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Religion and Politics Have Long Been Intersecting Thesis

… Religion and politics have long been intersecting factions. In fact, America's founders were so concerned about the complication that come form the intersection of these two factions that they established a separation between church and state. The purpose of this discussion is to critically assess a popular depiction of the relationship between politics and religion in the contemporary world.

Religion and Politics

Following the terrorist attacks of 9/11 there has been a great deal of emphasis placed on the relationship between politics and religion. This is particularly true as it pertains to the Muslim Religion. Following the terrorists attacks many Muslim Americas were discriminated against because of preconceived notions about the Muslim faith due to the actions of Muslim extremists. This discrimination has created the…. [read more]

Religion in Indonesia Islam Essay

… Religion in Indonesia

Islam in Indonesia

Islam was largely the dominant faith in Indonesia with the largest tally of adherents that constituted approximately 87% of the total populace in 1985 (Kipp, 2002 p. 78). This heightened percentage of Muslims in the Indonesian dispensation made the nation the greatest Islamic nation globally in the epoch of early 1990. Most islands and provinces in the nation had a large populace of Islamic adherents. According to the conformist practice, Islam is a stringent monotheistic faith in which Allah is omnipresent. Muslims do not classify Prophet Muhammad as God but regard the Prophet as a servant of Allah who would spread the word to the people from the Quran. Islam is a faith based on elevated moral principles and…. [read more]

Religion Vocabulary, Christianity Essay

… Luke also talks about the baptism of Jesus and His temptations; and finally, details the crucifixion and resurrection. There are several parables contained in the text, which are among the most fruitful of the Bible such as the parable of the good Samaritan (NIV).

b. Important religious holidays and details about celebrating them:

Easter: Easter is the holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is not just one day, but is the culmination of a series of holidays known sometimes as the Holy Week. The Holy Week starts with Good Friday, which commemorates the day of the crucifixion. The date of the Easter holiday changes from year to year (BBC Religion). Specific ways of celebrating Easter differ greatly depending on one's denomination.

Christmas:…. [read more]

Religion and Politics Religion Today the Average Thesis

… Religion and Politics

Religion Today

The average day of most individuals is that of waking up early, rushing to work to give 110% of themselves and their efforts and then rushing back home to give another 100% to the family chores. In this dynamic and stressful environment, a question is being posed relative to the role of religion. While some will argue that religion plays a decreasing role in our modern society, others will state that its importance is increasing as more and more people turn to God. The findings actually indicate that the first theory might be more compelling and is supported by the decreasing numbers of churchgoers as well as by the increasing numbers of books condemning religion (such as Christopher Hitchens' God…. [read more]

Religion and War Essay

… Now, it should be noted that religion as it has been traditionally defined, as being linked to the monotheistic faiths such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism maybe too narrow of a way of defining religion as it relates to war. Instead of arguing that Christianity was a primary cause the Crusades, or the "holy wars," it might be more useful to suggest that "faith-based thinking" was a primary cause of the Crusades. The reason for this important distinction is because "faith-based thinking" or irrational cognition is at the heart of all religion, thusly, it doesn't matter which religion it is associated with, so long as the religion promotes faith-based thinking.

Moreover, faith-based thinking is not only limited to religion, rather it includes fervent nationalism and…. [read more]

Religion and Politics: The Impact of Religious Thesis

… Religion & Politics: The Impact of Religious Affiliation on Voting Choices of Americans


Although the separation of church and state has been long heralded as one of the benefits of American freedom, a study of religion's role in ethnic and social groups suggests the importance of the demographic in political identity formation and, hence, voting patterns in the United States.

Traditionally and historically religious affiliation has been believed to have a great impact upon the voting choices of individuals. This work examines this issue in the attempt to disseminate the actual impact of church membership and religious affiliation upon partisanship of those church members and religious adherents.

RELIGION and the LATINO COMMUNITY…. [read more]

Religion and Politics Research Proposal

… Religion and Politics are issues that are often correlated with one another. Throughout history this correlation can be seen and felt. The purpose of this discussion is to demonstrate an understanding of religious tolerance from 1517 throughout the mid 17th century. The research will focus on instances where both tolerance and intolerance were demonstrated. The research will also explain how religion and politics become intertwined as specific nations attempt to increase their power. There will also be a discussion of three times in history when Machiavellian like leaders create alliances that demonstrate political-religious connections. The research will also discuss how modern Europe is born after the period of the French wars for religion.

Religion and Politics

The year 1517 was an important time as it…. [read more]

Religion and Politics All Religions Term Paper

… The same laws were introduced a few years back in the neighboring state of Kelantan after the elections of 1990.

PAS had won a major victory at the polls in the general elections of 1990 along with the allies in the Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah (APU) coalition. This brought the party control of the northern state of Kelantan. The slogan of the party, 'Membangun Bersama Islam' ('Developing With Islam'), swept away a majority since the Islamist party had severed all of their ties with the nationalist-Islamists of the past. The Islamist party had, by then, evolved to become the most outspoken and aggressive defender of Islamisation in the country. The leaders of the party in the 1980s and 1990s comprised of religious functionaries who had played…. [read more]

Politics and Religion Term Paper

… Politics and Religion in Medieval Europe

This work will research the Christian Church during medieval life which was the center of the individual and community life. The major political figure during this time in history was the pope. This work will provide a very detailed description of this circumstance of life. The culture was consumed by their religion and political life, and individual's salvation was a major worry. A precursor that gave the landscape of medieval politics was the fall of the Roman Empire.

The Medieval Period, commonly known as the 'middle ages' was a period of approximately 1,000 years in European history. This period is also referred to as the 'Dark Ages' because during this time western Europe was tormented by barbarians resulting in…. [read more]

Religion and Sociology Term Paper

… Religion and Sociology

Challenges to the collective consciousness of the United States often revolve around concepts of conflicting religious belief. Within the past century a movement that many believe is fundamentalist has frequently challenged ebbs and flows in the religious ideals of the nation. The Christian Right gives millions of people a sense of peace, promising change in a socially challenged nation often more expressive of its violence and failing family structure than its value as a leader among men and nations, of while many others it gives pause to consider oppression and censorship of changes that they believe are foundational to progress, such as the appreciation of the changing acceptance of diversity, especially with regard to family structure, with the majority of Americans embracing…. [read more]

Religion the Cuban Community Term Paper

… He also said that there is not much of a boundary between the religions for most people. People burn candles, they go to church, they pray to the Orishas, and they pray to Jesus. There is no conflict of identity or fear that Santeria clashes with Catholicism. The priest might think differently, perhaps, but it could be that Catholicism has remained relatively tolerant of syncretic traditions under its umbrella such as Santeria and also Haitian voudou. Santeria and voudou still encourage people to worship and go to Church, as their community supports these rituals as well as the rituals of the African religions. Because the community supports a syncretic faith, there is a community cohesion that the Church dare not interfere with and has also…. [read more]

Religions of the World Islam the Evolution Reaction Paper

… Religions of the World


The evolution of Islam has been a great one. From its initiation in the sixth century, it has gone through an array of metamorphosis and transformations that have eventually led up to the incorporation of beliefs in today's growing society. Islam started as a way of bringing peace to nations that were feuding over money, power, and resources. Because of this great conflict, blood was a common sight. As a way to bring resolution to what was beginning to be the normal occurrences, a set of beliefs were adapted. The beginning of a religion that is now associated with death and violence in the twenty first century, makes this history very interesting. Knowing that the point of Islam, as is…. [read more]

Religion Is a Multifaceted Social and Psychological Thesis

… Religion is a multifaceted social and psychological phenomenon. The world's religions function on the level of custom and tradition as well as on the level of art and literature. Belief in God is only one aspect of a religious system of belief. Religion informs politics, morality, and social norms too. Although I was born into a Catholic family and am familiar with many Catholic traditions, I do not consider myself a religious person. I do not base many of my decisions on religious doctrine. Nevertheless, Catholicism is a part of my ethnic and cultural heritage. One of the most valuable roles of religion is an emblem of culture and identity. Respecting the diversity of the world's religions is a crucial part of respecting other human…. [read more]

Religion in Turkey Term Paper

… Religion and Secularism in Turkey

Turkey lies at the northeast tip of the Mediterranean Sea and bridges Europe and the Middle East. Part of it, called the Turkis Straits, is part of Europe and the rest is considered part of the Middle East or Asia. Only 8% of the population and 3% of the land are in the Europe side while 97% of the land and 92% of the people are on the Middle East portion. Turkey measures approximately 780,000 square kilometers. It is divided into 80 provinces with Ankara as the capital and Istanbul as the largest city. The modern Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal, who was designated as Father Turk by the Grand National Assembly. Kemal was an…. [read more]

Religion in the Leviathan Term Paper

… Religion in the Leviathan

The Leviathan is one of western philosophy's most interesting commentaries on religion. But before understanding Hobbes' comments on religion, first we must tackle his overarching principles in constructing the work in the first place.

Hobbes in Leviathan argues that civil peace and social unity are best found by the construction of a commonwealth through social contract. Hobbes' ideal society is ruled by a sovereign power tasked and empowered to protect the commonwealth's security and is assigned absolute authority to ensure the common defense.

Indeed, Hobbes invested so much in his idea of the commonwealth that he calls the commonwealth an "artificial person" and finds it a body politic that actually mimics the human body. Hence, the name Leviathan, or sea monster.…. [read more]

Religion Has Been a Controversial Essay

… This is completely different from the old religion that brought people together.

Q2. Perspective

Europe's social welfare system is larger and more inclusive compared to the American one. In the areas mentioned in the secularization in Europe, the most emphasized is Western Europe. This region is going through a post-communist welfare transition. In countries like Poland and the Czech Republic, the state cannot provide money even for necessities: many people are deprived the essential requirements for survival. The migration and search for stability makes matters like religion almost redundant among the victims. People are seeking for solace in places where they consider being safe, and matters of religion will come later (Pew Research Center, 2005).

In a country like Germany, where conservative welfare is practiced,…. [read more]

Politics and Lutheranism the Reformation Essay

… The Petri brothers, after studying in Germany, took the ideas of the Reformation back to Sweden. (Hooker) There, the Petris converted king Gustav Vasa to Lutheranism, who supported Lutheran leaders in order to weaken the power of the Papacy in Sweden. (Gilbert) Soon after, King Gustav exiled the Papcy's archbishop in Sweden and took possession of all church properties. (Gilbert) King Gustav had obtained his political goals and even declined to alter official church doctrine in the Sweden at first. (Gilbert) In Denmark, the Lutheran Prince Christian III overcame Catholic opposition in 1536 and became King Christian III in 1536, taking Denmark from a state which merely tolerated Lutheranism to a state which implemented the Reformation itself. (Lockhart 78)

In Scandinavia, the Protestant Reformation was…. [read more]

Religion in the Anglo-American Colonies Term Paper

… Thus, Puritanism still gave Boston and New England a conservative and thrifty nature, but it was no longer the dominant religion in America.

That is not to say that religion still did not play a major role in America, or in the foundations of American freedom. Another historian notes, "Religion permeated early American life in part because religious institutions had to be built anew in the colonies, a task that incorporated the laity into the very fabric of the churches at the same time that it built the churches into the structure of civil society" (Bonomi 217). Thus, blending religious beliefs helped lay the foundation for a strong, vital country, and the foundations that would eventually lead to freedom. This was a country of strong…. [read more]

Religion in God We Trust, E Pluribus Term Paper

… Religion

In God We Trust, e pluribus Unum -- the two major strands of American religious thought?

The predominant philosophical strain of American religious and political thought, according to the French Alexis de Tocqueville can be summed up as a philosophy of pantheism, pluralism, materialism, and above all, of the tyranny of the American democratic majority. Tocqueville suggested that Americans, and most citizens of socially equal societies (or relatively socially equal societies, as compared to the Europe of Tocqueville's day) inclined towards the line thought of "including God and the universe in one great whole," or a pantheistic philosophical system that taught "all things material and immaterial, visible and invisible, which the world contains are to be considered only as the several parts of an…. [read more]

Religion the Protestant Reformation Forced the Catholic Term Paper

… Religion

The Protestant Reformation forced the Catholic Church to redefine itself, its "inner life," and the role it would play in the greater social, political, and theological rubric of Christianity. The Council of Trent was the first official and ecumenical reaction to the Protestant Reformation and therefore began what was to be known as the Counter-Reformation or the Catholic Reformation. The standardization of Mass was one of the most notable developments of the Council of Trent, resulting in a long-lasting transformation Catholic ritual. Moreover, Catholic ritual would be forever distinguishable from Protestant ritual in its ascription to the standardized Eucharist ceremony. Second, the Protestant Reformation challenged the Church to unearth endemic corruption. The counter-reformation did not totally eliminate the Church's collusion with politics but did…. [read more]

Religion and Politics Some groups Essay

… According to Locke, this established a natural right in the liberty of conscience, which Locke viewed, should at all cost remain protected from any government authority, (Locke, John (2002). These arguments regarding religious tolerance as well as the importance of individual conscious, together with Locke's social contract, came to be specifically influential in the American colonies including drafting of the United States Constitution.

Looking at the importance of the matter in his letter to the Danbury Baptist Association in 1802, with the phrase "wall of separation between church and state" as well as considering other materials such as the First Amendment to the United States Constitution as his reference, Jefferson categorically bring out his thought that "believing with you that religion is a matter which…. [read more]

Religion Shaped Identity Political Entities Essay

… Once the Revolution was achieved, however, politics then asserted its presence against religion by minimizing its presence within the country as much as possible -- since religion was widely viewed as anti-Communist and a suppressant to the political ideology of the Revolution and of the Soviet Union as a whole.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, religion has once again resurged in this country. Christianity is the primary form of religion in the state, with a plethora of representatives from both Orthodox and Catholic religion. It is essential to note that politics has played a role in this resurgence, a fact which the following quotation readily attests to. "The Russian Orthodox Church has made a startling comeback over the past 20 years,…. [read more]

Religion Christianity Started Essay

… Luther's edicts had established an emerging faction of Christianity that denied vehemently the papal authority. With the denial of Papal authority came the avowal of a new type of worship and new vision of Christianity. In accordance with Protestant theory, the individual believer can come to know God without the intervention of a priest. Scripture is to be read and studied by the individual, regardless of Papal authority.

The Reformation had a more significant impact on the social and political affairs of Europe than on its theological life. Disavowal of Church authority paved the way for the Enlightenment and the age of humanism. Religion had a stranglehold on European social life for centuries. The people demanded a more egalitarian state of affairs with a worldview…. [read more]

Roman Religion Although the Ancient Term Paper

… "

Aeneas marks this altar as specifically Roman according to not only the city's religious tradition, but also its cultural tradition of dress of mythical history. One can see a possible motivation for this intentional linking when considering the other figures depicted in the Ara Pacis' friezes, and particularly the image of Augustus. The procession of which Augustus is a part represents "the processions that would have taken place in 'real life' around the sides of the precincts, leading up to the altar itself -- and perhaps, more specifically, that procession which took place on the day the altar was first consecrated."

Recognizing this is crucial for understanding the depictions relation to both Roman religious practice and political life, because the particular representation of Augustus…. [read more]

Personal Views on Religion in American Society Essay

… Personal Views on Religion in American Society

Religion is not a reliable way of making decisions or of determining right from wrong. Religious values are largely arbitrary because they reflect the views and beliefs of the people who created them. If there is any doubt about that characterization, one need only look at the sheer number of different religions that exist and at the diametrically opposite beliefs and values that many of them espouse. Objectively, it is fundamentally impossible for the conflicting beliefs of any two religions to be true. While it is understandable why religious teaching may once have been necessary to control human behavior, in the modern era, there is no longer any need because modern societies have formal laws and the necessary…. [read more]

Roman Religion in Antiquity Essay

… In the event of a successful conquest, the divinity in question was then accepted as Roman.

The is a concept echoed in the work of Hijmans

, who focuses on two different solar deities found in the Roman pantheon; Sol Indiges, a Roman god, and Sol Invictus, A syrina god of late antiquity. What is interesting here is that many scholars struggle to find agreement amongst themselves, as well as reconciliation within their own research to suggest that these two widely different deities could have existed, albeit at different times, within the same religious environment.

This disagreement is indicative of the general disagreement and debate that has been part and parcel of religion since its existence in human communities. Indeed, Beard, North and Price

mention…. [read more]

Religion? Be Sure to Include Concepts Term Paper

… ¶ … religion? Be sure to include concepts such as beliefs, symbols, rituals, and ethics in your analysis. Illustrate how the religion practiced by the group you visited qualifies or does not qualify as a religion, based on your assessment.

To some degree, religion is a relatively recent social construct of Western society. Westerners, particularly Americans, tend to define religion as a separate, private category that is walled off from public life. But in previous eras, the category of 'religion' was tied to one's loyalty to the state. Every nation and society had their own gods, and often leaders were honored as gods. The Romans demanded that people in their empire worship Roman deities, as a sign of civic loyalty, not out of piety (Rives…. [read more]

Politics and Propaganda of Theocracies and Atheocracies Thesis

… ¶ … religion of atheism, communism as a secular theocracy: Religious iconography and practice in the Soviet Union

The Soviet regime has often been called totalitarian regime, in the sense of the philosopher Hannah Arendt's definition of a government and ideology that exerts 'total' control over the populace. However, long before the communists came to power, the Russian government was a highly repressive regime and already possessed many of the characteristics of Arendt's conception of "a ruthless, brutal, and…potent form of political tyranny whose ambitions for world domination are unlimited. Disseminating propaganda derived from an ideology through the media of mass communication, totalitarianism relies on mass support. It crushes whoever and whatever stands in its way by means of terror and proceeds to a total…. [read more]

Religion Discuss the Death of Socates Thesis

… ¶ … Religion

Discuss the death of Socates. What is different about Socrates' attitude towards death and why? Do you feel that people who have a strong sense of God and afterlife have an eaier time accepting death?

After Socrates conviction, though he stresses the fact that the application of the law is unjust, the law itself is not and he should and will abide by the death sentence. The duty to follow one's own convictions overshadows any desire to plead further than the truth or flee, as doing so would be contrary to self, which is contrary to God and therefore civic responsibility. In so doing Socrates adequately defends his position, through the utilization of repetition, consistency through the literature and lastly through living…. [read more]

Relevance or Irrelevance of Religion in Our Society Term Paper

… Relevance of Religion in Our Society

Relevance or Irrelevance of Religion in our society

Religion has been linked by several scholars to be an instrument that brings about mental peace and satisfaction to the members of the society. Many scholars agree that there is a need for a secular way that brings this peace of mind. However, all answers lead to religion being the source of this much needed peace of mind. This can further be broken down into two main categories of religion. One is the faith without philosophy category and the other is faith with philosophy category.

In the ancient times, believers used faith as a way to bring about comfort and hope to their lives when they were in desperate situations which…. [read more]

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