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Renewable Energy Alternatives, Including Wind Power, Biomass Literature Review

… ¶ … renewable energy alternatives, including wind power, biomass, and solar power. An analysis of the potential for solar energy applications in Greece is followed by an assessment of the impact of the current economic crisis taking place in Greece on solar energy initiatives today and in the future. A summary of the literature review concludes this chapter.

Overview of Renewable Energy Alternatives

A general definition of alternative energy provided by Kramarae and Spender (2000) states that this term includes systems such as hydroelectric power plants, wind generators, solar power, and biomass (in the form of wood fuel, crop, municipal and industrial waste, as well as animal manure). In many ways, these alternative energy sources are certainly not new, but have rather been used by…. [read more]

Government Role Renewable Energy Essay

… Currently the government has aided the private sector in generating clean energy through source such as "hydro, biomass, biogas, wind energy, and solar energy." [footnoteRef:13]Some of the main initiatives that Australian government has adopted to address the issues of growing energy demand and GHG emissions coupled with the aims of sustainable development are: [12: Ibid. ] [13: BREE. Energy in Australia, (Bureau of Resources, & Energy Economics, 2012)]

Large scale solar energy plants

Geothermal generation technologies

Ocean energy technologies

Carbon capture and storage (CCS)

Various state and territory governments have adopted aggressive plans to encourage demand and supply of renewable energy supply. Close analyses of statistics indicate that specific advancement in context of solar energy has been accomplished. As compared to 2001 to 2009 period,…. [read more]

Energy Policy Capstone Project

… The world now is a high tech world and technology previously has helped us achieve wonders and solving this energy crisis wouldn't be any different from that. The engineers and researchers are fully equipped and they all the technology readily available. Events in history has taught everyone a lesson, dependence on oil can be a risky thing to do as most countries are not self-sufficient in it and its very expensive to import. Many new things already have been discovered to produce energy in fact renewable energy; this new renewable energy will change the structure of the world. Countries would no longer be depended on other countries and this renewable energy will change the structure of the world as energy is the number one problem…. [read more]

Potential Use of Renewable Energy Technologies in the Buildings of Arabian Gulf Countries Term Paper

… ¶ … renewable energy technologies in the buildings of Arabian Gulf Countries

In the literature regarding the Middle East and the utilization of renewable energy there is a great deal of evidence of interest and even application. This is despite the region's critical interest in fossil fuels as a resource for change, as oil has been for the last 20 or so years for some countries and longer for others. (Cordesman 1997) Over 80% of the natural oil reserves are found in the Middle East. (Borowitz 1999)

It seems that renewable energy, and especially photovoltaic technology and wind energy, partly as outsiders have been a big part of modernization in many Middle Eastern nations as a result of relatively new found wealth, allowing infrastructure building…. [read more]

Renewable Energy Marketing Bill Bryson Described Australia Essay

… Renewable Energy Marketing

Bill Bryson described Australia as the "Sunburned Country," which would imply that there is potential for a strong solar panel industry. However, whereas decidedly cloudier countries such as Germany have used strong government incentives to create a burgeoning market for solar panels, the same cannot be said for Australia. When the Rudd government cancelled the rebate for families installing solar panels on the roof of their home in 2008, the industry took a nosedive (Beer, 2008). European manufacturers in particular cited the lack of government support for the lack of private investment in the Australian solar panel industry (Millar, 2009). This paper will examine the state of the solar panel industry in Australia and then set out an approach to market the…. [read more]

Renewable Energy Sources Today Research Paper

… Currently, the vast majority of wind turbine capacity is located in only a few countries, including Germany, Spain, Japan, Italy, and the United States.


Almost without exception, all living matter derives most of its energy from the sun and stores it through carbon fixation. Traditional methods of converting solar energy into a useable form include the burning of firewood, straw, and animal dung for cooking and warmth, which still represents a major energy sourced in undeveloped countries. In developed countries the sources of biomass include agricultural and forestry residues, and municipal waste. Although still an important source of energy in developed economies, biomass provides a much smaller share of the energy consumed when compared to third world economies. The global energy contribution of biomass…. [read more]

Renewable Energy the Law Research Paper

… c. Solar energy

i. Pros: solar energy produces no pollution of the environment, less expensive if not counting the cost of solar panels and their instillation, the government offers tax credits up to $2,000 for using solar energy, you can receive energy credits if the solar panels produce more energy than you consume, solar energy will never run out whereas nonrenewable sources are quickly dwindling, in addition solar energy produces no noise pollution as the systems are completely silent (Bocchine 2007).

ii. Cons: the initial cost of the solar panels can be cost prohibitive, solar energy is subject to climate variability based upon weather and the hours of sunlight within a region which will impact that wattage produced, some people argue that the panels are…. [read more]

Why Clean Renewable Energy Is Imperative to Our Future Thesis

… Renewable Energy

The United States is facing a seminal moment in terms of energy policy. Since 1970, the percentage of our oil that has been imported has increased from 24% to 70% (Pickens, 2008). While some of this oil comes from close allies such as Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom the majority of it comes from producers with whom we have a more adversarial relationship such as Venezuela and the Middle East. This represents a serious national security issue because we have become dependent on countries that, if not our enemies, are certainly not our friends.

Compounding the problem of foreign oil dependence is the fact that oil is not a renewable resource. Some observers believe we reached peak oil in 2005 (Pickens, 2008).…. [read more]

Energy Conversion Essay

… The power plants that use gas are also observed to be very efficient. The construction of power stations that use the fossil sources of energy can also be constructed in almost any location as long as the required quantities of fossil fuels can be transported to the location for utility (Alternative Energy Secret, 2012).

Alternative energy refers to the energy sources that have no undesired impact and they are renewable since they are generated by fuel sources and they restore themselves over a short period of time and do not diminish and are not derived from fossil fuels (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, 2010). They include solar energy, wind energy, geothermal, biomass, biogas and hydro electric power. These types of energy have…. [read more]

Renewable Energy Development Term Paper

… Biomass, which uses forest and agricultural residues, is used around the world, and the use geothermal energy is growing slowly. All of these forms of energy need to be fully explored to gain more usage and recognition.

Another viable renewable energy source is the fuel cell, which has been around since 1829, longer than the internal combustion engine (Flavin & Dunn, 1999, p. 167). Fuel cells combine hydrogen and oxygen to provide water vapor and electricity. They can be extremely efficient, and have been used in the space program since the 1960s. However, they still have not come into commercial use, mainly because of the difficulty of using the hydrogen, which is highly volatile and expensive. However, "Researchers are now testing various catalysts that, when…. [read more]

Energy and Its Sources Essay

… Even though there are several environmental problems associated with the increased use of fossil fuels, they continue to be popular. They are attractive because they are available and apparently inexpensive making them to be considered as marvelous energy sources. Moreover, fossil fuels are attractive because people have learnt to use them very effectively as they entail relatively simple technology. Actually, they are apparently easy to use because they only require a simple direct combustion in order to generate energy.

Alternatives to Fossil Fuels:

As fossil fuels are associated with environmental problems like urban air pollution, climate change, and acid deposition, there are various alternatives to these energy sources. Some of these alternatives include nuclear power, solar, biomass, geothermal and hydropower sources of energy. Solar energy…. [read more]

Solar Energy Essay

… Solar Energy

As typical hydrocarbon materials are significantly challenging and costly to draw out, energy businesses need to alter their approach in order to fulfil the needs of an expanding populace progressively depending on power. Renewable resource has actually become the focus for numerous energy businesses as they look to a 'greener' future. Whether this enhancing dedication has actually come from an authentic will to do much better or from the altering needs of stakeholders is one argument that continues still. That aside, the numbers promote themselves. Financial investment in renewable resource has actually enhanced five-fold from 1990. The solar market is a quickly expanding sector within renewables as technological advances recently have actually made solar cells more efficient and far less costly to produce…. [read more]

Solar Energy Essay

… Solar Energy

The threats posed by our relationship to energy has given rise to some devastating results on a global and a personal scale like human-induced climate change, famine, poverty and cycles of deforestation; all these while on our overzealous appetite search for energy. Global economic, environmental and social pressures are driving the human race to search for a better alternative and renewable source of energy that is also more eco-friendly, reliable and sustainable. Many national governments have stated making energy policies with solar energy harnessing as the backbone of these policies. Nations are trying to escape the uncertainties that come with the fact that most fossil fuels have their deposit localized in particulars areas of the earth, a region that is filled with political…. [read more]

Strategy of Renewables Energy in UK Research Proposal

… Strategy of Renewable Energy in UK

Strategies of Renewable Energy in UK

Energy resources are one of the most important natural resource for any economy around the world. This is because the energy is an essential and integral part of every human's life. From domestic use to industrial operations, from transportation to power generation, energy is the fundamental requirement in every aspect.

Ever since the industrial revolution began, the demand for energy resources increased more than ever before. Massive manufacturing plants meant more fuel energy was required. As a result of industrial revolution, electronic home appliances became a household essential, which meant that more power resources would be needed for domestic use. Later on, after the first and second world war, the world saw an…. [read more]

Physical Science: Energy Essay

… In hydroelectric power plants, a mass of water flows through hydraulic turbines, converting the water's potential energy into kinetic energy within the turbines and driving electric generators, thereby creating electrical energy that can be stored and used. Hydroelectric power is a more attractive than fossil fuels because it is renewable, non-polluting and highly efficient, as large turbines can capture up to 90% of the water stream's power. Hydroelectric power does have significant disadvantages because it can disrupt the environment's normal ecology by changing the water's natural flow and using a considerable amount of surrounding land.

Wind power, which is another form of solar power because wind is created by solar radiation, uses turbine-like wind generators: wind propels the generators, which convert the wind's kinetic energy…. [read more]

Renewable Energy 2nd Generation Biofuels Essay

… Renewable Energy

Biofuels are becoming an important component of renewable energy initiatives. While first generation ethanol production, mainly from corn in the U.S., has created negative externalities by repurposing agricultural output for energy usage, second generation biofuels have the potential to achieve similar energy output levels without altering agricultural land use patterns. As with any new technology, there are a number of precursors for its success. This paper will analyze those precursors as part of making the case for developing second-generation biofuels. It is hypothesized that second generation biofuels represent a strong investment opportunity, but the timing of that opportunity is dependent on both fossil fuel prices and on the ability to develop these biofuels without creating negative externalities in food production.

Second Generation Biofuels…. [read more]

Renewable Energy and Interdependencies: Six Research Paper

… One of the harsh realities of introducing one cost- or energy-saving initiative is that it will inevitably affect other constituent elements in a given system and this is certainly the case with the interdependencies that are involved in implementing and applying the initiatives envisioned for the Coed Darcy project. In this regard, the Council on Tall buildings and Urban Habitat (2001) cites the "question of how to reduce the large amount of energy that is embodied in the building materials themselves, the services contributing to their making, and the energy implications of the very form and design of neighborhoods and cities" (p. 540). This inextricable interrelationship between the initiatives envisioned for the six council buildings and the potential for their influencing each other is discussed…. [read more]

Alternative Sources of Energy Petroleum Essay

… But this is an expensive and inefficient means of generating power. Instead, researchers have recently developed a power cell that uses magnesium as a one of the main components. Called the "Magnesium Air Fuel Cell," it is essentially a "magnesium-based version of the lithium ion rechargeable cell." And uses water and ambient air to react with an anode composed of magnesium to generate electricity. (Messina, 2010) The automobile manufacturer Toyota is also currently researching the use of a magnesium-sulfur batteries which would be available to power their automobiles. Supporters of the magnesium air fuel cell claim that it is better than hydrogen-based fuel cell because it has the advantage of using simple salt water as an electrolyte, and has "increased power efficiency, lower cell resistance,…. [read more]

Alternative Energy Source Essay

… If this is seen to reality, it is one of the ways that can significantly help America to move away from the reliance on the fossil fuels as well as save the environment from rampant pollution.

This new technology for production of biofuels will go hand-in-hand with the corn-grain biofuels which have also proved to be a viable source of biofuel. Even though this technology requires a relatively larger tracks of land and maybe more water so as to keep the production throughout the year, it is a more sustainable source of fuel that the fossil fuels.

Yet another source of biofuels is the cellulose-based biofuels which are derived from cellulosic materials like grass and wood chippings which have been observed to be able to…. [read more]

Capturing and Storing Energy Research Proposal

… "Single small turbines, below 100 kilowatts, are used for homes, telecommunications dishes, or water pumping. Small turbines are sometimes used in connection with diesel generators, batteries, and photovoltaic systems. These systems are called hybrid wind systems and are typically used in remote, off-grid locations, where a connection to the utility grid is not available" (U.S. Department of Energy, 2014). The research questions associated with wind power focus largely on the fact that wind flow patterns and speeds vary tremendously across the globe. Is wind power a viable solution, or partial solution, in areas without traditional high winds? Do offshore and on land wind turbines produce similar results? Is there a practical way to store wind energy or does the energy need to be used once…. [read more]

Alternatives to Traditional Fossil Fuels Essay

… Current estimates are that there are on the order of three million different species of algae, which is approximately one hundred times the number of species of known land plants. They can occur at the microscopic scale as unicellular cyanobacteria or microalgae, all the way to multicellular macroalgae like giant kelp. The advantage of algae as an energy source is that it grows easily and prolifically in any kind or quality of water, including salt, fresh, or brackish water. This means that algae provide not only an abundant and perpetually renewable source of energy biofeedstock, but also represents a source with extremely high genetic and ecological diversity. Cultivation of algae is environmentally beneficial, as algae currently account for 50% of the world's oxygen production, but…. [read more]

Energy Is an Essential Force Essay

… d.).

Alternative energy is a form of energy without waste-matters. It is also a form where the source, which delivers the energy, is endless. Some alternative energy sources are sun, water and wind energy. All of these forms of alternative energy can be used to make electric energy. The advantage of alternative energy is that the energy source is endless and doesn't give off any pollution. The main disadvantage to this form is that the techniques used to transform it into electricity is very expensive (Alternative Energy Sources, n.d.).

The use and cost of energy affects everyone on a daily basis. There are a lot of issues that arise from the use of energy like greenhouse gas emissions, acid rain, climate change, and dependency on…. [read more]

Future Energy: Guiding Decisions Evidence Essay

… It may appear as the simplest energy reduction practice, but shopping by lumens instead of watts is another way to choose one more energy -- efficient practice over another. Lumens are not only able to tell how bright a bulb is which may prove beneficial in searching for more energy efficient bulbs, but also have a distinguished warm brightness.

Having said these, we find ourselves closer to renewable energy which we know is energy generated through sunlight, rain, wind, etc. In regards to the production of electricity, wind power usually requires the installation of turbines which have the ability to convert the energy from the wind from kinetic to mechanical. However, because wind is only lightly encountered in Florida, this would not be a viable…. [read more]

Establishment Energy Cooperation Essay

… The examples of such programs include China implementing the energy efficacy programs through national development and reform commission and it has implemented an energy conservation law. Similarly Japan has also adopted an energy conservation initiative through government developed laws. The Korean energy management corporation is also an example of state owned enterprise with its focus on energy efficacy. The government has also adopted a regional energy utilization act to facilitate the institution. Thailand had initiated a department to facilitate energy efficacy. The energy conservation promotion act provides a basis for department of alternative energy development and efficacy's functioning (Wang, 2010).

Future State of Energy Corporation:

The East Asian region is facing a serious energy crisis as their fuel requirements are meet through imports. The countries…. [read more]

Energy Sources of the Future Essay

… Energy Sources of the Future

One of the key changes of the late 20th century, certainly enhanced in the early 21st, is that of the economic, political, and cultural movements that broadly speaking, move the various countries of the world closer together. This idea, called globalism, refers to a number of theories that see the complexities of modern life such that events and actions are tied together, regardless of the geographic location of a specific country (political unit). The idea of globalism has become popular in economic and cultural terms with the advent of a number of macro-trade agreements combined with the ease of communication brought about with the Internet and cellular communication.

The Environment as a Global Issue - the rapid growth of the…. [read more]

Renewable Chemical Feedstocks the Fossil Fuels Research Proposal

… Renewable Chemical Feedstocks

The fossil fuels are not renewable and in the near future will run out. Of the eighty thousand or more of chemicals on which all industries depend and which is the main domain of the chemical industry will face severe setbacks as a great percentage of the chemicals are derived from fossil fuel oil extraction processes and residues. The feedstocks that are provided by the petroleum industry will vanish. Therefore it is an absolute necessity that an alternate feedstock is found for these chemical industries and also that the new feedstock falls with the line and concept of green chemistry. In other words the redesign of the chemical industry will have to be done with absolute care of the environment and technologies…. [read more]

Energy Sources Essay

… Newly developed mining techniques for this resource such as fracking have demonstrated that this resource may not be as viable as it once was however.

Battery power is very prevalent energy source that I use on a very consistent basis. This renewable source allows my smartphone to work. The battery is ultimately charged with electricity that comes from the power plant nearly my home which is powered by a combination of sources including nuclear power. Nuclear energy is very powerful but very dirty and many risks are involved with this power source as demonstrated by recent power plant meltdowns in Japan and Russia.

To reduce the strain on the environment and maximize my personal energy consumption changes are necessary. Swanson (2005) wrote "many of the…. [read more]

Alternative Energy Source or Technology Term Paper

… Alternative Energy Sources

United States consumes about 3.8 trillion kWh per year. About 87% of this power is derived from fossil fuel power resources. With the increasing global population the power demand is sky rocketing. In the recent years power plants have been increasing their production capacities to carter for the ever increasing demand, this has led to the increases in the carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere and consequently global warming is threatening the lives on the globe. With these facts, a renewed need for another power production alternative is triggered and there is urgent need to address the problem of power demand and reduce carbon dioxide emission. There are several advantages of using wind power plants as opposed to the current use of…. [read more]

Energy Policy and the Global Essay

… The best way, therefore, for nations to improve the energy security, and for the global community to do the same, is to find ways of moving toward innovative and sustainable energy production methods. For generations, wealthy industrial nations such as the United States have resisted the need for such innovation because oil production has represented such a critical part of the nation's economic structure. This resistance, however, is substantially to blame for the current crisis of both environment and economy.

To date, U.S. energy security policy has been highly flawed, specifically given its dependency on unstable regimes in regions like the Persian Gulf. According to Hayward (2013), however, the U.S. has recently revised its approach to improving energy security and has begun to remove itself…. [read more]

Energy Conservation Plan Term Paper

… Energy Conservation Plan

Energy conservation has become a matter of extreme interest at global level, but at individual level as well, given the fact that energy consumption has its repercussions on all of us. The effects that energy consumption has on the environment have determined world's nations to take measures that focus on energy conservation. The process of energy conservation does not address governments and state's institutions only, but individuals as well. Without individual support, these policies cannot attain their objectives. The following pages will focus on discussing the energy crisis that took place in California, beginning in the year 2000. The problem's causes will be discussed, followed by its consequences, and measures that were taken or that were supposed to be taken.

Over the…. [read more]

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