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Richard M. Nixon: The Transformation Term Paper

… In his comments concerning his biography of Nixon, Roger Morris (1992) stated that "It is a truism in American political biography that we tend to give our presidents place and time. We make them native to the American soil in some way, whether it is Tidewater, Virginia, for Jefferson, or the dust of Abilene for Dwight Eisenhower, or Hyde Park for Franklin Roosevelt. We do that with some facility with perhaps one exception -- Richard Nixon" (in Friedman & Levantrosser 1992:238). According to Nixon biographers Rowland Evans, Jr. And Robert D. Novak (1972), Nixon was indeed an enigma that made placing Nixon squarely in place and time difficult. "For Nixon the politician, far more than Lyndon Johnson or John F. Kennedy or Dwight Eisenhower, concealed…. [read more]

Post-Conflict, Peace / Nation Building in Iraq and Afghanistan Term Paper

… Post-Conflict, Peace/Nation Building in Iraq and Afghanistan

Somehow, within a forty year span of time, the United States has found itself ensnared in multiple wars in Asia at the same time. Again, unless we can influence the postwar nation building process, powers that are inimical to United States interests (in the present Iran) will fill the vacuum upon the American withdrawal. In this short essay, this author will list two lessons learned from our wars apply it to the defacto American raj in Afghanistan and Iraq. First is not to become too closely associated with present unpopular regimes as it is doing with the present administrations in the countries in which we are "nation-building." Also, staying engaged in a never ending guerrilla war that has…. [read more]

Are Indian-Israeli Relations Useful for India's National Interests? Thesis

… ¶ … Indian-Israeli Relations Valuable to India's National Interests?

Today, India stands at an important juncture in its historical development. Following its independence from Britain in 1948, the years that followed have been turbulent ones for India, with a relentless series of political, military and economic challenges confronting the country time and again. Despite these challenges, India has emerged in the 21st center as an increasingly important actor within the international community and has enjoyed steady economic growth for the past two decades. Notwithstanding its enormous geographic size and population, though, India continues to perceive a number of external threats, most especially with Pakistan over the Kashmir issue and relations with much of the Arab world that have often been ambivalent or even hostile. In…. [read more]

Presidential Elections Essay

… Democrat


Adlai E. Stevenson

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Adlai E. Stevenson

Dwight D. Eisenhower

John F. Kennedy

Richard M. Nixon

Lyndon B. Johnson

Barry Goldwater

Hubert H. Humphrey

Richard M. Nixon

George McGovern

Richard M. Nixon

Jimmy Carter

Gerald Ford

Jimmy Carter

Ronald Reagan

Walter Mondale

Ronald Reagan

Michael Dukakis

George Bush

William Clinton

George Bush

William Clinton

Robert Dole

Albert Gore

George W. Bush

John Kerry

George W. Bush

Barack Obama

John McCain

The 1968 Election

The 1968 election between Senator Hubert H. Humphrey of Minnesota and Richard M. Nixon of California was one of the most significant in American History. The country was deeply divided over its involvement in the Vietnam War and the Great Society proposed by sitting President, Lyndon Baines Johnson,…. [read more]

Impeachment Evaluations and Reasons for Your Determination Essay

… Impeachment evaluations and reasons for your determination. 1. Which one was the most serious in terms of criminal conduct and why? 2. Which one was the most politically motivated and why? 3. Which one was the most and least damaging to the country as a whole? C. Should President Clinton have been censored instead of impeached? Explain.

To impeach a president: A comparison of the Johnson, Nixon, and Clinton impeachments

Impeachment of the president is an extreme measure only to be undertaken in the most unusual circumstances of abuses of the office. The President, Vice President, "and all other civil officers of the United States, including members of the federal judiciary," can be only removed from their offices if they are found guilty of "treason,…. [read more]

Censorship in Music Term Paper

… The Spanish-born Pablo Casals (1876-1973), who enjoyed a spectacular international career as a violin and cello virtuoso and conductor, was considered to be one of the finest musicians of his day. However, he had a rather harsh assessment of rock and roll in the early 1960s, one that should be viewed through the filter of a person whose life was devoted to European fine-art music.

You want to know what I think of that abomination, rock 'n' roll? I think it is a disgrace. Poison put to sound! When I hear it I feel very sad not only for music but for the people who are addicted to it. I am also very sorry for America-- that such a great country should have nothing better…. [read more]

Legacy of the 1970 Thesis

… ¶ … era of women's rights and Watergate was one of the most tumultuous in American history. Worldwide, the 1970s were a decade signifying tremendous change and turmoil. An oil and gas crisis brought to light the conflicts brewing in the Middle East, which were the direct product of centuries of colonialism. As a result of shifts in global balances of power, the cost of living skyrocketed. Communism and the Cold War reached their peak. The social consciousness brewing since the late 1960s had taken root, growing by leaps and bounds in American and global popular culture and the arts. Civil rights movements manifested in changes to federal law such as Row v. Wade and the Special Education Law. Television, movies, and radio offered grittier…. [read more]

Decisions of Rehnquist and Warren Essay

… Atwater held that such arrest does not violate the provisions of the Fourth Amendment.

As indicated earlier, it was expected that the Rehnquist Court would mark the dawning of a new era in conservatism in decisions originating from the U.S. Supreme Court. Chief Justice Rehnquist had indicated his strict conservative leanings in the decision that he had participated in while he was an associate justice in the Burger Court and the fact that he was appointed to be Chief Justice by conservative President, Ronald Reagan, was thought to be a foreshadowing that Rehnquist would exercise extreme conservatism as Chief Justice. Additionally, Rehnquist followed Chief Justice Burger who most experts argue successfully retreated from the criminal procedure decisions of the Warren Court. These same experts predicted…. [read more]

European Security and Defense Policy Term Paper

… Possessing the most advanced technology was tantamount to being the lead nation. According to this line of thought, the United States of America controlled NATO, and played a leading role in European affairs by virtue of her technological preeminence. This technological preeminence was something that had to be preserved at all costs, for without it, America would be forced to give way. In the "alliance of equals," that was NATO during the Cold War; no nation could be permitted to hold a rank as "equal" as that of the United States. A classic example of this mindset is to be found in the following anecdote, from the pen of an eyewitness:

prime example of [this] behavior in my personal experience was U.S. reluctance to tell…. [read more]

Retirement Portability Term Paper

… Retirement portability is a hot topic globally; as the economy forces job-hopping work life habits on more and more workers, it is necessary to be able to accrue funds for retirement; under traditional pension plans, retirement funding was lost when workers changed companies. The advent of the 402(k) changed that for companies that offered the plans; however, it also pushed more of the burden of retirement planning and preparation onto the wage earner. For low-wage earners, this was difficult because they often had nothing to put aside. The problem of portability is not unique to the United States, and it is likely there are lessons to be learned concerning achieving fairness, adequacy and efficiency in pensions, based on mandatory, universal, portable plans.


Establish a…. [read more]

Morphology a Large Range Term Paper

… where an indication is adequate to designate the whole. For instance; exam (ination), math (ematics), and lab (oratory) invented in school jargon; spec (ulation) and tick (et = credit) in stock-exchange jargon; and vet (eran) and cap (tain) in army jargon. Whilst truncation, the words that are used by some influential groups are also included in the Standard English language due to their frequent utilization whereas the truncation of local people will stay as colloquial speech.

The most common truncation kinds have been listed below:


The most frequent type employed is the back truncation. In this the commencement is preserved or maintained and the untruncated fundamental can be a simple or a composite. For instance: ad is used as the short form of advertisement;…. [read more]

Sociology of Mass Communication Term Paper

… " Furthermore, aside from the theme of environmental exploitation, the theme of false American ideology is prevalent, as is evidenced in one passage about the author's account on a particular TV program: "Richard Nixon tells... that while it's true his resignation from the presidency may continue to cloud his record, "the main point is to live life to the hilt... And to continue to give it your best shot to the end." Lastly, American consumerism is advocated through mass media, just like Parenti's claim: (from a Dove soap commercial) "I had this revelation. It's about time for me to start paying more attention to my skin, my face, because you just don't realize how fast time passes."

The final critical analysis is based on Ben…. [read more]

Lincoln or Jef Davis Thesis

… ¶ … Historiographical Analysis of Jefferson Davis

Although the commanders-in-chief of the Union and Confederacy received their full measures of criticisms during and following the end of the Civil War, the martyrdom of the Union's Abraham Lincoln seems to have absolved him of many of the harsher attacks that his counterpart in the South Jefferson Davis has been forced to endure over the years. Indeed, everyone loves a winner, the adage advises, and this has certainly been the case with Lincoln. Conversely, and especially in Davis's case, many observers hate a loser and this sentiment is reflected in the primary sources from the era as well as in the historical record in subsequent years as well. Although another adage suggests that "time heals all wounds,"…. [read more]

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