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Role of Religion in the Arab-Israeli Conflict Term Paper

… Religion/Israel

L. Jones

Role of Religion in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

After the end of the Second World War, one of the most important and pivotal events that would go on to affect the nature of the political world occurred with the creation of the Modern State of Israel. Beginning with the withdrawal of the British from what was officially "Palestine" in 1948, and paved upon the legacy of the 1917 Balfour Declaration promising "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people (Avalon, 2003)," the territory was thrown into a massive conflict between religious, ethnic, and national groups that has yet to end.

Although there are significant political, cultural, historical and geographical aspects of the dispute over the "Holy Land," there is…. [read more]

Religion Qualifications of the Divine Essay

… Buddhism is a religion that challenges the mind to contemplate existential paradoxes. There is no Absolute Reality, but everything is Absolute Reality at the same time. Absolute Reality is Nothingness, but it remains possible to be conscious of nothingness while still being alive and in the world. Buddhism suggests that Absolute Reality is qualified by consciousness, which is why meditation offers the key to achieving the Absolute Reality. Absolute Reality is liberation from suffering, as explained in the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism. Life is suffering, meaning that human beings typically contend with anxiety, anger, and anguish. These types of suffering are a direct product of desire, or craving. To eliminate suffering and achieve a divine state of mind, one must eliminate desire by following…. [read more]

Religion What Roles Do the Gods Essay

… Religion

What roles do the Gods and Goddesses play in Hinduism and what do they tell us about the Hindu concept of the Divine (Brahman)?

There are different roles played by the gods and goddesses in Hinduism. Each god or goddesses have a unique role. For instance, Kama is a god of Love. Though the gods and goddesses are many, there is a supreme god known as Brahman. In essence, the religion remains monotheistic. Brahman is a supreme reality that surpasses human knowledge and understanding.

Hinduism believes in the concept of "many paths under one truth." For instance, when a certain family worships several gods, another family may be worshiping a different god. Even though Buddhists may worship different gods, the central supreme reality is…. [read more]

Religion of Consumerism Versus Lakota Using Phenomenological Approach Term Paper

… Religion of Consumerism

Consumerism is the term used to describe a person who equates their happiness with the act of purchasing and possessing material things. (Barber, 2007). Lakota is a Native American tribe from the Great Planes area. (Christafferson, 2001). The Lakota Indians lived, and still do live, simple lives that focus on the connection to nature. In modern day, consumerism has evolved into a form of a religion. The difference between Consumerism and Lakota is that consumerism takes the person further away from their natural roots.

What does it mean to be human?

Every individual and community answers the question of "what it means to be human" or "what is the meaning of life" differently. These differences in answers stem from each individual's personal…. [read more]

God in Genesis the Nature Essay

… In this chapter, God becomes anthropomorphized; he becomes more like human beings than in chapter 1. In becoming part of creation, more of his humanized characteristics become apparent. As such, God becomes potter, herdsman, and gardner. As God starts interacting with his creation, he also comes closer to the human mind in terms of understanding. It is easier to understand a God who does things as human beings would do them than it is to understand one who can create planets and life from nothing. As such, the creation process of Adam and Eve become more comprehensible than the creation process described in the first chapter.

In Genesis 1, then, God's creation acts are vast and panoramic. They are the first effort at putting into…. [read more]

Religion and Society Essay

… Religion as a basis for moral authority was the focus of Sallust's Moral Deterioration, finding that without a sound basis of moral law society crumbles. Frederick II elaborated on this religious authority by citing the Divine Right of Kings and the manner in which the State and Church must coexist. Finally, Voltaire shunned millennia of Christian persecution of "the other," in favor of using religion in its most positive sense, to guide and organize a tolerant and just society.


Akhenaton's Longer Hymn to the Aton. (n.d.) Trans. J. Breasted. Retrieved from:

Abulafia, D. (1988). Frederick II: A Medieval Emperor. New York: Oxford University Press.

Armstrong, K. (2001). Holy War -- The Crusades and Their Impact on Today's World, 2nd ed. New York: Anchor…. [read more]

Role of Spirituality Research Paper

… , 2007, p. 268).

Women are three times more likely to be depressed than men, with 5-12% suffering from major or severe depression, compared to 2-3% of men. Males are also more likely to deny or mask depressive symptoms, less likely to express emotions or seek treatment, and to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol (Hutchinson et al., p. 269). Susan Simonds wrote gender roles, stress, poverty and victimization were all factors in the higher level of depression in women (Simonds, 2001, p. 5). More women fall below the poverty line than men, and this is a well-known 'pathway to depression'. Race, culture, social class and sexual orientation all, "interact with gender to create a complex picture of identity issues" (Simonds, p. 6). During the life-stages…. [read more]

Islam Select a Religion Essay

… The three religions have a concept of God and that these scriptures were revealed to their respective prophets from God. Furthermore, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, talk about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who were the prophets of God. The Jews are referred as Children of Israel in Bible and Quran and are considered to be the direct descendants of Prophet Jacob, who was the grandson of Abraham (McInerney, 2003). All three of the religions have a way of life, which must be followed by their followers. Fundamental concepts such as Day of Judgment can be found in all three of the religions.


There are several differences between Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Islam believes that there is only one God and that the Prophet Muhammad is…. [read more]

Religion in the God Term Paper

… ¶ … Religion

In The God Part of the Brain, Matthew Alper argues that the human quest for religious truth is biologically-based, precluding the existence of any external creative deity. Whether or not external deity or deities exist, religion plays a vital role in human society, human history, and human psycho-social development. The personality and self-concept can both be shaped by one's religious beliefs. For instance, the Catholic will demonstrate different psychological reactions to death than a Hindu. Because religion can be a dominant force in personal and collective experience, an organized religion still serves a definite and useful function whether or not God actually exists. The Humanist Faith is based on the fundamental principle that human beings need faith. Humanistic Faith is, however, devoid…. [read more]

Religion Comparison Religions in Ancient History: Similarities Essay

… Religion Comparison

Religions in Ancient History: Similarities and Differences

According to Smitha, biologists have dated the earth, as well as the sun, as 4.55 billion years old, a planet that was formed by the gravitational pull of different elements. Scientists claim that life began with two important acids -- DNA and RNA. After millions of years, what started as microorganisms evolved into humans. Smitha writes that homo sapiens first emerged 60 thousand years ago in Africa. Yet before scientists isolated what they credited with the beginning of the earth and humanity, religions provided the answer for them. In fact, as long as humans have been around, there has been religion. In the ancient world, religion played a major role from society to society, and many…. [read more]

God and Creation Term Paper

… It is indeed a great privilege to be an American, and therefore, it must be believed that God is with America and will always bless and keep the American citizen.

One of the famous Presidents of the United States of America, George Washington, is reputed to have believed in this exact concept, wherein he has stated in his farewell address to the people of his nation, "The name of American belongs to you ... And with slight shades of difference, you have the same religion."

He was, according to John Marshall, the then Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, "a sincere believer in the Christian Faith, and a truly devout man," and therefore, being one of the founders of the United States of America,…. [read more]

Religion Outline the Early History of Hinduism Book Review

… Religion

Outline the early history of hinduism. How did the gods and rituals brought by the Aryans blend with native religions to produce classical hinduism?

Hinduism is a byproduct of Aryan Brahminism with the incorporation of ideas from other religions. The foundation for Hinduism was laid during the Vedic Age, when Vedas or Brahminism was the dominant religion. Before Hinduism emerges as the dominant faith, Buddhism enjoyed a long period of supremacy. During this era, Buddhism influenced the traditions of Hinduism. Buddhism declined due to the rise of the Gupta Empire which placed Hinduism as the preeminent religion of the subcontinent (Hopfe & Woodward 74-121).

Define the Rig-Veda, the Upanishads, and the Law of Manu. Show how these three bodies of literature demonstrate basic Hindu…. [read more]

God and Science the Art Essay

… Larson & Witham (1998) explained the survey of 58% of 1914 scientists rejecting God, and almost similar statistics show the same percentage demonstrated no change in 1996. In the course of a decade, neither science nor religion has made any headway into convincing one side or the other as to who is right. Since religion came first, this argument seems to have an advantage. However, the Christian religion is rather recent in comparison to older pagan religions, Eastern religions and those religions we don't quite understand. In fact the Christian God, based on the Jewish god Yahweh, was adopted in the story of Christ. At that time many gods were being worshiped and not one single one was to be held with any more reverence…. [read more]

Religion in the Modern World Essay

… D. Muhammad is the prophet where Islam became what it is known for definitively, according to Muslim tradition. Muslims believe that there were prophets before Muhammad, but Muhammad was "their culmination, so he is called The Seal of the Prophets" (1995). There are not any legitimate prophets to come after him (1995).

Theology is all about issues pertaining to God and it relates to all religions -- Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. One of the major problems in today in discussions regarding contemporary issues and modern day religion is the lack of understanding and interest that is given to certain religions -- especially Islam. One of the biggest problems today is that people in the western world have come to relate Islam and Muslims, in general,…. [read more]

Religion Term Paper

… Religion in the News

Religion is a highly complex concept and the debates on religious matters are far from being exhaustive. To most of us, religion is a refuge, the hope for a better life or the payer for a second chance. Religious beliefs promote the idea of a higher power, of an invisible entity that watches over us, rewards the good and punishes the evil, if not in the current life, in the one after it.

Today, religious values seem to become less and less convincing, proof of this standing the increasing number of atheists. The reasons for increasing atheism vary, based on each individual's education, background or life experiences. However, a reason that stands out is their argument that religion cannot be scientifically…. [read more]

Religion Essay

… Part 2 -- The concept of the separation of Church and State has often been thought to be part of the original Founding Father's perception of religion and part of the Constitution. Essentially, this phrase means that there is a Constitutional mandate that there will be no State religion, and that the sociological roles often attributed to religion will, in fact, be manages by the State. This ideal, formulated by Enlightenment thinker John Locke, was part of the social contract between government and citizens which was used by the Founding Fathers to form and organize the new Republic. The intent was to protect the individual from the State requiring a certain religion, not to protect the State from religion -- an important distinction as the…. [read more]

Religion and Mysticism Two Essay

… For followers of mysticism from both religions, they have faced some rejection and subjection by the practitioners of the non-mystic forms. Christians often rebuff those who believe in Christian mysticism. However, there are so many sects and denominations of Christianity, that the inclusion of mysticism in some branches is less likely to cause friction that in the Islamic religion. Those who practice Sufism face an even more dire reaction from Muslims. Part of this schism comes from the fact that Islam is a very strict religion and those who practice it are supposed to adhere to the rigid demands of the religion. The Sufi sought a more personal relationship with their God and so sought some ways beyond that which were dictated or approved of…. [read more]

Religion Augustine: Divine Grace and Free Will Term Paper

… Religion

Augustine: Divine Grace and Free Will

One of the Doctors of the Church, St. Augustine's teachings have been profoundly influential since earliest times. In particular, St. Augustine expounded upon the relationship between Divine Grace and human Free Will and the roles that the two did, or did not play, in the achievement of individual human salvation.

The argument represented a major doctrinal dispute of Augustine's day, most notably between his own teachings and those of Pelagius. The ideas of Pelagius, which taught that Divine Grace was not the sole necessity for achieving salvation, were ultimately condemned as heretical at the Council of Carthage in 418. Augustine himself believed that Divine Grace, above all, was essential for the salvation of human beings; that men and…. [read more]

Religions Throughout the World Term Paper

… Reformed Judaism is the liberal wing of Judaism which feels belief and doctrine are interchangeable and dispensable, and the importance of the Jews focus is to keep the ethical traditions of the Torah ("

Four Cornerstones

There are Four Cornerstones of Judaism which are the Torah, the people, the land and the love of God.

The Torah is the "living law handed down from God to Moses on Mount Sinai and passes onward from generation to generation (" The people represent God's promise to make a great nation of the Jewish people and his blessings on them. The land is representative of the people leaving their "native land and their father's houses to a land which will be shown to them by God. The love…. [read more]

Religion -- House of Worship Essay

… Religion -- House of Worship

The house of worship that I visited is a Hindu Temple that was way different than anything that I have been used to seeing.

Architecture of the temple

The Hindu Temple is huge and on the outside, there is a conical-shaped structure on top of the temple and the tip of this cone is made of gold. There is only one entrance and as soon as everyone enters, they have to remove their shoes and their coats. There is a wash area for people to wash their hands and feet for purification before they enter the sacred area.

As soon as the sacred area is entered, there is a big pillar and every person was prostrating near this pillar before…. [read more]

Role of Religion and Politics Thesis

… Religion and Politics

Religion and Candidacy:

The Debate

President Barack Obama's inclusion of atheists in his inaugural address spiked discussion, blogs, and even a lengthy talk on NPR. Some were thrilled with the development, while others were shocked and found his acknowledgement of the group offensive. The range of opinions regarding the acknowledgement exemplifies the large range of religious ideas in the United States. Many representatives of a host of faiths call this country home, while still others find themselves believers more in philosophy and ideas than faiths. Some believe in nothing spiritual; others simply don't know. Such is the makeup of the United States, a country whose Bill of Rights respects the freedom of religion. Because of the freedom of religion permitted in the…. [read more]

What Is Religion? Term Paper

… ¶ … religion?

In Frederick Streng's discussion of the concept of religion across cultures, societies, and individuals, it surfaced that one of the working definitions of religion is "means toward ultimate transformation." This definition of religion as a means toward ultimate transformation can be interpreted into various meanings because of the different contexts in which religion is applied.

As what Streng elaborated in his analysis, " religion, interpretive concepts are more problematical. Therefore we are suspicious of the adequacy of the dictionary's definition of religion." This was stated as a reaction to the prevalence of religion as multi-faceted, subject to various interpretations because of the differences of people in culture -- their values, traditions and beliefs. As was explicated in the passage, religion can be…. [read more]

What Role Should Religion Play in Education Thesis

… Role of Religion

What is the Role of Religion in Education

This is a guideline and template. Please do not use as a final turn-in paper.

What is the Role of Religion in Education?

In Illinois, a federal judge ruled against a state law requiring public school students to observe a moment of silence meant for prayer or personal reflection at the start of each school day. District Judge Robert Gettleman said the law was an unconstitutional breach of the separation of church and state (Calefati, 2009).

In Texas, the State Board of Education heard testimony from leading biologists and social conservatives about revising the state's science curriculum so that it would be more difficult for teachers to discuss possible weaknesses in evolutionary theory (Calefati,…. [read more]

Religion and National Identity Term Paper

… Religion

The Role of Religion in the Formation of National Identity

How does religion play a role in national identity in at least 3 cases? Consider history and culture. Of what utility is the role of religion in national identity construction in the chosen 3 cases?

Many forces contribute to the formation of what is called "national identity." Among the most powerful of these forces is religion, as few other ideas affect so many and varied aspects of an individual's life. Where religion is most powerful, it can literally help to bind together a people as a nation. In this case, the faith of one's fellow citizens is seen as that "special something" that sets one's people apart - perhaps from one's oppressors. Many times…. [read more]

Religion Has Been a Controversial Essay

… This is completely different from the old religion that brought people together.

Q2. Perspective

Europe's social welfare system is larger and more inclusive compared to the American one. In the areas mentioned in the secularization in Europe, the most emphasized is Western Europe. This region is going through a post-communist welfare transition. In countries like Poland and the Czech Republic, the state cannot provide money even for necessities: many people are deprived the essential requirements for survival. The migration and search for stability makes matters like religion almost redundant among the victims. People are seeking for solace in places where they consider being safe, and matters of religion will come later (Pew Research Center, 2005).

In a country like Germany, where conservative welfare is practiced,…. [read more]

Religion on the Surface Essay

… In Hinduism, there is also a concept of gods becoming incarnate on Earth. The concept is called the avatar, and there are several examples in Hindu scripture that refer to avatars. For example, Krishna is one of the most important gods in the Hindu pantheon. Krishna is an avatar of Vishnu. Unlike Jesus, Krishna has blue skin and loves dancing. Yet like Jesus, Krishna is worshipped as the incarnation of a supreme deity. "Of all avatars he is the most popular and perhaps the one closest to the heart of the masses," (Das). There are, therefore, similar roles of gods in the Hindu pantheon as there are for Christianity. The Christian God is a savior who makes direct contact with human beings; but the Christian…. [read more]

Religion Comparing the Catholic Essay

… The church property, material representations of the religion, and anything that is connected with God, Jesus other church is deemed to be sacred, and worthy of respect. Therefore, this is an all-encompassing religion, which impacts on the lives of the followers in many ways.

Part 2

Examining the Wiccan religion, talking to an individual's follows this path indicates some interesting parallels as well as some significant differences. Wicca is a relatively new religion, which the followers early date back to roughly the 1950s, founded by Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente. However, while the religion itself is relatively new, the foundations were based on much older traditional beliefs associated with a respect and reverence for nature and the concept of duality. Rather than simply one God,…. [read more]

Role of Religion: Beowulf, Crime and Punishment Essay

… ¶ … role of religion: Beowulf, Crime and Punishment, and the Canterbury Tales

Religious traditions influence the themes and construction of literary narratives and religious texts themselves can function as literature. For example, the early English epic poem Beowulf manifests a blend of Christian and pagan influences, suggesting that the poem was a pagan epic that eventually became Christianized over generations of oral transmission. Its central hero Beowulf is a great king, possessing almost godlike strength. However, although the poem is set in pre-Christian times, Christian themes of redemption and resurrection recur throughout the work. Beowulf is a chosen son -- only he can kill Grendel. Beowulf must lie alone in the darkness of the Great Hall, willing to sacrifice himself for the sins of…. [read more]

Religion Entered the 18th Century Research Paper

… She had printed in Philadelphia a pamphlet of twenty-four pages entitled "The Life and Religious Experience of Jarena Lee, a Colored Lady, Giving an Account of Her Call to Preach the Gospel" to let others know of her work and her mission. She also kept a journal while traveling which would later be transformed into her autobiography.The expanded version appeared in 1894 as: Religious Experience and Journal of Mrs. Jarena Lee, Giving an Account of Her Call to Preach the Gospel. To meet travel expenses and room and board, she sold her book at church meetings and while she was on the road.

The book was met with some controversy since the book questioned sexism in the church. It was also controversial due to the…. [read more]

Sociology of Religion Essay

… Sociology -- Sociology of Religion

Protestant Reformation

The Protestant Reformation significantly contributed to both Capitalism and Secularization in the West. The Reformation eliminated or severely reduced Roman Catholic strengths, replacing the old religious ways of thinking with a "Protestant Ethic" devoted to capitalist ideals of planning, working hard, practicing discipline and self-denial and amassing earthly wealth in order to glorify God. In addition, the Protestant Reformation helped cause the secularization of the West by reducing reliance on institutionalized religion and increasing demands and benefits of capitalism and industrialization.

How the Protestant Reformation Contributed to a Rise of the Capitalist Spirit

The Roman Catholic Church taught that people were saved by the Sacraments and by obeying religious authority. As long as a Catholic received the Sacraments…. [read more]

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