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Afghan Proposal Foreign Aid Research Proposal

… Proposed Research Methods

The proposed research will consist of a qualitative study using multiple specific research methodologies including simple observation, interview, a review of media sources and other primary documents related to the research questions, and other reasonable modes of inquiry as they present themselves during the research period. With an estimated timeframe of two years within which to gather and analyze data, and at least twelve months spent in the country of Afghanistan in direct data collection, it is expected that an abundance of data in a variety of different related areas and from a variety of modes can be obtained.

Because of the variety of specific research methodologies available, the best method will be selected for each individual step in the research on…. [read more]

IRB Proposal Research Proposal

… ¶ … Institutional Review Board


Do not change the text in the shaded areas of the form. Your responses to each question/section should be written where it says <>; please keep your response in the same blue 10 pt Arial font.

Explain the research project in lay language that can be easily understood by someone who is not an expert in your field. The abstract must include: 1) a brief summary of the research question; and 2) a brief description of the procedure.

Social informatics examines the organizational and social aspects of the computerization of a discipline. Applied to social work, informatics may enable the management and analysis of data, and the conversion of that data to information and knowledge that can…. [read more]

Human Resources Proposal the Total Reward Model Research Proposal

… Human Resources Proposal

The Total Reward Model: A New Paradigm in Employee Motivation in Technical Fields

Research in employee motivation has focused on which methods result in the most effective means to stimulate employee motivation. Until this point, the body of research has focused on the study of single methods and their effectiveness on employee motivation. For instance, research has focused on pay, benefits, job satisfaction, and employee review as a means to motivate employees. This research approach led to the conclusion that different types and methods of employee motivation led to different results, depending on the personality and individual traits of the employee's personality. Now, a new paradigm has entered into the field of employee motivation. This approach is the total rewards approach. This…. [read more]

Royal Dutch Shell PLC Research Proposal

… Factors that are either political, social or legal together with Kyoto protocol has helped speed up the process towards renewable sources of energy (UNFCCC, 2004), making it necessary for Shell (Modern Power Systems, 2002) and BP (Hoffman, 2004) to conform with the demands.

The power of suppliers to bargain tends to rise, driven by minimal number of suppliers of renewable/alternative energy, inadequate information and alternatives for buyers. Large capital amounts and economies of scale needed to facilitate operation within the industry are seen as stumbling blocks for new entrants in the industry. However, alternative energy firms are threatened by substitution of lower cost provision within the larger energy industry. Competition has been heightened, making the big players in the industry compete for low-cost strategy, though…. [read more]

Canadian Forces, Small Group Military Research Proposal

… In this case, the phenomenon is small military group relationships.

Choosing the military groups randomly, and observing each group for one week as they undertake their daily work will give the researcher ample data regarding the groups' relationships and how they are affected during and after deployments. The location for the research is Kabul, Afghanistan which is an extreme location. The location is a desert, and the temperatures are always on the extreme day or night. During the day, it is extremely hot, and the nights can get extremely cold. These conditions put a strain on the military group relationships.

These conditions make the area suitable for the research as the service men and women will have a lot to deal with and will not…. [read more]

Effect of Cloud Database Service on User Intentions and Satisfaction for Business Research Proposal

… ¶ … Cloud Database Service on User Intentions

and Satisfaction for Business

The pervasive nature of cloud computing is re-ordering the economics of enterprise software, leading to widespread integration and adoption of database services. Moving from capital expense-driven (CAPEX) based spending to operating expense (OPEX) funding models, cloud computing platforms are accelerating in adoption throughout all levels of businesses today. In large-scale enterprises, cloud computing is being increasingly relied on as the infrastructure layer of global computing platforms. Examples of this include two-tier Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) strategies that scale across Asia, Europe and North America. In addition, cloud-based database services are being used today for unifying the diverse Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms across diverse business models and cultural boundaries. The same holds true…. [read more]

Reducing Health Disparities for Inner-City Children Suffering From Asthma Research Proposal

… Intervention

The intervention will be adapted from the intervention used by Julian et al. (2014) and will involve three educational sessions providing progressively more detailed information and intensive counseling. On the same day as the initial evaluation the patient and caregiver will be provided with general information about childhood asthma and treatment modalities. The time allotted for this encounter will be 30 minutes. The nurse will provide this information and answer any questions the patient or caregiver may have. A second encounter lasting 2 hours will occur between 2 and 4 weeks following the initial evaluation and will provide a more detailed presentation of asthma pathophysiology, disease course, and the benefits and risks of treatment modalities. This group counseling session will be attended by patients…. [read more]

Organization Behavior the Economic Implication Research Proposal

… Reason being, the oil, petroleum, and mining industry will have to boost up their operations in order to match the supply and demand requirements in their own country as well as in the international community. Therefore, they will create more jobs for both skillful and unskilled labor from Takoradi community, Ghana, and the whole African region (Vision Africa Gold Inter-nation Communication Limited 2011).

3. Capital and Investment:

The oil discovery will also help the Ghanaian Government to attract potential investors from all over the world. The oil sector will create attractive investment opportunities in Takoradi and the whole Ghana region for a wide range of businesses that are directly or indirectly related to energy sector (United States Non-Governmental Delegation Report 1999). For example, there are…. [read more]

Drug Laws the Shortcomings Research Proposal

… Ideally, those states which can demonstrate a relative extremity in their position, whether toward decriminalization, such as California, or toward prohibition, such as Virginia, would be suitable participants. Upon selecting three states with definably decriminalizing policies and three states with definably prohibitive policies, contact would be established with public office holders, legal experts and drug policy scholars specific to each state. As selected volunteer participants, individuals in each sample state would be administered a survey of open-ended questions aimed at assessing such impacts of drug policy as rates of incarceration, rehabilitation, recidivism and economic burdensomeness. This survey instrument would be the primary method of data-collection.

Within the scope of this study, those in the states exercising decriminalization would be considered the experimental population, and those…. [read more]

Female Leadership in Combat Units Research Proposal

… Analyses

Descriptives would prove useful with the preliminary research. Descriptives may also lend themselves to inferential statistics. I would like to maintain the variation in the study across literature, analyses, participant sampling and other aspects. ANOVA would prove a useful analysis technique. There are many levels that the data could be analyzed. ANOVA would provide a sort of analysis within the greater analysis.


I am researching whether women should lead during combat situations. I am researching this topic because of a recent lawsuit women officers waged to see combat time and because this is a symptom of a greater cultural change that is happening in the country and in the world. Quite recently the "don't ask, don't tell" rule was overruled in the military,…. [read more]

Business Research Purpose Research Proposal

… Business Research

Purpose of Business Research

Included in the variety of reasons for conducting business research is the fact that with valid research available to business managers, decisions can be made concerning the profitability of products, brands, departments, divisions and even entire companies. Business research is conducted to assist the business manager in ascertaining the effectiveness of branding, whether consumers will likely purchase a product and at what prices the consumers are willing to do so and to determine how long consumers will likely be loyal to a particular brand or product. Managers can also use research to determine whether customers are receiving service, whether that service is considered quality service, how much time is spent on servicing different aspects, and even how much it…. [read more]

Find Research Proposal

… These processes will be geared towards the development of the most effective approach for employers and managers in handling social media use in the workplace, which is the value of the research project.

Discussion: Two different methodologies will be used for the purpose of this research i.e. conducting an Internet search to gather information through Google and Online Databases for peer -- reviewed articles and conducting two interviews regarding social media use in the workplace. The first interview will be conducted on an organization's employer or manager while the second will be carried out on an employee.

Conducting an Internet Search through Google engine search and Online Databases

Social media in the workplace

Opportunities and questions and concerns regarding social media in the workplace

The…. [read more]

Reducing Risky Behavior for African-American Research Proposal

… The disproportionately high HIV incidence among African-American female teens convincingly defines the term 'health disparity.' A possible intervention has been explored by Aronowitz and Agbeshie (2012) and Aronowitz and Eche (2013) using qualitative study designs. Working under the assumption that mothers are the primary sex educators for daughters, they investigated the interactions that took place between inner-city African-American mother-daughter dyads during discussions about intimate sexual issues. The goal of these studies were to define the main communication and parenting strategies employed, thereby providing valuable, culturally-sensitive information that could help clinicians reduce health disparities for African-American female youth.

Aronowitze and Agbeshie (2012) used a focus group strategy within a grounded theory study design. They limited the daughter's age to between 11- and 14-years of age, under…. [read more]

indepth analysis of Research Proposal

… Therefore, the following two questions will constitute the focus of the study.

1. What are the seeming challenges faced by war veterans in the course of transition from active duty to non-combatant life?

2. What are the discernments of combat veterans regarding veteran support initiatives?

Literature Review

Transition more often than not encompasses physical, societal and emotional challenges, and therefore may be a substantial source of stress and worry for majority of people, particularly in cases of lack of preparedness. According to Bennett et al. (2015), transition difficulties are for the most part true for war veterans when returning to noncombatant life. During the war and while at the battlefield, men and women on active duty experience not just physical injuries, but also excessively traumatizing…. [read more]

Childhood Obesity Research Research Proposal

… In the quest to get the credible information, there will be several online databases and search engines that will be utilized to come up with scientific data and social factors and evidence in handling the issue of obesity. Some of those internet resources will include Google scholar, Medline, Scopus, World Health Organization and UNICEF among others.


The menace of obesity is a serious concern in Saudi Arabia since the tremendous increase in the proportions of the people suffering from obesity brings it to the forefront as a health concern as well as a social concern that needs to be handled once and for all in order to help salvage the country from impending repercussions that the country faces. This can only be achieved when…. [read more]

Justification for the Research the Simple Macroeconomic Research Proposal

… Justification for the Research

The Simple Macroeconomic of Bank capital, liquidity and application of credit risk model in SME portfolio management in Nigeria

The improvement of risk management in SME portfolio is noted by UNCTAD (2002) to be of utmost importance for the profitability of SME banking to be realized.SMEs play an important role in the development of the Nigerian economy as outlined in the work of Ogechukwu (2011). In this paper, we investigate the concept of Simple Macroeconomic of Bank capital, liquidity and application of credit risk model in SME portfolio management in Nigeria.

The aim of this paper is to investigate the Simple Macroeconomic of Bank capital, liquidity and application of credit risk model in SME portfolio management in Nigeria


The objectives…. [read more]

Corporate World Research Proposal

… Despite the desire of most corporations to avoid doing harm to their shareholders, employees, and customers, there will always be other corporations that are less concerned with that particular area of business ethics (Dewey, 1963; Hoover, 2007). Because that is the case, problems like plagiarism can creep into the "normal" way of running a business. Often, this happens slowly over time. The corporation does not realize that there is a problem at first, and only when something comes to light and is discovered by an authority figure or a whistle blower does the company know that it has to change and do things differently.

Sometimes, company executives are also prosecuted. While they technically cannot be prosecuted for plagiarism, they can be prosecuted for the deceitful,…. [read more]

Business Research Into the Legalization Research Proposal

… The sample size is therefore determined by the size of the population, the confidence level and the confidence interval. For the entire United States with a 95% confidence level and 3% confidence interval, a sample of 1067 will be required (CRS, 2012). This is the sample size that will be used, so we will need to start with a much higher number of phone numbers in the system. The sample size was determined using an online sample size calculator.

The poll results will be expressed as percentages. The questions will be framed in the multiple choice, yes or no, or other methods that will allow for the expression of responses to be in percentages. An example would be "Are you in favor of the legalization…. [read more]

Social Work Children a Research Question Research Paper

… Social Work Children

A research question that will be raised and answered in the research proposal will be how to reduce information technology (it) anxiety among social workers in child welfare settings and how to make them more willing to employ it. The method for attacking this issue will be to make a comparison with online education and distance learning. Many of the same issues with regard to the lack of face-to-face contact and human interaction exist in online education and many of the same adaptive strategies are applicable to better employing it in the social work arena. As in online education, the client who is better suited for face-to-face interaction needs to be routed in that direction and those who deal better with remote…. [read more]

Justifying Research Methods and Design Research Paper

… The approaches in this mixed methods research are as follows: (a) The qualitative component of the proposed research will use a Delphi survey to obtain deep and broad information about the potential for cyberattacks occurrence; and (b) the quantitative component of the proposed research will employ systems dynamics computer modeling to create an interactive learning environment (ILE) to provide opportunities for decision making about cost-risk ratios and eventually for cost-benefit analysis, as the field approaches greater maturity. The model is based on the CERT MERIT (2011) program work and, as such, provides opportunity to develop a foundation for the identification, development, fine-tuning of technical controls inherent to the modeling and simulation research.

The proposed research is intended to provide information about insider threats in cloud…. [read more]

Binge Drink Can Lead Research Proposal

… However, the effectiveness of the tool as a mechanism to create effective impact is not . The survey of young people enabled a visual effect on their health after disclosure of the amount of alcohol consumed. The aim of the work to create a computer-based test bed for calculating and communicating risks to young people is .

Excessive drinking is not only harmful for the human body functioning, but it also has impacts for short-term and long-term. Binge drinkers are as falling short of the financial means to support their illicit habits. Binge drinking can also be depicted as an expensive drinking habit. Therefore, the drinkers are most likely to adopt cheap alcohol e.g. Methanol to fulfil their desire. The possibility of being poisoned due…. [read more]

Academic Reference Services Information Science Information Commons Research Proposal

… Academic Reference Services

Information Science

Information commons is a system of information similar to an online community or a physical library that exists to provide, conserve and produce information for current and future generations. Information commons provide an environment, which differs from traditional libraries, as they provide diversity in technology, services and content of their reference materials. Information commons have perverse network information than traditional academic libraries. The purpose of this research proposal is to determine the impact of learning and information commons on academic reference services, from the users' perspective. Information commons is steadily growing, especially in academic libraries due to technological changes in society.

Significance of the problem and identification

The idea of information commons has forced the traditional libraries to change the…. [read more]

Reality Television: A Media Psychological Research Proposal

… This is a dangerous position for humanity: the technology and media moves a far greater rate than we are thinking about what it is doing to us psychologically, how these affects manifest, and what to do about them. Again, this is where media psychology provides assistance and the skills to navigate & control the ever-changing and constantly transitioning 21st century global culture. If humanity loses control over the technology it creates, humanity may soon find itself in an inextricable and fatal dilemma that could have been avoidable with some research. Furthermore, with respect to the influence media has on behavior and reality television, media psychology guides researchers through strange, yet relevant territory regarding the nature of existence, the nature of reality, fate, choice, action, and…. [read more]

Strategic Management Research Proposal

… Again, this should be based on what can and has worked for similar situations and organizations in the past
' Learn as much as possible from the attempts, successes and failures as others rather than having to resort to trial and error or anything else that…. [read more]

Treatment Modalities for Conduct Disordered Research Proposal

… " (Gledhill & Hodes, 2011).

Maag (2006) researched social skills training (SST) in a public school setting, and concluded that therapists frequently lack the expertise, resources, personnel or inclination to effectively use the method (p. 14). The overall ineffectiveness, according to Maag (2006) may be attributed to methodological flaws, including the tendency to over-generalize, and resistance to the institution of long-standing recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness of SST therapy. The factors that appear to inhibit the effectiveness of an SST approach are not present in a clinical setting. Further research is needed to explore the influence of SST on outcomes for patients with CD who are also engaged in CBT.

Study Purpose

The purpose of this study is to explore the effectiveness of combined individual…. [read more]

Long-Term Effects of Bullying Research Proposal

… 1 times more likely to exhibit antisocial personality tendencies (Copeland et al. 2013). Former childhood victims are also more likely to be bullied in college (Adams, Lawrence, & Schenck 2008). Childhood victimization may also be a precursor to becoming a victim of workplace harassment. The reason for this is not yet fully understood (Dempsey & Storch 2008). Research is only just taking shape on the topic of how this will affect adolescent and adult development, particularly during the critical years of identity formation (Arnett 2006).

Problem Statement

It is estimated that as many as 80% and 90% of adolescents regardless of race, gender, or class must cope with some form of bullying: 36% suffer actual physical victimization according to the National Association of State Boards…. [read more]

Obesity in Children Birth Research Proposal

… (Singh and Kogan, 2009, paraphrased)

A study was conducted in Scotland and reported in the work of Cecil, et al. (2005) as having the objective to determine the prevalence of obesity among a cohort of Scottish children based on socio-economic status. Scottish children were recruited from 47 schools in Scotland. Findings reported in the work of Cecil, et al. (2005) state that when obesity levels were examined in the lower and higher income groups that the prevalence of obesity "was much higher in the lower-income group when compared with the higher-income group." (p.1) Cecil, et al. (2005) reports that both boys and girls from the lower socio-economic income group were more likely to be obese than girls and boys from the higher socio-economic income group.…. [read more]

Berger and Adolph's ) Research Indicates Research Proposal

… Berger and Adolph's (2003) research indicates how infants use handrails to navigate their surroundings and to expand their immediate environmental travels. They conclude with the observation that:

As Campos and colleagues (2000) so aptly pointed out, infants' travels

May help to broaden their minds; reciprocally, we have tried to show that infants' minds may enrich their travels (120).

It would be intriguing to find out whether a mutual relationship or association exists between the two, in other words whether infants who were exposed to wider environments and more scope for travel would be inclined to use handrails to navigate their passage, as opposed to those who grow up in more confined and restrained surroundings and are, consequently, less inclined to navigate them.

The implications of…. [read more]

Annotated Bibliography Research Proposal

… These issues are responsible for the host of biomedical, and environmental, and physiological stressors on flight crews. Moreover, behavioral, cognitive, and psychological factors affect mission success.

C. Delimitations

• The space flight long duration is not beyond four months.

• The study uses small samples for the experiment, and large sample is not used.

• A control group is not included in the experiment.

D. Definitions of Terms

The premature ventricular complex is a benign condition that can cause an irregular heartbeat.

Ventricular dysrhythmias are defined as disturbances in the heart normal rhythm, which occurs in the ventricles.

Spaceflight refers as ballistic flight in the outer space.

Cardiovascular is a class of diseases involving the blood vessels or heart, which can cause numerous problems such…. [read more]

Sarbanes-Oxley Research Proposal Abstract Term Paper

… Sarbanes-Oxley Research Proposal
The intent of this research proposal is to evaluate, quantify and predict
the implications of the extent to which the 2002 Sarbanes Oxley Act has had
to date and will have in the future regarding the formation of smaller,
privately held businesses and the decision of larger, publicly-held
corporations to go private in order to avoid the costs and complications of
complying with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The migration of smaller companies
away from being public to opting to become private are also researched and
validated in the proposed research. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has also been
attributed with the decision of smaller firms to seek acquirers to
alleviate the costs of being in compliance. The role of acquisitions as an
exit strategy…. [read more]

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