact on the Western territories. Therefore, although the rapid industrial expansion of the United States was a positive step forward in terms of economic growth and political empowerment, the industrial revolution had negative environmental and social consequences. Farming changed, and some…. [read more]

Norwegian-Americans Norwegians Are Credited Essay

… Only just before World War II did they in principle agree to teach the written standard the Dano-Norwegian, which at any one time was recognized as the official one in Norway" (Norwegian Americans, 2012).

English was another threat to the preservation of the Norwegian language in America. Rural settlement patterns sheltered spoken Norwegian so it still can be heard in some Norwegian communities. It is thought that about half of second generation Norwegians in the period from 1940 to 1960 learned the language. In 1960 there were as many as 40,000 of the third generation who had learned Norwegian. As of 1990, about 80,000 speakers of Norwegian remained in the United States. In Minnesota, Norwegian, with 16,000 speakers, is the second most frequent European language…. [read more]

Civil War in America Term Paper

… Civil War in America

The American Civil war in that ran from 1861 to1865 was reported to be one of the most violent times in the American history. During this period, more than 700,000 men gave their lives for their country because of the war. Most people thought that the civil war ended after the military defeat of the south, unfortunately, this is not true because the war is still reported being very present in America today (McPherson, 2001). Research showed that the war was significant to the American people because it was able to resolve two major important questions which were left up in the air or unresolved by the revolution. These two major questions included;

(a) Whether America was to remain a dissolvable…. [read more]

England's North American Colonies Research Paper

… England did not succeed in asserting the expected control level over Spanish religious practices in New Spain. They weakly established the England Church overseeing a landscape of increasingly diverse religion. However, despite the lack of success in establishing a unified Anglican Church under the England purview, growth created a broad range of shared culture, which united different racial, ethnic, and religious believers from different churches. These groups came together forming a single Anglophone Spiritual team. The 18th Century revolution split the British Atlantic in terms of politics, but religious tie remained. This shaped faith in the Caribbean, North America, sections of West Africa and Western Europe (Seymour, 2008).


Groups that formed the urban poor included the unskilled stevedores, crewmembers, and laborers. In the 18th…. [read more]

African and Native Americans Essay

… Furthermore, while both groups would go on to suffer further discrimination and brutality well into the contemporary era, the legacy of the maroons and "Seminole freedmen" lives on in Florida and Oklahoma, where they were eventually forced to move as a result of the United States' forced relocations over the course of the nineteenth century.

Though the history and experiences of African-Americans and Native Americans are different in obvious ways, such as their relative geographical origins and the degree of respect or humanity they were afforded by European colonists, they also shared some interesting similarities that allowed for unique kinship and communities to form. While Native Americans were occasionally treated with just enough respect to get them to fight or trade in the name of…. [read more]

Regional Identity Term Paper

… In the future, this influences various segments of society and the way they react to a variety of situations. (Fetterley 31)

Yet, it is also utilizing cultural imperialism to highlight how male dominated society is the most important feature for everyone to embrace. In both songs, there is an emphasis on this segment vs. others. When this happens, cultural imperialism is used to influence the views of the individual and their ideas about what attributes matter the most. ("Allentown") ("Where I Come From") (Fetterley)

This is illustrating how these differences are leading to increasing conflicts between the two ideas. In the two songs, the various philosophies are integrated together to use regionalism in support of cultural imperialism on a certain level. As a result, Fetterley…. [read more]

Regional Differences in American Research Paper

… " (Frost 10) This is illustrating how everyone will have choices and a sense of personal freedom. These ideas are reflecting the Northern society that Frost came from (with these views impacting how he sees the world). This is when these kinds of regional influences (i.e. personal responsibility and a classless society) became a major factor that is emphasized throughout the poem. Once this happens, is when these ideas will begin to affect the reader (by giving them a greater understanding of the author's views / social influences). (Frost)

North vs. South

The two different works of literature are showing how there are regional influences in American Literature. In a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, this used to highlight the way Southern society is…. [read more]

American and European Literature Research Paper

… Attempting to identify the differences between American and European literature is actually more difficult than it may appear at first, because while there are distinct differences between American and European culture in general, one must first confront the fact that nearly all American culture can trace its roots back to Europe and the first white settlers which came to the region. This is because any indigenous culture is generally not regarded as part of the American identity, due to a concerted effort to erase that culture through violence and political disenfranchisement. However, recognizing this fact does allow one to begin a productive discussion of the differences between American and European literature, because it reveals how the notion of a distinct American literature is dependent upon…. [read more]

Regional Analysis Chinatown Manhattan Is Not Unique Thesis

… Regional Analysis

Chinatown Manhattan is not unique in terms of its demographic nature as mostly composed of Chinese immigrants. Many other American cities also include Chinatown districts. However, the neighborhood in Manhattan has until recently had the somewhat unique status of being the largest enclave of Chinese immigrants not only in the country, but in the entire Western Hemisphere. Chinatown Manhattan attained this status during the 1980s, when it surpassed Chinatown San Francisco in size. Interestingly, size is a fluid, dynamic thing, particularly in terms of cultural regions. The Chinese community in Flushing, Queens, close to Manhattan's Chinatown, has recently outgrown it in number of citizens.

In terms of location, Chinatown Manhattan originated on Mott, Par, Pell and Doyer streets, close to the Five Points…. [read more]

Causes of the Civil War From a Southern Perspective Term Paper

… Civil War

Although history is usually written by the victors, the Southern perspective of the Civil War never completely fell by the wayside. Issues related to states' rights and to the rights of African-Americans remain central to American politics and because President Johnson was a Southerner, his brand of Reconstruction enabled the partial preservation of Southern points-of-view. However, the very name of the Civil War reflects the Northern victory. Post-Civil War domestic policy also ensured the breakdown of the Southern plantation culture, at least officially. Alternately referred to as the War of Northern Aggression or the War of Southern Independence, the Civil War was fought over the following central issues from the Southern perspective. First, the Confederate states supported the rights of the states to…. [read more]

American Identity Term Paper

… American Identity

The idea of an American identity suggests that there is some combination of factors that can be used to define what it means to be an American. Groups seeking to promote such a definition often do so by defining an American as most like themselves while excluding those not like themselves. Being an American, however, means specifically not doing anything of the sort. In legal terms, an American is any person born within the borders of the United States or any person naturalized by the legal process created for that purpose. Underlying these facts, though, is a culture that has developed, beginning with the essentials set forth in the Declaration of Independence and codified in the Constitution.

As Jefferson writes in the Declaration…. [read more]

American Association of People Research Paper

… As a result, and once again, there is perfect alignment between policy and practice.


It is difficult to find fault with the human resources and management policies and practices of the American Association of People with Disabilities. If anything, the agency errs in the direction of considering people with disabilities over other employees -- all other things being the same. Since, however, support of this nature forms the touchstones of the agency's work, it is conceptually an empty exercise to consider this a discriminatory practice. The conceptual framework is a familiar one which can be seen in an examination of the rationale for programs that enable affirmative action. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy defined affirmative action as follows:

"Affirmative action" means positive steps taken…. [read more]

Soviet Afghan War Conflict Analysis Thesis

… Soviet-Afgan War Conflict Analysis


The objective of this work is to analyze the Soviet-Afghan War that lasted from 1978 to 1989. At focus in this study is that in this particular conflict the capable Soviet military invaded a powerless Afghanistan in support of the Marxist People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan in their battle against the Mujahedeen, a grassroots militia resistance force.

Despite the well-armed troops and superior technology employed by the Russians, in the form of tanks and helicopters, the Mujahedeen was victorious in a long and bloody war of attrition. This was in no small part to intelligence and arms provided to the Mujahedeen by the U.S. After the defeat of the Russians was achieved, the U.S. turned…. [read more]

Inductive Argument Analysis Original Argument: Prompt: Abraham Essay

… Inductive Argument Analysis

Original Argument:

Prompt: Abraham Lincoln ( 1809-1865 ) was the sixteenth president of the United States. Self-educated, Lincoln had a knack for asking the right questions about important issues, such as slavery and war, and then examining all sides of the arguments before coming to a conclusion.

Lincoln's election as president in 1860 led to the secession in 1861 of southern slave-owning states and to a 4-year civil war that cost 600,000 American lives, North and South. Although Lincoln had long agreed that slavery should be permitted in states where it was already legal, in the course of the Civil War he concluded that if slavery is immoral, then it should not be legal at all in the United States. Lincoln also…. [read more]

Regional Star to Global Leader Case Study

… It is important for Yang Jianguo to develop a unique brand for their products to make them distinct from the others in the market (Adler et al., 2008, p.72).

He needs to keenly observe his competitors to enable him compete effectively in the market. Understanding the people you are competing against in the market can help you establish the right steps and measures to implement (Doh & Stump, 2009, p.39). In most cases, leaders that fully understand their competitors are always better placed to compete favorably in the market, even at toughest economic times. These people fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors. From this, they can know the right way to counter any move that their opponents make.

Finally, he needs to…. [read more]

Civil War and Sectionalism Term Paper

… Another clear manifestation of sectionalism would be the 1820 Missouri Compromise, which entered the state of Missouri as a slaveholding state and also divided the nation along a geographical line: the 36'30. Instituting an actual line of demarcation between the two ideologically and economically separate regions of the nation was one of the most blatant examples of sectionalism. Now that a clear line divided the nation in half, the two sides grew increasingly distant. The north fostered a robust abolitionist movement, to the consternation of Southerners. For example, William Lloyd Garrison's Boston-based publication The Liberator, Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel Uncle Tom's Cabin, and the writings of Frederick Douglass elucidated sectionalist differences between north and south.

The two main sections of the nation tried to make…. [read more]

Causes of the American Civil War Term Paper

… Civil War

The Causes of the American Civil War

The American Civil War was the bloodiest conflict to that point in the nation's history. Dividing the United States into two countries at arms against one another, the internal rift which in many ways continues to levy an impact on America's identity today was forged on a wide range of grievances. It is tempting to regard the events which immediately preceded the war as markers of an increasingly worsened divergence between two cultures. A closer inspection of the two centuries in developmental history which led America to the doorstop of Southern secession, however, suggest that this is an inverted portrayal of the pattern. To the contrary, the circumstances separating North and South in identity had been…. [read more]

Strategic Context of Sub-Saharan Essay

… After the clear identification of U.S. interests, the government practically starts to achieve them outside the state. In order to study them, they are divided into four major classes:

1. Survival

2. Major

3. Vital

4. Peripheral

In the first type of Survival interests, such interests are considered when another country is imposing a warning of making massive harm and destruction to the state on account of its unfulfilled demands. These problems are known quite early since the rival country is continuously demanding for its rights or needs or threatening in the form of war by army. In the second type of Major interests, those problems are included that can be resolved through proper negotiation among the parties. Such issues can be economic, political or…. [read more]

Bridging Business Cultures Between Saudi Arabia and the Midwest of USA Term Paper

… Saudi/American Midwest Cultural Differences in Business

The increasing globalization of modern business means that it is now more important than it ever was before for business professionals to become more aware of the various customs and expectations of business partners from different parts of the world. In general, the greater the difference between the respective societies and cultures or between any two nations or regions, the greater the potential dangers of failing to learn about one another's culture before starting to do business.

As is the case in other parts of the Middle East, religion plays a much greater role on Saudi Arabian society than it does in American life. That is not to say that Americans are not religious; but in the United States,…. [read more]

Racial Issues Between White Americans and Native Alaskans Term Paper

… Alaska Racial

One of the interesting things about stereotypes and prejudice based on racial issues is the relativity. Asian-Americans or blacks write about how difficult it is being raised in an all-white small-town community. Yet, the opposite is true as well, with a white living in a completely non-white community. My situation is a unique one, as well. I am a Filipino-American living in Alaska. Here, I am from a different racial background than both of the majorities -- white and native Alaskan. In another place and time, I may have been the individual who did not fit in. Yet, here in Alaska, if one had a draw a line with only two categories of races -- the whites who came to Alaska and the…. [read more]

Native Americans the Aleutian Islands Term Paper

… ' who owned titles and resources, while the commoners, although free, did not. The 'ruling class' did not, however, rule by divine right. Instead:

Inherited chiefly or elite status had to be validated by performance -- leadership of raids to acquire slaves and booty, management of trade and political alliances, and success in organizing food and wealth production by the corporate kin group. Successful 'rich men' organized feasts (potlatches) and ceremonies which served to redistribute goods and enhance personal and group... household size was thereby linked to potential political influence. (Crowell, unpaged)

There were also occupational and ritual classes, which included artists, shamans, whalers and the Alutiiq kas'at, or 'wise men.' The communities supported these specialists, especially the shamans. (Crowell, unpaged)

While the political arrangements…. [read more]

Illegal Immigrants in the U.S Term Paper

… ¶ … illegal immigrants in the U.S. And the possibility of legalizing their status. The article shows: how illegal immigration is currently being dealt with, the views of people on the issue and the flexibility being exhibited by the government. The author makes it clear that while illegal immigration has always been a problem for the country and most people feel country must be protected against such immigration, still illegal entrance into the U.S. should not be criminalized. Very few, if any, percentage of people interviewed supported felony status, the rest felt that while it was not correct to let illegal immigration prosper, there was also no particular need for categorized it as a crime or serious offence.

Illegal immigration is a problem, which the…. [read more]

Cultural Differences With Spain Term Paper

… However, Spain also has numerous environmental problems of its own, such as growing air pollution, deforestation and the pollution of the Mediterranean Sea from raw sewage and effluents produced by offshore oil and gas rigs (CIA Factbook).

Spain has a market-based economy, with a high reliance on private business.

The influx of United States businesses and investments is generally accepted, particularly because of its large Spanish-speaking population (Country Report on Spain). Many American analysts also see trade with Spain as a key route towards a greater business presence in Latin America.

As with any country, an understanding of these key cultural differences will help American businesses in their dealings with Spanish businesses and the government. First, Americans need to recognize the importance of Catholicism in…. [read more]

Globalizing Trends Essay

… ¶ … Globalizing Trends on the National Culture of the United States

Globalization has a number of different meanings, with economists regarding globalization as a process that is more completely integrating the world marketplace, while political scientists may consider globalizing trends as a gradual move from conventional definitions of the state that are characterized by territorial sovereignty and the development of nongovernmental actors in the world order (Farazmand, 2002). Likewise, many academicians view globalizing trends as being so many steps towards a so-called "borderless world" while other analysts consider the trends as being fueled primarily by the private rather than the public sector (Farazmand, 2002). Irrespective of the precise definition that is used, a common feature of globalizing trends is the issue of national borders…. [read more]

Sports in American History Term Paper

… However, over time, sports would become a significant arena in the battles that were against segregation and racial refinement.

The Negro National League had been discovered in 1920 by Rube Foster, and this organization was like a hub for blacks going through racism on the field. This league did survive for a while but racism in this recreation of baseball went on for a very long time. The Negro Southern League operated consecutively from 1920, usually at a lower level. Up until, until 1946 professional baseball in the United States was performed in two racially separated league organizations, both that were on each side of the so-called color line. During a lot of the time there were two high-level "Negro major leagues" that were having…. [read more]

Historical Perspective of Social Work Term Paper

… ¶ … Social Work

The objective of this work is to trace and critically evaluate the relationship of social work to social justice through the lens of the fact that social work has a record of inclusion or exclusion of oppressed or marginalized groups. This work will explore this through a contemporary social work practice issue.

In understanding the historical perspective of social work in the United States one must first gain an understanding of the basis of the formation of the United States in its' thought and rationale of order within a governmental system. In a speech on social work Ruth G. Dean from the Simmons School of Social Work stated that: "Social work, it seems, now content spending more time doing paperwork than…. [read more]

Italian Immigration to the US Term Paper

… Italian Immigration Late 19th to Early 20th Century

Italian Immigration to the U.S.

During the latter part of the 19th century and the first part of the 20th century, the United States experienced a mass influx of Italian migration. Between 1880 and 1920, more than 4 million Italians immigrated to the United States. One of the chief reasons Italians left Italy was because of poverty; many Italians hoped to come to America just long enough to make enough money to change their situations; many did not plan on staying permanently; however there were political reasons as well. This paper will explore some of the reasons for the mass migration of Italians to the U.S. And the impact their immigration had on the United States. The…. [read more]

Historical Progression of African Americans Thesis

… Progress of African-Americans

Historical Progress of African-Americans

"Progress of African-Americans…"

"Progress of African-Americans Through Time"

The historical progress of African-Americans has been peppered with both successes and obstacles. Yet, as we have seen through the development of this course, broken down in units thusly, Unit I 1865-1876, Unit II 1877-1920, Unit III, 1921-1945, Unit IV 1946-1976 and Unit V 1976-Present there are consistent themes of progress political, economic, social/cultural and literary in each of these periods that have brought the culture to where it is today. This work will address one of these themes in each of the units of time and discuss ways in which each led into the other in a system of progress.

Unit I 1865-1876

During the period between the close…. [read more]

Secession Was a Serious Response to Fundamental Term Paper

… Secession was a serious response to fundamental disagreements over the interpretation of the Constitution and the role of the federal government of the United States. Slavery was the core issue that brought these disagreements to light. Although states' rights and sectionalism played major roles in the decision to cede from the Union, the South would most likely have used any excuse to keep the plantation economy strong and preserve the integrity of Southern social institutions.

Southerners clung to the institution of slavery more powerfully than they clung to the idea that they were being discriminated against in Congress. Had slavery not been as integral to the survival of the Southern economy, Southerners could have easily benefited from allowing Blacks to become full citizens of the…. [read more]

Washington, D.C. Race in Community Term Paper

… Washington, D.C.

Race in Community

Washington, D.C. And the Maryland area are one of the most diverse sections of the United States, equaling and/or surpassing most major metropolitan cities in terms of ethnicity, education, community services, museums, and cultural facilities.

Of course Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States, the D.C. standing for the District of Columbia which is the federal district containing the city of Washington, named after George Washington, military leader of the American Revolution and the first President of the nation (Washington). The city of Washington and the District of Columbia are coextensive and governed by a single municipal government, thus for all practical purposes they are considered to be the same entity (Washington). Historically called the Federal City, the…. [read more]

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