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Ideology Essay

… "These are left to the judgment of the reader and should not necessarily place a burden on the journalist to report both sides of the story. Instead they should be open to reporting both sides if the opportunity presents itself, but not an obligation" (1991). A comment related to Affirmative Action that supports this claim is "The minority group that has received the most aid through AA are white women" states Sturm and Gunier (2005). Such a remark reported by a journalist does not require a rebuttal unless one is presented according to Eagleton (1991).

Another example from former President Lyndon Johnson who instituted AA gave the following discourse on the topic, "there are unforeseen forces, at work in educating our young people. "The ability…. [read more]

Rhetorical Stance Doctor Martin Luther Term Paper

… This is why I feel that using religious analogies and considerable amounts of pathos allow King to avoid the pedant's stance.

King also keeps his audience's concerns and objections in mind throughout "Letter from a Birmingham Jail." In fact, the prime purpose of King's letter is to refute the accusations and concerns of the clergymen to which he speaks. To accomplish his purpose, King goes through some of the points that clergymen made one by one, in a highly organized fashion. For instance, he notes, "One of the basic points in your statement is that the action that I and my associates have taken .in Birmingham is untimely." Establishing direct rapport with his audience, King also uses a conciliatory tone that avoids the pedant's stance.…. [read more]

Truth in Fiction "Live Essay

… The logician Arthur Prior proposed that all sentences that take the form of propositions asserting facts contain the implicit preface "It is true that..." (Hertzberg, 2002, p. 149). Works of fiction, in contrast, may be implicitly prefaced by the frame, "Imagine if...," or explicitly prefaced by a phrase such as "Once upon a time..." Such phrases signal that what is to follow is not to be taken as a factual report of events the author is claiming to have actually occurred.

If an audience is invited to suspend disbelief when being presented with a work of fiction, then the untruths are not mistakes or betrayals of the truth, but the question of true correspondence to the actual world is temporarily set aside. A work of…. [read more]

Truth in Sentencing Efficacy Research Proposal

… For this reason, I propose to examine whether there was a corresponding increase in prison populations and spending in TIS states and neighboring non-TIS states.

Merely shifting criminal activity geographically does nothing to reduce crime except locally and if this is the effect of TIS laws then the costs of crime control would be both exported to neighboring states and shifted to corrections because of longer sentences. The proposed study would examine the data generated by Ross (2012) and compare it to correctional budgets locally and at the state level. Prison population counts will also be examined for the same purpose, since correctional expenditures can be influenced by the adoption of private prisons and other cost-saving measures.

The first phase will take about three months…. [read more]

Rhetorical Analysis of the Ideologies of Gore's an Inconvenient Truth Term Paper

… ¶ … Inconvenient Truth

Former Vice President Al Gore, who, in his documentary film on global warming, by director Davis Guggenheim, an Inconvenient Truth (2006), introduces himself, "I am Al Gore, I used to be the next president of the United States," won an Academy Award for the documentary. It is not the first time that a controversial documentary film has won an Academy Award, nor is it the first time that a politician has harnessed the Hollywood public relations mechanism as represented by the film stars like those stars backing Al Gore's documentary, to promote both their ideology and themselves as politicians. Hillary Clinton did it with her book, it Takes a Village (1996), which won a Golden Globe Award, and was the first…. [read more]

Movie Review an Inconvenient Truth Movie Review

… Inconvenient Truth

Narrated by former Vice President Al Gore, David Guggenheim's 2006 documentary an Inconvenient Truth is immediately compelling because of its celebrity profile. Gore, who has been a long-time environmental activist, also became a sudden star during the 2000 Presidential election that dragged on for months and resulted in a Supreme Court-halted vote count. Many viewers bought tickets to the film primarily to see what Al Gore had to say on his hallmark political topic. Moreover, Gore has been ridiculed in the past for his dull, dry delivery. The fact that an Inconvenient Truth is partly in lecture format plays into Gore's professorial caricature. Beyond its narrator, an Inconvenient Truth is effective now after being honored with an Academy Award for the best documentary…. [read more]

Inconvenient Truth Greenhouse Gases Thicken Term Paper

… Finally, the bulk of the documentary is presenting the logos aspect of his argument. He has a clear claim that humans and high levels of CO2 are causing catastrophic climate change and something needs to be done. He presents evidence that the science community does not deny climate change; climate change has political consequences such as the Darfur conflict, drought and heat waves are affecting millions of people, and he uses graphs and data points to back up his claims.

The film is a documentary because it is a nonfictional motion picture that captures a reality for the purpose of instructing the general public. While he does use his Power Point slide as the foundation of his film, it is not the only component. Gore…. [read more]

Evolution of Rhetoric and Rhetorical Theory Term Paper

… History Of Rhetoric

Rhetoric and rhetorical theory has been evolving and changing since Aristotle first wrote On Rhetoric, and this process continues to this day. Changes in rhetorical theory have largely coincided with developments in other areas of philosophy and critical thought, but one cannot consider the evolution of rhetorical theory to be a straightforward process, because contemporary theorists are still grapple with many of the same questions and issues first proposed by Aristotle, because each new contribution to the field forces a reevaluation of everything that came before.

Utilizing an eclectic approach to the history of rhetoric with an explicit goal of avoiding the biases inherent in the majority of rhetorical texts prior to the last thirty years, this essay considers the evolution of…. [read more]

Racial Ideology of Latinas as Evidenced in Discourse Analysis Literature Review

… Racial ideology of Latinas / Lit. review

Racial Ideology of Latinas in Discourse Analysis

Racial Ideology of Latinas

Latina Discourse -- Fiction and Non-Fiction

In her book Borderlands: The New Mestiza (1999), author Gloria Anzaldua, a self-proclaimed "borderland Chicana," writes about her experiences living on the border between Texas and Mexico. She describes the experience as being challenging and frustrating because of the conflict of the borderland. She refers to this way of living as being a "marginal person," existing in a perpetual state of transition and ambivalence. She expresses the frustration of what it is like to have the steady influence of different cultures while lacking the ability or the security to claim one of those cultures for herself. She infuses her expression with…. [read more]

Theory of Ideology Term Paper

… Ideology and Utopia central concept that is expounded in this article is that ideology is a relative concept in the context of modern discourse and that no single ideology is considered as the "truth." In this view, ideological norms and value are considered as being constructed or determined and the concept of eternal or permanent values has become increasingly suspect. Therefore, the ontological question today is concerned with differentiating the truth or otherwise of the norms and values in any historical period. This is referred to as the understanding of " false consciousness" which is a form of consciousness that would stop or obstruct a deconstruction or interrogation of relative ideologies. This new mode of thinking therefore sees history, society and discourse as a dynamic…. [read more]

Learning Needs Assessment and Analysis Essay

… The ability to create immersive, integrated internships and training programs is of no use to the USDCC if the organization remains incapable or unwilling to recognize its student nurse's individual abilities and applying those lessons accordingly. When the USDCC's managerial staff begins to identify useful traits in its diverse collection of nursing students, this recognition will allow the organizational leadership figures to form unique training strategies that target each student's specific weaknesses or strengths, thereby increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of instructional materials being used. The relationship between the three methods of analyzing and defining tasks, topic analysis, procedural analysis, and the critical incident method (Morrison et al., 2011) is also important because each method is especially applicable for certain aspects of nursing instruction. Topic…. [read more]

Euthyphro and Piety an Analysis Essay

… Before Socrates can conclude the conversation with a proper definition, Euthyphro excuses himself and runs off.

As Plato shows in this dialogue, Socrates is concerned primarily with admitting one's ignorance, moving away from error and toward truth. Euthyphro is more sophistically-oriented: He wants nothing but to be "right." As George Rudebusch states, "The singly ignorant person is he who is ignorant but at least recognizes his ignorance; the doubly ignorant person is he who, besides his ignorance, takes himself to know, so he is ignorant of his ignorance, too" (p. 13). It is Socrates' goal to draw his audience out of its doubly ignorant state.

An Alternative Definition along with a Socratic Critique

If I had to supply a proper definition of piety, it would…. [read more]

Real Education: Four Simple Truths Book Review

… While Murray does little to focus on these aspects of a children's school environment, he does consistently make mention of the differentiation between academically-savvy students and others, but this focus is unlikely to garner the acceptance of many readers who disagree with Murray's beliefs.

In evaluating the book in its entirety, it must be said that Murray does a full and accurate job in writing to his audience, which is largely those in agreement with his beliefs. While critics of his beliefs may find certain areas of though relevant, such as Murray's mention and use of statistics and facts about America's currently depleted educational system, it remains unlikely that these critics, upon reading Murray's work, will align fully with his beliefs and suggestions for improvement.…. [read more]

Truth Concise Summary of Theory Essay

… There are few weaknesses in the Christian counseling theory itself. The theory is immutable because of its emphasis on scripture. Incorporating gospel truth into personal change processes or in counseling to help others change is the only way to ground a life in Christ. Although Adams (1986) uses a style of writing that seems outdated and overbearing in tone, readers can see that the author is only trying to anchor the theory in firm Biblical teachings. The Backus & Chapain (2000) book is more current and relevant to modern Christian readers and will appeal to young people seeking new ways of blending daily life with spirituality.

Personal Reflection and Application

Change is rarely easy and often involves growing pains. These two books about Christian counseling…. [read more]

Forget Intent of a Truth Essay

… The fact that he relates to this life of courtship and service as being "tired" is probably meant to stand as evidence with regard to how the poet wants the world to experience a reawakening while also clinging on to some of its most important values.

The third stanza is a call for audiences to refrain from employing an ignorant attitude concerning the past. People are encouraged to remember that great injustices occurred throughout time. Moreover, the pain of waiting is brought forward in order to signal the damage that it causes and the fact that it can have a horrible effect on people's minds. The twelfth verse is meant to bring further drama to the general feeling that the poem is meant to put…. [read more]

Vertigo Analysis Narrative Elements Essay

… Vertigo Analysis

Narrative Elements of Vertigo

Vertigo is at its surface a noir film in which the themes of duality are a driving factor of the film's narrative. In the film, the protagonist and femme fatale are dual forces, much like perception and deception. Film noir has been described as "murder with a psychological twist," a descriptor that encompasses the narrative theme of the film (Spicer 1). In Vertigo, the protagonist must overcome psychological traumatization that is induced through perception in order to uncover the truth behind Madeleine Elster's "suicide."

The term film noir was first used by Nino Frank to describe four crime films -- the Maltese Falcon (1941), Murder My Sweet (1944), Double Indemnity (1944), and Laura (1944) -- that shared a common…. [read more]

Leadership Self-Analysis Amber Essay

… As per him, I gave him the task of designing the layout of the report regarding which no other details and key points were shared. Also, this designing required using particular software. Since, we were taking few courses together, I assumed that he has the necessary know how regarding that particular software. We did receive the final report with good layout but it was revealed later that he used paid services which made him incur expenses.

Where this was the assessment of my three team members, my expatriate team member mentioned the same feedback. Quite similar to the other three, he also mentioned few strengths and weaknesses of my leadership style. As per him, where I share enough direction with him which enables him to…. [read more]

Financial Analysis of a Coach Case Study

… The splitting of advertising procedures into those focusing on local, national and regional tradition propagates the company in making contact to its consumers.

Regulatory and operating characters

The company continues to operate within the confines of its core values and strategies to ensure success while implementing its objectives. These are the regulatory internal factors, including the company culture and regulations governing the internal operations and engagements of the employees and managers. Additionally, like other trading companies, Coach is subject to the local, national and international trading regulations in all the areas where it operates. Therefore, under the watch of the rules and regulations governing market engagements and activities, the company stays within the operating limits of the industry. The operating characters of the company include…. [read more]

Nike Financial Analysis Nike Earned Essay

… "

The company derives most of this value from its business, but also takes steps to protect this value. For example, the company actively hedges its foreign currency exposure, in particular its transactional exposure. The company strives to ensure that it has a high degree of liquidity, and ensures adequate capital resources. The company also outlines critical accounting policies, for example with respect to revenue recognition, allowance for uncollectible accounts receivable, inventory reserves, goodwill and intangible assets and other areas. All of these are tracked in accordance with GAAP. These are roughly aligned with the company's strategy -- they protect the wealth that the business generates and the financial policies do not inhibit the revenue generation capabilities of the company.

5. Nike's growth pattern is…. [read more]

Frankenstein an Analysis of Mary Thesis

… Language

The language used by both Walton and Frankenstein throughout their portions of the novel produce distinct effects. Walton's language produces wonder and curiosity, which ultimately prompts him to submit to Frankenstein's warning and retreat from his wild pursuits. Frankenstein's language produces sympathy and pity both in Walton and even in the monster, who recognizes that he must die with his creator.

Walton's language also illustrates want: the fact that his portion of the tale is epistolary conveys well this want. He writes to his sister: "I have no friend, Margaret: when I am glowing with the enthusiasm of success, there will be none to participate my joy" (Shelley 22). His excitement at meeting Frankenstein is illustrated in the massive endeavor he undertakes to record…. [read more]

Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth Research Proposal

… ¶ … Inconvenient Truth: The Science behind it

Director Davis Guggenheim's (2006) documentary featuring former Vice President, Al Gore, an Inconvenient Truth, documents the former vice president's campaign against global warming. The documentary is, according to the film's producer, based on a Power Point presentation that Al Gore has been giving for years, and, together, they decided that they could reach many more people by creating a documentary film based on the Power Point presentation. Any number of big name actors and Hollywood elite endorsed the documentary, in which Al Gore claims "puts the science front and center."

Gore claims that, "Scientific consensus is that we are causing global warming." We watch the documentary eagerly, looking for the science that confirms those very strong opening…. [read more]

Rhetorical Theory Essay

… Rhetoric of Burke and the Sophists: Three Points of Comparison

Approaches to rhetoric, which can be broadly defined as the science -- or perhaps quasi-art -- of how ideas, words, and/or actions are communicated and/or inspired in human beings, are highly varied and can be enormously complex. The difficulty in establishing a clear, concrete definition of rhetoric that serves equally well for all of the different uses and interpretations of the word from the time of the ancient Greek philosophers to the modern day is clear evidence of the difference that exists in the way rhetorical strategies and devices are defined and described. Modern rhetorical theorists and philosophers have not simply built on the rhetorics defined by previous generations, but have often revolutionized rhetorical thinking,…. [read more]

Jefferson's Revolutionary Prose: A Rhetorical Analysis Essay

… Thomas Jefferson authored the Declaration of Independence, a document presenting an argument for overthrowing British rule within the 13 colonies and creating an independent nation. The colonists had become tired of high taxes, official indifference to property and privacy rights, and having little say in how they were being governed by King George III. Although the entire world could conceivably have been the intended audience, this seems unlikely given the inflammatory statements and what may have been a calculated indifference towards oppressive rulers the world over. The Declaration of Independence is therefore as much a justification for overthrowing one of the most powerful governments of the time, as it is a set of revolutionary ideals upon which future governments should be based. The intended audience,…. [read more]

Telling Patients the Truth Essay

… Specifically, the author (1985) denotes that "Whether or not knowing the truth is essential to the patient's health, telling the truth is essential to the health of the doctor-patient relationship" (p.18). This quotation also alludes to the principle way the author reaches his conclusion -- by examining the fundamental principles of the relationship between patients and medical professionals. In doing so he asks quite a few rhetorical questions, and also utilizes examples: both hypothetical and real. Repeatedly he dwells on the results of the negative impact that failure to tell the truth (p. 14) or to simply deceive the patient) produce, such as in the instance when the six-year-old child grew up to never forgive his father for lying about the death of the former's…. [read more]

Critique on Will Metzger's Book Tell the Truth Term Paper

… ¶ … truth about the holy gospel and the glorifying acts towards God is a topic that is often broached but seldom lucidly explained. In the book "Tell the Truth" by Will Metzger, he writes a personal book of evangelism and how to tell the truth of the gospels. In its title, Metzger clearly states his goal for this book, which is to create a book that explains the "whole gospel to the whole person by whole people." In his introduction, Metzger explains that he came to write this book because evangelism has begun to rely on traditional pragmatic examinations of its success rather than looking at the scriptures as the model for evangelism. This book therefore is a closer look at scripture to examine…. [read more]

Truth Tables and Logic Research Paper

… Logic Research

Truth Tales and Digitization

Though there is already abundant research in the area of truth tables and their relationship, applicability, adaptability, and scalability for digital computers and digital media, new techniques for utilizing and employing truth tables in digital contexts as well as studies regarding the feasibility of certain other adaptations still appear on a regular basis. As far as this researcher has been able to ascertain, no recent studies specifically examining the relationship between truth tables and digital media exists. This research would consist of an extensive literature review, producing results that were not based on direct empirical and primary research, but rather that were built on a comprehensive knowledge of current studies, research efforts, and theoretical propositions. Though not primary in…. [read more]

Film Analysis of the Believer Essay

… A certain aspect of peer pressure also afflicts Balint, as his group of friends and fellow fascists begin upping the stakes in their personal war on non-whites and other targeted groups. It is likely that Balint provokes fights against African-Americans and Jews in an attempt to confirm his own bigoted belief system, and to ingratiate himself within the group.

- Who does the protagonist "blame" for the world's troubles?

Balint expresses a worldview similar to other racist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and the original Nazi party, one which ascribes the totality of blame for the current state of world affairs on the Jewish people. According to Balint's anti-Semitic philosophy, Jews maintain a firm grip on global financial markets and media outlets, using…. [read more]

Advertisement Analysis of TV Advertisement: Wendy's Fearsome Term Paper

… Advertisement

Analysis of TV Advertisement: Wendy's Fearsome 'Baconator'

If you talk the talk, shouldn't you walk the walk?" This sort of confrontational bit of dialogue might seem to come, out of context, from a provocative car or jeans advertisement -- or a trash-talking street fight! But instead it is ripped from the headlines of Wendy's latest television commercial for its new hamburger, the "Spicy Baconator." Considering that the fast food industry has recently come under criticism for its promotion of unhealthy food and lifestyles, promoting the Baconator would seem to be as potentially suicidal for a company as someone with a heart condition ingesting the two juicy square patties of beef, Monterey Jack cheese, and heaps of slices of jalapeno pepper.

However, one problem for…. [read more]

Al Gore Wins a Nobel Prize Term Paper

… Al Gore Wins a Nobel Prize

In October, 2007, former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore, was awarded a shared Nobel Peace Prize for his work on global warming. In a New American article by William P. Hoar, the question of why Gore was awarded such a distinguished prize was examined. It was, posited Hoar, honoring Gore for his life-long commitment to the issue of global warming, which, admittedly, until recently, few people had taken him seriously about. The issue of global warming has come to the forefront of public attention because in fact, irrefutably, the polar glaciers are melting, and areas where glaciers that formed thousands of years ago are in fact seeing newly created land mass as those glaciers have disappeared.…. [read more]

Movie Summery Essay

… Inconvenient Truth is a 2006 documentary directed by Davis Guggenheim and featuring former Vice President Al Gore as he attempts to raise social awareness regarding the growing effects, and future consequences, of global warming. The documentary follows former Gore's crusade to raise awareness on the subject through his slideshow presentation on the subject to students and political leaders in the United States and around the world. Through the presentation of scientific information that has been gathered over the past fifty years, and analysis of glacial samples, Gore is able to scientifically argue the impact that the human population has had on the environment within the past twenty years.

Gore's interest in the impact of greenhouse gasses on the environment stems from his days as a…. [read more]

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