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Regulatory Structure Policies and Process in Water Law Term Paper

… Regulatory Structure, Policies and Process in Water Law

California water law has experienced three distinct periods of development. First was the initial settlement of California, spurred by the gold rush in the mid-1800s. Next came the era of massive irrigation projects in order to expand and promote agriculture throughout the state, even in arid regions with little rainfall. Finally, continued population growth and increasing concerns over environmental issues have led to the more recent era of California water law, which centers predominantly on the reallocation and management of the state's existing water supply.

Factors having major influence on water management and policy over the past six years have been the 1987-1992 drought, expanding water needs due to growth and increasing recognition of the need for…. [read more]

Regulatory Structure Policies and Process in Water Law Term Paper

… Regulatory Structure, Policies and Process in Water Law

The public trust doctrine, which keeps the state responsible for keeping certain natural resources exclusively available for public use, has influenced the way California implements its water rights system. The history of the doctrine's application dates back to December 19, 1914, when the California Water Commission Act was passed. This act made it mandatory for the state to determine who could exercise appropriative rights to California's waterways.

On February 17, 1983, a landmark decision for the case National Audubon Society v. Superior Court of Alpine County was made when the California Supreme Court decided to explicitly enforce the public trust doctrine within its water rights system. This meant that California's State Water Resources Control Board would have…. [read more]

Water and Sustainability Essay

… Water and Sustainability

Economic Approaches

Introduction / Generalizations: The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the Global Water Partnership has issued an urgent yet coherent series of proposals. For starters, the need for sensible, workable programs to deal with the exploding world population is acute, according to TAC. The list of challenges is long but without the "will to act" by the political players and the affected communities, the crisis can only get progressively worse. For starters, the Dublin Principles should be on the opening page of the bible of world water resources (if there was one): a) fresh water as a resource is finite and vulnerable, and sustains life, economics and the environment; b) a participatory process should be in place to manage water development…. [read more]

Law and Business When Glenn Assessment

… ¶ … Law and Business

When Glenn says that a legal tradition is information, he is referring to the way that the legal process helps form the basis of historical tradition, of the way societies decided to form a code of morality and ethics in order to retain a positive and cooperative (e.g. social) state of affairs. Since humanity is all part of some type of tradition, then it stands that legal traditions, through the ages, are able to provide us with information about ways in which past societies operated, and the lessons they can impart for present and future society. This is, in fact, broken up into two major areas: humans and groups and culture.

By the very nature of culture and humanity, humans…. [read more]

Environmental Policies Essay

… Environmental Policies

Give an example of an ecosystem and use this example to describe the concepts of "input-output," "source-sink relationship," and feedback.

An ecosystem refers to separate units consisting of groups of nonliving things, plants and animals interacting with each other and the external environment. A desert can be regarded as an ecosystem and so can the rainforests. In fact, the whole earth can also be regarded as an ecosystem. For the purpose of this discussion, we will take the freshwater ecosystem as an example. Here, water enters into the system via rains, groundwater flow or surface water flow (input) and evaporation results in a loss of water from the system (output). Nutrients like carbon, nitrogen and oxygen may enter the system via many sources…. [read more]

Future Wars of the Middle East Will Result Over Water Shortages Term Paper

… Water in the Middle East

Governments around the world have a primary concern over water availability and the Middle East and North Africa are no exception. The thesis evaluates the possibility of future wars throughout the Middle East and North Africa due to water scarcity and limited water resources presently being experienced in that region.

The paper starts by revealing the gravity of the situation by showing the present statistics surrounding the problem of water scarcity throughout the world. Thereafter, the paper highlights the importance of water in the national economy. From then on, the paper briefly discusses the present situation of water scarcity in the Middle East by noting down the present available resources of water in the Middle East. Lastly, the paper briefly…. [read more]

International Laws Essay

… 2. The Public Interest -- Accountants will have no conflict of gain. Their reputation directs their desire to serve the public and to do so in an honest, integral way. They will be above conflict and pressure from other groups. The conduct of work will be professional and with an honest demeanor. Regulating fees, providing quality services, and offering these services within the range of the Principles of the Code of Professional Conduct falls under the public interest article.

3. Integrity -- Integrity necessitates that the practitioner align his actions with the requirements of objectivity, honesty, and meticulous care.

4. Objectivity and Independence- The business practitioner has to be impartial, detached from areas of interest, and thoroughly honest in his business dealings. This includes his…. [read more]

Water Legislation Origins of Environmental Law Dissertation

… Water Legislation

Origins of Environmental Law in Canada and the United Kingdom

Humans have been stewards of the earth since at least the era in which they settled down into semi-permanent and then permanent farms. This does not, of course, mean that our species has been always provided good stewardship of the earth; rather it is the case that when humans ceased to be nomadic and connected themselves to a specific place, they began to make the connection between their own activities and the condition of the land around them. It was also at this point in human history that humans began to be aware of the issues surrounding their collective use of water. As soon as humans became settled and began to cultivate crops,…. [read more]

Law Help Protect the Environment Research Paper

… Ultimately, too many other variables are involved in accomplishing the success of the legal policies and, as this review has shown, compliance with not only the latter of the law but also the spirit of the law, ultimately, rests on motivation of businesses and citizens to cooperate in protecting the environment. How this can be done will be addressed in the consequent sections.

Protective measures

Since environmental concerns is a huge topic, the best we can do is break it down into its most important categories and evaluate their problems and what individuals can do to address them

There are various threats to the marine and geo ecosystem. Three of the most common are:

(a) Ocean pollution (b) land pollution; and (c) toxic gasses that…. [read more]

SF Water Pollution by Homeless People Research Paper

… The other stakeholders are the Environmental Protection Agency tasked with environmental protection across all states and cities in the United States.

Problem Identification

The problem is water pollution that is caused by the homeless population in San Francisco, California. Governmental intervention through establishing a public policy would help address the issue of pollution brought by homeless people in San Francisco, CA (Almendrala, 2020). As shown in the background section, San Francisco has one of the highest number of homeless people in California. The size of this population continues to generate concerns as they place new demands for better housing or shelters. As the city grapples with an increase in this population, additional issues relating to their welfare and health also emerge. One of…. [read more]

Corporate Manslaughter in the UK Term Paper

… Corporate Manslaughter Bill

Research Organisation

Critical Analysis

The Evolutionary Process

The Legal Context

The Debate: Law or Social Ethics?




Quantitative vs. Qualitative

Deductive vs. Inductive

Data Sources and Data Collection Methods

Credibility of Research Findings

Prevalence of Corporate Manslaughter

Understanding Corporate Criminal Liability

Legal Response to Corporate Manslaughter in the U.K

Current Law on Corporate Manslaughter: A Review of Cases

Recommendations for Reform and Conclusion

Recommendations and Proposals for Reform

Proposed Law and Legal Reforms on Corporate Manslaughter - a Review

Conclusion and Direction for Further Research




This study proposes to examine the subject of "corporate manslaughter." For purposes of moving the discussion forward in a way that remains unchallenged as to the definition of…. [read more]

Stress: Regulation of Wetlands Term Paper

… For regulatory purpose of the Clean Water Act, the term wetlands refers to those areas that are saturated or inundated through ground or surface water at a duration and frequency sufficient to foster and that which under normal circumstances do support a prevalence of vegetation adapted for life in saturated soil status (Spray and McGlothin 102).

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of 2001, wetlands include marshes, swamps and other akin areas. Most of wetlands regulation politics revolves around fine-tuning the common regulatory description through delineation of wetlands. The permitting program established to execute Section 404 is governed through the United States Army Corps of Engineers. However, the EPA upholds oversight via comment and review and the body holds to authority to veto specific…. [read more]

Public Administration in Brazil Essay

… In environments with restricted citizen involvement, decentralization can act as a vital first step in developing regular and conservative opportunities for all citizens and state communication. The symbiotic connection between decentralization and contribution results to conflicting policy guidelines. Mechanisms for locals' participation need to be considered as a helpful pre-condition in evaluating the opportunities for successful decentralization. The design for decentralization needs to consider the opportunities and limitations imposed by present channels of local participation.

Lack of contribution mechanisms can be considered an inspiration for decentralization and helps in the creation of local demand to incorporate more participatory channels which voice local preferences. Participation acts as a means to flourishing decentralization and as an objective of decentralization. The broad mechanisms for participation of citizens is…. [read more]

U.S. Military and Environmental Law Research Paper

… 3). Actually, "pollution from aircraft is currently less than 3% of the total environmental pollution" ("online guide," 2006). The Pentagon has been accused of creating five times more toxins that produced by the five major chemical companies in the U.S. ("sustainable development," 2002, p.3). The U.S. Military has been described s the largest single source of environmental pollution in the United States. In the decade following the publication of these statements, climate change has become a prominent issue with the potential to impact military operations. The armed forces have all released energy and environmental statements, established Websites, and participated in summits focused on the environment. Yet, as recently as 2008, as the Readiness and Range Preservation Initiative FY 2008 Defense Authorization proposal was released, the…. [read more]

Sustainable Development Is the Process That Responds Term Paper

… Sustainable Development is the process that responds to the needs of current population without destroy any of opportunities and needs for future population.

What Sustainable Development is about:

Environment and Sustainable Development

Over the past decade the idiom of sustainable development increasingly has come to frame international debates about environment and development policy-making. Catapulted to prominence by the report of the Brundtland Commission 1 in 1987, sustainable development was formally endorsed as a policy objective by world leaders at the Rio Earth Summit 2 five years later. It has been absorbed into the conceptual lexicon of international organizations such as the World Bank and the OECD; been accorded its own global secretariat in the form of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD); and achieved…. [read more]

Administrative Law and Health Reform Essay

… On the state level there are similar problems. States must create new insurance exchanges that offer consumers a choice of insurance plans, establish common rules regarding the offering and pricing of insurance, and provide information to assist consumers in understanding the options available to them. States must also establish high risk pools that provide a safety net for the medically uninsurable population. These safety nets will ensure that these individuals are able to procure private health care insurance that is both unrestricted and offered at a reasonable premium rate. Finally, the states must be prepared to handle the increased numbers that will result due to the near universal availability of health coverage. With all these new requirements it is easy to see why there are…. [read more]

Environmental Crime the National Environmental Policy Act Essay

… Environmental Crime

The National Environmental Policy Act

The National Environmental Policy Act or NEPA became law on January 1, 1970. The law was intended to create a national policy in the country which was aimed in the first instance at promoting aspects of environmental control and enhancement. While this act was also instrumental in establishing environmental policy and control bodies such as the President's Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), its most important effect has been to set up procedural requirements with regard to environmental issues for all federal government agencies.

In other words, the Act provides the framework for integration and coordination between different federal agencies with regard to the aims and standards of environmental control and protection This also includes the preparation and undertaking…. [read more]

Cadmium in Wastewater and Drinking Essay

… Furthermore, any possible interferents must be localized and discarded. Both of these objectives comprise the essence of sample extraction. And as can be inferred, the process is ultimately utilized to achieve a more accurate measurement. The reliable and accurate analysis of Cd from a given water sample most often requires the use of an instrument such as a flame atomic absorption spectroscopy (FAAS) or an inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES), both of which require pre-concentration steps. Such prerequisites must occur because these instruments have a detection limit that is not low enough to sufficiently detect the concentration levels mandated by the given guideline (Ferreira 2007; NWQMS 2004). On the other hand, the are other instruments such as graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy (GFAAS)…. [read more]

Integrating Total Quality Environmental Management Term Paper

… Environmental management includes recycling and remanufacturing of parts and products (Anthony, 2002). Disassembly and recycling of reusable parts help the cause of environment protection, reduces the cost of usage of a fresh component, and avoids disposal costs. Material Resource Planning (MRP), an assembly-oriented scheduling system, does not support the process of disassembly. Uncertainty of quality, quantity and timing of recovery of reusable parts makes production planning difficult. To incorporate product recovery planning in MRP, use of reverse bill of material for every retrieved component or product is recommended. Concepts used in planning probabilistic demands for end items are used in structuring the bill of material.

Closed loop system is a widely used environment practice by many companies. This system requires new material only on non-receipt…. [read more]

Regulating Oil and Gas Drilling Research Paper

… The OPA also expanded the role and breadth of the "National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan" (NCP), establishing a multi-layered "planning and response system" in order to improve the preparedness and responses to any spill that occurs in a marine environment (Ramseur, 13). Moreover, the OPA in 1990 required that oil tankers (flying the U.S. flag), offshore facilities (like the Deepwater Horizon rig), and certain onshore facilities operated by oil companies "…prepare and submit oil spill response plans" to federal agencies that regulate oil drilling and transport (Ramseur, 13). Without those advanced response plans, any drilling or transporting of oil is illegal, according to the particulars of OPA.

In 2004, Congress passed an amendment to OPA that requires vessels carrying oil for their…. [read more]

Catholic Church Public Policy in Spain and US Thesis

… As I previously mentioned, the Spanish population is religiously homogeneous. Roman Catholics compose of 99% of the population, while the remaining 1% of the population is composed of those belonging to Jewish, Protestant, Muslim, and Buddhist faiths. In relation to other countries in the European Union, Spain boasts one of the most "religious" populations. As data from a study of religiosity in the European shows, as late as 1982, only Ireland surpasses Spain in religious practice. Further, by the end of the decade, the percentage of individuals identifying themselves as "religious persons" ranged from a low of 48% in Denmark to 72% in the Irish Republic. The Spanish percentage of 68% exceeded all other countries except Ireland, Portugal and Greece. In stark contrast to the…. [read more]

Company Audit Occurs Case Study

… This management structure is normally more exemplified in Great Britain. The prevailing structure of the Coca-cola Great Britain comprises of the combination of the elements of the centralization and decentralization. The existing divisions and the regions within the Great Britain normally operate as business units teams with every Director reporting to the prevailing General Manager who is most cases is called the division President.

Nevertheless, there exists matrix structure of every function that normally entails the Finance Director within the Great Britain division who reports to the prevailing Great Britain President. The Finance Director within the Great Britain division also reports to the existing Finance Director of North West Europe Division. Moreover, the chief functions within the Coca-Cola Company also operate across the existing geographical…. [read more]

Ethics Position - Nae Grand Challenges Term Paper

… Ethics Position - NAE Grand Challenges and 'Provide Energy from Fusion'

Government laws stated to limit engineers' actions in the U.S. about 150 years back Licensing, legal rules, regulations, standards, accidents like the recent nuclear plant collapse in Japan and lawsuits ensuing from injuries created by engineered products from the legal background of engineering activities. This legal structure ought to give the public sufficient protection. Where the structure is lacking, it can be supplemented to or altered. The reason for writing about the Grand Challenge, particularly the Creation of Energy from Fusion - is educating students and engineers about the significance of skilled ethics in engineering. Provided that engineers and their employers revere legal restrictions, engineers ought to be liberated and able to follow their…. [read more]

Ground Water Used for Agriculture in West Texas Research Paper

… Groundwater usage for Agriculture inTexas

Groundwater is found below the earth's surface in crevices of soil and rock Rubicon Real Estate

Services. The laws in Texas regarding groundwater use is based on the English common law of "absolute use" or the "Rule of Capture" Rubicon. This means the property owner has complete determination of the usage of the groundwater located beneath his property. The American rule of "reasonable use" regarding groundwater is not applied or recognized in Texas Rubicon. The result is that landowners can conceivably dry up adjoining wells by their own usage and there is no legal remedy for the landowner with a dry well Rubicon.

There are exceptions to this rule such as the malicious conduct in pumping water for the sole…. [read more]

Land Use Planning Policies Term Paper

… Effectiveness of plans

Kaiser and Godschalk's literature also reveal planning policies are ineffective. The land use patterns mapped in community administrative departments often set out plans without any specific land use or implementation strategy. Kaiser and Godschalk call these verbal policy plans, designed for non-physical development policy. At the initial stages these plans were found important for foundation policy. However, they give the false impression of concreteness. They were found to be functionary for paper processing purposes. "The Calvert County, MD Comprehensive Plan (Calvert County 1983), winner of a 1985 APA award, exemplifies the verbal policy plan. Its policies are concise, easy to grasp, and grouped in sections corresponding to the six divisions of county government responsible for implementation. It remains a policy plan, however,…. [read more]

Mechanical Engineering Dissertation

… ¶ … shaping the future of energy production today, including the push for more environmentally friendly alternatives as well as the most cost effective approaches. In this environment, liquefied natural gas has emerged as a viable interim solution to many of the challenges involved in the transition from a fossil-fuel-based global infrastructure to one where a blend of energy-production approaches are in place. The primary advantages of using liquefied natural gas relate to the cost efficiencies in its transportation, since it occupies around one-six-hundredth of the space of the natural gas from which it is produced. One of the most significant disadvantages of liquefied natural gas, though, is the enormous expense involved in its manufacture and storage. At present, there are about 60 liquefied natural…. [read more]

Export Business Plan: Moldovan Cellular Business Plan

… As regards the cellular phone industry, conditions in Moldova seem to be promising: Because Moldova is a small country, telecommunications companies manage to achieve good coverage in both wired and wireless communications infrastructure. Landline is available in most settlements, but mobile phone usage is preferred and has grown exponentially particularly in recent years. Prices are high and technology is somewhat behind Western standards but this is where Moldovan Cellular Phones can find its niche.

A. Description of the firm and products to be exported.

Moldovan Cellular Phones is a company that has invested time and money into finding ways to give the system higher capacity therefore lower cost. Cellular phones today are one of the most popular indispensable consumer electronic devices with over 59 million…. [read more]

Syria I Am Osmane Arslanian Term Paper

… Consequently in May 2004, President Bush decided that Syria failed to meet these conditions and, as sanctions, prohibited exports to Syria of items in the U.S. Munitions list and Commerce Control list, of U.S. products except food and medicines and the landing or take-off of Syrian government-owned aircraft in the U.S. The U.S. Department of Treasury also intended to order American financial institutions to cut off correspondent accounts with the Commercial Bank of Syria on money-laundering reasons and pursuant to section 311 of the U.S.A. Patriot Act (Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs 2004). And using his international emergency economic powers under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act or IEEPA, President Bush also authorized the Secretary of the Treasury to freeze the assets of certain Syrian…. [read more]

Designing a New Regulatory Framework for Telecommunications Interception and Access in Jordan Multiple Chapters

… Telecommunications - Jordan

The impact of telecommunications interception and access on privacy rights and costs as presenting an obstacle to the implementations of telecommunications interception and access law.

Technology today has furnished the world with the gift if instantaneous communication. Unfortunately, this also means a fertile field for those who would see the world plunged into chaos by means of terrorism and other destructive criminal activities. When viewed from this perspective, it is perhaps not surprising that many Western governments have taken extreme measures to prevent the use of telecommunications for covert terrorist planning. However, an increasing number of critics have begun to question the validity of this approach, especially as it concerns human rights (Breyer 2005).

The concern with privacy occurs not only on…. [read more]

Batteries and the Environment Research Paper

… There is no arguing that regulations imposed in the United States have had several benefits to the environment and human health. However, even despite these efforts there are many sources of contamination that remain. One study collect fish from a contaminated wetland in Louisiana and studied the prevalence of eight heavy metals that were present (Tehounwou, Abdelghani, Pramar, Heyer, & Steward, 2011). The results indicate that subsistence fisherman would have the highest risk for systemic effects from the toxicity which greatly exceeded the EPA highest reference dose value. Furthermore, a roughly twenty pound child would also greatly exceed the reference dose value in both mercury and arsenic. There was also a substantially increased cancer risk associated with arsenic for the general population who eat the…. [read more]

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