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Resort Our Group Chose Assessment

… So on one end of the spectrum there is a rise in price to meet the requirements of the moneyed customer. On the other end, prices may be expected to drop in the need to find a niche.

To what extent does the government intervene in the development and running of the resort? Does the central/local government provide amenities such as swimming pools and sports facilities, walk-ways, public beaches? Is the tourist office state funded? Resort advertising? Explain the level of government intervention in the resort, this will vary according to the country in which the resort it is located and the political system..

Each and every one of the amenities of the resort is exclusively privately funded as are the amenities of each of…. [read more]

American Domestic Terror Groups and International Essay

… ¶ … American domestic terror groups and international terror groups forging common ties? Who are their common enemies? Please provide examples to support your answer. Also, you are encouraged to draw from independent sources to construct your answer.)

Domestic terrorist organizations in the U.S. are rooted in right-wing ideologies and standards, which is inherently similar in nature to European and other foreign right wing terrorist movements. Terrorism on the right is rooted in European reactionary movements (e.g., fascist, National Socialist or Nazi) that developed between WWI and II in Europe. They tend to be interested in single issues, often against a particular race or other subculture (like a religion or political party is considered by them to be inferior to their own ideologies. They are…. [read more]

Minority Group and Stereotypes Term Paper

… Minority Groups and Stereotypes

Stereotyping of racial groups is common throughout the world. Positive stereotyping helps even the non-deserving members of the racial groups. Negative stereotyping has even a worse effect. The negative stereotype image holds back the progress of the community and creates disillusionment and despair among the racial group. This 'guilty until proven innocent' attitude has negatively affected the American blacks' progress, their job opportunity and their integration as an equal member of the American Society. American blacks have to work harder to break the taboo of the negative stereotype.

Awareness of the unconscious stereotyping may help in reduction of the affects on black Americans, but in the end only hard work and progress of American blacks in the non-stereotype areas will finally…. [read more]

Timesharing in Resorts Term Paper

… Timesharing in Resorts

Holiday and a Vacation?

Present Issues

Summary of the Structure of the Industry

History of Hospitality 6 Hotels

Types of Hotels 7 Resorts

Types of Resorts 9 Timeshare 10 Beginning of Timeshare 12 Types of Timeshare 13 Timeshare developers 16 Demand/Season 17 Timeshare Stats 17 Advantages of Timesharing

Marketing of timeshare relates to Customer Satisfaction

Research Framework & Survey 22 Data collection 23 Data analysis 23 Findings 27 Reliability of the Survey 28 Demographic Profile of the Students 28 Interest of students in Lodging Operations 28 Perception of Timeshares 30 Relations and Comparison Between Variables

Analysis 32 Conclusion 34 Limitations 34 Problems and How to Deal with Them

V Results

Reliability of the survey 36 Demographic profile of the students 36 Interest…. [read more]

Plays of British Dramatist, Pam Gems Dissertation

… Edith once engages two marines she meets in a pub in a menage a trois; it is possible, that the bartender formed the fourth of this group. There is no indication that Edith is particularly gifted in the art of making love. She just makes her self available as a willing sexual partner. Except with Marcel Cedran, the married boxer, Edith manages to dissociate physical pleasure from any emotional foundations. With Marcel, Edith is truly in love. But this union is not to be. Anecdotes abound, that Edith's jealous sister informs Marcel's wife of her husband's "philandering." Edith's sexual proclivities and escapades are not a manifestation of her femaleness. Her sexual nature transcends gender. It is a flaw in most superstars. In Edith's case, particularly,…. [read more]

Business of Education Term Paper

… for-Profit Education vs. Non-Profit Education












Opinion of students in for-profit institutions

Quite Agree

Quite Disagree

I believe that my education has helped me in recognizing and acting on my civic responsibilities towards my society and country

I believe that the government needs to increase the total financial aid expenditure allocated for education without decreasing the percentage of funds assigned to non-profit institutions

I believe that my choice to study in a for-profit institute will help me get a higher pay scale and widen my work spectrum

I believe…. [read more]

Voluntary Euthanasia the Right to Die Term Paper

… Euthanasia: Pros and Cons

Euthanasia is the most debated topic in medical circles carrying very sensitive ethical and moral implications to it. While by no means can the right to put an end to life be considered a rightful decision sometimes the plight of the patient justifies this merciful intervention. A careful study of the pros and cons of the issue is necessary to help us get a better perspective.

Euthanasia is a Greek word which means painless death. Euthanasia is the medical term for ending the suffering of the patients who are terminally ill with unbearable pain. It has been the most debated topic in medical domains stirring conflicting views about the acceptability of the procedure. 'Fear factor' is at the root of both…. [read more]

Multigenerational Issues of Leadership Term Paper

… " (Knowledge Gap about Opportunities, 2002)

As you can see there are many different reasons for the nursing shortage. Chief among them is the fact that the baby boom generation is ageing and beginning to retire.

While Generations X and Y seem to be disinterested in the profession because the wages are low, incentives are poor and many in the profession are forced to work long hours. Even though there are other reasons why the shortage exists, generational issues are definitely at the forefront. The next few pages will explain the characteristics of the four generations. We will examine the various leadership style of each generation and find out how these styles and ideals have contributed to the nursing shortage.


Ask a Traditionalist about…. [read more]

Atkins Diet Metabolic Term Paper

… Atkins Diet Physiology: Metabolic or Not?

In this study, we examined the effects of a high fat/low-carbohydrate diet on body weight and composition, in comparison to the effects of a calorie-reduced, fat-restricted diet. We conducted this particular study in an effort to answer the question of whether weight loss occurs because of a metabolic advantage, where the body begins to use fat as energy due to a lowered carbohydrate intake, or because of a negative energy balance, where the energy expenditure of an individual is higher than the energy intake. Our findings suggest that weight loss occurs because of a negative energy balance, which supports other studies on calorie theory (Golay, et al., 1996; Freedman, et al., 2001).

By comparing the total daily calorie intake…. [read more]

Information Technology Summary and Critique of "Strike Term Paper

… Information Technology

Summary and Critique of "Strike Back: Offensive Actions in Information Warfare" by Donald J. Welch, Nathan Buchheit, and Anthony Ruocco

In their essay, "Strike Back: Offensive Actions in Information Warfare," Welch, Buchheit and Ruocco (2005) report that in the Age of Information, it is just as important to protect the nation's interests against threats and potential threats to the information highway that have emerged in recent years. In fact, the authors suggest that the need to protect the nation's information is just as important as the military obligations or social considerations that go hand-in-hand with a war on terrorism. Having made this argument, the authors proceed to explain that changes in how the country approaches these threats are needed immediately, but that these…. [read more]

Identification Case Study

… Identification

You have been given a central ethical issue to use throughout the paper ?"What should General Barry Norman do about Afghanistan's poppy plants?

In this section you must identify (list) as many OTHER ethical issues, questions, or problems as you can find in the scenario. All issue should be in question form (Should….. Or Is it morally right to… )

Is it morally right to invade another country like Afghanistan?

Is it morally right to change the agricultural environment of another country?

Is it morally right to let drugs out on the open market?

Is it morally right to use mycoherbicides?

Is it morally right to take away the Afghan farmers' revenue and livelihood?

Is doing a drug morally wrong?

In one full paragraph…. [read more]

Obesity Among Adolescent Girls in Saudi Arabia 14 18 Aged Essay

… Saudi Arabia Obesity: Adolescent Girls

Obesity is one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century. Although the patterns of obesity differ between developing and developed countries, obesity rates are generally on the increase worldwide. According to Speiser, et al. (2005), 250 million people, literally 7% of the world's current population is obese. In Canada, 40 to 60% of the population is obese while in the United States over 65% are obese and around 65% of the American population falling under this category (The Toronto Sun, 2011). The situation is not different in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia. Elser Baxter (2010) indicated that more than half of the Saudi adults are obese with 34% being the middle aged males while 45% being…. [read more]

Business Message: Wyndham Hotel Customer Essay

… To solicit information from a wide array of customers for a general survey, the message and demeanor seems welcoming. Phone interviews are becoming less and less popular for legitimate organizations, because of their association with telemarketing and the reader is less likely to be favorably disposed to this message. Additionally, for the reasons stated above, phone interviews can also bring hasty or dishonest answers, because customers are in a rush to get off of the phone. Focus groups of customers provide more detailed feedback but are less comprehensive in nature. An online survey seems to be the most appropriate method of generating feedback, despite the many problems regarding consistency of rating of different performance elements.

However, from the point-of-view of a dissatisfied customer, the tone…. [read more]

International Visit General Electric's Corporate Website: Essay

… International

Visit General Electric's corporate website: In the company's citizenship section, research a GE produced report on one of its global initiatives. Summarize in detail the project's initiative. Discuss the potential positive and negative effects of the GE project on both GE and on the country in which it is located.

One of GE's global initiatives is that of Developing Health Globally. This program began in 2004 with a twenty million dollar investment in rural African communities. Since then it has grown to a five-year, thirty million dollar commitment that reaches eleven countries in Africa and Latin America. The program reaches out to hundreds of thousands of people who are in need (Citizenship, 2011).

This program is an example of the company's sustainable approach…. [read more]

Economic History of America Research Paper

… ¶ … United States Central Bank

The economic history of the United States from the time since the Reconstruction period of the Civil War has certainly varied through epochs of both prosperity and of despair. Analysis of the trends which influenced and have been made manifest during this time period indicate the interrelation of several events, people, agencies and structures that have had a significant impact on the economics of this country. The chronological development of the United States' monetary history began well before the Civil War, and has always revolved around the controversy surrounding the development of a central bank. Although the charter for the Bank of the United States (originally conceived by Alexander Hamilton in 1701) had expired in 1837 largely due to…. [read more]

Crowdsourcing Techniques in Call Centers Dissertation

… [EXCERPT] . . . promising phenomenon that lends itself to call centers' ability to improve their own and their other business units' efficiency is the employment of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is an online, distributed problem-solving and production model already in use by for-profit organizations such as Threadless, iStockphoto, and InnoCentive. Speculation in Weblogs and wisdom of crowds theory assumes a diverse crowd engaged in crowdsourcing labor. Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee) and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call. Furthermore, and as crowdsourcing is in some ways similar to open-source software production, prior research suggests that individuals in the crowd likely participate in crowdsourcing…. [read more]

New Religious Movements Term Paper

… ] and were ready to sacrifice their lives for its sake" (Mayer 208). The truly charismatic aspect of the Order was provided by Luc Jouret, because "Jouret had charisma and, being a physician, would be taken seriously; therefore, he should be pushed into the limelight," such that after his initial introduction to the Order in 1982, "from that moment on, Luc Jouret became the propagandist for the group," giving lectures and talks (Mayer 210). The Order was tightly-knit and sustained itself through the contribution of members, with individuals sharing ownership over the community such that "collective social control over the affairs of the community; sufficient economic and political viability; [and] life within strong social boundaries in cognitive isolation from society at large" were all possible…. [read more]

Women and the Home Front Term Paper

… From the beginning of the secession crisis President Abraham Lincoln viewed the supposedly loyalist mountain regions as an ideal base for military operations into vital Confederate territory, and a place to drive a wedge into Southern unity. Politically, not to mention logistically, the mountain regions turned out to be less hospitable, and certainly less cooperative, than Northerners hoped. The Southern Appalachians, however, proved equally troublesome to the Confederate command. After an initial burst of wartime fervor, many mountain residents grew increasingly resistant, and then violently hostile, to coercive Confederate mobilization policies. The mountain regions also provided havens for deserters and increasingly fertile ground for bushwhackers, bandits, and resistance movements. At the same time, the war was particularly cruel to the Southern Appalachians, and residents suffered…. [read more]

Tom Shulich ("Coltishhum") a Comparative Chapter

… 40).

Thus, from the perspective of the bottom rung of Indian society, it is Lapierre's contention that the self/other dichotomy if not fully eradicated, at least becomes practically irrelevant. Lapierre's slum dwellers refuse to entertain invidious distinctions between self and other. The familiar as well as the stranger, the healthy and the diseased, the old and the young -- all are taken in and cared for in one big, harmonious community of the urban poor. In a society of unfortunates who all must struggle simply to survive against great odds, no one is rejected "marginal." The denizens of Calcutta's slums, Lapierre tells us, "had reconstructed the life of their villages in urban exile" (p. 41).

Stephan Kovalski, an expatriate Polish priest, is the main European…. [read more]

Minnesota Youth Charged With Murdering Father Term Paper

… Minnesota Youth Charged With Murder

Analysis of Ratzlaff case according to principles of Psychology of Mind (POM) theory

In April 2006 Jeremiah Ratzlaff, a 16-year-old youth from Minnesota, was charged with murdering his father. Psychology of Mind (POM) theory, which proposes that all people have innate wellness and the potential for healthy functioning, is used to investigate the etiology of this offence, predictive factors and prevention strategies to prevent this type of crime, as well as possible criminal justice responses to this offence.

Criminal behavior is described and understood using theoretical models. These models are based in concepts that attempt to explain the root causes of deviance and how they are further expressed through certain actions. It's difficult to understand or gain perspective on what…. [read more]

Historical Progression of African Americans Thesis

… ¶ … Progression of African-Americans

Matters seemed to be looking up for African-Americans consequent to the Civil War period. Not only had the government become more tolerant towards them, but they were granted equal rights to white people, thus preventing them from being exploited by society. Emancipation was no longer an untouchable dream for black people in the south and those formerly enslaved could enjoy their much deserved power of free will. In spite of the fact that the ending of the war presumably meant that black people everywhere would be liberated, the process took time. While a number of black people enjoyed freedom at some point, others could not because of the faulty state of affairs that they found themselves in at the time.…. [read more]

Attachment Theory & Self-Psychology Dissertation

… The "Growing" Process

Overview of the Study

Clinical Case Study Dissertation Structure

The Rationale for Clinical Case Study Dissertation

Diverse Contentions

Emotional Abuse/Maltreatment

Winnicott's Relational Model Theory

Bowlby's Attachment Theory

Kohut's Self-Psychology


Theoretical Basis for Case


Winnicott's Relational Model Theory

Bowlby's Attachment Theory

Kohut's Self-Psychology


Shania's Presenting Problems

Early Stage: Development of Therapeutic Relationship and the Holding


Middle Stage: Transference and Counter-transferenceread more--> [read more]

Religious Freedom and Sports Research Paper

… Religious Freedom and Sports

To many people, the life of a professional athlete is one that seems absolutely privileged. Professional athletes make absurd amounts of money to play a game. In addition, they are treated as celebrities because of their status as professional athletes. They represent the best in their fields, with professional athletes making up only a very small percentage of total athletes for each sport. The best of the professionals have opportunities for endorsement contracts, and their revenue from those contracts can greatly exceed the money they get for actually playing their sport. However, professional athletes have burdens that other professionals do not have. They are expected to be role models during their private lives, as well as their professional lives. Public whims…. [read more]

Animal Welfare Assurance Organizations Research Paper

… The ASPCA does not oppose the use of animals in entertainment, "provided that all of the animals' physiological and behavioral needs are fully met and that no cruel practices are used in raising, training and maintaining the animals, including when their period of useful service is over' (ASPCA Position statement 5.16).

The ASPCA also stresses the need for consideration of the environment and for nature, keeping with its concerns about the ethical treatment of wild animals. It does not oppose animal control of wildlife in all instances, but stresses that, like all forms of euthanasia, it should only be practiced as a last resort (ASPCA Position statement 6.1). The ASPCA is not a conservation group such as, for example, Greenpeace, but sees its support of…. [read more]

Representations of Female Behavior in Media Term Paper

… Representations of Female Behavior in Media and Society

The prevalence of feminine volatility, sexual acting out, aggression, bullying and violence within society and portrayed in the media is, at best, startling. Our social expectations of "girls" have been shaped by millennia of structures both real and imagined that existed to keep females subjugated to males, relegated to a particular part of society that is dominated by expectations of gentility, serenity, and of the fostering of future mothers. We left the aggressive behavior to boys. Our societies encouraged and continue to encourage boys to be aggressive, direct, righteous, and commanding. Boys are defined by their aggression - those without it are considered to be weak, undesirable by females, to be less-than. Our society, however, has increasingly…. [read more]

Cloning Benefits Term Paper

… ¶ … Cloning

History and Background of Cloning.

Possible Negative Consequences and their Consequences.

Alternative Solutions.

Rebuttals of Opponents.


An Analysis of the Potential Benefits of Cloning

The ongoing heated debates concerning the ethical aspects of using human stem-cells, a therapeutic form of cloning, to advance medicine highlight the need for better oversight of science when real people are involved. In reality, though, stem-cells appear positively benign when compared with the potential benefits - and risks some critics say -- to be realized through the cloning of animals and possibly humans. The vivid scenes portrayed in the "Jurassic Park" movies, though, are intended to entertain and shock rather than educate, and many observers may come away from these motion pictures with a skewed perception…. [read more]

Goal-Setting and Task Performance Term Paper

… Spieker and Hisz's (2004) study centered on similar objectives as Strickland and Galimba's study. In their study, the authors also found out that those (undergraduate) students who have specific set of goals have higher efficacy in terms of task performance compared to those who did not have specific goals upon the accomplishment of the task. Another important implication of the study is that the authors showed how a comparison of previous and present goal-setting among students further increase the chances of "repeated" efficacy in the tasks they seek to accomplish.

Works cited

Spieker, C. And V. Hinsz. (2004). "Repeated success and failure influences on self-efficacy and personal goals." Social Behavior & Personality: An International Journal, Vol. 32, Issue 2.

Strickland, O. And M. Galimba. (2001).…. [read more]

Attitudes and Values of High Term Paper

… They were participating in classroom discussions, going back over work they could not grasp, taking time to figure out schoolwork, and submitting homework on time. Moreover, most of these students are aware of entrance requirements for various colleges; they attended college presentations at their high schools. It was further learned that Hispanic immigrant students typically enrolled in lower level and basic math courses compared with European-American students who may be said to show greater discernment a propos the significance of mathematics.

As mentioned before, the results of studies sometimes throw skewed or contradictory light upon the topic in question. A survey prepared by Public Agenda, for instance, showed that higher education is seen as the means to the American dream by the American public; and…. [read more]

Mindful vs. Traditional Martial Arts Thesis

… , 2001). As the existing research is largely limited to teenagers who are beyond the prime window of opportunity for prevention or early intervention efforts, this study will focus on children age 8-12, where early connections may inoculate at-risk students and set them on a more favorable trajectory. Terrence Webster-Doyle (personal communication, July 1, 2011) illuminates that by effectively challenging the self-imposed limits of each child, students will quickly realize that they can accomplish much more than they ever thought possible. Essentially, this parallels the old adage that we are each our own worst enemy -- the biggest fight for each of us, regardless of age, is within.

Theoretical and Conceptual Framework

Mindfulness psychotherapies are considered the third wave of behavior therapy, preceded by cognitive…. [read more]

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